The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Device

Ted Mason sat alone, again in the cafeteria. He looked over at Leah and smiled at her. She sat with her usual crowd, ignoring him.

He got hard under the table, just thinking of her. He often fantasied about her. Leah was short, and full-figured, with a generous bosom. She had long auburn hair and bright blue eyes. But she wasn’t interested in him, in fact she thought he was a creep.

Many of the people there thought Ted was a creep. A 35 year old who still lived at home! Ted had never married.

Ted was tall, and geeky looking. He often shuffled instead of walking and his eyes were almost always at the ground.

But Ted was brilliant, if unorthodox in his thinking. He’d often been called out of his research lab to help with other projects; often seeing solutions for others that had been unsolvable for ages.

Only now, with Helena Sharp coming in as the new Head of Development things might not go well for him. He stirred his coffee thinking about it. She’d already let four scientists go.

And no one really understood what Ted’s research was about; what it could do. It seemed almost a pseudo-science. Telepathy!

Ted suddenly shook. He was stunned. He was stung. It was hurtful

Leah was mocking him, to the group around her. But her thoughts! Such venom!

Ted took the small device out of his ear and looked at it. It was a marvel. He had done it He’d developed this device to ‘hear’ the thoughts of others. What shocked him though was what he heard.

He put down the spoon and retreated quickly back to his lab.

He cried. Like a youngster upset he cried.

He actually broke down and cried.

He knew that others thought he was odd, but the depth of their spite… it was like an onslaught.

Ted, still shaken when he pulled into the drive-way.

He walked in the door.

“Shit” he spat.

His sister Beth was there. Meth… as he liked to call her, but never to her face. Beth was more of a pot-head. And there she was again, and with her girlfriend Liza, both on the couch.

Beth had her hand down Liza’s shorts, and they kissed. She looked up to see her brother come in and simply turned back to kissing Liza.

Stephanie heard the door. “Is that you baby?” she called

“Yeah, Mom” Ted said.

Stephanie came out of the kitchen. Beth sat bolt upright, she knew her mom would have had a fit if she had seen them like that.

Stephanie was fifty-three now; she’d had Ted young. It had been such a shock to her system that it was another ten years before she had had Beth. And that was it; two kids were enough for her.

“Did you get my medicine?” she asked


“You forgot, didn’t you!”


“For fuck’s sake!” she spat “What a useless little…!” She turned away and stormed off

Ted was stung by her words.

He looked over to see his sister there smiling. “Stupid prick” she thought.

Ted forgot he had his device back in

He ran up to his room. At his age he still retreated to his bedroom.

Beth had her hand back down her girlfriend’s pants. “Your brother is such a loser!” Liza said

“I know” Beth grinned, “It’s hard to believe we’re related”

Ted listened to them on his device. And then it occurred to him, his device could not only receive, but it might be able to transmit. He began to think out the mechanics.

Despite her annoyance with him Stephanie called Ted down to dinner. He didn’t respond.

“Just ignore the loser” Beth said. Liza chuckled at this approvingly.

And so they ignored him. This suited Ted fine as he worked.

Ted set about building a prototype the following day at work when he was called in to see Helena Sharp.

Helena was young, too young to have gotten her position on ability. She’d in fact slept her way through High School, and College, even fucking women lecturers if she thought it would further her grades; and it did.

She was a bitch. Having sucked so much cock, and eaten so much pussy she felt the word owed her something. And she was making them pay.

Now she faced Ted Mason.

“You’re a loser” she said undiplomatically. Fiona her secretary blushed. She was smart enough not to add that into her notes as she sat to the side.

“And frankly a bit of a creep” Helena added.


“Shut up” Helena snapped, “I’ve not called you here to debate. I’ve called you here to tell you that I’ve decided to close your office down.”

“Close me …”

“Shut up!” she snapped again “You’re here to listen!”

Ted bowed submissively, whilst gritting his teeth in anger.

“Costs need to be cut” she continued “And I need to meet a 15% saving by the end of the year”

She paused for effect.

“And so you’ve got to the end of the week to pack up… I’ll write a recommendation for you if you like” she added. She even softened her tone as if she were doing him a great favour.

