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Dirty Boots

I’d only been on FriendConnect for a few months. It’s fun, a way to burn some time but not so huge a life changer. One day one of my best friends connected to an old friend of ours from just after college, and soon we were all befriended together. The old friend’s name was Chad.

Chad, when previously we’d been chums, was kind of the black sheep of our circle of friends. A nice enough guy, but Chad fell under the sway of the more dicey things in life. He had his time fighting addiction from alcohol all the way to sex. He’d also been our resident lothario, having had some dalliance or another with each of us. My rendezvous with him had been the least of them all. A virgin at the time and growing tired of it, I let him talk me into one night of fooling around, the most of which was my first time ever swallowing a man’s seed. Our group kind of grew apart after a few years and we’d all wondered what became of Chad.

Through FriendConnect we reconnected and learned that he’d finally become clean and sober, free of addiction, just two years ago. We all marveled at the idea that he’d continued to deal with drugs and other things for a good 8 years while the rest of us grew up and moved on. However now he seemed to be together and living a healthy life in the nearby big city 2 hours away.

The first time Chad came for a visit he came to my house and we jumped into my car to connect with the rest of the group. The day was fun, with the old gang hanging out, sharing stories of who they’d been since last we were inseparable. A great time was had by all, but finally the various children had to go to bed and I drove Chad back to my house so he could get his car for his long ride home.

“So Camille told me that you’ve started making jewelry?” he asked as we drove back to my house.

“Just a hobby.” I replied, pulling into my driveway. “Nothing too fancy.”

“I should show you this piece I acquired a couple of years ago.” Chad pulled an ornate amulet from his coat pocket. Immediately it captured my attention completely. I was enraptured by it, staring intently as he held it before me. My eyes stayed locked as he slid the chain over his head and the amulet came to rest on his chest. I could hear his words as if from a great distance, clear but very, very quiet. Even so each word burrowed itself deep into my brain.

“I got this from Romania” he smoothly spoke. “It’s said to have belonged to Vlad the Impaler himself. At first I just thought it was a cool bit of antiquity, but after a while I discovered that when I wear this I could take control of the mind of another. Like I own yours now.” As he said these words Chad’s hand reached out, stroking my cheek proprietarily. I didn’t move a muscle. I just kept listening. “Let’s go inside.” He commanded, and we both exited the car, moving to my living room.

“I’ve grown a little tired of the various women on whom I’ve already used my powers up in Springville,” he continued as he locked the door behind us. “But when I rediscovered all my old friends down here I thought this would be a fabulous opportunity to expand the scope of my fun. And especially when I found out that the group’s prude was there, single and free for capture. I think you and I will have a GREAT DEAL of fun!” Somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind I knew I was in danger and should flee, but the desire to stay and listen to every word far overpowered my sense of self-preservation. “Or at least I’ll have a great deal of fun.” Chad smiled, coming to rest on the couch. He patted the seat beside him and I joined him there.

“So, here’s how this will go.” He began his instruction. “When I thank you for the ride you will return to your normal self and you will not remember any of this, including the amulet. You’ll just remember pulling into the driveway and inviting me in. When I begin to make advances you may feel resistant, but you will NOT resist. Anything that you end up doing you will chalk up to you’re being… lonely. But no matter where I lead you will be unable to resist following. At the same time, no matter how horny you will get, and you will get very, very horny, you will not be able to cum until I give you explicit permission. But you will WANT TO CUM, my dear. Oh yes you will, and the more you want to cum the more willing you will be to agree to whatever it takes just so long as I free you to finish. No matter what I ask you to agree to, you will agree to it. And once I let you cum you will do whatever it is you’ve promised to do.” As Chad laid out the scenario he let his finger trace very lightly down my face, my neck, over my breast. And even so I could not escape.

“Yes. I understand.” I replied, once again staring at the amulet around his neck.

“Excellent. Now let me put this away…” he muttered as the amulet returned to his jacket pocket. Chad went into my bathroom and flushed the toilet, and as he walked out he said “Thanks again for the ride today, Jane.”

Suddenly my mind was my own again, and for the tiniest bit of a moment I remembered everything and wanted to run. But before I could even understand what I knew it was gone. I stood, facing Chad, and smiled. “No problem. It’s been long enough since you lived here I’ll bet a bunch of the town didn’t even look the same, right?” Chad laughed and nodded yes. “It’s kind of late – are you ok to drive all the way back to Springville?” I asked.

“Oh sure.” He replied. “Why? Where would I spend the night anyway?”

“Well you could always crash here. I wouldn’t want you to die half way to Springville.” Chad came closer.

“Sleep here? Where here?” he asked, approaching.

“On the couch.” I replied, giving him a friendly nudge on the shoulder.

