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Title: Dream State

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The following is a work of fiction (actually, “FANTASY”). Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and rather far fetched, if you ask me.

This is a story that describes some sexually explicit situations in a fictional (remember fiction?) setting. The target audience is adults (people over the age of eighteen) with broad minds. This audience is getting harder and harder to find each year.

Final disclaimer—I doubt that any of the people would act in the way described herein, or even if things described herein are even possible. This is just fantasy, and should be treated as such. This fantasy takes place in the mid 1970s to late 1980s, without any fear from AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t try this at home.

Chapter 8—“Going to the chapel and we’re...”

Debbie did have a surprise for me, and, as I had suspected, all the girls... including Aimee... were in on it.

It started when Debbie put Mary and me into a cab and told me to meet her in a couple of hours. I didn’t know the destination, or where we were to meet, but apparently Mary did.

We ended up at a Formal store. I had never been in such a place since I was a senior in high school preparing for the prom.

I found out later that Debbie and Aimee had made all the arrangements. Mary had remembered my sizes from when we had shopped for clothes the other day, and they seemed to be enough for a tailor to work with. Those measurements, done inexpertly, were remarkably on the spot. Even the tailor nodded in satisfaction as the clothes fit me rather well. Just a sleeve needed shortening, and my inseam was a bit off, but he fixed these minor nits in a manner of minutes.

Mary told me to leave my clothes in the store; the owners would get them sent to a laundry and have them delivered back to Mary’s apartment the next day.

The clothes felt wonderful. I hadn’t worn a tux since I was a teenager, and I felt almost like one now, a bit giddy.

When Mary came out from where she was trying on her clothes, I was left speechless. She was wearing a dark pink (I was later corrected: “fuchsia”) evening gown that was, in a word, stunning. She looked very much like a bridesmaid. The fabric was sheer, and it was strapless. I idly wondered how a woman could manage to have such a dress defy gravity like that.

From her breasts, the material clung to her magically, accentuating her lovely slim waist. From there, it flowed magically and beautifully toward the ground.

Seeing Mary in the gown gave new life to my cock, and even though I had come a few times the previous night, and a couple of times that day, there was no doubt that my little soldier would be ready for action tonight.

I guess my reaction was noticeable; Mary looked at me and gave me a knowing smile. A smile that sent even more blood rushing into the obvious place.

“We’ve got some time. The limo will be here in ten minutes,” Mary told me.

Limo? I had been hoping to see Aimee, and I remembered that she drove Debbie’s limo in the absence of Debbie’s normal driver.

“We’re taking the limo to dinner?” I asked Mary.

“Well, dinner is later,” Mary answered.

The saleslady clucked at the two of us. The light purple shirt that I was wearing matched Mary’s dress perfectly. “You two look like such a lovely couple,” she said.

Mary pulled me close and beamed at the saleslady.

I was surprised when I saw a white stretch limo pull up in front of the shop. It wasn’t Debbie’s limo, but one that was apparently hired just for the night.

The driver got out of his door, and opened the passenger door for us. Mary entered first, and I entered after she did.

The first thought I had in the limo was that this was going to cost Debbie a fortune. Then I laughed to myself; Debbie had enough money to be able to do whatever she wanted. In a way, I was really happy to have found her.

That thought made me stop and wonder. Debbie was always trying to show me how thankful “for all that I’ve done.” So now, here I was, thankful to have found her. I briefly wondered if she’d ever truly understand that.

I decided to do something just a little wicked. I reached out and found Debbie’s mind (it’s quite easy once you understand how to do it). I just sent a “whispered” THANK YOU to Debbie and immediately disconnected. I knew my message was received, and I hoped that she would appreciate it.

The limo ride took about ten minutes. Mary didn’t say much, apparently knowing that I needed to think some things through, and I did.

That episode in the park this afternoon gave me pause. First, I knew that I was able to contact the mind of both the policeman and the purse snatcher. These were both males, and this answered a question that had been nagging at me. Was my power limited to just females? Apparently not.

Also, these were the first times that I knew that I was able to contact somebody’s mind without that person becoming “enslaved” to me. That meant that there was hope... I could connect with others without doing what I considered “damage.” (That thought alone gave me the creeps; the idea that I had somehow damaged Mary or Debbie was causing me all sorts of grief.)

