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Title: Dream State

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The following is a work of fiction (actually, “FANTASY”). Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and rather far fetched, if you ask me.

This is a story that describes some sexually explicit situations in a fictional (remember fiction?) setting. The target audience is adults (people over the age of eighteen) with broad minds. This audience is getting harder and harder to find each year.

Final disclaimer—I doubt that any of the people would act in the way described herein, or even if things described herein are even possible. This is just fantasy, and should be treated as such. This fantasy takes place in the mid 1970s to late 1980s, without any fear from AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t try this at home.

Chapter 9—“Big Ol’ Jet Airliner...”

I moved out of the bathroom, and carried my delightful Polynesian goddess back into the bedroom. I placed her down like she was a priceless figurine.

I moved the lace curtains on the bed aside, and sat down. Aimee was facing me. I started to unbutton her dress.

The dress was exquisitely made, constructed of lace and silk and gauzy material. It was tailored perfectly to Aimee, which gave me pause. When did Debbie and Aimee have time to prepare this? I had only known them a couple of days. Later on, Debbie would explain it to me: when you have a lot of money and are willing to spend it, you’d be surprised how quickly things can be obtained.

There were many buttons and catches on the dress. I was unbuttoning her back, so she was facing away from me, although she could see me in the mirror in front of her.

I paused in my removal to give her a kiss. She rotated her head to give me access. The kisses were quick but sensual.

When I finally got the entire top unbuttoned (and this was no small feat, I assure you!), I gently parted it and was treated to the sight of her unblemished back.

As I exposed her shoulder blades, I saw that her arms had goose flesh on them. Seeing that, I stood up and kissed her once again, turning her so that she was now facing me.

As we kissed, I continued to pull the top of the gown off until she was standing mostly topless.

I broke off the kiss so I could survey my prize. She blushed once again, as I looked at her lovely breasts.

Her breasts were tiny, but very well proportioned for her height. Like Mary’s, they were perfectly round, with very dark brown aureoles. Her nipples, which were quite erect, were light pink points in that sea of brown.

“You’re lovely,” I said, breathlessly. I reached toward her, and touched the tip of my tongue to her right nipple. I heard her groan slightly as I did so.

I stood up, and commanded her to undress me. She went to remove my tie from my neck, and I silently grabbed her wrists, and placed them on my pants. She got the hint.

Aimee unbuckled my belt, and after releasing the catch in the front, unzipped my slacks and pulled them down. As she did so, she found herself face to face with the seam of my boxers.

“Kiss it,” I commanded her the way she had indicated to me in her mind.

Aimee had wanted her deflowering to be an act of submission to her new Master. I couldn’t refuse her. It felt a little weird to me to be acting this way, especially the way that I would bristle when Mary or Debbie would call me “Master.” However, as I said, with Aimee it was different. This woman had submitted herself to me willingly, by her own choice. I could not and would not deny her that little fantasy that she had of her first time. It may have been play-acting for me, but not completely. As I said, I guess I had a dominant streak in me after all. It definitely wasn’t play-acting for Aimee, also.

Aimee silently nuzzled her face closer to my shorts, until my cock, my ever-reliable compass, hit her in the nose. She, as well as I, jumped at the contact, that delicious first contact between Aimee and my penis.

Aimee recovered gracefully. She puckered up, and gave it a kiss, looking up at me for approval. I smiled. Plenty of time for oral sex later.

Without being told, Aimee pushed my pants down over my shoes, keeping her puckered lips in contact with my cock, repositioning her face to maintain contact as I moved to lift my shoes out of my pants.

My cock was oozing a bit of pre-cum by now. Aimee discovered this with a startled “Ooh!” and stuck out her pretty tongue to taste it. She continued alternately licking and kissing the head of my cock, sending waves of joy through my body. A few more minutes of this and I might erupt.

No! That just wouldn’t do! My mind left my body, and then descended quickly into it, demanding myself not to come. It was an experiment; this worked for commanding the girls silently. Would it work for myself? I’d know in a few minutes.

Aimee was now untying my shoes, seemingly unaware of the mental exercise that I had just performed, except that my cock jumped away from her lips as my mind made its reentry. She repositioned herself until she was kissing my member again.

