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Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore

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Jennifer moaned softly, putting a hand up to the side of her face as she awoke, slowly sitting up. She realized suddenly that something wet and sticky was coating her face, and she pulled her hand back away in a wiping motion, looking down at it.

Semen. Her face was covered with it. She realized now that she was lying naked on the bathroom floor. Edward was beside her, also naked, asleep, snoring loudly.

Oh for goodness sake, she thought. She got to her feet, groaning, feeling sore all over and flung a towel over her passed out husband, covering his flaccid, soiled manhood.

Looking down at him, she felt a mixture of emotions: pity and annoyance, but mostly affection. As she felt his seed dripping out from between her legs, she felt the annoyance rise somewhat. And then she realized with something of a shock and real genuine resentment that she also had his ejaculation leaking from her anus.

Disgusting. Anal sex. Jenna, that whore, there was nothing she wouldn’t do. But then again, of course there wasn’t. She was Jennifer’s pure id unleashed. She only hoped Edward wasn’t enjoying it too much, though from the look of him knocked out on the floor, that didn’t seem likely.

What were they going to do? Jennifer felt a bit forlorn, trying to think of some possible way out of their situation. The simulations to develop a counter compound were going nowhere. This kind of thing could possibly take years to develop. And Jennifer was nowhere near her usual productive self, transforming into that horny slut more and more frequently, for longer and longer periods of time.

In fact, Jennifer could barely remember the last time she had been herself. How long had it been exactly?

Leaving Edward to rest on their bathroom floor, she went to the guest bathroom, turning on the shower, pausing to look at herself in the reflection. My God, she thought. Even as herself, she looked like a pornstar at the end of a long, nasty shoot. Her brown hair was dishevelled, eyeliner smeared (when had she even put that on?), and then there was the semen, everywhere—dried and crusty in her hair, as well as coating pretty much all over her body, splashes of it on her face, drying on her lips and chin, her chest and stomach. It was still oozing out of the front and rear between her legs, running down her thighs, dripping on the tile floor.

Looks like Edward and Jenna had a real party, she thought to herself with a trace of uncharacteristic bitterness. For a moment, a vision rose unbidden in her mind, how Jenna would look, her toned, fit, sweating body covered in cum, mouth hanging open, tongue out, panting.

Jennifer felt her nipples tighten, and even as she gazed in the mirror, she saw blonde highlights starting to ripple out from the roots of her hair, and she bit her lip painfully.


She couldn’t let Jenna out again, take over again. She had to focus, concentrate, hold on and not lose herself completely to the animal lust...

It actually seemed to work. The highlights did not fade, but neither did they continue to expand, and Jennifer felt mostly clear headed. She took a shower then, washing away all evidence of her latest unremembered bout of debauchery, cognizant of not stimulating herself and accidentally triggering another episode.

Then, stepping out of the stall, she towelled off, inspecting herself for any additional changes. She looked and felt mostly herself. Her blonde streaked hair, washed and clean, shone brightly, but it was still primarily the rich, auburn brown. And while perhaps her tummy seemed smaller, and her bust maybe slightly larger, her body was nowhere near that of the hyperfit, overly ripe, disproportionately large chested Jenna.

Jennifer, relieved but still tense and vigilant, got dressed and went down to her office lab, determined to make progress today.

She opened up her files, looking at the latest blood draw results, her forehead creasing in concern. This didn’t seem right. She looked at the date and realized that it was three days old. Why hadn’t she picked up on this anomaly sooner? She looked for subsequent blood draws and found nothing in her files. Of course well... She hadn’t been very focused on her work, had she?

Then Jennifer pulled up the second most recent file, and looked over the results, which still confirmed the same.

What did this mean?

She pulled up a time series chart of all of her results, extremely troubled by this latest development. The I-New and Enhancin compounds were diminishing in her bloodstream, twin lines following a concave curve that was nearly horizontal at the bottom. The latest draw from days ago showed practically undetectable levels.

Jennifer wasn’t willing to wait for Edward to wake up. Steeling herself, she put a tourniquet on her arm, and, with a grimace, drew her own blood, holding a gauze pad on the injection site while running the sample through the analyzer.

