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Douchebag Teen

Chapter 2

I walked out of Peter and Tara’s house, my penis sore from the extended time I spent jerking it. My head was spinning from the events of the last few hours.

Nadia, my wife and I came here to play cards, but soon after drinking my first beer, Nadia put on some music and my life was turned upside down. I lost control of my body. Nadia and Tara stood before us, stripped practically naked, made us strip and then sucked us hard. It looked like it was going to be a fun night, but instead Nadia told us what happened to them that afternoon.

They stood before us and told us how a teenage boy took control of them and fucked them all afternoon. He made them do things to him and each other that I had often fantasized about, but never thought would actually happen. They actually masturbated as Nadia told the story.

The worst part was he gave them a chance to get away and they chose to stay with him. Then Tyler, the kid that did this to them showed up with two buddies. Peter and I had to sit there and watch our wives fuck the two buddies, while we masturbated the whole time.

When the boys were done, the ladies went and showered together while Tyler told us how things would be from now on. To sum it up, our wives would be sex slaves to him and his buddies and Peter and I were now cuckold husbands.

Peter had just gone to bed with his naked wife and mine, to lay beside them and watch them fuck each other to 2 orgasms, before going to sleep. He would not be able to participate, just watch and jerk off.

Here I was, walking to my car, Tyler by my side, still trying to figure this out.

“Steve, I can see you’re trying to figure out a way around this. Let me save you the time. You’re not the first husband I’ve done this to. There is no way out. If it helps, your wife and her friend are my favorites so far and I plan on fucking them a lot and you get to enjoy watching it. Or you won’t enjoy it, I don’t give a fuck. See you tomorrow night. I’ll show you how you’re supposed to fuck the DD twins in there.” He walked away, laughing at me.

I got in my car. I wanted to follow him, kick the shit out of him, make him undo all this, but I just couldn’t do it. I hoped I would get a look at his car as he drove by, but he never did.

I got home and sat in a chair, replaying everything in my head. I just couldn’t figure out how this was happening. But despite my anger, the visual of Nadia and Tara getting fucked made me hard again. I tried to ignore it and went to bed, but I ended up masturbating at the memory.

I barely slept. I spent most of the day still trying figure a way to fix this when Nadia came home with more bags.

“Hi Honey.” she said as she walked in, kissed me on the cheek. She was wearing high heeled boots and a nice summer dress, with the top 3 buttons undone, looking very hot.

“Tara and I had the best day shopping. We got so much good stuff, plus some naughty stuff for our special time.” She winked when she said that.

“Nadia, what the fuck is going on!?”

“Steve, we explained it all last night. I know you’re still a bit angry, but you need to just accept it, we have.” With that she walked away to the bedroom. I followed her up, she was putting some stuff away and put some items on the bed.

“Nadia, we have to figure out how to stop this.”

She turned, dropping her dress, standing before me in sexy underwear, “Honey, we can’t. Tara and I have to do as we are told- you know that. Now I need to get ready for tonight. Tara will be here in an hour.” She pulled off her bra, then the panties and kissed me on the cheek as she walked to the washroom.

I was confused. Last night she asked for my help, now she is telling me to accept it. What the Fuck!?

Then I remembered something the Tyler said. The ladies would not be able to talk or write out for help. But she just mouthed the words. She really had no choice, but she wanted me to figure this out. I would not give up. I wondered if she was aware, she asked for help. God knows how scrambled her brain was right now.

I went back to the living room, my mind racing with ideas, but still unable to act on any. There was a knock at the door and I opened it. It was Tara in a trench coat and heel. She walked in and kissed me on the cheek.

“Hi Steve…”

She walked in and took off her coat, which I took from her. Even after last night’s performance, I was still shocked at what I saw. She was wearing 4″ red pump, red sheer stockings, a one-piece red lace form fitting outfit, that double as garters for her stockings. It came down just past her ass and looked like it should come with matching panties, but she went without. She turned, and the outfit hugged her curvy body, accentuating her full tits, which were covered by the same red, see-thru lace, which pushed them up and did nothing to cover her dark, hard nipples. The bottom did cover her crotch, but because of the sheer fabric I could tell she was definitely not wearing panties.

“You like?” she asked in a playful manner. I could only nod.

Nadia came out. She was in similar green 4″ pump and stockings, which were held up by her green silk form fitting corset, which cupped her tits, but only covered half, her nipples in plain view. The bottom stopped at her hips and left her butt and crotch exposed. They were barely covered by the green thong she was wearing.

“You look good enough to eat!” Tara said upon seeing my wife.

“I’m sure you’re going to try,” they laughed and hugged, which turned into a passionate kiss.

I watched them, and it occurred to me that neither could complain about the situation, but both were tortured by it. They were finding comfort in each other. I felt a little better knowing Nadia was getting that from Tara, since I wasn’t able to do it.

Just my front door opened, and Tyler walked in “Ladies, you two look amazing”

“Thank you, Tyler!” they both said.

He turned to me, “Dickless.”

“Hello Sir…” was all I could say.

“Let’s go sit in the living room and get this night started. Dickless, bring the ladies a glass of wine, bring me a beer and lose your clothes, you won’t need them tonight. Also, no talking for the rest of the night, unless I tell you to.” I walked to the kitchen, taking my shirt off as I went.

