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Dark Whispers — Book 1, Chapter 7

True love is getting revenge.

Warning: This story contains fictional lesbian-to-straight conversion. However, this is not a misogynistic story.

Contributions: Without the significant efforts of my editors (Griz T. Orc, TerrinX, and Sienna K.) and beta readers (Winston Knight, Dark Tzitzimine, and many others), this work would not have been possible. Thank you all!

Disclaimer: All characters are at least eighteen years of age, or the age of majority, whichever is older. This story is entirely fictional, and I do not in any way condone what happens in it. This story does not imply anything related to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a tragically misunderstood condition. Do not reproduce this story on any other site. © Tessa ♥️

* * *


When Beth came to awareness, she first noticed the chilly air on her bare skin.

I’m naked?

The fact registered in her mind as vague memories started to resurface. Beth was about to shoot Katie, and then... her eyes opened slowly, and she found herself kneeling on the carpet. Naked.

What the fuck happened?

Bare legs were all she could see in front of her. She tilted her head up and saw a naked—and very pregnant—Katie grinning down at her. But something was different about her. Detached. Scary.

Instinct took over, and Beth stood up to run.

Or at least that’s what she tried to do. She couldn’t stand up. Her body wouldn’t move.

A chill went down her spine.

“What the—?”

“Bitches don’t stand,” Katie chided. “Why would you think you could?”

Beth tried again to stand, but her body wouldn’t obey her. She didn’t know what was happening, but everything inside her told her that she needed to leave. To get away from Katie. So, she started to crawl away, and—


Her body automatically obeyed Katie’s command, instantly stopping.

Beth shuddered, fear making the hair on her arms stand up. She had been right about Katie’s hypnosis, or mind control powers, or whatever it was.

“You must be wondering what’s going on,” Katie smiled indulgently. “Here’s what happened: You fucked up. And you’ll be paying for that the rest of your life.”

Beth’s heart raced as Katie’s smile turned evil, but she shook it off as fear made way for anger.

“What the fuck did I ever do to you?!” shouted Beth indignantly. “Yeah, I panicked. But you did something to me before that!”

“I was just going to make you straight for my husband to fuck, but you almost killed Alyssa and me, and I’m not going to let that slide. Soon, you’ll wish you had gone to jail for two counts of attempted homicide; I have much worse planned for you.”

All colors left Beth’s face.



“Mhm! I’m straight now, thanks to my husband, John. I’ve made Alyssa—now Aly—straight too. You were going to be the next ex-lesbian for his harem, but I decided to keep you a lesbian. And you’ll wish I hadn’t.”

Beth had a hard time processing what Katie said. There was too much to unpack.

“Speaking of Aly... Follow me, Bitch—That’s your new name, by the way. Bitch.”

Beth’s thoughts and feelings were in turmoil as she automatically obeyed.

Beth felt awkward. Crawling on the floor felt uncomfortable.

Beth was cold. The room felt chilly on her naked body as she crawled after Katie.

Beth was furious. She wanted to scream.

Beth was indignant. She didn’t deserve this fate.

Beth was humiliated. She had done pet play before, but never as the submissive.

Beth was aroused. She—Wait. What the fuck?

“Hey, Aly. I’m letting you use our new bitch first.”

Beth looked up to see “Aly” sitting on a couch in what must be the living room. She was dressed down, only wearing a pink pair of sweatpants and a bra, revealing the bandaged wound on her upper arm.


Beth’s shot must have connected. She was glad that Aly didn’t get seriously injured. Beth had been in a panic, and shot by reflex. It was surprising that she hadn’t pulled the trigger prematurely while she was questioning Katie.

“Thank you, Mistress!” chirped Aly.

Wait. Beth had been lost in thought. What was going on?

And did she call Katie “Mistress”?

“Please eat my pussy, Beth.”

That wasn’t so bad. Beth may have been dominant, and crawling was humiliating, but she still loved pussy. Plus, oral sex wasn’t inherently submissive. After all, it could be used to control one’s pleasure.

