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A teen with a MILF fetish has some fun with 2 shoppers and then their husbands.


Douchebag Teen

My name is Steve. I married my wife Nadia 24 yrs ago. She is 49 and I am 51. We have 2 sons, both in college. Our best friends are Peter and Tara, they are about the same age and their son is also out of the house. We hang out all the time, go for dinner, play cards, typical couple stuff.

This Saturday we were planning on heading over after dinner to play cards. Nadia and Tara were out shopping.

For years now, people have thought they were sisters. I don’t blame them, they really do look the part. They both have short red hair, Tara’s is a little lighter, they are about the same height and build. They are full figured women. Nadia has nice full DD cups and I assume Tara is about the same size.

Now, I really love my wife and our life. I just wish our sex life was better. Nadia has never been sexual and the last 10 years have been particularly bad. But sex isn’t everything and I don’t make a big deal about it.

It was almost 7 and Nadia wasn’t home yet. I just figured she and Tara stopped for a bite. Nadia came in carrying lots of bags and rushed to the bedroom. I followed her and asked if she was ok.

“Yup, I’m fine, just need to get ready to go”. She walked by and headed to the washroom. I could swear she wasn’t wearing a bra. But that’s not possible, she always wears a bra outside the house.

I went back to watching TV and waited for her. At about 8 she came out and my eyes popped out of my head. She was wearing a black, fitted skirt, black high heels pumps and a green silk top. It’s a wrap around type showing way more cleavage then I have ever seen on her and I swear she was wearing a push up bra.

“Wow, you look amazing. Are we not just going to play cards?”

“Yes, but Tara and I got some nice things today, so we wanted to wear them.”

I didn’t argue. I actually was looking forward to seeing what Tara would be wearing. We drove there, and I wasn’t disappointed. Tara answered the door in short black skirt, similar red camisole looking top, I didn’t think she was wearing a bra and she had on thigh high, 4″ CMF boots that gave me a semi right there.

We came in and Tara greeted me with a tight hug and kiss on the cheek. Peter was there, looking as confused as I was, his eyes scanning my wife. We didn’t talk about it, we just enjoyed the view. Nadia walked over with a couple of beers. Peter and I sat on the couch and drank and chatted, our eyes on our wives the whole time.

I felt a little strange after a few sips. Then I saw Nadia pull out a small speaker and turn it on and some music started playing. Now I felt a strange buzz. Tara walked over and looked at me, then Peter. My eyes went to her exposed cleavage.

Then turned to Nadia “I think there good”

Nadia walked over and looked at us “Yeah, they’re ready”

The ladies stood in front of us and to my utter amazement, started to undress. Soon Nadia was standing before me in her heels and thigh high stockings, with garters, no panties and a sheer push up bra and most incredibly a clean shave pussy. I had hinted at this several times in our lives, but she never did it. Tara, as I suspected had no bra and sexy French cut crotchless panties and her fuck me boots and I could tell she was also clean shaven. Her boobs were as big and full as Nadia’s, but her nipples stuck out way further. They were begging to be sucked on.

They smiled at us “Ok guys, lets take those clothes off”

I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on and by the look on Peter’s face, neither was he, but we both stood and stripped naked. We were all very close and Peter and I often joked about wife swapping and such and it looks like we were about to be treated to something like this

I then took a step to Nadia “No no, sit back down”

We both sat, and the ladies knelt before us. Nadia reached for my hardening cock and Tara for Peter’s. Peter and I were about the same size. Not huge, but not small either. I couldn’t move, but right now I didn’t want to. For the first time in over 20 years Nadia took my cock in her mouth. After a few minutes, when I was good and hard and so was Peter, the ladies stood up.

“Guys, we have to tell you what happened today” Tara said

At that moment I didn’t care, because whatever it was it led to me just getting blown and being able to see a mostly naked Tara blow Peter and that was just fine with me.

“We were shopping, then we went into the shop Carol owns, which we have been to many times.” Tara said

“There was a young man working, hadn’t seen him before.” Nadia added.

“Carol offered us cappuccinos, which we took and started to shop.” Tara said.

