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Doctor hypno perve

First some standard disclaimers, this is a work of fiction, and what you are reading here is simple fantasy, and is intended only for adults to read and enjoy.

This is my first story, and I would appreciate feedback as well as honest impressions on this story. I’ve been a long time reader of the EMCSA, and it is long past time for me to attempt to give back in a small way.

I love Mondays. Usually I spend all weekend with no one to play with. Alright, that’s not true. I enjoy spending time with my wife and we usually have lots of fun, even if she doesn’t remember it all. Sometimes come Monday morning my nuts ache so bad from playing with her I can barely think because of the ache. But I’m used to that, and I enjoy variety, especially with kinky perverted stuff. And by kink, I enjoy watching people squirm as they obey me, preferably while not knowing why.

I’m looking forward to this Monday more than normal. Frank and Pam Jones, who have been squirming for about a month, are coming in today. If things have gone well it’s been a month since Frank has had an orgasm (or even an erection) and Pam’s clit has been completely numb. I’m rather impressed, they’ve held out coming in a lot longer than I thought they would make it. I could have told them when to come back in, but it’s oh so much more fun to create the bind and watch how they get out of it.

Anyways I’ve just got to the office and it’s still two hours before the Jones get here, and there are a few patients to see. I am a doctor after all with the whole hippocratic oath thing. As I walk back I notice one of my nurses is having a hard time getting a patient to calm down for a blood draw. So I walk up to give a hand. I’m not surprised it’s Kim, she has a pretty bad needle phobia. While I’m sympathetic, without the blood we can’t do anything to help her. So I wave Jane (the nurse) and Kim back into the blood draw room and shut the door behind us.

“Doctor, isn’t there any other way to monitor my medicines other than the damn needle. You know how much I just despise needles.”

“Kim, you and I have discussed this, there isn’t any other way other than blood labs to know if we have your meds at the right level. If the concentrations are too high your kidneys could easily be damaged, too low and your meds won’t be treating your condition. We’ve already modified the dose three times this year to keep it in the therapeutic range”

“But, it hurts so much …” That was as far as I let her whining continue. I said I was sympathetic, but I had zero intention of rehashing her needle phobia for the next 30 minutes. I simply put my hand in Kim’s face and she fell silent. I watched as the anxiety and frenzy disappeared from her face and her wildly gesticulating arms sunk limply to her sides. She took several deep breaths and then closed her eyes.

“Yes Doctor” Kim said using the phrase all my patients had been conditioned to use when they were in a deep trance.

“Kim, place your hands behind your head and hold them there” I watched as she silently obeyed, eyes still shut.

I turned to Jane: “You should have been able to handle this. I’ve shown you how to handle this. I’ve given you a trigger for Kim to calm her down and make it pain free for her.”

“I’m sorry doctor, I’m just not very good at ..” Jane fell silent as she stared at my hand in her face.

“Yes Doctor” came from Jane’s lips as her eyes shut. I was going to fix this. Jane had been far too reluctant to use the triggers I had conditioned my long term patients with for Jane’s use (and let’s be honest my pervy pleasure).

I turned to Kim. “Sit in the chair and fold your hands in your lap and keep your eyes closed. You will be totally unaware of your surroundings until I tap your nose.” Kim silently obeyed.

“Jane stand in front of me and face me. Take off your shirt and bra.”

I watched as Jane silently obeyed. She had large floppy boobs that she was very embarrassed about. They hung almost to her belly button. I reached out and kneaded her breasts for a couple of minutes. I thought they were very sexy. Variety is my thing. I like huge boobs, tiny boobs, floppy boobs, etc.

“Jane, when I snap my fingers you will put your shirt back on but leave your bra off. You will work today without your bra until lunch. You will be extremely aware of your flopping boobs and you will know it is because you failed to handle a patient as you have been instructed. You will make no effort to minimize the flopping and will allow your boobs to swing freely. After I awaken Kim you will properly handle her blood draw as I have trained you to do.”

SNAP. Jane’s eyes opened wide awake, her face reddened, and a pleading look came on her face as she grabbed her shirt and started to put it back on. I met her look without emotion on my face. She sighed and finished putting on her shirt and stood almost at attention waiting for me to awaken Kim.

