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A Dentist and His Toys

Chapter 2: Dog Days, and a deepening plot

I opened the door to my office, hardly able to contain my glee at what I had accomplished. The past 2 weeks had been the most sexually invigorating, and romantically fulfilling days of my life. I had gotten married to my stunning secretary (who I had made into a perfect domesticated housewife), fucked my new secretary amber more times then I could imagine, and today I planned to add a third toy to my growing collection. And it was all thanks to The Untouchable Man, whoever that was I thought at this moment.

That wasn’t the only thing I was thinking though, I was wondering what to do with my new soon to be slave. I had seen Amber’s sister in the pictures she had shown me, and they were almost twins. Both had long brown hair, that was nice and luscious, good tits (though from the pictures, ambers were larger), and pretty faces. Though from what Amber had told me her sister’s ass was what men went for, big and bouncy.

“Good morning master!” Amber greeted me with a look of absolute affection. Her large brown coat was hanging on the rack, and good thing she had been wearing it she could stop traffic in her current outfit.

I had been sure to give her a dress code that said to show off as much as possible, but my cock stood at attention when I saw her. Gold star pasties covered up her tits (that still poked through the fine material) and her areola created a nice backdrop for the color. Then nothing else down to a large golden star clinging desperately to her sex, and finally 6′ high golden heels finished her sparkling body.

That was for the few seconds I had a good view of her body, then her colossal orbs were squishing into my face and she began to grind her hips sensuously to me.

“Please master, take me, fuck me now!!!” she screamed, huskily hungry for sexual release. I had charged her with the task of drugging her sister and bringing her here. Then told her to wait in the office and not be allowed to masturbate. For her that was a challenge seeing as I had been almost constantly fucking her brains out for days, and slowly conditioning her to be my little bimbofied fuckslave. In fact the person who was Amber almost didn’t exist anymore.

“On your knees slave,” I said pushing her away and forcing her down, “now did you do what I ask?”

“Oh yes, Amber tied Alicia up in the chair like you asked master, now please fuck Amber, fuck your little slut good!!” she said, and to emphasize her point she began to unzip my pants.

I didn’t deny her and in a few minutes I felt her warm, wet mouth close around my iron hard member. She had grown very good at sucking my cock in the past two weeks, carefully building my pleasure up, but also making me hold my cum until just the right moment. I couldn’t resist though, her outfit, her submission, and the fact that I would have another slave soon made me a powerhouse of lust. I gripped her hair and began to forcefully fuck her face, until I cummed in her mouth and made her swallow it all.

She too had her own massive orgasm and began to writhe on the floor, but I wasn’t done yet. I dropped my pants all the way down, and jumped on her in a doggy-style position. Then guided my erect member into her tight ass and began to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. With each thrust I increased power, building and building up my orgasm. She thrust her ass into my cock helping the process, and moaned in absolute pleasure.

With one final thrust I came in her asshole, filling her with my jizz then popped out and she too erupted in her second orgasm.

“YESSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed and writhed on the floor in mind bending pleasure, then I calmly stood up, put my pants back on and said, “get up bitch, let’s go see your sister.”

“Yes master,” she cooed still not spent from the orgasm she got up. I walked into the room and saw a younger version of Amber. Alicia was basically the same build like in the pictures, but she had a younger, more feline look to her.

Then it hit me for what I would do to her, I thought back to the image I had when I first captured Amber. All the women before me, begging for me, showing me my children, and then tied to the throne were other women. More animalistic and feral, wearing collars, being my little sex…puppies. I thought.

I grinned in an evil glee (in case you haven’t thought that im a malevolent asshole by now, this should tell you), and put the mask on her face.

“Amber flip the switch.”

“Yes master,” she said as she bounced her breasts over to the black switch on the tank and then with one freshly manicured hand turned it on.

I counted backwards from ten, molesting Amber’s tits as I did, tweaking a nipple, and spanked her ass at the 2 minutes mark. Turning to my new conquest I began as always.

“Alicia, can you hear me?”

“Yes,” she said, her voice a drone, her heavy, naked chest rising and falling.

“Alicia, from this moment on anything I tell you will be the truth, and you will obey it without question or hesitation, do you understand?”


I ran her through the good girl session, but when I reached suggestions things became more interesting.

“Amber, put your coat on, go down to the pet store, and find me a collar, and a chain,” I demanded, then spanked her ass again as she turned to leave while saying a high pitched, “yes master.”

