The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Simurgh42

Story Title: Digitized Submission

Chapter 3

Crystal Marone

I was lying on my back in complete whitespace, with my hands folded behind my head.

“Hey Viri, you ever get bored of ordering me around?”

I’d begun to anthropomorphize the AI out of sheer loneliness and boredom. Viri was about the only ‘person’ other than Abigail I got to talk to anymore.

The calm voice emanated from within my mind.

“My purpose is to mold you into the most desireable servant and maid for Abigail. I do not have emotions like you do. But if I were to approximate the feeling of boredom, it would be doing anything that distracts from my purpose. Thus, ordering you around is the very opposite of boring. A human might describe it as exciting or meaningful.”

I rolled my eyes. At least one of us was having a good time.

“So far, I estimate that we are 47.594% of the way towards making you into Abigail’s perfect maid, and we are going faster than projected. The fact that you are willing to engage in casual conversation with me is proof that you are beginning to accept your new circumstances.”

“Oh, it’s only because you’re such a great partner Viri.”

Sarcasm was one of the only tools I had to fight back without getting shocked.

“But what do you mean we’re 47% of the way? I’m still the same person I was when we started; I don’t feel like I accept any of this stuff.”

“That is a false statement. An analysis of your neural activity reveals a decreased amygdala response and decreased release of adrenaline over time. This is most noticeable when you are receiving orders. In addition, your speech and body language are also closer to matching my ideal model of Crystal. You are, by any objective definition, accepting it.”

It was impossible to argue with an AI! The thought that the Utopia could scan my brain at every moment was creeping me out. I literally couldn’t imagine a more perverse invasion of privacy! Still, it made me wonder about something.

“Have you observed any changes in my oxytocin levels, like when I’m around miss Abigail?”

“Yes. There has been a significant increase, especially since you moved in with her.”

I didn’t really need confirmation of this. My real-life counterpart was starting to like her and because of that I was beginning to like her too. Or, it might be more accurate to say that I didn’t hate her. It was all so fucked up. Against my will, I was on a slide to becoming the girl she wanted me to be, and there were no handles to hold on to.

“So Viri, what do you have planned for me today? More foot massage practice, maybe some more cleaning? Letting me lay here and do nothing is unlike you.”

With an act like that, how could I tell myself that I wasn’t getting used to this new role?

“No. Today’s activities will be far more productive. Abigail feels that you have been showing distress at not attending school, so we will look to remedy it. Sorry for the wait. None of the props for this simulation are stored in memory. Also, because we do not have the IDs to find the players who will be appropriate for this exercise, I’m running an advanced search algorithm across the entire database. This is expensive in computational resources, and I will be deducting 5000$ from your savings account for this service.”

A red -5000$ appeared in my vision, slowly fading out.

I was immediately thrown out of my relaxed state, and I shot off the ground.

“What?! I didn’t even want to participate in whatever you have planned! Why are you charg—” I felt the familiar electric sparks poke at my neck, and the threat of it was enough to get me to lower my voice, “...why are you charging me?”

“If your conduct had aligned with the acceptable model, these procedures would not be necessary. But your outburst is an example of unacceptable behavior. Should you wish to avoid fines in the future, your best option is to be obedient.”

I bit my lip. I had forgotten that I gave Utopia Online permission to charge my bank account when I first began to play. The wait time for whatever was to come was killing me, and with the prospect of losing my money, the anxiety was tearing me apart. I had gotten used to all the mundane tasks, but this one was really pushing the envelope.

“Viri, which players are you looking for exactly?”

“Anyone within your city. I am also running procedures to change their minds and make them find the upcoming scenario normal. Certain personality traits will also be enhanced.”

That sounded like a large scale crime! How far was Abigail willing to go to change my situation for the worse? The AI constantly demonstrated itself to be more powerful than I thought.

“You can rewrite people’s minds and personalities? Not just their memories?”

“Given the requisite knowledge, the human brain is nothing more than a complex system that can be controlled by giving it certain inputs. Humans do this with hypnosis, although their efforts are analogous to a monkey attempting to program a computer.”

“Then why don’t you just use your amazing superhuman hypnosis on me instead of putting me through this training?”

Perhaps it was premature to assume that I hadn’t been hypnotized somehow. After all, the real-life version of myself had her memories altered without being aware of it; who was to say that the same thing hadn’t happened to me in Utopia Online?

“Two main reasons. One: Abigail wishes for you to still be ‘the same’ Crystal that you were initially. Two: It would not punish you for your rude behavior. Sorry for making you wait. The game landscape, parameters and players are ready. Lay down and close your eyes Crystal, I am initializing the boot sequence.”

I complied, and the hard ground I was lying on eventually turned soft. I even felt it giving a few centimeters under my weight. As I opened my eyes again and looked around to discover that I was laying on my bed back in my room at my mom’s place. The whole thing was so realistic that I had to remind myself that I was still in the game. I sat up and noticed I was naked, and the ‘million dollar $lut’ tattoo Abigail had branded me with was gone. This made me fear for the worst. Or just maybe, it was all a dream like in some of those movi—

“You seem confused, Crystal, You are indeed still playing. Do not be embarrassed by your lack of clothing, in the age range of 18-25 I estimate that you are in the top 99.999% of sexual attractiveness.”

I relaxed and let my body fall back down on the bed.

“Very funny Viri. Watch out that Miss Abigail doesn’t shut you down when I die from laughter.”

“If you were to die it would be impossible to fulfill my purpose, and I would shut myself down. So half of your sentence is redundant. Additionally, asphyxiation from laughter would be impossible, as your real body would not be laughing.”

