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Dollars and Sins

Chapter 6

Madolyn Caldwell knows first-hand how much it cost to raise her children—from college tuition, to her daughter’s recent wedding.

Still, she’s about to learn the true value of a dollar ...

* * *

Legalese: Contains adult material. Anyone under age 18 must leave now. Anyone that might be offended by sexy or sexually explicit material or strong language must leave now. The activities in this story may be unrealistic, unethical and/or illegal, and they ignore the reality of sexually transmitted diseases – this is fiction, do not try any of this at home. All characters are over age 18, proof of age on file.

* * *

Author’s note: there is a graphic version of this chapter, with some hundred images, available for free at (see Preview 1, as this story is intended to eventually be a free interactive game as well). You can view the graphic tale online there or download it for offline viewing (it’s all just Javascript and images) as well.

* * *

He stepped toward the top of the bed and sat down beside her head, then started playing in her pretty hair. “You are ... just beautiful,” he told her as he slowly worked the strands back from her face so that she no longer hid behind them. “Especially when you’re cumming your brains out like that.” She just laid there, silent and blushing. “You, uhm ... like collars and leashes?”

She sighed. “I ... I didn’t know I had that in me.” Her hair was pulled back now, her face exposed, and she felt him looking at her, but she didn’t return his gaze.

“That’s a pretty big thing to be lying there in wait.”

“Gawd, yeah! You’re telling me!”

“So you bought your leash for me?”

She cast her eyes down, even though she was lying down beside him and wasn’t even looking at him. “Yeah,” she barely whispered, “Yeah, I did. I ... got all wet in the store thinking about it. About you ... holding my leash.”

“Well ... thank you.”

“I was in the lingerie store, looking for slutty little things to turn you on. And all the other customers and all the salesgirls—none of them knew I was shopping for things to wear for my SON. For things to make him all ... HARD for me. Gaawwd, I am such a PERV!”

“First of all, YOU turn me on, not the clothes. They just decorate your pretty little body. And second of all,” he chuckled, “I think dressing up for your son is the least of your perversions.”

“Gawd, yeah! A ... DOG COLLAR?! And a LEASH? Where the fuck did THAT come from?! I mean, that’s DEMEANING! Humiliating! But ... I just WET myself, I was so turned on just now!” She glanced up at him and blushed anew.

“I think it’s cute. Kinky, but cute.”

“Thanks for ...” she swallowed, “thanks for not being disgusted with me, baby. I had no idea these things were inside me—these filthy ... perverted urges. Guess I’m Whore Mom, hungh?”

“Naw,” he traced his fingers in her hair, “just Sexy Mom.”

He played in her hair until she started to purr a little. “I’m starting to get a little hungry,” he said finally, “You want some lunch?”

“Sure, darling.”

He led her by her leash out to the kitchen. She walked, jiggling as she followed him, naked except for her fuck-this-bitch heels. And her bitch’s collar.

She just ... couldn’t believe she was doing this in front of her son. That she would even CONSIDER putting on a perverted dog collar and leash was just unthinkable. That she would do it in front of her son was just ... there were no words for it.

Once they were in the kitchen, he let go of his lead and let her run around off-leash as she fixed lunch for them.

She was still horrified that things like this were inside her. Urges. Needs. Where the hell had this ... come from?!

Here she was, sitting naked at the kitchen table with her own son. Wearing a collar and leash of her own selection. She was a legal secretary, for chrissakes! She helped STAMP OUT this sort of demeaning attitude toward women! She didn’t ... LUBE UP over it!

Or at least ... she didn’t USED to.

But she could SMELL her own arousal, right now. And she needed to stop thinking about this, or she was going to ... humiliate herself all over again.

Not that ... the thought of that very thing didn’t ... just excite and thrill the hell out of her ...

Okay ... food. Think about lunch, she told herself. My, what a delicious sandwich ...

When Rob was done eating, he watched her until she finished her plate, then she carried the dishes over to the sink, rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher.

He took her leash again and led her to the den. She ... mewled.

He stuck another porn DVD in the player, and they sat there a while ... watching people fuck. Mother and son. Who knew ... she could be such a ... desperate slut?

After an hour, she had an idea. She laid her hand on his and pulled her leash from his grip, and looked at him to see if it was okay. He nodded, and she moved her face to his to kiss him in gratitude. With ... a little tongue. Then she hurried back to her bedroom.

