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Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore

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Jennifer awoke slowly, blearily. It was dark, and she groggily looked at the nightstand clock to see it was just after 2 AM. Edward was deeply asleep beside her, shirtless. And then she looked under the covers to confirm what she suspected—he was pantless too, totally naked.

She slid out of the bed, unsteadily standing on her feet, suddenly realizing she was completely nude as well. She wobbled to the bathroom to get her robe, blinding herself for a few moments by switching the light on. Holding a hand over her eyes to shield the herself from the brightness, she reached for her robe before nearly toppling over, grabbing the sink countertop to catch herself.

She paused, dizzy, collecting herself, as she glimpsed herself in the vanity mirror’s reflection. What the hell, she thought.

Her brown hair was disheveled, tangled, with faint blonde streaks running through them. She was slimmer than she typically was. Had she retained some traces of the drug’s effects? Or had she possibly lost the weight? Just how long had she been “gone”? She really couldn’t recall and knew only that it… felt… like a long time.

As her head gradually stopped spinning, she realized that there was a wetness between her legs, and Jennifer saw that she was actually literally dripping from her crotch. She grabbed a tissue from the countertop and wiped herself, looking at the thick, milky fluid.


So much of it. Way more than simply from a single emission.

Jenna, she thought. She managed to get it out of Edward again...

She didn’t blame him at all, though she knew how guilty he felt about it. But really, how could any man be expected to resist that walking wet dream?

She reached down between her legs, feeling all of the semen oozing out of her slit in thick rivulets. Edward must have busted his load inside of her at least a dozen times.

He couldn’t resist, Jennifer thought. A fantasy come to life, a perfect, fit, slutty blonde whore, begging for his cock.

She slipped two fingers inside of herself, moaning, as she felt her sagging belly pouch recede, tighten.

He had no chance at all, against that uninhibited nympho, wet, ready, willing to do anything, interested only in carnal pleasure.

Jennifer straightened up, transfixed by her reflection as the streaks in her hair grew more vibrant, then expanded, going platinum blonde.

Who wouldn’t want that anyway, she thought, tossing her golden mane, admiring it as her lips filled out, soft, full, luscious, made for sucking cock.

A private fucktoy to do anything he wanted with, use any way he pleased.

Her back arched of its own accord, and she moaned softly as her outthrust tits grew, round, rising, heavyset, enormous.

Jenna walked out of the bathroom, swaying her perfect ass.

* * *

“Nnnngh! Ngggggh! Nggggh!” Edward grunted, ejaculating wildly, his hands on Jenna’s tiny waist as he fucked her from behind standing up next to the bed, pounding her atop the plush mattress on all fours.

“Ooh, baby, “Jenna squealed, her pussy squirting all over his cock as she came with him. The nasty slut came everytime she felt his dick unloading inside of her dripping cunt.

“No… No more…” Edward panted, cum pouring out of her slit as he pulled out. They had fornicated sometime in the middle of the night, and now twice this morning. His balls were aching. “ I can’t anymore…”

“Oh, loverrrr...,” Jenna whined, looking back through blonde hair, her rear still proudly on display. “Pleeeeease..?”

“I can’t… I really can’t…”

“Pretty please,” Jenna begged, her voice, high, sexy, depraved. She reached between her legs, sticking three fingers in her oozing pussy, the thick semen squeezing around them, dripping onto the mattress. “I’ll be a good little whore... Daddy…”

Edward felt his cock jump despite his exhaustion. “Ok… Ok… Just give me a break…”

“Aw, I want it now,” Jenna pouted, sticking her fat bottom lip out, wagging her rear at him, as she lewdly finger fucked herself in front of him.

She drew her hand out from between her legs and reached over her shoulder, grabbing one of her own firm cheeks roughly before going back down between her legs from the top, scooping a glob of semen in two fingers from her drooling snatch. Then, she inserted her messy, sticky fingers into her ass, pulling them out and then sliding back in again, moaning salaciously.

“Sure you don’t want to fuck now…? Daddy..?”

