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The Devil’s Advocate

“Your father must be rich” Kelly said as they rose up to the top floors.

Melissa smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Melissa wasn’t embarrassed by their wealth but unlike other girls at the Academy she didn’t feel the need to flaunt it or talk about it all the time.

Melissa Knight was indeed from a rich family. Kelly Baker was not. Kelly was a scholarship girl. She was from the south side of town.

Kelly was clever—enough to get into the Chesterfield Academy, but also enough to realise that smarts was not going to get her to where she wanted to be.

She was on the lookout for a husband… or at least a sugar-daddy. Without even meeting Marc Knight, she’d already put on lipstick, and undone the two two buttons of her blouse. She was ready to make an impression.

“Ms. Knight” Agnes welcomed them to the top floor when the doors opened.

Knight, Palmer, Anderson was a very successful law firm. They had specialised in corporate and commercial law and had represented a number of large corporations, and represented them successfully.

The partnership had then used their inside knowledge and expanded to take a large property and investment portfolio. The money was rolling in. But also now they were coming to the attention of some clients that were a little… how shall I say… odd?

Agnes was in her forties—the same age as Melissa’s late mother. In fact, they’d been friends—also both Chesterfield girls…

“Your father is with a client” she said as she lead them to a large couch, indicating they could go no further.

She smiled and went over to her secretary’s desk.

The two girls flopped onto the couch

“Did you notice how she’s dressed?” Kelly asked


“She must think she’s thirty years younger!” Kelly said. Kelly was street-smart and she could see that Agnes was dressed to flirt.

The floor was wide, well set out, and equipped. At the end they were at Kelly noticed the two large wooden doors—with “Marc Knight” written on one.

Near-by was open planned deskspace. A large number of people; secretaries, paralegals, investigators, law clerks, and copy boys.

A guy drove a mail trolley up to Agnes’ desk

He turned

“Hi” he smiled

“Hi Sam” Melissa grinned, opening her legs a little without consciously thinking about it.

“How you been?”

“Fine, and you?” Melissa said shifting a little forward.

Kelly could see that her friend was infatuated with Sam

Sam was handsome… but a mail clerk? What was she thinking?

“Haven’t you got rounds to do?” Agnes said, tapping her desk

“Ah, yeah, sure” Sam said to her. He looked back at Melissa and winked

She grinned

“Bye” she said, and gave him an innocent wave

She watched him go

Then she saw Kelly looking at her—and in an annoyed manner

“What?” Melissa said

“You can do better…” Kelly said… why would someone that rich waste her time on someone so low?

“We’re just pals” Melissa said

“Oh, yeah?”

“Really” Melissa smiled.

The large brown doors suddenly opened “And the settlement will be with you by Thursday” Marc said as he lead a strange withered old lady out the door.

“Thank you Mr Knight”

“Please, I insist you call me Marc”

“Thank you… Marc”

“And the payment…?”

“As you wished” she said

“Agnes… please make sure that Lilith gets home safe…”

“You want…?” Agnes began, ready to call a taxi

“Have my car come around”

“Your car?”

“Yes, my car” Marc said

Agnes realised that this old dishevelled lady was important, despite her outward appearances.

“Yes, Sir” she said and then, because he hadn’t noticed she pointed across to the couch “Your daughter is here …”

He spun around “Melissa!” he smiled

“Hi, dad” she said as she leapt up and went over to him. She hugged him and he began ushering her into his office

“Oh, and this is my friend… Kelly. Kelly Baker…”

Kelly leaped up and he took her hand.

“Hi, Mr Knight”

“Please, everyone needs to just call me Marc” he said as he lead them both inside his office.

Agnes got up and closed the doors and then went back to her workstation

Marc went over to his desk and looked out at the Manhattan skyline below

Kelly went over to the window too

“Quite impressive” she said as she looked out

“I kind of like it” he said with understatement.

“Say, dad” Melissa said as she went over to a chair and flopped into it, “Who was that strange looking woman? Is she a client?”