Turning to Kim, I tapped her nose. “Kim when I snap my fingers you will stand up and move into the middle of the room and start to count out loud from 1 to 5. When you reach five you will awaken and forget your conversation with me and will not notice my presence in the room.”

SNAP, Kim stood up and moved to the middle of the room “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” her eyes opened and rapidly the terror returned.

“There’s got to be a better way, “ wailed Kim. This time though Jane did as she was trained and grabbed Kim’s hand. This immediately relaxed Kim making her almost docile.

“Kim, sit in the chair and relax. I’ll keep holding your hand.” Kim sat, then Jane took her hand and placed her hand on her face. Kim’s panicked breathing slowed as she held her hand covering her face, after a short bit Kim’s hand fell to her side and she looked up at Jane with calm eyes. Jane pulled one of her floppy boobs from under her shirt and offered Kim her nipple. Kim placidly sucked Jane’s nipple into her mouth, and nursed gently. Jane of course hated this part. Which is why she tried to skip it. I of course loved it. Watching Jane entrance a patient with her boobs was awesome to watch. After a couple of minutes she let the nipple drop from her mouth, and stared completely entranced at Jane.

“Kim when I snap my fingers you will awaken calm and with your left arm numb and it will remain numb until you leave this room”

Jane snapped her fingers, and all the drama was over, the blood draw went without a hitch. Just because I’m a pervert doesn’t make me stop being a doctor, of course I would use my skills to help my patients, and watching Jane’s boobs sway around under her shirt was just my reward for being a good doctor.

Anyways I was excited for the main event.

I was startled by a soft knock on my office door, “come in.”

Sara, another of my nurses, entered and softly said. “The Jones are ready to be seen.”

“Excellent, status report.”

” Yes doctor.”

Sara’s face took on a distant relaxed look, with her unfocused eyes staring into the distance.

“Sara, you are my most obedient nurse, what do you want for a reward?”

Sara’s face took on any uncomfortable embarrassed expression in spite of her trance. But answered anyway (of course she had no choice). “Frank has a huge dick. And I’ve always wanted to stroke it, suck it, and even be fucked by it.”

Fascinating, I had never expected that. I couldn’t let her get fucked by Frank, but the other two should be no problem.

“You will help me with Frank’s examination, following my directions.”


Sara’s eyes popped open and looked at me expectantly.

I waved my hand at the nurse to follow me out of the office. She turned and obediently followed me out.


I opened the door on Frank and walked in while Sara filed in behind me.

“What’s up Frank”

“A couple of things, first my ears are hurting.”

Of course, first things first. So I went ahead and took a look at Frank’s ears and he did indeed need some treatment, so I prescribed an antibiotic.

“Doctor I don’t know how to say this, but I’ve been unable to perform.” Said Frank very vaguely.

I of course knew what he was implying but part of my fun was making him say it.

Me. “go on…”

“I haven’t been able to get hard-ons for about a month now. It doesn’t matter what Pam does, even really good porn doesn’t help. I’ve tried to beat off for hours and I never get off, or even hard. My nuts are killing me.”

So we started playing the medical version of twenty questions. Which of course led nowhere. Obviously because Frank didn’t have any physical problems. It was literally all in his head, I had put it there.

“Alright Frank let’s do a physical exam. I’ll step out and you put on the medical gown.”

After a couple of minutes we re-entered the room. Frank is notoriously difficult about being examined, and today I didn’t want to deal with it. Walking in I placed my hand in front of Frank’s face, and I was almost instantly rewarded with a “yes doctor”.

“During the rest of this appointment you will follow my instructions without argument.”


Frank opened his eyes.

“Let’s take a look, please pull your gown up to your waist.”

As Frank immediately obeyed, I immediately noticed his nuts were visibly swollen, and his dick looked very shrunken. Which was unusually, Frank typically sported a huge cock, hard or soft. I heard a small noise of disappointment from Sara.

“Go ahead and grab your penis and stroke it.”

Frank started stroking his dick, for what good it did. But he didn’t get any harder at all.

“See what I mean doc. NOTHING!”

“Alright Frank, stand up straight and tall and drop the gown to the floor.”