Aimee had finally untied both of my shoes. As I went to lift my leg up, my cock jumped away again. She was getting irritated by all the repositioning, and decided to simply take the head of my cock inside her mouth.

I groaned in response, feeling her sucking me. I’ve written that Mary was an expert cocksucker, who could probably get a statue to reach orgasm. Debbie was similarly talented, but with Debbie, it seemed like you could feel her moods when she got excited. Aimee didn’t have Mary’s technique or Debbie’s emotional connection, but the thought that this lovely woman was teaching herself how to orally satisfy me was very erotic for me.

I managed to get both of my shoes, and then my socks off. If Aimee had been jacking the shaft of my dick, I probably would have shot off by now, but her continued ministrations of my dick set me wild in a way I had never experienced before.

“Stand up,” I commanded.

Reluctantly, Aimee let my penis slip out of her mouth, and she stood up. The top of her gown was still folded over her hips.

I put my hand on the top of the portion of the gown that was still on her, and pushed it over her hips.

I saw that she was wearing white lace panties (that had a bit of a wet spot on them), and stocking straps with a single garter, also white.

Pushing her gown down as far as I could reach, Aimee stepped out of her dress, dressed only in panties, stockings, a garter, suspenders, and shoes.

My first reaction was to tear those panties off and drill her right then and there, but I rejected that. I didn’t know what of our encounter Aimee might want as a souvenir, but a ripped pair of panties would probably be too kinky for somebody like Aimee. (I would later find that Aimee had her own kinky side, and probably would have enjoyed the ritual ravishing of her panties, but right then, I was only beginning to explore that sexual mystery that was Aimee.)

Anyway, I popped the hooks from her stocking straps, and pushed them down over her panties where she kicked them off. Leaving her garter on, I delicately rolled the top of her stockings down, the way a woman would do it, remembering an encounter with a female before my accident who thought that having a guy do it for her was exciting. I hoped that Aimee would enjoy this little bit of attention.

As I got to the bottom, I removed her shoe, and pulled the stocking off.

Her panties were more obviously soaked by the time I started rolling the second stocking down. My attention did seem to be exciting her.

I looked up at her and smiled. The top half of her body was trembling slightly in anticipation.

Having removed the second stocking and her remaining shoe, I swapped positions with Aimee, sitting her on the bed, with me kneeling in front of her. I lightly brushed my fingers over her thighs from just beneath the bottom of her panties, tickling my way toward the top of her garter belt.

As I grabbed the belt, I continued caressing her thighs as I pulled it down. Now, both of Aimee’s legs were shaking with desire.

Once the garter belt was over her knee, I pulled it down and laid it to rest on the top of her perfect little foot, lifting it up and bending my head down to kiss it. Another “Oooh” emanated from her lips.

Aimee was now presented to me, wearing only her panties whose bottoms were nearly transparent now due to the amount of Aimee’s excitement.

Once again, I switched positions with Aimee. I commanded her to present herself to me, one of the mental images I received from her when I probed her mind.

Aimee smiled and lifted her arms behind her head, jutting out her tiny breasts for my inspection. I gave each nipple another quick kiss, and then stood up before her.

She looked up at me with love in her eyes, and I bent down and kissed her. She opened her mouth and allowed my invading tongue inside.

As she was concentrating on the kiss, I slowly positioned my left hand and finally brought it in contact with the bottom of her panties, where her cunt lips were still leaking her marvelous fluids.

As my fingers made contact, Aimee’s eyes flew open. She looked at me, swooned, and then her eyes closed again, just wanting to experience the sensations. As her eyes closed, I reached out with my mind... softly... and made contact.

Aimee was in a state of enormous arousal. She was enjoying my fingers working her pussy from outside her panties, my tongue playing with hers, even the fact that her hands behind her head were starting to get tired. I pushed my body closer to her breasts to add some more sensations into the mix. Aimee’s eyes flew open again, and it was then that she realized that I had made contact with her mentally.

“I will love you forever, Master,” Aimee said in her mind.

“I love you, Aimee,” I answered.

“You are so good... so gentle...” Her mind’s voice faded as she reveled in all the sensations that she was feeling.

SLEEP! I commanded, and Aimee collapsed in my arms. I brought her to the bed, and looked at her.

