The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dr Zeus Mesmer’s Dynamic Body Program

by Menoetes

Added 16 April 2022

Updated 21 May 2022

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A group of college students meet a bully at the beach, but the women seem more interested in the bully than the boys they are with.

Chapter Length Added
PART ONE: Beaches, Bullies and Blondes 4813 words 16 Apr 2022
PART TWO: You’ve got Male 5999 words 23 Apr 2022
PART THREE: Growing Pains 3817 words 30 Apr 2022
PART FOUR: Fresh Off the Press 4576 words 07 May 2022
PART FIVE: Beachside Showdown 4352 words 14 May 2022
PART SIX: Hero of the Beach? 4907 words 21 May 2022