I walked back into the living room, now naked, found Tyler sitting on the couch, also naked, with his cock standing straight up, the ladies kneeling before him, waiting like puppies hoping for a treat. I handed him his beer. “Put the wines on the table and sit down beside me.”

I heard the stories yesterday about his cock. They did not exaggerate. It was massive. I don’t even know how the ladies managed to get it inside them, but I knew I was going to find out unfortunately.

Despite myself, my cock was hard as a rock. The ladies didn’t even look over at me, their eyes fixated on his cock.

“Nadia, when was the last time you sucked a cock, before yesterday?”

“About 23 years ago.”

“Sorry buddy, I guess they want a real cock, not that pathetic thing. But feel free to stroke it while you watch me fuck these two proper all night long and in the morning” Tara and Nadia looked at him when he said “and in the morning”.

“That’s right ladies, I’m going to be spending the night. Let’s see how many times you two can get me hard.”

“Tara, you may now suck my cock.”

Tara looked at Nadia briefly, then she reached out and took his cock in both hands and started to give him and blow job that porn stars would be proud of.

After a few minutes he looked at Nadia “You want to help her, don’t you?”

“Yes please.” she was fondling her tits as she answered.

“Wouldn’t you prefer to suck your husband’s cock? It’s right there.”

She looked at my cock briefly, then his. “No, I want to suck yours. Please?”

“Good choice, you may now suck my cock.” She practically dove for his cock.

I watched for 15 minutes as they stroked and sucked him, fingering themselves the whole time. Finally, they both came. They fell back on their heels, one hand still stroking his cock.

“Look at that Steve, they came before I did. Did Nadia ever cum while sucking you cock? Oh wait! She didn’t suck your cock did she? Too bad, she’s getting pretty good. Not as good and Tara here. She’s a natural born cock sucker, aren’t you?” he grabbed her by the back of the head and presented her to me, as if I didn’t know who she was.

“Yes, I am?! Tara panted.

“Since you can’t answer, let’s let Nadia answer, did you like sucking my cock slut?”

“Very much.”

“Did you ever enjoy doing it to Steve?”


“Well, I guess it’s because his cock is just so pathetic. Tell you what, since you tried so hard, why don’t I fuck you right now, would you like that?”

“Yes I would.” She begged.

“Stand up and take off your panties.” She did as she was told. “Let’s get you ready. Stand in front of dickless here, spread your legs, bend at the waist and put you hands on his shoulders. Stick that plump ass out.” She did as she was told and I was looking right at her and her dangling tits.

“Tara, why don’t you lick her for a bit, just to get her ready?”

He sat beside me and we watched as Tara knelt between my wife’s legs and grabbed her by the hips and started to lick her wet pussy. From my seat I got a great view and my cock was aching to be touched.

Nadia was moaning “How does that feel Nadia?”

“Oh my god, it feels so good!”

“Is your cunt wet and ready for my cock?”

“It’s so wet and ready?”

“Say it, say what you want and say it to Steve…”

She looked right at me. “My cunt is dripping wet and ready for Tyler’s massive cock. I need it really bad. I just want him to fuck me.”

Tyler stood up and pushed Tara aside.

“You can sit beside Steve and play with yourself while you watch.”

He stood behind Nadia, grabbing her hips and lining his cock up to her pussy. He pushed the head right up to her “Now beg for it bitch!”

“Please, please fuck me!”

“Tell Steve how much more you want my cock then his, convince me, go ahead…”

With his cock pressing up against her, she looked at me. “Tyler’s cock is so much better than yours. He makes me cum so hard, so easily. Your cock could never do that. God I just want him inside me so I can cum like a proper slut. Please Tyler, for the love of God just fuck me. I need you inside me now!!!” I thought I might cry, this hurt so much, but part of me still loved seeing my wife get so turned on by getting fucked. I just wished it was with me.

“Tell me Tyler, what’s the one sexual thing you always wanted you wife to do and she never would?”

I didn’t have to think long about this one “For me to tit-fuck her right after being inside her, and cum on her tits and face...”

Tyler smiled, “Nadia if I fuck you, will you let me fuck your tits and cum all over you after?”

“Yes, yes, yes, you can fuck my big tits and cum all over them and my face, I just need your cock inside me now.”

My heart was breaking as I heard her beg.

“Oh, that was good, here is your reward.” He pressed and I watched his cock enter her and she screamed out in ecstasy as she came right away. Her orgasm lasted a good 2 minutes and he kept fucking her, building up to the next one. She was squeezing my shoulders as she came. I watched Tara, sitting next to me, furiously fingering herself as she watched Nadia cum for the second time.

He pulled out and she stood, pulled down her top and knelt before him, cupping her tits “Please! fuck my big tits with your amazing cock, it’s what there here for!”

He slipped his cock between her tits and she moved up and down his cock with more enthusiasm then she ever showed with me.

Tara moved her face next to hers “Can you cum on my face too?”

“I aim to please!” Then he started to cum and they did not exaggerate about how much he came either. It covered my wife’s tits, her face and Tara’s. The ladies then sucked him clean and started to work on each other. When they were done, they looked to him.

“How about we give you little friend some cock now? Show your husband how much you like licking pussy” Tara laid back down beside me, legs spread wide. Nadia knelt in front of her and lowered her head into her crotch. I watched as she licked her wet pussy. I had fantasized about her doing that so many times. Tara’s hands flew to her tits and she mauled them as Nadia worked her pussy. She came fairly quickly.

