The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 2

by Witchman

That’s the last of it, Mom,” 18 years old Morgan Nabrim said to her Mother Debbie.

The dark haired, dark eyed busty teenager gestured toward the moving box that was simply labeled “Stuff.”

Her mother began to rummage through it. “There must be stuff of yours in here too,” she said, rummaging through the large box.

“You never know how much you own until you move,” Morgan said.

“I hope this will be a good one,” Debbie said. “Despite the low tax rate and good school system, I am wary about this place. The whole town just seems. Strange.”

Her daughter nodded. “I know Mom. You have to wonder about a place that is sometimes referred to as “Trance Town,” and “Spellsville.” Still, you did qualify for a tax break being a single mother of a daughter, and Tompkinsville College did offer me a full scholarship.”

Her mother nodded in agreement. “Such a nice cozy home, too. A house here is cheaper than an apartment in Noo Yawk.”

“Well, it beats…Hey, what is this?” Morgan asked, holding up a very flimsy and very sexy belly dancing costume.

Morgan studied the sexy outfit, and then looked at her mom.

The two made for a delicious dichotomy; Debbie blonde, fair and busty, and her daughter dark and busty, Morgan having inherited most of her late Middle Eastern father’s genes.

“One of my old dance outfits,” Debbie said. “I was really into it in the late 90s and early aughts. When you got older I moved into yoga. By the way, I could use your help at the opening of my studio next week.”

“Sure Mom,” Morgan replied. “The rest of the stuff looks like yours. Costumes, some paperwork; looks like business receipts, and…hm?”

Morgan fished from the bottom of the box a small long stick about the circumference of her finger and about eight inches in length that was wrapped in faded aluminum foil.

Curiously unwrapping the end of it, Morgan took a whiff. “It looks like an old incense stick.”

Her eyes widened. Even unlit, the stick smelled quite powerful. “Ooo, sexy,” Morgan said. “What is this Mom?”

Morgan blinked as she looked at her mother, whose eyes had widened also, but wider and more surprised when the sexy smell invaded the air.

Debbie’s mouth went slightly slack and her eyes glazed over, as the familiar fragrance sensually slid her mind back to the days before her only child was born; back when she had ran the belly dancing club in Astoria that had fronted the bizarre and sexy sex ring ran by her seducers and lovers, Miro and Mara.

“Mom? You okay?” Morgan cautiously asked, becoming more curious herself as to what thoughts were running through her mother’s head.

She also could not help but notice her mother’s nipples that were now stiffening as they pushed their way through the spandex bodysuit her mother wore well.

Debbie blushed. “That…is…um…sit down,” she said, patting the space beside her on the bed.

Morgan’s eyes grew wider and wider as her mother recounted her erotic adventures from the turn of the millennium; of her days as a hypnotized dancing slave, both a seductress of some of her male club patrons, and a seduced slave to her married mesmerizers.

“Wow, Mom, I remember you taking me to the club when you could not find a baby sitter, but…wow, I had no idea you were…wow…?” she said, not sure how to process what she was hearing.

Her mother nodded. “It was a long time ago, but it did happen,” she said.

“So what happened after the two of them moved with your girlfriend Beth?” Morgan asked.

“Well, the deal was that I was to run the club in their absence. They went back to the old country to take care of some business and brought Beth with her. After a few years they stopped communicating and I lost touch with all of them. You remember I sold the club around 2012, and went into yoga. But I always did love dancing. I have not belly danced since those days, except sometimes for your late father.”

Morgan winced slightly, not wanting to look at her mother as a sexual being. “So, did they hypnotize you or something?” she asked.

“I guess you could call it that. Sexy brainwashing. They used video files, music files, and subliminal recordings. And that incense.”

“It smells really good,” Morgan agreed. “But, wow, Mom, you told me you experimented, but, you never told me you were a sex slave. That is so…..”

