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Title: Dream State

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The following is a work of fiction (actually, “FANTASY”). Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and rather far fetched, if you ask me.

This is a story that describes some sexually explicit situations in a fictional (remember fiction?) setting. The target audience is adults (people over the age of eighteen) with broad minds. This audience is getting harder and harder to find each year.

Final disclaimer—I doubt that any of the people would act in the way described herein, or even if things described herein are even possible. This is just fantasy, and should be treated as such. This fantasy takes place in the mid 1970s to late 1980s, without any fear from AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t try this at home.

Chapter 7—“I’ve been waiting such a long time... for Saturday!”

I woke up, famished. Debbie and Mary weren’t in my room.

I had a thought to “reach out” to them to find out where they were. At which point, I stopped.

A weird thought came to me. What were the ethics of having this mind power? Didn’t Mary and Debbie deserve some privacy?

Funny... that had not occurred to me before.

I found myself brooding over and over about it, unable to come to a decision. However, I made a little promise to myself: I would limit my “visits” to Mary’s and Debbie’s minds until I sought their opinions on the matter, and until I felt comfortable with doing so. Aimee might have an opinion on this as well.

* * *

Mary had brought my clothes from my apartment (which had not been used yet!) the day before, and I found some clean clothes and underwear and decided to take a shower.

I spent about a half hour luxuriating in Mary’s shower, letting the hot water caress my back and the steam clear out my head. My mind kept on thinking back to watching Mary and Debbie getting it on before, and I found myself getting semi-erect.

Mary’s shampoo had an apple scent to it, one of the kinds that you find in beauty shops—a bit feminine, but nice. It wasn’t the scent I preferred, but I knew that my hair needed a good scrubbing. Unfortunately, it ended up making my hair feel like a used Brillo pad. Apparently, Mary and I had different hair types.

I stepped out of the shower, and realized that I had left my clothes in Mary’s bedroom. I toweled off quickly and wrapped the towel around my waist. I opened the door, and was surprised to see Aimee in the living room.

“Oh, hi, Aimee!” I said.

Aimee blushed a little when she saw how informally I was dressed, but recovered quickly. “Mary and Debbie are out right now... but I guess you already know that.”

“Um... actually, I didn’t know,” I said.

Aimee gave me a queer look and then shrugged. “Oh. I’m sorry... I just assumed...”

“Aimee, I had been thinking about some things, and would like to hear your opinion.”

“Anytime, Jim,” she said quietly.

I smiled at her, “Let me get dressed, first. Did you have breakfast?”

“Yes, Jim, and we left you some bagels. You seemed to like them the other day.”

My smile grew broader, and I walked into Mary’s bedroom.

My clothes were on her chair, where I had left them, and I quickly got myself changed. I walked back into the living room in my socks.

While I had dressed, Aimee had brought out a bread plate with a toasted and buttered bagel on it. She placed it on an end table next to the sofa, with a cup of coffee. There was a tiny pitcher with cream in it, as well as some sugar. Apparently, Aimee didn’t know I drank my coffee black.

“Wow. You are pretty efficient, Aimee,” I said, with real respect.

“Not a problem, Jim,” she said.

Aimee sat down on the love seat, and watched me sip my coffee. She was looking at me, expectantly.

I put the cup down, and said, “Aimee, you seem to have some insight into what’s going on within me, and I really need somebody’s opinion. Can you help me?”

Aimee smiled and said, “Of course.”

“Earlier this morning, I was wondering where Mary and Debbie were. It occurred to me that I could just... um... scan for them. Like you mentioned to me yesterday.”

Aimee simply nodded for me to continue.

I took a breath. “The question is, is it right for me to do that? I mean, shouldn’t the girls have some measure of privacy? Just think... their thoughts cannot be hidden from me. This cannot be right.”

Aimee said, “You are asking me about the morality of doing so?”

I nodded. “Yes. The ethics, as it were.” Discharged or not, I still considered myself an officer and a gentleman.

Aimee said, “I am not sure. It is obvious that people consider their private thoughts private, and being able to see them is an invasion of their privacy.”

I had a sinking feeling, but waited for Aimee to continue.

“Yet, I’m not familiar with the... how would you say it... the mechanics of what you do. Do you simply know what Mary and Debbie are thinking, or do you have to do something to connect with them?”

It was a curious question, but I answered. “I don’t know if I can really explain it, but it’s like I can reach out... and know exactly where they are.”

Aimee nodded and said, “When you make this connection, do you see their thoughts?”

I thought for a moment. “No. I can sort of ‘hear’ their thoughts when I am interested in knowing something. We can even communicate. Debbie and I did it when I was in her head once after I spoke to you through her. She was able to transmit a thought to me. It’s easier with Mary, though.”