“Now, Alicia, I want you to take all the information I just told you in your trance and put it into a new personality, named Ditzy. Do you understand?”

“Her face was conflicting for a minute, her eyes blinked a bit, and her brow furrowed but finally she said a resounding, “Yes master.”

“Good girl, now Ditzy, from this moment on you think you are a dog, do you understand?”

“Yes, master,” she shuddered with pleasure.

“That means that you crawl like a dog, think like a dog, and you are attracted to other dogs. You like dog cock, you like it in you, you like it doggy style, you are a dog. However you can still talk like a person whenever you hear me say ‘big girl talk’, but even when you are talking like a person you are still a dog, understand?”

“Yes master.”

“Good girl, now wake up, Ditzy” I said snapping my fingers.

Ditzy woke up, scanned the room, and barked once before leaping onto me like a puppy does to its master. She licked my face and began to dry hump me like a dog.

“Whoa girl,” I said pulling her off of me and then began to get rid of Alicia.

“Big girl talk, now Ditzy can you think of a person in your head named Alicia?”

Her face twisted a bit, and I could tell that thinking for her as hard. “Yes master, she’s mean, and doesn’t like you very much, I don’t like her master.”

“Neither do I Ditzy, and do you know why, because she never existed.”

“She didn’t?”

“No, she’s just a fear that you have. I’m going to count backwards from ten and each time you will forget more and more of Alicia.”

“O.K. master,” I realized she had been sniffing herself the whole time like a dog, and had begun to chase her own ass (I would too if I had that plump thing).

“Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Alicia is fading away, that fear is leaving, all her memories in the trashcan,” softly I began to erase any will to resist being my obedient pet.

“Yes, master,” her eyes flashed a bit of anger and I thought that maybe Alicia was fighting it, but then they returned to the docile lusty brown of before.

“Six, Five, Four, Three, you no longer remember the fear’s name, it was but a bad memory that you are forgetting, Ditzy is all that remains in your head.”

“Mmmm, yes master.” She moaned in pleasure as she licked herself like a young puppy.

“Two, One, nothing left but Ditzy, nothing left but an obedient bitch, eager to serve,” I said and then I heard the office door shut.

“Master, Amber did what you asked, please let Amber have release master, please!” Amber begged, getting on her knees.

“Stand up slave, attach the chain to the collar, and give it here.”

“Yes, master,” she said; handing me the objects.

“Now, Ditzy, when I put this collar on you, you will no longer talk like a woman anymore, but you will be a dog again until I tell you so, understand?”

“Yes master,” I snapped it on and Ditzy began to bark again, and then licked my shoes. I petted her head like a dog and pulled on her chain to come with me.

We got in the car, Ditzy in the back, and Amber in the front with her coat on so as to avoid every car on the highway drooling at her.

Once home I pulled the woman who was Alicia, like the bitch she was to the front door. Amber rang the doorbell, and Stacy opened the door. She was wearing a tight white tube top that left a generous midriff and cleavage visible, then a tight, red skirt, and finally what I liked to call ‘fuck me heels’ 6′ high and a bright red to go with her skirt. She looked scrumptious and had it not been for the matter of introducing my new pet to her place, I would have proposed a threesome with her and Amber right then.

She came right up to me and gave me a big kiss, then began to wrestle with my tongue, and reached her hand down to my balls, teasing my cock a bit before I pulled out. Then she kissed Amber, almost as passionately as she had me, and opened up her coat, giving her DD’s a good fondle. The two of them had developed a very loving relationship, after I had long fell asleep I would wake up with the two of them in a 69 eating each other out. So that gives you an even better idea of how amazing my life had been the past 2 weeks.

“Stacy, this is our new pet, Ditzy,” I said pulling on the collar and ditzy barked happily at her. I was surprised; she understood that she was obedient to Stacy as well.

“Oh aren’t you just adorable, Ben and Jerry could use some company.”

“Ben and Jerry?” I asked hesitantly to my gorgeous wife.