She was a vision of loveliness, having a “well-fucked” look on her face, even though she probably hadn’t reached her first orgasm yet.

I pulled off the rest of my clothes, and then removed Aimee’s panties.

Her pubic hair, which I had seen through her panties just before, was dark... jet black. The hairs were kinky and matted near the bottom where her arousal had slicked them.

The lips to her cunt were quite engorged. Her clit, which had emerged from its hood when my fingers had been probing her, was once again covered. I’d fix that in a bit, of course.

I walked into the bathroom and started the bath. I set the temperature of the water from the faucets to the way I liked it, wondering idly if Aimee might prefer it warmer or cooler than I did.

I had my cock in my hand, and wanted to relieve some of the pressure that I had built up myself, but decided that to be fair to Aimee, I shouldn’t do any solo work for now.

I picked up Aimee’s unconscious form, and deposited her on top of some towels that were laying on a padded bench that was next to the tub, which was, by now, almost full. I turned off the water, and stuck my arm inside the water. The temperature was perfect.

On the side where Aimee was laying there was a seat/shelf built into the bath tub. I picked up Aimee, and had her recline on this seat, making sure that her face was well above the water line.

I started fondling Aimee again, now directly touching her privates. In a few moments, her clit once again extended. I moved two fingers near it.

I then covered her mouth with mine and kissed her again, entering her mind and commanding her to wake up. As her eyes fluttered open, I saw her confusion about her location, and the feel of warm water surrounding her. At that moment, my fingers found her magic spot and started rubbing hard.

Aimee’s eyes once again closed, and I could tell that she was on her way. I tried to maneuver one of my fingers into her opening, but she was extremely tight.

Suddenly, Aimee pulled my body to hers. She shook, and started a low moan. She was now on the throes of her first orgasm.

Her body started convulsing. I could feel her nipples rubbing against my chest. Her legs began bucking against my hand. I continued to kiss her, and her mouth sucked my tongue hungrily. We started splashing water onto the floor, but neither one of us cared at that moment.

After about a minute, it began to subside. I started to pull my hand away, but she tightened her legs around my hands, forbidding me to leave. I continued to kiss her, and she continued to kiss me, although not as urgently as before.

Another minute passed.

“That was... wonderful,” Aimee said.

I smiled at her.

“Are we going to...?” Aimee left the rest of the question unsaid.

“Do you want to?” I asked, still smiling.

“Um... yeah...”

“There’s no rush,” I assured her.

Aimee smiled back.

We stared at each other for a minute, and then I said, “Well, at least you could at least wash your Master’s body. Right?”

Aimee’s face turned to glee. “Yes, Master.” She took a large bar of soap from a soap dish, and started to rub my chest, taking delight as the hairs on my chest caused the soap to lather.

Aimee got a mischievous look in her eyes, and moved closer on me, forcing her breasts in contact with the lather on my chest. This reminded me distinctively of the time I had my two other lovelies wash me the previous day. I wondered if the girls had been talking.

The contact was having its effect on Aimee. Her nipples were once again hard. I yearned to touch them, but wanted Aimee to go at her own pace.

She moved her face toward my left ear. “Jim... can we... now?”

“You can... whenever, Aimee,” I said. “You’ll find that I’m hard enough.”

“How do you want me?” she asked.

“Why don’t we put you on top?” I suggested. “I’m laying here on this seat. Can you position yourself so that you are sitting on my lap and we’re face to face?”

“You mean, you want me to...”

“Yes. Do it at your own pace. If you feel any pain, stop. If it feels good, find a good speed.”

“This will feel good to you?” she asked.

“Just about anything you do that makes you feel good will make me feel good as well,” I promised her.

I sat up in my seat, opening my legs just a little. Aimee positioned herself a couple of ways, and then found herself kneeling between my hips, her pussy an inch or so above me.

I guided her hand to my crotch under the water, and she quickly caught on how to position herself best.

As my penis touched her cunt lips, she froze. I entered her mind, and saw the fear. CALM DOWN, I commanded to her silently. She eased up, a bit. I PROMISE I WON’T HURT YOU.

She was a little more confident at this point. She moved the head of my cock up and down her slit, shuddering slightly when my dick touched her clit. As she did so, I twisted very slightly so that I was now positioned at the entrance to her love tunnel.