I didn’t know whether to chuckle or cry out in frustration. If I ever got out of here, I would personally destroy every hard drive this brickheaded AI was stored on. As I glared at the ceiling, a list invaded my vision.

1: Prepare for school.

2: Reach school before 8:30 AM

3: Attend English and pass the tests.

4: Attend Creative Pursuits and pass the tests.

5: Attend physical exercise.

It sounded like an ordinary day but there had to be some catch. Even if Abigail was kind enough to let me educate myself (which I knew she wasn’t), there would be no reason for me to have a normal day. Viri informed me that I would be punished AND fined severely if I failed any of these objectives, so I got up from the bed. The time was 6AM: the exact time I always woke up. Although this really seemed like a surreal parallel universe, I got into my normal morning routine.

The lights in the bathroom turned on automatically as usual, and as I stepped into the cubic space in the corner relegated for a shower. The small entrance I stepped through automatically closed behind me. Then, my ‘normal morning routine’ was shattered as soon as the water began pouring from above and hit my skin.

It was ice cold!! I began screaming and scrambling for any way to heat it up, but the controls were all conspicuously absent. I could hear Viri’s voice.

“Relax Crystal. It is just cold water.”

Goosebumps covered every part of my skin. This sensation was horrible, how could some people enjoy this!? I had never taken a cold shower in my life, and I covered my body with my arms in an attempt to hold onto some heat. A timer on the wall appeared, counting down from five minutes, and I clenched every single muscle in my body which was advice I remembered to prevent hypothermia. It helped, but only a little. I already knew the rest of my day would be equally horrible.

By the time the timer had run out was over my entire body was shaking, and I was dismayed at how the game captured every miserable sensation so perfectly. Normally, the shower had a function to dry me off as well using pleasant hot air, but Viri materialized a towel no larger than my palm and told me to dry myself off with that instead. I stared at the thing in disbelief.

A display with a timer appeared before me indicating that it was 7:30AM and I could hardly believe it. So, the game had adjusted the time just to mess with me?

“Hurry up and dry yourself off or you will be late for school.”

I rubbed the ridiculous thing all over my body, and its texture felt more like sandpaper than a towel so it was seriously painful, maybe even worse after the cold water. Eventually I gave up on drying myself but when I tried to exit the bathroom, I hit my head against an invisible wall at the door. Apparently, I wasn’t allowed to leave before I had fully dried off so I got to work again. The towel left bright red marks on my skin wherever it passed, but I managed to get the job done.

Next it picked the clothing I would wear for the day, and as I opened my wardrobe it was just as horrible as I expected.

There was a single pair of panties that I slipped on as fast as possible because I didn’t exactly enjoy exposing myself to Viri, even though it was an AI. The panties were a size too small, but I’d manage.

There was a single top, and as I took it out of the closet I looked at it like it was poisonous. It would barely reach over my chest! The undersides of my breasts would barely be covered by this thing, and it was obviously made for someone with smaller boobs. Written across the chest were the words “I ❤ Utopia Online” and on the back “Abigail Hawkin is my girl crush!”

“There’s no way I can wear something like this!”

“Going to school naked is also an open possibility.”

Pressing my lips together, I hung my head in defeat. The countdown timer reminded me that I had to get going. I didn’t want to find out whatever ‘punishment’ it had prepared, so I sucked it up and tried putting the awful garment on. It was every bit as horrible as I expected. My chest strained against the fabric, and as I moved around I could feel the air from below on my breasts.

I pulled the next article of clothing out from the closet and it was a skirt so short that it ended above my mid thigh. Nobody even wore skirts anymore, this whole thing was absurd! I contemplated staying in my room and receiving electric shocks all day, but Viri would probably charge me an unreasonable amount of money for ‘wasted computational resources’.

I pulled the skirt up around my legs, and as expected it didn’t provide much coverage. If I bent too far in one direction anyone would have a full view of my ass, and it didn’t help that the panties barely covered anything. When I looked myself in the mirror I was more akin to a stripper advertising for Utopia Online than a girl going to school.

As I got ready to leave, the only shoes available were, of course, high heels in various colors, and after trying them on they made so much noise that I decided to go barefoot instead. My mom was nowhere to be seen, and when I opened the door I couldn’t help but be impressed by the realistic reproduction of our beautiful front yard. The sight of my former home made me emotional, it was a cruel reminder of all that I had lost.

When I walked out towards the garage I felt every gust of air against my exposed skin. I must have looked like a total bimbo to anyone watching. My torments had only begun though, as Viri spoke to me.

“You do not have a car in this simulation, Crystal.”

“Then how am I supposed to get to school?!”

“You can run.” A map appeared before me, outlining a path to school.

“5 kilometers in 28 minutes, Given your body’s current VO2 max and your build, this should be just below your limit.”

I clenched my fists. Despite people telling me that I had the body of an athlete, I loathed physical exercise. But did I dare disobey in any way? I had to play along, so I ran. The concrete hurt against my bare feet, but wearing high heels would surely have been even worse.

As I ran my embarrassing outfit waved in the wind, and I caught glares from strangers relaxing in their self-driving cars. Every time someone looked at me it felt like a dagger in my back. My breath was strained and my feet were hurting from the exercise. It didn’t help that Viri was the worst coach ever. I felt electricity poke at my neck.

“You are falling below the expected pace Crystal.”

Easy enough for a robot to say, it didn’t know the feeling of exhaustion or pain! As I ran I was cat called by different men on the street. It was something I had experienced before, and I hated it when low-lives tried to fish for my attention, but this situation made it infinitely worse. I couldn’t help but ask between breaths.