“It’s like a conversation in their heads, then,” Aimee said, more as a statement rather than a question.

I agreed that this was how it seemed to work.

Aimee nodded again. “My advice is to not scan their thoughts uninvited, then. Let Mary and Debbie have that level of privacy. When you are ‘hearing’ their thoughts, are you able to are you able to ‘hear’ every thought or do you somehow manage to just get to the thought that you want to get to?”

This took me longer to answer. “I think... no... somehow, I manage to get exactly the information that I want. I don’t recall ever getting any stray thought that I hadn’t been looking for.”

Aimee smiled. “This is all new to me, obviously, but it seems that you are reading their thoughts with their cooperation. You’d have to run some tests with Mary and Debbie to find out for sure, but I feel that if there was something that they didn’t want you to know, you’d probably not be able to reach that thought.”

I nodded, and Aimee startled me by continuing.

“Of course, if there was something that they didn’t want you to know, you’d probably notice something different and know that they were trying to hide something.”

I pondered this for a bit. Aimee was saying that I was connecting to some part of Mary and Debbie, and somehow I was requesting a particular thought, and they were somehow giving me that thought. It’s a bit better than coming upon a large office and rummaging through the desk, looking for something.

“So,” I said, “you are saying that they are cooperating with me. It’s not like I’m doing it against their will.”

Aimee frowned. “Maybe, Jim, but remember, you are able to impose your will on them. So, even if they wanted to hide something, you might be able to overpower their impulse to hide it.

“It’s like Mary allowing you to stay here in her apartment. She does this of her own free will, but you, being bigger and stronger than she is, could also force her to make her share the apartment. The first is freely given, the other isn’t.”

Aimee was making sense, I thought to myself. “So, although I could compel her, to do so would probably be crossing the line between good and bad.”

“Yes. At least, that is what I think,” she answered.

I nodded and thought quietly to myself, munching on my bagel. Aimee was a great person for me to have around.

“Of course,” Aimee continued, “you’d never be able to overpower Mary.”

“Why not?”

Aimee shrugged. “I see something that tells me that nobody will ever dominate her.”

“I dominate her! She calls me Master!”

“Those are two different forms of domination,” Aimee said. “Mary gives you domination over her will, but she will never allow any person, male or female, to dominate her physically.”

* * *

While I was eating, my mind was running through thoughts at a furious pace.

I had what some people would consider a very desirable power: the power to control the minds and wills of two breathtakingly lovely females.

How did I get such a power? Certainly, not everybody that comes out of a coma can control minds. What was different in my case?

I remember being told of my injuries after I had come out of my coma. They were what you would expect for somebody stupid enough to get hit by a jeep in the dead of night: bone fractures, massive internal bleeding, even a concussion.

A concussion... that would be something that happened to my head. Could this have caused my mysterious power? It could very well be so.

Cool reasoning told me that I was probably heading up a blind alley. After all, a concussion would more or less damage my brain; the odds of it activating some unknown power were astronomical.

I knew, from the amount of time that I spent in Mary’s head, that what had kept her visiting me all those years was guilt, plain and simple. She had hit me, and then, confronted with the fact that I was in the hospital because of her lapse in judgment, she vowed to visit me until my condition improved. Of course, guilt wasn’t the reason she continued to visit after I woke up, but Mary and I never really discussed that really; I preferred to think it was that she grew to like me in the many years since our paths had violently crossed.

Mary had always believed that I would come out of my coma. I don’t know where she got her conviction, because everybody else at the hospital was simply amazed when I returned to the land of the living, breathing, and talking. Somehow, Mary knew that I would come back.

I had never examined Mary’s motives too much before, and after my conversation with Aimee, I was hesitant to reach out and examine them now without her express permission.

Of course, then there was Debbie. How did I hook up with her? Debbie was a rich woman who had no cares in the world, who had absolutely no idea that I even existed... nor did I know about her. Yet somehow, the two of us connected.

What was the nature of my relationship with Debbie?

Debbie took immediately to Mary, and vice versa. It was if they seemed to think that it was because they had me in common. Aimee, who seemed to be Debbie’s best friend, also took to me, although at first, she had been naturally suspicious of me, especially when she discovered the power I held over Debbie.

So what the fuck was this power? Aimee’s description of “people that sleep and don’t wake up” was more or less hoodoo to me: a good story, but not really helping. In fact, trying to fit my experience in being in a coma into Aimee’s myths really seemed that I was stretching the analogy to the breaking point. Even Aimee said that she wasn’t really describing my coma, but my ability to invade the dreams of others.

