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Debbie, Dan and the Demon

(mc, mmf, ffm, ff, bi, etc)

Chapter 3

“Well Debra,” the demon said as Debbie walked (a bit wobbly) down the street after leaving the café. “That went well.”

“Went well?” Debbie started to rise to the bait. “How can you say that? Okay, okay, I’ll stay polite, I believe you are who you say you are, and you obviously control me utterly. But what went well? I just let two perfect strangers violate me, pump their (retch) semen into my mouth and vagina! Besides being unfaithful to Dan, I’ll probably get pregnant, or AIDS, or both! How could you make me do that?”

“I do it because, I can do it. And I enjoy the hell out of it. And you know better than to pretend that you didn’t enjoy it yourself because we both know that we both know better.”

“Yes, I admit it, the sexual sensations were overwhelming, the orgasm was shattering. But that’s no excuse for doing something like that.”

“Yes, it is. That’s the only reason for doing ‘something like that’. Because it feels great.”

“And Dan? My husband probably won’t agree I should be doing it.”

“Yes, Dan. Well, I could argue that Dan doesn’t know, and won’t know if you get your drippy pussy back to the hotel and clean up, and put on some underwear. But beyond that, I don’t really care if Dan finds out. I started on Dan last night, and unless you plan to never see him again, I expect to have pretty full control of him too. Dan has a nice body, could use a little toning up, but pretty good. Nice cock too, and he uses it well when you give him the chance. Good pussy eater too, don’t you agree? I’m going to reward him for that real soon, you’re going to be the reward.”

“Please leave Dan alone, I’ll do anything to save him,” Debbie begged silently.

“You’ll do anything anyway. And I certainly won’t leave Dan alone. Besides, after last night I’m not so sure Dan wants to be left alone. He reacted pretty well to the new you. I think he’s gonna be pretty happy when I let him fuck you in the ass too.”


“Don’t act naïve, go on, tell me you didn’t love that guy’s finger fucking up your bunghole. Just wait until you feel Dan’s cock there! And the truth is, I don’t care if you enjoy it, I enjoy it. Dan will too. But don’t worry, at some point Dan’s going to know how it feels, when you fuck his ass with a big strap-on. Maybe I’ll even have him go both ways and take some cock himself. Certainly we’re going to have you going both ways soon. You were ready to spread wide open for little Yvette without much prodding from me. Your only real decision is whether you want to cooperate and have me treat you relatively well, or be a pain in the ass and have me turn your life to shit. Now pull yourself together and head back to the hotel. I’ll tell you what, I won’t make you fuck or suck anyone else today.”

“What do I call you?” Debbie thought miserably, seeing her whole life and Dan’s ruined forever, her precious sense of self destroyed as she turned into the worlds biggest slut.

“I’ve had a lot of names over the centuries, in a lot of languages. I told you ‘sir’ would do fine. But you can also call me Zacariah, or even just Zach, this is a pretty informal century.”

* * *

The rest of the day passed uneventfully by comparison. Debbie cleaned up, getting quite an eyeballing from the hotel staff as she entered the lobby, and dressed in slightly more conservative clothing and underwear. She had a light lunch with Dan, flirting each teasing each other gently, hands touching each other more freely than they had before Paris. Then it was pick up the bags, head to the airport and wait for the flight. Maybe Debbie imagined it, Zach being heavily on her mind of course, but Dan seemed to be watching other women a bit more than usual, while still being very attentive and physical with her as well.

Finally, the flight. It was an overnight flight, full of the usual nothing. Mediocre food, even in 1st class, a movie they’d already seen, and then finally the lights dim and the passengers settle down to sleep fitfully overnight in leaned-back chairs. There were only two bright spots. One was an exceptionally pretty Oriental flight attendant named Li, the other was nothing overt from Zach.