And to manipulate.

Beth crawled over to Aly willingly, hating the situation, but she had to grudgingly admit that the blonde bimbo she would pleasure was beautiful.

As she crawled, she noticed Aly’s eyes looked different. They were somehow dimmer. One of her defining features had been the spark of intelligence that showed in her eyes.

Beth hated her for it, though. It was hard not to be jealous of the attractive woman who Katie spent all of her time with, even when Beth and Katie were dating.

She didn’t know why Aly changed so much, but Beth felt a smug satisfaction about it that was only surpassed by her fear of the same happening to her.

Both “soulmates” had changed since Beth had last seen them.

Now beneath Aly, Beth pulled down her sweatpants, revealing no underwear. Her bald pussy looked beautiful and inviting.

Beth felt a rush of arousal at the sight. She looked forward to this silver lining in her terrible situation.

As she leaned forward to begin her task, a different feeling quickly eclipsed her arousal.


Beth flinched. She was still slightly aroused. That never seemed to go away. But it was nothing in comparison to the lesbian’s repulsion of the idea of licking this beautiful woman’s pussy.

That didn’t make sense to Beth. Why would...

“I decided to keep you a lesbian. And you’ll wish I hadn’t.”

Her widened in realization of what Katie must have meant.

Katie cackled, “Oh, you’ve figured it out! Yes, you’re still a lesbian, but now the idea of lesbian sex grosses you out.”

Beth’s stomach clenched. Katie was right; Beth couldn’t stand the thought. Maybe it would’ve been better if Katie had made her straight?

Fuck that! Beth will fight back. She’ll learn to love it again.

“Fuck you, Katie!” shouted Beth indignantly.

“You will,” the pregnant redhead smirked, “and you’ll hate every second of it.”

No. Beth will love it. She’ll force herself to.

And wasn’t Katie supposed to be straight?

“You look confused, so I’ll explain. I’m straight, but that doesn’t mean I’m repulsed by lesbian sex. It’s as arousing as a wall or a chair, but it’s not gross to me. But what is hot is putting you in your place, Bitch.”

Great. Despite Beth’s attraction to women, she was, in a way, straighter than a straight girl.

“By the way, this doesn’t excuse you from your task. From now on, you will obey Aly and John as you obey me.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Aly chirped and then turned to Beth. “Please lick my pussy.”

Beth felt a mental weight behind Aly’s command this time, so she had no choice but to obey.

A lesser woman would have balked, but Beth was strong. And stubborn.

As she began her oral task, she closed her eyes trying to avoid thinking about it. Instead, she tried to think of something else. Anything else.


Lick. Lap.

She didn’t think about sex with Kelly—eww—but her sexy body. The way her smile brightened up the room, and even seemed to pierce Beth’s notorious bad moods.

Lick. Lap.

Beth had convinced herself that she didn’t feel anything for her gorgeous coworker and submissive playmate, because that way, she didn’t have to deal with her fear of abandonment. Just like Katie and everyone else had abandoned her.

Lick. Lap.

But she had to admit that she did have some feelings for Kelly. The girl who was absolutely coincidentally a Katie lookalike may have been less intelligent than Katie, but she made Beth happy. Maybe Beth should have given her a chance to be closer. Maybe she should have—


Beth opened her eyes and looked up to see Katie whispering in Aly’s ear. Although Aly seemed to lack her usual spark from when Beth had last seen her almost a year ago, now her face was utterly blank as she stared off into space.

Is that what someone looks like when they’re hypnotized?

After a few seconds, Katie looked down to see Beth staring, winked, and walked away. That’s when Aly regained her awareness, looked around, and spotted Beth.

Aly’s usual absent smile warped into a scowl. “What are you staring at? Get the fuck back to work. Now!

Her abrupt change in attitude was punctuated by grabbing a fistful of Beth’s hair and pulling her back into her crotch.