Godhelpher! Godhelpher! Godhelpher! She ... grabbed one of her damned dollar bills and jiggled back to the den.

Rob was looking up at her when she got there.

“Honey,” she swallowed, trying to keep her courage. “Uhm ... I’m awfully naked for you to still be all ... dressed like that.”

He chuckled and nodded.

“I’ll, uhm,” she hurried to the couch and held out the bill before she lost her nerve, “Rob, I’ll give you a dollar, if you’ll, uhm ... lose the clothes? And—and I’ll get down on all fours, and ... if you could just, if you could—” she swallowed hard and hurried, or she wasn’t going to go through with this, “Rob, if you could just ... uhm ... play with yourself until you ... squirt ... jism all over my ass and back? Please? Please don’t think too bad of me, but ... pleeeeeease?! Just ... dirty me with it, pleeease?” There! It was out! She’d gotten through it! Now he could tell her how disgusting she was and refuse to do such a filthy perverted thing!

“You want me,” he grinned up at her, “to hose you down in semen?”

She gnawed her lip, cringing slightly. “Unnngg-hunngg ...”

He put on his stern face. “Give me your leash.”

“I’m sorry, Rob,” she placed it in his hand, “I’m sorry!”

“Give me the dollar.”

She swallowed hard, breathing fast. He was ... going to just take it. To ... punish her for asking such a loathsome thing! But she ... relinquished it to him.

“Get your slutty ass down on your hands and knees, bitch!”

Madolyn crawled down onto the floor, whimpering.

“Ass up!”

She lowered her face to the carpet, arching her ass up higher into the air for him.

Chuckling, he pulled his shirt off over his head.

Was he ... was he going to ... to ... ?

He pulled his shorts off, and she ... caught her first look at his ... adult erection. Ohgod! Ooooooh, God! He was aaaallll ... HARD! For ... HER!

“Ass up!” he repeated, and she realized she had moved out of position to gape at him.

“Reach back between your legs and play with yourself.

She did. Ohgod! He was ... HARD for her! Ohsweetjesus!

That made it soooooo easy for her to play with herself for him!

Excitement was just dribbling all over her fingers as she diddled herself. For him to watch!


“OHGODYES!” she gasped.


“Yes! Yes I am, darling! I’m YOUR fucking slut!”

She risked a look over her shoulder from the floor. And he was ... holding his dick! STROKING himself! Over ... HER!

She spread her knees slightly wider and arched her ass slightly higher to put on a good show for him, “Ohgod, DARLING!”


“Ohgod, YES! Darling!”

She felt his other hand on her ass cheek. As she fingered herself wildly. And he stroked himself. Over HER!

“I’m such a BITCH, darling! Ohgod! And here I am, PLAYING WITH MYSELF right in front of you! GAAWWD! What a WHORE!”


“YES, darling! Pull my hair! Pull my hair, baby!”

He grabbed a fistful of hair, and she arched her head up, still keeping her ass perched high in the air for him, her fingers still dancing inside herself. “OHGAAAAWWWWD!”

“Who’s my bitch, Madolyn?” he asked softly near her ear. She could feel his fist bumping her other ass cheek as he stroked himself behind her. He was ... he was TURNED ON by her lewd, slutty, desperate behavior. He wasn’t disgusted with her, he WANTED her to do it!

I’M your slutty bitch, Rob!” she gasped. “I’m your little fucking slutty little bitch! Ohgod! Pull my hair!”

“You are such,” he grunted, pulling his bitch’s hair tight, “a fucking ... little ... SLUT!” He grunted, and ... began icing her ass with cum.

When she felt the globs land on her ass, she ... shrieked. And came. Out of every seam of her mind, she just ... fucking ... CAME! HARD!

“OHGOD! OHGOD! OHGOD!” she heard herself braying.

Vaguely, she felt his hard-on—her son’s hard cock!—smearing jism around on her hip as he ground his erection against his bitch’s ass cheek ...

But an orgasm was raiding her mind, pillaging and looting every staid corner. Nowhere was safe from the surge and flood of ecstasy. And her mind just went down and spread its legs for the viking horde of orgasms.

When she came to, she’d collapsed over on her left hip. Rob’s cum was smeared all over her right hip and lower back.

He was sprawled out on the sofa, catching his breath too.

Before he could look over at her, she swiped a finger along her spermed-up hip and dipped it in her mouth.

He stirred then, catching her with the guilty finger in her mouth, tonguing it. “Madolyn ... what are you ... ?”