The fact remained that I had Mary and Debbie both declaring to me that they were my slaves. I also had Aimee’ profess a desire to also be my slave. The strange part about that was that neither Mary nor Debbie seemed to have any submissive streak in them. Aimee might be a different story; her soft spoken ways sort of implied that to me, but it also could just as well have been when she told me that she wanted me to enslave her that my opinion of her as a bit submissive may have been formed.

The mind is a funny thing.

Somehow, that thought made me smile. It was definitely a funny thing, and this is all about my mind, isn’t it?

I sighed. This really wasn’t funny. I told myself that I could be having a bad effect on the lives of three lovely females. I really needed to know what I was doing if I was going to behave in an ethical manner as befits an officer and a gentleman.

Aimee interrupted my reverie quietly to tell me that she had some errands to do. I know that she felt that I was working out the situation in my head and needed to sort things out for myself, and felt that giving me some time alone might help. Somehow, Aimee and I had an unspoken bond with each other; not as strong or as direct as I had with Mary and Debbie, but something was definitely there. That was something else that I’d have to think about.

After Aimee left, I continued to work out that “bond” that Aimee and I shared. Aimee said she had a bit of an emotional insight to other people. She tapped into my emotional state, and decided I needed to be alone. Maybe that was a one-way bond between us. Yet, somehow, I think I was able to tap... just a little... into Aimee’s emotions as well.

I had since moved into the living room, and laid down on the couch. I had closed my eyes, trying to sort out all these strange things. I found myself feeling really restful... relaxed...

I fell asleep.

* * *

It was amazing. In my sleep, I could bring myself back to the whiteness that identified my first conscious thoughts after the accident. The state of total confusion had returned to me.

Then there was the whiteness as I opened my mind’s “eyes” and saw what I later realized was myself in the hospital.

It was amazing that all these memories were so easily accessible for me. When I was a kid, I had no memories of any dreams that I had, and now here I was in my thirties, and was able to remember my thoughts from when I was in a coma!

When I had awakened at the hospital, I was “debriefed” by the doctors, who were wondering what my experiences of twelve years of coma were like. I knew that talking about my trysts inside Mary’s head would have me shipped to the psychiatric ward, and a section eight wasn’t something that I had really desired. Instead, I professed that I had very few memories, and hazy ones at that. I didn’t see anything wrong about describing the milky whiteness that I had experienced at first, but remained very vague on anything else specific.

I remember with some amusement questions about a long tunnel. I had remembered hearing about other people in near death experiences. I had remembered many things about what I dreamt during my coma, but a tunnel didn’t seem to be one of them.

I remembered quite a lot about what I dreamt during my coma. I was not so sure about my life before the coma, though. While I did remember some things, I realized that there were definite holes in my memories. There were some thoughts that I could approach, but not get a handle on; thoughts that skidded away as I got near them.

All of a sudden, unbidden, I saw a face of a man. I really couldn’t “see” the man. I could sense a strangely disquieting smile on his face, but as I tried to focus more on the features of his face, I saw that I would lose the detail on that smile. Yet if I tried to focus on his smile, the rest of his face would get blurry.

It was an exercise in futility, but I persisted. “I will conquer this,” I told myself in my officer’s voice. However, that smile seemed that it was laughing at my inability to get any detail on the person behind it.

I heard noises, and they were distracting me from trying to focus on this strange face... and it seemed like hours passed before I realized that the noises I was hearing was, in fact, my own voice.

I was screaming!

“Open your eyes, you asshole!” I told myself in my dream.

I finally tore my mind away from that elusive face, and my eyes opened. I squinted at the sunlight beating down on me from the living room window, and saw Mary and Debbie around me, shaking me, trying to make me wake up.

Mary was the first to see my eyes open, and she had this really concerned look about her.

“It’s alright, Jim,” she said to me, soothingly.

I turned to see Debbie also looking at me, her face a mask of fear.

“You... you’re back,” I said.

“We heard...” Mary began, and then paused. “I mean, the two of us... we felt...”

Debbie nodded, completing Mary’s thought. “Mary felt your torment, Jim. It scared us. We came back as soon as we could. You were screaming...”

I was out of breath. My throat was a bit sore from screaming; I must have been loud, and I must have been screaming a while. I could imagine the trouble that Mary could get with her landlord over this, not thinking that Mary’s landlord was in the room with me right now.

“I... I’m sorry,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “Didn’t mean... Didn’t want trouble... didn’t want to scare you...”

“Shh,” said Mary. “Calm down. We’re both here. Where’s Aimee?”

Aimee? I thought to myself. “Went... out...”

“Mary’s right,” said Debbie. “Calm down. Breathe in and out slowly. You’re hyperventilating.”

My mind digested all this information, and I realized that breathing in and out so fast wasn’t helping me. I consciously slowed my breathing, and felt some measure of control coming back to me.

It took about five minutes, but I finally felt a bit more normal.