She turned to Fiona “I want you to make sure to collect his security pass before he goes”

“Yes” Fiona said. She looked over at Ted… she felt sorry for him. Having worked there some years she knew of all the people he’d helped. It didn’t show up in any figures he could produce but he’d contributed to several product designs.

Ted listened to the barrage in silence and then waited to be dismissed. He shuffled back to his office.

He sat at his desk for probably an hour before he decided to tinker with his device.

Ted worked on the device for four days.

His sister and her lover were back at their own place so at home he only had to listen to his mom putting him down.

In his workroom or at home, he ironed out the problems.

It was nearly 3pm on his last day that he decided that it was ready.

The device was the size of a hearing aid. He placed it in his right ear.

Immediately he heard a barrage of voices.

He took it out immediately; sensory overload. It was even better at hearing thoughts than the old model.

Again he tried it and it pained his brain; too much information.

A third time and he thought to concentrate. It worked. He could focus onto a single voice/thinker.

Just then there was a knock on his door. Fiona came in

“Sorry to bother you” she said “But just a reminder I need your access pass… or I can just cancel it”

“Sure” he said

“Is he looking at my tits?” she thought

“What?” he said

“I didn’t say anything” she said “Don’t creep me out” she thought.

He smiled.

“He’s being creepy” she thought

“Okay?” she asked, “You’ll hand in your pass?”

“Sure” he nodded

“Weird” she thought to herself. She turned to leave

“Stay” he said

“What…? Why?” she asked half-way through the door

“Stay” he thought

She stopped.

“i…” she began

“You want to stay” he thought

“I…” she said. She stepped back in and closed the door. “I’d like to stay… if I can” she said, smiling weakly, unsure of why she wanted to stay.

He grinned.

“Stop grinning” she thought “You’re creeping me out”

He looked her over

“Why do I want to stay with this weirdo….?” she thought

“You’re very attracted to me” he thought

Suddenly her demeanour changed. She seemed to relax. She smiled at him, and blushed now that he was looking at her.

“He’s so handsome” she bean to think. “Why didn’t I notice before?”

“You want me to want you” he thought.

She adjusted her clothes and undid the top buttons on her blouse, so he could see more of her chest. She didn’t have a big chest but she was determined to use what she had.

She saddled up to him, “I wish you weren’t going” she smiled as she seemed to dance around him

He drew a hand up and cupped her cheek. She beamed “He likes me”… the idea crossing her mind brought her joy.

“You want to have sex with me” he thought.

She sucked in a breath and then returning the gesture with her hand to his face drew him down till their lips touched. She felt a spark of excitement as they kissed.

She had never felt so drawn to a guy before. What Ted did not know was that Fiona was a lesbian.

But there she was drawing a man to embrace her, and she embraced him. Her hands ran down to his buttocks and she squeezed them. She was excited by him.

And then she felt his excitement for her, pressing against her stomach. She looked down at the bulge in his pants. He undid his belt.

“On your knees” he said. He had decided she was excited and enthralled enough to accept his verbal commands.

She looked at him, confused.

“Suck my dick” he thought.

She sank to her knees and freed his cock from his pants. She tentatively took hold of his cock, feeling its hardness, the novelty of it excited her. She stuck her tongue out a little and tasted his pre-cum on the eye of his penis.

Her mouth opened and she drew him into her.

“You like sucking my dick” he mused. His mind continued to control her; and his thoughts became her reality for as she sucked it it suddenly became more than just an urging, she enjoyed it.

She sighed as she sucked him. She kissed him. She lovingly caressed him with her mouth. And then he felt the moment

It crossed his mind; “You will swallow it all”

And he came.

She gasped, almost coming herself as she felt him empty into her mouth. And she swallowed.

She laughed. It was wonderful. She felt his load fill her mouth and she was so happy. She felt fulfilled that he desired her so much.

She cleaned his cock. Her phone rang. Her lover. She ignored it. She had a new love.

He guided her to her feet. They kissed again. He tasted some of his own jizz juice on her lips.

“You love me” he thought. “Say it”

“I love you” she said. She smiled. It felt good to express herself to him, but she felt a little uneasy—did he love her too?

