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Dollars and Sins

Chapter 4

Madolyn Caldwell knows first-hand how much it cost to raise her children—from college tuition, to her daughter’s recent wedding.

Still, she’s about to learn the true value of a dollar ...

* * *

Legalese: Contains adult material. Anyone under age 18 must leave now. Anyone that might be offended by sexy or sexually explicit material or strong language must leave now. The activities in this story may be unrealistic, unethical and/or illegal, and they ignore the reality of sexually transmitted diseases – this is fiction, do not try any of this at home. All characters are over age 18, proof of age on file.

* * *

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* * *

She walked with him hand-in-hand to the door, and once they were inside, the coat came off immediately.

Leaving her ... wonderfully naked for him! Just oozing with nekkidness! The strong feelings were vividly there, that it was SOOOO right. She’d taken a dollar to strut around totally naked for him, even if he WAS her son—and she’d told him earlier this evening she’d do it all night for him if he wanted her to, so she guessed she was buck naked until tomorrow morning. That was okay, though, it felt right—very very right.

God, she couldn’t believe that her own son was just staring at her naked body, that she was just standing here letting him, welcoming him to.

Neither of them mentioned that her excitement at this had put her nipples up on high beam. If she stopped to think too hard about that, she’d claw herself in shame, but she just did not let herself think about it.

“Gawwwd, that’s better,” she sighed. And it was—the very wrong feeling of being clothed had given way to the very right feeling of being naked, at least as long as this deal ran and she earned her dollar.

What was it with those damned dollars?

At least there was only one of them left!

She carried her long coat to the coat closet, feeling her high heels make her breasts ripple with each step, feeling his eyes on her, drinking her in, in all her forbidden nude glory.

It was ... enough to get a girl excited!

And those nipples like that simply revealed her hand entirely. There was no bluffing or aloofness, she was just ... excited. And it showed. Her breasts were declaring her arousal to the room, whether she liked it or not.

She walked back to him and drank in his interested excited gaze as he watched her.

“Well, I guess I’m your toy, your plaything to look at for the night, darling. My ... excited breasts,” she didn’t know why she drew attention that her breasts were perky with excitement, but she did, “And even my ... ‘snatch’, darling. My ‘pussy’ ... is yours to look at all you want this evening.”

“It’s, uhm ... quite nice, Madolyn,” he mumbled, quite captivated by her parts.

That ... okay, admittedly, that thrilled her. But she breathed deeply a couple times and focused again. “Where do you want me, sweetheart? How would you like me posed?”

“Those heels do wonderful things for your legs, Madolyn.”

“Thank you, Rob. I’m ... glad you like them.”

“They’re what? Four inch heels?”

“Yeah.” It felt so good for her to be on display for him.

“I didn’t know you even HAD four inch heels.”

“I, uhm ... didn’t, darling.”

“You bought them or something?”

“Nng-hnng. I—Oh, Rob, you wouldn’t let me do my part of the deal for you, and I called and you kept hanging up on me, and I felt SOOOOO awful. And I wanted to ... tempt you. To let me ... get all naked for you. So I went out and bought them this morning. So I could ... look a little sexier for you.” She shrugged and blushed, but he didn’t seem angry.

“Why don’t you turn around. And ... cock out your ass a little.”

She happily spun around and pointed her ass at him. “Like this, darling?”

“A little more.”

She was bent over and grabbing her ankles by the time he finished directing her. Then he had her reach back and pull her butt cheeks apart to expose herself for him.

“You are ... so hot, woman ...”

She felt his hand on her hips, and she stood back up and stepped away. “Uhm.”


“Looking, darling. The—the deal was for me to be all naked for you to ... look at. Just look.” She was glad he was letting her expose herself to him, for the dollar, and she didn’t want to piss him off. But ... touching hadn’t been part of the deal.

“Kissing’s okay, right?”

“Yeah,” she smiled dreamily and nodded. She liked the kissing.

“And I can ... touch your breasts some?”