“Ok Nadia, well done, now suck her tits while I fuck her.” Nadia sat on the couch next to Tara and pull out her tits and sucked on them. Tyler knelt in front of Tara, lined up his cock and fucked her. Much like Nadia, she came right away and soon ready to cum again. He fucked her for 10 minutes.

“Hey Steve, wanna see you slut wife lick my cum out of Tara’s cunt?”

It was a rhetorical question. He came inside her and she went wild. Nadia didn’t wait to be told, she went right for her friends snatch and lick up all the cum oozing out of it.

Next he sat beside me again, makes Nadia ride him while Tara licks her ass. He made me masturbate while watching this. He switched them up. 45 minutes later it was a double tit fuck and he cums all over both. I came watching that.

Tyler makes them shower, while he taunts me more. They come out naked except for their heels, and Tyler fucked them over the counter in the kitchen. While doing Tara, Nadia sits on the counter and gets licked.

This time he starts cuming in Tara’s mouth, finishes in Nadia. He spills cum on both sets of tits, which they lick clean.

They then sit and watch a movie naked, Tyler cuddling with both as he fondles their tits. Half way through, he starts fucking them both again. This time he cums inside my wife so Tara has to lick her clean.

While they are in bed, I watch from the floor as he fucks them one last time before going to sleep. I felt a range of emotions, but soon realized the one I didn’t expect was jealousy. I wanted it to be me with these two.

I wake with the ladies. They do their yoga and Tyler comes out while they are in Downward Dog… and fucks them. He cums all over their asses. They shower with him for about an hour.

They come out dressed for the day. Tyler has them on either arm, them looking at him adoringly “I hope we were good enough for you last night?” Tara asked.

“This one needs to work on her blow jobs?” he said looking to my wife and slapping her ass.

“Oh, I will work so hard. I promise.”

“I’ll help her.” Said Tara, tracing a finger on Tyler’s chest, the way I used to see her do to Pete.

“Good to hear.”

They both gave him a big kiss. He then looked at me, cupping a tit in each hand and said “I enjoyed taking care of your wife for you. You should thank me.”

I was exhausted, I had watched this kid dominate my wife and her best friend for over twelve hours. No matter how crass or perverted, Tyler got everything he wanted and now wanted me to humiliate myself further by thanking him. Seeing Tyler, each of his hands wrapped around a beautiful woman he had fucked harder than humanly possible, I lost my will to resists him.

“Thank you...Sir.” Tyler leaves. Nadia gives me a kiss on the cheek “I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

I stood there for a bit, finally got showered and dressed and headed to work. I didn’t know how I was going to live like this.

Over the next few weeks I would see Tyler at least once a week, where he would fuck my wife and Tara. All the while he would humiliate me. On nights where it wasn’t him, his buddies would show up. There weren’t as bad as him, but they were pretty bad.

There were some nights were no one came, but I had to watch as Tara and Nadia fucked each other with toys. Those nights seemed to be very pleasurable for both.

Sometimes it was one kid, sometimes 2. Every time Nadia and Tara would service them with a smile and I would have to watch and do nothing.

One night, Billy was back. He came alone this time. He made the ladies wear heels and summer dresses with nothing else. He played around with them a bit, then had them with their hands on the kitchen table, side by side. Their tits were out and skirts over their asses.

He stood behind Nadia, “What do you want bitch!” he stared right at me while talking to her

“I want you to fuck me please…”


“In the pussy please…”

“Where?” he asked again and she repeated louder. He asked again and again until she screamed at the top of her lungs, “Just fuck my cunt now!!”

He smiled at me and rammed his cock into my wife. She came almost instantly.

While fucking Tara, he was fingering Nadia and out of nowhere, he slaps her ass. Nadia yelps, part in pleasure and part in pain.

“Oh, I think the slut likes getting spanked. Let’s try that again.” And he did, only harder. Same reaction.

“I wonder what other ass play she likes?” took his thumb and rimmed her anus. She looks at him and smiled.

“Oh, the horny cunt wants it.” He pushed his thumb into her ass and she moaned out in pleasure.

He starts to fuck her ass with his thumb and she reacts positively. He pulls out of Tara and gets behind Nadia. He pushes his cock to her ass. He reached out and grabs the back of her hair and pulls her head up, “Ever been ass fucked bitch?!”

“No!” she moans.

“Let’s change that.” He rams his cock right into her ass and she screamed out in pain, but she came at the same time.

He fucked her for less than a minutes and exploded inside her.

“OMG, that was fucking amazing. Your ass is so tight. I guess your wimp of a husband never had the balls to just fuck you like that.”

“No, he never did...” she was panting, recovering from her orgasm. His softening cock was still in her ass. He pulls out and cums seep from her ass.

“Let’s go shower and you two can get me hard again so I can fuck this one in the ass.” He gives Tara’s ass a big slap and grabs it roughly.

Billy walks both naked women towards the showers, his hand still grabbing Tara’s ass as he talks. Tara looks into Billy’s eyes and lets out a small moan. Before they leave Billy gives me a quick look then snarls at me.

I vowed he would pay for this.