“Hmm?” she looked at him innocently. “Nothing ... ?”

“But ... did you ...”

She pulled the finger out of her mouth. “No ... nothing ... I wouldn’t ...”

He shook his head. “Wouldn’t what? What are you talking about?”

“My point exactly, darling. We’re not even discussing this.” She stood, stepped to him and slipped her tongue in his mouth. “I love you,” she breathed a minute later. “GAWD, I got off when you squirted all over my ass, sweetie! I can’t believe I am SUCH a slut for you!”

“You ARE pretty hot, woman.”

“Now, I,” she stood back, stepped to his t-shirt and picked it up, “am going to hide these until the end of the weekend,” she stopped to his shorts and picked them up too, “because you sure as fuck aren’t going to need them until then.”

She carried his clothes back and hung them in her closet. She also went ahead and slipped off the heels so she wouldn’t break an ankle.

Well, trying to not humiliate herself was simply a lost cause. She ... got off on that, apparently. Degradation. Rob seeing her as ... nothing but a desperate whore.

Who WAS she?!

Not the woman she’d thought she was!

How can you fight for women’s rights when you’re wetting yourself with lube over wearing a dog collar and leash? And getting spermed down by your own son?

Oh, she was nothing like the person she’d pretended to be all these years ...

Well, she padded back out to the den, wearing only her son’s sperm on her hip, and her collar and leash.

He was sitting there on the couch, and—OHSWEETJESUS!—he was ... HARD again! Hard for HER!

GOD, that made her juice!

He was already standing straight up, penis-wise, as he looked at her and smiled.

Damn if that didn’t make her just wet enough to slosh!

She got down on her hands and knees and crawled across the floor to him, just creaming down the entire inside of her thighs with excitement, then ... handed him her leash again.

He unhooked her leash from her collar and told her, “Go put one of the DVDs from that stack on the table into the player, girl.”

Obediently, she crawled to the coffee table, pulled a disc from a stack of sleeved DVDs. Handwritten in permanent marker on the disc was ... “Russian Mother with Grown Son”. She ... trembled. And swallowed. Then crawled to the DVD player and inserted it, then crawled back to Rob.

He put her back on-leash, then left her sitting on her hindquarters on the floor to watch as the movie started. It started off with an man and woman sitting on a couch, speaking in some language—she guessed it was Russian or something?—but language really wasn’t a barrier to understanding that ... mother and son were ...

Oh, wow ...

A few minutes later, Rob was standing behind her, working his cock in his hand, and pushed down on her shoulder. She leaned forward to ... catch several squirts of jism up her back and between her shoulder blades.

She just—well, there was a well-lubed spot on the carpet under her after that.

He stretched back on the sofa for a while after that, while she just sat there, obediently ... wetting herself with excitement!

A couple hours later, he sent her to select another DVD and put it in the drive. She ... thumbed through the stack of sleeved discs and ... swallowing hard, selected ... “Stepmother’s Hypnotic Obedience”.

She almost staggered on her hands and knees as she crawled it to the DVD player and inserted it, then crawled back to Rob to be ... re-leashed.

Ohfuck .. ohfuck ... it was all she could do to not touch herself.

When he stood behind her, whacking off, a few minutes later, he squirted it all in the bottom of her hair and all over her shoulder blades.

She was ... she was WEARING her own son ... in her hair now.

GAAWWWD, what ... humiliation ...

She just ... she clamped her lips shut and just fucking came, whimpering, right there ...

When that film was over, he took her off-leash and told her to stand, that they were going to go fix some dinner. She did, and walked in front of him to the kitchen.

When he swatted her naked ass ... her eyes rolled up in her head as she whimpered and he chuckled.

Then she ... got about preparing dinner. Just some stir fry.

She sat in his lap as they ate, working the fork to feed herself and him; he caressed her boobs, and ... kept a boner poking the side of her hip.

It was ... a little hard to concentrate.

When they were both full, she kept sitting there.

“Rob, how ... long have you,” she asked him finally, “wanted to ... DO me?”

“Forever,” he smiled. “You are a hot bitch, Madolyn.”

She ... felt like SUCH a hot bitch.

He kept petting boob, and she leaned over to nuzzle his neck. “Darling,” she breathed finally, “can I stay off-leash tonight?”

“You don’t like being on-leash?” After all, SHE was the one that bought the leash for herself.