“Yes, she’s a client… she’s a witch!”

“A witch?”

“Yes, a witch” he smiled, “Her name is Lilith… she says she’s three thousand years old”

“Sounds crazy” Melissa laughed

“She looked it” Kelly said

They stopped, and the three laughed. “Yes, she does look old, and odd…”

“She can’t have that much money” Kelly said

“She’s not paying me with money”

“Oh?” Kelly said, a little intrigued.

“What then?”


“Charm?” Kelly gasped

“She’s not that attractive” Melissa said

“No.. charm…as in this bracelet…” he said, turning and going over to his desk

On it was a small dark blue velvet bag.

He opened it and pulled a copper-brown bracelet out.

“Oh, dad, you can’t be serious” Melissa said springing up from her chair…

“Yes, I am” he said as he held it up

“Why on earth…” she began

“It’s said to provide the holder great power….” he continued

Melissa looked to Kelly, unsure if this was a joke. Kelly shrugged her shoulders—after-all—he wasn’t her dad.

“If it possessed great power…” Melissa tried logically, “then how come she looked so awful? Why didn’t she just contour up a face-lift?”

“Now. Now” he smiled

He slipped the bracelet on. There was a sudden flash of light. “What was that?” Kelly asked rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah, what was that?” Melissa asked

She was rubbing her eyes too They hurt

Kelly looked up at Marc. He appeared more handsome to her than before. She felt a flush of blood to her face. Her nipples hardened.

“I wasn’t expecting my daughter to bring a friend” he said as he went over to Kelly. He took the tip of her chin in his hand and raised her face to his. She felt a flutter of excitement as he touched her.


“Yes, daddy?”

“Come here…”

Melissa skipped over to them.

“I want you to kiss Kelly”

Melissa turned and kissed Kelly on the cheek

“No, on the mouth”

Melissa gave Kelly a small peck on the lips

“No, kiss her properly, like a lover”

Melissa scooped Kelly’s hair back out of the way, turned her head and then pressed her lips up onto Kelly’s. They kissed with some passion

Marc smiled as he watched. Kelly’s hands moved around his daughter’s butt and she squeezed those firm teen arse cheeks.

Marc went over to the intercom on his desk

“No disturbance Agnes” he said

“Yes, sir” she said

He went over to the two girls who were pressing their tongues against each other’s.

“Well done girls” he said. They were all hot and bothered.

He began to take his tie off

“Let me, Daddy” Melissa said. She turned to her father and began to undo it

As she did he looked at Kelly who caressed her breasts as she looked at him. She lewdly flicked her tongue out at him.

Melissa undid her father’s shirt, button by button. She felt so attracted to him. She had of course always loved him, but now there was this over-powering desire. She’d never even knew she had it before. The power of the bracelet compelled her….

“Take off your clothes” he said to Kelly

She smiled and stripped for him as his daughter pulled his singlet off of him.

Kelly did a performance as she stripped.

And then Melissa undid his belt.

She squatted as she pulled his pants free. His cock poked through his boxers.

“Suck it” he said

“Yes, daddy” she purred and ran her tongue over the edge. She pressed her lips against him and took him into her mouth.

Kelly went over to the desk and lay over it, on her stomach. She swayed her ass a little for him. He pulled out of his daughter’s mouth and went to her. Her cunt had a light brown fur, showing her blondeness was from a bottle.

He ran his hand over her and felt her wetness. He took his cock and pushed into her

“Oh, yessss” she sighed as she was penetrated.

She wasn’t a virgin… he was a little disappointed.

“Come Melissa” he said turning to his daughter

“Yes, daddy” she said, smiling

He continued to hump Kelly. “Take off your clothes, honey” he said to his daughter as he fucked Kelly

“Yes, daddy” Melissa smiled compliantly

Melissa wasn’t as rounded as Kelly. Although both girls were the same age his daughter looked under-developed—like her mom, she was petite, but also she was pretty much titless.

