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Dr. J.Eckels and Mrs. Whore

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“What?” Jennifer asked self consciously. “What’re you looking at?”

“Nothing… It’s just last night. You were like… Wow.” Edward was smiling, but still surveying her face closely in a way that made her slightly uncomfortable.

“Oh come on, Edward,” she said grinning but blushing slightly as she climbed out of bed, heading to the bathroom. “Stop.”

She turned the shower on to warm it up as she brushed her teeth, studying herself in the reflection and saw nothing there to cause any alarm. She was feeling a lot better than she had two days ago, and was looking forward to the remainder of the two week paid leave the lab had provided her.

The faint bruising on her cheek looked a bit darker, and might show a little more in the days to come before starting to fade, but otherwise to really look at herself, she looked better than she had in a long while. Work had been extremely stressful lately, and Jennifer had rather been neglecting herself as a result.

Now, she looked refreshed and well rested, hardly any trace of dark circles around her gray eyes. As she pulled her nightgown over to the head, she looked back at her bare self in the mirror for a moment. Too bad a good night’s sleep couldn’t help her shed a few pounds too, she thought ruefully, eying her belly and thighs critically.

Not that Edward seemed to mind, she told herself, the little smile returning as she stepped into the steaming shower. She really had been feeling a bit randier than usual last night, for whatever reason. Again, probably due to the combination of the trauma and the subsequent relaxation and tranquility.

As she lathered up, she could feel Edward’s warm seed trickling out, running down her thighs, and Jennifer felt an uncharacteristic bawdy pride in having gotten him off so powerfully. He had really liked it, her riding on top of him, grinding, and he had climaxed right when she started talking a little dirty…

Jennifer felt herself getting aroused, her hands running all over her body, slickery with soapy lather.

What is going on with me, she thought, but as her hand made its way between her legs, she wasn’t able to muster up much concern. She was a little shocked at how ready she was already, so quickly, and just how intense the pleasure was when she slipped two fingers inside of herself.

Goodness, I’m turned on, she thought, as she masturbated in the steaming shower. Edward’s semen was still leaking out of her drooling sex, coating her fingers with the thick, sticky fluid as she plunged in and out of herself.

He came so much, Jennifer thought again. Squirted really hard in my pussy, when I started talking nasty to him…

Jennifer gasped aloud at the jolt of pleasure that accompanied the indecent thought, which seemed to enter her mind unbidden. It wasn’t like her to think of their lovemaking so graphically, in such lewd terms.

Still, her body was not to be denied, and these foreign thoughts continued to flash through her head.

He liked me on top, grinding on him… milking his cock…

It got him it all hot and hard… telling him how much I liked it…

Riding his big dick…

His wife, acting like a hot slut...

She felt her clit pulse again at that thought, her body tingling all over as she fingered herself, her other hand playing with her own breasts. She didn’t notice them expanding at a prodigious rate, growing to the size of melons, losing their sag as they filled out roundly.

If Jennifer had turned her head to the side, she would have seen her brunette hair first become streaked with blonde highlights, before turning completely platinum altogether, as the pouch of her tummy disappeared, buttocks lifting, her body tightening and firming all over.

But as is, she was completely lost in herself, gasping as she fingered herself with wanton abandon, her hand busy between her legs, the other pinching the nipples of her new mammoth tits, while all sorts of indecent thoughts ran through her head.

God, I’m so horny…

Feels so good to get off...

Touching myself in the shower, like a hot little slut…

She moaned loudly as she came, could feel the lubrication squirting all over her hand, intermingling with the hot water pouring down.

Oh yea…

* * *

Edward was nearly finished with breakfast by the time Jennifer came downstairs in her bathrobe, towelling her brown hair dry.

“You sure took your time up there,” he commented, sipping his coffee as he watched the morning news.

“Hmmm?” Jennifer’s face held a dazed, dreamy look as she looked blankly off into space, still drying her hair.

“You sure took…” Edward began to repeat. “Are you ok?”

“Huh? Yea, fine.” Jennifer seemed to abruptly snap out of whatever trance she was in. Her brow furrowed slightly as she went to the counter and poured herself a cup of hot coffee.

“How long was I in there? I thought it was only a few minutes. But… I can’t really remember now…”

At that, Edward turned away from the television, a look of concern crossing his face.

“Maybe we should go see a doctor, honey.”

“No…” Jennifer said after a moment, assessing herself with a shake of her head, “it’s fine. I’m fine. Really.”

Edward looked uncertain. “All right well… why don’t you go lay down again after breakfast, honey.”

“I think I will.”