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Doctor Hart’s Amusements Part 2

Standard disclaimer: Do not read if under eighteen. Contains explicit sexual content. Any similarities to real persons is entirely coincidental.

“Mistress, there is a problem.”

Doctor Hart looked back at the phone and then at the door to her office. Trey was an obedient slave. He would never call her if it wasn’t something important. He had called her Mistress which meant he was alone in the outer office. It was unnecessary then, for her to change clothes

With one last look at Matthew Sorenson slumped on the floor near the couch she headed to the outer office.

“What is the problem, slave?” she said as she came through the door to the outer office. “I told you I did not want to be disturbed.”

Trey immediately dropped to his knees in supplication, his eyes focused on the high heeled leather boots. “I’m sorry Mistress,” he all but blubbered.

“What is wrong?”

Keeping his eyes on her boots he pointed back behind him to the waiting room chairs. “Look.” There was man in a brown business suit slumped unconscious in one of the chairs, his mouth open, his tongue lolling out.

“I had no choice, Mistress. He is a police officer and he came to see you.”

“About what?”

‘He refused to tell me, Mistress. You had left instructions not to be disturbed. He heard you…“Trey’s voice faltered.

“He heard me fucking young Mister Sorenson into next week,” His Mistress finished.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You activated the failsafe?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Doctor Hart nodded. She had anticipated something like this happening eventually. In each of the three chairs was a pneumatic injector linked to three buttons behind the desk. With the push of a button, a high dose of scolapomine was delivered through the buttocks and whoever was in that chair was rendered unconscious. “Very well. On your feet, slave.”

Trey rose.

“Look at me.”

Trey took in his Mistress. The black leather boots and silky black stockings. The sheer flimsy robe was half open and her gorgeous breasts and pussy were open to him. Her red hair was tousled from her marathon session with Matthew Sorenson, her cheeks still flushed red. She caressed Trey’s cheek. An electric charge ran through him. He moaned with desire.

“Move this man into my office and secure him to the chair. You will have no problem moving him.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Trey, like all of her slaves, worked out to keep themselves in tip top shape for her pleasure. He slung the unconscious man over his shoulder and carried him through the door into the inner office. He paid no attention to Matthew Sorenson slumped on the floor.

Dropping the man into the chair in front of the desk he left the room and came back soon with a pair of handcuffs There was a bar on the back of the plush chair and it was an easy task to cuff the man around that bar. The chair was heavy. He would not be going anywhere.

Doctor Hart had followed him in. She stood next to Trey. “He is secured, Mistress,” he said.

“Very good, slave,” she said, and sidled up closer to him. She breathed on his neck. “I am pleased.”

Trey was immediately rocked by a massive orgasm. “Unnnnnnnnngggg!” Doctor Hart had planted the suggestion in all of her slaves. Any time she said she was pleased, the slave immediately came with blinding pleasure.

“I am pleased.” She said again. Trey came again, dropping to his knees and rocking back and forth in bliss.

Doctor Hart leaned down and rubbed her hand up and down and under his shirt tweaking his nipples. There was a growing wet stain on the front of his pants. She bent to his ear. “I am pleased,” she whispered.

“UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNGGGGG!” Trey came a third time, going prone as all of his synapses fired at once.

Doctor Hart watched her slave writhe on the floor and felt her pussy go wet again. She loved playing with her toys. She considered taking him right there, but the man on the chair gave a moan. She would be busy soon enough.

“Get up, slave.” Trey shot to his feet. His face was flushed and the front of his pants were a mess. “Leave me and return to the compound. I will reward you further later.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Trey said his voice already shaking with desire despite just cumming three times. He left the room without another word.

The man in the chair gave another incoherent mumble. Doctor Hart walked to her desk and lit another cigarette. She leaned on the desk and smoked and studied the man. Definitely attractive and young looking. She would have fun with this one.

It took another five minutes for the man to come out of it. Matthew Sorenson still lay on the floor not having moved an inch. His cock was now flaccid and limp.

“What the hell?” the man said.

“You passed out, Detective.”