In total there were 6 boys that would come around, including Tyler. Billy, Andrew, Zach, Mitch and Freddy. Not one of them had any redeeming qualities. They all came and fucked our wives like they were hookers and left.

I kept trying to follow them, hurt them, do anything, but could not do it.

As bad as all that was, there was one nice thing. The ladies would put on a show and all I could do was masturbate. Watching them alone, I knew this was when they were happiest. They pleasured each other like they were ordered, but they grew closer and supported each other. I’d fall asleep not knowing what I would see them do next.

I finally gave up trying to track the boys. I decided to try a different approach. I had to know how he was doing it. I figured there was some kind of hypnotic sound controlling us. But there had to be more to it. I found many papers on subliminal messaging, drug control and such and soaked up all I could. I must have read at least 100 papers over a 2 week period, all the while my wife and Tara fucked these teens over and over, me powerless to do anything except call these douchebags sir and thank them for fucking my wife.

I woke up, a moment of happiness, until I look over and see Tara, sleeping beside me, her tits covered by my wife’s arms. They would be up in a few minutes, happy and energized. Last night Zach and Mitch came over and took turns fucking the ladies until 2 am. I was playing waiter, bringing them drinks and snacks.

We woke up and I made breakfast while watching these two hot milfs do naked yoga. After their shower Tara was just getting ready to go home when they got a text. The both read it and smiled.

“Oh, sounds like fun. We have to go shopping again.” Tara said.

“Honey, Tyler wants you to get some stuff for today. He’s texting you instructions.”

My phone beeped. It was a shopping list for a large BBQ party. I was to pick it all up and head over to Pete’s. They had a large yard and a pool.

I grabbed everything from my list and got to Pete’s. He was busy cleaning up the yard and setting it up.

We don’t say a word. I can see in his eyes he is as defeated as I am.

Tara and Pete were in about the same financial situation as Nadia and me. I was a manager at a bank, Nadia was high up in an insurance company, Tara was a real estate agent and Pete was a consultant, not really sure what he did, but we all made good money.

Pete took pride in his backyard. They had a large pool with many lounge chairs and table around, all cushioned, a jacuzzi attached on one end, a large deck with an outdoor kitchen and a Tiki Bar. We spent many a summer day here enjoying it. Their house was also isolated, so the neighbors were never a problem. I’ve often suggested the ladies skinny dip since no one would see. They never took me up on it.

We unloaded my car. I had expensive steaks and other Barbeque food, beer, booze and wine. Pete was going to be the cook and I was the bartender.

The ladies arrived, in nice summer dresses and high heeled sandals.

“The yard looks great.” Tara commented.

Nadia tossed me a couple of bags. “There are uniforms for you two today. Change now. The other bag is stuff for today, set it up on a table in the shade. Tyler’s orders.”

I looked in the one bag and there were 2 pairs of sandals and two European style Banana Hammock bathing suits. Something I would never wear. But Pete and I changed into them and I felt we looked ridiculous. When we came out the ladies were sitting on chairs on the deck chatting. The other bag was full of dildo, vibrators, lube, oils, baby wipes and douches. Your basic orgy started kit.

Nadia looked over and smirked at us, “Get me glass of wine.”

“Me too.” Other then that they ignored us. I brought them their wine and went back to setting up.

Over the next hour seven other ladies arrived, all in high heeled sandals and summer dresses, all attractive. Each looked to us to order a drink, then ignored us and they all sat on the deck, chatting.

Then we heard a car pull up, it was a limo and out of it came Tyler and his five buddies, Billy, Andrew, Zach, Mitch and Freddie. I was seething inside at the memories of each of these kids fucking my wife.

“Hello sirs, welcome.” Was what I said.

They walked passed me, not even looking at me, instead barking out drink orders. I went and got their drinks. They walked in and looked at the ladies, who were all standing.

Tyler was the first to speak, “Good day ladies. I hope you are all ready for a fun day, we are celebrating today.”

“What are we celebrating?” The tiny blonde with big tits said.

“It’s Tyler’s 18 birthday, you stupid cunt!” Billy spat out.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should have known” She hung her head in shame.

“It’s ok, you will make it up to me later.” She lifted her head and smiled. “Now all of you know me and the boys, having been fucked by all of us at some point...” All the ladies nodded, “...But you don’t all know each other, so let’s start with introductions.

“Stand up in front of the group, tell them your first name, how old you are, what you do, what your measurements are and about our relationship. Also, you’re favourite way to get fucked. Then let’s see what you got today. Let’s do this in order of who I fucked first. Jillian.”

A 5′6″ dirty blonde stood and faced the women, “My name is Jillian, I’m 32, I’m a pharmaceutical sales rep, I’m 34D-26-32. Tyler lives next door and came over to help me with my computer and next thing I knew, I was taking his virginity—what an honor that was! He ended up teaching me what a cock is supposed to feel like. That night he fucked me for hours, while my wimp of a husband just sat and watched. Since then he introduced me to his buddies who take care of me, since my husband can’t. Any time I have a cock in me is great, but my favourite is laying on my side with one of these young studs ramming his cock into me from behind while he plays with my tits.” Then she dropped her dress and had on a metallic green tiny bikini. Her ass was pretty much exposed and her top did little to cover her D cups. I would later find out Tyler had instructed each lady to go get high heeled sandals, sexy summer dresses and the sluttiest bikini they could find.

