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Doctor hypno perve

Chapter 2

I walked over to the next examination room and opened the door, waving nurse Jane in front of me casually staring at her boobs swaying under her shirt, and told her to stand quietly in the corner. I observed Pam sitting despondently in her chair.

“Good morning Pam, how can I help you today?”

“It’s embarrassing, Doctor, I really can’t say.”

I was already having fun, one of my favorite perversions is watching people squirm, and here Pam is already starting to squirm without my having to dig it out of her. And given the fact that Pam is normally very shy about anything dealing with sex, it may take a lot of squirming to get it out of her. But of course I’m a doctor first pervert second (well at least most of the time).

“Well Pam let’s start with something that isn’t embarrassing, and work back to that. How are your blood pressure meds treating you? I see your blood pressure numbers look good.” The fact that Pam still has high blood pressure annoys me. Intellectually I realize it’s simple genetics. Due to the “influence” I can exert on my patients, I often can get great results without needing to prescribe as much medicine as my colleagues. But in Pam’s case she’s already lost 50 lbs under my “guidance” (alright orders), and made changes to her diet to help the blood pressure, and she still has to take medicine.

“I still occasionally get slightly dizzy, but since you lowered the dosage it’s much better.”

“Excellent, any new complaints?”

“Not really.”

I see my fun is going to last a bit. Time to see how much I can push. So…

“Does this have something to do with your sex organs?” Normally I wouldn’t push like this, it’s a good way to get reported to the state medical board. But of course Pam can’t turn me in. I took care of that a long time ago. But I am immediately rewarded with a brilliant red face that can’t look me in the eyes. I love this reaction, but I want more. I placed my hand in front of her face and watched her immediately drop into a trance.

“Yes Doctor.”

“Pam, you will look me in my eyes as I talk to you, no matter how embarrassed you are. Additionally when I tell you to take off your pants and underwear to be examined, you will strip off all your clothes without complaint and lay on your back on the examination table and expose yourself by spreading your legs widely. You will then explain your concerns using explicit language and whenever I suggest a new word you will sub consciously use it in place of the previous word. “

“SNAP” Pam’s eyes opened and obediently locked onto mine. And of course her face got redder. I stood up and walked around the room, doing a full circle around the examination table and even though Pam had to literally awkwardly rotate on her chair, she never once took her eyes off my face. The respect and deference my patients show me is just so delicious.

“Pam, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what is going on?”

Pam moved her mouth silently, resembling a fish out of water attempting to breathe. She was valiantly trying to speak but failing spectacularly. I of course did nothing to help but look at her very expectantly, appearing to wait patiently for her to gather her courage. But in reality simply enjoying the double bind I had created for her. I let this continue for a couple of minutes and then decided to give her a push.

“Pam, perhaps we should reschedule 2 weeks from now when you have managed to work up your courage to ask me for help”

Pam’s face immediately showed her dislike of this idea. And she surprised me by weakly stuttering.

“D.d.dcotor I can’t c.c.cum”

I was very surprised and bizarrely proud. She had come so far from the sexually repressed women she had been, to be able to reach out for help from her doctor for her sexual frustration. (Of course I was the pervert who had caused this current episode of frustration, so perhaps I should temper my pride.)

I decided to immediately reward her (and more importantly, me) by moving to the next phase.

“Pam, please remove your pants and underwear so I can examine you”

Pam’s eyes took on a distant look as she started stripping, unthinkingly dropping her clothes all over the examination room floor. Then getting on and laying back on the examination table with her legs spread wide to me. As I had ordered moments earlier she started telling me what was really bothering her.

“When my husband and I try to have intercourse..”

I interrupt with “Fuck”

“When my husband and I try to fuck, his penis ..”


“His Cock doesn’t get erect, but he still tries to get my off by playing to with my vulva and clitoris”

“Cunt and Clit”

“...playing with my cunt and clit, and not only does his cock not work my cunt and clit are completely numb. My vagina …”


“My pussy stays dry and numb. Even when trying to use sexual toys…”

“Vibrators and dildos”

“.. to use vibrators and dildos I can’t get aroused.”

That was fun, watching such a shy and a bit of an uptight person speak like that. Of course she used to be much more uptight, but training works wonders.

“I’m going to examine you Pam.”

Now to see how well my previous programming has worked. As the scientist I am, I feel it necessary to test my hypothesis that Pam’s vulva, vagina,and clitoris are completely numb. And I started by boldly inserting my finger in her vagina, at least I tried but it was so dry, it was like her nether lips had been glued together. I was impressed with the strength of the suggestions I had given her a month ago. I tried pinching her clitoris, no reaction. Pam’s crotch was so numb she couldn’t feel a thing. I pinched her clitoris harder and harder without reaction. I started lightly slapping her vulva without any reaction. Old Pam would have kicked my balls up through my chest and out of my mouth for that.