“You heard me?” I asked, glaring at Mary.

“I... felt you,” said Mary.

Debbie simply nodded in agreement.

This bit of information took me by surprise. Did the girls actually manage to connect with me without me initiating the contact? There were obviously something interesting about this, but this wasn’t the time to pursue such avenues of thought.

“Thank you. Both of you,” I said. “I was having sort of a nightmare.”

Mary simply nodded. I wondered right then how much of a connection that the two girls made. Did they share that nightmarish face that had haunted me? I looked from one to the other, and couldn’t tell. I’d talk with Mary about it later, perhaps.

I glanced back at Mary, and noticed a bit of gold dangling from her neck. I focused my eyes on it, and it was a necklace, once that I hadn’t seen before.

Debbie caught where I was looking and said, “I bought her that today, Jim.”

“May I?” I asked Mary, reaching up to inspect the charm on the necklace.

“Of course,” Mary smiled.

The bauble was a circle of gold, with a white star in the middle, framed by the circle. The star was tiny little gems or rhinestones.

“Lovely,” I said.

Mary smiled, and said, “It’s a gift from Debbie. She said it’s me.”

I glanced at Debbie, who was beaming at my appreciation of her gift to Mary.

“It was in the stars...” Mary and I said together.

Mary and I looked at each other in surprise, totally amazed that we said the exact same thing at the exact same time!

The three of us laughed, and then Mary leaned down and kissed me.

Mary and Debbie sure knew how to calm a person down, that was for sure. I looked at Debbie, and she bent down and kissed me as well.

* * *

I had been voraciously hungry when I woke up, and it was almost two in the afternoon, and all that I had eaten was a single bagel. Now, don’t get me wrong. I would gladly turn down a king’s feast for a delicious buttered bagel, but my stomach wasn’t as much of a romantic as I seemed to be.

“Did you girls have lunch yet?” I asked.

Mary and Debbie looked at one another, and finally Mary said, sheepishly, “We were... um... at Cicero’s... a pizza place near Neiman Marcus. Anyway, the two of us both felt your... um... torment... and we left before either of us had anything to eat.”

Debbie gave a wan grin, “We sort of left the pizza behind.”

“So... you two are hungry?” I asked, hopefully, trying to steer the subject into a better direction.

“Yes,” my two lovelies said together.

“How far is Cicero’s?” I asked.

Mary was about to answer, when Debbie interrupted. “There’s a better place closer to here. Nellie’s.”

“Ooh, Nellie’s,” Mary cooed.

“That good, huh?” I said, smiling.

“It’s a place that was opened from somebody from Chicago. They have Chicago style pizza there,” Debbie added.

It took all my willpower to keep a straight face after hearing that. My friend from the service, Brooklyn, might have a word or two about where a good pizza came from, and thankfully discretion won out.

I said, with a straight face, “Sounds great!”

We all headed out.

* * *

Nellie’s was a cozy little restaurant which had subdued lighting, and dark wooden booths. Inside the restaurant was a light smell of garlic, a much more subtle aroma than I had encountered in the various pizza places I had frequented with my friend Brooklyn. There were ferns everywhere, the decor was brass fixtures on dark oak, and the conversation in the restaurant was faint and non-intrusive.

I fell immediately in love with the restaurant, making it second only to Peter’s, another local place that I was starting to enjoy.

“Chicago style” pizza is a sort of pizza with a thick cake-like crust served in a dark round pan. I made an effort not to show too much interest in the pizza. I had started getting pretty embarrassed by my “Rip Van Winkle” reactions to things that everybody seemed to take for granted.

Nellie’s also had beer, although the girls chose to drink wine coolers. This aroused my curiosity, since before my accident, those kinds of drinks were usually ordered by ladies of lesser repute. I simply ordered a Coke, not being much of a drinker. I noticed that the waitress didn’t seem to give any particular reaction to their order, and, much to my surprise, when she came back with our drinks, the coolers were actually in colorful bottles that looked almost like Michelob bottles.

As I said, I was ravenous, and between the three of us, we finished two pizzas. Actually, to be fair to my lovely companions, I accounted for three quarters of the pizza consumed. I found that the pan pizza, once you got used to it, actually tasted good. The waitress kept refilling my glass of coke (I must have drank a half gallon or so!) and found between the refreshments and the pizza, I was most happily fed.

We all declined dessert, and I even passed on coffee.

After we left Nellie’s, Mary suggested a walk in “our” park, where we had eaten fried chicken a few days before, and Debbie and I both thought it was a splendid idea. The sun was warm, and I had found that I had a fondness for the smells of grass and fresh air, probably because of all the antiseptic air I had been breathing for the last decade or so.