Suddenly, I saw hope.

I was also a bit giddy; I couldn’t wait to see the surprise that Debbie and the other girls had in store for me.

* * *

The limo stopped at the Hyatt Regency, a place that I had known about but never had the luxury of having visited. It was opulent and spacious.

The driver exited the car and went to the side of the car where Mary was sitting and opened the door. Mary offered her hand gracefully to him, and she stepped out. The driver held the door for me, and I got out of the vehicle.

I felt a little bit weird stepping out of the limousine in my tuxedo, but the doorman was there and seemed to be expecting me,

“The Malen party, I presume?” he asked.

“Yes,” Mary answered.

“You must be Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Cadley?” he stated more than asked.

I nodded and he escorted us inside.

A bellman was waiting for us, and gave me what appeared to be a credit card.

I looked at it, confused. What would a hotel be doing giving me a credit card?

The bellman noticed my confusion, and said sotto voce, “Use this in that elevator over there.” He pointed to an elevator set off from the others. “It gives you access to the top floor.”

It sort of made sense. Some kind of security card. I remember them having similar things at missile silos from before my accident. It was weird seeing them in a hotel, but then again, I had been “away” for a bit...

The bellman escorted us to the elevator, and took my card from me, putting it into a slot near the top of the controls. He pressed a button marked “P” and the elevator doors silently closed and we began our ascent.

As the elevator went up, the bellman removed the card and handed it back to me. I put it into my front pants pocket.

When the doors opened, the bellman took Mary’s hand and helped her off the elevator. I followed them. We went about three steps into what looked like a large lobby, and the bellman quietly walked back into the elevator and left without a sound (and also without even asking for any tip).

I looked at Mary and said, “I guess we sit,” pointing to the large furniture in the lobby.

Mary nodded and said, “I think they should be ready pretty soon.”

As if on cue, the door opened and Debbie entered. She was wearing an evening gown that was almost identical to Mary’s.

I rose from my chair and met her halfway through the lobby. “Hello, Debbie. You look absolutely ravishing!”

Debbie greeted me with a warm kiss, and I felt Mary approach us from behind. The kiss turned into a three-way event and I felt myself responding yet again from their attentions.

“Slow down, Master!” Debbie said. The term, as usual, made me cringe a little inside, but I saw that Debbie had said it with a smile.

“Debbie, this place is fabulous, but it must have set you back a fortune!”

Debbie hushed me by putting her index finger on my lips lightly.

“Tut, tut. Nothing is too good for our Master,” she said.

I heard Mary gasp, and turned to look at her. She was staring in the direction from which Debbie had come. I followed her gaze, only to see a wisp of white leave the doorway.

I turned to Debbie. “What was that?”

“Wait and see,” Debbie said cryptically.

Once again, I fought the urge to delve into Debbie’s mind and find out what was going on. Once again, I was happy that I had done so.

“Are you ready?” Debbie asked that of Mary.

Mary simply nodded in affirmation.

Debbie took a deep breath, and started a little speech.

“Jim. Mary and I have fallen in love with you. We completely submit ourselves before you. Anything we have is yours... our money, our homes, our bodies, and even our minds. We give these freely to you.

“In return, we ask nothing, but receive a lot. We receive love. We receive happiness. You have calmed our minds. Mary had been living a life in guilt. I was on the way to reckless hedonism. You have spared us from that.”

Debbie paused, and I thought about her words. The “reckless hedonism” seemed to be a good term for the wild sex that the three of us had been sharing, and I smiled at the thought.

Debbie, almost as is she was reading my mind, turned red with embarrassment, but then continued.

“As our one and only Master, we have done everything you have requested of us. So, Mary and I now ask for one favor... a favor that slaves don’t have the right to ask of their Master, but one we request anyway.”

Debbie paused again, and looked at me expectantly.

I was still uneasy with the “Master” thing, but hearing Debbie use the word over and over was making the word less bothersome to me. When she used the word “Slaves” however, that ill-at-ease feeling returned.

After about thirty seconds of silence, I realized that Debbie wanted me to respond to her.