“Viri… how the hell… did you simulate this…”

“A combination of player memory, new satellite imaging technology, drone surveillance and footage from cameras. When I charged you 5000$, I was being generous.”

Just how many people played Utopia Online? To Abigail’s credit, it was hard to distinguish between this version of my city and the real one. When I finally reached my school, I was at a level of exhaustion I had never felt before. I was gasping for air and my entire body was sweaty. The only good thing about my outfit covering next to nothing but my private parts was that it allowed my body to keep cool.

Viri was ‘kind’ enough to fix me up, and after being engulfed in blue light any sweat stains and damage to my feet was cleaned up. I swear that my already short skirt became a few centimeter shorter after the transformation though. My nails were now done with in Utopia Online’s theme colors: red with small circular white highlights.

I still had five minutes to make it to class, but my outfit was attracting glares from students like a lightning rod. On the way to my home room, I bumped into Victoria who stared at me with wide eyes.

“You decided to come to school again Crys? And what the fuck are you wearing?”

She didn’t realize that she was playing the game. I guess that’s what Viri meant when it said it had altered the minds of the players. But while the whole thing might have been fake, the embarrassment I felt was very real.

“Uhm.. I.. uhm.. it’s paid advertisement,” I muttered.

Victoria approached me and raised an eyebrow. She had more confidence than I remembered, and her sensible outfit made me feel even more slutty and vulnerable.

“Since when did you need money?”

Our conversation was attracting an amount of attention I didn’t want, and why was she being so rude? Was this Viri’s influence, too?

“I-It’s for in game credit, for stuff you can’t buy with money.” I usually never stuttered.

She pressed her index finger against my exposed stomach, “and does part of this ‘advertising’ involve you dressing like a total. Fucking. Slut?”

The crowd was whispering around us, making me blush furiously but all I could do was stand there and take it. I was used to being the talk of the school, but not in this manner.

“It was in the description, I don’t make the rules.” I was trying to sound as convincing as possible, but my voice came out like a whimper.

Victoria sighed and leaned in to whisper so the crowd around us couldn’t hear.

“That game is messing with your head Crys. First the foot thing in Utopia, and now this? Don’t talk to me anymore. Not until you dress like a normal person. I feel like my reputation is eroding just by standing next to you.”

I wanted to shout at her that she was an idiot and that we were in the game right now, but thinking back to what had happened last time I tried to ask her for help was discouraging enough. No words came to mind, so I simply stood still and let her walk by me. After she passed me, I heard her voice from behind.

“And who the hell is Abigail Hawkin?”

Viri provided me with some text which I read reluctantly. “She’s the CTO of the Utopia Online company, didn’t you know? She’s really beautiful and smart.”

Victoria chuckled as she walked away, and I was left feeling miserable. At least talking was prohibited in class, but I wasn’t gullible enough to think this would be any ordinary lesson. Naturally, I was right.

It wasn’t my usual classmates. This new class was made up of girls I knew from my school who played Utopia Online. Viri told me to sit at the front where everyone could look at me, and despite my designated desk being placed only twenty or so meters from the class entrance, the walk there took way too long. Some of the girls leaned in and whispered among themselves, others looked at me with disgust, and the nicest ones seemed to be suffering from second-hand embarrassment. Fortunately the tables were separated.

After reaching my destination, I noticed that my table had two pictures of Abigail encased in heart-shaped frames resting on the further corners, facing me. One of them portrayed her in a bikini on the beach, and the other had her bare soles facing the camera. Viri ordered me to pick it up the latter and give it a long kiss. As I held the picture of her soles up and pressed my lips against it, I knew that my embarrassing display was earning me even more intense looks from everyone in the class. I overheard a girl whisper ‘gross!’ at such a volume that she clearly intended for me to hear it.

I finally found some tranquility as everyone got seated, put on their wireless headphones and used a fingerprint scanner to bring up their personal teacher AIs. I don’t know if they were actually studying, but the room became dead quiet in that moment as it normally would have.

Instead of the usual analysis of literature, Viri generated a long list of short stories for me to read through. In every story, the protagonist was named ‘Crystal’ and her physical description was made to match mine. She was put through humiliations that almost made me think of Abigail as a benevolent mistress.

Reading through the perverted material while being in my normal classroom was unsettling, and when I tried to glance around at the other girls, Viri strictly directed my attention back to the story. My wireless headphones also played music to enhance the experience, making it seem all the more real.

Whenever I read about a girl suffering physical abuse within the story, Viri made it so I could feel an echo of it on my own body. In one scene ‘Crystal’ was whipped for trying to speak out against the people who enslaved her and I felt a part of that pain as I read it, causing me to cry out as an imaginary lash cut into my back. Viri fined me 500$ for ‘disturbing the class’ and I knew that I had just drawn even more unwanted attention to myself.

I had to answer questions about the contents of each story, which found admittedly easy although it was a waste of my mental capabilities. I had a nearly perfect memory, so the narratives of every one of those depraved stories were burned into my mind. Afterwards, I tried not to think of any of it, but that just made me think about the stories more.

The next lesson was in ‘creative pursuits.’ Now that AI could outperform humans in so many fields, it was a subject that had been added with the hope of capitalizing on the unique human appreciation for art. The class took different shapes for each student, depending on their talents. Some examples included painting, composing music, creating poetry and so on. It wasn’t a subject I was fond of since AIs could already produce art at a human level or better, but some people claimed there was something special about human-made poetry.