I was rewarded with Frank’s immediate obedience. The post hypnotic trigger worked like a charm. I also noticed that Frank had continued to slim up and muscle up. So that suggestion was still working. It made me feel happy, I’m such a good doctor, using hypnosis to make patients healthy. I rolled over in the little wheeled doctor stool.

“Frank, leave your arms limp at your side, Sara please come here and move Frank’s penis around and his balls so I can observe them better.”

Sara excitedly knelt in front of Frank and carefully started moving his dick and balls around to show them to me. Her excitement soon dissipated though. As Frank didn’t even begin to get hard for her. Sara got a little more aggressive and started out right stroking his penis and even breathing on it. But still nothing. Sara then shocked me by softly kissing Frank’s penis, not that it would help.

“Sara that’s enough go grab some lube from the shelf and bring it here”

I held out my hand and Sara obligingly squirt a lot of lube into my hand. I showed my hand to Frank, he responded by staring bemused, almost entranced by the lube in my hand. I reached out and grabbed his penis stroking it 2-3 times. Frank’s face showed immediate shock. Frank lacked any homosexual desires, not that he was bigoted, it was just his personal make up. Of course the reason he was shocked was his rapidly expanding penis. My hand could feel every beat of his heart forcing more blood into his cock. It seemed to only take about ten beats of his heart to fully expand it. I slowly started stroking his erect cock. He groaned out his total arousal. I could tell it wouldn’t take long for him to orgasm. I removed my hand from his cock. Frank looked at me with pleading eyes, as his cock started to deflate almost as fast as it had inflated. Soon it was back where it was.

“Well to me it looks like you are probably just fine.”

“Doc, I don’t know what happened, but I swear I haven’t been able to get hard for a while.”

“It’s likely psychological ...”

“ but, but, ..”

I could see that Frank was so desperate that he wanted to ask me to stroke it again. It was at this point I took mercy on him. I turned to Sara and grabbed her hand and squirted a bunch of lube on her petite hand, and then showed it to Frank, his face taking on the same bemused entranced expression of earlier. This was the trigger of course, not my hand, simply seeing a hand filled with lube “primed” the pump.

I whispered in Sara’s ear, “You will stroke his penis slowly, and stop just before he comes until I tell you to finish him off. Now forget.” Sara would not remember me speaking but of course would obey.

Sara grabbed Frank’s penis and was rewarded with his immediate arousal, indeed much faster than for me. Likely because Frank actually found Sara to be very sexually desirable. And within 30 seconds, Sara removed her hand from Frank’s penis, likely just barely before his orgasm. Again it rapidly deflated.

“Again nurse, stroke his penis”

Sara obeyed, and again stopped shortly. We repeated the cycle about several times, before I could see Frank’s balls almost visually bluing.

“Sara, Frank sleep, Sara you will not stop anymore. Frank, you will only be able to orgasm when I tell you ‘cum now’. Awaken and forget”

Both sets of eyes snapped open and Sara resumed stroking Frank. You could see him wanting desperately to cum, but obediently orgasm eluded him. Sara’s hand was unconsciously speeding up, desperately trying to force Frank’s orgasm, minutes passed I could see a painful longing building in Frank’s face. It was time to end it.

“Sara place your mouth in front of Frank’s penis and catch his cum in your mouth”

“5 ... 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 cum now!”

Frank obediently exploded groaning in both pleasure and pain, spraying cum in Sara’s mouth. Sara was able to catch almost all of it.

“Don’t swallow yet Sara”

“Frank sleep, when I awaken you, you will be very suggestible and submissive to nurse Sara until you leave this room. After leaving this room you will forget. Also you will from now on be able to perform normally sexually, and you won’t worry about it anymore, You will awaken with nurse Sara’s kiss.“

“Sara stand and kiss Frank, and no fucking.”

Sara arose and passionately kissed Frank, sharing his cum back with him. Frank opened his eyes staring expectantly at Sara. I could see the incredible excitement in Sara’s face so I left the room. As I was leaving the room I could hear Sara ordering Frank to continue to kiss her and stroke her pussy.

Anyways on to Pam, but that story will have to wait for the next chapter.