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Dollars and Sins

Chapter 5

Madolyn Caldwell knows first-hand how much it cost to raise her children—from college tuition, to her daughter’s recent wedding.

Still, she’s about to learn the true value of a dollar ...

* * *

Legalese: Contains adult material. Anyone under age 18 must leave now. Anyone that might be offended by sexy or sexually explicit material or strong language must leave now. The activities in this story may be unrealistic, unethical and/or illegal, and they ignore the reality of sexually transmitted diseases – this is fiction, do not try any of this at home. All characters are over age 18, proof of age on file.

* * *

Author’s note: there is a graphic version of this chapter, with some hundred images, available for free at (see Preview 1, as this story is intended to eventually be a free interactive game as well). You can view the graphic tale online there or download it for offline viewing (it’s all just Javascript and images) as well.

SPOILER in next paragraph!

Hang with me through this chapter, and our hero and heroine do finally boff in the next chapter, Chapter 6. I never really meant to tease things out this long (wow, some 29000 words before they fully consummate!) but that’s the way this story wanted to unfold, so ... who am I to argue with it? (Other than, you know, the author ...)

* * *

Madolyn padded out and prepared food entirely naked, utterly more lubed and ready than she’d ever been during her marriage. She marveled at how things can change over just a few days!

After lunch, she tried on several sexy lingerie outfits she’d bought yesterday afternoon to tempt Rob into letting her prance around naked for him. She modeled them, and got most of the crotches entirely too wet. At being on display. For her son. Ohgod, help her.

After that, he pulled a couple DVDs, and they watched some porn together in the den.

“You are so much hotter than that bitch,” he commented about the auburn-haired pornstar with the big boobs going down on the stiff cock with some serious tongue action.

Once again, it SOOOO should not thrill her to be complimented like that. By her son. But ... she just went with it and quietly lubed herself a little more.

Later, during the second film, she was sitting up while Rob laid down with his head on her thigh. Tracing his ... fingernails up and down her ... inner thigh. She’d ... started with her knees together. Nice and prim. But naked. And as he traced his fingers and nails along her thigh, she ... let them ... spread to ... make room for him to ... tease the ... inner sides ...

And now, he was ... tracing his fingernails up and down the length of the inside of her thigh, and ... as he reached the top of her thigh each time, he ... accidentally brushed the lips of her ... pussy.

She was just ... ready to go insane here ...

“Hey, Mom,” he called, accidentally humiliating her even more. This was her SON that was doing this to her.

Her head was leaned back, eyes shut and fluttering as she gnawed her lip, determined not to molest the teasing little prick. So she ... suffered silently. Wonderfully. “Hnnngh?”

“You still with me here?” She could hear the grin in his voice.

“Nngg-hnngg,” she sighed without opening her eyes. It was taking all her concentration just to endure this exquisite pleasure.

“The movie’s over.”

“Nngg-hnngg.” That’s nice, dear, just keep ... doing the things you’re doing to me down there, hmm?

“You ready to get up and stir?”

“Hunngh-ngg.” Darling, I’m too fucking wet to think here. Let’s just ... keep on what we’re doing ... hmm?

She couldn’t POSSIBLY say that last to him.

Could she?

“Are you even listening to me?” he chuckled.

“Hnngh-nggh ...”

“Time to get uu-up,” he sing-songed. “We should get some dinner.”

“Nnnnggg-nnnnngg,” she whined. She just wanted to ... sit here and keep doing this a while longer.

She felt him sit up, and figured he wasn’t going to keep stroking her inner thigh. Wasn’t going to keep ... deviously touching her where he shouldn’t be—

“Whunggh?” she opened her eyes as she was pulled across his lap. “What?!”


“Jesus! Bobby!” No! They couldn’t! That got WAAAAY too far out of hand last time he spanked her bottom!


“Are you awake?”

“I’m—I’m awake.”