The three of us just wandered around the parks, following sidewalks. We didn’t say much, although I could see that look of concern was still in the eyes of both of my sweethearts. I shuddered a little to think of how they must have reacted to my incomprehensible screaming.

I excused myself a number of times to empty my bladder of the quantities of coke that I had consumed, using the public restrooms in the park.

Dress styles had changed, I noticed, looking at people in the park. When I had last been around, most civilians tended to dress down. Jeans and a T-shirt... sometimes even army fatigues. Now, shorts were making a comeback. Pale colors seemed to be the rage, although there were some older people that dressed in expensive looking black motifs.

Females still liked to emphasize what nature had given them, and for that I was glad, although I thought the current trends with the younger females were a bit slutty. I noticed that both Debbie and Mary would receive appreciative stares from the strangers we passed, and the two girls pretended not to notice them.

Mary seemed a bit more subdued than she normally was. I know that she had been spooked when she heard me screaming back at her apartment, and she still had a pensive look. I caught her studying me more than once, averting her glance quickly when I noticed her.

Debbie excused herself from us, and returned a few minutes later. I knew that she had gone to communicate with Aimee... although how Debbie would know where her assistant could be was beyond my comprehension.

When Debbie returned, I noticed a signal being passed between the girls, and looked at them curiously. I decided to confront them. “OK, girls. What gives?”

The two girls looked at each other, and hesitated before answering.

I knew, somehow instinctively, that neither girl would even consider lying to me or even try to evade my direct question. I think they were trying to figure out how to answer my question.

“We’re worried about you,” said Mary.

“Don’t fret about me,” I said with a sigh. “It was only a bad dream.”

“Dreams are special to you,” Mary said.

“Special to me?” I asked, wondering what she meant.

“You met us in your dreams,” Mary said.

Oh, that. “Listen, girls. Everybody has nightmares once in a while...”

Mary interrupted me. “I heard you screaming... in my mind. You seemed terrified!”

I looked at Debbie, who hadn’t contributed to this conversation. She simply nodded in agreement with Mary.

“So what does Aimee think?” I asked Debbie pointedly.

“She thinks it might be a good idea if we don’t keep you alone. If the bad dreams return, one of us will be around to comfort you,” Debbie said.

I could tell that Debbie had stopped before completing her thought. I stood there, glaring at her until she finally continued.

“It might be a good idea, maybe, if you were to see a...” Debbie stopped again, not wanting to continue.

I finished it for her. “A shrink? You think I’m nuts?” I asked, hurt that Debbie could think that way about me.

Mary said, “No, Jim. You aren’t nuts. The fact remains that you were screaming, and that isn’t normal, and it might not be healthy. Could you at least just keep an open mind about talking with somebody if these sort of things continue?”

I glanced at the two of them, letting my anger subside. I couldn’t stay angry at either of them, really. “Well... I have been talking with Aimee...”

Debbie’s face lit up. “That’s wonderful, Jim!” Mary agreed.

“OK, but let’s keep all this between ourselves,” I added.

Both girls nodded. Debbie said, “Aimee did suggest that one of us be around you to keep you from being alone. It might help.”

I thought about it and finally nodded. “What if I want some privacy?” I asked.

“Oh. We’ll know. We won’t mind. We just won’t be too far away.”

We’ll know. That sort of spooked me. I had been having second thoughts about invading their minds, but they seemed to have no problem with looking into mine... if that is what they could do. However, I didn’t think that this was the right time or place to discuss that.

I continued to walk with my lovelies, but my mind was still running an ongoing debate within about ethics.

* * *

Aimee’s thoughts on the morality of my visiting the minds of Mary and Debbie were sound. She really had a good head on her shoulders.

I thought about Aimee. She had a very serious side to her, and when she was in that sort of mood, I hardly ever saw her smile. However, when she did smile, it was like it lit up her entire face. Her eyes, eyebrows, mouth, cheeks... it was like somebody turned on a switch.

Aimee had a very subtle beauty. My first thought about her when I met her the other day was that she was cute. However, after knowing her a day or so, I began to see the real beauty that was within her.

My mind stopped right there. Beauty within her? That was just an expression, right? Yet to me, it meant something more. Like Mary’s guilt and Debbie’s carefree attitude, these were things that I only recognized once I had been inside their heads. So, what about Aimee? I had intentionally avoided going into Aimee’s head, but I now found that I knew her very well... almost intimately.

No. Aimee would be totally thrilled and would strip naked and bed me in a second if she knew that I had been in her mind...

How the fuck would I know that?

The girls had pointed out that dreams were special to me, and that I had met both of them in my sleep... when I wasn’t really actively trying to find them. In a way, you could say that they had actually found me. Was this true about Aimee? Despite my desire not to enslave her, had it already happened?

