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Dollars and Sins

Chapter 7

Madolyn Caldwell knows first-hand how much it cost to raise her children—from college tuition, to her daughter’s recent wedding.

Still, she’s about to learn the true value of a dollar ...

* * *

Legalese: Contains adult material. Anyone under age 18 must leave now. Anyone that might be offended by sexy or sexually explicit material or strong language must leave now. The activities in this story may be unrealistic, unethical and/or illegal, and they ignore the reality of sexually transmitted diseases – this is fiction, do not try any of this at home. All characters are over age 18, proof of age on file.

* * *

Author’s note: there is a graphic version of this chapter, with some hundred images, available for free at (see Preview 1, as this story is intended to eventually be a free interactive game as well). You can view the graphic tale online there or download it for offline viewing (it’s all just Javascript and images) as well.

This chapter wraps up Maddie’s and Rob’s story—assume they live sexily ever after from here :)—though it’s possible we could see them again in a sequel. I have a couple seeds to work from if I ever do decide to write a sequel or two (with his dad’s new wife and/or with his married older sister). Until then, I hope you enjoyed this tale!

* * *

Rob boned her a good half dozen times Sunday afternoon.

And she sooo did not want him to drive back to the college. Not when they could ... just stay here and ... fuck like naughty rabbits ...

Still, he insisted he had to get back to wrap up a few items. Like finals, which were soon. So he dressed and packed his things.

She followed him out to the front door. Naked. And draped her body over his to give him a farewell kiss. And a little tongue. For ... you know ... a couple minutes ...

So that he’d have some fond memories for the week ...

“Madolyn ... mmm ... I need to—” he started to break their embrace.

“Wait!” she breathed, then tasted his lips another minute more.

“I need ... to—”

“I know, but—” she place her tongue back in his mouth another minute.

“Am I going ... mmm ... to have to ... put you over my knee and ... spank your naughty little bottom ... mmm ... to get you to let me go?”

“Oh YEAH, darling!” she turned around and cocked her ass out at him.

He swatted it, then reached for the door handle.

“Think about me,” she sighed.

“I will.”

“Bad thoughts!” he hurriedly exclaimed as he stepped through the door, “Think bad, filthy thoughts about me!”

“I will.” He closed the door.

She ... turned and leaned her shoulders against the door. And clasped her hands together above her heart. And sighed.

She had a BOYFRIEND now! And a HOT one, too!

Even if he was ... her son.

She walked around the rest of Sunday night just ... relishing the thrill of ... having been intimate with him.

God, he was cute!

She stripped naked before going to bed that night. And ... put on her dog collar, and laid the leash over on the side of the bed that Rob had slept on.

Then just ... fingered herself. Thinking of him. Telling her to perform for him. Like she was just his toy or something. His slutty bitch. And ... pathetically ... she just obeyed ...

Madolyn woke Monday morning ... conflicted.


What. Had. She. Done?!

She had taken off from work last Thursday. To go shopping for slutty clothes. To ... tempt her son into letting her strut around naked for him.

And she’d driven to his dormitory to present said temptation in his face.

After they drove back here, she’d stripped. And necked—naked—with her own son!

Shared a couple porn films with the little prick. And gotten spanked a little.

Which just ... thrilled her.

Enough to ignite something ... unspeakable ... in her. Unspeakable enough that she went out shopping the next day. For a DOG COLLAR and a freaking LEASH to ... hand to her son. To just ... turn control over to HIM and, like some slutty whore, just WETTING HERSELF with EXCITEMENT as she OBEYED.

And when she woke up yesterday morning, SHE took HIS cock in her mouth! What the FUCK had she been THINKING?!

She HADN’T been thinking, was more like it! Or, she’d been thinking with just her TWAT!

A twat that SHE’D speared on HIS cock! She’d been sitting in his lap, making out, naked, and then just got up and sat back down and ... just fucking SKEWERED herself! On her own SON’S erection!

What the fucking fuck?!

She laid there, mentally ... clawing at herself ... in shame.

What had she DONE this weekend?!

SHE was supposed to be the parent!

But she was never going to be the parent again! Not after SHE slurped HIS cock! Not after SHE wrapped HER mewling pussy around HIS hard-on!

Not after HE had marked her insides all down with HIS sperm ...

She was ... sorta his bitch now.

What the fucking fuck ... ?

She ... opened her eyes.

The world was ... still there.

She sat up. And sighed.

Unbuckled the dog collar she was wearing ... the one that proudly declared ... she was just his bitch ... and set it beside her on the bed.

Ohlord, how was she ever going to be the parent again?

Padding to her bathroom, she started a hot shower and stepped under it.

What was ... to become of her now?

She ... felt a little better after the shower. She ... DID have this DREAMy boyfriend now!

