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Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore

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Edward drove quickly, glancing over at Jennifer as she sat beside him in silence, staring out of the window. To look at her, no one would know what she had been doing only an hour ago. For the past 18 hours as a matter of fact, with very few breaks in between. God, his balls ached.

Jenna… It was hard to believe that she was somewhere inside of his wife. Jenna, the horny slut. Blonde hair, blue eyes, banging body, gigantic tits.

Nothing like his own Jennifer. Brown haired, unglamorous, perhaps, but pretty in her own right (to him anyway and no one would ever convince him otherwise), serious, sweet, brilliant.

He loved her, cherished her, and he could never imagine her wanting the things Jenna wanted. The raunchy, debased, filthy things. Dirty, nasty, taboo. The hair pulling, spitting, biting, scratching. Begging for cum in her face, on her tits, on her toned, flat stomach. Pleading to get fucked in the ass. Tell him to call her a bitch, a slut, a whore…

God, she was so… raw. Edward was ashamed to be thinking of it, with Jennifer beside him oblivious of his thoughts, no doubt focusing herself for the task at hand, but he couldn’t help but feel his manhood stirring despite his throbbing scrotum as he reflected on the marathon romp fest that had just occurred.

Jenna… She didn’t make love. She fucked. Like a filthy animal. Like a nasty bitch in heat. The hard pounding and thrusting, the moans and squealing. Even when they weren’t slamming against each other, screwing each other slowly instead, she ground up against him so sensuously, writhing, sucking on his tongue, pressing his hands up against those huge, supple tits…

Fulfilling every fantasy he didn’t even know he had… role playing, dirty talking, getting rough with him, having him get rough with her... the way she would ride him until he was on the brink so she climb off and have him explode in her mouth… the enthusiastic way she would shove her rear back as he entered her ass… how she spit on his cock as she titty fucked him on her knees…

Things Jennifer would never do. Things he wasn’t sure he would want her to do. But still, his hard on was raging in his pants.

* * *

Jennifer got out of the car in front of the Gen-U-Tech building.

“Stay close, and keep your eyes open. I’ll be out within the hour.”

Taking a deep breath, she walked in through the revolving door. The security guard barely looked up as she flashed her badge, striding past with a feigned confidence she didn’t at all feel.

Jennifer had a strange conflicting sense of familiarity and foreignness, returning to the lab after only a few weeks’ time but which conversely seemed like much, much longer. She felt a knot in her stomach as she continued down the hall, a feeling of racing against the clock, both against herself and the fear of being discovered there.

She was startled to see her lab ahead, translucent plastic sheets covering the wall, the entrance taped off, and she moved past it, trying look in and survey the damage from the explosion, which seemed significant, without appearing interested.

Passing it by, Jennifer scanned her badge at the next lab adjacent to her own ruined one. Her heart leapt up into her mouth as it blinked red, but before panic could set in, she swiped it again and to her immense relief, the scanner blinked green and the door unlocked. She slipped inside quickly, eyes combing the room and confirming she was alone.

Then she set immediately to work, pulling out a vial of her own blood that Edward had drawn for her just before they left the house and placing it into Gen-U-Tech’s elaborate gene sequencing machinery. Following that, she inserted a portable drive into the machine to capture the results.

As the sequencer whirred to life and began processing, the progress bar on the screen slowly incrementing, Jennifer let out a deep breath, feeling a bit of the tension leave her body. This would take somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes and then she could get out of here with all the data she needed to do a real analysis and hopefully cure her condition.

And then they would never have to deal with Jenna again.


Jennifer could still feel her somewhere, deep inside, latent, safe for the moment. She had seen to that. Or rather Edward had. She remembered slowly coming back to herself, like waking from a dream, naked, sweating, panting, covered in semen again. Edward beside her, equally out of breath, spent.

She hadn’t known he was capable of such… prolonged sustainability, she thought wryly.

Why not, she wondered suddenly. Why hadn’t they ever had a weekend long love session? It seemed like every magazine in the grocery store checkout line was constantly referring to them and extolling their virtues…

Jenna… Maybe... just maybe she wasn’t all bad..?