No. I knew that Aimee wasn’t enslaved (I still thought of that word with distaste). Yet I also knew... or at least I thought I knew... Aimee’s mind. Had I been there?

This was scary. If I had no control over this power, I would eventually enslave everybody. This would start getting noticed by all the people whose attention I didn’t want.

* * *

My reverie was interrupted by a kid walking toward us. It was strange, but something within me told me that this boy was dangerous. The danger wasn’t directed at me, nor even toward the two girls.

As I noticed the kid, both Mary and Debbie stopped in their tracks, and looked at me. I was still watching the boy, who had just passed us. I turned around to make sure he wasn’t going to attack us from behind...

No. We definitely weren’t his targets. I knew that. However, attack was definitely on his mind.

The three of us were now turned around, looking at the kid, who was moving away from us, unaware that we were watching him.

The kid picked up his pace, almost to a happy-go-lucky skip. I knew, however, that there was nothing carefree about his intentions. He was moving faster and faster, and a woman was approaching...

In a move that he must have practiced a lot, the kid snatched the pocket book from the lady he was passing. He kept moving. The woman was so startled, that the situation still hadn’t sunk in to her. She had been robbed and hadn’t even let out any alarm.

I looked all around, and there was a policeman in a car driving alongside the park. He wasn’t looking into the park, and it appeared that he would be gone in a few seconds.

LOOK AT THAT KID, YOU MORON, I shouted within my mind. As if he had heard a gunshot, the policeman hit his brakes and looked right at the kid that was running now at full speed with the woman’s pocket book. The policeman recognized the situation in less than a second, and had maneuvered his car into a U-turn.

The police car had his lights on, but he didn’t turn on the siren, not wanting to alert the kid. The policeman managed to turn his car to the right on an access road that would cross the path of the kid. The kid saw the police car and he checked his advance, and he looked around for a possible escape.

DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE, YOU LITTLE SHIT, I thought, and the boy froze.

The lady that had been robbed was now making a fuss. Both Mary and Debbie approached her to calm her down, unbidden by me.

The policeman got out of his car, and had his nightstick in his hand. He couldn’t believe his luck that the boy was just standing there, frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights, or a “tharn rabbit” from the book “Watership Down.”

I stood on the path where I was when the whole scene started. I couldn’t believe what had just transpired. Somehow, I had managed to alert the policeman, without so much as a word. In addition, I had commanded the boy to freeze and he did. Was this all my doing?

The policeman grabbed the boy, and efficiently patted him down. He took out something from the boy’s pocket that looked like it might be a knife, but I wasn’t sure. He took the purse from the boy’s arm, and started moving the boy toward the lady, who, thanks to Mary and Debbie, was a bit less shaken, especially seeing that the boy had been caught.

“Is this yours, ma’am?” the policeman asked, showing the pocket book to the lady and Mary and Debbie.

“Y-y-yes...” the lady stammered.

The policeman turned to Mary and Debbie. “Ladies, did you witness the attack?”

When he asked this, my mind went into alarm mode. The last thing I wanted was for something like this to make any of us conspicuous.

Mary started to answer and checked herself quickly. “Yes... well, we were walking the other way. We heard the commotion, and saw this lady in hysterics. We tried to calm her down.”

Debbie basically agreed with Mary.

The policeman turned back to the lady and said, “Well, ma’am. It seems that this boy...’found’ a pocket book. I figured it might belong to somebody like yourself.”

“It... it is,” the lady answered.

“You might want to check that everything is in there,” the policeman said. He turned to Mary and Debbie. “Ladies, I’d like to thank you for offering assistance to her. You are fine examples of upstanding citizens. As for this dirt bag...”

The policeman glanced that the boy who he was still holding on to. The boy was staring at me in horror. The policeman followed his gaze and frowned at me. “Is this your leader?” he asked the boy.

The boy was speechless.

Mary saw the danger immediately and said, “No, officer. He was with us. He’s my boyfriend.”

The policeman’s gaze softened just a bit, but it was apparent that he was still suspicious of me.

“Sir, I’d like to see some I.D.”

Shit. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, and now here I was, in the middle of it, big time. There were other people starting to gather around.

Please, officer, I thought to myself. You don’t need to see my I.D.

“Actually,” the policeman said, looking at Mary and smiling, “If this lovely lady vouches for you, I won’t need to see any I.D.”

The policeman turned to the lady that was robbed. “Is everything there?” he asked.

“It... it seems so,” she said, sounding still a little shaken.

“Do you wish to press charges against this punk?” asked the policeman. “It might be a lot of paperwork to fill out, but I’m willing to volunteer my time to make sure this punk spends some time behind bars.”

Debbie was now looking at me, silently questioning me to see if I could find a way to extricate us out of this situation.