“Are you sure? The couch?” By now Chad was right beside me, and he gently leaned in and kissed me. Though I would normally never let someone kiss me without warning I didn’t dodge and even leaned in a little. I was surprised by my response, but it had been a long time since anyone kissed me. At least Chad was a friend. Still, Chad’s kiss continued long beyond when I expected. Soon his tongue began to patrol inside my mouth, and yet still I stayed my ground. When at last he stopped I stood there, unsure what the heck to say.

At a loss I finally settled on “Thank you.”

Chad moved in even closer, sliding one hand into my hair and grabbing hold while the other hand wrapped around my waist. His tongue returned to my mouth, invading again and again. And I did nothing to stop him.

After several minutes of heavy necking Chad released me again. I stumbled back, a little shaken from the kissing and from my confused response. He stood, smiling. “Take off your shirt.” He commanded, confidently. This was officially too far, and I snapped myself out of my fog enough to tell him so. But before my mouth could engage my hands were already halfway down the buttons on my shirt and my bra was already visible. “Bra too.” He instructed, taking his seat back on my couch. Once I was naked from the waist up Chad took his finger and pointed down to the ground. I instinctually knew what he wanted and dropped down to the floor on my hands and knees. I knew I should be saying something, I should be telling Chad to go home, and I should definitely not be disrobing! But as he crooked his finger in a “come here” jab I simply started crawling across the floor.

I arrived at his feet, kneeling with my breasts pointing at him. His smile was one part evil, one part intoxicating. He leaned back on the couch, spreading his knees, and one hand moved to his belt buckle, undoing it and opening the top button of his jeans. As the other buttons were undone Chad pulled his cock, already hard, out of his pants, the tip glistening with pre-cum. He needed to say no words – I already knew what he would ask. And even without being commanded I slid between his legs, placing the head of his dick on my outstretched tongue. I licked the salty goo into my mouth and the taste was scrumptious. Next I swirled my tongue around the head, lovingly grazing the veins on the side now full of blood. Chad gasped slightly, his intense eyes staring right into mine.

As I slid my mouth all the way around his cock he jumped slightly. I realized that his reaction had shot through me straight to my pussy, and that I was wet there and getting wetter. I slid my hands behind his waist, between Chad and the couch, and used them as leverage to push my mouth all the way down his dick until his dark and curlies tickled my nose. Up and down I worked my face, taking pride in each moan and groan he uttered. It took only a few minutes before it seemed like he was ready to cum, but just like that he slowed me down dramatically. His blowjob went on like this for a good twenty minutes, with me building up his excitement and then he calming us both down. Through rasping breaths he quietly told me “we don’t want to get to the big ending too soon.”

I’d not been a fan of giving blowjobs before. Yet here I found myself mashing my face up and down Chad’s cock and in response my pussy was sopping wet. I felt like I could cum just from this thrill, and felt sure that if he would cum it would take me with him. Finally Chad allowed the momentum to build all the way and, with a grunt, he filled my mouth with jet after jet of hot, salty goo. I hungrily swallowed every drop, but I did not cum.

Chad’s head had fallen back on the back of the couch as he came. Once he caught his breath he looked back at me, as I released his soft cock from my mouth. “that was fun!” he chirped, as though we’d just finished a lovely game of Cards. “Awww, but it doesn’t look to me like you got where you wanted to go, now did you?” Like a sad child I shook my head no, aware that my face looked a little pouty. What the hell was going on with me? I knew it had been a long time since the last boyfriend, but this was insane!

Well the night is young.” Chad smiled again. “Let’s see what else we can come up with. No pun intended.” He took my hand and ran his tongue, soaked with saliva, down the palm once, and then again. He then wrapped my hand around his soft member and, with his own hand wrapped around mine, he began to stroke me up and down him. In no time at all his cock was responding and growing hard again. “Ungh, that feels great. Keep going.” He released his hand, allowing me to finish his massage myself. Again he made sure his eyes never left mine, making me feel like his eyes held me hostage. Once he was hard again Chad instructed me. “Let’s get rid of the rest of those silly clothes.”

I stripped my pants and underwear off, and he moved me over to lie on the floor. Chad left his pants on, with his prick jutting out through the open fly. He kneeled between my legs, shoving them wide, and in a second or two his rock-hard cock was deep inside me. No request, no invitation. He took it like he owned it. Like he owned me.

Chad pistoned in and out of me enthusiastically. I found enough voice to meekly ask him to stop, but he heard nothing, so tiny were my words drowned out by his happy grunting. The words would have rung false if he’d heard them, as my body was reacting passionately to his assault. With each thrust I felt more and more desperate for another, and I was sure I was nearing my climax. But, just as he had done with the blowjob, Chad was a master at building to a peak and then backing away, then building back up again. He played me like a master piano for what seemed like hours, and what probably was at least one.