“I love you too” he said, this time vocally. She grinned. It was wonderful that he felt the same way about her.

He moved to his knees. He lifted her skirt. Her panties were damp. He eased these down and she stepped out of them. She was clean-shaven, and moist. He pressed his mouth to her sex.

She opened her legs allowing him to access her there. She trembled as he tasted her. She was sweet. She gasped.

The door burst open. “What the fuck?” Helena said. “I send you down here ten minutes ago and find you doing this?”

“I… I love him” Fiona said as he got to his feet. She slid an arm around his waist

“You’re fucking kidding me” Helena said.

“Calm down” Ted thought.

“You….” Helena began but suddenly stopped.

“You are happy that Fiona finds me attractive” he thought “You find me attractive and you want to share me”

“I…” Helena began. Her demeanour changed. She stepped into the room and shut the door. She smiled warmly at them. She went to them and kissed Fiona.

“I was worried when you didn’t answer the phone” she said to Fiona… “But now I see you were occupied”

“Say you love me” he thought

“I love you” Helena said

Fiona’s face grew into a wide smile “I love him too”

“We can both love him”

“Yes” Fiona gasped.

Fiona and Helena kissed and embraced and each of them turned to him as they did, hoping to turn him on. His cock was still spent but he enjoyed the sight of the two women trying to turn him on.

He drew Helena to him. “Whee!” she grinned

He kissed her passionately

“Not so fast, lover” she began She was an aggressive lover.

“You are submissive” he thought.

“I…” she bean and she bowed her head.

“Fuck each other” he thought. Fiona began taking off her dress.

He helped Helena from her dress. Fiona was still wet.

Helena not so, but Fiona sank to her knees to fix that. She helped Helena from her panties. Helena had a small runway strip of fur, and a clit ring.

Ted was surprised. He never knew she had a piercing there.

Fiona tongued her lover’s groove and Helena gasped with delight.

“Tongue her ass”he thought.

Fiona turned Helena around. Helena was happy to be bent over forward, exposed. Fiona’s tongue shot up between Helena’s ass cheeks, making for the wink of an anus there. She licked it. And then, she entered Helena’s anus with her tongue.

“Ohhhhh” Helena sighed. It felt nice.

And then Ted was hard again. He grabbed Fiona’s hair and pulled her head back roughly. He spat into her open mouth. She grinned and spat it out again, on Helena’s ass-crack. She massaged the spittle there, and pushed some in.

Ted took his cock and moved up against her. She was tight. She groaned with approval as he took her to Sodom. It was not her first time.

He eased into her. She was dry. He pulled out and Fiona sucked his cock, wetting him with her saliva. He pushed his cock back into Helena with a little more ease.

“Yesssss” she gasped as he pushed in all the way.

He pulled his cock out again and offered it to Fiona. She turned away from the smell.

“Suck it” he commanded

She did so.

She almost gagged this time at the sour taste.

“You like it” he thought.

Suddenly she accepted it. And just as she did he pulled out of her mouth and pushed back up into Helena’s anus.

Fiona was a little disappointed now. But then she moved around behind Ted and did his anus with her tongue.

He pushed in as fas as he could go.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Helena growled. “Fuck me. Fuck my asshole”

He rode her, and pushed her further over a desk. He almost climbed up onto her as he humped her.

And then he came. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Helena cried, pounding the desk with the side of her fist.

He eased up and pulled out. Immediately he offered his cock to Fiona who cleaned him off with her mouth.

Helena slid a hand under herself and fingered her clit as she lay there panting, sweating. Her anus hung open, oozing cream tinged with brown.

Ted took hold of Fiona and pushed her face into Helena’s ass cheeks. She hungrily lapped at the love goo.

An hour later Leah Brahms was surprised by the sudden summons into Helena’s office. As she stood there she sniffed the air. Something a little foul there, but she couldn’t quite place it.

Fiona came in with her notebook and sat down, gingerly. Her own ass stung a little.

Leah was surprised to be told that her department was being shut down, that afternoon… despite the rumours that Ted Mason’s project was getting the chop.

Leah wanted to argue but Helena was firm. Cost cutting needed to be done. Leah was out. No, there was no question Ted’s career was over. Where did she hear that? It wasn’t from Helena.

