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Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore

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Jennifer stood beside her husband, hugging his head close to her as he sat there miserably at the kitchen table.

“Last night wasn’t your fault, honey. Really.

“It was entirely mine.”

“No,” he said. “I… I knew better, I really wish I hadn’t.”

“It’s ok, Edward. No harm done,” Jennifer consoled.

“No?” He pulled himself away, out of her arms. “It’s like I practically cheated on you.”

“Oh, Edward,” Jennifer said, bemused but touched. “Don’t be so melodramatic.

“It’s still me, after all.”

Edward turned toward his breakfast, uneaten, and poked it morosely with his spoon. “No, it’s not,” he muttered.

He stood abruptly, avoiding looking at her as he gathered his briefcase to go off to work.

“Well,” Jennifer said in a placatory tone, looking back, heading towards their office, “I’m going to get working on this, and soon it’ll be a distant memory.”

* * *

Jennifer was both troubled and frustrated, analyzing the data from her latest blood draw. Despite the upbeat attitude she’d tried to project that morning, the numbers did not look good at all. For one, the I-New compound in her system was completely unchanged, remaining steadfast at a ridiculously extreme concentration, much higher than any commercial dosage would ever come close to. At levels like these, inhibitions wouldn’t just be lowered as a result, they would continue to be completely eliminated altogether.

For another, the markers for hormones associated with sexual arousal were inexplicably growing higher by the day, which meant that the transformations would potentially get triggered more frequently.

That explains last night, Jennifer thought to herself.

Worse than that, it also meant a high degree of likelihood that the episodes would last longer as well.

Case in point, while Edward was away at work, the blackouts in her memory were going for longer and longer stretches throughout the day, which was not only concerning, but from a practical, productivity standpoint was extremely disruptive to her research as well. Today, she’d probably only put in about two or three hours altogether.

She’d never accomplish anything at this rate, Jennifer thought, banging her fist slightly on the countertop as another simulation produced failed results.

She thought to look at the recorded footage again, but she had rather been avoiding doing that as of late, as watching the debased acts of her transformed self was somewhat troubling and then also perversely titillating in a strange, voyeuristic sort of way. Jennifer transparently tried to attribute it to her rising libido, but inside she had begun to feel as though the lines were blurring between her identities. That really her conscious and subconscious were starting to converge.

Why else would she feel herself getting damp between the legs when she watched that footage? Or push her hands up to her bust, hefting it, imagining the mass expanding, tripling in size?

Focus, Jennifer told herself, shaking her head.

She needed to work on curing herself, not distract herself with the perverted, filthy thoughts invading her mind. Otherwise, there was a very real chance she could become stuck like this forever. A big titted blonde whore, obsessed with nothing but getting her drooling pussy stuffed with a thick, hard cock…

“Unnnngh…” Jennifer moaned slightly.

No more work. No more science. Just mindless, animal rutting...

Transformed into a perfect fucktoy, fit, hard, blonde…

Jennifer blacked out again.

* * *

“Honey, I’m home.” Edward walked in the door.

“Hi, I’m in here,” Jennifer’s voice called out from the office. He thought she sounded slightly out of breath, and forehead creased with concern, he went over.

“Hey,” Jennifer said casually, looking away from the computer, turning towards him. At first glance, he thought she was her normal self, but Edward’s eyes widened slightly in surprise as he saw blonde highlights on her head, receding back towards the roots, like slowly draining water.

She’s just changing back now…

“Good day?” Edward asked, feigning ignorance.

“Oh, yes, lots accomplished, such a great, productive day,” Jennifer chirped. “Only… I was alone all day, and I missed you.”

She popped out of the chair, putting her arms around Edward’s neck and planted a kiss on his mouth. “I was lonely…”

Edward tried to disentangle himself from his wife, still perturbed. “I missed you too, honey.”

Jennifer was not to be deterred, stroking her hands on his chest. “No, I mean, I really missed you…”

Her hands drifted towards his belt.


Edward felt himself getting turned on in spite of himself, but was acutely aware of avoiding a repeat of last night’s episode. “Come on, don’t… Let’s just make some dinner, ok?”

“How about I have you for dinner?” she asked, a lusty look on her face.

“Jennifer, please..! I don’t… I don’t want this to happen again…”

“Nothing will happen, Edward,” she coaxed quietly, undoing his belt. “We won’t even do it, ok?

“I’ll just go down on you… I feel so bad for what you’ve been through these past few days…”

Maybe it is fine, Edward thought, feebly trying to convince himself he wasn’t making excuses, as his eager wife unzipped his pants, pulling his out his manhood. He did have one thought occur to him that actually did seem legitimately sound: If she’s just changing back now, they shouldn’t expect another recurrence anytime soon, right?


As Jennifer dropped to her knees in front of him, Edward equivocally convinced himself that that must be right, groaning aloud as she took him into her mouth, sucking enthusiastically.

“Just no sex, ok?” Edward said.

“Mmmmmhmmmm,” Jennifer answered noncommittally around the mouthful of cock.

