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Debbie, Dan and the Demon

(mc, mmf, ffm, ff, bi, etc)

Chapter V

Debbie returned home tired, a little sore, and in need of comfort. Dan gave it to her. Li had gone, leaving a kiss and a promise for Debbie. After a long hot bath, Debbie curled up in bed with Dan, the lights off and the house quiet.

“You and Li had a good time?” Debbie asked quietly.

“Sure, we missed you though.”

I got...tied up. Sorry I couldn’t be here. What’s Li like?

Li’s a lot of fun, very...inventive. But she’s not you. I wish you could have been here, it would have been a lot more fun,” Dan said.

“Oh hon, that’s just what I wanted to hear,” Debbie gushed.

“You were worried?”

“Of course I was worried. Li is gorgeous, sexy, and totally uninhibited.”

“Yeah, all true. But she’s not my wife. You are. I love you Debbie.”

“I love you Dan.”

“Zach told me what you were doing Debbie,” Dan said quietly, “are you all right, really?”

Yeah, I think I...wait, who told you?” Debbie was stunned.

“Zach did. He told me today after Li left. Told me everything. It’s a lot to get used to, but then you know that better than I do.”

How do you, I don’t know, ‘feel’ about it?” Debbie asked hesitantly.

“Overall, I don’t like it. But then that doesn’t change anything does it? Zach made it painfully clear that I really have no choice here. He’s got us both totally and my not accepting it won’t do anything but make it more difficult. He made that real clear. Some things are just bigger than us. On the other hand, it has its compensations. I hate having to share you with anyone, even Li, certainly with other men. But even having to share you this way I feel like I have much more of you than I did before Paris, before Zach. I just wish I had this much of you without Zach’s influence.

“Zach didn’t make me love you any more. He just made me show it more, and give you more, and realize it more. Was Zach hard on you when he first told you?”

“I’ve had better times. It was just after Li left, and I couldn’t believe at first his voice was real. Then I did the macho rebellion thing. He didn’t take that well and I thought he’d crush my balls completely. But then he made the pain stop instantly and told me the rules, and explained how he’d been behind most of what’s been going on with you, and with Li. Then he told me what you’d been doing all afternoon, and made it clear he’d be expecting more from both of us, but also offering to make life good too in some ways. Like I said, we don’t have a choice, so I figure we’ll be better off just going along as best we can.”

“Good advice, Daniel,” Zach’s voice said in both their heads. “I will help you both enjoy life, and I will demand you enjoy the full range of sexual pleasure, often, for my enjoyment.”

* * *

Two days later, Dan was at his desk at the office working when he heard Zach’s voice. “Daniel, time to play, I’m bored.”

“Zach, sir, I could have a real problem if things happen around the office, people talk, you know?”

“I’m not worried. That young secretary, not yours, the younger one named Bobbi you passed on the way in this morning. We’ll have her today.”

“You have good taste. Man, she does have a body made to be bent over a desk and fucked, doesn’t she?” Dan said.

“She does indeed. I’ll call her, just go along for the ride. You know I can manifest physically now, and I plan to manifest to her pretty thoroughly. Don’t worry, she won’t remember unless I want her too, and no one else will enter. Here she comes now answering the call I put out to her.”

Young Bobbi opened Dan’s door and knocked gently. “Hi, um, Dan. Did you call me? Can I call you Dan?”

Bobbi was 19. Her face was a girl’s, her body was definitely a woman’s. Short, blond hair and little turned up nose. Big, full, high tits, and Bobbi was not shy about them. She dressed tight and short whenever she could. Today’s sweater did nothing to hide her curves. Her waist was slim, flaring to generous hips and an ass you could break a rock on. Nothing bounced on Bobbi when she walked, even though there was plenty to bounce. Her skirt clearly defined both curving cheeks, wrapping tightly around the top and bottom of each and ending only a little lower. When she bent over, which she did freely to reach across desks, you could see the rose tatoo on her upper right thigh, and dream you’d been the tatoo artist. Looking at Bobbi did make you want to just bend her right over and fuck her where she stood. For all that, Bobbi was shy around older workers, she didn’t really think of herself as “grown up”. Dan was a pretty senior staff member, and known to be on the fast track. As a result, Bobbi thought of him as “older” and powerful, and was shy around him even though she admitted to another young secretary that he “sexy” in a sort of “older” way.

“Sure, Bobbi, you can call me Dan, it’s my name. I don’t remember calling you, but now that you’re here I do have something for you. Come over here and take a look at the Loomis file, I think you’ll need to do some revisions on it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr.... Dan. I’ll get right on it, what do you want done?” Bobbi bent over Dan, her right breast rubbing against his shoulder, almost touching his cheek as he turned to her.

