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Dark as Light

Chapter 1

You have to understand something up front, I was fifteen almost sixteen and Kara was barely nineteen, in college on dual Cheerleading and Volleyball scholarships, and my six year older hippy not quite really a stoner brothers girlfriend. I never have figured out what she saw in him, as for what he saw in her, that is as they say, a lot more obvious.

She is my own five ten, we both weighed one sixty seven, I looked it, she didn’t. Anyone looking at her would have seen nothing above one forty, unless they noticed the muscles. That assumes of course that the viewer is female, no male ever made it below her C+ slash D-cups in no need of bra to maintain shape that were barely contained by the strongest sports bra slash chest girdle her coaches could find. From the other end no one of either sex makes it past her legs without drooling or her not so jokingly labeled buns of steel at all. This leaves her midriff under appreciated in my own opinion.

She was, is, still is, more than a bit of a show off. She knows exactly what affect she has and enjoys playing it up for the crowd. Where my own hair is a messy mat somewhere between not quite blond and not really red, hers is pure blue black in the sun. My off green eyes draw no other eyes to them whereas her bright green ones most definitely do. I have simple features, she is mostly elf with a bit pixie brought in so she still seems human.

She has the social skills of an angel, I didn’t, not then, she has taught me a lot in the mean time, but that is for later. It began with a pair of coincidences, she got hurt, twice. A strained ankle in volleyball practice was par for the course, she of course does nothing by halves. It should have grounded her for a week or more, instead she went to late cheerleader practice to work on part of a new routine they wanted. Don’t let yourself think its all pom-poms and skin suits, those cheerleaders, real ones at least, work harder than the football players. Of course they tried a stanchion, a type of pyramid, even tired they push anyway. When it tumbled, the ankle slowed her just enough to take an elbow to her right quadricep just before it took her full weight since the left ankle was weak. The team doctor had her higher than a kite before having my brother take her home for the weekend.

This was on the Thursday before spring break. I came home from a movie with my friends to my brother crashed with his girlfriend in what was at the time supposed to be my room but we still shared more often than not. He was out cold, my faux stoner brother had ignored sound medical advice and not only stolen some of her meds, he had mixed them with alcohol, a lot of it and naturally been unable to handle it. Fortunately for him these weren’t what people normally got, these were muscle relaxants I call vegamatics. A type of psycho pharmaceutical intended to leave you able to stare at a spot on the wall all day in order keep you from getting bored doing something stupid, like using a knitting muscle.

She of course was half stoned and unable to get up to get her next dose. I got it for her and could see that she was in pain, a lot of pain. I knew the feeling, I had two years previously taken a similar shot to my leg when I completely screwed the pooch on a reverse kick I had no business even practicing at the time.

“Thank you.” She had slurred slightly focussed by the pain, “Doc told me to stay stoned the first few days but jesus christ this hurts. The physio guy did something that made it hurt less for a while but this is beyond.”

“What did he do?” I asked curious.

“akoo pushur. Thought he just wanted to cop a feel, not that I mind, mind you, but it helped.”

“I think you mean accupressure.”

“Yeah that.”

“Which set?” I heard myself ask.

“You met them?”

“Yeah.” I answered embarrassed wishing I hadn’t while trying not to laugh at her language.

“Do me then.”

“I’m not real good with them.”

“Please, it hurts.” She panted and I knew I was going to help her.

“I can try but I can’t promise anything. You’ll have to show what he did so I know where to start.” I heard my hormones answer.

“Ok.” She answered throwing the sleeping bag open. She wore fluffy t-shirt with a bra under it, panties that covered the legal minimum in front for public performances and an ankle wrap.


“He started here.” She said gasping when she tried to sit up to point to several nerveplexes in the legs and hips.

“I’ll try,” I stammered, “But it may umm.”

“I know, it will hurt more at first and feel free to cop a feel as you work, I enjoy the attention anyway and you are cute in your own way.” She said smiling the smile of the thoroughly stoned as she spread her legs so I could reach her inner thighs to begin.

“Deep breath,” I said starting on a spot just above her knee, “Now let it out slowly, relaxing as you exhale.”

“Deep breath,” I continued moving to the next spot on the knees, “Now out gently. Close your eyes envisioning the muscle relaxing as you feel the pain ease, focus on my voice, let everything else drift away, it is nothing, unimportant. Just focus on my voice so the pain and everything else is somewhere else.”

“Is that helping?” I asked twenty minutes later.

“Yes.” She answered in a dreamy slur I didn’t notice or understand at the time.

“Now I need you to turn over.”

“Ok.” She answered complying as I spread the sleeping bag out while she turned over.

“Now I need you to spread your legs for me.” I said noticing that the back of her panties was just a narrow slit between the two muscular cheeks of her buttox.

“Ok.” She answered spreading them.

“Deep breath then exhale as I work the muscle, relaxing it further as I take away the pain, there is only my voice. Go where it takes you, leave everything else behind, take nothing with you as you go.”

“Ok.” She answered dreamily then took a deep breath. Twenty more minutes of hard work pass for me as she visibly relaxes while I work my way up her legs.

“I need to work on your hips and lower back now Kara, is that ok with you.” I asked.


“I need you to expose your lower back for me, can you do that?”


“There are a lot of pressure points on the torso, I want you to expose the ones you to expose the areas you want me to hit the way the Physio guy did. Can you do that without coming back where the pain is?”


“Show me where you want to me to work Kara, I won’t touch anything covered.”

“Ok.” She answered struggling to turn over, then removing the t-shirt exposing the sports bra underneath. Then to my surprise she slipped it off as well leaving her in panties and an ankle wrap.

“You want me to work on you everywhere you just exposed?” I heard myself ask staring incredulous at her closed eyes, slack face and slightly open jaw.


“Are you sure?”


“Hold still Kara, Don’t move.” I ordered fascinated as my hormones dragged me to my camera.


“Kara I need you stay relaxed for me but I also need you to open your eyes, can you do that?”


“Excellent Kara, open your eyes and look at me.”

“Ok.” She replied opening her eyes and looking at me. In just a few minutes I had a plethora of masturbation bait of her smiling and topless.

“Lay back down as you were Kara.” I said.

“Ok.” She replied complying.

“Deep breath and relax exhaling as I slide my hand, hear only my voice, nothing else matters, only my voice as I take the pain and everything else away.” I ordered and enjoyed the feeling of a nice firm buttox I could play with freely, thinking of playing with more of her later.

“You enjoy me doing this don’t you.” I said as a statement not a question.

“Yes.” She had replied in agreement.

“Deep breath and exhale relaxing focussing on just my voice, hear only my voice, ignore everything else, just listen to my voice, nothing else is important, there is only my voice.” I ordered firmly this time and continued mixing pressure points with relaxation and play.

“Turn over now.” I order gently and enjoy watching her comply as she exposes her bare breasts invitingly.

“Spread your legs.” I order and she complies.

“Arms straight out.” I order and watch fascinated as she complies again.

“Deep breath and relax the same as before.” I order beginning with her left hand.

“You hear only my voice.” I said as I worked on her shoulders, “Say it, answer me as I work.”

“I hear only your voice.”

“There is only my voice.”

“There is only your voice.”

“It relaxes you.”

“It relaxes me.”

“It guides you.”

“It guides me.”

“It tells you what to do.”

“It tells me what to do.”

“And you do what it says.”

“And I do what it says.”

“You enjoy my touch.” I ordered straddling her hips as I placed my hands on her bare breasts for the first time, her nipples in my palms.

“Yes,” She agreed and I felt her nipples distend under my palms as I massaged gently, “I enjoy your touch.”

“You like this.”

“Yes, I like this.”

“You like this feeling.”

“Yes, I like this feeling.” She had responded voice taking on an odd quality.

“You want this.”

“Yes, I want this.”

“You want me do this.”

“I want you to do this.”

“You want me to do this and more.”

“I want you to do this and more.”

“Do you consider me playing a reward?”


“Do you also enjoy it?”

“Yes.” She replied and I felt her back arch a little.

“Is there more you want to do in response?”


“Do you want permission to move?”


“Do you want permission to respond?”


“Can I make this feel any better, any stronger, to you?”



“Stroke.” She answered as I massaged her breasts.

“Like this?” I asked brushing my thumbs across her nipples.

“Oh God yes.” She replied suddenly panting, then panted in time with me as I suckled her nipples.

“If I gave you permission to move what would you want to do?”

“Stroke you back.” She replied swallowing.