The kid opened his mouth for the first time. “Please, sir. I promise I won’t do this again. I’ll be an upstanding citizen.”

The policeman looked at the kid with utter contempt, probably having heard the same thing thousands of times in his career.


“Honestly, sir. I was actually thinking of enlisting. They won’t take me if I have a criminal record!”

“How old are you, son?” the policeman asked.

“I turned eighteen last week,” the boy answered.

“So, instead of looking at reform school, you might be looking for long time behind bars,” the policeman said.

“I really want to enlist. I don’t know what got into me just before. As soon as I did it, I knew that I was doing something wrong!” The boy was babbling now.

The boy turned to the lady he had robbed. “Please forgive me, lady. I gave in to temptation at a weak moment.”

The lady looked at the policeman with a questioning glance.

The policeman looked at the lady and then at the kid. “You intend to enlist? There’s a recruitment center about a quarter mile away. Would you like me to give you a ride?”

The boy was nodding before the policeman finished the question. “Yes. I would love to. You can even come in to make sure that I sign up.”

The policeman smiled for the first time. “I think that would be taken as coercion.”

The boy said, “I... I promise that I’ll enlist. I’ve always wanted to enter the army.”

“Well, if this woman doesn’t mind...” The lady shook her head. “I’ll take you to the recruiting center, and then I’ll take you home afterward.”

“We could do that,” the boy said.

“Maybe you can write me a letter from boot camp,” the policeman said.

At the words “boot camp” the boy paled, but recovered quickly.

“Yes. I’ll write you every day...”

The officer laughed. “Make it once a month, if you insist. I think you’ll have your dance card filled for the first few weeks.”

The policeman turned to the three of us and the others that had gathered. “The situation here is over. You can all leave.”

We started to walk away, but the policeman stopped us. “You two ladies, I’d like to thank you for coming to that woman’s aid.”

“I just know how I would feel to have something like that done to me,” said Mary.

The policeman turned to me. “I’m sorry if I suspected you, sir. The way the boy was looking at you...”

“I understand, sir,” I said.

We were dismissed. As we were going, I could hear the policeman get the victim’s name and address for his report.

“Ma’am, here’s my card,” I heard the policeman say to the victim. “If you change your mind and want to press charges, please let me know. I will be able to contact our little friend here through the recruitment center.”

“Thank you,” she said, accepting the policeman’s business card.

When we got further away, I turned around and saw the policeman lead the boy into his car.

Once they were gone, Mary looked at me and said, “You did all that.”

“What do you mean? I had the kid rob the lady?” I asked.

“No, but you knew what he was going to do,” Mary said.

“I did not. I felt something dangerous about him, but didn’t know anything specific.”

“You got the attention of the policeman. You froze the kid in his tracks.”

“Well... yeah...” I admitted.

“I just know that the army was your idea,” Mary said with a big smile.

“Guilty,” I said.

Mary hugged me. “My hero.”

“Kind of makes me want to get back to the apartment,” I said, leering at both Mary and Debbie.

“Nope,” said Debbie.

“Huh?” I asked. This was the first time that Debbie had ever refused any sexual act.

Debbie had an evil grin. “There’s a nice bunch of bushes over there,” she pointed.

Mary laughed. “Can’t wait, Debbie?”

Debbie said, “Nope. There’s no time like the present to present our hero with his Hero’s Blow Job.”

My cock sprang immediately to attention, as if somebody had said, “Officer in the room.”

“Ooh. Sounds like an interesting idea,” Mary said to Debbie.

“So, which one of us is the lucky one to honor our master?” Debbie asked.

“Oh, for such a wonderful act of heroism, he needs at least two presenters.”


Watching my two lovely women talk that way in front of me was exciting, to say the least. They had led me into a bunch of bushes that seemed quite solid, but once you had gotten inside, were quite hollow.

Mary quickly pulled off her top, and I saw that she was braless. Debbie quickly followed suit. The sight of those two women’s breasts made my member even harder.

“Debbie,” Mary said, “if you’ll be so kind as to strip our hero, we can get down to business.”

Debbie simply grinned and quickly had my pants down to my ankles.

Making out in a bunch of bushes in a public park seemed so... adolescent. It was as if we were a bunch of kids playing strip poker or one of those other silly games that kids play as part of their sexual discoveries.

Mary was sitting cross legged in front of me, and with a smile, she bent over and engulfed my cock with her mouth.

I reached forward and started playing with Mary’s tits. Debbie leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I think that the two of them knew how much I enjoyed kissing people. Mary performed her oral skills even better than the night before. If anything, the wickedness of being in public added to the scene.

It didn’t take long for me to erupt into Mary’s willing mouth.