“Disempowering?” her mother smirked. “Yes, maybe it was non-consensual, and maybe it was seductive, and maybe it was wrong, but it was so hot too. I liked being their slave, dancing for them. I also liked dancing on stage at the club, seeing the effect my body and moves had on the crowd. It was such a turn on, knowing the whole club was watching me. “

She bit her lip unconsciously. “Then there was the back room, where I performed special services. That was really hot too. I liked doing sexy things for money. The truth is, it turned me on so much I would have done it for free had they told me.”

Morgan bit her own lip, finding it difficult to not think of her own mother in a secret back room in her mother’s business; a place where her own mother had sex for money.

A sexy mind controlled slave who used belly dancing to seduce men and women.

“Well Mom, at least I have some leverage now the next time I want to borrow the car,” she said, making a lame joke in an attempt to dispel the rising wave of erotic energy that was filling the room as fast as her mother’s mind was filling with mesmerizing memories of her time as a slave.

A sexy mind controlled slave who used belly dancing to seduce men and women.

Debbie shook her head, coming back to Earth. “Anyway, I am starving. Let’s eat.”

Morgan tossed and turned in her bed, unable to fall asleep. It was not the novelty and unfamiliarity of her new surroundings that had rendered her unable to slumber, but the sexually insistent images that were tantalizingly teasing her brain.

She though back to the times when she was a little girl, doing her homework in the dressing room while her mother performed.

What if she had also been doing things in the back room during those times too?

Morgan clenched her teeth as her jill hand found its irrevocable way to her moist mound, unable to resist touching herself as she thought of her mother dancing for men in a private show, climbing on top of them, touching them, sucking their cocks..

She gasped as she came much harder than she had anticipated, clapping a hand over her mouth. “God, I am so turned on, “ she thought.

She played with her wet pussy as she fantasized about her mother dancing for a room of entranced men, naked and erect.

She was right; it was hot to know a woman had that kind of power.

Morgan forgot the politics of it as her body shuddered in erotic ecstasy. “I better be quiet or Mom may hear,” she thought, the thought of that also making her body sexily spasm.

She moaned softly as she thought of herself as a hypnotized belly dancing sex slave; dancing on stage as her mother looked on encouragingly from backstage.

Perhaps the two of them would even dance on stage together; mesmerized mother and daughter mesmerizing the crowd in tantalizingly turn.

Perhaps she herself would be hypnotized to work in the back room as well!

Morgan came again, louder this time, only not caring whether she was heard.

Debbie clenched her teeth as her jill hand found its irrevocable way to her moist mound, unable to resist touching herself as she thought back to her days of being a hypnotized belly dancing sex slave.

She had found sleep elusive tonight, as her mind remembered some of the more blatantly sexual favors she had provided.

In her mind she was back on stage at the Astoria club; basking in the erotic adulation as she sensually swayed her bewitching body to the ancient and magical music played by the band.

She moaned aloud as she thought of the times she had had sex for money; how much she loved sucking cock, how dirty it made her feel.

She moaned even louder when her body remembered how it felt when Mara licked her pussy, not stopping until Debbie had cum in her mouth; Debbie with Miro’s cock in her mouth, totally surrendering herself to the pleasures.

Debbie turned and looked over towards her dresser. The foil wrapping around the old stick gleamed in the moonlight.

She raised from her bed, her pussy glistening in the moonlight.

As though under a sleeper spell, Debbie found herself going to her closet, retrieving from it the sexiest and most revealing of all her old belly dancing costumes.

Her pussy trilled as the familiar fabric reminded her body of much it loved the sexy sensation of the material rubbing against her as she erotically undulated, be it on stage or in the back room.

Unwrapping the stick, Debbie’s nostrils flared as she wedged it upright on the foil, her mind triggered once again by the sexy smell.

Needing something to light it, she left her room and headed toward the kitchen.

Morgan opened her eyes, her intense orgasms sending her into a temporary doze.

What was her mother doing in the kitchen at this hour?

Curious, she looked towards the door, waiting until she heard her mother re-enter her bedroom.

Her brow furrowed as she heard the sounds of timbales and ring fingers playing in a passionate percussion.

Then she smelt it.

It was faint but noticeable. It smelled like musk and jasmine and patchouli all at once, but more than that. It smelled like smoky sex.