“Ok but only if you stroke us both.” I ordered

“Yes sir.” She replied then her hands moved to undo my pants freeing my erection. One hand stroked it eagerly while the other moved to her waist and began on her. No longer thinking anything like clearly with my brothers girlfriend stroking me as I knelt over her massaging her bare breasts freely I gave into the impulse to kiss her. She wanted that to, she kissed back, she frenched as she stroked us both in perfect time.

“You’re to relaxed Kara, you can’t orgasm without permission.” I ordered, ok, gasped.

“Yes sir.” The panting girl under me replied with a flushed face.

“But you want to.”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you want permission?”

“Yes sir.”

“You will ask me to massage you again later.” I ordered.

“I will ask you to massage me again later.” She agreed desperately.

“You will relax and let go as you have tonight.” I ordered knowing I was running out of time.

“I will relax and let go as I have tonight.”

“You will return to this state.”

“I will return to this state.”

“You will obey me then as you obey me now.”

“I will obey you then as I obey you now.”

“Each time you return to this state you be a little more mine.”

“Each time I return to this state I will be a little more yours.”

“You want this.”

“I want this.”

“Why did you take off your shirt?”

“So you could massage me.”

“Why did you take off your bra?”

“So you could massage me?”

“Why me?”

“You are gentle, you helped me not hurt, you like me for me not just my body.”

“Yet you allow me access to it?” I asked feeling the moment of relief ease away.


“Did you mean to let go like this?” I asked suddenly more fascinated than aroused.


“Do you regret it?”


“Does it bother you that I am in control?”


“I am going to give you some orders now to do some things later and you will obey them.”

“Yes sir.”

“You will arrange to be here without my brother tomorrow night.”

“Yes sir.”

“You will ask me to give you another massage just like tonight.”

“Yes sir.”

“You will let go just like tonight.”

“Yes sir.”

“I also want you to desire to go further with me tomorrow during the day, to do more than a hand job like you are now. You will desire to go down on me, but only after having me fondle and suckle your bare breasts, you will desire me to continue to play with them as you go down on me. I am not ordering you to, I am ordering you want to, to desire to, to think about it and how good it would feel to us both, but to only desire it, not to do it.”

“Yes sir.”

“If I ordered you to sit up and open your mouth for me to enter right now, would you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Would that bother you?”

“No sir.”

“Why not?”

“Because you said to sir.”

“Do you want to go down on me?”

“No sir.”

“But you will?”

“Yes sir.”


“Because you say to sir.”

“Do you have a choice?”

“No sir.”


“There is only your voice, there is nothing else, it is everything.”

“You can orgasm now.” I told her as I realized my erection and my desire was gone in spite of her hand still stroking me.

“Thank you.” She said and her back arched as she went off.

“Put your bra and shirt back on,” I ordered once she calmed down, “then put yourself back into the sleeping bag and drift off into a regular sleep. There is nothing for you to remember afterwards of tonight except that I tried to massage the cramp out of your leg and succeeded so you went to sleep in relief.”

“Yes sir.”

“If the idea of me hypnotizing you ever comes up, you will be receptive to the idea.”

“Yes sir.”

“Why do you stay with my brother?” I asked as curiosity got the better of me.

“Because he doesn’t try to have sex with me all the time, most of my other boyfriends have wanted me as a trophy and sex toy.”

“Do you like sex?”


“How often?”

“Every few days, more often than that leaves me to tired for practice.” She answered as she was finishing positioning herself in the sleeping bag.

“You will make sure I see you topless in the morning Kara, not a glance but a nice hefty eye full during which you will decide if you want to let me play with them at that time. Goodnight Kara.” I said and watched as she went to sleep, my parents were right, I made a great chaperone. Absolutely nothing happened with my brother and his girlfriend that night.

The next morning was kind of fun, Kara was nervous as I got ready for school and my brother was his usual idiotic self. He hogged the shower and while he did that, Kara changed shirts and bra in front of me without so much as a hint of hesitation. All the while smiling at my discomfiture while making sure I got to see everything above the waist repeatedly.

When I got home from school Kara was passed out on the couch while my brother played games on our shared computer with his friends in our room. He announced they were going out since Kara needed her rest. Mom and Dad announced Kara was baby sitting me while they took off for a day or two, they said they would call. They did that sometimes on the theory that parents and children needed a break from each other occasionally, my parents were so cool sometimes.

Every second of my time after I got home I spent researching everything I could find on mind control in what ever form, slowly a plan formed beyond getting my jollies for just the moment. By nine that evening we were alone and she was just coming around. Her nervousness showed almost instantly, it was fun. By ten she had taken her next dose of pain meds and muscle relaxants then sprawled on my bed in the nicest two piece swimsuit while I worked on her legs silently.

“You’re hesitant tonight.” She observed after a short while.

“I umm” I had stammered in reply, unsure what to say.

“Just do what ever you did last night.”

“You went to sleep.”



“Listen,” Kara said with a smile, “I slept like a log last night from the pain relief, do whatever you did last night again and maybe a little more if you can. I don’t care in the slightest if you copped a feel or two, or three given how well I slept. Hell you deserved a reward of some kind, perhaps I should have you do a full body massage of me as one.”

“You sure? About the, umm, the pressure point thing, not that you aren’t hot but you are my brothers girlfriend.”

“Yes.” She replied having no clue what she was saying, “And where is he in my time of need, out with his friends since he’s jealous I’m stoned on doctors orders. So please, feel free to play a little if you want, at least your attention and wants are honest.”

“Deep breath and exhale relaxing, focus on my voice.” I said nervously as I began. In fifteen minutes her eyes were glassy, in another twenty her eyes had closed as her world narrowed to my voice and the feel of what I was doing. Ten more minutes had her face limp and dreamy with her mouth hanging slightly open in a pout like way, she was ready.


“Yes sir.” A dreamy voice lost somewhere answered.

“Turn over so I can work on the rest of you.”

“Yes sir.” She answered complying.

“If I told you to remove your top would you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Remove it.”

“Yes sir.” She answered as her hands moved behind her to unstrap the bikini top freeing her bare breasts to bounce invitingly loose.

“I also have to work on your hips so lose the bottom as well.” I ordered.

“Yes sir.” She answered wiggling of them leaving her in nothing but an ankle wrap.

“Does it bother you being nude in front of me?”

“No sir.”


“You said to undress.”

“Does it bother you that I am in control?”

“No sir.”

“Do you expect my brother back tonight?”

“No sir.”


“He rarely gets back when he and his friends go out party trolling.”

“Did you expect me to play with you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Will it bother you tomorrow if I play with you?”

“No sir.”

“Why not?”

“You helped relieve the pain and you are in control.”

“Do you like me being in control?”

“Yes sir.”


“Because it is simpler sir.”


“I have a lot of stress in my normal life and right now I have none.”

“Would you go down on me if I ordered you to?”

“Yes sir.”

“Would you have sex with if I ordered you to?”

“Yes sir.” She had answered and my heart soared as it skipped a beat.

“Did you mean to let go so completely?”

“No sir.”

“Can you stand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then open your eyes and do so in the center of the room.”

“Yes sir.” She replied working her way off the bed to stand nude in the middle of the room. I expected to be an hour getting pictures, in fifteen minutes I was bored, the actual pictures took less than five and I was unsure what else to do with the camera.

“Did the thought that I might have felt you up last night bother you this morning?”

“No sir.” She had answered still standing nude in the middle of the room.

“How tempted were you today to do something with me?”


“Why didn’t you?”

“Your brother was around all the time.”

“Are you really enjoying the break from stress right now?”

“Yes sir.”

“Would you like to take a break like this in the future?”

“Yes sir.”

“Is this something your waking mind wants?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then why hasn’t it tried this before?”

“All anyone seems to want is to use relaxation time for is sex.”

“Would your waking mind consider it a break if I had it as controlled as you are now but didn’t just use that control for sex all the time. If I used that control to spend time hanging out reserving sexual play for either time when she is not controlled or time she won’t remember as long as it doesn’t leave her to tired for practice or to do school work?”

“Yes sir.”

“Would it consider making that kind of a bargain?”

“No sir.”

“Why not?”

“She has role played the part, everyone just used that trust and control for sex.”

“Has anyone ever declined going all the way with her if they had the chance?”

“No sir.”

“Get dressed as you were then lay back down on the bed as you were.”

“Yes sir.” She replied complying.