“Then music started to play, and I felt a strange buzz. The young man came over to help us, Carol was with him” Nadia said and continued the story from there on.

Now the story shifts to that afternoon, from Nadia’s perspective

Carol “Hello ladies, this is my nephew Tyler”

Tyler “Hello, I’m not actually her nephew, she and my mom are just really good friends”

He was a skinny little kid, maybe 5′9″ and couldn’t weigh more the 150 lbs. He was not ugly, but not a real handsome boy.

Carol “I’ve hired Tyler as the shops personal fashion adviser and so far, he has made amazing changes. I think you ladies will love him.”

Carol walked away

Tara “Hello Tyler, we are just looking around, I don’t think we need any help today”

Tyler “Oh no, two lovely ladies like you need to be taken care of.” He was talking to Tara’s boobs, not her.

Nadia “Thanks anyways, but we are fine”, man this kid was pushy.

He turned and looked right at my boobs now “Yes you are, but I will be taking care of you” he wasn’t asking and he was saying it to my boobs. I was used to men staring at my boobs, but this was extra weird.

Tara “Actually, I think we will be going”

Nadia “Yeah, thanks anyways”

We wanted to get the hell out of there right away and we started to move to the door.

Tyler “I doubt it, you will both stay and let me help you”

I stopped and so did Tara, we turned back and looked at him, we both had are arms crossed, covering our chests

Tyler “Better, now let’s see what we are working with, let’s drop those arms.” He looked us both up and down, walking behind us and looking at our butts. “What are your names”

“Tara” “Nadia” we answered

Tyler “Very good, are you two sisters.”

“No” Tara answered.

“Well you sure as hell could pass for it. Well tell me Nadia, what are your measurements?”

I was about to tell him off, instead I said “42-30-44”

“and you Tara?”

She seemed to go through the same thing I did then said “38-28-42”

“Well I guess we have ourselves a couple of full-figured MILFs, what ever will we do with you?”

I was furious, but for some reason also flattered by his comment.

“What about bra sizes?”

“42 DD” I said

“38 DD” Tara said

Why the hell were we answering these questions?

Tyler “Well look at that. Maybe I should call you the DD Twins, I assume they natural”

That was such a crude thing to say, who the hell did this kid think he was, but what I said was “Yes” and so did Tara

Tyler “So with boobs like that you two should not be hiding them from the world, I think we need to find some more flattering clothes. I’m going with a complete tare down. Why don’t you both go into the change room and take off everything and Carol will be in to assist you further. Please follow her instructions exactly.”

We both looked at him, but instead of arguing, we walked to the change room area. I was furious, but somehow also flattered and aroused. But I still had enough presence of mind to realize something was terribly wrong, I must have been drugged. I pulled out my phone to call for help.

“Oh, leave your purses and phones at that table.”

We did as we were told. There were 2 large ones, we each headed to one.

“No, not those ones, this one, together. Trust me there is plenty of room.” He pointed to a door we assumed went to the back of the store.

We walked in. It was a 15 by 15 room, with soft lighting, couches, a basin, soap and other assorted bathroom accessories. There was even a large shower with glass doors.

I turned to Tara “What the hell is this and what’s going on? Why are we doing this?”

“I have no idea, but I’m not sticking around with this little creep. I’m getting out of here” She said as she was unbuttoning her blouse.

I agreed with her, I was leaving too, but then why was she undressing “Why are you taking off your clothes?”

She looked down at her hands, they were undoing her pants and her blouse was already on the floor. Then she looked at me “I don’t know, why are you?”

I looked down. My shoes were off, as were my socks, my shirt was on the ground and I was dropping my pants. We both stood up and looked at each other in our bras and panties. Then I remembered Tyler’s words—take off everything. Apparently so did Tara, because we both reached behind and removed our bras, then our panties. It was the first time I had seen Tara naked. We were often mistaken for sisters and naked it wasn’t much different. Even our pubic hair was similar, hers was just more neatly trimmed then mine. Here nipples were a bit darker and stuck out more.

The door opened and we both turned and tried to cover out nudity. It was Carol. “Carol, what the hell is going on. Why are we doing this? Why is this douche bag here?” Tara pleaded.