Debbie eyed Li once more as the attendant leaned over another passenger. “What a body, no wonder Dan’s hot for her,” Debbie thought to herself. She’d seen Dan watching Li and been a bit jealous. But she had to admit that Dan had been more than attentive with her, he’d been absolutely sexual. He’d taken every opportunity to touch her ass or nudge her breasts, and there’d been a amazing number of times that Dan’s groin just happened to push against her as they stood together during the wait. Dan’s cock had been hard all day, she could tell, and she was feeling pretty horny by now herself, Zach’s touch no doubt, though he said nothing for now. Could it be she’d left him back in Paris?

Dan had raised the armrest between them, and they’d pulled a blanket over the both for the night. First class had few passengers, and there was little movement in the cabin. Then she felt Dan’s hand slip into her lap. She thought he’d been asleep! Just to play, Debbie didn’t react, pretending to sleep herself while actually peeking into the window for their reflection. Dan’s right hand began a gentle stroking of her inner thigh. He worked her skirt up higher so that his hand could go under it and began to stroke the bare skin. Then his hand grazed over the lace crotch of Debbie’s french cut bikini briefs, once, twice, now more firmly a third time. Debbie couldn’t stifle a tiny moan of pleasure.

As Dan’s hand slipped under the briefs and his fingers gently splayed the now slippery lips of Debbie’s pussy, he leaned very close to her ear, licked it slightly and whispered almost silently, “either you’re awake or you’re so hot you get wet in your sleep. I want to make you cum, right here, this way, so see if you can keep down the noise, hmm?” Debbie’s only response was to shift slightly in her seat to open her legs wider, inviting Dan’s hand.

Dan turned toward Debbie, staying under the blanket and trying to make it look like he was just napping more on his side, but really just bringing his other hand across so that he had a better angle to reach into Debbie’s lap. Dan’s fingers ran long the inside of Debbie’s cunt lips, dipping into her well lubed hole every now and then to spread her wetness around more thoroughly. Each time his fingers dipped in, Debbie arched her pelvis slightly forward, trying to push her cunt deeper onto Dan’s fingers, completely forgetting where she was or who might be watching. Dan’s thumb began to run around the edge of Debbie’s clitoris, gently but firmly massaging the now swelling nub.

Eventually, Dan slightly crossed two fingers to keep them tightly together, and pushed them deeply but not suddenly into Debbie’s cunt, arching them up to massage the upper wall of her vagina. Debbie’s pushed herself even deeper onto Dan’s fingers, and began humping them in her seat with small rocking motions, lost in the sensations. Now Dan’s thumb began moving again on Debbie’s clit, rubbing as his fingers fucked her deeply. Dan heard a quiet moan, but not from Debbie. He looked around slightly and say Li, her eyes locked on the two of them, a blanket pulled over herself in the dim first class cabin and just the smallest repetitive motion under the blanket.

Li squirmed in her chair a bit like Debbie, and Dan was sure the exotic looking flight attendant was frigging her own pussy while she watched Dan do the same to Debbie. He turned his head further toward her, eyes locking onto hers and smiling . Rather than turn away, Li smiled back and the motion under the blanket became more vigorous.

Encouraged by the audience Dan turned his attention back to Debbie. She was close now, he could tell. Though never having done it to her before, Dan added a third finger to his finger fucking, stretching Debbie’s cunt wider and vibrating her button harder. Choking off a cry, Debbie instead gripped the blanket in her teeth. Her left hand moved to her own tit and she squeezed it and pinched the nipple hard. Her body rocked with orgasm and her other hand covered Dan’s, pushing him into her as he continued without let up. She thought he’d keep her up there all night at this rate, but his motion slowed to a stop, leaving her still shaking as his fingers withdrew slowly.

“I’m going into the restroom on the right,” Dan’s whisper said, “follow me into it in about 1 minute.”

With that, Dan slipped from under the blanket and stood in the aisle. His cock stood out hard against his pants, making a bulge that Li’s eyes locked onto as Dan looked at her. He noticed that Li was flushed and slightly sweaty. As he walked past, Li’s hand came out of her blanket and she put two glistening fingers into her mouth and sucked them.