Ohjesus! There was the gentle hand, caressing her ass cheeks, shivering goose flesh up and down her back! “Stop! No! We can’t do this!” She was not about to be reduced to a begging little slut! Not in front of her son again!

She pushed up off his lap onto her hands and knees, then started to stand up—

“Get back across my lap!” he ordered her.

“But ... Bobby!”

“Get your ass back across my lap. You have three more swats coming.”

“But ... we caaaan’t,” she lowered herself back down. “I got ... WAAAAAY out of hand last time, darling. We can’t—”


“Ohgod, Bobby!”

The soft hand, gently caressing ...


“Nnnngggh!” She—she didn’t wriggle her ass under his hand. It just ... sort of wriggled itself ... all by itself.

And the ... caresses ... which had her eyes fluttering again ...

“You get off on being spanked?” he asked his mom.

“I ... don’t ... I don’t know why, Bobby ... it just ... I just ...”



And the caressing hand ...

“Do you always over-lubricate? Or do you just do that for me?”

“I just—it’s just—honey, we can’t be talking about things like that!”

“Madolyn, you’re stretched out over my knee, and I’m spanking you wet here. I think we can.”

She sighed, part in waves of pleasure from his caressing hand, part in exasperation. “You make me really wet, okay? No, normally I don’t ... juice up like this. But you just ... do this to me.”

“That’s nice.” He gave her ass a tiny flick. “You can get up now.”

Yeah ... she guessed she could. Or ... if he REALLY wanted to just ... keep spanking her naughty little bottom, they could ... you know ...

He gave a very light swat again. “Up, up. We should go grab a bite for dinner.”

Sighing ... frustrated ... she got up and stood. The little prick was just teasing her mercilessly. She was ready at this point to go back to her bedroom for an hour of getting intimate with her hand, if he wouldn’t service her.

“You look so sexy when you’re horny,” he grinned.

“Hmmph!” Sons should NOT talk to their mothers that way.

Horny, she padded naked out to the kitchen. He followed in his cloth shorts and t-shirt. There was definitely a clothing imbalance here!

She padded around in the kitchen naked, fixing them some spaghetti while he sat and admired her body. Once the pasta was boiling and she was waiting for it to finish. She filled a glass with water and stepped toward the table and—

Gosh darn it! Wouldn’t you just know it! She ... accidentally spilled it all over his t-shirt. “Oh, pooh!” she stamped her foot to make her titties jiggle a little, “I am SOOO sorry, Rob. I just—I’ve just soaked your shirt.”

“Uh, you kind of did.”

She was already reaching for the hem and pulling up to remove the wet garment.

“Hey, uh, hey—”

“I am not letting you sit there in a soaked t-shirt. Off it comes, young man. Come on.” He relented and she got him shirtless. And ... yeah, her son was pretty good looking.

“Uh, Mom, my eyes are up here.”

Her cheeks flushed instantly, but she just played dumb. “Hmm?” she looked up at him.

The timer went off then, saving her from further explanation, and she finished putting the spaghetti together.

She ate nekkid, admiring his chest. Hmm, life wasn’t soooo bad, she guessed ...

Even eating dinner naked with her son had its perks.

After dinner, she hurriedly rinsed the dishes and set them in the dishwasher then excused herself and headed back to her bathroom. She took a quick shower—she’d lubed an awful lot the last couple days, and she needed to rinse it off to smell pretty.

She washed her hair, then dried it. Washed her face, then took her time to reapply her make-up fresh.

Then, wholesome and clean and smelling sweet, she flounced back out wearing just the fuck-me heels she’d bought on Thursday to tempt her prick of a son.

“Good God, you are beautiful!” he noticed when she joined him in the den.

She preened a bit under his attention. “No, I just wanted to go freshen up a little.”

“You wanna ... make out a while?”

“Yeah,” her eyes sparkled, and a smile spread across her face. Stepping to him, she sat down naked in his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and ... shared tongues for a while.