“No, God, no! I—I makes me so fucking wet! It’s just—if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, I am going to HAVETA touch myself some.” He looked at her and she tilted her head apologetically. “It gets to where a girl just can’t TAKE it anymore! Please, baby?”

He French kissed her. “Sure, sweetie.”

“Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou thankyou thankyou!” she nuzzled his neck some more.

They made out, nekkidly, a bit longer, then she cleaned up the dishes and joined him in the den. Going through the DVDs, she selected another mother-and-son DVD and put it in the player, then sat on the opposite side of the couch from him and ... spread her legs.

She was ... getting off. She just ... HAD to. No more teasing her, she just couldn’t take it anymore.

She moved her fingers to her moisty twat and diddled as the movie played.

The video had only gotten started when Madolyn leaned her head back and brayed as she fucking ... CAME!

She’d had little orgasms and made little wet spots all afternoon, getting SOOOO excited, but not able to touch herself while on-leash. But now she was able to just play with herself, right in front of her son, and ... OHGAAAAWWWWWD, the orgasm was so much better!

She was trembling when the ’gasm finished ravaging her with pyrotechnics of pleasure.

Good thing the video had still only just begun. She knew her legs would be too wobbly to walk for a while after that ...

Rob had his hand around his cock, just gaping at her.

“That, uhm,” she smiled, “felt ... kinda good.”

He was cute. He just stared another minute or two in awe before his hand started to pumping himself again.

Further into the movie, she slipped down onto her hands and knees again, and crawled over between his legs. Looking up directly into his eyes, she laid her hand on his moving hand.

Then ... gently moved his hand away, and took over ... fondling her son’s erect cock.

“I love you, baby,” she sighed, looking directly into his eyes. “You make me so ... ohgod, so WEEETT ... with this thing ...”

It was not long until he fired.

She caught one blast on the underside of her chin, and the rest all over her breasts.

While he laid there afterwards, exhausted, she ... rubbed the jism all into her tits. The wiped the spunk from the bottom of her chin and ... slipped it inside her mouth. “Mmmnnnnggh, ohgod!” she whimpered as she ran it around on her tongue.

When that video was over, she selected another and put it in.

When he got hard enough to reach for his cock, Madolyn reached for it instead. With one knee on the sofa and one foot on the floor, she ... stroked her son, staring at him, making little mewling sounds and waiting for him to ...

Squirt all over her again. She caught most of it in her auburn pubic hair this time.

Sighing, she sat back on the opposite arm of the couch, spread and on wet display for him.

He caught his breath a few minutes, then re-hooked the leash to her collar. The video wasn’t done, but they turned the TV off and started back.

She began to kneel down to her hands and knees, but he caught her collar as she lowered herself and pulled her back up. Bowing her head in gratitude, she walked, on two legs, with him back up the hall.

They reached his room, but she laid her hand on his chest. “No, please, darling ... come to ... my room. Come ... sleep in MY bed with me? Please?”

He led her by the leash to her room, and they both curled up naked in her sheets.

Rob positioned her with her back to him, and they slept most of the night with him hugging her from behind, one hand cupping her boob, and his hard-on resting between her ass cheeks. He occasionally woke her up as he ground his hips in his sleep, and she just ... buttered up each time, hoping he’d wake up and just ... well—

Fuck it!

Hoping he would just DO her!

She woke the next morning, feeling ... wonderful. Her son was in her bed. They were both naked and horny. His ... cock was pressed into the crack of her ass. His semen was still smeared all over her breasts and ... droplets dried like little jewels in her pubic fur.

But she just had to ... oh hell, just gaze upon the fucking thing a little more.

She eased his hand off her boob without waking him, then wriggled away from him to turn around and just ... look at it.

She was still in her collar and leash, but it was that thing—his erect cock—that held her obedient, she thought, than this leash of leather.

She’d ... almost doing anything for that hard dick ...

She ... slowly ... reached toward it and ... laid her fingers very delicately on it. She didn’t want to wake him, but it was soooo warm and sooo hard she just ... sighed.

“This thing is just ... beautiful,” she breathed as she traced her fingers along the morning hard-on.

Then, “Ohmigod!” she giggled and blushed furiously, “Did I just actually SAY that? About ... my son’s cock?” She swallowed as she traced her fingers over it. “And out loud?!”

She wrapped her fingers around it and saw that he’d come awake. Giving him a smile, she stroked it and danced her fingertips around on it. “Good morning, darling.”

“Good morning,” he breathed.

Then she ... leaned over and ... just slipped it past her lips.