“Please, Tyler is wonderful, and I have had nothing but success here since he started last month. He is just trying to help. He had my husband build this room and I got all new products. Now, please drop your hands and let me see what we are dealing with.” We both dropped out hands and she looked us over. “Well Tyler’s has vision for you two and trust me you will love it, everyone does. But the pubic hair situation won’t do. Please use the equipment on the basin to shave everything from the neck down. Help each other out and be sure to apply lotion to the freshly shaven areas. Tyler likes a smooth woman” She ran her hand across her own crotch as she said that

“What the hell are you talking about! We’re not doing any of that for him!”

“That is enough, I am leaving now and calling the cops!” I yelled

“No, you won’t, Tyler isn’t close to being done with you, now please do as you were instructed and no more talking, until I return”

We both walked over to the basin and looked at the equipment then each other. I could see fear and confusion in Tara’s eyes, as I knew she could see in mine. I reached for the clippers, Tara the shaving cream. I saw Carol reach down and take our bras and panties and leave. I tried to talk to Tara, tried to leave, but I just couldn’t. Instead I started doing as I was told and cleaned up all my body hair. Tara and I removed all our body hair as instructed. I had never shaved myself there before, so I needed some help, which Tara provided, and I returned the favour. We did this in silence, but I could tell she wanted to talk, as did I, but just couldn’t. After inspecting each other and convinced all the hair was gone, we started applying lotion. It felt really good and I found I was actually incredibly wet.

Carol came back in with two sets of bras and panties and high heels and 2 skirts and blouses “Very nice, now please put these on and come out. You can talk again, but no yelling”

We took the garments and dressed as Carol watch.

“This can’t be really happening. How is it possible.” I asked Tara.

“I don’t know. I’m really scared.”

The bra was a push up, half cup that just covered my nipples and the panties were French cut, high on the hip. Mine were green and Tara’s red. We finished dressing and followed Carol out to the floor. For the fist time I notice no one else was in the store and the close sign was on and blinds were down. There was no help coming for us. Tyler was sitting on a couch looking at us.

“Oh, I’ve hit the jackpot today. These two are better then the first 5. You two are amazing.”

5? I thought to myself. He’s done this before. “What the fuck is going on here!!??” I asked

“Ok, well let’s end the suspense, I am controlling you both and there is nothing you can do about it. But I don’t want mindless drones, like Carol here.” He gave her ass a smack as he said it.

“Thank you, Sir,” she just smiled and stood beside him

“You two will keep your personalities, but you will do everything I tell you to and even though you may hate what you are doing, your bodies will love it. So, no trying to run or hurt me or calling for help and the only screaming you will do is when you cum. And you will cum lots”

We stood in stunned silence “You’re wondering why and how. Well I am not going into all the details, but suffice it to say I am a genius, I created a great system of drugs and subliminal sounds and I have a thing for MILFs and you two are exactly what I like and if things go the way I think they will, your lives will change forever, just like Carol here.” Another smack, only harder.

“Oh, it’s been wonderful”

“Let’s start with some sexual history. Tell me about your sex life, like and dislikes and won’t dos and never dones. Tara, you first”

Tara went on about having sex about once a week. She does give blow jobs but doesn’t actually like it. Likes getting licked. Refuses to let Peter cum in her mouth or on her face, but does let him cum on her tits, just doesn’t do anything for her. Likes Doggy Style, but loves being on top. Anal is non starter, Peter tried when the first got married while doing her doggy style and the fury she showed made him never even bring it up again. She has slept with 17 men before Peter. She had 2 threesomes, one with 2 guys and one with another girl. Didn’t care for either, just wanted to try it.

“Ok, not too much work to do there, what about you Nadia?”

I was embarrassed when I told my story. I don’t really like sex. I haven’t given a blow job in 23 years. I tolerate tit fucks and sex is only missionary. I’ve tried other positions but found them uncomfortable and degrading. Only 2 other men beside my husband.