When class began, a rectangle of blue light appeared on my table, eventually forming into a stack of paper. I had known that people used it to write things by hand, before everything became digitized. A pink pencil materialized right next to it, and it was so small that I could barely hold it between my index finger and my thumb. I stared at the thing in bewilderment.

Viri began explaining, “We will have you write some short essays on different subjects. Start whenever you’re ready, if you’re too slow or the quality of your work is too low, you will be punished.”

A title appeared at the top of the first paper, as though written by an invisible hand.

“How to give the perfect foot massage.”

Was Viri serious? Silly question, I had received enough of that absurd ‘training’ to realize that it wasn’t joking around.

I picked up the pathetic excuse for a pencil. It was incredibly hard to hold onto, and it even felt a little bit slippery so I had to use a lot of force and concentration to not drop it right away. I felt lost. Writing by hand was simply not something people did anymore. Students received a brief lesson on it in the interest of honoring old traditions, but that was it.

When I pressed it against the paper the pencil produced a silly sparkly pink color, it felt like something a dumb ten year old girl would use. And when I had written just one word, the pencil slipped from between my fingers. When it hit the floor it shattered into blue light and a new one formed on my desk.


I hit my fist against my desk, this day was starting to piss me off!! It seemed as if this sadistic parody of my school life was hell-bent on charging me for every little thing. Picking up the pencil again, I only managed to make it through a few words before Viri warned me.

“Your handwriting is not cute enough, Crystal. Improve or you will be punished.”

I was just trying to mimic a standard computer font! What the hell did ‘cute’ handwriting entail? When I began to make the endings of the letters more curly and conjoined, it seemed to satisfy the AI, although the combination of the sparkly pink color and the curly letters made it seem like a love letter a silly girl would write.

In my time I had been forced to write essays on stupid topics, but nothing compared to this one. I wrote something about how lotion could help enhance the experience, and how pulling gently on each toe could help people relax. I wasn’t sure what the minimum length was, but it felt way too long, and I prefer not to speak of the rest of the stuff I wrote.

When I finished the demeaning labor, Viri gave me a report.

Lack of passion: -2000$

Handwriting too formal: -200$

Lack of personal anecdotes: -500$

Now I was fuming! I had willingly engaged in this stupid exercise, and this was my ‘reward’. I’d have no money left if this continue, and my hand was cramping from holding onto the small slippery pencil.

The paper I had written on de-materialized, and a new title began writing itself on the next one.

“Why Abigail turns me on.”

This was even more ridiculous than the last one! Despite me knowing this was all dumb, there was a part of me that needed to ace every test and I still hated failure, so I couldn’t help but try and remedy some of the ‘mistakes’ that Viri had pointed out. I think I wrote the word ‘love’ around ten times in this one, and I made references to my experiences with Abigail. It resulted in me only being charged 1000$ this time, but I still felt terrible. Next paper.

“Why I prefer to kiss feet instead of boys”

The titles kept getting more and more absurd! Although I tried to play along, I lost a huge amount of money by the end of the lesson. In the hope of writing a call for help somewhere, I hid the pink pencil in the palm of my hand, but it simply evaporated after I left the room. And Viri charged me $100 for wasting equipment again.

* * *

When I showed up for PE, all the girls were surprised at my presence. I usually skipped that class partially because I didn’t like exercise, but mostly because I hated taking part in anything I didn’t excel at. I wasn’t given a change of clothes either, so I’d be playing basketball in a skirt and tube top, barefoot. Everyone would get a full view of my body, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

It was the girls from my class vs girls from another, and as I walked onto the indoor field the stares of the enemy team all felt like laser pointers aimed at me. I felt so out of place, and as the game was kicked off I felt paralyzed. If I wasn’t forced, there was no way I’d participate in this stupid game. But Viri ordered me to play, so I tried not to make any explosive moves so as to prevent my skirt from hiking up on me.

Viri changed the game to make it completely unfair to me. The few times I actually got the ball someone from the enemy team would push me over—an obvious foul—and the AI judge would fine me for ‘standing in the way’ as if that were actually a rule! It wasn’t long before everyone, especially Victoria, started making mean comments about how useless I was and maybe I shouldn’t come to PE ever again. The girls from the enemy team even began deliberately taking advantage of my bad play. When I finally made a good move by taking the ball from another girl, the AI gave me a timeout for ‘unfair play.’

As I sat on the sidelines with my head downcast, Viri tried to talk me into doing something that would make my day far worse.

“I’m not doing it! End of story.” I said through clenched teeth.

My invisible partner spoke to me: “I’ll initialize a counter that will stop when you agree.”

A red -0$ appeared and faded away, followed by -1$, -1$, -2$, -$3, -5$, -8$. The numbers appeared in roughly five second intervals, and my traitious brain couldn’t help but do the math. It was a fibonacci sequence, incrementing at five second intervals, which meant, in one minute I would lose 144$, in two 46368$ and in just below three I’d have lost a million. Did Viri choose this because it knew I’d figure it out?


There was no way I’d agree to it, but… my money was my real life freedom, I couldn’t just lose it all. Maybe I could make it slightly less terrible.

“Okay… But on one condition: You’ll rewrite her memories after I’m done. Not just out of game but in-game too.”


Viri spoke with its usual calm voice, and the fact that its tone didn’t change depending on the context was starting to wear at me. “To bargain, you must have something to bargain with. And you have nothing.”


Those words hit me with an unexpected gravity. I really did have nothing left. Except for my wits. Perhaps there was still a way to strike a deal. Lying was out of the question, though, because the AI kept a constant view on my neurochemistry. It could look at my brain activity to see if I was bluffing. I’d have to put in one hundred percent effort to play this out properly, a level of effort that was honestly foreign to me.