“That’s a nice sweater, Bobbi, very becoming,” Dan said.

“Thank you, Dan. You look very nice too, have you been working out, you look buff up close like this?”

“You mean, ‘for a man my age’, right?”

“Oh no, I mean for any man. You’ve been looking hot ever since you got back from vacation. Paris must agree with you. I told my friend just the other day what a hunk you were. Oh my God, what am I saying, I’m so sorry!”

“Nothing to be sorry about. Nice for an old man to hear.”

“You don’t look old at all from here,” Bobbi purred. “If you weren’t married, I might get carried away myself.” Bobbi pressed her tit harder against Dan, and ran her finger along his neck.

“Well, don’t worry about my marriage, my wife is very understanding. She might want to meet you herself one day.”

“Really, she’s like that? So we can...?” Debbie left the question unasked.

“We can, and we will.” Dan answered.

Bobbi leaned down and kissed Dan gently, then harder, her tongue snaking into his mouth. She guided his hand to her left breast and squeezed it tighter on herself. Dan reached down and lifted the sweater off, then undid the front clasp of Bobbi’s bra, freeing her tits and burying his face between them and feeling their warm mass against him. His mouth found a nipple and clenched it gently between his teeth. His tongue began to drum against it and Bobbi moaned. Dan’s hands found the zipper on Bobbi’s skirt and it dropped where she stood, leaving her in a pair of satiny briefs that looked like they could no longer contain the butt inside them. Dan relieved Bobbi if these too, and grinned when he saw the small ring pierced into one of Bobbi’s pussy lips.

Never giving up the swelling nipple in his mouth, Dan’s hand traveled up Bobbi’s thigh, finding her puffy mons and cupping it. Bobbi ground against Dan’s hand, excitement rising and artificially stimulated further by Zach. Bobbi was at the edge of climax already and they’d just started.

Strength boosted by Zach, Dan let go of Bobbi’s tit and lifed her by the waist onto the edge of his desk. Bobbi squealed at the sudden move and was surprised how strong Dan felt. He hadn’t showed any sign of strain lifting her. She leaned back onto her hands for support and parted her legs as Dan pushed them gently apart.

Bobbi’s pussy was shaved closely. The hair formed just a short, small trim along her cunt, with a slight tuft at the top. Access to her rapidly moistening cunt was without hair and the little gold ring stood out prominently. Dan leaned down and blew firmly on Bobbi’s cunt, she trembled at the feeling. His tongue dipped between her lips, juice already seeping between her spread lips. Running his tongue along the inner side of each lip, sneaking up for a run around her clitoris, Dan kept Bobbi on the edge for several minutes.

Bobbi startled as she began to feel hands cupping her breasts and arms around her from behind. She saw nothing, but felt strong, large hands massaging her tits and rolling her nipples between fingers. Looking down, she could see the shape of her breasts change and her nipples pull away from her body as the invisible hands moved. Dan looked up when he felt Bobbi startle, and smiled, knowing it was Zach manifesting physically for the first time. Zach settled Bobbi’s mind and she relaxed to the extra feelings, not questioning how they were happening, just enjoying them.

He pushed her thighs further apart until they were almost horizontal. Her cunt gaped apart now, the inner lips clearly visible and moisture streaming onto his desk. Dan’s lips clamped around Bobbi’s distended clitoris. He sucked firmly, then began stroking the clit in and out of his lips as if it were a small cock. That did it. Bobbi shouted and started to buck her hips. Zach’s hands clenched more firmly onto Bobbi’s tits as the orgasm hit her. Dan held her down and started vibrating his tongue hard against the clit, Bobbi came again and Dan slip two fingers inside her, letting her bucking hips fuck his fingers.

Dan slowed to a stop and brought a shaking Bobbi down from the desk, turning her around over the desk and into the position so many in the office pictured her. Her tits crushed flat and spread out against the desk, and Bobbi spread her legs, ready and eager for what she knew was next. Bobbi loved being fucked from behind. Her luscious ass was sensitive and she loved having it handled, sometimes roughly.

Dan’s tool lined up to Bobbi’s open cunt and pushed inexorably inside, plunging to the hilt in one thrust. An explosive grunt came from both mouths. Dan’s hands locked around Bobbi’s hips and he began to pound mercilessly into her pussy, all the way in and out with each rapid stroke, no interest in prolonging this anymore and concentrating only on his own needs. Bobbi loved it, she wanted to be dominated this way right now, putty in Dan’s strong hands.

Dan looked down at Bobbi’s ass. “No,” he heard Zach’s voice, “that’s going to be mine.”