When his hand eventually came up to pet her boob, she didn’t fuss. She almost ... hoped he had another dollar, and that he might make her ... do something more.

She sighed as he caressed her tit and played with her nipple.

He still hadn’t, you know ... penetrated her yet—not with fingers, not with toy, not with tongue, not with ... his erect cock. Hell, she hadn’t even SEEN his—she swallowed nervously—cock. Erect or otherwise. How were they going to build a hot fucking perverted sexual relationship from that foundation?! It was nothing but TEASE.

Not, of course, that she WANTED to build a hot, sexual, steamy, pussy-drenching, mind-blowing relationship ... with her son. But still ...

She was spending all her time juicy here, and it was starting to get to her.

As a matter of fact ... she got up out of his lap, then sat back down there facing him, straddling him. Sure, she’d drip juices all over the crotch of his pants, but the little prick could just deal with it. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed and nibbled at his ear and whispered, “You can feel up my ass if you want to, darling.”

He did.

After another hour of making out like that, he finally rolled her over to the side onto the couch—yes!—and she let her thighs flop open to show just how very very wet and excited she was ...

He stood and pulled out his wallet—Yes! Ohgod, yes! Finally!—and pulled out one of the dollar bills. “I’ll give you a dollar if—”

“Yes, darling! Yes! Anything, yes, yes, yes!” she breathed. Sloppy pussy on display at splayed thighs.

“If you play with yourself. Right here in front of me.”

Okay, that would be ... humiliating.

If he wanted to participate, they’d both be too crazed with lust for anything to matter. But if he was going to just sit there and calmly, rationally ... watch. While she ... wriggled and moaned and got off. Desperately to her own fingers. Blowing out her own mind with climaxes. She’d be ... again ... nothing but his whore.

She whimpered.

Why did SHE always have to be the humiliated whore?

She let out a little whine of protest. Swallowed hard. Then took the dollar.

Her legs were already splayed wide, dribbling juices, all buttered up for penetration. Looking directly at the little bastard, she let her hand ... drift down ... to her excited twat.

And tease the dewy hair there. Breathed deeply.

“Ohgod, Rob,” she sighed, not even bothering to pretend it was someone else she was fantasizing about—the little prick would know. Or then again ... maybe she should. “Or, ehr ... Steven,” she made up a name. “Uh, ‘Steven’, yes, that’s it, baby ... touch me ... there ...”

Her middle finger traced up the front of her slick slit.

“Ohgod,” her voice traipsed up a couple octaves, “yeah, like that baby ...” She breathed, and slid hand back from her slit and teased the moist hair around it a minute, trying to make this last more than seconds.

Gazing directly into her son’s eyes, she breathed sincerely, “Oh, ‘Steven’, I LOVE making out with you. Your lips ... and kisses ... and that TONGUE. Ohgod, baby, you make me wet just from foreplay, just from KISSING!”

She lazily traced her fingernails around on her wet upper thighs. “And when you kiss my ears and play with my neck ... I get these shivers all over. And my boobs—God, you can’t play with my boobs enough, ‘Steven’. I pretend like I don’t want you to ... ’cause we shouldn’t, and I don’t want you to think I’m ... THAT much of a slut. But,” she dropped her voice to a loud whisper, her fingers at her crotch returning to tracing up and down her slit, slightly parting the lips, “But ... I am. For you, ohgod I am.”

“And when you ... stick your tongue in my mouth ... OHSWEETJESUS,” her voice ascended two octaves again as she slid ... a finger halfway inside herself. “Ohgod, like you just OWN me, like I’m nothing but your fucking bitch ... ohgod, Rob—I mean ‘Steven’—I just fucking cream myself!”

A second finger joined the first, inside herself, sliding in and out. “And I have NO IDEA what’s gotten into me, Rob—Steven—when you ... slap my ass.” She plunged the two fingers deep and moaned. “GAAAWWWWD—I mean, I don’t usually get off on stuff like that. But ...” fingers in deep again, with another low moan.