Her curiosity got the better of her, and Morgan left her room to peer out into the dark hallway.

She could see the light coming from the bottom of her mother’s bedroom door.

The smell was stronger now, and Morgan felt the erotic pull as her body turned towards her mother’s bedroom door, slowly creeping up to it, leaning her ear close to the door, furtively peering into the keyhole, hoping for a glimpse of what was happening on the other side.

Holding her breath, she turned the doorknob as slowly as she could, hoping the sound of the music would muffle it.

Her eyes widened as they were erotically washed in the sensual sight.

There was her mother, naked save for the sheerest of crop tops and see through bottoms, the sexy costume erotically adhered with sexy sweat.

She was sensually swaying and moving to the music, her taught cougar tummy undulating, and the muscles of her stomach rolling in an erotic wave across her bewitched body.

The smell was even stronger now, and Morgan felt a sense of erotic alarm as she noticed how the incense burned; how the thick smoke curled off the lit end and fell to the floor almost as an afterthought, bursting open in passionate plumes of sexy smoke upon impact.

The hypnotic haze seemed to cling to her mother’s body, deliciously draping it in a bewitching mist.

Now her mother was on the floor, her hefty bosom heaving as she touched herself, surrendering to the intoxicating essence of the hypnotic incense.

Morgan felt her own pussy twitch as she stared. She had never seen her mother in such a state of such complete erotic abandon.

Having surrendered herself to the music, the mist, and her own mesmerizing memories, Debbie moaned aloud, willingly breathing in the sexy smoke, sighing as her body responded to its magic.

Whimpering, Morgan found her hands moving to her clit and nipples against her will; feverishly pinching and clutching at herself.

As the music reached its craven climax, Debbie climaxed as well; loud and long, willfully not considering or caring who heard or saw.

Morgan came shortly thereafter, her sexy body slumping against the doorframe.

The music had ended now, and her mother lay on the floor, her body basking in erotic orgasmic afterglow, her breathing slowing as the erotic incense worked its way into her sexualized system.

Morgan noticed the incense was still burning, and was filling the room with its pungent aroma.

Taking a deep breath and covering her mouth and nose, she darted into the room, grabbing the stick and grinding it into the foil.

It was thick, and Morgan had to break off the tip, which was still burning as she sought to tamp it down before being forced to take a breath.

Her body already starting to feel relaxed, Morgan then managed to pull herself away from the incense stick to open the bedroom window.

Gasping for breath, Morgan noticed that although she had temporarily regained her senses, the open window had done little to dissipate the strong smell.

“Maybe Mom is asleep now,” she thought, as she walked towards the door, only to find herself walking into the sexy smoke that was still lazily swirling around the room.

Glancing back at her mother, Morgan’s eyes widened again as she saw Debbie touching herself again, slower now, her befuddled mind reciting old carnal commands.

“Obey the incense. Obey my feelings. Obey. Obey. Obey.”

Morgan bit her lip. Her mother seemed to be under a spell.

“Obey the incense. Obey my feelings. Obey. Obey. Obey.”

A strange sliding feeling on her feet made Morgan look down, and she noticed the incense seemed to penetrate her skin.

Obey the incense. Obey my feelings. Obey. Obey. Obey.

Morgan gasped. Her mother had not said that.

She had, inside her mind.

Morgan felt her knees weaken. Her legs felt heavy and rubbery, her arms falling to her side, allowing the sexy smoke to enter her nose and mouth.

“Mom, help,” she murmured, but it was too late. Morgan’s sexy teenage body slowly slumped to the floor, the erotic incense clinging to her arms, legs, and baby doll.

Soon her hand had found her pussy.

The two beautiful women were chanting aloud now, in unison, their voices decadently droning as their hands touched and stroked.

Obey the incense. Obey the feelings. Obey. Obey. Obey.

At one point, they unconsciously grasped hands, climaxing simultaneously, their sexy spasms traveling back and forth between them.

Finally, they both succumbed into sleep with a sigh, leaving the last passionate plumes of the sexy smoke to swiftly send them both into an erotic slumber.