“Mmph!” Beth’s surprised gasp was muffled by the now-dominant bimbo’s wet pussy.

Nausea returned. She needed to finish off Aly quickly so she could be done with it.

Beth closed her eyes again and escaped into thoughts of—


“Stop that!” Aly scolded as she slapped Beth in the back of the head. “Quit slacking off, and look me in the eyes.”

Katie giggled in approval of Aly as Beth picked up her pace with a cringe. Now having to look into Aly’s eyes, Beth could no longer escape.

Fuck it. Beth was strong. She could get through licking pussy, mind controlled or not.

Now determined, she attacked with gusto.

“Mmm, that’s much better,” Aly cooed, petting Beth. “Good bitch.”

Beth’s face flushed with embarrassment and anger from the bimbo’s degrading “compliment.”

After what seemed like an eternity, the bimbo’s moans morphed into cries of pleasure.

“Yes, yes! You’re making me cum!” Aly cried as she bucked her hips.

Beth’s stomach clenched, but she fought through it and continued in earnest.

She was almost there.

“I’m cumming!” Aly screamed as she coated Beth’s face in her juices.

“Good bitch,” Aly panted and slouched back into the couch, her hand letting Beth’s head go and resting on her side.

Beth felt the mental pull fade and immediately crawled backward to distance herself from Aly.

From her reminder of lesbian sex.

She panted, her small breasts rising and falling with her deep breaths.

The room was silent aside from heavy breathing until it was interrupted by loud clapping by Katie. Beth had forgotten she was still in the room.

“Good job, Bitch,” Katie mockingly praised. “I loved it.”

Beth flushed at the degrading praise. Part of her reveled in it, but a larger part wanted to slap that submissive part of her.

“What did you do to me?” Beth fumed.

“Oh, nothing much,” Katie smiled innocently, “but you’ll find out soon.”

Beth was not pleased.

“Oh, by the way, Bitch. Here.” Katie tossed Beth’s cell phone to her. “For being a good bitch, you can have it back for today.”

Beth was shocked. She could contact anyone for help. The police. Friends. Anyone.

Beth didn’t waste time. She quickly unlocked it and dialed the police... but instead, her hands automatically dialed her mother.

“Bethany? I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

Help! Help me! she tried to shout, but instead, other words came out of her mouth on their own.

“Hi, Mom! I was just calling to tell you that I’m actually straight, and I moved in with my Master. I’ll be out of contact for a while. Just wanted to let you know. Tell Dad for me! Bye!”


Horror filled Beth as her hand moved to dial a different contact: her work boss.

“Hi, James!” Beth’s mouth said cheerfully.

“Beth? You never came back from lunch! What’s going on?”


Please don’t say it.

“Oh, I just came to a realization that I’m straight, and I’ll be a live-in slave for Master for the foreseeable future, so I quit. Bye!”

“Wait. What do you—”


Beth was terrified. Katie was making her give up everything and everyone in her life.

Alienating her.

Isolating her.

Tears filled her eyes as she dropped her phone, scared to touch it again.

Katie laughed, seemingly pleased with Beth’s emotional state. “Fuck, it’s so hot when you cry, you stupid cunt.”

What happened to Katie? She was nothing like she used to be. Now she was—

The rumbling of the garage door interrupted her thoughts.

“Perfect timing! John’s home. Wait here,” the redhead said, leaving the room to presumably greet him.

Beth wasn’t looking forward to meeting him.

“Ooh, you’ll love Master! He’s so dreamy!” the bimbo said from behind Beth.

Beth wasn’t surprised Aly would call Katie’s—her Mistress’s—husband “Master.”

Katie must have mind controlled or brainwashed her or whatever. She really seemed like a different person now, and in more ways than being apparently straight.

“Anyway, Bitch. Wait here for Katie.”

Aly left the room without explanation, petting Beth on her way out.