She hadn’t even realized she was going to ... take it in her mouth. But there it was.

So she licked.

And sucked.

And, “What?” she came off it to defend her actions, “We both knew this was coming. (slurp). Didn’t we, darling? (lick, tongue-flick, kiss) Aaannnd I didn’t want you to leave back for college this afternoon before I’d had this in my mouth. Sooo just ... lean back and enjoy me, sweetie. While I enjoy you.”

Then she got back to the business of sucking dick.

When he boiled and spewed into her mouth a few minutes later, she just about creamed herself.

And, like she had seen in one of the videos last night, she ... spit it back out into her cupped palm and looked at it. Her son’s ... cum. She looked up at him to see him staring at her. Then with a sigh and a slight smile, she ... lapped it back out of her palm and swallowed.

God, things had changed. If you’d asked her ten days ago, she would NEVER have thought she’d be slurping up her son’s spent load. From where she ... you know ... just sucked him off.

Hell, she wouldn’t even have believed she’d buy slutty clothes for her son and go visit him at college, desperate to strut her naked body around for him. And that had sorta been ... something he caused her to do. With those damned dollars.

But she wouldn’t have believed she’d go out and buy a dog collar and leash for herself, then nakedly present her leash to her son, so that she could perform sexually for him. And THAT had sorta been ... something she did all on her kinky own.

Now, she was ... just grateful to be getting him off and swallowing his semen.

He unbuckled her dog collar and took it off, which she was ... grateful for. Then he bent her over his knee and spanked her naked ass for being so naughty as to blow him, which she got utterly wet for.

Then they went nakedly out to the kitchen, and she fixed breakfast for both of them. Afterwards, she sat in his lap, and they made out for an hour or two.

Partway through, she stood up and sat back down in his lap, straddling him, and he—OHSWEETJESUS!—accidentally slipped inside her! Which she’d been ... sorta HOPING for! And they tried to quietly make out a bit longer, but she was soon ... bouncing frantically on him and gasping little squeaking sounds and just drenching his crotch in lube until she just ... came OHFUCKINGYES! CAME!

All over him.

In her excitement, he couldn’t hold it anymore, and he just dowsed her insides with spunk.

Which ... just made her all kinds of content to think about after she came down off riding that wild orgasm.

She felt so ... marked. Thank you God, she prayed, thank you!

She fixed them some lunch—mostly fluid intake so they wouldn’t dehydrate themselves. Death by overjuicing during sex—no, she had better ways to go. Like maybe blowing all her fuses during that climax when he came inside her.

Then he took her back to her bedroom and did her in her own bed.

After their breathing returned to normal, he got out of bed and stepped out. She ... just laid there, letting a little cum leak out her pussy to mark the sheets and bed.

It felt good to be marked as his.

He came back into her bedroom holding up a bill. “I’ll give you a dollar, Madolyn—”

“Anything,” she breathed with great conviction.

“—to be my girlfriend.”

“Oh sweetie, I already AM ... your ...” She felt a yearning—she ... DID want that dollar bill—so she took it. And hugged him! And kissed him! Over and over! “I AM your girlfriend, baby! I am your WHORE, darling. I am your slutty little BITCH!”

The kissing turned into making out again, then into heavy breathing, and ... rubbing ...

He stood and pulled her by her hand. “Let’s go christen MY bed with a good fucking.”

Ohyeah! She wasn’t going to argue with that!

In mid-fuck—she was on her hands and knees, and Rob was shoving his cock in and out of her from behind while lightly tugging on her hair and asking who his slutty bitch was, to which she joyously replied over and over, “I am! I’M your slutty bitch, baby!”—the phone rang.

“Ohgod!” she gasped, grinding her hips back against his penetrating cock, “That’ll be ... your sister. She ... calls each Sunday afternoon, to ... check how I am.”

“You want to get it?”

“Ohgodno, darling! Just keep—just keep FUCKING me, darling!”

Whack! he swatted her ass. “Answer the phone.”

Reaching, stretching, she grabbed the phone off his nightstand. “H-hello?”

Ohgod! Not only did he not pull out of her, she was stroking back inside her!

“Hi Mom. How are you doing?”

Uhm, better than ever before in my fucking life? “Uh ... I’m doing ... good, sweetheart.”

“You sound a little out of breath. Did I catch you in the middle of something?”