Dan stripped from the waist down, his cock on fire. As planned, Debbie entered a minute later and locked the door to the small room. Looking for the best way, Debbie turned around and lowered herself quickly onto his cock facing away from him. They both grunted in pleasure as her hot liquid center plunged down around his dick. Dan’s movement was limited this way, but Debbie began pumping herself up and down Dan’s shaft, taking his steel cock deep into her with every stroke and then lifting almost all the way off. Dan’s hands moved around, one moment cupping her bouncing tits, the next holding and squeezing the cheeks of her ass, spreading her slightly apart as she continued to piston herself on his cock. Though wanting him to get off, Debbie couldn’t keep herself from cuming again and, doing so, lowered herself down nearly all the way, locking Dan’s cock in place deep inside her. When the waves died down a bit, she began again to move on Dan but then stopped, knowing now what she wanted. She lifted off him and reached back to firmly spread her ass apart.

“Put your cock in my ass honey,” Debbie moaned quietly.

“Are...are you sure baby?” Dan replied, stunned. He’d always wanted to fuck Debbie’s luscious ass, who wouldn’t. But he’d never believed that even the “new” Debbie would consent to him pumping his big cock into her butt.

“Yes lover, I’m sure, I want you in my ass, now!”

Not questioning a moment longer, Dan lined up his already slick cock head with Debbie’s butt hole. He tried to arch up into her, but he was still unable to move from his seat much. Instead, Debbie began to lower herself onto his cock, feeling the helmet of his big cock stretching her ass hole much more than the French waiter’s finger and moaning in that same weird mix of pain and pleasure she’d had then. Determined to have it all, Debbie began to stroke up and down slightly, learning to push her ass hole out and open as she lowered herself onto him and close tighter as she rose off. Dan slicked his cock with spit to make it easier to take. Soon several inches of Dan’s impressive cock were pumping in and out of Debbie’s butt, Debbie grunting each time he entered but slowing not an instant, instead pushing further onto him with each stroke.

The restroom door opened and closed quickly, Li entering and locking the door fast. Debbie froze briefly with her asshole halfway down onto Dan’s cock, looking at the key in the beautiful Li’s hand, but Dan was so lost in lust that he slammed up, pushing the last of his cock up Debbie’s butt and crying out.

“Don’t stop, please,” Li begged, “you two got me so hot watching that I just couldn’t resist”

With that, Li dropped to her knees. One hand flew under her hiked up skirt to the now bare pussy she finger fucked. The other reached out to Debbie’s pussy, stroking it and bringing her fingers to Debbie’s clit, which was now so distended from its hood that it looked like a little cock itself. Li brought her mouth to Debbie’s crotch, her tongue dancing hard on Debbie clit while Dan’s cock was firmly lodged completely up her ass, ass hole stretched taut. As Debbie began to pump herself again on Dan’s cock, in effect ass fucking herself, Li’s mouth couldn’t keep up. But she replaced it with two fingers pumping up Debbie’s cunt while her thumb pressed the clit hard.

Dan growled and began to pull Debbie harder onto his prick. He gripped her hips and slammed her down repeatedly, his cock swelling and stretching Debbie’s ass hole even further. Debbie was in a haze. Her eyes were glazed and all she knew was the feeling of the waves of orgasm she’d been feeling and the hard fullness spearing into her ass, accentuating the feeling of the fingers in her cunt and on her clit. She bounced like a rag doll onto Dan’s lap. Finally, Dan gave a strangled cry and Debbie felt his hot cum pumping up into her ass and being squeezed out again with every pump up into her. Li cried out in orgasm too and plunged her face onto Debbie’s cunt, sucking the lips and then clit deep between her lips and keeping them there while her own climax swept through. Then she raised herself up and kissed Debbie deeply. Debbie hesitated, having never kissed another woman, then surrendered to the moment. Li’s tongue slipped through Debbie’s now parted lips and twined with hers, the taste of Debbie’s cum juices fresh now in her own mouth from Li’s.

The trio unwound slowly, trying vainly to be quiet. They rearranged their clothes and exited the lavatory one by one, making their way back sheepishly to their seats, afraid to look at any other passengers. When the flight ended, Li found the couple at the gate and pressed her phone and address into Dan’s hands, French kissing both he and Debbie again. The number and address were local.