She thought about it. He HAD already felt them up last Sunday, so it ... wasn’t like it was something he hadn’t done before. But ... feeling up her tits was sort of a gateway drug to ... more extreme things that she wanted to avoid. And with him down to just one more damned dollar he could use on her (she HOPED he couldn’t make more at will!), she ... shook her head no. Maybe ... she might even get him to expend his last damned dollar on just some boob petting?

“Really? I’ve already touched them the other night. You ... seemed to kinda like it. I can’t ... ?”

Maybe this was it—maybe she could get him to use the last dollar ... “Uhm, you could ... give me a dollar for it, darling? And then I’d ... almost HAVE to let you feel them up.” She tried for an enticing smile, though it felt week.

“I can’t ... just ... ?”

He started to reach for her, but she covered her breasts with her hands. “If you ... want to make a deal,” with his last damned dollar, “we might could ...”

He thought for a minute as she stood there, hands cupping tits, pussy on display.

“Okay,” he shrugged finally, then stood and walked back to his room.

“Uhm ... darling?” She was supposed to be on display for him. All night. “Don’t you want to ... look at me? All nekkid and all?”

No reply.

Shit! Now she was in the same predicament she was in Sunday night, worried that he might take the damned dollar back—both damned dollars!—if she didn’t follow through with her half of the deal!

She needed to salvage this, to recover. So that she could keep the damned dollar. Both the damned dollars.

On a thought, she headed to the kitchen and poured him a cold beer, then walked it back to his room.

“See? There I go again,” she entered, “Being a prissy-assed bitch. I am just such a stuck up tight-ass sometimes.” She handed him the beer. Then she placed her index finger up by her temple, “Just what are you going to with me, darling? Me and my prudish-assed self?” Then her eyes widened and she raised the finger upright. “I know! You need to smack a little sense into me!” She turned and leaned her ass out toward him. “Go ahead, sweetie. Swat it. My ass. I need it. I really do. Just ... haul off and smack it.”

He didn’t move, so she bent over to grab her ankles. “Go ahead, swat my naughty heinie. Make me not be such a prude.”

Still no reaction.

“Pleeease, darling? I forgot my place. Gawd,” she rolled her eyes, “isn’t that just like a woman? Swat my heinie and teach me lesson and make me feel all better? Please?”


“Ohgodyes! That’s right. That’s what it needs, baby. That’s exactly right. Do it again?” She shook it a little side to side. “Please? I need it.”


“Nnngghh! Ohgod, darling! That’s—that feels ... good.” And it ... did. Better than she expected.

His hand set gently on her ass cheek then, and moved around, squeezing.

Shit! That tenderness had her kinda creaming herself.

Swat! Smack! “Ohgod!” she squeaked.

Then the soft hand, moving around caressing.

Crap! She’d never suspected a spanking felt THIS good! If she’d known ... she mighta let ...

Shit! She’d have to be careful not to turn into a spanking-whore if—well, if spanking felt like THIS!

She was kind of melting here!

Smack! Swat! “Oh fuck!” she squeaked.

She saw a few drops of lube splatter down onto the carpet with that last swat. “Uh, I think ... that’s enough of that.” Before she got too dazed to keep her foot on the brakes here. If he kept that up, she might just ... do anything. “Why don’t I—”

“Bend over the side of the bed, woman.”

“I, uh ... nngkay?” She mumbled, flustered, and nodded, then bent over the edge of the mattress and arched her ass up obediently.

Swap! Smack!

“Ohgod, baby! I’m, uhm, ... maybe we oughtta ... uhm ...”

“Madolyn! You’re all ... wet ... back here.”

“Yeah ... see ... darling ... that’s the, uhm, problem ...”

Smack! Swat!

“Ohsweetjesus!” she gasped.

Then the soft hand, lightly caressing her ass, which just caused her to just fucking cream all over herself! “Uhm, baby ...”

He kept up the caressing hand until she was wriggling her ass around under that wonderful hand.