“Rob, I’ve NEVER let ANYBODY ... SPANK me! But it just ... feels so ... FIILLLLTHY ... when you do that to me,” her fingers were moving at a rapid pace at her crotch now. “When you straighten my naughty ass out ... and make me ... behave. Like you want me to, baby. Doing whatever you want me to, ohgod!”

The fingers were a blur now. “Rob,” she gasped, giving up all pretense of the mythical Steven, her eyes closing as she rode the fantasy now, “yeah, baby, do it ... do me ... stick it INNNN there!” Her fingers plunged in deeply again, then resumed their rapid pace. “Make me beg for it, darling ... God, I feel so dirty when you make me beg ... Ohgod, baby ... please ... do it ... bend me ov—OVER! and just ... FUCK me! Oh! OHGOD! OOOHHHH ... GAAAWWWWWD, YES!” Her whole body tensed, and she shoved the fingers deep and grunted as ... orgasms galloped through her.

Some glorious seconds later, she ... untensed. Sighed. Softened back against the couch until she was just draped on top of it.

She colored with shame at the performance she’d just put on for her son, but her body was too wrung out to tense about it. So she laid there, cheeks flushed red, but eyes closed and tranquil as she wallowed in humiliation on the inside.

Almost like ... she was taking a warm bath in the shame. What was it about humiliating herself in front of her son that was soooo ... exciting to her these days?

“Good God, you are hot woman,” Rob marveled in awe.

She gave a half chuckle without opening her eyes. “Here I am, debasing myself in front of you, Rob Caldwell,” she pulled her fingers out of herself, “and getting off on doing it. What are you doing to me, darling?” She opened her eyes and stared at him for several seconds. “You are just ... pushing all my buttons here. You’re, uhm ... turning your mother whore, sweetheart.” Ohgod, she was going to be ashamed later about speaking that frankly. But ... ah, fuck it.

She just laid there a few minutes, on display for him—Slutty Mom, content now. Eventually, she pulled her fingers out of herself so she wouldn’t block his view of her.

When he stood and pulled his wallet from his pocket, she smiled lazily. Whatever he wanted her to do, well ...

“I’ll give you as dollar,” he held one forward to her, “if you dream about me.”

That was easy, she thought as she reached for it—she was already dreaming about ... well ... things.

He held onto the bill, pinched between his fingers, and she looked up at him.

“Hot ... filthy ... dreams.”

She swallowed. And gave the least little nod, her eyes still locked on his. And he let go.

Her eyes dropped. She knew they were going to be ... filthy.

He turned around to leave her naked, wet and sprawled upon the couch, and started toward his room.

“Darling,” she called, and he turned. “Dream of ... me ... too, tonight?”

He smiled.

“Uhm ... wet ... dreams?”

He turned and continued on toward his room.

God, what was she doing?

Ohgodyes, her dreams were ... filthy ... that night.

She’d been ... on all fours. Naked. And Rob had been behind her. While she ... acted that way. And the sounds that had been ... leaking out of her throat ... while she ...

She woke, uhm ... humiliated. Madolyn Caldwell did not ... dream of things like that. She certainly did not wake up ... all horny ... after such dreams. Yet ... there she was.

She slipped on her fuck-me heels and jiggled out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and try to ... come to terms with ... the filthy things in her head.

Her hand had drifted up to her breast to ... play with her nipple while she ... thought about things, when Rob stepped into the kitchen.

“Oh, darling,” she breathed and stood, then stepped to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, to surrender her tongue into his mouth.

A couple minutes later, he broke the kiss, and she was ashamed that she’d been almost dry-humping his thigh.

“You’re, uhm, naked,” he observed.

“Yes, darling!” she breathed, then spun around slowly for him to inspect.

“But the, uhm, dollar was just to strut around naked for a couple hours.”