“Oh Nadia, we have some work to do, but you will be fun for me. Let’s move on to clothing. Now these outfits look nice. I want you both to stand in from of me, hands to your side, then turn and let me you check out from behind, then bend at the waist, knees stay locked, hands on your ass, drop your hands down you hips to your knees, spreading your legs and looking back at me, then stand and turn facing me, spread your legs again, bend at the waist, give your tits a shake for me, then stand up, cupping your tits for me. I will then tell you if the outfit is a yes or no. Then off to the change room for the next outfit.

“If you think I am going to be some kind of toy for your pleasure, you are sadly mistaken…” I started. Then I realized Tara and I were doing exactly what he asked.

When we were done our routine, he looked at us “these outfits are a yes. Please go change into the change room and put on the next outfit Carol brings you.”

For the next hour he had us trying on different outfits, all sexy and slutty. Some he told us to keep, some he discarded. He never asked what we thought, his was the only opinion that mattered. We both argued with him, called him names, but continued to do as he wished.

One dress we had on required no bras, because of the very low back and plunging neck line. When we were leaning forward and shaking our tits, hers popped out and I saw her try to cover up, but she didn’t, because that wasn’t part of the routine.

By the fourth outfit I was starting to enjoy this and getting quite aroused. When I had my hands on my ass and ran them down my hips, I was feeling jolts of erotic pleasure. Cupping my tits also felt amazing.

By the time he was done we had 6 new outfits each, 8 new sets of bras and panties, 4 new pairs of shoes. I was angry and scared, but also incredibly aroused. My nipples were rock hard the whole time and I was so wet my panties were soaked and Tara looked the same.

“Well that was good. Now, the real fun. I know you are both very aroused right now and in need of release. You will find that the drug I gave you has increased your sexual desires. Your nipples, tits, pussies, clits and asses are about 5 to 10 times more sensitive. You will also get incredibly aroused performing or even watching sexual acts. And just wait and see what happens when someone cums on or in you. So, let’s take off those clothes, except the heels. A proper slut always keeps her heels on when getting fuck.” I looked down and Tara and I were both wearing 4” red pumps at the time.

“Please don’t do this.” I begged as I started to take off my blouse.

“Ah, that’s cute, you actually think you can say anything to stop this from happening?” I knew I couldn’t

I continued to strip down for him and so did Tara.

We stood naked before him. He had us repeat the routine, this time naked. When I cupped my tits, my nipples felt extra hard and I swear I almost came.

“All I can say is wow. I knew you two were hot, but my God those tits are amazing. Now sit on the couch next to each other. The one across from me.” We sat on the larger couch across from him. “Get a little closer, closer” he kept this up until we were touching. My right shoulder and thigh were touching her left ones, our tits close to each other

“Carol if you would please” She walked up to us, poured lotion all over our boobs. “I want you both to rub the lotion into your boobs, it will feel great, trust me” I tried to resist, but I couldn’t and he was right, it felt wonderful. I was timid at first, but soon my hands were mauling my tits like a teenage boy and I swear I was about to cum. I looked over and Tara had her head back and was pinching her nipples. I was grinding my thighs together, but soon had to spread my legs a bit and a bit more. Soon Tara and I were shifting positions, while still working our tits.

“Look at each other, see the pleasure you’re both getting”

I looked at her and we locked eyes. I saw pleasure in her face. I looked down and we were both spread wide, her left leg over my right. I could see her pussy was just as wet as mine. Looking at her was making me as horny as playing with my tits. I was close to orgasm and I was pretty sure she was too.

“God, I can’t stop, and it feels so good” she whispered

“This can’t be happening” I licked my lips as I looked at her wet, glistening tits in her hands. I wanted to touch them.

I felt something cold hit my burning pussy. Carol was pouring more on us, but now on our crotches. “Rub that in now but keep looking at each other.” I didn’t hesitate, my hand flew to my crotch and so did Tara’s. My left hand went to my aching pussy and my right stayed on my tits.

Tara was further along and yelled out in orgasm, I looked at her face as she came, and it made me cum as well. I’ve cum before, but nothing like this. I felt it through out my whole body. I squeezed my right tit so hard I may have bruised it.

I don’t know how long I was panting, but when I came around, Tara had shifted a bit and her tit was pressed up against mine and her head was on my shoulder. We were leaning back on the couch.