“Debbie... Mary... I have never refused you any request. I cannot imagine anything you could ask that would not be appropriate. Even if you were to ask for your release from whatever this power is, if there was a way for me to accomplish it, I would. Is that your request?” I asked.

Debbie’s face turned aghast. “No... NO! That’s not our request at all!”

Mary, seeing Debbie’s reaction, came to her aid. She said, softly, “No, Jim. You have it wrong. We love being yours. I know that the Master/Slave terminology upsets you. Let’s use a better term. Debbie and I feel like sisters, which might make you a parent.”

Mary giggled a little. “Of course, that would make our relationship to you... and with each other... as incestuous. Aimee has suggested Teacher and Student. Can you accept that?”

I thought about it. I remembered Aimee telling me the exact same thing. “I can accept that. Is that your request of me?”

Debbie shook her head no.

Mary continued. “No. We are two students who have the utmost fondness for our... teacher. We sense in you a need, and we wish to fulfill that need for you, but we need your permission. That is what we are requesting.”

Me? I have a need?

Let’s face it. I had two gorgeous girls willing to call me Master, who would do anything that I asked. What was there to need?

The faces of the girls were serious. I realized that when I visit their minds, probably a part of my own mind was being shared with them. Did they notice something that I have been ignoring all this time? If so, what was it?

The girls expected an answer. I had no reason to refuse them, even if they were being intentionally vague about the specifics.

“You wish to fulfill a need that I have?” I asked.

“Yes,” both girls said in unison.

“I see no reason to deny that request. You have my permission.”

The two girls looked at each other, and a look of pure joy erupted between them.

Mary turned to me and gave me a flying hug. “Oh, Thank you, Master!”

She kissed me, and after about a minute, she broke it off. She giggled, “I meant, Thank you, Teacher!”

I smiled at her, and then found myself attacked from Debbie’s direction. She kissed me her thanks with one of her wonderful kisses.

“So, what is this need that you perceive that I need fulfilled?” I asked when the kisses were finished.

“You’ll see,” said Debbie with a mischievous grin.

Curiosity got the better of me. I reached out with my mind to connect to Debbie.

Somehow, I failed.

What the fuck was this? How come I couldn’t connect with her?

Debbie simply smiled at me, and walked back to the door where she had entered the lobby, turning back once, saying to Mary, “You can fill him in after I leave. Only tell him enough to calm him down.”

Debbie left.

I was shocked. I tried reaching out to Mary and failed again.

Did this mean that my power was gone? If so, then it probably meant that their real request was a release from my power.

In a way, I felt as if I had been robbed. I had gotten used to having this power. It was almost like a friend, having been with me even while I was in a coma. I hoped that Mary would still be with me. She had been with me every day before... but that was when I was in the hospital. Would she be leaving me?

This power was also a source of paranoia within me. The horrid dream earlier that day, my suspicions of that call from V.A. The look on the policeman’s face...

“Jim,” Mary said quietly, interrupting my thoughts.

“Yes, Mary,” I said, a little glumly.

“You haven’t lost your power, Jim.”

“I haven’t... you know about this?” I asked.

Mary simply nodded. “I really can’t explain everything to you. You’ll have to trust us. We’re fulfilling a need you have, the best way that we know how.”

I looked for a seat to drop in. My eyes were starting to tear up. Some fucking officer I was.

“Jim,” Mary said, a little louder. “Please trust us. Please trust ME!”

Words escaped me. I didn’t know what to say.

Part of me wanted to believe Mary... that my power wasn’t really gone. So why was it currently missing?

The secretiveness between the girls started to irritate me. After all, if this was supposedly to fulfill MY need, why the secrecy?

“Jim. Look at me.” Mary had a commanding tone, probably one that she had learned in the Army.

I turned.

“Trust me,” she said.

Suddenly, I felt that I could trust her. My tears started to dry up. This was all going to work out. Mary was there for me.

“Much better,” she said, and her stern look melted into one of love once again.

Somewhere, deep in my mind, a warning bell rang out. I was starting to act like a submissive. Mary had told me to trust her, and all my misgivings had faded. Were the girls turning the tables on me?