“Oooh,” she said as she pushed down very slowly. I felt her pussy open up and slowly... agonizingly slowly to me... accept my girth. After a couple of minutes, she stopped.

I let her stay there, allowing her to govern the pace as her body adjusted to accomodate my invading cock. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I guess this is it!”

I tried to give her my most reassuring smile. She closed her eyes and started to descend again. I felt the resistance, and waited for her to stop once again. Aimee surprised me, however, by continuing to press down.

I felt her resistance give way, and Aimee grunted. “That wasn’t so bad...” she said, half to herself.

After another minute, she was impaled on me completely.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her.

“I think the word is ‘fucked,’” Aimee responded. I looked at her face, and saw either a tear in her eye, or some of the bathwater might have splashed onto her face. She was smiling, however and I laughed. “I guess that’s a good description,” I agreed.

After a few seconds, Aimee started to move up. My cock enjoyed the warm friction that her body was giving me. Her pussy was amazingly tight; much tighter than either Mary’s or Debbie’s. I moved my hands to her waist. After she moved up, she moved down again, slowly once more.

There was no resistance, nor did I see any painful reaction from her.

By the third stroke, Aimee started to pick up speed. I could feel the stiffness of her clit as it slid down the top of my penis. She started to grind to me, and her rhythm picked up even more.

After a minute or two, Aimee had gotten into a great tempo, and she moaning on every down stroke. Her eyes were closed, but her expression was that of pure joy.

I wondered if my mental command to myself not to come would prevent me from having an orgasm here in the bath. I didn’t want that to happen.

All of a sudden, Aimee’s body grew rigid and she emitted a low groan. I had remembered this as a sign of her first orgasm. I pushed myself into her as her movements went more and more frantic. She clamped her mouth onto mine, and we kissed as she rubbed her nipples in my chest hair.

That was enough to get me going. Kissing does that to me... I felt the first spurt shoot deep into Aimee’s womb. She felt it, too, and she adjusted her strokes to milk me. Our orgasms weren’t exactly simultaneous, but we both experienced them more or less at the same time.

* * *

I got up and handed Aimee one of the big luxurious towels from that bench that I had her lying on before I put her into the water. She got out and we let the bath drain, having planned the cleansing water to wash away any blood and other residues from our first time.

I then led Aimee into the shower. She looked at me in confusion. Weren’t we already bathed?

“Jim’s Shower Service,” I told her. “It is my job to ensure that every inch of your body has been adequately washed.” I brandished the soap bar.

“Sounds divine,” answered Aimee.

“Fine. Stand at attention and present yourself to me!” I commanded.

Aimee was a bit surprised, but dutifully stood up straight with her hands behind her head.

I started the shower, and quickly adjusted the temperature. I guided her under the spray, and went to work.

I spent about five minutes washing her breasts, and another five on her back. I took another five minutes playing with her ass, slipping the soap between her cheeks. She squealed at that, whereupon I playfully slapped her bottom and commanded her to be silent like a good slave.

Finally, I turned her around once more, and lovingly soaped her bush. I slipped my finger between her legs and played with her clit. As she started to moan, I once again commanded her to be silent. She did, although I could tell that she was having difficulty complying with my instructions.

“Very well, Slave. A few slips, but for the most part, you did well,” I said.

Aimee beamed at me in response.

“After the rinse, I’ll need to do your hair. So, rinse off, and let me know when you are ready,” I told her. Then, as an afterthought, I added, “Oh, yes. You can put your arms down now.”

Aimee rinsed herself off thoroughly and then called out to me. I had retrieved the shampoo and returned.

“Kneel, Slave. I need to do your hair.”

Aimee complied.

My cock was inches from her face. I grinned at her and said, “Open your mouth and suck me. You are to continue sucking until I say you are finished.”

Aimee had sucked me earlier, but this time I was going to teach her to do it right. As she opened her mouth, I pushed myself to have her suck it deeper, and then pulled out a little. Aimee quickly got the idea.

As she was blowing me, I poured the shampoo into her hair. I massaged her head as she continued sucking. I moved her head closer to my crotch as an inducement to get her to suck me deeper.

Aimee did her best. She was a pretty quick learner.