“I was ordered to pick up the dress and put it neatly aside. I did this for all the women.”

“Carol!” Tyler called.

Carol, a 5′5″ tall woman with shoulder length dark hair stood, “My name is Carol, I’m 39, I own a shop many of you have been to, I’m a 34C-26-34. Tyler is my best friend’s son. I was over having coffee with her, then Tyler walked in and gave me a look. Then he pulled out his incredible cock and my life changed forever. I just started to suck it right there. He fucked me in his kitchen, while his mom just kept chatting. He then started helping out at my shop. My husband built that room you’ve all seen. Since he is useless in the bedroom, we put him to work. Tyler’s buddies also come by and treat me right. I love being bent over a counter or table, fucked hard and long and then having them cum all over my ass. Hot cum on my ass makes me cum every time.” She had on a blue g string bikini.


The tiny 5′ tall blonde stood, “I’m Becky, 28, I’m a Dental Hygienist, 32DD-23-30. I was shopping at Carol’s place and Tyler came to help me. He ended up helping realize that I was made to be fucked, with this small body, tight ass and great tits. I don’t know why my husband never did it right. Guess he just isn’t man enough, but that’s ok. Tyler and his friends know how to use a sex toy like me. I love it when one of these studs picks me up and lowers me onto his cock. I feel like a sex doll.” She dropped her dress and I did a double take. She was wearing white one piece, that had 2 straps coming down from her neck over her boobs down to her crotch, wrapping around her ass and tying in front. Her boobs were sticking out on either side. The material was tight over her tits and the underside of them was in plain sight.

“Ok, Sandra, you’re next.”

The 5′10″ wavy haired brunette stood. “My name is Sandra, 46 yrs old, Attorney and partner at my law firm, 38DD-28-36. I was shopping at Carol’s place when this cocky kid approached me and I was thinking he needed to be set straight. Instead he bent me over the counter and fucked me the way I should be fucked. The way my husband never could, the way no man ever did. He made me realize that I may be smart and successful, but this body needs to be fucked the right way. I love having one of them on their back, me on top, riding their young hard cock, my big tits dangling down for them to suck on.” She wore bright green bikini that barely covered her full tits and plump ass. She was basically a tall version of Tara and Nadia.

“Erica and Lindsey, since you always fuck together, stand up.”

The two youngest stood. They were both about 5′5″. One was a thin red head the other a curvier blond. Both had long straight hair to their waist.

“I’m Lindsey (red head), 32B-22-30, 21 years old. I don’t work, my daddy said I could take a year off to find myself.”

“I’m Erica. 32C-24-32. 21. As well and also taking a year to find myself. We were shopping when we met Tyler. He was super helpful and made us realize that not only have we not been fucking near enough, but that we needed to fuck guys together. Luckily Tyler and his buddies are always willing to fuck us as a team. We had boyfriends, but actually called them and dumped them while Tyler was fucking us in the shop. It was very cool. I love reverse cowgirl while Lindsey licks my clit.”

“I like that too.” Lindsey added, “But my favourite is 69 with Erica, being on top, while getting fucked properly.”

They dropped their dresses and had on matching burnt orange suits that did very little to cover them. Their butts were completely exposed, their crotches were barely covered and the tops just covered their nipples

“Chubby, you’re next.”

The larger woman stood up. “Hi, I’m Fiona, 48E-36-44, I’m 33 and I work at as manager at a restaurant. I got married last year, but my husband is useless to me now. I was shopping when I met Tyler and he told me even though I am fat, I can be fun to fuck and that my tits are good for taking loads of cum, which he and his friends are good enough to do many times. I’d have to say, on my back, a stud fucking me hard, playing with my tits and sucking on my own nipples.” She was wearing neon blue bikini, bottoms French cut, top was larger than the rest of the women, but because of how huge her tits were, looked like it covered less. Despite their size, her tits were incredibly firm. I would have guessed they were fake, but they weren’t.

“Last, but not least, the DD twins!”

Our wives stood up. Tara spoke for both of them “I’m Tara and this is my best friend Nadia. I am 38DD-28-42 and Nadia is 42DD-30-44”

“Hence the nickname DD Twins” Nadia added cupping one of hers and one of Tara’s tits.

The group laughed. Tara continued “I’m a real estate agent and Nadia is an executive at an insurance firm. Like most of you we were shopping at Carol’s place when Tyler approached us. We were hesitant at first and really didn’t want anything to do with him, but then he introduced us to his cock and made us realize how great being with each other is. His buddies love to fuck us together and our husbands, who are right there, pretty much like to watch it happen. They jerk off to it most of the time. I love anytime one of these cocks is near me, but my favourite is sitting with my legs spread, Nadia licking my pussy and me sucking on a hard cock. I almost always cum before them.”

“Like my friend here, I love any sex with these studs, but my favourite is on all fours between Tara’s legs, licking her sweet pussy while one of them is fucking my pussy hard.”

“And she can lick a pussy, trust me!” Tara added as she pulled in Nadia for a kiss.

They dropped their dresses and revealed matching red bikinis. The bottoms were three strips of material slightly gaped, over their hips joining at their crotch and the back was just enough to cover their butt crack. The tops were also three strips of material coming down from the neck and meeting under their tits. One strip ran over their nipples, the other two on either side.