Leah was stunned. She went back to her offices. She broke the news to her staff Carl, and Carol. They hugged and wept.

Out in the carpark at 5:30 Leah was still stunned. She carried a box of her personal possessions with Carol in tow.

Leah packed into the back of her car first her own box and then the box that Carol carried. Leah hugged her once again and thanked her. Carol went back into the building to fetch her own stuff.

Leah took some tissues out of her hand-bag as she went around to the car door.

She honked her nose just as a car pulled up beside her.

She turned around “Oh, great!” she sighed as she saw Ted there.

“You want to get in the car” he thought.

Leah felt a sudden need to get into Ted’s car.

She wrapped on the window

He rolled it down “Er…, “ she began, “Can I get a lift?”

“Hop in” he smiled. She was put off by his sneer, but got in the car.

“Thank you” she said as she closed the door.

“Where are we going?” he asked

“You know…” she began to think “I… I don’t really know”

“You want to go to my place” he thought

“Can I… Can I go to your place?”

“Sure” he said, putting the car into gear and heading out the car park. She looked at him quizzically. She still didn’t like him and she had no idea why she wanted to go to his place. Only, that she did.

He smiled to himself. He was quiet. It creeped her out. She wanted to say to stop, to change her mind, but she couldn’t.

“You know I think you’re a creep” she suddenly said


“And you know we’re not going to do anything once we get to your place”

“That’s what you think” he said.

“Huh?” she gasped “Look, don’t get the wrong idea…”

“Be quiet” he thought.

She stopped talking. And then she looked at him differently. She had fear in her eyes. She sat there unsure why she was unable to speak. She tried to open her mouth. She couldn’t. She murmured. She began to get frightened.

Leah squirmed, ill at ease at what was happening to her.

“You desire me” he thought. She stopped squirming. She felt a warmth of calm rush over her. She was not frightened of him. She thought he was sexy.

“You want to have sex with me” he thought.

Leah suddenly opened her legs. She grew wet. She fanned her hand over her chest as she felt a flush of heat.

“You may speak” he thought.

“I…” she gasped, “I want you”

“I thought you said we aren’t going to get up to anything”

“Forget that” she blushed, feeling embarrassed that she had ever countenanced the idea.

“Suck me off” he thought.

Leah unbuckled her seat-belt and leaned over him. He lifted an arm so she could get under it. His fly went down and she had his dick in her mouth.

He pulled into his driveway and parked as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. She suddenly felt his warm fluid fill her mouth. She slurped it up greedily. She ate his cum like it was nectar.

And then she tucked him back into his pants, and kissed his cock, as if she was putting a baby to bed. She zipped him up and sat up, gazing at him; satisfied.

She felt an immense pleasure at having his seed in her stomach. They kissed. He fingered her under her dress till she came.

“You will obey me” he thought, “Say it”

“I will obey you” she smiled between kisses.

“Excellent” he said “Take my car and go home. Pick me up in the morning” he said

“Yes” she nodded.

He gave her the keys. He retrieved his bag from the back seat and watched her go.

She blew a kiss to him.

He turned and went into his house.

Stephanie was at the front window “Who was that?” she growled “Taking your car?” Stephanie was in her night clothes. In fact she seldom bothered to get dressed as she stayed at home most of the time.

“A friend”

“A friend?” she snorted “You don’t have any friends”

He smiled

“What the hell did I say that’s so funny?” she snarled.

“Open your dressing-gown” he thought.

“So who was it?” she continued to sneer as she opened her dressing-gown.

“I told you a friend, a work colleague”

“Ha” she laughed

“Open your pyjama top” he thought.

“Is it a man or a woman friend?” she asked with a slight tinge of jealousy as she unbuttoned her pyjama top.

“You will not care that I can see your boobs” he thought

“Well?” she snapped impatiently

“A woman friend”

“Ha!” his mom laughed mockingly as she let her top open up. He could see her large generous breasts.

“Anyway” she said “I suppose you want dinner?”

“That would be great” he said “I’ll just put my stuff away”

She sneered at him as she went back to the kitchen. He came back down having put his stuff in his room. She sat at the kitchen table with a soup bowl before her, and one at the other end of the table

As she sat there he could see her left breast hang out.