I started to sit up, but was too weak, my hand still on my soaking wet pussy.

Tyler stood up and dropped his pants. I was dazed, but my eyes popped when I saw his erect penis. Steve was about 6 or 7”. This one had to be more then 10” long and way thicker. He walked over to us and pointed it at Tara. He had one knee on the couch between her legs and it was so long, it was almost touching her. Tara’s eyes were on his cock, but when he spoke, she looked up at him.

“Tara, I think you know what a proper slut does when presented with an 11” cock?”

She slowly nodded then reached up with both hands and grabbed his shaft. She stroked it a few times, then opened her mouth, eyes locked on his. I watched her lean up and take his cock in her mouth, looking at him the whole time.

“No Tara don’t do it” I said in a feeble attempt to stop her. She ignored me and pulled his cock deeper into her mouth.

My hands were still on my tit and pussy and they started working again as I watched my friend suck the biggest cock I have ever seen, and it was turning me on.

His hands reached down and started playing with her tits, which made her moan on his cock. I was disgusted, but so turned on at the same time. She was getting about 9” into her mouth, both hands working his shaft and balls

“Nadia, Tara is working so hard right now, a good friend would take care of her pussy for her.” Are you kidding me, he expected me to finger her while she sucked his cock? Never! but my hands had another plan. My right hand left my tits and slipped onto her thigh, my left one stayed with my pussy. I found her crotch and it was as wet as mine. When I touched her, her eyes opened wide in surprise as she looked at me, still sucking that cock. Her legs spread a bit wider, inviting me to continue. She went back to looking him in the eye.

It only took a few minutes for us both to start cuming and this orgasm was better then the first. We both fell back, trying to catch our breath. I opened my eyes a minute or so later to see the monstrous cock in front of me. I knew what he wanted. I hated the thought of sucking any cock, especially this asshole, but as I looked at his smug face, I reached out with both hand and pulled his 11” cock into my mouth.

My mouth was opened as wide as I could, and I was only getting about 5” in, but I kept trying. His hands went to my tits and it felt amazing to have him touch me. I looked beside me, and Tara was kneeling on the couch, watching me, her left hand between her legs working her pussy, her right working her tits, which were mere inches from my face.

“Don’t you think you should return the favour” he looked down at my spread legs and soaking wet pussy. I felt Tara’s hand on my lap, move up to my crotch and when she touched it, I felt a jolt of pleasure. I spread my legs more and pushed my crotch forward, a sign for her to continue. It made me suck his cock even harder. I couldn’t stop looking at him as I sucked his cock and tried my best to match Tara’s performance. I was disgusted by what I was doing, but it felt so good and I really hoped he was enjoying it.

Just as I felt my orgasm coming, he pulled out of my mouth. He jerked his cock a few times, then he came. I’ve seen men cum before, but this was like nothing I’ve ever seen, not even in a porno. The first shot blasted past my face and hit Tara in the tits. She had her left arm under her tits, her hand cupping her right tits, propping them up, making a target for him. She screamed out in orgasm as it hit her. I got some splash back on my face and I was cuming too. I watched as stream after stream hit her tits and face and she had her mouth opened taking some in. Then he moved his cock towards me and I instinctively opened my mouth as the last two streams hit my face, some in my mouth. I should have closed my eyes, but instead I looked right at him, feeling appreciation that he came on me. When he was done I reached for his cock and took it in my mouth, wanting to suck out the last bit of cum I could.

When I got all I could from his cock, I started scooping it off my face and licking my fingers. I got some cum in my l mouth once and almost threw up. It was salty and disgusting, but this was delicious and I needed more.

I looked over and Tara, face and tits covered in cum, had her right tit in her mouth, sucking the cum off it. Now I knew I wanted more cum and should have just used my hand, but instead I leaned forward and started licking and sucking on her left tits, trying to get al the cum I could.

