The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dirty Boots


Weeks had passed and I’d heard nothing from Chad other than the occasional FriendConnect item. We chatted about online games and the weather and other completely meaningless blither-blather. I treated him like a distant friend, but occasionally my chat with him would spur feelings of fear deep inside that I couldn’t quite figure out. One day my friend Roxanne called to say Chad was coming to town the next day and we’d all be hanging out together, and that sounded like fun enough to me. Mostly.

Just as she said, he arrived at my house around 2pm. He and I piled into my car and left to meet up with the rest of our old crowd, and once again the day was lovely, full of reminiscences and stories. Finally we headed back to my house and I assumed Chad would say his good bye and climb back into his car for the drive home. Instead he followed me toward the house, and when I heard him coming after me the full memory of our last night together hit me like a sucker punch to the gut. Once he was in my place I would be finished! I dashed through the door and pushed it closed behind me, calling out “g’night Chad! Drive careful!”

The door could not close. There was a boot in the way.

I opened the door back up and Chad walked through, past me and to the living room rug. When he turned to face me I dropped to my knees, crossed to his feet and lovingly kissed them. My entire body was overwhelmed by adoration. I kissed and kissed his feet, knowing it to be the most perfect demonstration of total worship. Chad simply looked down at me and smiled at his domination. But the smile was short-lived.

“You tried to keep me out of your house.” He stated simply. I felt shame. “You tried to prevent us from sharing another night.” The shame doubled. “You forgot the promise that you made me on this very floor less than a month ago.” I sobbed quietly, overwhelmed with self-loathing.

“How Dare You.”

“Please, Master, I’m SO SORRY!” I wailed. Chad turned and walked away from me, taking his seat on the couch. I followed, still on all fours, begging for forgiveness. “I don’t know what I was thinking! It was a mistake, it was madness! It will NEVER happen again!” I was back to kissing his boot tips passionately, hoping with each heartfelt kiss that he could forgive my ultimate failure.

“If you want to show me you’re sorry you know what to do.” He quietly chided. I raised up to his lap, unbuckling his belt and pants. Chad pushed me back, his eyes flashing with anger. “Do we service our master with our CLOTHES ON?” he asked. “Since when does the house pet go around in CLOTHING??? I let you wear them all day, and this is the thanks that I get!” Yet another wave of humiliation washed over me. What was I thinking?

I tore at my clothing, desperate to get rid of it as fast as possible. Once I was naked I returned to my work, and within moments my mouth was working it’s way up and down Chad’s hard rod. At first things were just as they’d been the last time, but after a few minutes Chad started to rise from his seat. I followed him as well as I could. He dropped to his knees, forcing me to lie back on my elbows. Chad scooted forward until his groin was right before my face and his hands took hold of the back of my head. Once he had the hold he wanted he began to cram his cock hard into my mouth. He began to fuck my face.

This was a new experience. Rather than my ministering to him, Chad was now using my face like a whore’s pussy. He bashed his groin into my face repeatedly, and as I felt him getting harder and harder I began to have repeated, small orgasms of my own. I loved it when he used me like I was barely human.

Chad pulled out of my mouth before he came. He pushed me over, back onto all fours, and thrust his cock into my pussy, taking me doggy-style. It was only a few minutes of pounding before I was filled, with both his spunk and the joy of pleasing him. I was glad that he’d forgiven me.

“Get up.” He barked. I looked confused, but started to rise. “Pull on some pants – no need for underwear – and a top. And shoes. We’re going on a field trip.”

Chad and I drove into town in his car. I wracked my brain trying to guess where we could be going. Was he hungry? Did he need a drink? I had no good guesses. I was certainly not expecting us to pull up to Marvelous Art, a local tattoo parlor!

It was late; almost midnight, so the waiting room was empty. When the massive proprietor came out from the back, dressed like a cross between a biker and a doctor, Chad shook his hand. They disappeared into the back for several minutes, and when Chad re-emerged he waved that I should follow. “You’re going to love this.” He smiled. “You really don’t have any other options.”

In the back there was a station with all the colors and needles, plus a mirror and a place where the should be a table on which to lie. But instead biker-dude was wheeling in a Harley Davidson. “Its one of the options for sitting on, and I thought you’d like it.” Chad explained. “Spiderman only lets his special customers ask for it.”

“Let me get the special seat.” Spiderman the tattoo artist called over his shoulder. He removed the regular seat and replaced it with a seat that looked much the same, except for the cock jutting out of it dead center, aimed at a 45 degree angle toward the handlebars. “Mount up” he smiled, slapping the seat with his hand. I looked at Chad with fear and he only smiled back, nodding for me to do as I was told. I removed my jeans, leaving me naked from the waist down, and threw my leg over the seat, positioning the rock-hard rod carefully before sliding it up into me. The position left both of my ass cheeks pointing up to the ceiling.

I felt his hands wiping down my ass, then sketching on both cheeks. As the alcohol evaporated my skin goose bumped. After many minutes I heard Chad say “I love it!” and I knew we were about to start. New latex gloves snapped onto the artist’s hands and I heard the hum of the tattoo gun. But before I felt anything on my rear Spiderman leaned forward and flipped a switch at the base of the special seat.