“I am going to leave the room when I am done speaking to you. Once I leave you will fall into a deep restful sleep. You will awaken in a few hours incredibly aroused and horny and wanting to thank me for easing your pain so you could sleep. You will desire and proceed to seduce me to the best of your ability in order to get me to sleep with you. You will do your best to get to go all the way with you so you can orgasm and sleep peacefully, if we don’t both orgasm, the arousal will remain and slowly gain strength the longer it takes you to relieve it, an orgasm with my brother or anyone else will provide no relief. You will proceed with little or no attention to your own likes, dislikes, taboos or hangups, only my pleasure, only what you think any male would want from a willing female. You will be the perfect ready willing and able female ready willing and able to do anything I desire, obeying any direct order I give cheerfully and without thought until I say that I am done with you. Once I am done you will go back to bed having vivid dreams reliving the whole thing over and over until you wake normally in the morning. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Excellent, and you will obey.”

“Yes sir, I shall obey.”

“Perfect, now go to sleep.” I ordered leaving while I could still pretend to behave myself, I slept on the couch not believing for moment I would doze off, I did.

I woke a few minutes before three A.M. to the feel of my sweat pants being worked off of me gently then a pair of hands stroking me erect. When I opened my eyes Kara sat nude on the couch straddling me, when she saw my eyes open she took my hands and placed them on her bare breasts with a smile then went back to stroking me.

“Hi.” I grunted, ok, I squeaked, in shock that it worked.

“Shhh,” She purred as my hands fondled soft breasts and hard nipples then leaned down to kiss me.

“Wow.” Was the last real sound I made for a few minutes as she proceeded to instruct me in the art of the seductive kiss, I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to make notes right then. The tongue and teeth on my neck did nothing to help me keep my wits about me, I didn’t notice anything else until I felt a warmth engulf my erection along with a purr.

The smiling eyes looking direct in mine from my crotch took whatever words I was about to use as I felt something new and beyond words. I was instantly more erect than I had ever been in my life and my eyes closed as I drew in a deep breath while my back arched in ecstasy. The next thing I knew she was straddling me rubbing against me as she prepared to finish.

“No.” I croaked.

“Enjoy.” She said smiling as she raised up.

“Stop!” I said.

“Why should I?” She asked grinning as she lowered herself.

“Freeze!” I ordered, the hardest order I have ever given, she did though, in mid thrust.

“Why are you?” I asked, stopping as I ran out of words.

“Saying thank you for helping me not hurt.” She replied unmoving.

“You’re my brothers girlfriend though.”

“He’s not here, he didn’t help me, you did.”

“What do you intend to do?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want?”




“For how long?”

“Until you are done.”

“Done with what?”


“You want to do what ever I want you to?”


“You want to obey?” I asked as though dumbfounded.


“Do you masturbate?”

“Yes.” She answered looking embarrassed.

“Show me where, show me how.” I ordered.

“Umm, ok.” She replied then started to comply.

“One hand only.”

“Ok.” She answered confused but moved only one hand staying otherwise frozen.

“Verbally guide me.” I ordered reaching to where her had was. Reluctantly she complied, it took a few minutes but I learned just the spots she liked.

“Do you like that?” I asked as her as her face flushed.

Yes.” She panted still unmoving.

“Are you going to keep holding still?”


“You won’t move until I say?”

“Yes.” She whimpered.

“I am in control.”

“You are in control.” She agreed and the orgasm hit, hard.

“Is this some kind of role playing?” I asked while her back was still arched in ecstasy.


“How so?”

“I used to role play with a couple of boyfriends.” She panted.

“So you could move? But you won’t.”


“Why go all the way with me?”

“You’re nice?”


“I’m horny.”

“As much as I want you, no. I won’t take you like this, you’re vulnerable and feel like you have no choice, especially with the pain relief and the drugs. So no I won’t have you, but I will force you to go again.” I said speeding up again

“Oh god!” Kara whimpered as she felt herself responding.

“If you still feel like doing something in the morning, maybe, go down on me, but not like this.” I said driving her deeper into the orgasm, sustaining it, “Think about it.”

“Uhh, ok, umm.”

“Smile.” I told her stopping my ministrations long enough to reach over to the coffee table for a camera. She smiled on que though she looked half panicked as I took the picture that to my surprise and I think her shock, she held still for.

“By your own rules I could pose you, you know that.” I stated as I began to work that spot again.


“Are you getting tired from climaxing?”

“Yes.” She replied quivering.

“Hands behind your back and clasp them.” I ordered as I sat up under her so we were almost face to face.

“Think about this later.” I ordered then began to suckle her breasts in time with my ministrations down below. After both nipples were firm I switched to nibbling on her earlobe while my other hand pinched one nipple between thumb and forefinger and the other with my pinky and ring fingers firmly. Only then did I switch to rubbing her earlobe across my front teeth with my tongue as I began working the spots she had shown me in earnest again. An inarticulate noise answered this, then she began to shake attempting to hold still even though her body wanted to do anything else.

“Did my brother ever do this for you?” I whispered, assuming some of the role-playing was with him.

“No.” Is the faintly wheezed answer she gives as her body shudders.

“You are not property.”

“I am not property.”

“You are your own person.”

“I am my own person.”

“Your body does not belong to your boyfriend.”

“My body does not belong to my boyfriend.”

“Your body belongs to you.”

“My body belongs to me.”

“You can do with what you will.”

“I can do with it what I will.” She replies and begins collapsing backwards as her body is no longer able to sustain the climax I have been forcing it to hold.

“You choose who gets control.”

“I choose who gets control.” She gasps laying back on the couch.

“Go back to bed Kara, get a good nights sleep. Think about tonight and if you still feel like it in the morning go down on me and give me the best blow job you know how. How is the leg? Is it cramping?”

“No it is not.”

“Excellent, now good night. I’m probably going to regret declining this in the morning, but I’m done, just go to bed now and get that good nights sleep.”

“Yes sir.” She replies in echo of the other state taking the proffered camera with her as she returns to my room leaving me on the couch. Seven thirty brings a cheer leader dressed Kara kneeling as best she can beside the couch looking at me with the oddest look on her face.

“Why didn’t you umm, you know?” She asks as soon as my eyes open.

“Umm,” I stammered suddenly unsure of what to say.

“You could have, I would have, and everyone has before.”

“My sensei warned me about it. He called it the Florence nightingale syndrome, it is when a patient feels a great attachment to a caregiver and feels they must do something for them.”

“So,” She started in then stopped, “you didn’t feel it would be right?”


“Can I tell you something embarrassing?”

“Sure.” I replied confused.

“I have role played quite a bit, I umm always kind of knew I always really had a choice even though I didn’t give myself one, yet last night, it was different somehow.” She began hesitantly, “I was in full control yet somehow I wasn’t. I have always known I really had a choice and let myself be used as though I had none, yet last night I couldn’t have refused if I had wanted to, and you didn’t just use me like everyone always has. Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” I replied enjoying this side of her.

“I’ve been thinking about last night. I had dreams about it. I wasn’t really sure if it was real until I saw the picture you took of me, I guess I really made a fool of myself.”

“I enjoyed the show, it felt great as well. Don’t worry about it.”

“You know how you said to think about what I was did last night and make up my own mind, I have and I want to do something.”


“This,” She said moving the blankets off of me where I had sat up, then starting to wiggle my sweat pants off me, “Is something I choose to do. You get your first real blow job by a college cheerleader in costume just for you being you.”

“Wow.” I said, greater words escaped me at just that moment. Still awkward from the leg cramps she knelt right there in my living room in costume and went down on me, I nearly passed out when I climaxed a few minutes later and she swallowed with a smile.

“Now you relax.” She said pushing me sideways to lie down on the couch as she worked on my muscles until I was erect again. In ten minutes I was hard again and she had me fully mouthed working up and down like a piston. She ignored the hand that cupped a still costumed breast, she continued to ignore it until it reached her belt. Surprise was her reaction when I reached into her costume bottoms for her spot, enjoyment when I found it. A minute later I began playing with her earlobe as well, in sync. She became an extension of my ministrations, she moved exactly with me as though I were pulling puppet strings.

I climaxed breaking rhythm for just one beat, then resumed, her climax was still ongoing. She continued to bob her head up and down on me in response. As I continued her eyes lost focus while her breathing perfectly synchronized with me. Finally, I slowed my touch on her ear lobe and her head slowed with me then stopped though her face remained slack and expressionless between the effects of the orgasm and the meds.


“Yes.” She whispered slack jawed lost in the feeling as I continued to stroke her in her favorite spot.

“Would you like me to make it easier to relax the way you like for me to?”