He moved his head around and then tried to move his hands. The handcuffs clinked. “What?” He looked around and his eyes focused on the red headed sex bomb in front of him.

“We have to have a little talk, I afraid,” she said. She seductively drew on the cigarette and blew smoke in his direction.

“I guess we do, Sweetheart,” he said.

She had to give him something. He has a cool customer and apparently fairly immune to her charms, at least from a distance. She could have just walked up and touched him but there was no sport in that. She liked to have her fun.

“Doctor Angela Hart, I presume?”

She smiled flicked ash in a clean tray and gave a little curtsey. “And you are?”

“Detective Sergeant Kyle Harris.”

Another drag on the cigarette. She was amazed but hid it well. Most men, staring at her dressed like she was and this close to her would be putty by now. He was something. “What can I do for you, Kyle.”

He tested the cuffs. “You can let me go, Lady.”

She smiled wickedly. “Not yet, baby. Soon, I promise.”

“It will be easier on you if you let me go now.”

“But I want you to be hard on me, Sexy.” She was enjoying the banter. God she was wet.

“I’m here investigating the death of Grayson Derrik.”

“Grayson Derrick, where have I heard that name?”

“He was a patient of yours. Killed himself last month.”

Another drag. “Oh yes. Poor Grayson, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help him.”

Kyle shifted in his chair again. He was doing his best to not to let this woman arouse him but damn she was pushing his buttons. She was stunning. He tried not to stare at her globulous breasts or that shaved pussy but they were right there. He felt the start of an erection but fought it. “Well his roommate says you did help him. Right off the roof.”

She looked aghast. “He thinks I pushed him?”

“ No., He says you did something to his mind. Made him want to jump.”

She smiled. That was exactly what she had done. She remembered little Grayson Derrick. A college student with a gambling problem. She had played his little mind like putty and then forced him to toss himself off of his roof. She nearly had an orgasm just thinking about it. If there was one thing that got her hotter than taking a man and making him her slave it was being in such control that she could make them kill themselves for her.

“So you came to question me about such a silly thing?”

“I sure did, Lady, and I sure heard something going on before something knocked me out.”

Doctor Hart stubbed out the cigarette and walked closer to the man. “You want to know what was going on?”

“Yeah, I do.”

She pointed back to Matthew lying on the floor. Kyle seemed to notice him for the first time. “I was fucking that boy so hard his brain melted. And pretty soon I will do the same to you.”

Kyle tried to move. For the first time fear hit him. “The hell you will.”

Doctor Hart laughed evilly. “Baby, you won’t have a choice in the matter.” She walked a few steps toward Matthew. “First let’s clean up, shall we?” She stood over Matthew giving him a nice look at her glistening pussy. “Matthew,” she singsonged. “Matthew, wake up.”

Matthew stirred and then said groggily, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Stand up, slave.”

Matthew did.

Kyle started yelling. “Kid! Hey, Kid!”

Matthew’s head turned slowly to blankly stare at Kyle.

Doctor Hart cupped his chin and turned his head back to her. “Pay no attention to that man. You cannot see him or hear him.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Matthew said.

Kyle kept yelling, but Matthew made no notice that he heard.

“Matthew I want you to get dressed.”

Slowly, Matthew gathered his clothes and slipped them on. Once he was dressed he stood limply with his arms at his side.

“Now kiss me, slave.”

Matthew gathered his Mistress in his arms and deeply kissed her. Doctor Hart rubbed her body up and down his. Eventually she broke the kiss. Matthew was panting at his jeans were tented.

“Matthew, when I snap my fingers you will come back to normal and have no memory of what happened here. Even though I am dressed in this sexy, sultry outfit that you will dream about every night, you will see me in the clothes I was wearing when you arrived.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You will not see or hear the man in the chair. You will go home and continue your life. If you ever hear me say the words ‘time to serve.’ You will go back into this wonderful obedient state for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Doctor Hart snapped her fingers. Matthew gave his head a little shake and then looked at the D+octor. “Well doc. I can’t say it’s been great, but I’ll see you.”

“Goodbye, Matthew,” Doctor Hart said.