Eventually I began to fear for my sanity. I was sure that if I couldn’t cum soon my mind would cave in on itself. So insane was everything that had happened so far I wasn’t sure I hadn’t already lost my grip on reality.

And yet still I couldn’t cum.

“You want to finish, don’t you.” Chad asked, but it wasn’t a question. It was a confirmation. I nodded my head sloppily, pleading in my eyes. “You want to cum so bad you’d do anything, say anything to make it happen. Right?” I nodded again, hoping like HELL that he wasn’t just toying with me. “I can make it happen. All I have to do is say the word, and you will cum. You will cum like you’ve never in your life.”

“God, yes, please.” I begged.

“but when someone has something as valuable as that, they don’t just give it away.” His smile burned into my retinas, the only thing I could see clearly. “If I have this for you, what can you offer me?” I tried to answer, but couldn’t find the words. “How about we make a deal?”

I shook my head yes again, emphatically.

“How about this: I’ll let you cum. And in return you will be my fuck toy any time I come to town from now on.” I felt a sharp shiver roll down my spine. “No matter what else, once we come into your house you’ll serve my every whim, follow my every command. You’ll let me do anything I want to or with you, and you’ll do anything I tell you to do or say. In the confines of your little home you’ll be my totally obedient, mindless plaything.” Chad leaned down to my face, once again invading my mouth with his tongue. We both noticed that I automatically returned the kiss. “How does that sound?” he whispered sinisterly in my ear.

I regained my sanity enough to shake my head a firm “No!” I tried not to look at his face, as I felt like he somehow had the power to take hold of me with his eyes. But he didn’t need his eyes now. Instead he simply doubled his attack on my hungry, desperate pussy, pounding away viciously. His left hand slid under my ass cheek, finding my anus and pushing on it teasingly. The taboo touch only doubled my body’s reaction to his work and soon I was too far gone to make the smart choice.

“Are you sure?” he playfully asked, his right hand sliding up to my breasts and tweaking one nipple. I cried out in ecstasy. I couldn’t resist anymore. Nothing was as important as finally being released from this heavenly torture!

“Yes!” I screamed out. “Yes, alright! Yes, please do it!”

“Now I don’t want you to accept a proposition you don’t clearly understand.” He continued, his cock still driving in over and over. “why don’t you tell me what it is you’re agreeing to.” I started to open my mouth when he amended the request. “Better yet, why don’t you beg me.”

I tried again to resist, but the battle was already lost. “Oh god, please!” I began. “Please, just let me cum and I will be your fuck toy. I will be your sex slave, do whatever you ask, anything! I’ll be yours to play with anytime you come down! Just please LET ME CUM!!!”

Chad laughed out loud, so amused was he at my utter defeat. And with a smile he leaned in and said simply “go.”

The orgasm that finally followed was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I stopped breathing, stopped controlling my body and simply thrashed around uncontrollably. I had not one wave, but wave upon wave of ultimate pleasure. I felt sure that my brain was turning to mush in my skull, and that seemed the best case scenario so I wouldn’t have to go through with my promise.

But finally I reached the other side of the mountain and found myself gasping on my floor. Chad knelt between my legs, his tired cock sliding out of my drenched cunt. The smile on his face, one of conquest and triumph, as well as evil, brought me back to the moment.

“why don’t you start your new slave life by cleaning off my tired dick.” He leered. I didn’t hesitate even a millisecond. No sooner had he requested then my mouth slid around his cock, licking off the mixture of our jism. Occasionally I would look up and see him looking down on me, so pleased with the complete way he now owned me. Something had changed in me as well. Where as before that look of conquest struck fear in me now I felt only worship.

Chad’s cock began to once again respond to my mouth’s touch. But this time he smacked me away, returning to his seat on the couch. “None of that.” He commanded. “My general here is tired and I don’t want you to break him! Still, it seems such a pity to quit for the night when we’ve only just started our new and wonderful relationship.” I sat kneeling before him, awaiting instruction. “Tell you what, let’s have the toy play with some other toys, shall we?” Chad grabbed the small duffle bag he’d brought in with him and tossed it to me. I unzipped the top and opened it to find the bag full with sex toys. Every kind of sex toy you’d ever imagined.

“Reach in there and pull out the big, black thing.” He commanded. I obeyed, and found myself holding what had to be a 10″ black, fully-detailed dildo. I’d never experienced anything that size before and found that my ability to fear was not gone completely. “You’ll want to make sure you’re well lubricated.” Chad called to me, seemingly unconcerned. “Luckily you have plenty of nature’s lube leaking out of that cunt of yours.”