Tara held her tit for me, making it easier for me to suck on. I moved position and was kneeling in front of her now. When the left tit had no cum left, I finished off her right one. Then I looked at her face, her pretty cum covered face and started to lick it. She was scooping what she could into her mouth. When all the cum was gone, we looked at each other for a second, then our lips met. I could taste his cum on her lips and tongue and it made me kiss her harder. We pressed our bodies together. When my tits pressed into her, it just felt right and by the way she pressed into me, she agreed. We continued to kiss, I pushed her back. She was laying on the couch, I was straddling he waist and we continued to kiss, my dangling tits rubbing onto her. Our hands started to wander. I was kneading her tit into mine. I felt her hands run down my back to my ass, squeezing it.

I broke our kiss “This feels so good, but I know it’s wrong.”

“I know, but I don’t want to stop.” She moved up and kissed me again.

Then I felt it. Something was rubbing my pussy. Tara’s hands were still working my ass. This was hard and smooth and when it touched me I felt it in my whole body. I looked back and it was Tyler and it was his cock. I know I should have jumped up and gotten away from him. What I did do was grind my crotch over her hard cock over and over, waiting for him to put it in me.

Tara looked at me, her hands pulling my ass cheeks apart “if you don’t fuck him now, I will.”

I looked back at Tyler “oh for the love of God just fuck me please”

He pulled his cock back, then I felt pressure on my pussy and then it hit me. So far I’ve felt amazing things, more intense then before. Touching my own tits and pussy, sucking a cock, eating cum, licking my friend’s tits, kissing her. All of these felt amazing and better then I could have ever imagine, but when Tyler’s cock entered me, it changed me. It felt like a part of me was missing and I just got it back. Before he had the whole length of his amazing cock all the way in, I screamed out in the most intense orgasm I have ever felt. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling this.

I rocked back and forth on his cock for a solid 5 minutes orgasm. I came down from it, but still felt another coming. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me up to him, his cock still impaled in me. He grabbed my tits and talked in my ear “so how do you feel about sex now bitch”

“Just keep fucking me.”

“Oh I will. I’ll be fucking you plenty, but what about your friend? Do you want to see me fuck her too?”

I looked down at Tara. She was watching me get properly fucked. He right hand fingering her pussy and her left bringing her nipple to her mouth.

“Yes, I want to see you fuck her.” I really did

“What about you slut, do you want to get fucked!?”

“Oh god yes. Please”

“Well as soon as this one cums, I’ll do you next.” I was already just about there. Then Tara sat up, her hand found my clit and her mouth my tit. I exploded in an orgasm. Tyler fucked me through it all.

Then he pulled out and tossed me aside. I landed on the couch on my back. But the couch had been laid out into a bed. I don’t even know when that happened. I was laying there, looking up at the kid that just fuck me to orgasms I didn’t know I could have.

He moved closer to me “you don’t expect me to fuck her with your cum all over my cock do you.” Oh my god, he wanted me to lick my cum off his cock. I tasted my fingers once, but never even considered this, yet here I was propping myself up on my elbows and pulling his cock to my mouth “Of course not, my bad” I sucked him clean.

He then moved Tara to her side, facing me, her right leg over my legs, her tits pressed into my arm and tit, her face near mine. I was absent mindedly caressing my tits as I watched.

He moved behind her and slipped his cock to her pussy. Her face told me when he got in. She had the same reaction I did and came right away. I felt happy for her, she got to experience the same pleasure I did. By the time her orgasm ended, I was kissing her and she was playing with my tits.

Tyler kept fucking her, eventually moving her to her back, her legs over his shoulders as he pounded her. I was sucking on her tits and rubbing her clit as he did. She came again.

He pulled out of her and pushed me aside. He laid down on the bed. His cock standing straight up. I looked at him and it “Can I fuck you?”

“Go ahead.” I straddle him and placed his cock at my pussy and lowered myself on him. This time I was able to fuck him for 10 minutes before I came again. He pushed me aside and straddled Tara’s chest. She pushed her tits around his cock and I watched him tit fuck her.

Soon he started to cum and his cum hitting Tara in the face and tits made her cum too. I crawled over and sucked his cock clean. Then Tara and I cleaned up the mess again.

“I didn’t know sex could feel like that.”

“Neither did I” Tara answered. Carol walked over and handed us some baby wipes. We cleaned our faces and tits and pussies. Was this finally over?

Now clean I kissed Tara again and we cuddled, enjoying the feel of our naked bodies touching.