“Oh, sweetie,” she panted, “we really oughtta—”


“Gaawwwd! You GOTTA stop doing that to me, darling!” Then he laid his soft hand on her and pampered her cheek with gently brushing, making her eyes sorta ... flutter. “Darling ... this is ... getting a little ... outta hand ... we ... should maybe ...”

“Hush up, Madolyn.”

“Yes,” she breathed, “yes, sir ...”


“OHGOD! Baby!”


She whimpered, and he swatted her again.

“Up on the bed,” he gave her hip a shove and she rolled onto the bed. Her legs ... splaying wide ... to give him a hell of a pussy shot.

A, uhm ... very wet pussy shot. She was just glistening with lube—she knew it—and her son was looking right at her shiny mewling twat. And she SOOOO should have curdled at that ... and she WOULD ... she really would ... but later ... when she could think straight again ...

The soft hand moved up to her breasts and squeezed and caressed there, his fingers there scattering any hope she might have of coherent thought.

On a gasped intake of breath as he tweaked her nipple, she remembered something about wanting to keep her foot on the brake. But even her brain was so lubed up right now that ... brakes? What fucking brakes?

There was ... no hiding her delirious arousal. She knew her thighs were wide open, her pussy on full display for him, so it was obvious how juicy and lubed she was now. Hell, he could easily SMELL how excited she was now.

God, she was going to curdle with shame in the morning ...

But ... a confused little part of her mind reminded her that she was SUPPOSED to be on display for him—the deal, remember? So ... everything was okay about this, right?

He continued tracing his fingernails around on her breasts, drawing the thoughts right out of her silly little head.

Until finally ... she moaned and—fuck it!—she took one of his hands in hers and ... pulled it down, to ... between her legs, and ... got it all wet ... with her juices ... as she moved it around down there.

“Are you still with me here, Mom?” he chuckled as she rubbed her wet twat with his hand.

A whined, “Nnnnggg!” was all she mustered in response.

He rolled her over on her belly, then gave her ass two more good swats.

“Nnng! Yes!” she wriggled her ass under his hand. “Ohgod, baby,” she panted, “I am so fucking haawwwt here ...”

Whack! “On all fours, woman.”

Madolyn dazedly got up on her hands and knees on the bed. She kept her head low, her auburn hair falling down to cover her blushing face, because she was still lucid enough to be ashamed of acting like SUCH a whore in front of her youngest child, just not lucid enough to not do it. “Ohgod, Daddy!” she whimpered, “My ass is soooo slutty! Swat it again!”

“Why, Madolyn! You’re so EXCITED back here!” he pulled his hand away from her shiny ass.

“Nnnngggg!” she wriggled. “Spank me ... again, Daddy ...”

He did, and she moaned and whimpered for him. Performed like a fucking slut for him, juicing and whining and wriggling.

Then the ... little prick bastard just ... TEASED her! On and on and on, he swatted her ass, and squeezed her breasts and glided his hand over and over her hindquarters. She had no idea how long he tortured her delectably like that, but finally she ... begged. She just ... begged her son to ... for the sake of God, let her fucking cum.

“Daaaaaddy!” she finally whined complaint and wriggled her ass to plead, “I ... I GOTTA cum here! Pleeeeease!”

“Look at me,” he ordered her.

>From all fours, she twisted around to look at him, eyes meeting his.

Whack! “You want to cum?”

“Nnnnngh! Yessss! Pleeeease!” Her eyes fluttered away from his.

Swat! “Ask again.”

“Pleeeeease, Daddy! Pleeeease let me cuuuum!”

Swack! “Beg.”

She moved her eyes back to his. And she did beg with them. Please, please, pleeeeease. Whispered, “Please?”

Whack! “Cum.”

She ... did.

And it just ... blew out her mind.

* * *

Madolyn drifted from orgasmic unconciousness into sleep as the scattered pieces of her mind dawdled about in the pleasuresphere. The pieces didn’t wander back home and reform consciousness until about 6:00 the next morning.