“Oh, one of those dollars was for me to strut my ass around here naked for you all weekend.”

“I ... don’t think—”

“Oh, I’m sure of it, sweetie. One of those dollars was for me to be naked all weekend, I’m just ... sure of it. And a deal’s a deal. So ... here I am,” she smiled and wriggled.

“Well,” he grinned, admiring her, “you ought to dress like this for me all the time.”

“Yes, sir,” she smiled, then stepped to him, staring into his eyes, and wrapped her arms around behind him to cup his ass for some seconds as he raised his eyebrows at her behavior. Then she fished his wallet out of his pocket, stepped back and held the wallet up. She opened it up to show him she was going into the one compartment, fished out one of the damned bills, then handed the wallet back to him, still holding up the removed bill in her other hand.

“I will always be as naked as I can be for you, darling,” she said, then looked a question at him and nodded.

He nodded back.

She carried the dollar to he table and set it on top of her stack. Her stash of three now.

She was now his own private, naked Mom.

She really should ... not ... feel this thrilled about that.

She turned back around to him. All ... naked and everything. “Rob? I, uhm ... I need to ... run out for a little while this morning. If that’s ... okay?”

“Sure. What for?”

Her face colored pink. “I ... can’t tell you that.”

He shrugged after a second. “Sure. Do what you need to.”

“Thank you, sweetie!” she stepped to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, draping her naked body over him, and gushed gratitude into his mouth.

After a minute, she broke the kiss. “I know I just promised I’ll always be naked for you, but—”

“But you need to be dressed to go out in public,” he finished for her. “Go get dressed. Go run your errand. And we’ll make out some more when you get back.”

“Oh, goody!” she squealed, kissed him a little more, then broke away and hurried up the hall.

After Madolyn left, Rob pulled his novel and read for a while.

She’d been cute this morning, just deciding on her own to run around nude. And then practically giving herself a dollar for a deal where she’d always be naked for him, and wouldn’t have to make excuses for it. To him, or to herself, he guessed.

He finished the one novel, then went back to his room and exchanged it for another one on his shelf. Stretching out on his bed, he started reading it.

Madolyn got back a couple hours after she left. He heard her open the front door, then heard her carrying several bags in and back to her bedroom.

Then she showed up in his doorway, wearing a sheer powder blue babydoll cover that ... hid nothing.

“Wow.” The woman was ... stunning.

She grinned, brightly, very pleased. “I got it for you, darling! I thought you might like me jiggling around in it for you.”

“Y-yeah,” he nodded. He would ... like that very much.

“Oh, good!” Then she just stood there in the doorway nervously a minute, finally even wringing her hands. He was about to ask her what was up when she spoke, “Darling, a favor?”

“Sure,” he shrugged.

She smiled and exhaled, relieved. She jiggled toward him and held out one of the dollar bills to him. “Give this ... back to me. In exchange for ... telling you what I just bought.”

He didn’t reach for it. “Why don’t you just tell—”

“Darling, I don’t ... buy things like this. I don’t even think about things like this. I would,” she raised her eyes and stiffened, “CURDLE just THINKING about buying something like this. So ... the only way I’m going to be able to ... go through with ...” she was almost panting, “is if you ... give me a dollar ... before I think about it ... too much.”

He looked at her. What in the hell had her so ... riled up and anxious?

“Ohgod!” she whimpered, her face flushing dark red with shame, and sprang to her feet and toward the door. “I can’t! Forget it, I can’t!”

“Madolyn!” he barked, and she halted, barefoot and teddy-clad. “Turn around.”

“Rob, I ... can’t.” Her face was dark pink, and she was actually trembling. “I—I never even—it’s just—OHGOD! I can’t!”

“Madolyn!” She stopped jittering, but still trembled. “Get that pretty little ass over here.”

Taking small, reluctant steps, Madolyn moved towards the bed.