He sat down smiling as he looked at her eating her soup, not caring or even really noticing that she was so exposed.

“Take off your pyjama pants” he thought

She got up to leave

“Do it here!” he thought

She stopped and undid the tie at the front of her pants; she liked wearing men’s style pyjamas.

She pulled her pants off and folded them and placed them on the table. She was hairy. “You want to shave” he thought “You want to do it here”

She looked down at her hairy snatch and thought she could certainly do with a trim. It had been such a long time.

She fetched some scissors, and her leg razor, a bowl with warm water, a towel. She put a leg up on her chair and began to trim her bush.

She looked up at him and began to wonder why she wanted to do this then and there.

Hearing her concerned mind-musings he had another command to add to her “It is normal for you to be naked in front of me. It’s natural”

She shrugged her shoulders, dispelling her own doubts.

He ate his soup as he watched as she began to shave.

She pulled her tummy out of the way to get a better look and was soon using the towel to softly pat her skin. She was satisfied.

“Oh, my soup’s gone cold” she said as she sat back down.

“You love me” he thought

She looked up at him and her face changed from a look of derision to one of warmth.

“Say you love me” he thought

“I love you” she said. She wondered why she would blurt something out like that; even if she did love him.

“You desire me” he thought

She smiled.

“You want to satisfy me” he thought

“Honey” she purred, rising to her feet

“Yes, mom?”

“I’ve been too distant from you”

“You have, mom” he said as she went to him and embraced him.

“I have needs” she added “You’re a man, you have needs”

“I do”

“I want you to know” she said as she bent down and let him feel the heat of her breath “That if you need to … to be satisfied Mommy is here to help”

“Say you want to fuck me” he thought

“I want to fuck you, baby” she said. She unzipped him

“Oh, my!” she cried happily seeing he wanted her too. She slid a leg over him and pressed her crotch against his cock

“Oh, yes, son” she said as she penetrated herself on his shaft.

She trembled as she slowly sunk on him. She was dry, but began to moisten. She rode him in long slow motions of her whimpering cunt.

“So good” she purred

“You’re so fucking hot, mom” he said

“Oh, yes” she gasped, turned on by his words of desire

“Fuck, mommy” she gasped “Fuck mommy good”

She rode up and down on his cock and it burned, a warm fire she had not felt in such a long time.

‘Mommy wants her baby’s come” she gasped, her hips bucking against him harder and faster

And then she got it; a full load spewing forth from his pens. Shooting hard up into her womb.

Slowly she came down from her own orgasm. They kissed, tongues obscenely entwined. Sharing spit. It was okay, his spit was her spit.

Soon they moved upstairs. He fingered her as they went up the stairs. She giggled, squirming like a school-girl as he got two fingers inside her.

“I want to fuck your asshole” he said

“Naughty boy” she laughed, “That would hurt”

“You want me to fuck you in the ass” he thought.

She smiled.

“Say it!” he thought

“Fuck me in the ass”

She climbed onto the bed on all fours and purred like a cat, swaying her ass.

“You’re so beautiful mom”

“You like my ass?” she purred

“I want it”

“Fuck me” she said, reaching back and grabbing her ass-cheeks and peeling them back.

He gazed in awe at his mom’s large but now clean-shaven crotch.

His cock twitched, he was amazed he was getting hard so quickly again. He climbed up on the bed behind her.

“Fuck mommy’s ass” she snarled. “Oh, ow!” she gasped as he pushed into her “Oh, don’t stop”

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes, baby…” she cried “Keep going Oh my! I don’t know why but I want you inside my ass-hole so bad!”

He pushed in deeper

“Nggghhhh” she strained, as she stretched.

“You’re so fucking tight” he said, but was able to get up into her rectum.

He fucked her and she moaned her appreciation.

“You’re so nice!” he gasped and suddenly came.

She yelped in orgasm as she felt him unload inside her. Her innards were sprayed with hot cream.

* * *

In the morning Stephanie called Beth on the phone to come over. She looked back at her son, playing with his cock, getting it hard.

“Done” she grinned as she climbed back into bed with her son-lover.