“Good,” I answered softly as I removed my hand, “I need you to stay relaxed like you are now but climb up on the couch and sit normally. Do it now Kara.”

“Ok.” She replied groggily as she slowly moved up on the couch

“Now Kara, look at the necklace.” I told her as I held up a necklace I had found under the edge of the couch when I got up.

“Focus on the necklace Kara, see nothing else. Listen to my voice Kara, hear nothing else.” I said as I twirled it slightly.

“Good girl Kara, there is only the necklace and my voice and your eyes are getting tired.”

“That’s it Kara,” I said moving on after a few minutes, “Let your eyes close as you focus on nothing but my voice. There are no worries, no stresses, no concerns, there is nothing but my voice.”

“Good girl again Kara,” I said in a few minutes as she responded to suggestions by raising and lowering her arms.

“How do you feel Kara?”

“Relaxed.” Was the dreamy reply.

“I need you to move to the bedroom, do you think you can do that right now?”


“Then what I need you to do is begin counting from one, with each number you will relax a little more making it easier to do what I need you to. When you are sure you can and will do what I need or say, signal me by standing up. begin counting now.”

“One, two, three,” She began counting slowly. At one hundred ten she stood up almost as though she were awake.

“You can and will do as I need you to now.”


“Go to my bedroom and stand beside the bed.”

“Ok.” She replied and headed for my room.

“Kara would it bother you later after you wake up to undress in front of me?”


“Then undress now and put your uniform where it goes.”


“Why are you so casual about sex?” I asked as she was undressing.

“Because it is just an exercise of the body.”

“Do you enjoy it?”


“Would it bother you after you wake up if I played some more with you now?” I asked. I know, I just got done. What can I say, having a hypnotized cheerleader strip on command in your bedroom has that kind of an effect on males, especially young virgins who really want to enjoy there first times.


“Would it surprise you?”


“Would it bother you after you wake up if I took some more pictures of you now?”


“Lay down on the bed spread eagle so I can do a full body massage on you.”

“Ok.” She replied laying down. The next hour passes with me hitting every pressure point on her and relaxing every muscle one by one until she lay limp in body and mind. After checking on the condition of the ankle she had been trying to walk on, I rewrapped it.

“Kara, if I told you to do something later after you were awake, would you?”


“If I told you to go down on me again would you?”


“If I told you to go all the way with me, would you?”


“Would either of those bother you?”

“Not really.”


“I would not want to be compelled to do something with other people present.”

“But you would obey?”


“I want you to make yourself comfortable now and drift into a regular sleep. You will not wake from this sleep, be disturbed by, or respond to anything until the alarm clock goes off. When you wake up you will remember everything that happened while I had you like this.”


“Good night Kara, sleep well.” I said as I settled a blanket over her. In a few minutes her breathing was steady indicating sleep. Sure enough she is unresponsive to touch so I uncovered her to explore and play a little. More pictures follow as I arrange her and poke here and there. I could have had her then but I wanted it to be with her awake and responsive, not as a toy.

My brother came in about three, saw Kara asleep and left again when she failed to respond to him shaking her. He said to tell her he would be back late that night, I didn’t say anything about the fun I had been having with her.

“Oh my god,” Is the first thing she says in response to the alarm clock I set off after setting a plate of french toast beside her, “You umm, I let you umm.”

“Umm what?”

“Hypnotize me.”

“I didn’t think it would work and I was mostly out of it anyway, not thinking straight.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t get pictures of me posing for you.” She said gathering the blanket around her so she could eat, she was to her surprise, famished.

“That would have been taking advantage of your trust.”

“After I stripped on command? That’s not trust, you had control.”

“You tell me then, would you have accepted and obeyed an order to do something?”



“Hell yes. After that stunt you pulled twigging me along with you, I was so out of it. I let go, I mean I let totally go, I held little back. I’m shocked you didn’t take more advantage of it.”

“I umm,”

“I’ll tell you what. You don’t panic about hypnotizing me and I won’t. It was kind of fun as a break. I mean I have played the part of being controlled, but nothing so complete as that. In the past I always knew on some level that it was a game, what you did wasn’t, you really had control of me and I had no worries at all, none. I swear I got a weeks worth of rest today. Thanks for the massage by the way, that rocked, can you do it again some time?” She asked rambling on and on between bites until the plate was empty.

“I was just trying to help.”

“You did, thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“I take it I just totally zone out when you do the massage thing normally?”

“Yeah,” I answered hesitantly, “something like that.”

“I don’t care in the slightest if you copped a few feels, or more than a few, well worth it.” She said back yawning.

“Ummm,” I stammered.

“Tell you what. Do it again.”



“Why? When?”

“Because I want you to. And Now.”

“But umm,”

“I want you to play. Do whatever you want with me, I just want to know what it feels like when I can’t decide to stop it.”


“Curiosity. I also think it might be really strong, and I like strong.”

“But I could, umm,”

“You could have had me this morning. You could have had me to today. If you were going to have me all they way you would have.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I also have an ulterior motive but you will have to hypnotize me to find out.”

“And if you don’t wake up until morning?”

“Perfect.” It takes an hour to get her under deeply enough to begin this, not having her exhausted and high from climax and drugs both makes the process much harder and more time consuming.



“I want you to begin counting from one upwards. Each time you count, you go a little deeper into trance giving me a little more control of you. You will continue counting until it no longer matters what order I give you, you will obey it. Thios applies to both orders to be obeyed immediately and ones to be obeyed later, do you understand?”


“Excellent, begin.” I ordered and she began counting. Though quick at first, her repetition of ritually giving me a little more control slowed with enough repetitions.

“I am yours to command.” She finally finishes after nearly an hour.

“Are you still nude under the blanket?”


“Go to the middle of the room then kneel.”

“Ok.” She says complying while I grab a camera.

“Open your mouth, take me all the way in it and look me in the eyes.” I command then take pictures of her looking at me patiently.

“Lay down on the bed with your head hanging over, your arms straight out and your mouth open.” I order next then place my hands on her bare breasts. Ordering her to suck me I work in and out of her mouth freely using her breasts as handles. She swallows on command then holds me mouthed as I stroke her, soon bringing an orgasm with me still in her mouth, that’s what associations are for.

I have her teach me the cliffs notes of how to properly get a female off, how to truly pleasure one, how to make her body respond. With her dressed, we watch a few TV shows then have dinner. We do dishes together then I began setting up the morning. I set it up so she would do everything she had done in her cheerleading uniform, in her volleyball uniform instead, including letting me hypnotize her again just like before, then I sent her to bed, alone.

I was woken by Kara in her Volleyball uniform opening my pants just like before. Though aware she was obeying post hypnotic orders, she could do nothing about them, it had little affect on her performance though. My favorite part was her knowing I was hypnotizing her at the end, yet her nodding off just like before and counting upwards until my control is complete.



“I am going to awaken you soon, however you will not awaken quite as your normal self. In the past you have role played at being controlled, this time you will be as controlled as you are now, just awake. You will continue to accept and obey any order I give without question or hesitation until released, do you understand.”


“Go stand at the end of the couch facing me.” I ordered.

“Ok.” She replied moving to the end of it.

“Hands behind you back then bend over the end of the couch.”

“Ok.” She replies flopping over still holding her hands behind her back.

“Excellent,” He says flipping the short skirt up, “Now reach back and push your panties down. Excellent now spread your cheeks for me. Nice, now hold perfectly still.” He orders as he lines as though to enter her from behind. Kara is unable to feel much of anything emotion wise as anticipates feeling him in her.

“I can have you this way.” I said.


“Say it.”

“You can have me this way.”

“You can’t stop me.”

“I can’t stop you.” She replied defeated.

“I can have you if I want you.”

“You can have me if you want me.” She agreed confused at my lack of consumation.

“I have free and complete access to your body.”

“You have free and complete access to my body.”

“I am about to get you off again.” I said with a grin, “Would you rather remain posed as you are or would you rather willingly, without orders, strip and go down on me when I do.”


“Come on Kara, decide.”

“I umm,” She said approaching panic.

“Let me make it easier then, if you remain where you are I will let you go when I am done but you get to remember holding still for me having you there while I get you off. If on the other hand you strip for me, I will expect you to do as I want for the day without orders, I will expect you to be mindful of my wants and obedient to my desires. You will anticipate my wants and desires without having to be told what to do. No passivity, if you choose to strip, then you choose to be actively mine. Choose.”

“I umm, I,” She stammered.

