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The Danger of Logical Fallacies

Chapter 4 Evaline Gets Unwrapped

As Evaline looked at her self in her pocket mirror, she smiled, happy with what she saw reflected back. Her hair and make up looked good, the ribbon she’d tied in a bow in her hair looked good, everything just looked good. It was ironic, really, she thought as she waited for her boyfriend to get off work. All her life men had been interested in her for her looks and that had only made her care less about them, but because her boyfriend that she’d met online had fallen in love with her personality, not her looks, she now cared more then ever about looking good for him.

Evaline’s thoughts were halted by an arm on her shoulder and a all too familar voice.

“Hey Eva, wow, you’re looking smoking today. You know, if you’d dressed like that when you were my intern you’d probably be running the company by now,” said Lawrence, a former boss of hers that she hadn’t seen since the sexual harassment hearing. She’d been just one of many sexual harassment victims of his, but because she’d worked so closely with him as his intern she’d probably seen the most harassment. “I see some old habits don’t die though, still showing up to pick your boyfriend up from his work 15 minutes early. A waste of 15 minutes if you ask me.”

Evaline thought of a number of comments she could have made, but instead chose to merely shake his arm off her shoulder, repocket her mirror, and take hold of her pepper spray in its place.

“Of course the real waste was always your saving yourself for this chump. Seriously, a woman gifted with a body like yours owes it to the world to share it with as many men as she can,” continued Lawrence, apparently unaware of the danger his eyes were in. Seeing this, and not wanting to resort to the pepper spray unless she absolutely had to, Evaline decided to make her stance perfectly clear.

“If... if you touch me one more time, Mr. Lawrence, I sware I will spray so much pepper into your eyes they’ll become permanently red,” warned Evaline.

“Now now Eva, no need for that, I’m not here to ‘harass’ you, sexual or other wise, just to make some observations,” said Lawrence, taking a moment to fiddle with what appeared to be ear plugs in his ears. “Like for example, I can’t help but notice that cute bow your wearing. Seems to be the sort of a bow you’d normally see on a present, wouldn’t you agree?”

Evaline didn’t know what Mr. Lawrence was playing at, and for a moment she considered just spraying him and being done with it, she highly doubted anyone would blaim her, but there were only 10 minutes until her boyfriend got off work and her boyfriend kicking the ass of the man who’d sexually harassed her would likely make both of their days. Still, if he made even one more move toward her before her boyfriend got there...

“Well let me put it another way for you then,—You’d put a bow on a present that you planned to give to some one, you’ve put a bow on yourself, therefore you must be a present that you plan to give to some one.—” explained Lawrence.

Evaline still didn’t know what Mr. Lawrence was getting at but he was right about one thing, she did plan to give herself as a present to her boyfriend, though she’d never really thought of it that way before. It made it sound like she was objectifying herself, which was the last thing she wanted. As it was, even for her boyfriend she still felt a little uncomfortable putting so much emphasis on her appearance. Being both shy, and, at least according to nearly every guy she’d ever met, a natural beauty, she’d seemed to be a magnet for all the wrong kinds of men her whole life, men who saw her as the perfect quiet, beautiful, submissive, trophy wife. Her boyfriend had been, no was, different... yet... there was still some part of her that was afraid that in time he’d come to see her like every other guy seemed to, as eye candy and nothing more.

“From there we can notice that—A present is meant to have its wrappings taken off by the person who receives it shortly after their receive it, you are a present, so your meant to have your wrappings taken off by the person who receives you shortly after they receive you.—” continued Lawrence.

While that was obviously true, it left Evaline confused. On one hand Evaline certainly would let her boyfriend undress on their wedding night, and much to her own relief he’d made it clear long before they’d even met in person that he wished to refrain from ‘intimate’ interactions until they were married. However, in a perhaps unusual set of circumstance, it wasn’t the act that would likely follow after the undressing that had Evaline concerned, in fact, though she’d never admit it, that was something she was probably looking forward even more then her boyfriend was as she’d chosen to leave her “special alone time” drawer and its many toys closed since they had begun dating. No, it was the actual undressing, the reducing herself down to just a naked sexual object, that terrified her, and was the reason she was glad for her boyfriends religious beliefs, as it gave her time to hopefully slowly get over her aversion to being looked at in a sexual manner. That, or just convince her boyfriend to always have sex in the dark.

So then, this all begged the question, why was she giving herself now as a present to her boyfriend, when they were not even yet engaged, with the intent of having her undress her. It wasn’t just something she didn’t want, it was something she knew HE didn’t want, at least not until they were married.

As if reading her thoughts from her expression Lawrence continued.

“Now of course that brings up the question of who your a present for. I think its easy to assume your not intended to be a present for me, your claims against me in court made your opinions of me quite clear, but from what I recall your boyfriend was one of those stuck up religious types who would never dare ‘unwrap’ a lady before wedding her. The lack of ring on your finger suggests he hasn’t done that yet, so then who could you be for...” questioned Lawrence. Not having an answer herself, Evaline merely stared back at Lawrence blankly, almost hoping he’d fill in the blank for her. “Well there is one explanation. You’re dressed up all sexy like, with the intent to be unwrapped, but you don’t know by who, there’s a type of woman who is known for doing just that, I believe they’re called a stripper.”