A few minutes later, and the results appeared on the screen, not serving to allay her fears in the slightest.

No trace of either drugs in her system at all.

What does this mean, Jennifer wondered again. How could she have been continuing to have these episodes, more frequent, longer lasting than ever before? Even now, she felt as though if she were put her mental guard down, Jenna would come forth, like a pent up dam bursting.

Mind racing, Jennifer turned, as she heard Edward coming down the stairs, approaching the office. She knew what had to come next.

“Jennifer?” she heard him call out.

“I’m in here,” she answered, chewing her bottom lip nervously.

“Jennifer,” Edward said from the doorway. His eyes went up to her hair for a moment, before settling back on her troubled face. “What? What is it?”

“I can’t say for certain,” she answered slowly. “And there is only one way to know for sure.

“I can’t find the answers here, at home, with this equipment.

“I need to go back to Gen-U-Tech.”

* * *

“Out of the question,” Edward said. Jennifer had kicked him out of her office, telling him she needed to concentrate, to explore the possibility that she could possibly figure this out at home. An hour and a half later, she had emerged without changing her conclusion.

“There’s no other way,” she said. “It’s not in my bloodstream any longer. That’s a fact. I need to be able to do analysis on a submolecular level.”

“Jennifer, you can’t go back there in the state you’re in. They’ll lock you up and poke and prod you and probably chop you up into little pieces and then stick those pieces under a microscope.”

“Thank you for the very graphic description, dear,” his wife said bemusedly.

“I’m serious, Jennifer. They can’t see you like this.”

“They won’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“They won’t see me having any… episodes…”

“What..? How can you be sure of that,” Edward demanded.

“I can control it. Somewhat,” Jennifer allowed. “I’ll just need your help.”

Edward was afraid, concerned, flummoxed, but this was just the tiniest bit of encouraging news. He could help. He could do something about this. Finally…

“How, what can I do, “ he asked, eager.

“Well,” Jennifer said, starting to flush a bit. “You can fuck me.”

“Jenn—” Edward was completely thrown off, and then immediately suspicious, knew that she was going to start turning any second. But as he waited, watching... she didn’t. Except for the slight blondish streaks in her hair, Jennifer stayed exactly as she was.

“Well… Ok, Jennifer,” he resumed, when he felt sure nothing was going to happen, “what do you mean?”

Jennifer was still bright red, clearly mortified, but she continued nonetheless. “I can feel it right now, the urge… the urge to change. But I can control it right now. And it’s because I’m not that aroused at the moment. My blood markers show that much.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong,” Jennifer said, as Edward opened his mouth to ask a question, “I’m still turned on right now.” She looked away for a moment out of self consciousness before turning back.

“But I’m not as turned on as I could be… I can control things for now…”

“So… so what are you saying,” Edward asked, though he thought he already knew, a feeling of both anticipation and well… not exactly dread, maybe, but… reticence…

“I just need to make sure I’m… satiated... before I go in there,” Jennifer said, a small smile on her mouth. “Then I’ll be able to keep Jenna under control.

“As long as she’s gotten what she wants, I’ll be able to keep her away while I’m at Gen-U-Tech running the tests I need to.”

“Jennifer… I don’t know…”

“It’s the only way, Edward.”

Edward looked at her uncertainly. It was just such a big risk.

“Can I count on you, Edward? Please. I can’t do this without you…”

“Well…” he said reluctantly, caught between his misgivings, a genuine desire to help and the growing erection in his pants he was trying to ignore. “All right…”

“Good,” Jennifer breathed, her voice dropping an octave, low husky. She pushed him suddenly, and he stumbled backwards into the leather office chair.

“I’m glad you finally said yes,” she said, tossing her hair as it went from deep auburn to dirty blonde to bright platinum. “I wouldn’t have been able to wait much longer.”

She pulled her blouse over her head, then unhooked her bra and shrugged out of it as she arched her back, groaning pleasurably as her tits swelled and rose out from her chest, and she groped them, mashing them together before letting them free with a perverse jiggle and bounce, before going to her knees in front of Edward, hands at his zipper.

“Let’s get to work, lover,” Jenna said.