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Doctor hypno perve

Chapter 3

My office is separated into two offices. One for the regular patients, and one for the trained patients. It simply wouldn’t do to have one of my regular patients observe a trained patient shuffling down the hall with their pants around their knees, arms pointed straight out in front of them like a zombie. Not that I did this very often anymore, variety and novelty are very important to me. And that particular trick had gotten old.

I walked into the training room, in between the regular side and trained side, to observe my newest “trainee” Liz. Her ears were still covered with the headphones, softly chanting “I will obey”. I stood quietly observing Liz, morbidly obese, pre-diabetic, and a very bitchy Karen.

This was Liz’s fifth training session and her training had been going extremely well. Normally training my patients took about ten sessions. Liz however seemed to be fully trained in half that time. This didn’t surprise me. The really bitchy Karen types were surprisingly easy to train.

While I would love to watch Liz chant all day, I’m a doctor and I’ve got a schedule to meet and insurance companies to keep happy. I sat down in my rolling doctor stool on the far side of the room and observed Liz.

“Liz, take off the headphones.” Liz immediately removed the headphones and kept chanting.

“Stand up” Liz stood up still chanting. This pleased me to see her still chanting, indicating her training was nearly complete. I decided to test her training. This is the most dangerous step in training my patients. I’ve only had a couple patients fail this test, and even those were fairly mild failures. Basically they didn’t do what I ordered but remained hypnotized. But this is still dangerous, if they woke up and remembered being hypnotized, I would be finished as a doctor or worse. Anyways, enough thinking time to go ahead.

“Shut up, and waddle over here.” Liz immediately obeyed, waddling over to me like a penguin, and stopping a few feet from me, waited placidly for my next instruction. Looks like I get to keep being a doctor for another day, and more importantly, I got a rush from watching Liz waddle.

“Liz, how much do you weigh?” This was also risky, Liz was exceptionally prickly about her weight. She refused to be weighed during her first few appointments. It was only after she agreed to a session in the “relaxation” room, that we were finally able to weigh Liz. (And yes it is difficult to prescribe medications etc for someone whose weight you don’t know, since a lot of dosages are affected by their weight. You have to mentally weigh them, and write the script and hope you get it close enough)

“310 pounds.” Liz responded with a relaxed monotone voice.

“How much weight have you lost in the last month?”

“10 pounds.”

“How is your diet going?”

“Good, I haven’t cheated once in the last month.”

“Jiggle your fat for me.” Liz immediately started jiggling her fat up and down and side to side for me. I let her continue for a few minutes until her breathing became very labored. This slight exercise had exhausted her. I ordered her to freeze, and waited for her breathing to return to normal. This lack of physical endurance needed to be corrected.

“Liz, are you exercising every day as ordered?”

“No doctor, I forget most of the time.” Hypnotized or not, it was amazing how much a human could justify not doing the right thing. (In this case the right thing was to obey me.) I had told her to exercise, but not to exercise to the point of hurting herself. She obviously had “reinterpreted” her instructions to order in such a way that she could avoid exercising. Likely she had decided it was unpleasant therefore, “she was hurting herself.”

A bit of punishment appeared to be due. “Go over to the examination table, pull your pants and underwear to your knees, and bend over the table.” Liz immediately complied. “Jiggle your ass.” Again immediate compliance. I rolled over on my stool, and watched Liz’s jiggling ass.

“Freeze.” I pulled my hand back and slapped ass cheeks one after another. Liz silently endured this, I slapped harder, enough to leave some red marks but not enough to actually bruise her ass. Liz remained frozen throughout her punishment. My cock was already hurting as I decided it was playtime. Well almost time to play, I am a doctor first. I rolled over to the computer and accessed Liz’s chart. Yep, the biggest concern was unchanged, Liz is prediabetic. This simply won’t do. Liz’s reluctance to exercise is going to end. The diet is working and Liz’s weight is actually down 30 lbs in total. But some exercise would go a long way to helping Liz get past the diabetes threat. I wrote up an order for Liz to consult with my dietitian again and adjust the diet, and also an order for Liz to discuss her exercise plan with my trainer.

“Standup, turn around, and face me.” I arose and stood right in front of Liz, grabbing her head and bending it back to stare at me in the eyes. “Liz, you will create appointments with the dietitian and trainer. You will follow their instructions closely. As before with exercise you are to stop if you get injured and start to feel sick. However you will remember this: muscle fatigue is not an injury. Repeat that.”