Kyle kept screaming from the chair. “Kid! Kid! Wake up!”

She walked Matthew to the door and shut it solidly behind him. She turned back to Kyle her eyes now dark and blazing with lust. “All alone,” she said.

She walked slowly over to him, taking her time. She came up behind him. Kyle felt a cold spot growing in his stomach. “Ready for the fuck of your life?” she husked out.

All of Kyle’s bravado was gone. “Wait…”

“Shhhh,” she said and raked her long nails along his check letting her fingers slide down his neck and under his shirt. There was that electric charge and Kyle gave a little grunt and let out a long breath. “How do you feel now?” Doctor Hart said.

“Really…weird,” Kyle mumbled.

My, he was strong. Her touch normally enough to render a man speechless and her willing slave for a period, only had the effect that her presence had on other men. She loosened his tie and undid a few buttons of his shirt from behind. Soon both hands were running up and down his chest. She licked and nibbled his ear and neck. Kyle moaned. He had long given up fighting his erection and his raging hardon bulged in his pants.

Doctor Hart walked around to the front of Kyle and slipped the sheer robe off exposing her taut firm body. Her legs were sleek in the silky stocking and the high heeled boots accentuated her ass.

Kyle was strong and though doubtful, she couldn’t trust that he wouldn’t come into his own mind again so she decided to leave him cuffed. She gently spread his legs and kneeled down in front of him. Deftly she undid his buckle and zipper and his raging hardon popped free like a jack in the box. She wriggled his pants down to his ankles.

She grabbed his cock with her hand, her long red nails gleaming in the light and rubbed up and down. She swirled her mouth around the tip. Kyle gasped.

“You like that?”


“Call me Mistress, slave.”

“M..M..Mist – no.” Kyle shook his head.

She plunged her mouth down on his cock, taking him fully. Absolute pleasure coursed through Kyle. Her soft flame red hair swirled and ticked his skin. Unbidden his hips bucked to meet her.

Her mouth popped off of his cock. “Mistress,” she said, continuing to stroke him. “Call me Mistress.”


She continued sliding her hand up and down his slick penis. “Gooooood. You are my slave, yes?”

“Y..y…” he was still fighting.

She used one finger and teased his anus.

“You are my slave,” she said firmly.

“YES!” he all but screamed as his pleasure ratcheted up.

She plunged back down for a few licks, still teasing his ass. Kyle was giving a one long constant moan..

“I control you. I control your cock.”


She smiled. He was hers now, she knew it. Now to seal it. “You will not cum unless I command. Do you understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Doctor Hart stood and straddled Kyle. His cock easily entered her dripping pussy eliciting a low moan from her.

She grabbed the loose tied and pulled him forward as much as the cuffs would let him come. She brought her lips to his in a deep hot kiss of jousting tongues and lips. “Fuck me, slave, now,” she said when she broke away.

Kyle obeyed, thrusting up again and again while his Mistress ground herself onto his cock writhing in pleasure.

She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back exposing his neck. She ran her tongue up and down nibbling his neck and ears, whispering orgasmic moans.

Kyle continued to pound away, Doctor Hart’s control of him solidifying with every thrust. She quickly started to orgasm, leaning and arching her back . “Cum now! CUM NOW, SLAVE!” she screamed.

Kyle’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he spurted hot cum over and over into his Mistress’s pussy.

She collapsed on him, moaning in absolute delight. “That, Sexy, was glorious” She said. She dismounted Kyle and looked at him. That was what she liked to see. The glassy stare, the slack jaw. Absolute control. He was hers now.

She went around back and undid the handcuffs, not needing them anymore.

“Stand up slave.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He stood.

She grabbed his cock which was starting to go limp. At her touch it started to thicken. “You serve me now. I own you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You would jump off a building if I told you to.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Doctor Hart smiled evilly. She could, but wouldn’t. She could think of many uses for a cop as her slave. He was also a fantastic fuck. She would be using him often for her pleasure.

“Now let’s go have a talk with Grayson Derrik’s roommate,” she said.

To Be continued…