“What has got you all—”

“I CAN’T, Rob! I CAN’T! Just forget I even said anything! Please!” she pleaded sincerely. “I just ... CAN’T!”

“Madolyn, tell me what this is about. What did you buy?”

She ... writhed. “Roooob! I caaaan’t!”

Sighing, he held the dollar back toward her.

“Shit! Don’t, Rob! I know I asked—but DON’T! I can’t—I can’t take the shame! Pleeeeease don’t humiliate me like this!”

The woman writhed and whined like she was desperate to pee but there wasn’t a toilet for ten miles. She made big sincere eyes for him, shaking her head, no, please no.

“Madolyn,” he sighed, “I will give you a dollar to—”

“Oh, please Rob, noooo ...” she mumbled in a small voice.

“Show me what you got, Madolyn.”

She stood there, every muscle in her body clenched—gorgeously naked under her pretty blue nightie cover—in tense conflict. She ... swallowed. She ... reached for the bill. And took it. Then she visibly sagged as her muscles let go in exhausted defeat. Her face was bright red, her eyes not meeting his.

Whatever she had gotten ... must just be a tremendous something.

Silently, she turned around and padded little steps toward his door.

Rob admired her pretty little ass under the transparent scrap of cloth.

And she disappeared for a few minutes.

Then he heard her voice from the hallway. “Darling ... before I come in there. I—I never—I never even THINK about things like this. It’s ... perverted. It’s humiliating. It’s humiliating for ALL women, EVERYWHERE.

“Just a month ago, I would have argued bitterly and fought against this, against ANYONE doing this to ANY woman, as DEBASEMENT of women everywhere.

“Sweetie, you have to understand, I don’t—I—I don’t EVER—”

“Madolyn, just get your ass in here.”

“Rob,” she still called from the hall, “don’t think TOOO bad of me! Please! I used to be against ... filthy ... PERVERTED ... crap like this with every FIBER OF MY BEING!”

She stepped into his room. Naked. Perched up on her toes in a pair of black stiletto fuck-the-bitch-outta-me heels.

And a ... studded leather choker.

A ... dog collar.

With a ... leash attached. With the handle of the leash in her hand.

“Now it just ... makes me weee-eeeee-eett!” she whined and wriggled.

Then, face bright red, eyes cemented securely down from his, looking at the floor, she ... sank down onto her hands and knees.

Then she ... crawled across the floor to him.

And ... held her leash out to him, Auburn hair hanging down on either side of her face, hiding her humiliated eyes. Which he knew were locked onto the floor anyway.

He ... took her leash from her hand.

Though she tried to muffle it, the squeaks that leaked out of her mouth ... underneath the hair hiding her face ... were tattletales, revealing the orgasm warping through her.

Running just on instinct—what DO you do when you find out that your mother’s deepest darkest perversions are being ... almost literally ... a fucking bitch with you ... holding her leash—Rob ... stood beside her.

“Ehr ... heel, bitch,” he tried.

She shuddered, and a sob erupted from the hair hanging in front of her face, but she ... crawled a small step to him. And ... rubbed her neck lovingly on his knee.

“That’s a ... a good girl,” he reached down to fondle her ass.

More little orgasmic squeaks scampered out from under her hanging hair, carrying her darkest secrets out into the light with them.

When her little climax seemed to have passed, he patted the bed. “Up, bitch.”

Madolyn ... got up onto the bed ... on all fours. Like a ... pretty little show-bitch.

Rob gathered the tresses hanging on this side of her face and pulled them up on over to the other side of her neck—except she jumped. “No! Rob! Please! Don’t! Don’t look at my face! While I ... I ... humiliate myself!” she snatched at her hair to pull it down to hide her face again.

Whack! Rob swatted her hindquarters.

Orgasmic whimpers whined out from under the hair again, and her elbows buckled a little in climax.

“I said, heel, bitch!”