She quickly parroted: “Muscle fatigue is not an injury.”

“When you feel the urge to quit you will mentally feel my hand smacking your ass to encourage you.” Liz repeated that as well.

“Strip and lay face up on the examination table.” I looked at Liz’s body. Her skin wasn’t very healthy. Likely, she hadn’t been bathing often enough. Of course she had bathed thoroughly just before her appointment today. That was one of the first things all my patients were trained on. I have some fetishes, foul smelling patients wasn’t one of them.

“How often are you showering?”

Liz responded with “2-3 times a week”.

This would not do. “You will shower at least 5 days a week, your goal is to shower every day, using soap on every inch of skin. In particular, you are to focus on getting your skin folds clean and thoroughly dried.” (Infection in skin folds is a common issue for obese patients.)

I was shocked, Liz was shaking a bit and resisting the command. I couldn’t understand why taking regular showers were causing such resistance. I grabbed the training headphones and put them back on her head. Liz rapidly calmed down. I could see the training taking hold again. I waited for about another 20 minutes before removing the headphones from her head. “Liz, why do you not want to shower everyday.”

“My beautiful hair takes too long to wash, dry, and care for after a shower.” Liz had bleached blond hair down to the middle of her back. Obviously Liz was fairly vain about her hair. On the other hand, I thought her hair looked like it had been baked by chemicals. I usually leave stuff like that alone since I don’t care that much about my patients hair style, but feeling generous, I decided to fix this problem for Liz. Given the resistance I had just gotten, I put the headphones back on her head and turned the training circuit up to full power in the headphones and spent the next fifteen to twenty minutes doing some charting. I turned and looked at Liz drooling, while naked on her back and my erection immediately returned. The control simply arouses me like nothing else. I removed the headphones.

“Liz, to show my generosity as your master, I’m going to solve this problem for you. You will get your hair styled so it just touches your shoulders, in addition you will have your hair colored to a natural brown. When you are done it will closely match the color of your pussy hair. And after you get your hair restyled, you will take a shower daily.” She would look much better with her natural color and shorter hair, and she would be able to dry her hair much faster, thus solving the showering problem.

Liz pleasantly surprised me with an immediate “yes doctor”. I decided Liz and, more importantly, I deserve a reward.

“Spread your legs wider.” As Liz obeyed, I reached my hands up and spread her lips wide open, and found her clit, and started massaging it. Of course like always I couldn’t put my penis in her, I had to find pleasure some other way. Fortunately I was a mind control pervert and had long learned other ways of enjoying myself. And I really enjoyed giving my “patients” mind blowing orgasms, it was almost as good as an orgasm for myself. I didn’t have to wait long, Liz had been trained to find my touch extremely arousing. She started breathing heavily almost immediately and orgasmed within minutes of my starting to play with her clit.

After her orgasm, I thought for a couple minutes and decided to bring back one of my oldies. I would have Liz walk up and down the halls of the trained part of my clinic like a hypnotized zombie. Usually I would have them do this with their pants around their knees, but with Liz this was both counterproductive and a bad idea. I wanted her to get more exercise, and walking with her pants around her knees would limit the cardio impact, and more importantly given her weight/balance, it was just too risky. I had no desire for Liz to break an arm.

Soon I had Liz doing a circuit around the halls of the trained side of my clinic totally naked with her arms extended out in front of her like a zombie. I watched this for several minutes as patients and staff subconsciously avoided her. I was wondering why this had gotten old. It was really turning me on a lot watching a naked obese bitchy woman walking like a zombie up and down the halls.

After the novelty of it had worn off, I had Liz stop her zombie walk and brought her back into the training room, and had her get dressed. Now what to do for Liz’s next appointment? I like to set up some form of double bind for my enjoyment with my patients, but for some reason I couldn’t think of something for Liz’s next appointment. After a couple minutes something came to me. I would have Liz return to her next appointment wearing new underwear she would have to buy, the most stupid tasteless underwear she could find that were at the same time revealing. I was looking forward to what she would be able to find, as I sent Liz on her way.

I looked at the clock and realized playing with Liz had burned up what remained of my workday. I returned to my office and finished up my paperwork. Unfortunately even a perverted mind controlling doctor had to do paperwork. The whole medical industry revolves around paperwork. After getting done, I decided to return home so my cock could get the attention it desperately needed.