For a nineteen year old she has only a very underdeveloped body.

He was pulling at Kelly’s breasts, underneath her as he rode her when Melissa slid up next to him again

“Lick my asshole” he said to Melissa

“Yes, daddy” she said and getting down onto her knees began eating her dad’s ass.

It was enough to send him over the edge

He started coming in Kelly

Kelly screamed out her joy as she felt him empty up inside her.

With his daughter’s tongue inside his anus he sprayed the last few mils of come.

He pulled out of Kelly and brought his daughter to her feet. Melissa’s mouth tasted bitter, and he realised it was because she tasted like his asshole

They kissed and he was still hard—the power of the bracelet

“Will you fuck me now, Daddy?” she smiled coyly as she saw his rock hard dick

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes, daddy” she purred, “I want you to be my first” and as she said this she lay down on her back on the desk, next to Kelly

Kelly held her hand “It will hurt a little at first” Kelly said, for comfort

She smiled and leant over and they kissed

“Oh!” Melissa bucked as she was penetrated by her dad’s big dick

“Oh” she squeezed her friend’s hand hard.

“Fuck you’re tight” he gasped as he pushed up into his daughter’s wet cunt.

His daughter felt better than Kelly though and he told her. She felt so good.

He rode her, and her legs came up, bent at the knees. He took one and brought it up over his shoulder.

“It’s soo good” Melissa said turning to Kelly

“Take it all in”

Melissa came. Kelly was fingering herself from behind as she watched her friend in ecstasy.

He drove in hard and kept fucking her and then it was his turn… he poured out his seed into her and she cried out again in her second orgasm—more intense than the first.

And then he flopped onto her,

Melissa kissed him and held him as his cock spluttered inside her.

Agnes heard the buzz of the intercom. She rose up from her desk, stopped to pick up her spiral yellow note-book and entered Marc’s office.

Kelly and Melissa weren’t there—they were in the en suite cleaning themselves. But Agnes noticed of course that Marc was naked.

“What’s going on here?” she asked

Then the en suite opened and Kelly and Melissa emerged naked, clutching towels, drying themselves

Marc held up his hand with the bracelet on

“Take off your dress…” he said

“Yes, Sir” Agnes said as she gazed into a glowing light emanating from the bracelet.


Kelly clutched her heavy stomach; seven months pregnant. Melissa was in the bathroom showering with her father. Her own heavy stomach only slightly less pronounced.

Agnes sat shitting on the toilet as Kelly walked by, wanting to go on ignoring her—except for the smell. Her nose twitched. Agnes let out a booming fart.

“Gross!” she said

Agnes smiled and took some paper and wiped herself. Agnes was too old to be pregnant, but the charm worked on her too and her stomach bulged like the others.

She flushed and joined them in the shower.

Afterwards Marc having fucked all three went out to the bedroom. Two other women lay there… naked. Hannah and Rei—others he’d added to his collection

The phone rang. Hannah answered and handed it to him

“Hello?” he asked

“Mr. Knight” Lilith said

“Ah, Lilith” he said nervously

“My master is in town and he needs you to find him an appropriate place to stay”

“Your master?”

“Yes, the source of my power. The source of YOUR power”

“Ah, I see…”

“I’ll get right on it” Marc said

“Very good” Lilith smiled, “I want you to buy the property under the name Bill L. Z. Bub”

“Bill L Z Bub?”

“Yes, can you do it?”

“Of course” Marc said as he looked up and saw Melissa come out to him. She embraced her daddy and hugged him to her naked pregnant body

“Very well…” Lilith said “We may require more of your services”

“Yes” Marc said and then he heard the phone go ‘click’. He handed it to Rei who pit ti way

“Anything the matter, daddy?” she asked as then Kelly joined them

“Everything is just fine” he said; although he wondered just how long he’d be required to do jobs for Lilith and her ‘master’.

Looking at the lovely ladies around him, how could there be anything wrong?

The End