She certainly had satisfied Edward in some ways. Even now, Jennifer could feel his hot seed, leaking out of her wet slit, running out of her asshole…

Oh no, Jennifer thought warningly to herself, digging her fingernails into her palms. Hold it together.

She eyed the progress bar, about halfway done. Not that much longer, and you’ll be home free.

“Dr. Eckels.”

Jennifer whirled around to see a man in a crisp business suit standing in the doorway of the lab. The Gen-U-Tech executive who’d been talking to her husband on the day of the accident. He entered the room, approaching.

“Welcome back. I wasn’t aware that you were up and about.” The man’s tone was friendly, but his face held none of that warmth.

“Oh, yes,” Jennifer answered, trying to keep any trace of nervousness out of her voice. “Feeling fine and just glad to be here.”

She could see him studying her closely. “Yes…” he said thoughtfully. “You look… fine. Perfectly normal…”

If only he knew I have a couple big loads of cum dripping out of my ass and pussy.

The insane, obscene thought entered her mind unbidden. What the fuck, she admonished herself.

“Yes I’m feeling fine, thank you,” was all she said aloud.

The silence hung between them for a few moments, poignant, as he continued unabashedly appraising her, eyes darting up and down, Jennifer simultaneously trying to appear as though she was supposed to be there, while also not showing any signs of her internal struggle. He spoke abruptly.

“I don’t know if you were aware, but I’m the primary sponsor of the I-New initiative.”

So you’re the reason why I keep turning into a blonde, big titty whore… fucking nonstop, all day long…

Stop it…

“I… I’m sorry, sir… I don’t know what that is…”

“No, you wouldn’t, would you?,” the man replied coldly, still blatantly surveying her all over. “It’s a very sensitive project, nobody knows about it, or so we would hope…”

I know it turned me into a nasty, horny cum dumpster, a filthy little bitch in heat…

Her eyes flicked down to the screen, the progress bar more than three quarters of the way complete. Just hold it together. Just a little while longer…

“It does seem like the ethics board may have somehow caught a whiff,” the man continued. “Seems like someone may have known about it after all. And opened his or her mouth, maybe filed an anonymous whistleblower report or something...”

What would the ethics board think of Jenna’s slutty, open mouth? Begging to suck cock and get fucked up the ass. Wet, eager, willing...

Stop it, stop it… Hang on a little longer…

“I’m sorry to hear that, sir.”

“Well, thank you for saying that,” the man said with a warm, insincere smile that never touched his piercing eyes. “I don’t worry about it anyhow. Karma and all. Maybe some accident will befall them. Of course, they could be fortunate. Even as fortunate as you, coming through such a horrible incident, totally untouched…”

I’ve been touched… All over, like a naughty skank…

“Yes, sir, I am lucky,” Jennifer responded, hoping her voice didn’t sound as choked up as she felt.

I’d like to get lucky, God, I need Edward’s big dick in my pussy NOW…

I’m not… I’m not going to make it...

“Anyway,” the man said abruptly, his face suddenly turning disinterested. “The project may get shelved altogether. Shame, that.

“Guess I’ll have to wait til next year to get that new boat, but whatever…”

He starting walking to the door, the wood soled heels of his polished dress shoes clicking on the tile beneath, not bothering to look back as he spoke, although his dismissive tone was belied by a slight edge to his voice. “Who knows anyway? Maybe that piece of shit of formula doesn’t even work …”

Jennifer stared after the man in spite of herself, but she couldn’t focus on the implications of what he’d said right then. She was panting now, could feel herself soaking her panties, her lubrication mixing with the cum leaking out of her.

The progress bar on the screen went to full and then disappeared, and Jennifer yanked the portable drive out and swept from the lab, peering around the doorway to make sure the executive was out of sight, then hurrying down the hallway at a running walk, through the lobby, past the oblivious security guard, and out the revolving door.

Edward was parked right in front, the car engine still running.

“Let’s go, let’s go,” she said trotting quickly, resisting the urge to break out into a full run, as she felt her chest inflating, filling her blouse, bouncing in time with her steps.

She got in the car and Edward immediately drove off.

“Oh, thank goodness,” she murmured as she pushed her brightening hair to the side, leaning over in Edward’s lap, fumbling with his zipper.

She moaned loudly as his cock slid between her plump lips, sucking him off as he drove home.