At which point she ... sighed. And smiled. And opened her eyes.

Wow ...

Life was ... very good. She hadn’t felt ... this content since ... ever ...

Then she ... remembered. She WAS, uhm ... in her son’s bed. Kind of ... naked. She turned her head, and he was ... lying beside her. So she’d sort of ... lain with the teasing little bastard all night long.

See, that was ... not good.

She quietly eased herself out of his bed. As she did, her hand felt where the mattress was still soaked on her side, from where she’d just wet herself with lube last night.

Oh, that was so not good.

At least he was still in his pants, laying there, sleeping peacefully. So even if she had humiliated and demeaned herself in front of him last night, at least they hadn’t crossed over SOME lines.

The important ones. Those lines would be ... just unthinkable. Thank you, God, she nodded heavenward.

Her eyes flicked from heaven back down to her bed of shame where her youngest child was stirring enough to roll over into—

Oh, Rob, no!

—into her wet spot.

Oh, Rob, that was just ... so wrong. He was ... stretched out in her juices. The poor boy was going to ... smell like her sexual excitement when he got up ...


Crap! Crap! Crap!

She ... left him there—getting her all over him as he soaked in her lubricant—and padded barefoot out of his room


She padded over to her room and grabbed a robe. The deal was done now, and her dollar was safe—both dollars from last night, as a matter of fact. So she didn’t need to stay nekkid in front of him anymore.

She winced and curdled for a second—she CERTAINLY didn’t need to be all ... EXCITED and—had she ... actually ... BEGGED last night?! She sure as HELL did not need to be BEGGING her son, certainly not over kinky spanking shenanigans. Not with her son.

Just breathe, she told herself. Just breathe and get through this.

Okay, she pulled on a robe to cover her good parts up.

Then she stepped into her bathroom and looked in the mirror to make sure her hair didn’t have that just-fucked look. It didn’t—it was more of that hot-sweaty-sex-then-slept-on-it-for-six-hours look.

But ... her skin DID sort of have that freshly-fucked afterglow. And were her eyes actually TWINKLING? She needed to dampen that—no twinkling. That wasn’t allowed after cumming in front of her son.

She ran the brush through her hair a few times to make it more presentable. Then she—aw, what the hell, she touched up her make-up.

But it wasn’t so she’d look pretty for Rob when he got up. No, it was so ... she’d ... be ... uhm ...

Well, it didn’t matter anyway.

Pretty again now, she padded out to the kitchen for some coffee.

She must have removed the high heeled shoes ... that she’d bought yesterday to ... sexually tempt her son into letting her ... parade around naked in front of him ... for a damned dollar—she or he must have removed them from her naked body last night.

Oh ... all this was SOOOO not good ...

In the kitchen, she poured some coffee and sat at the table.

To ... curdle. To wallow in shame of how she’d ... humiliated herself last night.

Ohsweetgod ...

She’d lain naked all night with her son. In his bed. In her big wet spot of excited overlubrication. And maybe a little ... squirting in there? She wasn’t a squirter, but ... Jesus Christ, last night had been hot. At least at the time. Now it was just ... making her cringe.

She remembered she’d been ... staring right at him when she’d ... cum. So very very hard. How many sons had caught their moms in mid O-face? Raise your hand, Madolyn, she told herself. Your own son has watched you grimace helplessly in ecstasy. Over his ... spanking you.

She had ... wet herself. Over getting spanked. In front of her son. By her son. The merciless little teasing bastard.

How would HE like it if she teased his cock up to—and held it there for hours until—

Stop it!

Sexual teasing of her son was out! Out! Not to be thought of, not even for comparison or teasing revenge purposes!

Her hand was trembling slightly as she took a sip of coffee.

Her eyes widened, and she slapped THAT thought out of existence! What the fuck?!

What HAD happened last night? The little teasing bastard hadn’t given her a dollar to get all squishy at getting spanked, so where had THAT come from?!