I felt the stirrings of an orgasm start. I tried to focus on finishing her shampoo, but as I said, Aimee was a quick learner, and an eager one. I didn’t know if she knew that I was about to shoot, or even if she had considered swallowing my semen.

When the first spasm came, Aimee froze, apparently unsure what to do. My last command was for her to suck, so she continued to do so. When the second spasm hit, she still hadn’t swallowed the first. My order to suck prevailed, and she finally swallowed. The next couple of spasms weren’t as big, and she accommodated them easily. Dutifully, she continued to suck, even after my orgasm.

When I finished shampooing her hair, my penis was starting to get erect again, thanks to Aimee’s oral devotions.

“Enough! You’ve done well,” I said.

I then had Aimee rinse her hair, and when she left the shower, I picked up another towel. I dried her off, and handed her the hair dryer. I heard the dryer start up as I left the bathroom.

I had turned down the bed, and I heard the toilet flush and Aimee emerged from the bathroom, completely nude and looking like a fairy princess.

“I have one last command for you,” I told her.

“Yes, Master?” she asked.

“I want you to hug your Master all night!”

“With pleasure, Master!”

* * *

I woke up to the wonderful feeling of Aimee on my right shoulder. Her right arm was over my chest; she had indeed hugged me all night! She was still asleep, snuggled against me.

I felt it was time for an adequate wake-up call. I carefully pulled the sheets off the two of us, careful not to wake her up.

I reached out and found the Mary and Debbie were still asleep. Well, tough luck for them! This was a special occasion. Without waking either girl, I sent commands to them in their minds: Mary to come to the bedroom and give me a blow job that was worthy of her oral talents, and Debbie, I summoned her into the room, to lick Aimee into an unforgettable orgasm. I then commanded them to wake up and do my bidding.

I didn’t know how Aimee felt about having a girl eat her out, but I had seen her reaction when she saw Mary and Debbie the previous evening in the anteroom. She had been excited. I knew that she knew that she was expected to be a full member in our little “family” (or “school” or “harem” depending on how you viewed our relationship), so I hoped she would just enjoy my present.

Debbie and Mary both arrived, nude. They looked like the walking dead. I wondered how late they stayed up with each other the previous night and grinned.

Mary mechanically positioned herself between my legs, and started sucking. I was already semi-erect, and quickly got to full staff in no time.

Meanwhile, Debbie quietly positioned herself between Aimee’s legs, careful not to wake her up. I watched as Debbie slowly guided Aimee’s legs apart. She examined her a bit, and then reached out with her tongue.

I moved my face closer to Aimee’s. When Debbie’s tongue reached its goal, Aimee woke up immediately. I immediately kissed her before she could say anything. Her eyes, startled at first, soon lidded into contentment as she experienced Debbie’s ministrations.

Mary sensed that I didn’t want a quick blow, and she gave me one of her slow, lazy sucks. In the position that she was in, she was able to get most of my erection down her throat. The effect was tight, warm, and wonderful. Not thinking, Mary started humming.

The humming brought Aimee back to life. I don’t know what she had thought she had been experiencing before, but I would bet that she had thought that I was the one sending those lovely sensations into her privates. She was still sleepy enough to not give the logistics any thought.

However, when Aimee heard Mary’s haphazard humming, her eyes flew open again. She looked down, and saw Mary’s lazy bobbing on my dick. She looked at me, questioningly, almost afraid of what she’d see if she looked at her own nether regions.

I broke the kiss, and said, “Good morning, sleepyhead!” cheerfully.

Mary disengaged herself from me and said, “Good morning, sweetie!”

Finally, Debbie said, “Welcome to the family, sis!”

Mary and Debbie got back to their assigned chores, and Aimee seemed a little more at ease. We kissed again.

After about two minutes or so, Aimee started her low moaning, indicating that Debbie had managed to extract the first orgasm from her.

Hearing this, Mary increased her tempo and her suction, setting me off about fifteen seconds later.

After finishing with us, Mary and Debbie both climbed into the bed with Aimee and me, and Mary gave me a big sloppy kiss, while Debbie did the same with Aimee.

After a minute or two, Aimee sat up in the bed. There were tears in her eyes. “It feels so nice to belong to our family. You are all so wonderful!”

