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Manuel whimpered in pain and humiliation. His ass leaking semen; a large hole; distended anus.

The god stood over him, smiling. His massive cock still rock hard as he contemplated raping the man again. The god was handsome, muscular—buff. His cock was like another arm—protruding from his groin. His eyes glowed fiery red. His skin was olive, his hair jet black. He was a formidable figure. Only, and he did this to add to Manuel’s trauma, he was invisible.

“Please forgive me” Manuel cried, making a sign of the cross. The god almost cried in pain as he saw that. He was furious. Despite having sodomised the man Manuel could only think of the Other.

Manuel moved in pain to try to get to his feet. The god looked down on him, and not out of pity decided to leave him. The god realised that he could desecrate the man’s flesh further but he could not break his spirit. The Other would have Manuel’s soul. The god was angered at the pointlessness of it… for him a lost soul.

Anna frowned. She felt she was too old to go with her family to the beach. She wanted to go to her friend’s place and listen to music, she was sure boys would be there too. Her father Patricio did not want his daughter listening to wild ‘Beatles’ music and cavorting with boys, so he made Anna join them.

Anna tugged at her one piece under her shirt. It was riding up to high against her ass. Even this she felt was a humiliation. She was sure her father had hidden the bikini she had bought for herself. And so she had to wear this stupid one-piece, a hand-me-down from her sister Linda.

Anna had to admit though that the beach looked beautiful; but crowded. She got out of the car and her mom Conchita gave her an over-sized bag to carry.

Linda and her husband Pedro arrived in their car. Linda was happy to wear a one-piece, she was seven months pregnant.

Patricio lead them down over the hot sand till they found a sport near the breaker. Even here was a place chosen to protect her; minimal surf.

Anna looked over at the end of the breaker of the lone tall figure standing there. “What are you staring at?” Conchinta asked, taking the bag from her.

“That man!” she said, pointing

“What man?” Conchita asked looking out at the end of the breaker

“There!” Anna insisted

“I can’t see anyone” Patricio added

“You’re crazy!” Linda teased as she spread her towel out.

Anna watched the man. Waves began smashing over him, but as she watched the waves seemed not to be touching him. Her father grabbed her by the wrist “Sit down, girl!” he said

She turned back to look and he was gone.

“What is your name?” the god asked

She looked up suddenly and saw him standing over her. He was tall and wore a long black coat that was so out of place on a beach

She looked around and no one seemed to notice him

“What is your name?” the god asked again more impatiently

“Anna…” she said, “Anna Velasquez”

“Stand up”

She stood up. She looked again around and no one noticed.

“They cannot see me” he said, “And… “ he added, “They cannot see you…”

“That’s silly” Anna said

She turned and looked at her father who did not notice her. She waved her hand in front of his eyes.

“What is happening?”

“I have decided to have some fun with you…” he smiled. His teeth looked sharp. She shivered.

“Take off your top” he said

She began unbuttoning it.

“Nice” he smiled

“What are you doing to me?” she asked

“You must obey me” he smiled


“I am a god” he said, “And you… you will carry my child…”

“I…” she gulped.

“You want to carry my child…”

“I want to carry your child…” she said. She thought about what she had just said. In her heart she knew that she wanted to… but also that she hadn’t contemplated such a matter only moments before.

“Take off your swimsuit” he said

She did.

“Mmmm” he said, looking over her. He opened his coat. He was naked underneath. His cock hung down almost to his knees.

She gazed at his cock. She had never seen one before but she knew that this was not normal.

She trembled

“Please, don’t hurt me!”

He laughed at her fear.

“I don’t want this…” she said, her voice quivering

“You want it…” he smiled

“Yes…” she said, “I want it….”

“You want it really bad”

“Yes, I want it bad” she said monotonically

His cock loomed up impossibly large. He knew that if he just took her now she’d be torn apart; ruined. So his eyes glowed and her vagina grew. Her pussy lips enlarged and the slit of her opening spread up towards her belly-button

He picked her up. She opened her legs wanting him. Her clit grew large and then hung like a small penis. She was wet, dripping onto the sand. She felt him press up against her. She was still a virgin and he tore her hymen.

“Oooooo” she gasped. Her vagina opened up like a hand and then closed on him, squeezing him. Like a snake swallowing its prey her pussy gulped him down. His cock pressed into her and there was a visible bulge of it at her stomach, pressing out against her skin

“…ooo…ooo” she began to groan as he humped her. Her body was transformed to pleasure him. Her breasts became engorged and her nipples, like her clit, jutted out erect.

His mouth opened wide and he drew a tit into it. She gasped again; this time of the feeling of her breast-milk pumping out into his mouth.

“Oh… yes.. yes… yeahhhhsssss” she grunted as orgasm tore through her body. As it did her vagina sucked on his cock like a mouth.

She could take all of him in, her body stretched easily. accommodatingly

Then he came in her.

She shrieked as an even larger orgasm erupted over her. His cock pumped and pumped into her. Her stomach now bloated from all the semen. Yet, when he pulled out of her her vagina closed to hold his seed in her. Her vagina seemed to belch as air escaped.

She was almost in tears she was so over-whelmed with joy. She looked at her master with such desire and devotion for him. She would do anything for him.

She didn’t notice her family, still around her, but as if on another plane of being. And they still could not notice that she was not there with them.

“You carry my seed” he said, “You will birth a child, a demi-god.”

“Yes, Master, my love…” she smiled. She embraced him

“You must raise him outside of the church…” the god said, “Lest his soul be poisoned with piety”

“Yes, Master” she said, holding him.

“I give you some of my powers so you may protect and serve him…”

“Yes, Master” she whimpered. Now she began to feel coming down from her high. She sensed he would leave her and she did not wish him to go.

She expressed her feelings… “Please, Master… do not leave us”

“I have other lives to soil” he said.

He looked down at her with his glowing red eyes… “You must not give yourself over to goodness” he said

“Yes, Master” she said, “I will serve only you…for the rest of my life”

“You will do well…” he said, and he disappeared

“That was such a long day…” Conchita complained from the front seat. Anna wondered how she was suddenly in the car, on the way home. But then she knew it must be because her god wanted it. Her body was the same as it had been previously. She reached into the crotch of her clothes and felt herself. Her clit was still large, but not as much as before. And, she knew she was pregnant. She was happy about that….

Anna turned and noticed her sister and brother-in-law close by in their own car. She thought about her sister having a baby. She sensed that the child was a girl.

“I like that beach…” Patricio said, “What do you think, babe?” he asked looking at Anna in the mirror

Anna turned back around… “I will always remember it…” she smiled.

Patricio looked again at his daughter. He sensed something different about her.

Anna sensed her father’s stare. She looked at his eyes reflected in the mirror. She smiled. She adjusted her top a little, her nipples pressed out hard against it. She tossed her hair back and kept his gaze

She sensed the opportunity to corrupt him… if she played this right. Her father glanced at her in the mirror a couple more times.

She took the hem of her clothes and played with the top. She caught his gaze again. She could sense his cock growing firm and at that moment her mind found his. She flooded his mind with images of soft female flesh; compliant bodies; flesh; her flesh.

“Patricio!” Conchita snapped as the car moved into on-coming lanes

“Sorry, baby” he cried, correcting the car’s progress.

Anna smiled to herself. Tonight she was fuck her father. She knew it would destroy his marriage, and if ‘lucky’ her mom might be driven to madness.

The End