From what I could tell, the ladies all had shaved pussies and the sight of them in those bikinis was giving me a hard on, which I tried to keep in this ridiculous bathing suit I was forced to wear.

“Very well, now that we are done with that, I want to celebrate my birthday in style. These two will serve and cook for us, other then that, they are irrelevant. You will enjoy your day and each other and there is only one rule. You will not say no to any of us.”

“Have we ever?” Sandra said with a smile. The group laughed at that.

“I guess not. Finally, since it’s my birthday, I have decided to give each of you a special present. Before the party ends, I will give each of you a load of cum where ever you want it. Yes, I plan on cuming 9 times today. Call it a personal challenge. To start things off, I will give my first load of cum to…” The ladies all stood at attention, hoping to be picked. Tyler walked by, looking them all up and down. He stopped at Fiona. “You.”

She jumped up and gave him a big hug and kiss, “Thank you so much. Can you cum on my tits pretty please?”

“You got it. But only after I fuck your fat ass.” He dropped his short and sat on the chair. Fiona wasted no time, she dropped to her knees, pulled her bikini top to either side of her tits and started sucking his cock. The group gathered around and watched as she sucked him hard, cuming while she did so. She was using her mouth and massive tits. He then had her straddle him, facing away as she dropped onto his cock. The suit was easily pushed aside to make room for his cock. He ordered Nadia and Becky to each suck on a tit. The women were all either fondling their tits or rubbing their pussies as they watched. He then moved her to the doggy style position and fucked her some more. He massive tits bouncing around, hitting her in the face as she came. Fiona came 3 times before he was ready to cum. He pulled out and she turned and begged him to tit fuck her. He soon came and even though her tits were huge, he covered them in cum. Nadia and Becky didn’t wait for an invitation, they helped her lick her tits clean.

Tyler stood up. “One down, 8 to go, Sandra, get your pussy over here, you’re next.”

She walked up to him, grabbing his still hard cock “I want you to cum deep inside me and can that one lick me clean after.” She pointed to Tara, who was just fixing her top. She pointed to herself “Me?”

“Yah, you. I want your pretty lips on my pussy after her fucks it.”

Tyler looked at her, “Absolutely”. Sandra sucked his cock, while Tara walked over, since she was made part of this.

Nadia, Becky and Fiona went into the pool to clean off and cool off. They kissed each other and frolicked in the pool, while watching Tyler fuck Sandra, bent over the table, with Tara feeding her tits to her.

Billy, Zach and Andrew were sitting in the recliners, cocks out being sucked by Carol, Jillian and Erica. Mitch and Freddie were with Lindsey. She was on her knees switching from one cock to the other, getting them good and hard.

Becky and Fiona were leaning on the edge of the pool, looking up at the action. Nadia came up behind them and slid one hand between each of their legs working their pussies.

She kept working them as they watched Lindsey get spit roasted, the three on the lounge chairs get fucked and Tara was getting licked while Sandra was being fucked proper.

Then we all hear, “Oh my God Nadia, we are so trying this!!” Tara was the one yelling.

Nadia looked over and saw that Sandra was holding her right tit and using it to rub on Tara’s pussy, which was making her cum.

There seemed to be one woman cuming at all times. Fiona moved Nadia to the side of the pool and pulled her bottoms off and tossed them aside. She cupped her own right tit, “That looked like fun.” By the way Nadia reacted I guessed it was. Nadia pulled out Becky’s tits and sucked on them.

One by one the boys came and the ladies all cleaned it up. The last one to cum was Tyler. Sandra was on her back, on a lounge chair, sucking on one of Tara’s tits. When he came, she exploded. Once he pulled out, she licked his cock clean, while Tara knelt and licked up all the cum seeping from her well fucked pussy.

Nadia didn’t bother putting her bottoms back on, just walked around with her heels and top, which somehow made her look incredibly hot. Becky, Lindsey and Erica went without tops. They all chatted as if this was all normal.

Nadia was having a conversation with Sandra when Freddie walked by, grabbed her hips and rammed his cock inside her.

“Just ignored me…” Freddie said as he entered my wife. “…I just need to get rid of a load.” Sandra kept talking to her as he fucked her and came inside her. Then he walked away.

“Do you mind? I really like the taste of his cum.” Sandra said as she knelt and started to lick Nadia pussy clean.

In the pool Tara and Carol were getting fucked by Zach. Tyler had decided to fuck Erica and Lindsey at the same time, but he fucked them until he came twice. Once on Erica’s face and once on Lindsey’s ass.

Things didn’t slow down much. The ladies started using the toys on each other. Nadia came and got the 18″ long double dildo and she sat on one of the lounges with Becky, facing each other, using the toy.

Tara was sitting at the table talking to Jillian and Carol, her top was gone. She wore sunglasses, had her legs crossed and was drinking a glass of wine. It would seem like a normal BBQ scene, except for the fact that her tits were exposed and glistening from the lotion she applied and that her companions were also topless. I’ve always found Tara very beautiful, but sitting their, she looked incredible.

Mitch approached, his 8″ cock hard as a rock, out. He walked right up to her.

She turned her head, reached up and pulled off her sun glasses and looked at his cock, then him. “Is that lovely hard on for me?”

“You should show these two sluts how a real blow job is done.”