Yet even as I was thinking this, I just knew that I could trust Mary. She had my utmost confidence. Whether or not this was a “planted” thought, it was how I felt at that time.

I calmed down.

The door that Debbie had departed opened once again, and Debbie reemerged. She took one look at Mary, who shot her a glance. Debbie nodded, and walked over to me.

“Jim, I’m sorry for the secrecy. We... we all felt it would be best this way. Please don’t distrust me. I enjoy being your... student. I want to continue until the day that I die. I mean this with all my heart.”

Once more, the tears poured out, but these were of joy, not from the loss of anything. I kissed Debbie, and was treated once again to her masterful technique for kissing.

I savored her kiss, and I analyzed it a bit. It was as if Debbie had figured out how to squeeze her entire being into a single kiss... it always felt like that. A man could surely get addicted to a person with her kissing talents.

After what seemed to be an eternity, we finally broke the kiss.

I looked up and noticed something was different.

It took me a couple of seconds, and then I noticed her.

Aimee had entered the room while I was kissing Debbie. She was wearing a white gown. It looked almost like a...

“Oh, my GOD!” I said, finally figuring it out. The bridesmaids outfits... the formal tuxedo... and now the wedding gown...

I turned to Debbie and said, “Look, I love Aimee, but...”

I stopped myself. Did I just say “love?”

I had.

This temporary loss of my power... if anybody could have figured out how to do it, Aimee would.

Was she trying to steal my power?

Speechless, I turned to Mary. Yet I knew that my suspicions were wrong. Mary wouldn’t allow that to happen. I can trust her...

Trust. Mary had told me to trust her, and I was doing it, even though every ounce of my being told me to be suspicious.

I couldn’t distrust Mary. Not the sweet, wonderful girl that revolved her life around me... even when I was a vegetable in a V.A. hospital.

I looked at Aimee. There was no hostility there. No all-knowing grin or smirk. She hadn’t said a word.

Finally, I turned to Debbie, who had a look of hope in her eyes.

“You want me to marry Aimee?” I finally asked Debbie.

“Will you marry her?” Debbie asked.

“Marry her and live as husband and wife? What about the two of you?” I asked.

“We’re already married,” Debbie answered.

Mary nodded. “To you.”

“So, you want Aimee to be a... sister... to you?” I asked.

Mary coughed, getting my attention. “It’s rude to talk about somebody in the third person in their presence.” Mary’s smile indicated that she wasn’t rebuking me, but reminding me that Aimee was here.

I looked at the Polynesian girl. The gown looked stunning on her. It even managed somehow to enhance her smallish breasts without making them look unnatural. Her long dark hair made a wonderful contrast to the milky white lace material. She was a vision of loveliness.

“Aimee... I’m sorry,” I said.

Aimee’s lower lip started to tremble.

“No... NO! I’m sorry for talking about you in front of you... as if you were a piece of meat or something. I was being rude.”

Aimee’s expression didn’t change. She was waiting for the bad news.

“Look, both Mary and Debbie want you to be part of our... family,” I said.

Aimee stuck her shoulders back, trying to brace for the worst.

“I will ‘marry’ you... but under one condition,” I said.

I saw a ray of hope in her eyes for the first time. I heard Mary catch her breath. I continued looking at Aimee, though.

Aimee didn’t answer, so I continued. “My one condition is this. I don’t want you to lose that special something that you have... your remarkable insight... if you promise that to me, I will marry you.”

Aimee appeared stunned for a second, but quickly recovered. “I... I promise, Jim.”

“Then, Aimee... will you marry me?” I asked.

Aimee threw herself into my arms. “Of course, you lovable lug!”

I kissed Aimee, and tasted the salt from her crying. She hadn’t shown it, but she had been very close to tears. My heart melted, and I continued kissing her.

When we broke the kiss, both Mary and Debbie were kissing each other. Neither one of them had a dry eye.

Mary, seeing that I had finished kissing Aimee, broke her kiss with Debbie and ran to me and kissed me. I saw Debbie rush to Aimee, presumably to kiss her as well.

Mary is an excellent kisser in her own right, and she was soon replaced by Debbie, who would probably win some sort of world cup if there were one offered for kissing.

Finally, Aimee kissed me again. Her kiss was more sure this time. She seemed less fragile.