“Tell you what.” I said with an evil grin, “I am going to pee. If you are dressed when I get back, I will assume you chose to retain that pose. If on the other hand you are undressed then I will assume you have chosen to be mine for the day.”

“But I can’t move.”

“If you decide to be mine, you will be able to, but only once you are sure you will freely obey me in exchange.” I said as I headed off to pee. I took my time, I also peeked out the crack of the bathroom door with the water running to see what she would choose. It took almost two minutes but she stood up, moved to the center of the room and undressed. When I sat on the couch, she crawled up on it on all fours perpendicular to me before undoing my sweat pants and hand stroking me erect.

When she had me fully mouthed I found that spot and began working it. She visibly and audibly gulped when I touched her earlobe, but didn’t stop. Once more she matched her actions to my rhythm becoming an extension of my efforts. When I felt her climax I used my grip on her earlobe to lift her head as I held her in orgasmic thrall.

“Stretch out Kara,” I said moving out from under her still gripping her ear while keeping up my stroking that held her half in half out of climax, “Lay down on your back on the couch, look me in my eyes and let yourself relax.”

“Deep breath,” I said as she settled over her, “Relax as you exhale. See only my eyes, hear only my voice. Relax Kara, let go.”

“Let go.” She echoed while her eyes lost what little focus they had.

“Relax, let yourself go limp, let your heavy eyes drift closed, close your ears to all but my voice. I am all that you know, I am all there is for you.”

“You are all there is.”

“You are mine.” I said as I stopped my ministrations.

“I am yours.” She echoed hollowly.

“Why did you choose to serve me?”

“Because I disliked serving you less than being forced to take you that way.”

“Will you continue to serve me willingly?”


“And you will serve without any need to control you?”


“Then when you awaken you are free of my control and fully yourself.” I commanded, “Do you understand?”


“Do you like this state? Enjoy it?”



“No stress, no worries, no pain.”

“Do you like the state where you are controlled yet awake?”

“Sort of.”


“I like the relaxation, I don’t want to be used for noting except sex.”

“Is that what always happens when you give someone control?”


“Will you serve me today even though I can not make you?”


“Even if I want you sexually?”



“Because I said I would.”

“Go to sleep now Kara, rest, waken only when you are ready.” I ordered standing up after covering her with a blanket. As she drifted off to regular sleep, I went to go get a much needed shower. She woke me at two, fully dressed and freshly showered herself.

“Why am I free?”

“Because I freed you.”


“Because I chose to.”

“Why? You had a cheerleader and Volleyball player under your control, yet you freed me. Why?”

“There is more to life than control.”

“Be that as it may,” She said smiling at something I couldn’t see at the time, “I am still yours to day, do with me what you will.”

“How about we go catch a movie then?”

“A movie?”

“Yeah, a movie, I’m sure something worth seeing is on so grab your crutches you’ve been ignoring and lets go. Hop to it.”

“Yes sir.” She replied with something like a smile. In fact we caught two movies that day, some sci-fi thing I wanted to see, then some girl flick she only admitted to wanting to when directly ordered to answer me. I think it would have embarrassed her less to go down on me in public than admit wanting to see that movie though. We actually had a lot of fun just hanging out as well, totally missed my brother showing up at the house, neither of us minded. We talked a lot, she found herself interpreting me being in control as being unable to lie, or evade a direct question.

I learned a lot about athletes that day, I also learned even more about what happens when a child is treated as an object in a highly religious household when that child has dreams. I teased, I played, but I hardly laid a hand on her the whole time, she smiled, a lot. I found that with sex out of the way, I could have it if I wanted it, it was easy to relax and have a good time. We got in late and found my brother already crashed on the couch, stoned on her meds, again.

“Do you want me to hit those pressure points again? Maybe a bit of a massage?” I asked with a lot more confidence that I expected to hear out of myself.

“I wasn’t going to ask,” She admitted grimacing, ”but I pushed the leg kind of hard.”

“Not a problem,” I laughed, “I don’t think my brother will notice anything.”

“If you need anything having to do with your ankle or your leg while you are here you will tell me,” I said flatly, “That is an order. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” She replied suddenly formal.

“I want your word Kara, Promise me that you will tell me.”

“I promise.” She said back demurely

“I’ll hold you to that. I’ll also stay on the floor in the living room, you take my bed.”

“You sure?” She asked surprised.

“Yes. Now go get yourself comfortable.”

“Is that an order?”

“Kara, that is not funny.”

“That depends on what else you tell me to do.”

“This is just to weird.”

“What is?” She asked confused.

“This, the whole thing, you’re my brothers girlfriend. I hypno, you let me umm.”

“Hypnotize me?”


“And you think what?”

“I don’t know, something. You drift away real easy when I do the pressure points, just as easy when I do massage.”


“And then that thing yesterday morning you umm.”

“Tried to thank you for relieving a lot of pain.”

“Yeah, umm, that.”

“You need to understand something about those of us at the top of the cheerleading ladder. We spend hours and hours thinking hard, concentrating hard, being hard, sometimes we need to be soft, sometimes we need to not concentrate, sometimes we need to not think. We always let our minds go far away when the coaches or physio people work on us, otherwise the pain is just to much. We crave non thinking time, it is our only real break. Most of us use sex or sexual behavior that way, don’t think, just be the sex doll or arm candy without a care in the world. Then when it’s over, we go back to work praying it was strong enough and long enough for us to be ready for what comes next.”

“So it’s a trade?”

“Exactly. That’s why I have stayed with your brother, he mostly wanted arm candy to hang out with, I just can’t be a stoner like he is and still do what I do. That’s why I let go so totally, you turned down having me because you felt it would be taking advantage of me. I knew you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me and would let me go.”


“I have seen a lot of different types people since I hit college, you aren’t them. You don’t want a slave, you don’t want a mindless toy and I not just wanted, but needed a break. What were you going to do, use me for sex? You turned me down when I decided to offer. Take nude pictures of me? So what, you aren’t the kind to share them.”

“So now what?”

“Can I make request please.”

“Of course.”

“It is still your time so by my view I had to ask. But would you consider a trade?”

“What kind of trade?”

“You know how I played the part of being controlled today after you freed me?”


“And how I was truly controlled before that because I let you have that control?”


“Would you consider hypnotizing me right here and now.” She said and began talking fast, “I have physio and study and a couple of other things to do but what I would like is if you took control of me for the week. Use it to make sure I do what all I need to get done, the rest of the time is yours.”

“Umm,” I stammered, “Why?”

“Because I haven’t has a real break in a year and a half. The absolute most I can envision you doing is getting laid, perhaps a lot, but that’s it. I might have only been bound my word today, but it helped.”

“But you’re my brothers umm.”

“I know, but you know him. If it doesn’t hit him in the face, hard, he won’t notice.”

“But won’t he expect to umm, you know, get laid this week?”


“So what?”

“Order me to do him.”


“Why not?”

“This conversation has officially gotten surreal. Obedience to me directly is one thing, obedience of that type is different. What I had yesterday morning is, was, just an extension of your normal role playing. What you are talking about is real control, total control. If I can order you to do my brother, I can order you to do porn.”

“But you won’t.”

“And just how do you know that?”

“Because if you were going to do anything like that you would have ordered me to go down on you during one or both of the movies.”


“Yeah, oh.”

“So why can’t I just order you to do the routines in that same unthinking state?”

“Because it doesn’t work. Several years ago one of the girls was hypnotized, she had no idea at the time that her boyfriend was controlling her, he ordered to do the routines as part of her cover life to his control. She did them perfectly, but never offered opinions or observations or helped with ideas to make it easier or better. In short the sexbot was useless for anything more than blindly carrying out a canned routine, she had no capacity to adapt and that got people hurt.”

“Oh. I’m sorry I had no idea.”

“Don’t worry about it. We never involved the cops at all. We had noticed her behavior getting odd so we watched, I was still in high school at the time and so beneath the boyfriends notice, until we knew what was happening. A few discrete audio bugs and we knew some override phrases he used to share her with a couple of his friends. We waited until he was alone with her in the park then we surprised him. She had him fully mouthed when he was suddenly surrounded and pinned by several of them as he was gagged. She responded to the phrases perfectly since he couldn’t override them gagged. Pinned down and held still, still mouthed, a premed gave him several injections then had her suck him as hard as she could and sliced his erection off. While I was throwing up, she tied off the bleeders quite expertly then ordered his victim to swallow. He was then informed what would happen to him if he or his friends said anything, they left town. I found out later the swallow had been fake, it was actually given to her months later as a recovery present.”