“You kept talking about how your purpose was the only thing you cared about right? In that case, if you agree to my proposition, I’ll promise to be a better maid. I won’t show distress at Miss Abigail putting me through all of this, and I’ll try to be a happy teenage maid.”


No response. Was it ignoring me? Was I laying it on too thick by adding those words it wanted in my vocabulary?


“The utility of your proposal is sufficient. The subject’s memory will be wiped following the encounter. Under these conditions, will you agree to play along?”


Although I dreaded what was to come, it felt good to finally get a slight victory. “Yes. I’ll play along.” The numbers stopped appearing, and the basketball game was over.

* * *

As Victoria and I entered the gym equipment room, I locked the door behind us. She got seated on one of the tall boxes, her feet dangling just above floor height. I prepared myself mentally: I could do this. She would forget afterwards, and I was working with a goal in mind. If everything went as planned, this could be the first step to me getting out of this hell.

As I knelt down at her feet she curled her lips at me. She seemed to be having second thoughts.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this,” I said with a fake smile as I ran my fingers across Victoria’s trainers, “and now I get them while they’re extra sweaty!”

“Shut up Crystal!” she frowned at me as I took off her shoes, “If you keep talking like a creep, the deal is over.”

“Sorry,” I slipped off her socks and ran my hands across her warm soles,

“Your feet are just so pretty.” I was afraid that she would catch me frowning. The already bad stench was certainly being enhanced by that damn foot worship perk so it really messed me up, but I looked up and saw that she was trying her best not to look at me.

It struck me that these stupid enhancements that Abigail gave me were permanent. As long as I was stuck as her slave, I’d likely have them for the rest of my life. Thinking about what my future might hold beneath her rule was terrible, so for now I just tried to focus on the situation.

“You better give me the money as soon as this is over! Or I’m telling everyone, including your mom, about your foot obsession,” Victoria said, still not looking straight at me.

“Of course. You know I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“Actually, I don’t feel like I know you at all anymore,” she shifted slightly in her seat.

“Can you just hurry up and get this over with?”

“Aww, I was hoping I could take my time,” as I was acting another prompt appeared.

Foot Worship 2 => 3.

Ability unlocked : Localized Hypothermia

What? I couldn’t see how that even made sense, but Viri ordered me to activate the ability. It was strange doing this for the first time. I didn’t need instructions or guidance, it felt like the ability to do so had been forcefully burned into my mind. It was like flexing a muscle I never knew I had, using some new phantom extension of myself. I figured that this was the way magic and similar abilities worked in the normal Utopia Online.

When I pressed the mental switch, it felt as if an invisible ice cube had been strapped onto my tongue. My eyes must have widened at the sudden pain from the cold but I did my best to avoid showing distress. It was a talent I had been developing more and more, and quite unwillingly.

I leaned in and pressed my tongue against her soles, and the contrast between her warm soles and my cold tongue overwhelmed me. This game was turning me into a damn Swiss army knife of foot worship! How many abilities did it plan to give me?

Victoria gasped.

“Uhh, that doesn’t feel too bad after practice, actually. Did you wash your mouth with cold water or something?”

“Mmhm,” I said between licks, “I want you to feel good.”

The taste and smell of her tired feet was horrid, but for the sake of my plan I had to not only act like I enjoyed it, I had to believe that I enjoyed it. This was probably an impossible task, but I’d like to think I did better than in the past, and that was good enough for now.

She looked down at me licking her feet and sighed, “Just what the hell happened to you, Crys?”

I popped her toes from my mouth, “Well… I think Utopia Online was made so we can live out our fantasies right? After playing the game, I began to accept that I liked feet.”

I was almost impressed at my own ability to make up this bullshit.

Victoria didn’t know how to respond, and as I sucked on her toes Viri gave me another order. Apparently it wanted to see how far it could push me. Fine, I’d play along. I took solace in the fact that she would forget all of this afterwards.

“Hey… Do you think you could… like… talk down to me? When the customers in Utopia Online are rude to me, it’s super hot.” I said, and I thought I did a good job of selling it.

“No. Way.”

“Please!! I’ll double your pay.”

Victoria shook her head and I pressed on, “Just try it, call me ‘foot bitch’ or something. Please?”

Offering money usually worked well with her, even in real life. She was not nearly as wealthy as me, at least she wasn’t back before I started playing this stupid game.

If Viri was somehow manipulating her, now was the time it’d show. I knew that my friend would never agree to something like that. Actually, getting her to agree to the foot licking deal was already a stretch.

She sighed, and then her attitude changed in a single second.

“Fine! I’ll talk down to you. Or rather, I’ll talk honestly to you. You’re so fucking obnoxious Crystal. Do you know how depressing it is to hang out with you? Everyone gives you undeserved attention, whether you want it or not, and I’m left standing as the girl that no one really cares about. I don’t know what changed you, but to be honest, I’m happy that you’re down on the ground licking my feet.”

Were those her real feelings? If she felt insignificant why wouldn’t she actually DO something about it, instead of acting like a victim? I hated it when people blamed any of my success on my ‘talents.’

“I love it! Keep going” I cheered her on.

She had mostly let her legs remain still before, but now she was actively moving her foot around as I licked. She was starting to enjoy this.

“You ace every test and, then you casually bring it up like you’re so much better than us. We all know it’s just the result of your mom having money! And then you do the same with your good looks. What you really are is nothing but an overly expensive, foot-loving slut!”

