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Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore

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“I’m sure of it,” he insisted that morning, his eyes bulging in an erratic, wild manner.

“Edward, please,” Jennifer said as they sat at the kitchen table, mug of coffee held between her hands, warming them. “You have to think about this in a rational way—”

“I know what I saw!”

“Oh honey... I believe that you believe it.”

Edward threw his hands up in exasperation. “Don’t get all scientist on me. I know I’m not crazy.”

“No one is saying you’re crazy, Edward. But just think about it. It’s late, in the middle of the night. You were exhausted, coming off what I can only imagine must have been such an incredibly stressful day…

“You just acknowledged yourself that you had nodded off.

“You can’t concede that it’s possible you just had a really vivid, waking dream?“

“I…” The expression on Edward’s face wavered for a moment, then hardened with resolution. “I know what I saw!”

“Oh, Edward, “ Jennifer said, a bemused smiled on her face. “You are a stubborn man.”

* * *

The day passed slowly for Edward. After breakfast, Jennifer, still recuperating, had gone back upstairs to lay down again, and he had spent the afternoon in their home office, distractedly attempting to work remotely. He really got nothing of substance done, as he could not stop thinking about the surreal events of the evening before and periodically kept going upstairs to check on his wife, almost disappointed to see that she was still her normal self, fast asleep.

Not that his disappointment had anything whatsoever to do with his wife. Not for a minute would he ever remotely want anything like that vacuous, scandalous nymphomaniac from last night’s… incident… or hallucination… or who knew?

But still… it would have been nice to have some validation.

Jennifer seemed to know exactly was on his mind, as they settled into bed later that evening after an early supper. She saw him looking at her a moment longer than normal as she reached over to turn off the bedside lamp.

“What’s the matter”, she asked, turning back, leaving the light untouched so Edward could see her fully. “Let down that I haven’t transformed into a blonde sex kitten again?”

Edward gave a crooked smile before he reached out and stroked her face again. “How could I ever want anything but you, just the way you are?”

“Oh you sly charmer, you,” Jennifer said, leaning in for a good night kiss.

Their eyes met for a moment, and then they kissed again, more deeply.

“Is it ok to..?” Edward asked, concerned that she was still sore from her accident.

Jennifer’s only response was to kiss him again, and she let out a sigh, laying back as Edward rolled over on top of her, the pair embracing each other.

He broke away to look her in the face, his expression solemn. “I love you, Jennifer. I do.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him in close, giving him a pair of small kisses on the lips. “Then make love to me,” she whispered.

Edward groaned in the back of his throat as their lips met again, and he fumbled to the side for the lamp to switch it off, but Jennifer grabbed his arm, intertwining his hand with hers.

“No,” she murmured between kisses. “Leave it on…”

Peripherally, this seemed a little strange to Edward, as his wife was always a bit self conscious about her body, especially in the last few years that she’d put the weight on. But his concerns were just as quickly forgotten as he pushed down his pajama bottoms, kicking them off beneath the covers.

Jennifer let out a soft sigh again as he entered her, kissing her deeply again, and he relished the moment as always, the softness of her body, the familiar scents of her skin and hair, the warmth of her body against his.

Edward slid in and out of his wife slowly, the way she liked it, the gentle rocking back and forth, the rising crescendo of pleasure. She was never very vocal in bed, but he could tell from the way she began to breathe more rapidly, kiss him more passionately, that she was into it.

He was a little surprised when she slipped her tongue into his mouth, kissing him more seductively then he could remember her having done in a long time. And then even more surprising, their hands still intertwined, they rolled over, Jennifer moving on top of him now, slowly sliding him in and out of herself.

Edward grabbed his wife by the waist, groaning quietly as she rode him. “Wow, did I forget it’s my birthday today or something?”

Jennifer didn’t answer, her eyes closed, head back, face turned up towards the ceiling, her dark hair trailing behind her, breathing heavily. Her hands left his, Jennifer instead planting them on his chest, as she began pumping her hips back and forth in an increasing pace, murmuring wordlessly.

“Oh, that’s good, honey,” Edward said, laying back, enjoying the the ride, the tension of the past few days dissolving away.

“Mmmmm…” Jennifer answered, sensuously bouncing up and down, thighs flexing. “Oh, Edward...”

Edward looked up at his wife, and felt himself getting harder, closer to the edge. She was just so into it, more so than he could remember in a long while, it was almost like when they had first started going out.

She looked so sexy on top of him, bending forward now, giving him a nice peek down the neckline of her nightgown at her modest but still attractive bust swinging back and forth, her eyes closed, mouth hanging open.

“Yea, it’s good… it’s so good…” Jennifer whispered. Her hips were were really pumping him now, grinding back and forth, pushing him closer to the brink.

“Yea… Do me like that…” she hissed.

Edward was startled to hear those words, fresh in his mind from the previous evening. Like nothing she had ever said to him before. But his pending climax overwhelmed all else, he could feel his manhood rock hard, throbbing, ready to explode.

“Jennifer...” he groaned, teeth clenched, gripping her by the waist.

“Yea… give it to me, Edward… fucking give it to me…”

He let out a loud groan as he let go, and Jennifer slammed her hips up and down on top of him. She let out a shuddering gasp, her eyes going wide as he climaxed then, and Edward stared up into them as he experienced the longest most intense orgasm he could recall, his seed jetting out in spurts, and through the mind blowing pleasure, he thought her eyes looked so blue...

But then her eyes slid closed again, as did his, and they kissed deeply again, as she rolled to the side, his deflating member sliding out of her, and she snuggled up against him as they drifted off to sleep.