Ohgod, you caught me naked on my hands and knees, getting ohsweetgloriously HUMPED by your brother, darling! And I’m about ready to just MEWL! “Uhm ... yeah ... something like that, Julianne.”

“Mom, I was wanting to ask a favor if I could.”

Oh, really, she was in no position here for logical thought. She was getting it doggy-style and she just wanted to fucking—

“Charles will be flying to Seattle for a two-week course in a month.”

Charles was Julianne’s husband of a year. Madolyn briefly idly wondered if he gave her daughter the same quality dicking as Madolyn herself was gratefully receiving right this glorious minute ...

“And I was wondering if I could come stay with you those two weeks? Spring semester will be out, and ... I’d just as soon not stay by myself in the apartment.”


She very VERY nearly came with that swat on her ass! But she ... couldn’t possibly cum while speaking with her daughter on the phone.

“Mom? What was that? Are you okay?”

Rob shoved his prick in deep and bent to whisper in her other ear. “Answer her, bitch.”

“Mmm-hnngh,” Madolyn managed. “I’m ... okay. I just ... swatted a spider. It must have come in from the garage.”

“Okay. Well, you be careful. Some of those spiders are bad—you don’t want to get bitten by one of them.”

Rob reached around forward to place his hand on her lower belly, then forced her hips forward with pressing his dick into her twat, until she collapsed from hands and knees in his bed to laying on her belly. He stroked her a couple more times between her closed thighs, which just ... felt so ... tight and ... GOOD ... OHGOD! She was gonna—she—OHFUCK!

Rob groaned as he ... shot his load into her!

She was already on the ledge of just-barely-holding-it-together—trying to keep her orgasm from—from—just trying to keep it in—

But that just plummeted her off the cliff and into OHSWEETJESUS climax!

She moved her mouth away from the phone before she could scream climax into her daughter’s ear, and buried her face into her son’s pillow. Then she just OHFUCKINGCAME!


She just ... motherfucking ... came her brains out ... for the umpteenth time in three days ...

“Mom?!” a tiny voice came from the phone, “Are you okay?! What’s going on?! Are you all right?!”

Rob was collapsed on top of her, his cock still buried in her, his seed still splattered all over inside her. She was still re-gathering herself from that sexual explosion!

She’d just—she’d—she just came all over herself while ... talking with her daughter on the phone. Ohgod, what kind of mother was she?!

She was ... first and foremost, she guessed now, Rob’s bitch. THEN she was a mother. That was ... so twisted.

Still, her daughter was asking over the phone if she was okay—

—certainly not, honey, your brother just blew all my brains out with this mind-expanding orgasm from that precious cock of his—

—I think I’m at one with the universe now—

—you know, except for you yelling at me over the phone.

Madolyn focused enough to pick the phone back up. “Sorry, sweetie! A stack of boxes I carried in from the garage started to tip over. And I had to run to stop them. So I set the phone down for a minute.”

“But—there was gasping and moaning.”

“Those were,” she nodded, “some pretty heavy boxes, Jules.”

“Okay ...” she sounded mollified. Thank goodness.

Rob stirred, pulling his dick out of her twat, uncorking her, and she felt some of the jism leak back out onto his sheets. Oh, it was so confusing talking to her daughter on the phone at the same time she was indulging in the fact that she was all creamed up down there with her boyfriend’s jism.

“So, about the two weeks?”

“Sure, Julianne. You can stay with me for two weeks then.”


Madolyn’s eyes fluttered with Rob’s ass slap.

“Mom?! Are you—”

“Just another spider, sweetheart. Got’im! Love you. Talk to you later, honey.”

“Uh, love you too, Mo—” Madolyn hung up.

Madolyn spun around, slid toward her standing son, wrapped her arms around his hip, placed her mouth on his re-hardening cock (How did he manage to do that again already?! She guessed it was one hell of a compliment to her!) and began kissing and sucking.

“You’re letting her stay with you two weeks?” he asked her bobbing head.

“Mmm-hmm,” she answered without even removing mouth from cock.

“And what are WE going to do during those two weeks?”

Mouth came off cock. And she looked up at him in horror. “Ohgod,” she whimpered, “I—I’ll just have to call her back. And cancel. I can’t—I mean, Rob, I CANNOT go two whole weeks without—you—without your—I mean, I CAN’T! Not now that we’ve ... BEEN with each other!”

“Shh, shh.” He pulled her up, turned her around, moved her back onto her hands and knees on the bed, then ... fucked the worry right out of her.

At least for now.