To think that I had refused this lovely child...

When all the kissing was over, I turned to Debbie. “Well, is there a minister or justice of the peace to do the honors?”

“No need for that. We have something stronger between us. You know that,” Debbie answered.

“So, what am I to do?” I asked, confused. I had misinterpreted their desire for me to marry as them wanting a sort of “mother.”

“Tell each other you love each other. Kiss. Then consummate the deal!” Debbie said.

Aimee blushed at Debbie’s remark.

“Jim,” Mary cautioned. “Be gentle with her.”

I was about to ask Mary when I had ever been anything but gentle with either her or Debbie when the meaning of what Mary had said finally forced its way into my skull. Aimee was a virgin?

Aimee’s continued blushing confirmed my suspicion. I decided to steer the direction of the conversation back to something that was less embarrassing to Aimee.

“Aimee, I love you, and promise to love you forever,” I said, meaning every word with my whole heart.

“J... Jim... I love you, and I promise to love you and serve you forever,” Aimee said.

Serve? There was that stupid master/slave thing again.

“Aimee... I don’t demand service. I want love. Anything else you give, you give freely.”

Aimee looked me straight in my eye. “I give you everything freely. My love. My obedience. My mind. My body. My service. Everything.”

I looked at her and saw she was serious. I didn’t have much to add, so I just leaned over to her and kissed her again.

This led to another round of kisses for everybody.

Debbie walked over to the side of the room, and picked up a bucket. A dark bottle was sitting in some ice in it. It had a gold shield on it with dark lettering.

“I say we should celebrate with some Dom,” Debbie replied.

Dom Perignon. I had heard of it, but had never actually had it before.

Debbie undid the wire contraption over the cork and then, using a towel that was nearby, covered the top of the bottle and deftly removed the top. A “pop” was heard, but little of the champagne splashed out. Debbie seemed quite expert at these sorts of thing, being a “hedonist” and all...

Mary had moved over to help Debbie by setting out some glasses. Aimee and I were left together in the center of the large room.

“Jim, I must tell you a couple of things,” Aimee said, quietly.

I looked at her. What did she want to tell me?

“You thought you lost your power. You hadn’t. You were simply afraid that the girls really wanted their release from you. You sort of gave that to them. You still have your power, and the girls are still your willing... students. Nothing has changed. It was your fear that made you think you lost it.”

“How did you know about that?” I asked her.

“I could tell by the way Mary was worried about you that something had happened. I knew that you secretly were doubtful as to whether your hold on the two of them was ‘moral’ or ‘ethical.’ Despite what I had told you, you still had doubts.

“Let me ask you, Jim. Do you still have those doubts?”

Doubts? Well... actually no. I felt more secure, actually.

I simply shook my head no.

“Mary told you to trust her, and you did. Not because she compelled you, but because you love her. Like you love Debbie, only different. Like you love me, only different. Does this make sense?”

“I... I guess so... I have to think about it,” I admitted.

Aimee grinned, and her whole face lit up. “Yes. Think about it, and when you take me tonight... you’ll know that I will do anything and everything in my power to help you.”

Take her. Interesting way to put it.

“Will this be your first time... I mean, being with a man?” I asked her quietly.

“Yes. You’re the man that I have been waiting my whole life for. You will make me whole. You will complete me. We will all complete each other,” Aimee said.

“Are you nervous?” I asked her.

Aimee smiled. “Not at all, my love. How about you?”

Me—nervous? Just because I’ll be bedding a virgin? You bet your ass I will be nervous. “Um... no, my love,” I answered, but I couldn’t make it sound convincing.

Aimee shot me a grin. “You lovable liar!” and hugged me.

Mary and Debbie both arrived with glasses of champagne. Aimee and I broke off our hug and we each took an offered glass.

Debbie looked at me expectantly, and I realized that I was expected to make a toast.

I looked at my three lovely ladies and knew what to say.

“To Aimee, the newest member of our family; and to Debbie, without whom this party would never have been possible; and not least, to Mary, whose devotion means more to me than she will ever know; and also, to me... for having the honor of the three most wonderful people in the world decide to spend their lives with him. No man, alive or dead, could ever want for more.”