She COULDN’T have ... done that all on her own? Could she?!

No, he must be doing something else to her, in addition to the damned dollars. Something to make her ... excited. Too excited. Over things that would NEVER normally ... make her ... excited.

Last night they had just ... thrilled her.

Until she just begged.

Gawd, it was good her ex hadn’t been able to pull that trick on her back when they were together. Or she’d still be with the jerk. His little ... spanking addict. Begging him to ...

Ohgod, had she REALLY let her son spank her into submission?!

Was she—was there really some kind of ... whore ... inside her?!

Did she somehow ... deep down inside ... WANT ... to be ... so ... SLUTTY?!

Anyway, no, absolutely not. Getting her hindquarters swatted like that ... by her son ... did NOT turn her on. It did not. In no way, shape or form. And THAT was that.

So he was doing something else to her. In addition to the damned dollars. To just make her go sexually crazy last night.

And she had, just made a ... spectacle of herself in front of her youngest child.

He’d made her look right at him before he slapped her that final time, launching all the fireworks into her head. So that he could see her as they went off, so he could see her in her humiliation. Her wrenched up face ... as orgasms just gushed out of her ... like shame from a faucet.

Had he WANTED to humiliate her just so that she could sit here and wallow in it this morning? So that regular Tight-Ass Mom could sit here, curdling at all the filthy things that Slutty Mom would do after just a couple swats to her hot little ass? So that she could have her face rubbed in what a spectacle she’d made of herself in front of her youngest child? Spanked into a begging, whimpering mess. Until she just erupted in orgasm for him.

Gawd, what had she done?!

* * *

Madolyn had steeped in her own shame for a couple hours when Rob finally wandered out about 8:30.

“Hey, beautiful,” he smiled at her from the doorway. She ... smiled sweetly back. What could she do?

He stepped to her and squeezed her shoulder, then leaned down to kiss her neck a moment.

Sending shivers skittering around her skin, raising gooseflesh.

She shut her eyes and breathed, “Darling.” What could she do?

He stepped over and poured himself some coffee, then joined her at the table again. “So your hair down there is the same as your hair up there.”

Shutting her eyes and wincing, she ... nodded. She SOOO should not be discussing her vaginal fur with her own son. And ... he DID smell a little like her excitement, after sleeping on her wet spot where she’d gotten sooo excited on his mattress.

Okay, get a grip on yourself, girl, she told herself. You can’t keep acting like this with him. AAAND, he only has one more of those damned dollars. All you have to do is survive one more of these “deals” and it’s all over, just one more.

She could do that.

“Are you naked under the robe?”

She winced again. And nodded.

“Hey,” he reached over to cover her hand with one of his, “what’s the problem? You’re not too embarrassed about last night, are you?”

How could she answer that? To her son?

“Hey, so I’ve seen your O-face. So what? It looks good on you. Desperation becomes you—at least when it’s to cum all over yourself. You have a ... beautiful grimace as your orgasms gush out of you.”

Oh, this was sooo not making her feel any better ...

“Slide that robe down off your shoulders. Let me see your beauty in the light of morning. Hmm?”

She squeezed her eyes shut like that might make all this go away. But when she opened them, he was still there, looking at her expectantly. “I ... can’t,” she told him.

He stood up and walked out of the kitchen.

Was he ... going to get the last damned dollar?

Would he use it to get her to take off her robe?

She could ... live with that—if he used it for that.

She reached in the pocket of her robe to feel the twelve damned dollars she had there. They shouldn’t be important, but they were. And she was willing to do things she never expected to earn them. And she never let them get very far from her.

Maybe she’d ... maybe she’d have them all in just a few minutes.

Maybe ... this would all be over.

Rob stepped back into the kitchen carrying his wallet. He looked up at her as he pulled the last damned one out and held it up. Smiled. “Last one I have here,” he muttered.

Yes! The last one! She was—this was almost OVER!

He held it out at her. “I’ll give you a dollar—”

She looked up at him, eager, excited. She would gladly take off her robe as the deal for that last dollar!