“Holly Fuck!!!” Tara shouted. I looked up to see what she was referring too. Tyler was standing at the edge of the bed, looking at us and his fucking cock was still hard.

“What made you think we were done. Nadia, you want another fucking”

I looked at Tara, then him “yes please”

“Ok, all you have to do is lick that pussy” he was pointing to Tara’s legs.

Now, I shouldn’t have been surprised, I knew this was coming. I looked at Tara and she said “If you don’t I will.” I smiled and pushed her back and got between her legs, my ass raised up. I lowered my head to her pussy and stuck my tongue out. I licked my first pussy and it delicious. I couldn’t get enough. I licked her to 2 orgasms as he fucked me to 3 more. Then we switched.

The next hour was a blur, but I remember being on my back, Tara sitting on my face, Tyler fucking me. Being beside Tara on the couch, on our knees, Tyler moving from one to the other, while we kissed. Tara sitting on the cash out counter, me licking her, Tyler fucking me and me sitting on Tyler’s face while Tara rode his cock and we kissed and fondled each other. I have no idea how many orgasms I had, but it was a lot.

Finally, Tyler had us sit on the couch, tits pressed together us kissing, while he fucked our tits and finally came on both of us. Tara and I kissed and licked each other clean again.

Tara and I were laying on the bed in each others’ arms. Her soft tits felt wonderful on my body.

“Ladies” we both looked up at Tyler, the teenage douchebag that just abused us for over 3 hrs, made us do things we never thought we would do. I wanted to kill him, but what I said was “Are you going to fuck us again?” in a pleading, hopeful voice. But his cock was finally soft. I was a little disappointed.

Tara jumped in “I could try and suck you hard again.”

“I’ll help” I added

“It’s decision time.” Carol walked over and dropped our clothes on the bed. “You can get dressed and leave. You will never see me again and you will never be able to be with each other again. Your lives will return to normal, except your husbands will probably enjoy you more now. Or, you can come join me in the shower and I will tell you how I will use you going forward, which will include me fucking you both at least twice a week and you two can fuck each other anytime you want. You have 5 minutes to chose, then Carol will lock the door and I will be done with both of you forever.”

He turned and walked to the changeroom, Carol following.

We looked at each other “We have to leave, right?” Tara asked me

“Of course. Let’s get dressed and get the fuck out of here.” We grabbed our clothes. We both looked for our underwear then I remember “Carol threw them out” I said.

“Oh yeah. Fine. Let’s go.”

Tara reached for her pants and pulled them on. I did the same. Then we grabbed our shirts. Tara was just about to button up “Wait” I said to her. I reached out and put my hand behind her on her face and pulled her in “One last kiss” she smiled and came in and kissed me.

I lasted longer then I anticipated, and our hand found each other’s boobs “I don’t think I can go without this again.” She said to me

I sighed “Me neither and oh my god he is such an ass hole, but the way his cock makes me cum.”

“We have no choice, do we” she said

I stood up and pulled her to her feet “I don’t think we do.” We both pulled off our pants and walked to the dressing room. I reached for the handle, praying it wouldn’t be locked. It wasn’t and we walked in. Carol was right behind the door, with her phone showing a clock running down with 1:13 left on it. I looked to the shower and Tyler was in there, water running down her skinny body, dripping off her huge cock. We walked in and stepped in the stream of water and faced him.

“Please tell us how you want to use us?” I asked.

He smirked at us, put a hand behind each of our necks and pulled Tara in for a kiss, then me. His kiss made my knees weak. He pushed us to our knees “Now you two work my cock while I tell you how things are going to work from now on…”

back to Peter and Tara’s now — from Steve point of view

“And he actually got hard again and fucked us in the shower. It was incredible” Tara said

Both ladies were fingering themselves and playing with their tits at this point.

“We are so sorry. We do love you, but we can’t help ourselves. We know you will never forgive us, but you have to try an understand.” Nadia said. Just then there was a knock at the door. Tara walked over and opened it. A kid walks in with 2 other teen guys trailing.