For such a simple toast, all four of us had a hard time drinking. There was a lump in my throat as I realized how lucky indeed I was.

* * *

It is time for another digression. It was about this point in time that I had finally realized how lucky I was. If you have been reading this, you would have thought that I had already considered myself lucky.

I mean, why not? I had three wonderful women pledge their love and service to me. Wouldn’t any man think that as being lucky?

Of course, that is only looking at one aspect of it. For one, having women declare themselves as your slaves makes you responsible for them. This was not a responsibility that I had ever asked for, or even wanted.

Second, I keep bringing up the fact that I was living in a world where I just didn’t fit. I have a twelve year lapse in my life. I’ve aged; at least my body has aged. My mind was still that of a guy in his twenties. I kept having those “Rip Van Winkle” things. My knowledge of current events was ancient history to my contemporaries. I couldn’t keep up with the events of the day... everything from postal employees shooting up their coworkers to instances of terrorism. My chosen field, the Army, had no use for me, except as I was a burden on their benefits payouts.

Third, I missed my parents. My father may not have been too happy when I enlisted in the army, but it was because he personally would have preferred for me to have served in the marines, like he had during the Korean conflict. I had actually avoided the marines, because I wanted to succeed on my own, not due to any nepotism (and despite what you may read about the armed forces, nepotism is alive and thriving). My mother had misgivings about me joining, but was proud that her son was an officer and a gentleman.

Now my parents were dead. I never had a chance to give them my final farewells. I guess they may have visited me in the hospital, but I never saw them in my “wanderings” of my mind. I missed them terribly!

I could always dream of what might have been, but I knew that this sort of thinking was defeatism. Could I have done a good job in the Army? Where would I be now?

If I hadn’t been in that accident, I would never have met Mary, Debbie, or Aimee. They were all very wonderful, but look at the cost to me personally!

I’m not asking for you to feel sorry for me; I’m just pointing out that life is not a bowl of cherries. It wasn’t until my “marriage” to Aimee that I actually realized that I was indeed lucky.

With Mary, I had a life partner. Mary was a comfortable partner in bed, and loved me with a depth that was scary.

With Debbie, I had financial independence. I had some money of my own, from my disability benefits and the proceeds from my parents’ insurance policies and estate, I was reasonably well off. With Debbie (and Aimee’s solid financial judgment), nobody would be hurting for money. In addition, Debbie had an imagination and enthusiasm in bed that was amazing. Her sexuality was comprehensive, and drove both Mary and I to levels of eroticism that neither of us could achieve without her.

With Aimee, I had somebody that seemed to understand what I had been going through... the losses of my life and my parents... and this power that I really needed help understanding and controlling.

In my talks with Aimee, it was obvious that she thought it is nature’s way of filling in a vacuum. The losses we all had experienced seemed to cause the four of us to be drawn together. Instead of “nature abhors a vacuum,” Aimee’s take is “nature wants us to be happy.” I would learn that this was a naive way of looking at things, and that Aimee’s suggestion wasn’t entirely accurate. There are a lot of unhappy people out there, and nature doesn’t always make their lives better. However, at this point in time, it fit nicely with what had happened.

* * *

After we finished a few glasses (each) of champagne, Debbie announced that it was time for Aimee and I to consummate our marriage.

That announcement brought a flush to my face, as well as Aimee’s.

Debbie pointed toward the door from which Debbie and Aimee had arrived into the room, and then headed toward another door further to the right with Mary.

“Wait!” I said. Both Mary and Debbie stopped in their tracks.

“If you think that I am going to let you leave me, you have another think coming!” I said.

Aimee was a bit surprised and a bit fearful at what I was saying. She told me later that she thought that I wanted the two girls to be present at Aimee’s deflowering.

“We thought you and Aimee would want some privacy,” Debbie said, emphasizing Aimee’s name.

“We may, but for now, I think it’s time to unwrap our presents.”

Everybody was confused now.

I looked at Aimee, and suddenly, I saw a big smile on her face. She finally figured out what I was getting at. “Which one do you want to unwrap, Master?” asked Aimee.

“I’ll unwrap Mary. Why don’t you do the honors with Debbie?” I said.