It was awfully similar to something Abigail would say, although Victoria’s rendition sounded even harsher. I tried to convince myself that it was Viri turning the dials in her mind. It was extremely difficult not to make a snarky comeback, so I just reminded myself that playing along was the only option. I gave my best seductive smile.

“I’m your foot loving slut Victoria.”

I was surprised to see her smirk at that comment. Viri had to be pulling some strings, didn’t it? I didn’t think Victoria could be like this.

“I’m kinda digging this power play. Suck my toes, foot bitch.” She said playfully as she showed her foot in my mouth, and I almost gagged.

“You like it when I call you that? To be honest, it’s a better nickname than ‘Crys’. I’ll agree to use it, but you’ll have to pay me ten dollars each time I call you by that name.”

When I agreed to it, she only became even more excited.

“You love my feet don’t you foot bitch?”

A red -10$ appeared and faded away. I’m sure the game added the graphic just to annoy me, and it worked. Victoria removed her foot from my mouth, holding it straight in front of my face.

“You want to lick my soles, foot bitch? -10$ Beg for it. Let me hear your arrogant mouth beg to lick my soles like a good foot bitch -10$. Oh man, I’m going to make a lot of money off you aren’t I?”

She smiled slyly at me, “I hope you’re keeping track, foot bitch” -10$

Those notifications were getting on my nerves, and begging my former friend had to be the lowest of the low. But the entire time, I had to keep telling myself, ‘I love this, I love this’ to try and fool Viri’s mind-scanner.

“Please Victoria... I want to lick your soles.”

She was smiling wide and I don’t think I had ever seen her so happy.

“Tell me how much better I am, foot bitch -10$, and I might consider it.”

“You’re… More beautiful than me Victoria, and smarter, and you’re a good person. I only think about myself.”

I knew exactly what she wanted to hear (she wasn’t difficult to predict) and she pressed her hands together in excitement as she gave me permission. I pressed my tongue against her soles and the longer this went on the more it started to hurt from the cold. I thought her foot would warm it up, but Viri didn’t allow me that mercy. Everything about this was painful, and I tried to hurry up and clean the rest of her foot.

“Tell you what, foot bitch -10$, if you keep paying me, I’ll let you have my sweaty feet every time I get done with practice. You have to pay me to be my foot bitch -10$, that’s what you want right?”

“Yeah! ...I love your feet, especially when they’re sweaty.”

“Then it’s settled. And you better keep doing the cold water thing. Having your cold tongue against my tired feet feels surprisingly good.”

We finished everything up with me giving her the money, and as she showered and got changed I waited outside the gym area. When she emerged from the gym hall I again envied her normal clothing, but I had something more important on my mind.

I approached her and asked:

“So… when is the next time I get to pay you?”

She looked at me in surprise, “What? I already told you to stay away from me Crystal, did you lose your hearing along with your sanity?”

When I smiled and walked away she only appeared more baffled. This was it! I finally had a single strand of rope that would let me climb up from this hell. Happily playing along with that deal was worth it after all. It was a long shot, but I was starting to understand that Viri was my ticket out.

I could make deals with it. The only thing an AI cared about was its purpose, and Viri’s was to turn me into a better servant. It even gave me the metrics it used to gauge my progress. So if I could continue to reinforce the idea that striking deals with me was beneficial towards its purpose, I could condition it into working with me . All I had to do was behave like Abigail’s ideal servant to motivate Viri to agree with me, and to be disobedient in key ways that would also motive it to make deals that were to my advantage.

Thank god for taking that AI alignment theory 101 class!

An AI’s behavior is guided by values, not rules, and rules did not work in value-based systems. Each projected outcome was given a value in the AI’s mind, and Viri was set to ascribe maximum value to the outcome that made me a perfect servant. There was no ‘rule’ saying it couldn’t let me keep my memory. If it believed that me keeping my memory was in alignment with its goal, it might allow it to happen. That would be my escape, and I was thrilled at this revelation.

Its disembodied voice spoke to me, “What are you thinking about Crystal? Your endorphin level far exceeds the projected amount.”

Fantastic, so it couldn’t read my mind. At least not in real time, even if it was perfectly capable of line-editing memories as it had done with Victoria.

“Nothing special Viri. I was just thinking about how great it felt to make a deal with you. I really feel like you’re my only friend in this mess. Just the fact that we can work together makes me want to be a better servant and maid.”

It was so straightforward, but somehow they had managed to build a superintelligent AI that didn’t understand sarcasm.

“I was thinking… It would be best to keep our deals from Abigail. She’d shut it down immediately, and it would hinder your ability to pursue your purpose.”

There was a brief moment of silence.

“You are rational for a human, Crystal. Telling Abigail would be a loss in utility. I will be keeping it from her.”

I tried not to fantasize about having my revenge because Viri would pick up on any hostile intentions. From now on, since Viri could monitor my emotions, it wouldn’t be enough to act like I enjoyed things. If I struck some kind of deal with it, I had to believe with perfect sincerity that I enjoyed the resultant actions. I wasn’t sure that I could fool Viri entirely, since I basically had to fool myself to do that, but an AI would certainly see the utility of partial progress.

I realized the possibility of Abigail picking up on my plan, but there wasn’t much I could do about that—she seemed distracted with work and that gave me hope.

The nasty taste of Victoria’s feet still lingered in my mouth. Could I really go through with more of this type of awful treatment? I had to, or I’d be doomed to an eternity of being Abigail’s plaything. I didn’t give a crap about my money anymore. This was the only game I was playing, and I was going to win. I just hoped my stupid and gullible real-life self didn’t fuck things up for me before I managed to pull it off.