“Gladly.” Tara opened her mouth, leaned into him and took his cock in her mouth, her eyes never leaving his. She didn’t even put down her sunglasses or drink, she just sucked him for 5 minutes and he started to groan. Her full, glistening tits pushing up and down and she sucked his cock.

She didn’t even break eye contact when Jillian pulled her legs apart, moved her bikini bottoms aside and started to lick her pussy.

Tara’s chest was heaving and she was cuming. He pulled out and shot his load all over her face. She kept looking at him as his cum landed all over her gorgeous face. Even through all that and her own orgasm, her hands were still holding her wine and sunglasses.

She took him back in her mouth and sucked him clean, then kissed the head. “Thank you, that was a nice treat!” She said as she put her sunglasses back on and started to scoop up his cum and continue her conversation. Only then did she notice that Carol was finger fucking herself and that it was Jillian that had licked her.

I couldn’t control it anymore, my cock was in my hands and I was about to cum when I got a smack on the back of the head.

“Hey asshole, you’re here to make drinks, not jerk off!” It was Billy.

“Sorry sir…” I let go of my cock and got back behind the bar.

“You fucking husbands are so pathetic. You can’t fuck your wives so we do, but then you just want to jerk off. This is how a man does it.” Just then Becky, who was topless at the time walked over for a drink.

“Cunt, sit on that stool and spread your legs, I’m going to fuck you.”

The pretty little blonde smiled, “Sure thing Billy.” She hopped up on the stool, spread her legs and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side. Billy’s hard cock lined up perfectly and rammed into her. He made me watch and jerk off for 15 minutes while he fucked her to what looked like an endless orgasm.

“You like watching us cum on their faces. Which one of these cunts is your wife?”

He knew damn well who she was, “Nadia.”

“Which one of you cum whores is Nadia?” Nadia was on a lounge chair eating out Fiona. She popped her head up “I am!”

“Get over here, I need a face to cum on!” she stood up. Erica took her spot to finish off Fiona.

Nadia, my wife practically ran over and knelt before him.

He pulled out. She smiled at him, one hand working her pussy, the other jerked his cock, aiming it at her face. He came all over her face, which triggered her orgasm. Nadia thanked him and Becky helped lick up the cum. It was enough to make me cum.

“That’s how a man does it. Now get me a fucking beer dickless!” He took his beer and walk away laughing at me.

After dinner the fucking continued, Sandra and Fiona starting it off by sucking Andrew and Mitch while they finished eating.

Pete and I cleaned up around them all. I kept serving drinks. The boys started to get pretty drunk.

Freddie made me come over and watch while he fucked my wife in the ass and made her eat out Jillian. He even made her suck out his load after being in her ass.

As my wife walked away, I saw her hips moving from side to side. She was really becoming a whore for these boys, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Tyler did Becky next, who we all watched in fascination at his huge cock somehow made it all the way into this tiny girl. She wanted his load all over her stomach and tits and wanted Lindsey and Erica to lick her clean.

I lost count of the number of times I watched my wife get fucked. I gave up trying to keep my erection covered, it was getting too painful.

By 8 pm Tyler was fucking Carol, who also wanted her load inside her. This time it was Fiona that licked her clean.

Jillian was fucked by Tyler at 11, she took it on her tits and wanted to lick it up herself.

Things slowed down for a bit. Zach and Freddie were passed out drunk. Most of the ladies were walking around naked now. Fiona was on her back, Becky on top of her with a strap on, making out and fondling each other. Erica and Lindsey were swimming with Mitch and Andrew. Billy was fucking Sandra, Carol and Jillian in the hot tub.

I watched Nadia fool around with almost all the women. Some she initiated others approached her. Tara behaved in pretty much the same way. They actually seemed to avoid each other, enjoying all the new women on their own.

Tyler was sitting with Nadia and Tara and I heard him, “You two are by far my favorites. I could fuck you every day. I saved you both for last for that very reason. I’ve already cum 7 times and only you two could make me cum 2 more. Tara where do you want me to cum?”

Tara pulled him in and gave him a nice, long kiss “I love it when you cum on my big fat tits.”

I watched as Tyler and Tara fucked for 30 minutes. He finished with a tit fuck for Tara, cuming all over her big tits. Nadia helped her lick them clean.

“Give me a bit and you will be last Nadia.”

Nadia and Tara went into the hot tub and made out while waiting for Tyler to come back.

He had them join him on one of the lounge chairs.

“Nadia, it’s your turn.”

She put her arms around his neck “I am honored. Would you be willing to try cuming in my ass?”

I must not have heard that right. She wanted that massive cock in her ass!!!

“Wow, that’s awesome. Of course. We better get lots of lube.”

“We have lots.” Tara smiled. She got up and brought a tube to Nadia.

About 10 minutes later the whole group gathered around as he fucked Nadia and Tara, then with him sitting on the lounge, Nadia stood up. Tara applied a generous amount of lube to her anus and supported her right arm and with Sandra holding her other arm they lowered her on his cock. It took a good 5 minutes and she could only get about half his cock in, but it was enough for her to cum and that was followed immediately by another massive orgasm as he came deep in her ass.

I watched as Nadia screamed. As she came in a perverse pleasure the entire party was staring at Tyler, the cocky teenage sex God who just dominated eight other women. All these women were nothing but his sex toys and we all knew it. And part of me wanted to be him.