Mary and Debbie looked at each other, and both of them burst into giggles.

I approached Mary and said, “This has been bothering me all day. How DO those things stay up?” I indicated the top of her strapless gown.

Debbie giggled some more. “Give hers a tug from beneath,” she answered.

I did, and found that it didn’t come down too easy. The elastic on top kept the material from falling down. The effect was wonderful, because ever since the first time that I had seen these types of dresses, I had been waiting for the moment when gravity would win and I would be treated to a topless female.

Oh, well. Another fantasy shot.

I finally managed to expose Mary’s breasts, but it was by pulling the top down from the top, not from underneath. I gave each one a quick kiss.

I glanced at Aimee and Debbie, and saw that Debbie was mostly nude now; Aimee must have had some experience with the sort of gown that the girls were wearing.

That gave me pause. I would have thought that Aimee’s smallish breasts would prevent her from wearing such a risque’ gown. This was something I might want to discuss with her at a better time.

I noticed that the nipples on Debbie’s large breasts were erect. I wondered, idly, if Aimee would give them a kiss. As the thought went through my mind, Aimee leaned over and kissed them, blushing as she did so.

Mary was getting impatient, and it took me a couple of minutes to remove her gown. I draped it over the back of one of the overstuffed chairs, and then removed her panties.

Mary and Debbie were now completely naked.

I decided to give Mary a good-night kiss. I pulled her body toward mine, and hugged her, pulling her face into mine for a kiss.

When our lips met, her mouth was open, her tongue waiting for mine. I obliged, and next thing I know, I had entered her mind.

It feels so kinky being naked, French kissing a man that was fully clothed. I felt Jim’s body push into mine, causing me to grind my way toward ecstasy. I pushed my sensitive nipples closer to him, building on the sensations...

We worked up a rhythm, and I felt an orgasm approach. I left Mary’s mind just then, and was back in my own. I pulled my body cruelly away from hers, and her body followed mine, hoping to continue grinding her way to joy. STOP AND JUST KISS ME, I ordered her. I felt her body stop, and knew that her frustration must be terrible. I’d make it up to her later.

Debbie and Aimee were kissing, but not as sexily as Mary and I had been doing a moment or so ago. I entered Debbie’s mind, and gently opened her mouth, and forced her tongue into Aimee’s. Aimee’s eyes opened, and looked at Debbie/me, questioningly. Her look softened; somehow she knew I was there. Aimee finally touched her tongue with Debbie’s, and she melted into Debbie’s arms. We kept up the kiss for a couple of minutes. A part of me wanted to rip off Aimee’s clothes and devour her right then and there, but I realized that she probably desired a little more privacy than we had at the moment.

I left Debbie’s mind, and looked at Aimee and Debbie from my own point of view. They were still Frenching each other, Debbie eagerly continuing where I left off.

I reached down and felt Mary’s pussy. It was wet with desire. As I started to fondle her, she once again started to grind, this time into my fingers.

I contacted Debbie’s mind, telling her to send Aimee to me. She did so, and another command had Debbie and Mary start kissing. Mary was instructed to bring Debbie to as an excited state as Mary was. From experience, I knew that Debbie was quicker in this area than Mary, and usually shot off like a firecracker in the presence of a cock, another body, or some willing fingers or tongues.

Aimee and I started kissing, our tongues intertwining. I would like to tell you that I love kissing women, even more than having sex with them. It is a very personal connection between me and a partner. Her eyes were wide open as she saw Debbie expertly fondle Mary with her right hand, as her left hand massaged Mary’s right breast. Mary was starting to moan; Debbie was hitting all the right buttons. Mary reached for Debbie’s pussy, and soon both girls were frigging each other.

I was surprised when I heard Mary start moaning. As I said before, Debbie usually goes off like a firecracker, while Mary takes a bit more time. Debbie’s hands knew what they were doing. In response, Aimee sucked my tongue even harder, while her eyes were glued to the lovely vision of Mary and Debbie pleasuring each other. Debbie started moaning, and I saw Mary’s feet start wobbling, unable to stand erect while her spasms started to consume her. Debbie held up the two of them, even though her own orgasm was starting.