“Oh, baby, I forgot to tell you. My brother past away in a car accident and these were his dogs, I think you’ll like them,” I wasn’t mad, I was ecstatic, this saved me having to pick up two new dogs from the pound. My joy increased when I saw them, two huge Labrador retrievers, both sitting humbly by a new doghouse in our backyard. “Ditzy, meet your two new master’s,” I said and let go of the leash. She barked and ran on all fours on the grass over to the two dogs. She whimpered a bit like a bitch while the two of them looked over their new bitch. Ben came up behind her and stuck his snout right into her pussy, he then began to dig his tongue deeper. Ditzy in turn spread her legs and moaned as Ben explored her depths. Jerry was more hesitant, he couldn’t understand exactly if she was human, or dog, but didn’t care I assumed. He came up and began to lick her face, Ditzy whimpered, hesitantly, but licked back. Suddenly Ben stopped with his tongue and jumped on her like a powerful beast. He thrust his erect, mature 10′ of dog meat into her plump ass and began to fuck her like she had never been fucked before. I saw Ditzy’s eyes get wide as she experience a feeling like never before. Pleasure like she had never known and she began to fuck back. She rammed her ass into his cock, whimpering like a cum hungry bitch.

Jerry, not content to watch his brother get all the love, stopped licking her face and rolled onto his back. He then presented his cock (about the same size as Ben’s), to her and waved it in front of her mouth. She couldn’t resist, Ben’s previous fucking had unleashed the dog in her, she was no longer human. Something less, a bitch, good only to serve to her new master’s, to do what was asked of her when asked, to not speak unless spoken to.

She wrapped her red lips around his shaft and began to suck eagerly; she bobbed her head up and down, only hoping for approval from her master. She didn’t care about dignity anymore, she only wanted Ben and Jerry to be happy. She continued to bob up and down, deep throating his monster of a cock, and swirling her tongue around its head.

Ben didn’t stop though, he increased his thrusts, as he reached his climax and exploded his dog semen into her pussy. Ditzy came as well, her body wracked with an orgasm, but she didn’t stop on Jerry, eventually he too ejaculated his cum into her wet mouth. Ditzy sucked it all eagerly then, like a good little bitch, swallowed it down.

Jerry was content to end it there, and retired to the dog house. Ben wasn’t done, his member was still coated with semen, and he too waved it in Ditzy’s pretty, wet face. Ditzy, despite having sucked Jerry off already, orgasmed, and been viciously fucked in her juicy ass, licked it clean. Clearly Ben was the younger of the brothers, more eager to mate, and have puppies, and enjoy the pleasures that Ditzy could offer. Jerry was older, but still had convinced his brother to share the bitch with them.

After the brutal fucking Ditzy received, Ben barked at her loudly, and she whimpered then lay with her but up, and stomach on the ground. I couldn’t believe it. After just fucking her for ten minutes strait, and clearly exhausting his cum banks he was about to go at it again. And go at it again he did, ramming into her faster and faster with each thrust, dominating her in so many ways, I had no idea that dogs were like this.

I was amazed, how had these dogs, so eagerly fucked the woman who was once Alicia. Also how was Ben now mating with her, my questions were soon answered when I turned to my wife who had been watching the show with me. She was frozen stiff, and next to her was a tall man.

“Mr. Steele, I have little time to talk, so I will make this brief. I am the one who sent you that package, but not just you. I sent it to three others, but you proved to be the greatest. You’re ruthless, and cruel, but powerful, you have no boundaries Mr. Steele,” he said pointing at the now anthropomorphic Ditzy having her brains (what were left) being fucked out.

“You, you have no idea how thankful I am, what can I do to repay you? In any way I will repay you,” I said, almost reducing myself to the status of my fucktoys.

“Simple. You are the only one who I have deemed worthy to take my gift, a power unlike any you have ever imagined, you will be almost omnipotent, Mr. Steele. Want something? Think it into existence. A bitch annoying you? Make her act like a chicken. You a bit short on change? Give yourself a wad of greenbacks in your pocket. The possibilities are almost endless,” he explained.

“So, like God?” I ventured.

“NO!” I was taken aback by his sudden anger flare, “nothing like God, do not ever think that, for God can snuff you out like a candle, understand?”

“Yes, but why are you doing this?” Once again my curiosity wanted answers.

“I’m dying, for I am not the only one like this… you Mr. Steele, can carry on my legacy. I must go now, and by the way, if you are hesitant to believe. How do you think those dogs fucked that girl so easily, how do you think they made her their bitch like that? I changed her, she is no longer human, she can bare puppies, and mate with dogs,” he elaborated, “now I must go, remember Mr. Steele simple want it, just think it.”

Then suddenly he turned into white powder and Stacy began to breathe again, Amber began to moan from the dog sex again, and I stood transfixed at this shocking discovery.

To be continued…