The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Witchman

Debbie silently stared at her cellphone, wondering what was so important that her friend Beth needed to see her, so much so that she had even given her a number for a car service. “Honestly, sometimes I don’t know what goes on in my best friend’s head,” she said to no one in particular. Shrugging her shoulders, she dialed the number for Sublime Cab Rides.

The phone rang three times, answered by a woman with a thick Middle Eastern accent. “Sublime Cab Rides, do you wish to feel sublime?” she asked.

“ I wish to have a cab bring me to 86th. and CPW from Astor Place, she answered crisply in her usual no-nonsense tone.

“Certainly. I will be by to pick you up shortly,” the voice on the other end purred, abruptly hanging up thereafter.

“Huh,” Debbie sniffed. “Well, I suppose you get what you pay for.”

She stood on the corner of Astor Place and Broadway, smiling as the sun broke through the clouds that had only rained down on the city a short while earlier. She pretended to be oblivious to the silent but appreciative stares that she drew from both men and women, but secretly gloried in it, proud of the fact that she had mastered and molded her body and herself into an irresistible combination.

And she was beautiful, standing five foot eight in her Reeboks, her shoulder length blonde hair curling softly against the black Spandex leotard that clung desperately to her finely chiseled frame, her ample bosom straining for release, while the fabric lay taut against her flat stomach. An aerobics instructor, Debbie worked out almost four hours a day, and found great pleasure in teasing and tempting her students, glorying in how their eyes would caress her figure as she jumped and danced, sweat flying from her brow, while her clear blue eyes sparkled in secret appreciation.

Lost in thought, she was momentarily startled when an an old-fashioned Checker cab suddenly stopped in front of her. Then she swiftly regained her composure, and jumped in.

The first thing that she noticed was that the cab had tinted windows that prevented her from seeing anything except the interior. The seat cushion was of a soft and cushy velvet. It looked more like the interior of a fancy stretch limo.

Then Debbie looked through the two-way glass and saw her driver was a woman. Not only a woman, but a fantastically beautiful one at that.

She was clad in a simple brown hooded cloak, her dark eyes glittering with delight, her olive skin framed by a cascade of dark black hair. When she spoke, Debbie recognized the voice as that of the dispatcher whom she had spoken to when she had called.

The driver smiled again. “What is your name, my pretty American girl?”

“Debbie,” she replied, “and I’m not a girl, I’m a woman.”

The driver merely smiled again, ignoring Debbie’s feminist jab. “You certainly are,” she said, hungrily eyeing her passenger. “Relax, and feel sublime.”

“Just drive,” Debbie retorted, mildly annoyed. “Yeesh,” she thought, “a dyke cabbie foreigner. Of all things...”

The car suddenly pulled away from the curb, jolting Debbie deep into the soft cushions. Before she could protest, a vent opened at her feet, and a long, hot cloud of white smoke blew into her face.

Debbie shook her head, her eyes blurred with tears. “What the hell,” she thought. “Hey, driver... what..”

“My name is Mara,” the driver said. “Please listen to this.”

Mara pressed a button on the dashboard, and loud, thumping Middle Eastern dance music poured from the speakers around Debbie’s head.

Debbie opened her mouth to speak, only to be engulfed in another cloud of smoke. The hot, pungent aroma filled her nostrils, ears, and mind, clouding her perceptions and weakening her resolve.

She attempted to roll down the window, but her arms felt suddenly heavy and tired, as if she had just finished lifting weights. In addition, her mound began to feel tingly and sensitive against her exercise outfit. Even the slightest movement made her now swollen clit feel delightful.

Just as her head began to briefly clear, she began to feel the vibrations of the music coming through the speakers, the seat, and seemingly all around her, the throbbing drums pounding their sound into her. A third blast of smoke this time met her slightly slack jaw, forcing its way down her throat.

Debbie coughed and sputtered, then suddenly convulsed, her head falling towards her feet. The musky scent of her own womanhood mixed with the now pervasive incense smoke to overwhelm her thoughts with those of lust.

“I came,” she thought. “I just came. I...”

Still another cloud hit her, this one swirling about her head. Her body suddenly jerked itself upright as another orgasm smothered her in climax.

Debbie’s head lolled against the cushions, her eyes rolled up in her head. She groaned weakly, feeling totally helpless and a little frightened, not in fear for her safety, but because she was so obviously defenseless against this total sensory assault. Always in control, always on top, she considered herself an Alpha female, one who never let her passions control her.

And yet here she was, her will slowly surrendering to the to the idea of total sexual abandon, her hands unconsciously pushing do wn on her pelvis, the sensation causing her teeth to clench.

She closed her eyes, perhaps for a second, perhaps for an hour, for she had lost all sense of time, then opened them to find Mara looming over her, her face filled with triumph and excitement.

With one quick movement, Mara disrobed, the cloak falling at her feet to reveal her small but voluptuous body, her inner thighs slick, her hot sex scent curling up from herself.