But Dan did see indents form on Bobbi’s ass as Zach’s hands gripped firmly and spread her cheeks wide. Bobbi moaned, lost now in the pummeling her cunt was accepting gratefully and dimly amazed that hands were on both her hips and her ass. Zach squeezed the gorgeous half moons a few times. The harder he squeezed, the higher Bobbi’s sexual high. Zach took a large finger and brought it to Bobbi’s lips, they parted and she began sucking the finger wetly, not caring anymore how this was possible.

Dan neared his own orgasm, but Zach held it off for him, leaving Dan to continue pounding Bobbi’s pussy hard. Zach then brought the spit-slicked finger around and pushed it deeply into Bobbi’s ass hole. Dan could feel the extra intruder pressing against his cock through the thin membrane inside the thrashing girl and continued pounding into her.

Bobbi pressed her face against the desk, struggling to loosen her clenching ass hole, knowing from experience that the pain would give way to pleasure when she forced her ass to relax. Rather than help her, Zach let the young secretary work it out in her mind and consciously relax her sphincter. The extra pressure inside drove Bobbi over the edge again and she began to cum repeatedly, muscles loose like a rag doll now from the repeated climaxes and the unwavering pounding from Dan’s cock.

Dan was begging Zach mentally for release, the pressure in his balls and the length of his cock was fearsome. Zach began to pump his large finger, fucking Bobbi with it and loosening her for his planned later fun. He let Dan go.

Cum shot from Dan’s cock like a firehose, as if his balls were trying to shoot out the end of his dick. He came for what felt like hours, lost in his pounding of the willing girls cunt, loving the slap of her sweat covered ass against him. Eventually, he slipped out of Bobbi’s cunt and staggered to the couch across the room, loving the look of the limp woman across his desk.

Bobbi, rose from the desk and sat at his feet. Her arms hugging his legs and her face pressed to his thighs.

“That was incredible Dan, like there was two of you! I’m yours forever if you want me.”

“I don’t think we’re done, Bobbi,” Dan replied softly.

“You must be kidding, I can’t take any more, I’m like putty, I don’t think I’ll be able to fuck for a week.”

“Suck me Bobbi, bring me back hard, I’m almost there again already.”

“Oh my god, you are! God you’ve got a nice cock, just the right size for me. Its beautiful.”

“Take it in your mouth, Bobbi, suck me, hold my balls too.”

Bobbi did as Dan told her, bobbing her head on his cock and taking his nearly all the way into her mouth repeatedly. As she did so, she felt those strong hands lifting her to her knees and she complied, Zach’s mind overpowering hers. Extra large hands held her butt cheeks apart and Bobbi felt a really big dick, slicked with spit and cum, slide up and down the parted crack of her ass, the hands pressed her full ass globes around the cock.

“What...what’s happening Dan?” Bobbi said, briefly removing his cock from her mouth and stroking it with her hands to the same rhythm.

“Just accept it, Bobbi, try to relax yourself, it will feel better”

Bobbi nodded and kept pumping Dan’s cock in her slippery hand. Her cheek pressed against his thigh and she felt the big cock in back begin to press against her rosebud. She struggled to keep the muscles relaxed, largely succeeding as she felt the head of the invisible cock slip inside. She breathed in deeply, keeping her muscles pushing out and open. Her breath panted heavily and she turned back to begin sucking Dan again. She enjoyed the feel of his now hard cock sliding past her lips and the way its head felt going over her tongue.

Zach began to pump in earnest now. Moving nearly 10″ of cock in and out of Bobbi’s ass hole.

“Ah, my first fuck in a century!” Zach exulted. “I can do this for days, but this little thing would be ruined forever.” Just a bit more though before I make her cum when I do.”

Dan heard Zach in his head and smiled at the thought of the two of them pumping Bobbi at each end indefinitely. But he felt the cum rising in his balls and new that he wouldn’t last that long even if Zach could. He was only human, and damn glad of it right now.

The cum flowed like lava from Zach’s inhuman cock into Bobbi’s rectum, hotter than she’d ever felt before. Zach gripped her mind and put her into repetitive orgasm. As she came the first time she sucked Dan harder and pumped her hand behind with her mouth along Dan’s cock. Dan too started to cum. He didn’t think there would be anything left, but the cum streamed from his dick faster than Bobbi could swallow, leaking out to drip from her cheeks and chin.

Dan and Bobbi finished, and Bobbi licked Dan clean of every drop of cum she could find, then dried his cock with her panties. Without many more words, Bobbi dressed and left Dan’s office, Zach already wiping the incident from her mind, but keeping a foot hold there for himself in case he wanted her again. She was a wonderful piece of ass.