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Doctor hypno perve

Chapter 4

Home at last, my cock painfully hard from a day at work. I walked into my house and looked for my wife, like usual she was laying spread eagle on the bed totally naked, waiting for me to get home. I stripped and got up on the bed and kissed her passionately. She really loved passionate kisses, so I of course loved to please her. I reached down and started stroking her crotch. This immediately aroused her, she pushed her pussy into my hand, while simultaneously turning to me, embracing me, and stroking my cock . We made out in this position for a bit before I realized I was hungry. I stopped and looked at my wife, her hypnotic training showed at that point.

“Yes master, I’ll get dinner ready.” Her hand never stopped stroking my cock. I removed her hand from my cock and she immediately got up and walked downstairs to prepare dinner for us.

As she walked down the stairs she told me over her shoulder “take a shower”.

I turned and walked towards the bathroom and got in the shower. I really wasn’t that dirty, I had taken a shower that morning, and one of the joys of being the person controlling all the minds is a perfectly set thermostat at work. Currently it’s set to 72 F. I actually would like it to be about 70 F. But in spite of being a self-centered,arrogant prick, I do love the environment, so the office is set to 72 F. Anyways all that aside my wife had said to take a shower.

As I walked downstairs with damp hair, I smelt the stir fry coming from the kitchen. My wife loved stir fry, as for me, I could take it or leave it. I sat at the table and my wife soon brought me a plate of stir fry with a soft spoken “dinner master”. We sat together while eating and discussed the day and news. I may be a mind control freak (alright scratch the “may be” and insert “am”), but I married my wife for more than her ability to easily enter a trance and do what she is told. She and I really got along well. We loved vacations together, and no we didn’t spend the entire time in a hotel room with her worshiping my cock. We went and did other stuff as well.

After dinner, my wife told me to clean up, while she went upstairs and got ready for me. I was pretty excited and cleaned the kitchen as fast as I could. My nuts were aching from a whole day of denial.

I walked upstairs and saw my wife laying in bed, legs spread wide waiting for my cock. The longing in my cock was almost painful. I carefully got on the bed with my erection. (Yes I had gotten too excited once and hurt my cock getting on the bed.) I told my wife to close her eyes, and I was rewarded with an immediate “yes master” as she closed her eyes. I brought my cock to the opening of her pussy and slowly slid it in. She was so wet it drove me crazy. We moved together for a few moments in a shared exercise that could only be dignified with the term “fucking”. As we continued I noticed though, I really needed a piss. So I started to slide out of my wife and realized I couldn’t pull out of her pussy. I thrust back in again and tried again to get my cock out of her pussy, I tried several times without success. I couldn’t understand it, but somehow her pussy had captured my cock. I was starting to get a bit frantic. Soon my wife noticed and asked me what was wrong.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but my cock is stuck.”

“Why is your cock stuck?”

“I don’t know why but I can’t pull my cock out of your pussy.”

My wife responded sharply. “Excuse me.”

“I’m sorry mistress, my cock appears to be stuck in your pussy.”

“That’s right, keep thrusting, your cock won’t leave my pussy until you orgasm.”

I frantically begged, “But mistress, I have to pee.”

My wife stared deep into my eyes and simply ordered “Keep fucking.”

Staring in her eyes I proceeded to helplessly thrust, My arousal slowly grew stronger and stronger combining with the desire to urinate to create a deep aching in my cock and nuts. The ache and arousal grew thrust after thrust, My eyes still helplessly staring into my wife’s eyes.

“Dear are you keeping your penis in your pants in the office like I told you too?” asked my wife.

“Yes mistress, I don’t even have anyone touch my penis over my clothes.”

“Good” my mistress showed her pleasure with me by reaching out and caressing and pinching my nipples as I continued to fuck her. This started to drive me crazy and my wife could feel my hips begin to shudder as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm me. “NOT YET” ordered my wife, denying me an orgasm. I was well beyond the point of pride and began to beg.

“Please mistress, may I cum?”

“Please mistress, may I cum?”

“Please mistress, may I cum?”

“Please mistress, may I cum?”

I could tell my begging was exciting my mistress, she is the only person I know who likes fucking with people’s minds more than me. Fortunately she loves me as much as I love her, and she could see I was really starting to hurt. So she granted me mercy and simply said “cum now”. My cock desperately tried to force its way even deeper into my wife’s pussy as my orgasm hit me. Unfortunately she had pushed it a bit too far and I passed out on top of her.

My consciousness slowly returned to me as I was laying on my back. Obviously my wife had rolled me over, I realized how nervous she was as I saw her about to place a phone call, likely to 911. I softly groaned, “I’m ok”, this was an exaggeration. I really was still pretty out of it, but explaining to the paramedics that my wife had worried I may have stroked out while fucking her pussy wasn’t something I wanted to contemplate.

After 10-15 minutes of rest and my headache fading, I turned to my wife “Damn, you about killed me.” She managed to look abashed and unrepentant at the same time. She and I were both aware that with my excellent health and cardio fitness, I was not really in any danger. (Yes she had been about to call 911, but now I was awake the fear had subsided in her.) So she gave me a bratty smile and turned away from me. I reached around and folded her in my arms and cuddled with her from behind. I would have to get her off later (with her hypnotic eyes, I really didn’t have a choice), but for now cuddling was pretty good, and more importantly it was one of her favorite things to do.

After a few moments, my wife decided she was through with being cuddled with and really wanted an orgasm. I found myself desperately licking her pussy. Her voice rang out clearly in my ears. “Your tongue and mouth are extremely exhausted from licking me but you won’t stop until I come.”

My tongue and mouth burned with exhaustion. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. I desperately licked her clit. But that wasn’t enough for her. Again her voice rang out, echoing around in my mind. “It’s ten times worse now.”

I groaned loudly in pain as I started sucking on her clit. The sound of my groaning aroused her, her hips shaking gently at first and then with increasing intensity as her orgasm began to overtake her. Her legs squeezed my head tightly as she reached her climax. After her legs loosened on my head I stopped licking her. She laid back both exhausted and satisfied.

After a few moments she turned to me and captured my eyes with her own. As I stared helpless in her eyes she reminded me of her rules. Really it came down to two rules. First she was the only one allowed to touch my penis. And the second was to be careful to not get caught.

She was really jealous of my cock. If I were to orgasm at work she wouldn’t be able to get properly fucked at home. And she liked being fucked. Since she was better at hypnosis than I was, she got to exercise dominance more than I did. She also found it enjoyable to “pull the rug” out from beneath me. That’s why she let me think I was in control of her today. And she had done a really good job of it tonight. I was really surprised when my cock got stuck in her pussy. Of course she also had a submissive side as well, so I got my 30-40 minute blowjobs from a deeply hypnotized wife as well occasionally.

Well it’s getting late and I have a day full of fun scheduled tomorrow at the office. For now this story will have to end so I can get some sleep.