It was just like the last time. Jennifer was so into it, doing amazing, unbelievable things with her mouth and tongue, moaning decadently, cupping his balls, massaging them, as she orally pleasured him.

“Damn, Jennifer,” Edward groaning, reaching down and clutching her hair again, as her head bobbed up and down. He leaned back against the wall, nearly doubled over.

Jennifer began stroking his shaft, jerking him off while sucking on his swollen cockhead, swirling her tongue over the slit.

“Mmmmmmm,” she husked, sliding his cock out of her mouth, looking up, her fist slamming up and down. “Cum for me, baby…

“Cum all over my face…”

Edward knew instantly then that his wishful thinking wasn’t real in the slightest and looked down just as his wife’s lust filled eyes started turning blue, the blond streaks again tracing down the length of her hair.

“Wait, no, Jennifer, wait, not again…”

He pulled away as much as he was able, already backed up against the wall and began pulling up his trousers.

“Oh come on, Edward,” his wife objected, still on her knees, her hair highlighted, eyes blue but otherwise still herself. She pawed at his pants, trying to pull them back down. “Don’t you want it?”

“I do… But not… Not when you’re not yourself… It just doesn’t seem right…”

“Don’t you understand, Edward,” she asked, a seductive smile on her face. “It is still me…

“I want to be like this…”

“No,” Edward protested, confused, conflicted. “No, you don’t… we’re looking for a cure…”

“Sure,” Jennifer said agreeably, getting to her feet, tossing her hair as it turned pure golden blonde. “But might as well enjoy it while it lasts though, right?”

She gave him a kiss, and Edward could feel her lips plumping up against his own as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. When she drew back, her face was several years younger, her blue eyes wide, exotic. She pulled his hands up, pressing them up against her breasts as they expanded, firm, yet supple and voluptuous.

“When’s the next time you’ll get to feel up a pair of big knockers like these?”

Edward felt his traitorous cock twitching, engorged and ready.

“I don’t… I don’t want to do this… We said we wouldn’t…”

“I know, I know,” she said, getting back down on her knees, pulling his pants down at the same time. “No sex, right?”

“What’re… What’re you doing..?”

Her only reply was to nestle his erection between her ample cleavage, pressing them together with her toned, fit arms. She began flexing her slim thighs, moving up and down, rubbing Edward’s cock, fucking him with her huge tits.

“Go ahead, lover,” she said panting. “Enjoy yourself… It’s ok… I like being a raunchy, hot slut for you…”

Edward fought to keep his composure, gritting his teeth, telling himself to hold it in. “No, this… this isn’t you…”

“You mean, I never gave you a titty fuck before?”

It was an incredible sight, this young, eager blonde vixen on her knees in front of him, with her perfect, firm body, huge rack shining with a thin sheen of sweat, intermingling with the sticky trail of precum that was starting to leak from his cock.

It’s not your wife. She’s not herself right now. She’s not your wife, Edward kept telling himself.

She grabbed his shaft, tossing her blonde mane to the side and resumed sucking him off, and instantly Edward groaned loudly, feeling those plump, wet, dick sucking lips wrap around him.

Not again, he thought. This is insane. But still, he couldn’t help himself, mad with lust, his hips automatically thrusting forward, fucking his transformed wife’s slutty mouth. His cock hit the back of her mouth, and then slid into her throat, but she didn’t miss a beat, taking it down expertly, her jaw going slack, drooling, as her free hand drifted down between her legs, fingering herself while blowing him.

“Oh shit…” Edward gasped, feeling his cock growing rigid, burning hot, ready to erupt. He had never ejaculated in his wife’s mouth before, had always loved and respected her too much to really even want to. But the things she was doing down there… There was no way to stop it.

“Stop… wait…

“I’m going to… I’m going to cum…


“Jenna,” she breathed, pausing for a moment to correct him, a strand of thick drool trailing between his swollen cock head and her glistening lips, before taking him back into her mouth, redoubling her efforts.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmmm,” she moaned in anticipation, eyes closed, cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard.

Edward screwed his face up, trying to hold back as the pressure welled up, willing himself not to let go, even as his hips were pumping, fucking her face frantically, panting raggedly, fighting the urge to release, so overpowering, and then with a loud groan, he was spurting huge bursts of sticky cum, burying himself down her throat, filling her belly.

He shuddered as the orgasm subsided, even as she continued to swallow his last weak pulses, the intensity of her oral pleasuring too much to withstand.

“Mmmm! Mmmmm,” Jenna moaned her appreciation, giving him a last salacious suck as he withdrew from her mouth.

“Thank you, lover,” she purred, sated, her blue eyes half closed like a feline. “That was really yummy…”

Edward slid down against the wall, beside her, spent, miserably buttoning up his slacks, ashamed of his weakness. He had failed. He had failed to resist again.

“Poor baby,” Jenna said, stroking his face, big tits jiggling enticingly in front of her. “All worn out…”

What are we going to do, Edward thought as he felt a huge wave of exhaustion overtake him, his mind desperately looking for escape, and his eyes slide shut as he drifted off into a deep and troubled sleep.