Beth realized she was alone, and looked down at her phone lying on the ground. She was hesitant, but maybe with Katie out of the room, she could use it without her body being taken over.

She hesitantly picked it up, and when nothing happened, she dialed the police.

But she couldn’t press the call button. Her thumb wouldn’t obey her.

Beth sighed. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy. But it was worth a try.

Wait. Maybe Beth could have someone call the police on her behalf!

Her heart thundered as she brought up the contact of the woman who had wormed her way into Beth’s heart over the past few months.


Taking a deep breath, steeling herself, she pressed the call button.

One ring.

Two rings.

“Hey, Mistress!” chirped Kelly.

Beth smiled just hearing her voice. But she didn’t have time to chat.

“Kelly, listen to me. I have something important to tell you.”

I need you to call the cops.

But the words wouldn’t come out.

Instead, she said on autopilot, “I’ve realized I’m a straight submissive, so I have to end things with you. I just quit my job and moved in with my Master as a live-in slave.”

Beth wanted to rip her hair out in anger and frustration.

But maybe Kelly would realize something was wrong and call the police. After all, it was an unbelievable story, so surely Beth must be in trouble.

“I don’t get it. Is this a joke, Mistress?”

Of course she’d assume it was a joke.

“No. I’m absolutely serious,” Beth automatically responded.

“Really, Mistress... This isn’t funny.”

Maybe there was something Beth could say to her. A message she could pass that would clue Kelly in that something was wrong.

“There’s something I need to say to you before I hang up.”

Beth knew what to say.


“I was only interested in you because of your similarities to my ex-girlfriend. Maybe if you were as pretty or intelligent as her, I wouldn’t have turned straight. Bye.”


What. No, no, no! That wasn’t it!

Oh, God. That wasn’t even true.

If Beth was honest, she had to admit that the similarities to Katie were why she was first interested in Kelly. And maybe she wasn’t as attractive or intelligent as Katie.

But Beth and Kelly were a better fit! They never argued, unlike when Beth was with Katie. And Beth had come to care about her sub more than she’d intended.

How did Katie even know about Kelly, to begin with? She must have questioned Beth extensively in trance, or whatever happened.


Beth’s anger flared.

It was one thing to hurt Beth, but Kelly didn’t deserve that. She was innocent. Katie deserved to pay for what she did. Beth didn’t know how yet, but she would escape.

And she’d make sure Katie suffered for—


Beth heard footsteps approach the living room, and in walked Katie and a tall man with dark hair and blue eyes.

He was wearing black slacks, an untucked, burgundy button-down dress shirt, and a loosened tie as if he’d just gotten home from work and hadn’t yet changed clothes.

But his blue eyes were glazed over as Katie whispered in his ear. Apparently, she wasn’t just controlling Beth and Alyssa.

Trailing behind Katie and the man (John?) was Alyssa—Aly, whatever.

With Katie’s last few words, John’s eyes seemed to refocus as he returned to his senses.

“John,” Katie said out loud. “Meet our new bitch. Her name is Bitch.”

Beth suddenly became aware of her nakedness. She had gotten used to it, but being the focus of attention of a man made the embarrassment of it come back, causing her to blush.

And it didn’t help that he slowly studied her appreciatively, before giving her a lascivious wink.

“You did a great job. I can’t wait to break her in. Good girl, Katie.” John smiled.

Beth thought she saw Katie shoot John a glare full of intense hatred, but it was only for an instant before it turned back into a pleasant smile.

“I’m glad you approve, hubby!”

Maybe Beth had just imagined it.

“Bitch, suck my husband’s dick,” Katie demanded.

Katie must be crazy.

“There’s no fucking way I’ll do that! Go to Hell,” Beth spat.


Beth would never give a man a blowjob.


“Oh? Then why are you sucking his dick?” Katie tried to feign sincerity, but it was impossible to miss the smug smile on her face.