The girls then switched positions. I was aware that I had just come into Mary’s mouth, and wasn’t too sure that I’d enjoy kissing her. However, my misgivings were for naught. Mary was an excellent kisser, and any second thoughts quickly disappeared. It didn’t take much longer for me to blast a second jet into Debbie’s warm mouth.

Since I enjoyed kissing Mary so much after she went down on me, I did the same for Debbie, who seemed a little surprised, but she quickly and eagerly returned my kiss.

Soon, both Mary and Debbie were kissing me and each other. I laid back on the dirt, and enjoyed cuddling with the girls. I soon fell asleep.

* * *

When I awoke, it was getting dark. I quietly managed to wake up the two girls, who were laying with Debbie partially on top of Mary, with Debbie’s right breast in between Mary’s lovely breasts.

I thought how fortunate that I was having two adoring females in love with me... who didn’t seem to have any jealousy about each other. I knew that a lot of guys fantasized about such a relationship, but for me, it was real. Even to the point where they wanted to add Aimee to the mix.

There was a word that bothered me: Harem. That was a strange word, but that was the word that really described what Mary and Debbie were. They were my girl friends, of course; sexual partners; lovers. Yet they did my bidding, whether or not I requested it.

Before my accident, I never had many girl friends, and I had never had been serious with any of them. A lot of women were put off by my army career. Other women were only attracted to the uniform. I cared for neither type.

Mary and Debbie were different. We had no secrets from each other. We acted out our fantasies. I know that neither one of them considered themselves to be lesbians, but they readily shared their bodies with each other.

It was a weird situation that we were in, but I knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. Sooner or later, this lovely bliss would end. It had to... it was so different. If anybody ever got any idea of our relationship, we’d be subject to so much scrutiny that our lives would be in disarray. I didn’t want that to happen.

Until that time, I decided that I would enjoy everything, like our latest romp here in the park.

Then it occurred to me... while it might be a great fantasy to have a blow job from two lovely girls out in public like this, we weren’t really helping our situation. If we kept doing this sort of thing, there’s no doubt that we’d be discovered. The prudent thing would be to play it safe. The less chance for somebody to figure out what is happening, the longer we might have to enjoy our relationship.

I looked at my two lovelies, and without even hesitating, thought to them: “let’s be more discreet from now on.”

Neither one stirred; I hadn’t expected them to. I reached over and tapped Debbie on the back. She didn’t woke up quickly, something that I would learn to expect from Debbie. Instead, I tapped Mary, and she woke up immediately and grinned at me. I nodded my head toward Debbie, and Mary lowered her head and started suckling on one of Mary’s breasts. After a few moments, Debbie’s hands reached up behind Mary’s head, pulling her closer.

My two lovelies were up. “I think it’s time to get back to the apartment,” I whispered to them.

The two girls didn’t answer, but Debbie gave Mary’s breast a return suck, which popped when she pulled her mouth away. They pulled their tops back on, and I pulled up my pants.

I looked outside the bushes, and didn’t see anybody around. I quickly jumped out, and looked around again. When I saw that we were alone, I sent a mental command for the girls to come out.

I started walking toward Mary’s apartment, and noticed that the two girls weren’t coming with me. I stopped, and turned around.

“What’s up, girls?” I asked.

The two girls looked at one another, and Mary finally spoke up. “Debbie has a surprise for you... I mean us.”

“Debbie?” I asked.

Debbie had a smile on her face... not a guilty look.

I quickly debated whether or not to go into Debbie’s mind and find out what this was about, but I remembered my conversation with Aimee.

“I wanted to do something special,” Debbie finally said. “My way of thanking you for all that you’ve done.”

I was sort of getting used to Debbie’s desire to constantly thank me for “all that I’ve done,” but she still managed to surprise me each time she did something.

“So what’s up?” I asked, intrigued.

“I’d prefer it to be a surprise,” Debbie said coyly. At that moment, I was very glad that I hadn’t probed Debbie’s mind.

“OK. What should I do?” I asked.

“Mary will take you some place. Then you’ll meet Aimee and me.”

“Does Mary know what’s going on? Am I the only one that will be surprised?” I asked, smiling.

Debbie grinned back. “Yeah. We can’t have you knowing everything, now, can we?” She paused, and then added, quietly, “Master.”

I looked around to see if anybody had overheard; it was becoming a habit with me, but I shouldn’t have been concerned; Debbie, as well as Mary, were quite devoted, and had remembered my request for discretion from before.

I never really liked the term “Master,” especially coming from Debbie or Mary. For some reason, it just didn’t feel right. However, I knew that there was no malice in what Debbie said.

“No,” I answered her. “I can’t know everything. Life would be short on surprises.”

“I know you how you like surprises, Jim!” Debbie said. She ran towards me and kissed me so hard that I was quite literally thrown back.