Even if he WAS ... her son.

She glanced at the clock and noted that she needed to hurry a bit to make it to work on time.

She applied her usual workday makeup, NOT the bedroom eyes she would have applied with extra mascara and liner had ... HE been there.

She ignored the other three slutty nightgowns she had gotten to present herself to him, sliding them to the side and just pulling out regular workday clothes.

She did not think about how far away he was from her as she drove to work.

She didn’t idly compare him to every other man at her workplace, and she certainly didn’t conclude that he exceeded every one of them hands down.

When she went to the bathroom to pee, she—okay, yeah, she DID let herself remember how pleased he looked when he saw that her autumn-colored snatch matched her tresses. He ... liked things like that ...

She stopped herself from getting dreamy over him, wiped and pulled up her pants and headed back out to her office.

She ... stopped herself when she realized she was ... sort of ... just sitting at her desk, twirling her finger in her hair ... musing at how lucky a girl she was to ... have such a wonderful boyfriend ...

Driving home, she did NOT hope against hope that he might be there at home waiting for her. Just ... unable to keep himself from her body, any more than she could ... keep herself from him ...

She DIDN’T do that.

She made herself dinner. Alone.

Watched some TV.

She ... went ahead and slept naked that night. Sort of in honor of ... well, whatever.

And before laying down, she ... refastened the dog collar around her neck. The one that meant that she was ... his.

Ohgod ...

She ... gave herself permission to just finger herself silly thinking about him until she finally slipped off to sleep.

Tuesday morning, she woke up in the bed. Alone again.

She ... went a little gentler on herself for the ... sins she’d committed. Fucking her son. Drinking his cum. Revealing this dog collar fantasy that she’d ... even kept hidden from herself.

He ... WAS a good boyfriend.

A ... REALLY good boyfriend.

She ... gave herself permission to ... finger herself to climax this morning.

There was always more time to chastise herself later ...

She made it through the day, and ... DID conclude that she had the BEST boyfriend from among every male she knew.

So ... maybe if she DID ... spread for her son ... it was understandable. Even ... forgivable.

He was just so ... YUMMY ...

She ... stripped naked when she got home. Because, well, if he were there, that’s how he would like her to be.

Dinner she ate by herself again. She’d ... rather have been tasting his lips some more. Yeah, it was wrong, but she could admit it. She’d REALLY rather be making out with him. Naked. In his lap. With his hard-on poking her hip. Or up her ...

Okay, she stopped herself there before she ... just tortured herself with what she didn’t have.

She watched some television, but kept ... thinking about him.

GAWD, he was a good boyfriend!

Then finally, she ... very quickly, before her conscience could bitch at her, she called him.


“Ohgod, darling, I have been thinking of you!”



“I’ve been ... kinda thinking a bit about you too.”

Her heart jumped! “Ohgod! Really?!”

“Yeah,” he chuckled.

“Oh, darling, I am just laying here ... naked ... thinking about you. And I’m just tracing my fingers around in my moisty pussy fur—she just drools in anticipation every time I think of you.”

“She—your pussy?”

“My pussy, darling. My pussy just creams herself every time I think of you.”

“Really?” he chuckled, “Because I have a hard-on right now.”

“Ohgod, REALLY, baby?”


“I just—I just ... slid two fingers inside myself, darling. I—Oh, this is so naughty, but do you know what I’m pretending they are?”

He chuckled. “Tell me.”

“My son’s cock. I’m imagining my son’s cock is sliding inside of and out of me, making me just ... BEG.”

“Beg for what?”

“Fuck me, darling! Fuck my slutty brains out! Please!”

“I am ... stroking myself. Over ... you, bitch.”

“Please, Rob! Come home, and fuck me silly! Please, baby!”

“Are you still pumping yourself?”


“Pull them out. Pull your fingers out.”

“Nooo, please don’t tease me, darling!”

“Pull them out. Are they out?”

“Nnnggg-hnngh,” she whined over the phone.

“Okay, now ... touch them at your entrance. Feel them? That’s the tip of my cock. My hard-on. Rubbing around, at your clit.”

“Oh, baby! Do it! Do me! Shove it in me!”

“Sloooowly, slowly slide just the tip inside.”

“Ohgod! You’re TEASING me!”

“Just the tip. Just slide the tip in.”

“Nnng-kay,” she panted.

“Now a little more. A little more. Slowly, slowly. Until ... my pelvis touches yours. And I’m ...”

“... all the way in!” she gasped. “Ohgod! Ohgod! You fill me so FULL!”

“Now oooouuut ...”

“Yes!” she sighed.

“And in.”

“Ohgod, yeah!”

“And oouut ...”

“Oh, baby! Baby! I’m not—Oh, baby, I’m—I’m so SORRY! But I’m ... OHGOD, I’M CUMMING!”