Immediately anger flashed in Evaline’s eyes, and for a moment she nearly sprayed him simply for suggesting such a thing, but remembering that her boyfriend would be here soon she decided instead to put that comment away as fuel for her boyfriend when he arrived.

“Hey hey, calm down now, I was just joking. Obviously you don’t actually fit the profile of a stripper, among other reasons, a stripper unwraps her own clothing, but a present doesn’t unwrap itself, it gets unwrapped by the one who receives it. A stripper also usually gets paid, and while some are brighter then others, they generally all are at least capable of thinking for themselves,” responded Lawrence, some how offending Evaline even more by saying she wasn’t a stripper. Evaline had had enough, she swung her pepper spray holding arm to eye level with Lawrence, holding the nozzle just inches from his eyes.

“You... you better go... go right this minute... or so help me...” squeaked Evaline through rage and anxiety, the latter extremely apparent from her very shaky can holding hand. “I... I don’t... don’t deserve to be... don’t have to let you....”

“While all that may be true, the point I was getting at is that—A present doesn’t act on its own, your a present, so you don’t act on your own—,” stated Lawrence, still not showing the least bit of concern over the immanent threat to his vision before him.

Evaline wanted to argue, wanted to press the nozzle and just spray him, wanted to do and say so many things. But it didn’t matter. Mr. Lawrence was right. She didn’t, no, couldn’t, act on her own.

“If we take it a step farther we can note that—A present only exists to be looked at, unwrapped, and enjoyed as the opener sees fit, your a present, so you only exist to be looked at, unwrapped, and enjoyed as your opener sees fit.—” continued Lawrence.

Again, Evaline could not argue, it was a horrible thing to realize, to accept, but the logic was undeniable. Those were her only purposes in life.

Now a present doesn’t give itself away anyway, so your opinion doesn’t really matter, but as I stated from the start, I’m not hear to unwrap you, merely to make sure you are given to some one who will. Cause that’s the real tragedy here, your only purpose in life is to be admired for your appearance, unwrapped, and enjoyed AFTER having been unwrapped, yet your boyfriend refuses to unwrap you, he’s denying you your life’s purpose. Matt, however, he’s got different views on how to treat a woman. You remember Matt, right, from shipping?

Evaline most certainly did, he was probably the second most obnoxious person in the company only, unlike Lawrence who was pretty much a jerk to everyone excepting maybe his father, Matt was merely disrespectful to the women in the company. He was also pretty bad at his job in general, such that most people were certain that the only reason he hadn’t been let go was because of how he’d become close friends with Lawrence.

“Oh that’s right, your just a present, so you can’t act to let me know, but yeah, lets get you over to Matts, and remember,—A present can be moved around by people, your a present, so you can be moved around by a person like me—,” said Lawrence before taking the pepper spray from Evaline’s hand, tossing it into a near by trash can, then taking her outstretched hand and leading her to his car.

The drive to Matt’s was largely awkward and silent, but eventually Lawrence broke the silence to share yet more words of wisdom.

“Oh, just so we’re clear,—A present is unwrapped by its owner, your a present, so whoever unwraps you owns you—.” clarified Lawrence.

I couldn’t argue with that... though I certainly wanted to...

“Also, there are many different types of presents,—underneath your wrappings is the form of a woman, a doll has the form of a woman, so once unwrapped you must be a doll.—” continued Lawrence. “And lastly I think its obvious—The only kind of doll anyone would give some one like Matt is a sex doll, your about to be given to Matt and your a doll, so you must be a sex doll.”

It was weird. A part of me was horrified. A part of me was terrified. And yet a huge part of me felt this overwhelming calm just then. After spending my whole life struggling to come to grips with who I was, there was no more doubt in me, I truly knew what I was, I was a sex doll. I had a simple purpose, and I was perfect for it...

“You know the funny thing about all this?” asked Lawrence. I of course did not respond, currently being just a present and thus unable to act on my own. “I didn’t plan any of this. I was actually just planning to make your boyfriend leave you, but to leave you completely alone, but when I saw that beautiful ribbon in your hair, tied into that fancy bow, well, what can I say, I was inspired.”

I didn’t know what to make of any of that, but it didn’t matter. Fifteen minutes latter Matt would unwrap me, and I would be his. His personal sex toy. Lawrence lied to Matt, told him I was made in the image of the real me, whatever that meant, and was some special side project of his company, super life like sex dolls, that still needed to be fed and exercised but never talked back, lived only for their owners enjoyment. Only the latter was of course true, but in the end it didn’t really matter. After that Lawrence bid Matt goodbye, saying he was off to convince my boyfriend that he’d been pretending he was dating some one he met online to hide his shame a being a lonely girlfriend-less loser from his friends and family, and that the girl he’d introduced to them in the past was some one he’d hired to maintain the charade. I couldn’t imagine how he planned to actually convince him of such a crazy thing, but none of it really effected me anymore. Really, he wasn’t even my boyfriend anymore. A sex doll didn’t have boyfriends, just an owner, and as Matt, my owner, put me in a slutty pose and leaned me against a wall to admire my naked form, I couldn’t help but feel that contentment again.