I looked at him, still holding the empire state building of dildos in my hand incredulously. Chad smiled back, idly fingering his clean cock. “You heard me.” He leered at me. “I call him “King Kong.” He laughed and looked directly into my eyes. “Fuck it.”

Any chance to question his idea evaporated once he made me a specific order. Like that the head of the massive sex toy was at my under lips and beginning its invasion of my insides. I got the first several inches in smoothly, but at a point I gave up, having taken all I could, and started to pull it back out by the handle at its bottom.

“What the hell are you doing?” Chad asked, sounding annoyed. “Did I say fuck the tip of it? I said fuck IT! Now I want to see that entire thing all the way in there! Fuck the ENTIRE LENGTH!” Another direct order. I was doomed. I pushed back on the dildo and reached my previous point of full, and then I kept pushing. And pushing. I was sure I was damaging internal organs, not to mention stretching out my pussy, but when I looked at my master’s face he was only enjoying the show. “Man, can you imagine Jane Smith, the biggest prude I ever met, being split open by a foot-long slut fucker?” he laughed.

By now the dildo was finally all the way in. I was bursting, but eager to pull it back out both to release the pressure and also to do as my lord had commanded and officially fuck myself with it. But just as I reached for the base a “Flash!” filled the room, followed in rapid succession by several more. Chad was taking photos. Digital photos of me sitting on my floor with the base of a massive rubber cock sticking out of my slit. “Now,” he commanded, camera still in hand, “slowly pull your new friend out so I can take pictures every few inches.” I did as commanded and within a few minutes he had a lovely set of pictures of me being reverse-impaled. But with the happiest, most obedient smile on my face.

Once the huge dildo was back out Chad clapped his hands twice quickly, like a sultan calling for a servant. “Now!” he barked. “Let the fucking commence!” He sat back on the couch, getting comfortable as I obeyed and began to shove the huge rubber cock in and out of my tight little snatch by its handle. Much as I wanted to hate the experience, and hate him for forcing me, the pounding felt amazing and my worship of him was just more and more solidified.

I found I could hate him and worship him simultaneously. He had not programmed me to love him, but only to be powerless against my promise to obey and serve him. When he had arrived this afternoon I had never suspected that by the days end I’d be his helpless plaything and he my vicious owner.

Another flash of the camera brought me out of my reverie. I was nearing climax, and Chad was stroking himself right along with my self-assault. I finally came, moaning loudly, and fell back on the floor. But master was not through with me; far from it, he’d brought himself and his general back to attention and did not want it to go to waste. The final shudders of the dildo orgasm were still rocking through me when I found him standing over me, gesturing to roll back onto all fours. Chad picked up the slimy dildo, kneeling behind me, and he rammed his rock-hard dick into my well-used pussy, reaching a fast rhythm immediately. He also brought the huge black cock up to my mouth, shoving it in. “Clean off your toys” he commanded, instantly causing my mouth to lovingly slurp my own cum off the plastic.

Chad plowed into me from behind, grabbing my breasts. He folded his body down over mine, his mouth coming to rest by my ear. “Oh, I think this is going to be a LOT of fun, slave.” He laughed. The words sent a shiver of fear down my spine and a shiver of pleasure through my loins.

When Chad filled me once more with his sex seed I was finally allowed to sleep, curled up on the floor at the foot of my bed. He enjoyed the queen sized comfort on his own, reminding me that pets don’t sleep in the bed. I thought how foolish of me to have wanted to sleep there at all.

The next morning I woke early, pulled on sweatpants and a t-shirt and ran out to fetch breakfast for my master, per his instructions as he was dozing off the night before. He woke to eggs and coffee and his fuck toy kneeling by his chair, naked once again. Chad stumbled out from the bedroom and enjoyed his food. He fed me a scrap or two under the table, and I was thrilled to be remembered. He showered and as he was dressing he primed me for his departure.

“Alright my plaything, so far you’ve been alright. Nothing special, to be sure, but not a terrible way to spend the night.” Each backhanded compliment chipped away at my self esteem. I longed to do something that would inspire him to praise me. “When I come back next time we’ll have to see if we can do better.” I was both excited to have another chance to prove myself and also alarmed that there would be other times. “In the meantime you’ll remember our special relationship, but only in the back of your mind like a song you can’t get out of your head. You can’t tell anyone, and you can’t do anything about it. You’ll remain your old self right up until we go in the house, but once we do? You’re mine. I don’t know when I’ll be back next, but be prepared.” Before he left he instructed me on the proper way to greet him when he entered my home, and I spent several minutes lavishing passionate kisses on the toe of his boots.

I know now that I’m not prepared at all.