“And I’m shoving it into you!”

“Ohgod, baby, YESSSS!”



Madolyn was arching her back as her legs stiffened and kicked and ...

Her fluttering eyes slowed.

She started to catch her breath.

She’d ... just done it with her son again. She’d be ... ashamed of that later, she was sure. But, “Ohgod, baby, that was good,” she sighed to him now.

“God, I just squirted all over my chest and belly over you, Madolyn.”

“Wait! Wait! Let me ... let me just ... lean to you and ... lick, baby ... lick some of your cum, darling ... off your chest ... can you feel it?”

“I can,” he sighed. “I can feel your tongue lapping jism off my chest.”

“Ohgod, it tastes good, baby! I ...”—Madolyn knew she was going to SOOO regret saying his later, once her conscience wrestled free and pinned her down in turn to punish the fuck out of her, but for the moment ... SCREW YOU, CONSCIENCE—“I just LOVE the taste of your cum, darling. NOTHING tastes better than slurping you up, your creamy ... spunk. Except, of course, your lips, sweetheart. I DOOO love your lips even more than your cum.”

“I love you, Madolyn.”

“Ohgod, I love you TOO, baby!” she gushed. “I DO. I LOVE you! You’re the BEST boyfriend in the world! And I’m lucky to ... be your bitch.”

“Play with yourself over me tonight.”

“I will, baby. I will.”

He hung up. And she did. She turned off the TV, headed back to her bed, strapped on her dog collar, laid the leash on his side of her bed, then diddled herself silly.

Over her awesome boyfriend.

Madolyn woke up Wednesday morning and just went ahead and diddled herself. Her bastard of a conscience was going to beat and berate her, whether she tortured herself over it before giving in or not, so—FUCK YOU, Conscience!—she just went ahead and fantasized about her son.

She was—oh yeeeaaahhh ...—smiling pleasantly when she got out of bed, then hurried to dress so she could get in to work on time.

During the workday, she considered sending a naughty picture of herself to him this evening. If that might ... tempt him to ... come back to her sooner?

After work, she drove home, wishing her boyfriend might be waiting there for her. She knew it wasn’t possible, but her heart still hoped.

After a solo dinner, she headed in to watch some TV. And ... maybe snap a naughty snapshot for her lover.

Yeah, conscience, he also happens to be my son, she thought—now quit bugging me about it already!

The phone rang—and she sprang up off the couch! It might be Rob! Calling her!

“YES, darling?” she let the joy bubble over from her heart into the phone.

“Wow,” a flat voice said, “It’s been years since you’ve called me that.”


It was ... Mark?!

Her ex-husband?!

“What do you want, Mark?” she answered him back, just as flatly.

“‘Darling’? Wow, I ... didn’t know you still felt that way about me.”

“I don’t, okay?”

“What? You have a new boyfriend or something?”

“Yes,” she sighed, “I have a new boyfriend.” And this one just makes me insta-wet. Unlike you EVER did.

“Well ... I’d like to meet him somed—”


“Hey, I’m just tryin’ ta be friendly here.”

More likely trying to insert himself where he might poison or piss on whatever he could. “No.”

“Yeah, whatever. Look, I’m just calling to let you know I’m not going to have the money to cover half of Julianne’s and Robby’s tuition next semester.”


“Yeah, I just don’t have it. So you’ll need to cover it, or they’ll just have to get jobs to cover it themselves.”

“Mark, these are our CHILDREN! We need to help them get their degrees so they can get a good start on life!”

“Yeah, they’re more your children than mine for the last few years, Maddy.”

“REALLY?!” she warned. “You think that running off with their BABYSITTER might have something to do with that?! Hmm?”

“She was just their babysitter when they were really little, Maddy. And ... get over it, okay?! Just fucking get over it!”

“WHY DON’T you have the money, Mark?”

He hemmed a few moments, “Lori and I are ... well ...”

“What, Mark?! What are you and Lori doing?! What costs our children their college tuition?!”

“None of your business!” he snapped back. “You—ALWAYS get like this! I have the decency to call you up and—well, you can just—”

“MARK! Don’t you DARE hang up on me!” She paused a second and did not hear a click disconnecting them. “You can be a bastard to me if you have to, you sonofabitch. But these are our CHILDREN!”

“I—Madolyn, I’m just—I’m sorry. It’s just the way that it is.”

“These are your CHILDREN! They mean more to you than any little tramp! Or at least they SHOULD!”

“They ... do. It’s just—I just—There’s nothing I can do about it. They’re going to have to fend for themselves, okay?”

“No, that is NOT okay.”

“Well, that’s the way that it is. Good bye, Maddy.”

“Mark, don’t you—” The line disconnected.

That ... fucking ... bastard!