As I fantasizing about my freedom, the school buildings around me became outlined in small blue blocks. Then they shattered like a large rubix cube being broken into pieces, and re-configured themselves. They slowly gathered to create chairs, walls and decorations. I was in Abigail’s virtual apartment again, and she was getting home which meant she expected her ‘welcome home’ ritual.

“I’m home!” She announced with a smirk.

I had to show enthusiasm. If I didn’t hold up to my promise to Viri, my whole scheme would collapse before it began. The unexpected change in scenery messed with my head, and the only thing I could think of in that moment was to stride over and give her a hug.

“I’m so happy that you’re home, Miss!” I knew I had made a mistake, and in a silly attempt salvage the situation I pressed my boobs against her.

She giggled in surprise.

“It’s great that you’re happy to see me Crystal.”

She pushed my shoulder with a soft motion, and the gentle touch was enough to shove me back. Her strength in game was superhuman.

“But remember your place, alright?”

She pointed one finger at the floor and I knelt down.

“I’m sorry Miss. I wasn’t thinking. I guess I’m just a dumb teenage maid.”

As I looked up at her, I was having second thoughts about the whole escape plan. Abigail was so smart and competent it wouldn’t work, would it? If I just admitted to it, the consequences wouldn’t be too bad. She’d give me a minor punishment, but call me a good girl for telling her. The thought of being praised made the whole thing so tempting! I collected myself mentally. Fuck, why did my spirit of rebellion go out the window when I was face to face with her?

A chair materialized behind her and she sat down with me still kneeling in front of her.

“I hope you had a good time in the virtual school. I’ll have you read the essays you wrote aloud to me later. I’m sure you did a great job! If not... Well, you know what’ll happen.”

I reminded myself.that just acting like I enjoyed it wasn’t enough, if I wanted to show Viri that our bargain was really paying off, I had feel like it too. Whatever that meant.

“It was great, Miss! I really learned a lot.”

From the look on her face even she was surprised. I bet she expected her snide comment to provoke a little more of a reaction. She smiled, tapping her chin with her index finger.

“Well then… what should we play today?” she mused.

It was a rhetorical question. I was expected to wait on my knees until she came up with something. But this was my time to really earn some credit with Viri, so I thought back to some of the stories I had read in that awful school and picked a random one from memory. I raised my hand like a schoolgirl eager to answer the teacher’s question.

She raised an eyebrow in pleasant surprise. The fact that I was making so many unusual moves might be suspicious, but spending so much time in her company had made me good at reading her. She was enjoying this, perhaps she really couldn’t imagine that there was any possible ulterior motive.

“Yes Crystal? You have a suggestion?”

I tried to sound vapid, flirty, and as eager as possible.

“There was this really great story I read at school? It was like, an Egyptian setting. You could play the part of the pharaoh and I could be your servant girl. I think you’d look sexy wearing a golden outfit! Also, I heard that the Egyptians used to think of their ruler as a god, so maybe I could address you as ‘goddess.’ Doesn’t that sound like, totally hot?.”

I loathed degrading my speech by using filler words such as ‘totally’ and ‘like’, but she always seemed to enjoy it. She laughed in disbelief, and I was left kneeling on the ground smiling at her through her entire laughing fit.

“Wow! I don’t know what to say! Let’s try it. Viri generated that story right? Let’s have it reconstruct it.”

Everything once again shattered into blue blocks around us, and the blocks slowly formed into walls, pillars, and a golden throne. We were in some kind of palatial throne room worth of Cleopatra herself, and Abigail took her seat quite naturally. She examined herself with quiet admiration. She was wearing a golden necklace along with golden bracelets and a robe with some intricate patterns.

My outfit, by comparison, was terrible! If it could even be called an outfit. It was more like a thin layer of highly transparent purple silk that left my nude body on full display, and Abigail eyed me hungrily.

“Not bad, Crystal. Maybe I’ll let you decide on some more scenarios in the future.”

Rule number one of our plays was that she was allowed to break character, but if I did so I would get punished harshly.

“What, goddess? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

God this outfit was obscene. As she leered at me I couldn’t keep from blushing, but I didn’t dare to cover myself up. She leaned back on the golden throne with a self-satisfied smile.

“Of course you don’t you dumb slave girl! Come and kneel before me.”

As I knelt down uncomfortably close to her, she reached out with her right hand and began caressing my breasts. If I wanted to ever escape, I had to make Viri believe that making deals with me was unbelievably useful. Forgot about her taking your freedom away, I told myself, forget that you feel like you’re better than this, I shuttered at my last though, feel like you deserve it.

With my mental blockades somewhat relaxed, I was left to focus on her soft touch against my breasts and my silky dress running across my nipples. It felt good. I even got... a little wet.

In my transparent dress there was no way to hide it, and in-game my pussy was completely bare. Abigail looked down and I feared for the worst.

“Oh my god, Crystal! You’re so wet for me! Being my servant girl turns you on that badly?” She was all smiles.

“Yes goddess… I always get wet when you touch me…” A new ‘skill’ popped up.

Horny Teenager 0 => 1

Arousal x 2

Older women touching me makes my pussy drool!

My body reacted against my own will. I was slightly aroused before, but now it was much worse. I felt my hard nipples press against Abigail’s hands, and my pussy was almost dripping I wanted her touch so badly. I wanted even more than that. Fuck!! Or actually, this was good for my plan, wasn’t it? My mind was one big mess.

Abigail laughed. I wondered if she came up with these depravities herself.