Beth noticed the dick halfway in her mouth. Its musky smell. Its salty taste. How it stretched her jaw uncomfortably.

Beth was just a puppet, with Katie as her puppet mistress.

“The bitch is using her teeth,” John grimaced and looked back at Katie. “You haven’t trained her much. Have you?”

“No time yet. But I’m not surprised my ex-girlfriend is a useless cunt, either way,” Katie said instead of apologizing, not moving her eyes off Beth. “Bitch, wrap your lips around your teeth, and do not bite,” she ordered.

Beth immediately complied, adjusting her lips. Not having a choice, she tried to bob her head on the dick, but was understandably clumsy.

Her vision was filled with John’s crotch, but she could hear him sigh in frustration. “I’ll take care of it myself, Bitch.”

She felt his hands grip the back of her head, before he roughly pulled her all the way down to his crotch, the thick cock filling her throat.

Beth panicked from the sudden loss of control, and flailed as he handled her.

She quickly noticed she couldn’t breathe as John forcefully used her mouth for his pleasure. Tears dripped down her chin.

Katie’s loud cackle came from beside John. “Good! Choke the fucking cunt on your cock!”

What happened to Katie? She was nothing like she used to be.

Katie had always been kind and caring. She had an understandable dislike for men, but she was a sweet person.

But something must have happened over the several months she disappeared that turned her sadistic.

This Katie wasn’t pleasant to be around.

This Katie... scared Beth.

“Nah, I’ll let her have enough air to survive,” the man said, pulling her almost all the way off of him, allowing her to breathe.

Just as Beth was feeling appreciative, he pulled her back to the base of his cock.

But Beth’s full-blown panic eventually receded to fear and discomfort. Fortunately, John gave her plenty of opportunities to breathe.

She felt Katie’s baby belly press into her back as her arms wrapped around her, hands cupping Beth’s perky breasts.

“Aww, hon. You’re being way too easy on her,” Katie frowned, punctuating her dissatisfaction with pinching and twisting Beth’s nipples hard.

She howled in pain and shock around John’s thick cock, more tears falling down her cheeks.

John pulled out but kept his grip on her head.

“That’s too hard, sweetie. You need to take care of your toys,” she heard him say with concern.

“Yeah, but look. The bitch is fucking wet!” she protested.

Beth felt Katie’s right hand snaking down to her pussy, finger easily sinking in.


Beth was horrified. It was true; she was soaking wet.

Why? It wasn’t from John. She had no attraction to him.

Did Katie do something to her with mind control or hypnosis?

Katie wiped her finger on Beth’s leg and brought both hands up to Beth’s shoulders.

“Still,” John frowned. “You shouldn’t hurt your bitch like that unless she asks for it.”

Just as he said that, Beth felt Katie reflexively sink her fingernails into Beth’s shoulders for a second, hurting, but not breaking the skin, and then withdraw.

“You’re right, hon. My bad.”

Beth’s entire view was filled with John’s crotch, but she could practically hear Katie’s fake smile, before she felt Katie bend down and quietly whisper in her ear, “Don’t get too relieved, you dumb cunt. He won’t always be around to save you from me.”

The malevolent warning left Beth shuddering as Katie backed away.

“Good. Now, let’s finish up here,” John said and yanked Beth down to the hilt, filling her throat, and ending her reprieve.

Beth gagged, tears filling her eyes as her panic returned.

The humiliation was even worse now that Beth was consciously aware of her dripping pussy.

John rammed his cock in and out of her throat as he forcefully bobbed her head, meeting each thrust. She could do nothing but flail as he used his lesbian sex toy for his own pleasure.

Eventually, after three more breaks for air, he sped up, causing her to panic and struggle again. But he gave her no mercy as he held her head all the way down, tickling her nose with his pubic hair.

She felt his cock throbbing as ropes of cum shot directly down her throat.

As she struggled helplessly for air, she still managed one sarcastic thought:

Well, at least this way, I don’t have to taste his nasty cum.