Aimee moaned into my mouth. Her eyes were now closed, but I knew that she was thinking about the sight of my two lovelies, and what lay in store for her later.

Debbie’s orgasm subsided first, and she continued to give support to Mary, whose orgasm was still continuing, although it seemed like it, too, was starting to subside.

The two girls continued to kiss while their orgasms faded. Then they pulled their faces apart, and offered each other the fingers that had been in the other’s pussy. This was something that I hadn’t seen the girls do before, and it thrilled me. My cock was already erect in my tuxedo, but Aimee seemed oblivious to everything, seeming to be in a swoon of her own, her eyes now closed.

Gently, I broke off our kiss. Aimee smiled up at me, her face showing just a little embarrassment. I smiled back at her.

Not wanting to break the moment with Aimee, I silently commanded Mary and Debbie to retire to their own room, and allow us some privacy. They left very quietly.

“I think I would like to help this damsel out of dis-dress,” I punned.

Aimee scrunched up her face in mock disgust at my lame attempt at humor, and then looked around in embarrassment. She was shocked to see that the two girls had gone.

“You, Master, are a wizard,” she said softly.

“Huh?” I asked.

“I love the way you made them disappear,” she smiled.

I picked up Aimee, who couldn’t have weighed more than 95 pounds, and brought her toward the door that Debbie and Aimee had entered before. On the other side of the door was an opulent bedroom, with a elegant four-poster bed wrapped in gauzy fabric like a scene out of a Rudolph Valentino picture.

“It’s lovely,” I cooed, mostly to myself.

“You should see the bathroom,” Aimee giggled.

I looked to the left and saw a large closet with some of my clothes and some smaller female clothes (apparently Aimee’s) in it. Next to the closet was an open door that led to a bathroom. I carried Aimee into it, thinking that she needed to relieve herself.

To call the room I had just entered a bathroom would be like calling the Taj Mahal a cute little bed and breakfast. It was enormous, with what appeared at first glance to be two toilets in a little private stall (I later found that the other one was a bidet). There was a cozy shower next to the toilet stall. The thing that attracted all the attention was this HUGE bathtub in the middle. It had faucets on the sides that turned out to be hot tub jets. There was enough room for six people to luxuriate in that one bath.

“Wow,” was the only word that could come out of my mouth.

“You bet, Master!” agreed Aimee.

For some reason, hearing Aimee call me “Master” was much different than when the other two girls called me that. I think it may be because Aimee seemed to be a natural submissive, that when she used that word, it would make my cock, which was already approaching the hardness of stainless steel, to get even harder. I guess I have a bit of the dominant in me after all.

“So,” Aimee said. “What does my Master wish to do to his humble slave?” I saw a gleam in her eye as she said it.

“Well,” I answered seriously. “Since this is your first time, I would be most honored if you would let me know how I could make this very special for you.”

“Well, the fact that it is with you already makes it special,” Aimee said, hesitantly.

“My harem girl sure knows how to flatter her master,” I chuckled.

“If you want to make it extra special...” Aimee hesitated.

I waited, but Aimee didn’t say any more.

“Yes...?” I prodded.

Aimee looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “Look into my mind, Master. Please make me yours.”

Ahh. The things a master must do.

“I’d be honored, Aimee.”

I connected easily into her mind. It was lovely. In a way, it was similar to looking into the minds of Debbie or Mary. However, with Aimee, it was by her own choice. I hadn’t made her mine; she took it upon herself to make herself mine. As I said, she was a natural submissive, but she also had a very strong streak of individuality within her. It was that strong individuality that I had first seen, when she addressed me by my rank the first time we were alone. This was not a girl to be messed with.

There was also a naturally submissive side to her. One that was willing to give up her own ego in favor of somebody else... but only on her own terms.

I don’t know exactly how I “enslaved” Mary or Debbie. I just knew that I had done so, somehow. I didn’t need to do anything with Aimee. She was already mine.

So, why did she want me in her mind?

Just as my curiosity expressed itself, it seemed like a little door was opened in her mind. Entering that door, I found out the reason why she had invited me into her mind.

I left her mind, and said, “I’d be honored, Aimee.”

Before Aimee left my own mind (when did she get in there?), I felt her say, “I will love you forever, Master!”