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Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore

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Edward woke with a start in his own bed, early in the morning just as the sun was beginning to rise. He didn’t remember at what point he had dragged himself out of their home office and up to the bedroom, but Jennifer was beside him, back turned, apparently asleep, the gentle curve of her shoulder rising and falling slowly.

He sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes, as the dawn light gradually entered the room, the flood of reality immediately invading his mind. What the hell were they going to do? Jennifer was getting worse. She had basically transformed twice, back to back, and who knew how many times it was going on during the day, when he wasn’t around?

He looked at his wife’s still, sleeping form with a feeling of despair and helplessness. If only he knew something about this kind of stuff, if there was just way, he could do something to help…

He reached over to stroke her hair lovingly, just as a ray of sunlight proper fell across the bed, illuminating his wife’s golden mane.

What the..?

He rolled her over towards him, exposing the young sleepy face, blue eyes fluttering open, lips so full they were permanently parted.

“What… what is it, lover,” Jenna asked sleepily.

How… how can this be, Edward thought. She’s still Jenna…

She reached over, groping down, finding him through his shorts. “You wanna give it to me now? I love morning fucks…”

“No… Jennifer… what…”

Her eyes flew open then, wild, and she bolted upright, the covers sliding off to reveal her taut, naked body, and she suddenly reached out and grabbed Edward by the neck with uncanny speed and strength.

“Ack!” The surprised squawk escaped his throat before it was quickly caught off.

Jenna,” she said quietly with venom, her grip tightening. “Don’t you get that?”

She kissed him roughly, crushing her plump lips against his before forcing her tongue into his mouth.

“Get off!” Edward shoved her back, harder than he intended, though the plush mattress was no harm as she fell against it.

“Ooh, ok, lover,” Jenna said, a wicked smile spreading on her depraved, pretty face. “Let’s get physical, I like that…”

“No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—”

There was a loud crack as Jenna sprung forward again, slapping Edward hard across the face.

“What,” Edward exclaimed, a hand going up to his stinging cheek. “Are you crazy?!


This time Jenna punched him right in the eye. “Pussy,” she said, still wearing that evil grin, and she swung again.

“No!” Edward grabbed her by the wrist, and then the other as her free hand came up, fingers curled into claws. She writhed and twisted like a cat as she tried to break free.

“Stop it,” Edward shouted, stunned and taken aback at this precipitate escalation of events, but she was heedless, a manic look in her big blue eyes as she struggled to get at him. Edward pushed himself on top of her, pinning her body, holding her arms above her head, her big tits heaving in front of her.

“Ok,” Edward said, panting with exertion as she struggled helplessly beneath him. “Now calm down…”

Jenna spit in his face.

“Oh, you fucking bitch!” Edward swore, automatically enraged. Before he knew what he was doing, he had switched his grip to hold both of her arms pinned by her tiny wrists with one hand and used the other to slap her back in the face, before cupping her jaw roughly.

“How do you like it?!” he roared, head pounding, his face inches from hers. There was blood trickling out of the corner of her mouth, which hung open, panting as well. He could see the indecent excitement in her eyes, and then suddenly they were again kissing roughly, passionately, breathlessly.

What is happening, Edward thought in detached confusion, as they furiously made out, moaning. Jenna hands were still pinned above her head, but she was wriggling her body against his in a debased, sinuous way, pressing her tits up against his chest, grinding herself against his crotch, soaking his pajama bottoms with her wetness.

Don’t do this, not again, Edward told himself.

Why not?

It’s not… It’s not right...

She’s still your wife.

She’s… she’s not herself right now…

You’ve fucked her before like this.

But, no… not again…

Fuck her again. It’s what she wants…


Then she’ll turn back to normal.

* * *

Fuck her again.

Edward groaned aloud as his internal resistance crumbled, allowing himself the tenuous justification. He let go of her wrists, a hand running through her thick, blond mane, the other feeling up those huge, massive jugs, the nipples hard and erect. Jenna’s liberated hands went immediately down, pushing his pajamas down, taking his stiff rod and guiding it into herself.

“Oh fuck yessss,” Jenna hissed through clenched teeth as he entered her tight, sopping cunt, stretching her out with his girth, filling her up.

Edward thrust into her hard, mindless with lust, lost in the hot, frenzied, animalistic mating, so different from what he was accustomed to. The way Jenna moaned like a slut, the excited panting, licking, biting, frantically humping back against him, her toned, supple body sweating against his.

“Unnngh, unnngh, unnnngh…

“Fuck me like a whore!”

Edward pounded her, eyes squeezed shut, breathing raggedly, trying not to climax too quickly, but it was impossible not to with this young, hot blonde nympho, with her perfect, incredible body, keening and writhing beneath him like a bitch in heat.

“Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmm!

“Yea lover…

“Give it to me…

“Cum in my tight little snatch…”

“Oh shit, I’m going to… I’m going to…”, Edward groaned, his cock hard as stone, burning hot, and then, the cords standing out on his neck, he threw back his head just as the orgasm hit, shouting:


The semen began to spill out of him as he slammed himself up to the hilt with each pulsing squirt, obeying some primitive instinct to unload as deeply inside of her as possible.

Jenna squealed beneath him, getting off on his cum, pussy gushing, as she thrashed around in ecstasy.

“Aww, shit,” Edward groaned, coming down, still humping her weakly as the last spurts subsided.

“Mmmmm, ‘aw shit’ is right, lover,” Jenna agreed, wrapping her arms around his neck, lifting her head up off the pillow, kissing him sloppily. “That was hot…”

Edward rolled off to the side, trying to catch his breath. He rubbed his sweating face with his hands, trying to collect himself. Any minute now, she would be reverting to her normal self and he’d have to tell Jennifer again about his latest lapse in resolve. Not that she would remember either way. But still, he’d never lied to his wife before, and he sure wasn’t going to start now. At any rate, she didn’t seem to take it as seriously as he did himself...

“That’s not it, is it, lover?”

“What?” Edward pulled his hands away from his face to see Jenna sitting lightly on her knees between his legs, her hands resting on her slim thighs, huge tits pushed together enticingly.

“You… you’re… you’re supposed to be gone,” Edward stuttered.

She leaned forward, hands on the insides of his thighs now, her round flawless ass high in the air, looking up at him with a deviant sparkle in her blue eyes, mouth parted in excitement.

“I’m not going anywhere…”

She took his deflating, semen coated cock in her mouth, sucking gently. Edward shuddered at the intense pleasure, feeling his erection growing again despite his exhaustion, as she moaned, blowing him with growing enthusiasm.