“—to give me the other twelve back.”

She didn’t move for a moment. Then the ... smile slid off her face. “Wh-what?!”

“I’ll give you this dollar to give me the other twelve back. ’Kay?”

“N-no. That’s not right. No. They’re mine.”

“But I’ll give you this dollar for them.”


He looked at her a minute, then shrugged. “Okay.” He grabbed his coffee and headed back to his room.

No. He couldn’t.

He couldn’t take them all back like that. They were hers.

They couldn’t ... start her degradation ... all over again ... they just couldn’t ...

* * *

Madolyn had her robe opened and pushed back off her shoulders down to her upper arms to expose her breasts and crotch when she stepped into her son’s room. “Rob, honey?”

“Hmm, yeah, Madolyn. Hey, you look great!”

“Do you think, sweetie?”

He nodded.

“All ... naked for you, darling. Wouldn’t you rather ... you know, spend that dollar on,” she gestured vaguely at herself, “this?”

“You look REEEAALLY tempting, Madolyn. But with the twelve dollars, I can look at you twelve more times.”


“Hey,” he pulled the last dollar out of his front pants pocket—he was still shirtless—and waved it at her, “you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you’re not interested in this dollar, just keep the other twelve.”

“God-DAM-it, Rob,” she whined and stamped her foot petulantly, “I waaaant THAT one!”

“Okay,” he held it toward her, “give me those twelve, and I’ll give you this one.”


“You’re so pretty when you whine,” he grinned.

“You smug prick!” she stamped her foot again.

He just smiled at her expectantly.

“Fuck!” She reached in the robe pocket for the other twelve bills, then flung them at him, “Here! Take them!”

Chuckling, he started gathering them up off his mattress.

“Well, give me THAT one!” she snatched the thirteenth out of his hand.

“Hey, I’ll give you a dollar ... if you go call in sick, and stay here with me naked all day.”

Lips pursed in disgust—she was back to one bill, now two as she snatched it from his hand—she headed back out to the kitchen to call in sick.

She heard him chuckling from his room as she headed up the hall.

* * *

She called in sick, then ... removed her robe. Here she was again, getting ready to strut around naked for her son. What was going to become of her? He was back up to eleven bills remaining now ...

She padded back up the hall, feeling her breasts jiggle slightly with each step, to her son’s room, then stepped in.

He looked up at her.

She—okay, it did NOT thrill her that he smiled as his eyes took in her nude body. It did NOT. And she’d just brushed her hair and touched up her make-up earlier this morning so that she wouldn’t be running around with bed-head and bed-hair. That was all.

Still, she couldn’t deny that her nipples perked up a bit.

But she had something she needed to do, so she focused. “Bobby,” she held up a finger to halt him before he tried to offer her any deals, “no dollars.”

He opened his mouth, but she wagged her finger. “No dollars. We need to talk. Right now.”

He shrugged. “Mmkay.”

“Bobby,” she sat down on the mattress with him, very aware that her breasts were on wondrous display, “did you ... sell your soul or something?

“Hungh? What do you mean?”

“These ... damned dollars. How did you get them? What did you DO to get them? Please just tell me that you didn’t sell your soul to the devil or something stupid like that.”

“Naw,” he shook his head, “no, I got them from an old gypsy woman.”

“A gypsy woman?”

“There was a caravan of gypsies in old pickups and SUVS at the fairground near the college—juggling things and telling fortunes and running little gambling games. One old lady ... showed me how the bills work, and I bought them from her.”

“Bought them? For ...”

He ducked his head like he was a little embarrassed “For ... a couple thousand dollars. After I saw how they worked, I ... went to an ATM and withdrew the money and took it to her. And she gave me the bills.”

“But not your soul?”

“No,” he grinned, “my soul never entered into it.”

Madolyn sighed, relieved. She’d been afraid—he’d—actually—damned his—

Thank God!