“Pam did you feel any of that?”

I was immediately rewarded with a blank look. The post hypnotic suggestions I had given her had worked so well, she didn’t even notice any of that.

Time to see if the trigger would work. My cock was getting hard just thinking about it. I grabbed a pair of examination gloves from the box and walked up to Pam. I held them in front of her face, she stared at them in a very bemused fashion. I slowly pulled the gloves on my hands in clear sight of her face. Her eyes opened wider and wider as she stared at my hands. The tip of her tongue delicately licked her upper lip. Similar to her husband, Pam’s trigger was someone putting on examination gloves.

“Pam I’m going to examine your vagina right now”

Pam was so fascinated in my gloved hands that she moved as best she could to observe them as long as possible. As the tip of my gloved hands touched her slit. Pam’s hips bucked almost violently. Just watching me slip on the gloves had so aroused Pam that I was almost immediately able to insert my fingers. Pam gasped at the sensation, like Frank she was almost immediately ready to orgasm. Of course I couldn’t fuck Pam, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t have some fun. I stroked up and down her slit several times, Pam shuddering and gasping erotically with each stroke. Her hips moving eagerly to meet my fingers. Her eyes staring at me still but taking on a pleading look. Asking me silently to grant her an orgasm.

Watching this formerly repressed woman (let’s be honest less repressed, my control only went so far) enjoying her arousal was making my cock painfully uncomfortable. I would certainly have to do something about that with my wife that evening. A disapproving cough interrupted my thoughts. I looked over my shoulder at my nurse Jane. I had forgotten that she was there. I could see the disapproving glare in her eyes. She clearly wanted to say something, but my control over her had long removed that option. I was quite surprised she was able to object this much, since I had told her to remain silent earlier.

I removed my fingers from Pam’s crotch, and stared back at Jane musing my next steps. I was shocked to hear Pam’s pleading voice in response to me removing my hands.

“, keep touching me.”

I was perversely proud of Pam for someone so sexually repressed reaching out for help, that I decided to reward her.

“Jane, please sit by Pam’s head and hold her hand.”

I got another of Jane’s nasty looks, as she immediately complied. She’s seriously talented at them. I of course could have removed this tendency from her reactions with me, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for me. I enjoyed watching her sour responses as she obeyed me in spite of her preferences. Well most of the time I should say. And this was one of the times I decided I wanted her to be more submissive. I brought my hands in front of both of their faces bringing them immediately into a trance. I then stepped up to Jane and whispered the trigger phrase into her ear that brought her into a more submissive state.

“Jane when you awaken you will recall your training in relieving sexual tension, and will proceed to help relieve Pam of sexual tension. You will bring her close to orgasm several times before finally bringing her to an orgasm. When you decide it’s time to bring Pam to an orgasm you will place your nipple in her mouth and stroke her to a final orgasm.”

“Pam, you will find it impossible to orgasm until you are sucking on Jane’s nipple. You will submissely accept Jane’s touch. And her touch will arouse you.”

“Jane, Pam you will both awaken when I snap my fingers and will cease noticing my presence in the room”


Jane, and Pam’s eyes immediately opened on the sound of my snapping fingers. Jane stood and informed Pam that she was ready to start relieving her sexual tension. Pam looked a bit scared until she saw Jane pulling on gloves in front of her face. Again Pam blushed and delicately licked her lip. Jane started arousing Pam with her left hand. Pam showed her appreciation by moaning softly and moving her hips with Jane’s touch. I watched Jane continue to tease Pam for several minutes, until the frustration and longing in Pam’s face became painfully obvious. Jane then slipped her bare boob from beneath her shirt and offered her nipple to Pam, who immediately started sucking on it. Pam’s arousal increased as she sucked on Jane’s nipple and she soon reached a powerful orgasm.

I put them both back in a trance and blanked out Pam’s memories of the event. Of course I left Jane’s memory intact. She was going to be pissed over it later, and I wanted to enjoy every minute of her displeasure over obeying me. I sent Jane on her way, and brought Pam to the room Frank was in. (By this point Sara should have long left Frank’s room.) I proceeded to remove the suggestion from both of them and then wake them up and sent them home to fuck. I thought about suggesting they bareback to maybe have a baby, but that seemed rather controlling. I know it’s kind of a bizarre thought coming from someone like me, but babies are important, and need parents that are totally committed.

Anyways it was time to check in on Liz one of my latest training projects. But that’s a story for a later day.