The blood came rushing back to Edward’s cock, growing harder than ever. “God, you are one nasty little slut, Jenna,” he groaned, grabbing her by her trim waist again, lining himself up.

It had become easier and easier to fuck Jenna each time. If he really thought about it, Edward could still feel a little guilt, but mostly there was just the pure lust, the anticipation, the pleasure of mating with this young, tight, depraved whore.

There was nothing she wouldn’t do, screwing him, sucking him off, begging him to shoot his load in her slutty mouth, on her young, pretty face, or her flat, toned stomach, or her huge, oversized tits… And now this…

Jennifer would never do this, Edward thought. That was true beyond a doubt. But then, Jennifer wasn’t a filthy, cum drinking cockslut. Not like this horny bitch in front of him, wiggling her ass in anticipation...

Edward pressed his tip against her cum covered asshole, groaning as he stretched it out to accommodate his girth, and Jenna, the depraved whore, moaning all the while, pushing her rear back to take more of him inside.

“Oh, shit,” Edward grunted through clenched teeth, as he slid inside.

“Ooh, Daddy,” Jenna cooed, still looking back with her blue eyes wide, lips parted in mock alarm. “I think your dick is too big for my little ass…”

Edward pulled his hips back and then immediately had to slide back in, burying himself in her rear. “God, it’s so fucking tight…”

“Do you like it, Daddy? Do you like fucking my asshole?” Jenna asked, moaning, still wriggling her ass in that perverted way.

“Oh, stop, Jenna, stop,” Edward protested, his dick throbbing with pleasure. “You’re going to make me cum too fast.”

“Mmmm sorry, Daddy,” she said, turning back around, planting her face against the mattress, her ass in the air, getting pounded. “I don’t want that… I like it too much…

“Is it bad that I like it, Daddy?

“Does that mean I’m a dirty slut? Since I like your big dick in my asshole?”

“Yes…” Edward agreed absently, gripping Jenna tight, his hardon raging, balls aching, using her hard. He felt out of control, completely overtaken, driven by mindless, animal need. Her hand had crept back between her legs, busy in her snatch as he slammed in and out of her rear. “You’re a nasty, dirty slut, fuck yes you are…”

“Ohh, Daddy, that gets me so hot,” Jenna murmured breathlessly. “Tell me what a whore I am… What a fucking dirty, sick slut, I am… getting off while my daddy butt fucks me…”

“Goddamit, Jenna,” Edward choked out through gritted teeth, struggling to hold on while her ass squeezed his shaft, milking it. “You are a sick, fucking skank…

“Fucking whore… take this hard cock…”

“Oh yes, Daddy, yes…”

Edward’s cock was swelling, ready to blow its load, and though he tried to hold back, Jenna wouldn’t allow it, shoving her ass back, slamming up and down on him.

“You gonna cum soon, Daddy?

“I can feel it…

“I can’t wait until you cum right in my filthy ass…

“I just want to feel your big dick squirting all that hot cum in my skanky, slutty ass…

“Please, Daddy… Please… Cum in your slutty girl’s tight little asshole…”

“Oh fuck,” Edward roared, and erupted, filling her bowels with his burning hot semen, plunging himself into Jenna’s ass over and over again, draining his balls, and still he couldn’t stop compulsively humping up against her perfect, firm rear, groaning loudly, as she too orgasmed noisily, grunting in pleasure, pumping herself against him like a piston, gushing messily all over her own fingers crammed up her pussy.

“Oh shit…” Edward stood on shaking legs, still firmly buried in Jenna’s rear, panting, sweating, as she came down, still squirming and twitching with pleasure.

“Edward..?” A quiet voice, he barely even heard it, but he looked up and was shocked to see her looking back at him, her confused eyes slightly grayish, just a hint of brown tint in her platinum hair.

“Jennifer,” he asked breathlessly. “...Is that you..?”

But the very next moment, she blinked and shook her head slightly, and when her eyes opened again, they were only pure sky blue, half closed with sated lust.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jenna purred. “Thanks for the cum, Daddy.”