“You’re gonna LOVE this.” He smiled as he sat back down.

The hum of the tattoo needle was joined by the hum of the cock deep inside me, as he had turned on the vibrator motor. Now I was being filled by a long, vibrating presence. As I started to react I heard the voice behind me growl “Don’t Move!” So there I sat for almost 2 hours, wanting to scream from the feelings between my legs but saying nothing. When the pain on my ass stopped the sensations inside me were allowed to keep going as both men admired his work.

“That is exactly what I wanted.” Chad beamed. Spiderman walked past the bike, hitting another switch at the base of the seat as he passed by, and now the cock began to pump up and down in me, still vibrating. This was more than I could stand. I was almost immediately brought to the edge, and this was when he placed the mirror before me. It reflected back to me the new art on my rear.

I now had two words in large, ornate block letters, one word on each cheek. The font was almost medieval, giving a sort of nobility to the words. They read “FUCK TOY”. When I saw the words I came, collapsing in a heap on the seat. Spiderman and Chad just laughed, and they both took pictures.

Finally I climbed off of the seat, grabbing my jeans from the floor. Spiderman stopped me, explaining that he needed to cover the fresh wounds with bandages for a week. He explained how to care for the tattoo, what to do to keep it from getting infected, etc. Once it was bandaged I again tried to dress. This time Chad stopped me.

“Give me your credit card.” He commanded. “I need to pay for your new decoration.” I handed him my plastic, appreciating the further humiliation of my paying for my own punishment. “While I’m paying,” Chad called over his shoulder, “you give Spiderman his tip.” I looked back into the room to see he had placed the regular seat back on the bike, where now he sat, his dick hovering rock hard in the air before him and a slimy smile across his face.

I found a footstool to bring me up high enough on my knees and proceeded to slurp this stranger’s cock into my mouth. He had so enjoyed the tattooing that he needed very little help to push him over the end. In no time my mouth filled with his sour-tasting spunk, which I obediently swallowed like any good fuck toy should. I cleaned off his dick, straightened my clothes and went to meet Chad in the waiting room. As we walked out Chad gave my ass a slap, sending a shockwave of pain from there. “Giddy up, girl!” he ordered.

After returning to my house and to my naturally naked, hands and knees state Chad took a few more pictures of my punishment. “I don’t think we’ll ever need to worry that you’ll forget just who, or more to the point WHAT, you are, you little bitch.” I knew he was right. “Now get me started.” He commanded. I already knew that meant to slide his cock in my mouth and show it my love and adoration until it was good and hard. Once he was primed he pushed me back to the floor, on all fours. He kicked my knees further apart, kneeling behind me and forcing himself into me.

“Maybe you don’t understand your new life.” He growled, picking up speed. “You get to pretend to be a person most of the time because I allow you to! I could just as easily have made you pledge to spend the rest of your life as a cock-addicted, addle-brained prostitute on a street corner in New York city! And I still could!!” He punctuated the threat with another slap to my raw rump. “But because you and I were friends I decided to let you keep most of your life and your mind and your personality!” by now I’d already come twice, both at the savage attack on my cunt and at the idea of myself as a wanton whore spending every day serving one cock after another. “Do not make me regret that generosity!” I mumbled an incoherent apology, begging for forgiveness.

“Maybe I just need to clarify to you who your owner is.” He sneered. “Maybe it’s not enough to say it and to brand it on you. Maybe you need me to show you.” With that Chad slid his cock out of my cunt, to my dismay. It was covered in a thick slime from my multiple orgasms. This was fortunate for me, as it meant that as he pulled my sore ass cheeks apart, exposing my tight asshole, and began to push his cock into the tiny space I had some lubrication to spare me the worst of the pain. It did not protect me from the insane pleasure.

I’d never been fucked in the ass before, and like most women I was sure I never wanted to. And maybe if I was still who I had been before I still wouldn’t have wanted the intrusion. But this new me was overwhelmed with immense pleasure; even ecstasy. In my life I’d never felt so used and possessed and dirty and humiliated or so completely enraptured. I knew now I loved this more than anything I’d ever experienced. As Chad filled my ass with what seemed like gallons and gallons of his cream I could only moan in absolute pleasure and thank him for the privilege. I could not imagine barring the door to him, as it would keep him from taking me like this again and I had to know that I could feel this again in my life.

He slid his now-soft pole out of my ass and I collapsed from exhaustion and ecstasy. “Clean me up.” He commanded. It took every ounce of energy in the city for me to pull myself back up, but I did and I crawled to where he was lying back on the carpet. His member was covered in spunk, both his and mine, as well as my own shit. I didn’t even bat an eye before lapping it all up with my tongue. Chad lied back and watched me slurping up the sick mixture eagerly and laughed a little at his most ideal possession. Where as with the other women he had claimed their wills he knew that he had claimed my mind, my heart, my soul.

When he left the next day, after the requisite breakfast and blow job, I forgot the details of the night. They became a vivid dream I had or a movie I’d watched many years ago. But I could not shake the feeling of being somehow empty. I also found myself looking forward to, and dreading, Chad’s next trip to town.