“And that is why you never give anyone any control at all.” I said.

“No, that is why control is so important. Also I happen to know that I am not a toy to you, you like me, or at least have really big crush on me in addition to your teenage lust.”


“You go ahead and work on me, play if you like.”


“Would it be easier on you if I just let you hypnotize me for a the massage? That way you can be sure I will be cooperative.”


“Dammit, you just don’t get it do you?”

“Get what?”

“The reason cheerleader tend to choose big jocks is that they are dumb jocks, they have simple tastes like lots of sex and are easily manipulated. We need that simple time, that break, with you I get that break without being just a sex object, you treat me like a person.”


Putting her under after she stripped, laid down on the bed and covered herself with a blanket, took a while. It took another half an hour to get her to the point where she moved and spoke freely. Ten minutes after that I knew she was serious.

“Do you anticipate remembering anything from me hypnotizing you tonight?”


“Do you want to?”


“Why not?”

“So you will feel free to play with and use me.”


“I like to relax, sex relaxes me but you like more than just sex.”

“Flat on your stomach on he middle of the bed, spread eagle.” I ordered and watched the nude girl comply silently. The next hour passes quickly for me, I am not seeing a beautiful girl under me as I work, I am seeing a body. A body I hit every nerveplex and muscle on, all without ever doing a thing intended to arouse directly or indirectly. She turns over silently on command, she moves on command, she does exactly what I tell her, how I tell her, when I tell her, I could have done anything I wanted and been obeyed blindly. I had other hopes and plans though. Once I was done I ordered her to sleep with instructions to remember everything clearly after she woke up.

I woke late the next morning, it would have been later still if it were not for the yelling. I couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying at first but I clearly recognized my brothers and Kara’s voices in the kitchen. I soon get the idea though, in spite of me sleeping on the floor in the living room, he was jealous she had slept in my bed. It didn’t help that I hadn’t thought to have her put any clothing back on before going to sleep, live and learn.

A bit of advice here, never try to be nonchalant when getting a bowl of cereal when there is a nineteen year old girl in your robe in the kitchen arguing with your brother and you can clearly see the distended nipples of arousal showing through the robe when she yells, it won’t work all that well.

“Fine.” My brother yelled, “You go ahead and go to the movies with my brother if you want.” Oops, I guess he heard about what we did while he napped stoned.

“Maybe I would have gone with you,” Kara yelled back as I passed by her, “if you had been conscious sometime during the day.”

“This is my place you know.” My brother yelled next.

“I know,” Kara answered with a knowing smile, “Why do you think your parents ask me to babysit your brother over easter vacation since I wasn’t going to be doing anything anyway.” Over the whole of Easter vacation?

“They what?”

“They left me in charge while they are gone.” She crowed triumphantly, “So take that. I went to see a movie with your brother because he was at least awake.” There has never been a welcomer phone ring that I know of.

“What.” My brother asked gruffly answering his cell phone, “What do you mean we got it?” He continued in a different tone altogether.

“We lead? Friday? Are you insane? There is no way were ready for that. OK then, I guess we practice, a lot.” He continued. I guess my brother does have a hobby, he may be a fake stoner, but I know from years of listening to him practice, he really does play the guitar.

“I have to go.” He stammers next, his previous line of thought completely lost.

“Now?” Kara asks.

“You know that opening for the boys and I in august at the emporium?”

“Yeah,” She answered.

“I didn’t know it but one of the emporium reps was at our open air practice Friday night, we just got bumped up, a lot. They had an opening and we were chosen to fill it.”

“That’s great.” Kara said smiling, happy for him.

“I, I have to go.”

“When will you be back?” She asked.

“I don’t know. Don’t wait up for me. We have our break.” He said hysterically as he headed out,” We get to play easter close.”

“Good morning.” I said after hearing the front door slam closed.

“Good morning.” She said back looking torn between the happy of the break from arguing and happy for the break my brother just got.

“About last night.” She continued after several seconds.

“About this week.” I said pouring milk on the cereal I didn’t remember pouring in my bowl.

“I meant to mention that, honest.” She said grimacing, “You’re parents said you are old enough to entertain yourself over easter. You didn’t need a ton of family activities tying you down. So you are supposed to go have fun for the week.”

“I am?”

“Yes.” She answered smiling a genuine smile of amusement, “They though this might be the best easter present they could give you. Your birthday is in mid may after all and with summer as a chaser to that, the best they could give you was a few days of peace and quiet. Besides, you’re mothers work offered her a spot at a conference in Hawaii. Something about international record keeping over the internet and cyberspace security. She said they could have done the same thing with video conferencing but they had record profits this year and wanted to give out some unofficial bonuses. They had not been planning on going but when your brother stopped here with me on the way to my place, they offered a chance have people around instead of abandoned in my dorm.”

“That’s my mom and dad.”

“You’re father said something about some project he is working on in the basement that can wait for a few days.”

“He’s kind of, umm, self employed.” I said hesitantly, “He makes things, rather he remakes things. He takes a thing, takes it apart and finds a better way to make it. He also designs stuff, he takes descriptions and does outlines.”



“So about this week.”

“What about it?”

“You had a free pass to play last night, why didn’t you?”

“How do you know I didn’t. Maybe I just made you forget.”

“Nope, I checked. A girl can tell about the important things and you didn’t have me.”

“It wouldn’t have been right.”

“Do you have even the slightest idea why your parents are in hawaii?”

“For a mini vacation and a conference.”

“No silly,” She laughed, “to give you a break. You ever have a looming feeling when you study for a big test? Not just knowing the test is coming, but about what all can go wrong?”

“Of course.”

“Now imagine having that all the time.”


“That is what your parents and every other functional adult feel all the time. It is what I feel during practice. It is what drives me and the other girls to strive for perfection. That striving though, it brings on stress. The simple knowledge of knowing the price of failure gives that stress weight. As long as it is part of your thinking it weighs on you. That is why cheerleaders and many others are known as partiers. We crave the release of that burden for a while. We are willing to pay almost any price to relieve it.”


“That is why I let go to you so easily. I knew you would use me, but I also knew I would have no other worries, no other thoughts, no other concerns while you did. Most of the girls use alcohol or drugs to ease the burden, and sex to drive it away. What you offered is something in my own opinion better, you gave me a morning completely free of that stress and an afternoon and evening mostly free of it as well. The best part for me though was that I was aroused the whole time, not mind numbingly aroused, but the pleasant buzz kind. You did it not through drugs or alcohol that take time to recover from, or extensive amounts of sex that is exhausting in it’s own right, but through a mental trick.”

“And?” I asked, suddenly sure I understood less than I had thought when this brilliant plan came together.

“I want that kind of a break, but I have no way of giving you anything back for it except for giving you me to play with. It gives me what I need without the side affects the other ways of stress relief have.”

“Before this goes any further I have a confession to make.”

“Ok,” She replied, “go ahead but I think I know where this is going.”

“When this started what I wanted was to be able to cop some feels of you. When you went out like a light my desires went up to fondling with my fantasies bounding towards a blow job. I set out to make you relaxed enough to let me play with you, perhaps enough to talk or influence you into going down on me.” I confessed in the sure knowledge that I was lost and needed to find my way again.

“And?” She asked nonplussed.

“I set out to not only help you but to take advantage of you.”

“And so has most every other male in my life the last seven years, your point?”


“You thought I would take it personally that you wanted to cop a feel, maybe get a blow job?”

“Yes.” I answered sure now only that I had no real clue what was happening at all.

“Yet you never intended to have the sort of control that would let you make me do anything with anyone else.”

“Control is control.”

“No, it is not. I freely let go far enough for you act out any personal fantasy you had with me. What I did not do was let go so far you could have had do anything with anyone else.”

“How so?”

“Because control is a many layered thing. I decided that anything you wanted me to do was harmless as long as it was with you.”

“So you decided to be my personal toy, but not if I decided to share.”

“Exactly. You were and are, fun. You are also the only male to have given back as much or more than you were given. Therefore I am offering you a chance at a deal.”

“A deal?”

“Yes, a deal. I want to trade you two days a week for five.”


“I want to use you to give me the break I need. I put long hours into what I do at school. I’m on double scholarship so I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. What I want is except on weekends where I have to compete or perform, to be yours for the weekend. Start Friday night after school is over, extending until Sunday night.”

“Be mine?”

“Yes, yours. I propose that I give you control for that time. Not the minor control of this weekend, but real control. The only caveat to your enjoyment being that you make sure i do my schoolwork and know the material perfectly. Other than that you get to do as you desire with me, I don’t want to have a single thought the entire weekend. Monday morning I want to wake with a clear head, pleasant memories, rested, relaxed and ready to go for the week.”