Tara hugged and kissed the first kid. He grabbed her ass and she giggled. He walked over to Nadia, Tara following. Nadia threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

The 2 other guys walked over. One was tall and skinny, the other average height and muscular. The tall one walked over to Tara, the average one to Nadia.

“Tara, this is Andrew, you will be taking care of him. Nadia this is Billy, he is yours. They are friends of mine.” They looked at Tyler and smiled, then at the teens and gave them a hug and long, wet kiss.

Then, as if programmed they broke the kisses and each said, “May I suck your cock, sir?”

Both ladies dropped to their knees and pulled out the already hardening cocks of the teens and started to blow them. We watched in stunned silence for several minutes until both boys were rock hard.

Nadia moved to the ground in the doggy style position, Billy fucking her and Tara had Andrew on the couch and was sitting on his cock, feeding him her tits.

“Oh, hey guys. I’m Tyler, you must be Steve and Peter.” He looked at us and then our erections. “No wonder your wives chose to be my sluts. No way those cocks can satisfy two horny bitches like that. Well, why don’t you two just watch my buddies fuck them proper? Feel free to jerk off, it’s the only action you two will see for a while.”

I still couldn’t speak or stand up, but my hand did start jerking my cock. The combination of the story Nadia told and the sight of Nadia getting fucked while her big tits swayed back and forth and Tara in the thigh high boots, riding a kid while he sucked her tits was too much and I came almost right away. Peter did too.

I continued to jerk my cock, cum all over my stomach and cock, so did Peter. He told us to jerk off while his friends fucked our wives and they weren’t done.

Now Tara had her hands on the wall, legs spread, completely naked except for the boots while Andrew fucked her and Nadia was sitting on Billy’s cock facing away, while he mauled her tits.

“You boys should really try cuming on their tits.” Tyler said.

The boys guided the ladies to their knees, cupping their tits, pressing them into each other, the boys standing over them jerking their cocks. Nadia and Tara started kissing as the boys both came on the tits. This made the women cum. I was hard again and came for a second time. We watched the ladies lick each other’s tits clean.

“Switch?” Billy asked Andrew

“Sure” They went to the other woman and fed them their cocks. I got hard again, as did Peter as we watched for another 45 minutes as our wives were fucked by these teens.

This time they came in the women’s mouths and both swallowed the load given to them.

I came for a 3rd time.

The ladies sat on the couch kissing each other as the boys dressed.

“Wow Tyler, this wimps really are as pathetic as you said. They have wives who fuck like that and they just want to watch and jerk off.” Billy said.

“Yeah, pretty pathetic.”

Billy walked up to the ladies, who stood. He reached out and cupped a tit on each “Since your husbands aren’t man enough to fuck you, I will be back.”

“Thank you, Billy” Nadia responded, her hand on his, encouraging him to fondle her

“Anytime you want Billy, you too Andrew” Tara said as she blew Andrew a kiss.

The boys left, laughing as they did.

Nadia and Tara looked Tyler “How did we do?” Nadia asked

“My friends seemed to enjoy you.”

Both looked like children that just got praised for cleaning their room.

“Ok ladies, why don’t you two go shower, while I have a chat with your husbands.”

“Yes Tyler” Tara answered as she and Nadia walked to the washroom. We heard the shower start.

Tyler sat on the chair across from us “well as you can see, there is not much you two can do. So here is how it’s going to be from now on”

For the ladies:

For the guys:

When he was done, Nadia and Tara came out, completely naked. Tyler stood and walked over to them. Even through all this, I still like seeing Tara naked for the first time.

“We’re ready for bed Tyler.” Nadia said

“Please Tyler, can you stay with us tonight?” Tara begged

“We’ll treat your cock extra nice, we promise.” Nadia added

“Maybe tomorrow. You two have had a long day. I think it’s bed time. Ok guys, you can move now. Steve, you need to go home, Peter you can join the women in bed.”

I cleaned the cum off myself and so did Peter. I dressed and Peter followed the ladies to the master bedroom. Nadia and Tara were walking hand in hand, looking quite happy, Peter following. Nadia turn to me and mouth “Help”

I got in my car and drove home.

My wife was still in there and she needed my help.

I was going to fix this and get my revenge, I just didn’t know how…yet?