He ... probably wanted a new car. To drive that little tramp around in. She probably flirted with some other guy, so that BASTARD was going to spend their children’s tuition on a last ditch effort to still be her sugar-daddy!


She kicked the side of the damned couch. And hurt her toe.


That sonofabitch limp-dick BASTARD!

She kicked the damned couch again.

Then she sat on it and fumed.

She didn’t MAKE enough money to cover the full tuition. Unlike HIM. But HE was going to fucking FOLD! On his OWN KIDS!

He was ... going to fucking FAIL them! AGAIN!

And ... there was nothing she could do about it.

She gnawed her lip a minute, trying to keep from crying.

Then she just placed her face in her hands and bawled.

An hour and a half later ... her eyes red and feeling like they’d had beach sand rubbed around in them from all the crying ... she wandered back to her bedroom.

Fastened the collar around her neck. Laid the leash handle on her boyfriend’s side of the bed.

Then curled up in the fetal position.

And cried some more.

Thursday, about 3:30 P.M., Rob finished up his last final. He felt pretty good about it—about all his finals, really. Even his Literature exam yesterday.

And he didn’t even HAVE to pass Professor Fritz’s Literature exam. He’d already given her enough of his special dollar bills to her to see and feel her naked breasts—practicing before using the same bills to get Madolyn naked—so he could just trade a dollar for a grade with her if he had to. But he didn’t even have to.

About 4:00, he got a message on his phone from Madolyn. The picture attached was ... of her. Topless. Looking sweet and holding her breasts forward from underneath toward him. The message read, “Took afternoon off, 2 fantasize about u. I’ll give u a dollar if u come home early, baby.”

Oh, man. How could he not?

He told his dormmate that he was heading off tonight. Andrew still had another final tomorrow morning, so was stuck there, but wished him a good summer.

Rob packed his things up and loaded them into the car, then was off.

To go see his girlfriend.

His really HOT girlfriend.

It was a little after 6:00 when Rob got back home. Madolyn met him just inside the door, wearing a sheer teddy cover, and she wrapped her arms around his head and placed her tongue in his mouth.

“What a nice hello,” he sighed when they broke the kiss.

“I missed you, darling,” she breathed. “Let’s go ... fuck, sweetie. Hmm?”

“What about dinner?”

“I can ... taste better to you than any dinner,” she breathed hard as she boldly told him.

He grinned. “You sure can!”

He followed her back to her bedroom, where she buckled the collar around her neck and docilely handed him the leash.

Oh fucking wow! “Up. Up on the bed,” he told her. “On all fours.”

She complied.

The sex was simply ... mind-blowing.

They both laid there afterwards, panting.

“I have the BEST boyfriend in the world ...” Madolyn grinned.

He traced his fingertips around on her breasts. “Hey, what a coincidence! I’m pretty damn lucky in the girlfriend department too!”

After christening the weekend like that—yes, Thursday evening is part of the weekend if you have Friday off—they went back out to get a bite to eat for dinner, then played some porn in the background while they humped on the couch.

Then she led him back to her bed, where she spread and let him enter her again. Somewhere in the early hours, they drifted off to sleep, him spooning her, his still enthusiastically erect cock settled in between her ass cheeks.

When she woke the next morning, he was propped upon one elbow, with one hand tracing fingertips around on her breasts.

In his other hand, he held her leash.

“Ohgod,” she whimpered and spread for him. And they baptized the day with morning sex.

They wandered out for breakfast a little later, humped a little more. Then had a little more sex on top of that. Then broke for lunch. Then had some after-lunch nookie too.

Fucked like rabbits—just suffice it to say: fucked like rabbits.

Late Friday afternoon, she was sitting naked in his lap, arms around his neck, with his arms around her lower back, making out. She broke the kissing a few minutes and ... told him about what his father had said. That he was not helping with tuition next year.

“Asshole,” he summarized.

“Asshole,” she agreed. “I don’t know how I put up with that piece of shit as long as I did.” She traced her fingers around on his naked chest, “At least now I have an AWESOME boyfriend!”

They kissed a few minutes.

“Can Julianne afford it?” he asked finally, breaking their kiss. “Her tuition? Or can Charles?” Her husband Charles.

Madolyn shrugged. “They just got married a year ago. Charles is a graduate TA between working on his dissertation. They don’t have any money to spare.”

They sat there and considered a minute. “I could ... take a second mortgage out on this place,” Madolyn started.

“I can ... do better than that,” Rob stopped her.


“I ... don’t know yet. But I can do something. I’m sure of it.”


He looked her directly in the eye. “Really.”

Madolyn spent the rest of the night thanking him very very sweetly with filthy hot sex, over and over and over.

GAAAWWWD, she just had the VERY BEST boyfriend EVER!

The End