Her son hadn’t ACTUALLY sold his soul to the devil or anything. She looked at him. He was still being a little prick, but she could almost hug him in relief. Except that her breasts were hanging out in the open, so a hug would be very inappropriate. As a matter of fact ...

“Bobby ... my eyes are up here,”

He brought his gaze up to hers, at least having the decency to show a little guilt for staring at his Mom’s naked boobs. “After I saw how they worked,” he explained, “I thought how pretty you would be ... a little more submissive.”


“You know, taking a few orders instead of giving them all the time.”

“Bobby?! I’m ... sitting here naked in front of you!”

“Isn’t it great?” he grinned.

“No! It is NOT great! I’m your MOTHER, Bobby! And I,” she dropped her voice to a loud whisper, “I ... CAME all over myself in front of you last night! In front of my own SON! Just ... gushed my hot little brains out right in front of you.”

“You were SOOOO pretty with your eyes rolling up in your head in pleasure!”

Her cheeks flared hot instantly with shame, but she continued on. “What else, Bobby? What else did you do here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Last night,” she arched a brow and looked pointedly at him.

“Uh ... ?” he gestured questioningly for more specifics.

“The spanking?”

“You ... seemed to want that?”

“Yeah, what did you do to me to make me want it?”


“Look, you didn’t give me a dollar to make me want to do perverted things like be spanked. So what did you do to me to make me ... ask for that? To make me ... want it?” To make her ... beg for it?

“Uh, nothing. That was just you.”

“No,” she shook her head, scoffing. “No, that was NOT just me. I don’t ... DO things like that, Bobby. I don’t ... WANT to.”

“Get off on being spanked?”

“No, not at all.”

“Really? You never used to do that with Dad—”

“Gawd, no!”

“’Cause it seemed like it was kinda your favorite thing in the world to do.”

“Nooo,” she fidgeted as her cheeks flamed red again, “no it’s not. I’ve never done that before. I don’t ... ‘get off’ ... on being spanked. I’ve never played spanking games, I’ve never even BEEN spanked since I was ten or so.”

“Well you REALLY liked getting spanked last night. And I sure didn’t do anything to make you like it—I wouldn’t even have thought of it. That was all you.”

“No,” she whispered, slowly shaking her head.

“Yeah, that was all you, sweetie,” he nodded, grinning.

She winced as her cheeks flushed with shame again.

“It’s okay. Don’t ... be embarrassed. You were pretty. Begging. And all.”

“Ohgod,” she whimpered. Had she really ... had spanking really been HER idea?! Her subconscious’s, she guessed?

Jesus Christ! What was Slutty Mom into?!

“Hey,” he reached out and touched her boob gently, “don’t be upset. I’m not judging.” Then, with the thing in his hand already, he just lightly caressed the boob.

Madoline was so confused, she just ... let him.

After a minute, he leaned toward her. “It’s okay,” he whispered, and pressed his lips to hers.

She ... accepted his tongue.

Soon she was lain back on the bed, breathing heavily as he kissed her neck and shoulder.

“Ohgod, Bobby,” she finally sighed into his mouth, “I’m your mother.”

“You are also one hot bitch,” he breathed back into hers. “When that gypsy showed me these dollar bills, and I thought about you ... doing what you’re told ...”

“But ... mmm ... Bobby—”

“Rob,” he corrected her.

“But Rob, I’m ... your mother.”

“My little bitch,” he corrected her again. He kissed his way back from her mouth, along her neckline, to her ear. “Say it,” he whispered as he ... tongued the lower edges of her ear.

She was laying here ... making out with him ... bare ass naked ... while he felt up her boob. And he hadn’t even offered her a dollar. “I’m, uhm ... your little bitch, darling,” she breathed, “Don’t ... humiliate me.” Then in a much smaller voice, “Toooo much.”

They necked another hour or so, then just laid there another hour in his bed as he caressed her back and breasts, and she made wet between her legs and let her eyes flutter.

Finally, they stirred and headed out to the kitchen to make some lunch.