Wordlessly, she threw herself on top of Debbie, forcing her mouth open with her wicked, probing tongue.

Debbie grunted, her arms wrapping around her captor, first trying to push her off, then slowly accepting her, her befuddled mind opening itself to this new found pleasure.

Her back arched as Mara ripped her leotard down the middle, her mouth roughly sucking on Debbie’s left breast, her hands pulling the fabric away from her waist. Then Mara traversed Debbie’s midsection with her tongue, down across her stomach, down to her pussy, then deftly licking it both inside and out.

Debbie closed her eyes and moaned, her mind now clouded with strange and wonderful visions. She saw herself naked and prone before this exotic woman, her tongue washing her feet in a symbolic cleansing of surrender and servitude. She saw herself being bathed in oils and perfume, tassels hanging from her breasts. She blushed a deep crimson when she saw herself bent over, her delectable derriere being swatted by long-nailed hands.

Her eyes opened again as Mara grabbed her hair, pulling her down to her crotch. “Drink of me,” she ordered.

Debbie shook her head, fearful of giving in to her controller. “No please,” she whimpered. “I never...”

“Yet you have often thought of it,” Mara interrupted, her eyes boring into Debbie’s. “You have tempted many with your body, yet you have never felt the touch of a woman’s self against your own.”

Debbie stared into Mara’s eyes, unable to disagree. She enjoyed teasing, and could not deny that her body was enjoying its submission to this mysterious woman.

Wordlessly, she felt herself moving closer to Mara’s steaming womb, the smell growing stronger with each passing moment, finally sighing as her mouth found its intended home.

Mara threw back her head and cried out in pleasure, her hands roaming furiously through Debbie’s hair. Her hips bucked and she ground herself into Debbie’s face, bathing her with her juices.

Like a thirsty desert wanderer, Debbie drank deeply from this formerly unknown elixir, the taste burning her mouth and throat, flowing deep into herself. She cried out as well when Mara pushed her down onto the cushions and straddled her, their mouths burrowing deep into each other’s pussy’s.

Debbie dug her fingers deeply into Mara’s ass, now totally conquered by her need for orgasmic Sapphic fulfillment. A final, body-quivering orgasm caused her to scream, the sound muffled beneath her tutor, her guide, her Mistress. She...

She slowly opened her eyes, now glazed and dazed. It took a few moments for her to realize that she was now alone, and that the cab was still moving. But how....

As she pulled herself upright again, the cab stopped.

Debbie turned her head as the door opened, Mara standing there, a cloak similar to her own in her arms. “Wear this,” she said crisply.

Debbie slowly pushed the rest of the now ruined leotard from her sweaty body, wrapping the cloak around herself.

Taking Mara’s hand, she exited the cab, vaguely realizing that she was in front of Beth’s apartment.

“Come with me,” Mara ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied blankly, not understandi ng why she said it, but knowing that it sounded perfectly normal, right, acceptable.

Together they walked through the lobby, ignoring the goggle eyes of the doorman who gaped after them.

In the elevator, Debbie pushed the button for Beth’s floor, then turned to Mara. “I...” she said.

Mara’s fingers met her mouth. “Shhh,” she whispered softly. “Do not speak, do not think, only feel. Feel how good your body feels. Realize and fulfill your unspoken desires.”

Debbie closed her mouth, and did as she had been told.

The two of them departed the elevator, walking hand in hand to Beth’s door, the sound of belly dancing music emanating from the hallway walls.

As she expected, Mara found the door unlocked, and entered to find the apartment dark and sexy, lit only by the candles.

Beth herself stood in the middle, her body glistening with sweat and oil, slowly swaying to the sensual beat. She may have been dancing for hours, she may have been dancing for minutes.

Debbie’s eyes widened, taking in totally the sight of her best friend, nude and aroused, beads of moisture dripping from her.

“My husband helped your friend to feel sublime, and I you,” she explained, her hand disappearing into her robe, reappearing with a huge pink stick of incense. “Now together, we will help each other. Disrobe.”

Debbie complied, her robe spilling to the floor, her body swaying unsteadily. “But...”

“Relax, Debbie, feel sublime,” Beth interjected, her eyes fogged with lust as she visually devoured her best friend. “It feels so good to feel this way.”

Mara silently lit the incense stick, then pulled Debbie towards the now smoking cloud that was pouring across the floor, up her legs, inside herself.

In a moment, Debbie was covered in a hot pink cloud of aromatic smells, jasmine, musk, patchouli, and sex, her mouth slightly agape, her mind blindly accepting all of the new found sensations, the incense pouring into her pussy and pores, molding her, seducing her, changing her perceptions of gratification.

After a moment, she felt her best friend’s breasts against her back, Beth’s hands finding Debbie’s mound.

Then Mara entered the cloud, naked and unstoppable, her eyes once again filling Debbie’s.

“Let us now begin,” she smiled.

Debbie sighed a final time.

Then the women were upon her.

THE END....maybe