He gathered the tresses again and tossed them onto the far side of her neck.

Her eyes were scrunched tight, her face a shamed pink, her clamped lips wriggling around until a sob burst out of them.

“You are ... SUUCH a little SLUT, aren’t you?”

Eyes clamped tight, she nodded her head vehemently in agreement. She WAS, she really so fucking waaaassss ...

“Look up here.”

“Oh Rob I can’t!” she gasped, not opening her tightly shut eyes. “I can’t possibly—”


“Jesus! Rob! I ... I caaaaan’t, baby ...”



“Look. Up. Here.”

Flushed red, panting so hard she might hyperventilate, Madolyn ... heaved her eyes up to ... look at him.

He held her timid gaze with his. “You are, aren’t you?”

“I AM!” she clamped her eyes shut again. “I am such a fucking little sluuut for you!”

He rubbed his palm around on her ass cheeks, then suddenly pulled it back. “You are wet as spilt water back here, woman!”

Whimpering, she lowered her cheek to the bed, looking away from him.

“Are you GETTING OFF on this? Mom?!”

“Ohgod! I’m sorry! I am soo sorry, Rob! I—I ... AM!”

“Heh,” he gave her another little heinie-swat. “That’s okay. You’re pretty hot when you’re pathetically horny.”

“Nnng!” Her face was still pressed to the mattress, her wet ass up in the air. “Rob, I don’t DOOO things like this! I just—I—only for you ...” A shiver ran through her. “I don’t know what’s gotten INto me!”

He ran his hand from her upper thighs around her buttcheeks, spreading shiny lubricant all over them.

“Hey, sweetie, reach your hand back between your naked thighs here will you?”

Madolyn ... trembled, but ... complied.

“Now ... slide two fingers up inside yourself, you ... horny bitch.” He was sure this would break the spell and she would run from the room.

But ... she did!

“And tease them around there.”

She ... did. Breaking out into little gasping moans as she did so. Right in front of him.

Her ass cheeks were blushing furiously.

“Hey, look here, Madolyn.”

“Nnnng! No, Rob. Please, no! Don’t make me ... look at you ... while I ... do these things!”

He gave a little tug on her leash to remind her he held it. “Heel, bitch.”

She ... turned her head halfway. “Pleeeeease?”

He tugged lightly on the leash.

She finished turning her head toward him, eyes tightly shut. Then ... blinking rapidly, she ... looked at him. “Pleeeeease, Rob!”

He patted her ass. “That’s good. That’s my good little bitch.”

She turned her head to face the other way again. “Gaaawwwwd,” she whined, juicy ass in the air. On display for her son. While she wore a dog collar. And he held her leash. “I am going to DIE of shame! I’m just going to ... DIE!”

“But you sure will be a gorgeous bitch while you do. Hey, I like these slut shoes.”

“Th-thank you.”

“Do you always over-lubricate like this?”

“GAWD, Rob! I—I can’t talk about—I mean ... no. Just—just for you. You’re the only one I juice up like this for. I told you that. You’re ... the only one.”

“You know I’m not going to be able to sleep on this side of the bed, don’t you? You’ve soaked it.”

“I’m ... I’m sorry, Rob.”

He patted her ass. “Not a problem. Go ahead, though—finish.”

“Finish ... what?”

“You were fingering yourself. Go ahead and finish. Right here in front of me. With your ass jacked up in the air. While I hold your leash.”

Whimpered resistance melted to ... her fingers moving around down there again ... sinking into herself ... and panting from beneath the hair hanging down around her face again ...

Until she gasped. And tensed. Then ... moaned. In front of her son. “OHGOD! OHGODOHGODOHGOD!” Her back ... arched her ass even higher into the air ... her fingers following in her pussy. “OHSWEET—OHSWEET GAAAAAWWWWWWD!” She held her breath, then gasped, sucked in air several times in succession, shivered, then ... sank bonelessly down onto her son’s bed.