“Real control?”

“Real control, you know, the kind where you can do whatever you want with me and I will do it, willingly and happily.”

“In exchange?”

“In exchange.”

“I think you have given this a lot of thought.” I accused.

“I have.”

“And do you happen to have any idea what that kind of control, way beyond my fantasies by the way, would take to set up?”


“How can you know?”

“I study. One of my minors is behavioral psychology. During my studies I ran across a great place on the net covering mind control. Most of the material is of course pure fantasy, but there are gems.”

“Mcstories.” I thought to myself.

“Yes, M C Stories.” Kara echoed. I guess I was whispering after all.

“But what if I turn evil and want to keep control?”

“You won’t.”

“How do you know?”

“You talk to me not at me. Control is a fantasy for you, not a dream. You don’t enjoy humiliating people because you don’t enjoy being humiliated. You are dark enough to use me and light enough to value me as a person. When you look at me you see a person not a barbie doll.”

“Oh.” I mumbled, “I guess you have been thinking about this for a while.”

“Actually, I have been researching my fellow cheerleaders. Trying to understand their behaviors.”

“And you really want to do this?”

“Yes. So where do we start.” She asked all seriousness.

“You know it will take days?”


“Lets grab a note pad,” I said getting up grab one and a pen, “This is going to take planning.”

Anyone who thinks that conditioning someone extensively is easy, is an idiot. Three hours planning the outline, three more hours grabbing supplies, Dinner, Dishes, two more hours double checking every little detail, then a silly question.

“Question.” I said interrupting her going over a list.


“Can I leave post hypnotic orders or commands for you to do something when not controlled?”

“If you want to set it up that way I certainly can’t stop you.”

“I mean do I have your permission to do that?”

“This is where one of our areas of miscommunication really shows. If I am controlled, truly controlled, then I get no say in that what so ever.”

“But you do now.”

“And if I say no and you don’t even try, is the control really real. Will you know and more importantly will my subconscious know that you are in control?”


“First premise of control is testing it in an unexpected manner.”

“So if I can’t order you then I don’t really have total control?”

“Exactly. Now I would appreciate it if you didn’t really embarrass me badly, but you will have to test it pretty hard to make sure it works and periodically to make sure it isn’t fading.”


“Now we have the guide lines step by step, be sure to follow them.”

“Are you planning on using what you learn in one or more of your thesis?”

“How did you?”

“I’m not an idiot. No one can understand deconditioning until they been conditioned.”

“If I can figure out how people get in.”

“Perhaps you can help figure out how to get people out?”


“The risk though.”

“I have two problems, you help me with both. I am losing ground slowly on grades and practice. My attention is divided to many ways for me to concentrate properly and I never get a real break. This helps me with concentration, relaxation and insight into alternate psychology.”

“You do realize this amounts to torture don’t you?”

“So does boot camp.”


“I know, but I will either succeed or not. If it works then I get my dreams. You’re a nice person, I need you to not be nice for a few days now. Make sure I eat and stuff. Now I am going to take a nice hot shower then lay down on your bed, come in when you’re ready.”

“Ok.” I said, somehow feeling elated and lost at the same time in the same emotion.

At nine PM exactly I went into my room. Kara lay nude meditating on my bed. She smiled when she opened her eyes. I didn’t bother asking if she were sure after that. Nine thirty brought a deep trance with her hands going up and down on command and enjoying the smell of an union I called an apple as I took my own deep breath in anticipation.

As I began her on counting up towards my control, I set headphones on her ears from my MP3 player controlled from my computer. My secondary monitor, a nice large screen LCD hung on a stand over the bed, I sometimes used it to watch vidoes in bed. As I began my ministration below with one hand, the other slowly inserted a running vibrator, I told her that as long as she felt the vibrator she was also feeling my ministrations. The batteries had been removed and a cord attached so it ran from my computer supply. Reluctantly I set about tying her arms straight out, it would be necessary in a while, I also tied her legs as well. Then I began the recording in her own voice telling her what to do next after telling her that she could hear her own inner voice telling her what was happening next.

Ordering her eyes open I began the monitor display next. Her own voice would tell her to read and believe the sign she saw flashed, voice recognition on my computer would decide if she read it properly or not. If not it would interrupt the vibrator for a moment, if so it would turn it up for a moment instead. Twenty minutes later the struggles against her bonds started, the split in her personality had begun to take a hold. By eleven Arak, the anti kara, had begun to develop her own voice so I added my own little unannounced bit to the pile. I added a second vibrator to the first, this one from behind her and triggered another part of the program. If the computer decided it was Kara’s voice nothing happened with the second vibrator, if on the other hand it detected Arak, it would trigger the second vibrator while the first one was off. If Arak answered more than three times in a row, it would turn the second vibrator on for three verbal cycles or until Kara answered. Slowly the two personalities would separate, mostly.

The images flashed on the screen slowly spelled out that Arak was mine, that when she was Arak, she obeyed me totally. She was made the perfect combination of girlfriend and pet. Basically a Kara who’s first thought was always what I wanted and what if anything she wanted, second. Such a process takes time, a lot of time. Sitting in the corner, I dozed. I woke at seven to Arak reading off eight hertz flash cards perfectly. So well does she respond that only a single frame display is needed for her to read the flash cards. The computer was asking on the main display if I was ready to proceed while both vibrators now ran full time on high, Arak definitely was, there would be no further sign of Kara until called back.

A single key press prepped the next phase, it would run for hours after she swallowed the meds I gave her. When I pressed the next key, Arak began being conditioned to always be mindful of my wants at all times. My voice mixed with her own giving instructions, the distinction between my voice and her own was being blurred in this phase. Fascinated yet somehow disheartened, I went on my way for the next few hours doing other preps. By dinner time that step was done. I then untied the deeply entranced Kara and had her use the bathroom and eat before putting her back. Then I began an extra step I had designed and included on my own. I gave myself the ability to give Kara orders that she would obey without knowing I had given them or that she was obeying me.

It was to my surprise Ten the next morning before her reaction finally indicated compliance. Once again unhooking her I led the still entranced Kara to use the bathroom, eat and prep for what promised to be the longest hardest phase yet, forcing the changeover from Kara to Arak and back on command. Where she had been bound lightly before, now she was bound tightly. In addition a choke collar made from an air mattress tube fitted with electronic air valves fed by a borrowed Co2 tank to inflate it or deflate it. After giving her more of her pain meds and muscle relaxants I began the next stage, now she was tested on everything done so far. Once done the program went on to call the two personalities to the surface one at a time. Slow response turned off the vibrators, really sow response inflated the collar, it didn’t totally choke her, it just felt like it.

I left, I went to the mall. I checked on my brother, they were making progress. He asked how Kara was doing and I told him she was resting. He called her a lucky bum to be high on doctors orders and I agreed she was higher than a kite and unlikely to miss him right now. I ate dinner after checking on her, rather I tried. I slept in the living room that night, fitfully. I checked on her early the next morning, she was still getting the collar inflated quite a bit. I checked again before lunch, I should have eaten first. I did eat dinner first and was glad I had, she was showing exhaustion and dehydration. It was part of the plan, it would place more stress on her mind making it more open, eventually. I sat for a while with an eye dropper dripping water in her open mouth every time the computer indicated a successful change of personality in response to command.

Later that night I jury rigged a dropper that shut off when the collar inflated but otherwise dripped slowly, it seemed to help. At sixty three hours and forty seven minutes the computer indicated it had been one hour and one minute since the last hesitation to comply with any command, she now changed personalities on command instantly. Kara tested as being herself while Arak tested as being almost Kara, the only difference being her total focus on being mine. Where Kara worried about her life, Arak worried about being ready for my next desire, want or command. Though the two personalities were aware of each other, Arak cared nothing about Kara. Kara on the other hand had complete access to Arak’s memories. The result if we had conjectured correctly should be a totally compliant personality that relieved the stresses of Kara’s life.

Unhooking the still deeply entranced Kara I had her clean herself up including taking a shower I joined her in and ate. The only down side to the shower, the service was great, she cleaned me nicely, went down on me and swallowed, was her blank face. There was nothing on it, no emotion, no likes, no dislikes, no trace of the person I had a crush on, but the body was great. I sent her to bed with some specific orders for the morning.