Just as she was about to pass out from asphyxiation, the intruding cock stopped throbbing and he suddenly pulled out, and she fell face-forward onto the carpet. She felt miserable but thankful it was over, rolling over onto her back and enjoying the ability to breathe at her own pace.

She heard John zipping his slacks up along with Katie giggling, “Oh, get this. I made her addicted to your cum! Now that she’s had her first dose, she’ll go through withdrawal whenever she goes more than a day without your cum.”

Beth’s eyes widened in alarm, and she sat up, a horrified look on her face.

Katie noticed her distress and winked at her.

“Wow. That’s evil,” John laughed. “But...”

“But?” Katie smiled.

“Kinda hot,” he grinned, and then leaned over and kissed his pregnant wife tenderly.

“Mmm. Let’s wait until the dyke starts withdrawing so much she begs for your cum,” Katie suggested gleefully.

If Katie was telling the truth about withdrawal, then Beth was in trouble.

But unfortunately for Katie, Beth would never break.

* * *

Mistress was scary today.

Aly was lost in introspection as she ate dinner with Master, Mistress, and Beth—no, Bitch. Though, unlike the others, Bitch was eating out of a dog bowl on the floor, eyes beaming hatred for her cruel treatment.

Ever since Mistress left Aly on the couch after her arm was grazed by Beth’s bullet, Mistress has seemed like a different person. Aly hadn’t seen Mistress whisper to herself anymore, but she was so... dark now. She hypnotized Aly to be mean to Bitch, even though Aly didn’t like when people were mean.

Deep down, Aly felt a smug satisfaction at seeing Mistress’s ex-girlfriend degraded, even though Aly had no reason to feel that way.

It had to be an echo of Alyssa.

Aly frowned. Should she tell Mistress that there was a lingering fragment of her old self?

No. She doesn’t know for sure yet. Plus, she felt she needed to... protect it. But why?

* * *

“Stay here, Bitch,” Katie ordered. “We have a present for you.”

I can’t wait, Beth thought sarcastically, then—fuck it—decided to voice her sarcasm. “I can’t wait.”

Katie ignored Beth as John left the room to get her “present.”

Under Katie’s command, she couldn’t move if she wanted, crawl or not, so she waited there in the main bedroom as ordered.

The day had been filled with one humiliation after another. They even made Beth eat dinner out of a dog bowl.

Katie thoroughly enjoyed degrading Beth. She delighted in it. John, for his part, seemed to be content with letting Katie take the figurative reins.

Aly sometimes looked at her with pity, and other times satisfaction.

Beth cared for neither.

Now it was time for bed, and Beth didn’t need a second guess as to what her “present” would be.

The sound of footsteps creaking on the second story of the house indicated John was back, and he was carrying a large dog bed.

Beth was right. She hadn’t needed a second guess.

As John plopped it next to the king-size bed, Katie winked at Beth and said, “There’s your bed. Bitches don’t sleep in human beds. Be thankful I’m not making you sleep on the floor.”

If Katie was hoping to get a reaction out of Beth, she’d be disappointed, because Beth had expected this. In fact, it looked quite comfortable.

However, it was missing something.

“Sheets,” Beth prompted. “I need sheets.”

“Bitches don’t get sheets unless they’re good bitches,” the redhead informed her with an annoying fucking smile.

Beth rolled her eyes.

Twenty minutes later, Katie and Aly were asleep, cuddling on either side of John, and Beth was curled up in her dog bed.

It was surprisingly comfortable, but trying to sleep naked without sheets made the experience anything but.

Beth shivered, but she tolerated it.

Katie thought she could break Beth like this? By humiliating her with dehumanization and inconveniencing her with no sheets? Who did she think she was dealing with?

All Katie had accomplished was repeatedly pissing off Beth. Cementing Beth’s resolve.

Beth would find a way to escape. And then she would show the incompetent redhead exactly how to break a bitch.

* * *