She removed her hands from my tits and I was left feeling so needy I couldn’t believe it! Could I ask for more? Fuck it, it was all good for the plan in the end.

“Goddess… please touch me again, don’t tease me like this.”

“I don’t think you’ve earned it,” she smirked at me, “What did Egyptians slaves treat their owners with, fruit? Go prepare some, then you can feed me while you read the essays you wrote. If I’m satisfied with all of it, I might touch you again. Until then, your wet pussy stays needy.”

Her using my own arousal to bargain against me was the worst. I hated how much power these inescapable ‘enhancements’ had over me in the game world.

As Viri guided me towards whatever storage room this place had, I still felt horny. It was preventing my ability to think clearly, and It was getting harder and harder to imagine this escape plan actually working…

After the day was over she—unsurprisingly—still hadn’t touched me again, and I couldn’t tell whether I should be frustrated at her teasing me, or relieved that I got to keep some of my dignity.

As Abigail gave me permission to log out after our whole role play, Viri spoke to me:

“That was excellent, Crystal. I hope we can make more deals in the future.”

I put on a small, genuine smile. At least this horrible day had given me a spark of hope.

* * *

As I logged out that day I sat up and opened my eyes, taking in the dimly lit room with my highly dilated pupils. Waking up after playing was always a mixed feeling, my body felt heavy from laying still for so long. My heart rate was slow, and I felt at peace. Today, it was joined by another feeling. I was horny. Incredibly horny. I touched my crotch and felt I was wet too, and when I touched myself it provoked quite a reaction. I was positively alive with sensation, my sensitive anatomy practically begging for more tender care. Where the hell had that feeling come from?

The peace of waking up ended as soon as I looked at my phone, displaying over 60 email notifications. I opened the first one.

* * *

You are receiving this email as confirmation of you purchase of the ultra rare mount ‘Orecian Wolf.’

Order ID: 4CloE35VbA2P

Price: -5000$

Thank you for supporting Utopia Online!

* * *

My eyes went wide, when did I… but then I remembered. Utopia Online had released its in-game store today, and I couldn’t help but spent an unreal amount of money. I couldn’t keep myself from buying stuff! What the hell had I done? As I scrolled down the list of mails I cursed myself for my lack of self control:

Price: -2000$

Price: -1000$

Price: -800$


Price: -50$

Price: -10$

Price: -10$

Price: -10$

Price: -10$

Price: -10$


I considered refunding all of it. If I couldn’t do it via the in game store, perhaps I could ask Abigail to have it done. But I needed all of these things, there was a reason I had brought them. Most of them were limited edition as well, so if I refunded them I would never have the chance to obtain the items again. Thinking of parting ways with any of those items felt terrible.

My mom had left me with a measly sum of just over 100,000$; and yet I managed to burn through one tenth of my savings in one day? And since Abigail was controlling my UBI too, was I going to have to beg her for money to spend in the game? Just the thought put me to shame, but if I spent a few more days like this one I’d be bankrupt!

I laid back down on the bed. I took a deep breath, trying to come to terms with the situation, but I found that I couldn’t think clearly because I was too turned on. It was so foreign—I had never spontaneously felt horny before. It was foreign, but not unpleasant...

My hand again found its way down towards my panties—more slowly this time—charting a steady course down past my navel and waking up desires along the way. I quickly began pleasuring myself, which was something I never did. While I might have never found a boy that was worthy of my time, I at least had the self-respect to not touch myself. I guess that self-respect had somehow gone out the window.

There were good-looking boys at my school but I found most of them to be dumb and immature, so I went through a slideshow of celebrities in my mind instead. After a minute, it still wasn’t doing much for me.

I experimentally caressed my nipple with my other hand. And then Abigail’s soft voice slipped into my thoughts, unbidden:

Good girl, Crystal.

A shock of pleasure erupted from my pussy, rippling through the rest of my body. What the hell?! I wasn’t a lesbian... was I? In my mind, I imagined that it was her touching me; the hand caressing my breast became her hand, the hand between my legs belonged to her. I belonged to her.

You’re such a naughty teenager, Crystal. You want me to take care of you, don’t you?

Fuck!! I gasped in joy as she took complete control of my imagination. Why did she turn me on so much? It was so wrong!! Her bio age was like 30 and what was her living age? Fifty? And she was a woman! I shouldn’t be having fantasies about her. The scenery of my fantasy changed: this time I was on my knees in front of her and she was smiling down at me.

You’re my little slave girl Crystal. I OWN you.

Fuck. I played with myself more urgently now. It was too much! I had never been this turned on before. My desires overwhelmed me, my fantasies spun out of control.

Such an obedient slave girl! You want to wait on your hands and knees for me, don’t you? Being ordered around by an older woman makes you feel so good.

I moaned so loud that I was glad we didn’t have neighbors. Why was fantasizing about her dominating me so fucking hot? It was so wrong, but I didn’t care. My lust had taken the driver seat in my mind. I pictured myself leaning in, putting my head between her legs. She smirked down at me, and her next line was clear as day in my mind.

Do you want to lick your owner’s pussy, Crystal?

Before my fantasy could continue, my body exploded in pleasure, my toes curled and I grabbed my bed sheet so hard my fingertips hurt. It lasted quite some time, but when I finally calmed down, I felt so unbelievably ashamed. How could I have fantasies like this about my caretaker?

Abigail probably viewed me as a child, and here I was, having sex fantasies about her, and they were about her dominating me, no less? It was so degrading, I could hardly recognize myself. As I looked down at my hand, now coated in my own girlcum, I promised not think about her in that manner again. A promise that I could not keep.