I woke early Friday morning to a nude Kara kneeling beside me massaging me erect. I brought my eyes into focus just as my erection vanished behind her smiling lips. My fingers found her spot easily and she gasped when they did. Her head bobbed up and down on me in perfect sync, the moment I climaxed so did she. Where mine brought me joy, hers brought immobility for a moment then she felt herself crawling to the end of the couch and kneeling over it as her hands spread the cheeks of her butt for me. Panting panic ensued as her body did not move despite her best efforts.

“I am in control.” I stated tracing the outlines until finally my finger found the proffered hole and entered it slightly.

“Oh my god.” Kara gasped so I pushed in a little more.

“I am in control.” I said as I began working my now lubricated finger in and out.

“You are in control.” She gasped.

“I can have you if I want you.”

“You can have me if you want me.”

“Good girl Kara.” I said and saw her flush with induced pleasure that mixed with the feeling of my finger still in her.

“I, ahh, I.” She stammered.

“Now there are two ways this can go Kara. One you accept my next order of your own free will or I will enter you while you hold still for me. Choose, order or enter.” I asked pushing my finger all the way in.

“What is the order.”

“You don’t get to know that until you choose.”

“Then umm,” She said and I saw her hopes deflate, “I choose the order.”

“Good girl.” I said again and watched the pleasure course through her again, “You may get up now.”

“Oh my god,” She gasped climbing onto the couch, “I couldn’t, umm, move. I could not move.”

“Are you ready for your order now?”

“Yes.” She wheezed.

“You will go find my brother wearing whatever uniform of yours he likes best. Once you find him you will proceed to sleep with him, nothing different, just you and him. You will be supportive, caring and concerned with his pleasure to help him prepare for his performance. Return here when you are done with that and have had time to relax. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She replied confused.

“Why?” I asked amused at the look on her face.


“Because you need some sunshine as yourself. When you get back here I will be making you into Arak for the weekend.”

“Thank you, that sounds weird doesn’t it? But thank you for that order.”

“Your welcome, now go get cleaned up and get out of here while I can still behave.”

“Yes sir.” She replied mockingly.

I heard about it later, she went into the practice hall wearing her cheerleading uniform interrupting everything and kissed him on stage. They went back stage and the band lost over an hour of practice time, but their lead guitarist was doing much better when they restarted.

“Hi.” Kara said waking me a little before dinner time.

“Hi yourself. Didn’t mean to be asleep but the last couple of days.”

“No worries.” She replied with a smile, “It’s time isn’t it?”

“Are you sure?”


“Kara Kara quite contrary how does the Arak grow?” I asked. The affect on Kara was visible. You get used to a person, there moods, there likes and dislikes. The face that replaced Kara looked just like her, yet didn’t.

“How are you?” I asked moving a hand cup a breast through her uniform.

“Fine.” Arak answered unconsciously opening her uniform shirt to let my hand in.

“Are you sure?” I asked poking a finger under her bra.

“Yes,” She answered opening her shirt before removing it to reach back and unclasp her bra, “Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.” I answered as I now cupped and fondled her bare breast.

“Ok.” She answered losing her skirt in response to my other hand working its way up her leg to her buttox.

“Kneel.” I said gently and watched fascinated as she did.

“All the way.” I said pushing the tip of my erection against her lips. She made no reply but parted her lips welcoming me all the way in.

“Use your tongue.” I told her and nearly lost it as she did.

“Stand up facing the wall.” I told her before I lost it.

“Good girl.” I said when she stood and watched a wave of something like pleasure wash over her.

“Spread your legs wide, bend over, flex your knees and place your head against the wall then spread your butt cheeks for me.”

“Good girl.” I said again when her hands spread everything for me. Then I reached around front to lubricate a finger I used to prelube us both.

“Good girl.” I said yet again as I pushed the tip of my erection in, then again as the whole head entered her.

“Good girl.” I repeated as the rest disappeared inside her, then again as I pulled back and thrust.

“Good girl.” I continued as my hands fondled her bare breasts, then again as one found her favorite spot and began stroking it, a moan answered. She climaxed standing there leaned against the wall with me deep in her, I have to admit the control was and to a certain extent, remains, intoxicating.

“With me.” I told the still climaxing girl and headed to the bathroom. She readily undressed and joined me in the shower when she understood what I was doing. As a final test I ran a bath, then had her kneel in it with me sitting.

If you’ve never been sucked off underwater, I recommend you try it, once, it rocks but wanting it a second time is likely to get you in a lot of trouble if she is her right mind. Holding her head underwater she obeyed my instructions, swallowing when I was done, the affect of seeing her holding her breath head still bobbing up and down on me prolonged my orgasm, and she had to swallow again.

Fantasies out of the way, I got us dressed and we went out for a while. It was great, just as designed and conditioned, Arak cared about nothing except being with me and responded to needs, wants and desires almost without thought. The downside though was that she was, is, less talkative than Kara is over all. She knows just what to say and what to do in almost any social situation just like Kara does, it’s the time when we are alone that is harder, she learned with time, but that took time.

For the first time I had company in bed that night, if she had been a normal person I think my constant waking and reaching out to touch her would have driven her nuts. Eventually I slept for real, I woke with Arak on my shoulder and I was at peace like never before. I realized later that with a nude, totally compliant female, ready, willing and almost eager to please in bed with me, I just wanted to cuddle for the longest time. It was peaceful, I mean truly peaceful. I wasn’t even aroused, until she woke up and looked at me smiling.

We kissed, I fondled, she stroked me erect, I stroked her back. I almost took her then and there, fortunately I didn’t. She washed me in the shower then herself while I was drying off. We dressed together in my room, it was surreal. To my shock I actually got used to having her available in only a few hours. The novelty didn’t really wear off, I simply got used to it. When you no longer have to wonder where it will come from, you quit worrying about it, only then did I understand.

We spent the day wandering, her limp was now little enough to leave the crutches at home. Eventually we found ourselves at the place where my brother practices. I chuckled to myself at a joke only I knew had been made after I ordered my brothers girlfriend in her controlled state to go find him and give an exuberant nooner as a treat. I lazed at a nearby park while I waited, she returned to me smiling, proud of how well she had carried out my instructions. We spent the afternoon wandering until it was finally time to catch his pre act, they actually had improved from the last time I had watched them, my brother looked oddly tired up on stage though, imagine that.

His real opening act would be tomorrow night, tonight they were just filler between the real bands, giving them a break. I drew stares having her along, her smiles at me caused quite a stir until word came around that she had been with my brother over lunch, the smiles stayed, only now they thought they understood.

I woke at dawn with her snuggled next to me, I lay still so as not to disturb her. For the second time I was at peace with her there, I realized then that I liked having her there. Not that I liked having a female available, that I liked having Kara, Arak, or however it should be put, next to me when I woke.

I sent her to my brother for another Nooner again, this time with specific orders to suck, swallow and then stay at him until he popped in her, I found it funny beyond words. Together, we watched his opening performance Sunday. I began to entertain the thought of some things being more important than sex. Yes I could have simply ordered her or simply taken her at any time, however, I wanted that to be with a willing female. Willing by definition means uncoerced and if there is anything Arak isn’t, it’s uncoerced.

Afterwards we wandered the park for a while, we kissed, did I mention she could kiss. I mean Kara could, but Arak, she took it to a new level. In the shadow of a large tree we stood sheltered from the moonlight. As much as I was enjoying the night, Arak, and everything, I knew I had responsibilities.

“Kara,” I said, she responded to that name as her own, “I need you to sit down for a moment.”

“Ok.” She answered sitting down without hesitation.

“Arak Arak quite contrary, how does the Kara grow?” I asked triggering the return. I simply watched as the change took place. I could see another type of awareness creep in, weight come to bear and the person I truly liked come to the fore.

“Oh God.” She whispered as everything settled into place.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes,” She answered hastily, “I’m uhh, fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She said, then looked at me with the most elegant smile, “I’m fine. Thank you for the break.”

“You’re welcome, the pleasure was all mine.”

“Don’t be to sure about that. Did you know you snore lightly sometimes?”


“You do. It’s cute.”

“Umm,” I mumbled embarrassed for some reason I couldn’t then identify.

“I should get going.” She said and I felt sad, “I should go find your brother.”

“Yeah.” I answered; easily the most intelligent thing I could come up with at the time.

“See you.” She said getting up and walking away. At that moment I didn’t anticipate seeing her again, I figured the only way she would ever remember me would be in a term paper about conditioning. I walked myself the three miles home, mom and dad were back, everything returned to normal. Thank god I cleaned up everything before leaving.