Nadia fell off his cock and landed face first in the lounge chair, her freshly fucked ass sticking up. Tara leaned in and licked her while Sandra took care of Tyler’s cock.

That pretty much ended the party. Tyler planned on staying with Tara and Nadia, the rest went home.

I was putting the garbage away when I heard Billy and Tyler talking as Billy was getting ready to leave. They couldn’t see me.

“Millsey, that was an amazing party. You are the man. Happy Birthday.”

I ran away, hoping they didn’t hear or see me.

Soon everyone was gone, Tyler was on the deck with Nadia and Tara on either arm. Tara wearing only her bottoms, Nadia just her top.

“Ok boys, you two clean up. I’m going to bed. Going to watch these two for a bit. I will have to fuck them again in the morning.” They walked inside, his hands on their asses as he looked back at us and smiled. He stopped, said something to the ladies, they both shook their heads no.

“Ok then, tell them.”

Tara leaned over the deck, her tits hanging over, “Tyler just said we could fuck you tonight, but that would mean he would leave and not be here to fuck us in the morning. We decided we wanted him tomorrow instead. Sorry guys.” She blew us a kiss.

We looked at each other and dropped our heads in despair. Pete and I cleaned up in silence.

When I got home, I pulled out my computer and started searching. “Millsey” that might mean his last name was Mills or Miller. I look him up and finally I find him. Tyler Miller, from our town. I spent the night getting as much info as I can. I manage to get the names of all the boys.

I had realized the one mistake Tyler made. He never instructed me not to find him online. But after weeks of looking for him I was starting to feel hopeless. I even tried to find Carol, but she had taken herself completely off social media. Now I had him.

His second mistake was not knowing me that well. Yes, I am a bank manager, but I am also extremely adept at hacking. It’s just something I did as a kid and do for fun now. I manage to hack Tyler’s life.

I didn’t sleep that night. I gathered everything I could find. I found his home, his family, his computers. He lived with his mom and 2 sisters. When I saw pics of his mom Gwen it told me why he fixated on Nadia and Tara so much. If Nadia and Tara could pass for sisters, she would be a third. She was basically the same built with short red hair. Obviously, they were surrogates for him. His sisters’ Maggie and Sara, were 18 and 21. Maggie had dark red hair down to her ass and built like her mom only with bigger tits, Sara was a brunette with an athletic build.

I looked into them and they were not much better then he was. His mom was a stuck up conservative bitch who seemed very judgemental of other. His younger sister was a spoiled brat who flaunted her body but didn’t put out (read her personal journal) and Sara was a snob and complete bitch.

My real find was when I hacked his personal computer. I found everything. Pictures, a journal, a plan for the future and most importantly how he did it.

I downloaded it all to my computer and started to do my research. Tyler’s dad was the genius, but he was an evil SOB. He was developing a system to take control of people for money and sex. He worked for a pharmaceutical company, but from what I could see this was work he was doing on the side. He was killed in a car accident before he could implement. Tyler found the research last year. There wasn’t one thing, it was 2 different drugs. First was an LSD derivative, that when combined with ultra low frequency messaging made a person unable to resist commands given to them. The other was a sexual amplifier. When given to a woman, her sexual desires went up 5 to 10 times. Her ability to orgasm would increase and her desire to be fucked and dominated also increase. Sex would become an addiction. When a man took it, his penis would double in size and his stamina would increase, as would the volume of semen he produced. His sex drive would increase as well, but not in an addiction way, more just a desire to have more sex. As an added bonus an amplified woman having sex with an amplified man would be double the pleasure and his semen would be addictive to her. Two amplified women would bring each other extra pleasure as well.

I read everything I could find and came to a few conclusions. First, I could reprogram myself and others to ignore Tyler. He would no longer control me. I could dose him and take control of him. Lastly, but most unfortunate, the effect of the second drug was permanent. This meant that I could deprogram my wife and Tara and the other women, but they would forever need sex. Not just sex, but to be dominated and used.

I read his journal

I realize it never occurred to me that he had cameras in the house. Thank God he doesn’t yet, my plan would never work. I had until Friday to pull this off.

I also find out he had no idea how to make the drugs, but had thousands of doses of each in the secret lab in his house.

The chemistry is way beyond me, but I know where to get the stuff. The audio file and frequency I figure out pretty easily and am able to generate a message from my phone. I read more to make sure I don’t miss anything. There is a way to deprogram a previous message, wipe to slate clean as it were. I decide it’s worth the risk and send the message.

When I hit the send on my phone my head felt like it had been all stuffed up and now all of a sudden I could breath. I knew it worked.

His father had a failsafe, in case he was dosed. A clear message for only him that played every 3 hours in his house, in case someone dosed him. Tyler was so excited to get laid, I think he missed that and never reprogrammed it for himself. So, if I could dose him, I could program him and he would have no way out. I would make sure my commands can’t be beat the way I did his. But I do program my phone to send the message every 3 hours to clear me, just in case.

Until I get the drugs and take control of him, I have to leave Nadia, Tara and Peter under his control. I will have to endure watching my wife get fucked a few more times, pretending to not be able to stop it.

I read his calendar and tonight has was just going to fuck Jillian in his house.

The next day, he planned on spending the night with Sandra. So that would be my window.

Tonight, I would have to sit and watch Mitch and Freddie fuck my wife and Tara and do nothing. That would be hardest thing I have done so far.