* * *

Debbie told me that she had the penthouse suite reserved for the whole week. Aimee and Debbie turned it into their base of operations, having people move clothing in for all of us. She even purchased matching suitcases for us all.

Mely and June were contacted and Debbie had them come back to town to prepare for the trip to Hawaii. She rented them adjacent rooms elsewhere in the hotel.

Mary, Debbie, and Aimee got themselves into a routine, which somehow seemed to be revolved around me.

I didn’t say anything, nor do anything overt, but if I felt like being with one girl, she would be the one to be with me that day... nothing had to be said or commanded. The girls just knew.

The first day after the “marriage” was spent with me and Aimee together. We discussed a lot of things in a quiet little restaurant, including my mind powers, which Aimee referred to as “gifts.” Having experienced it, she had a new perspective on it. We didn’t break any new ground as to how I got the power, or what it meant in the great scheme of things, but her questions were more targeted. I found myself extremely glad that Debbie and Mary had finally “forced” me to recruit Aimee after all.

Mary was my partner the next day. She took me to some movies, mostly with actors that I had never heard about. Robert Redford had grown up considerably, playing an aging baseball player in one of the better movies I saw. It had been released a couple of years before, but I hadn’t been around to see it in its first run, and Mary used to have a crush on the actor.

When I was with Mary, I found that I didn’t have so many “Rip Van Winkle” thoughts; she seemed to understand, and really tried to help me through them. Our ages were similar, even though I mentally felt that I was still younger than even Debbie and Aimee’s.

I had a few misgivings when Debbie’s other employees, Mely and June, arrived. I discussed them with my “wives.”

The first question had to do with whether or not I was expected to bring them into our little family. Everybody seemed to agree that if it were the right thing to do, we’d know about it at the right time, and not to worry ourselves about it until then.

The next question was, how would they react to the existence of our family? I had strong misgivings about how our lifestyle would look to the outside world. We weren’t legally married, actually, but we all acted as if we were. I knew that polygamy is illegal in America. Aimee’s suggestion was to simply not care what the outside world thought; what we did in our private lives was our own business. I could see that this might get us in trouble someday, but I couldn’t see any better way of dealing with it yet. Finally, I decided that to other people, Mary would be my “steady girlfriend” and my relationship with Debbie and Aimee was that they were friends of Mary. Eventually, all the girls agreed to that.

Debbie’s employees weren’t bad looking. June was very tall, about five feet, ten inches in height. She had wholesome good looks, with long straight brown hair that and reached down to her hips. Her breasts were about the same size as Aimee’s, but looked smaller on June’s taller frame. I didn’t know who she was when she first arrived; I had expected Debbie’s driver to be wearing a uniform. Instead, she was wearing jeans and a solid light purple blouse. I thought her outfit that made her look a bit dowdy. She appeared shy, hiding her mouth behind her hand, and occasionally giggling nervously. I did know that after we were introduced, I had a chance to look at her eyes... one of them was green and the other brown! Surely, this was a girl of mystery!

Mely was about an inch taller than Aimee. Her build was a bit stockier, although she was definitely not overweight. She had dark, bushy curly black hair, and a face that looked like she had retained her baby fat, giving her face a perpetual smile. Her breasts were a bit more endowed than either Aimee or June, but less so than Mary’s or Debbie’s.

If either June or Mely had any misgivings over Mary or me, they did not let out any hint to anybody, including Debbie and Aimee. Specifically, I was worried if somebody would think of Mary or me as being freeloaders after Debbie’s money. However, June and Mely truly respected Debbie and especially Aimee’s judgment. To them, Mary and I were simply friends that Debbie invited to Hawaii.

I found out later on that Aimee and Debbie took the opportunity to discuss things with Debbie’s two other employees. What exactly was said was never mentioned to me, but it seems that the two women never seemed suspicious of either Mary or me, except that June seemed perpetually nervous around me. Eventually, June’s nervousness around me would fade with time.

* * *

I wish I could tell you what happened during the jet trip to Hawaii, but I can’t. I found that there was a bit of a bad side to having three lusty females after your body: the physical limitations of a male body! Especially one whose muscle tone still hadn’t entirely recovered from twelve years in bed.

Despite how much I had wanted to tour Debbie’s jet, I found a comfortable chair and immediately went to sleep. I slept the sleep of the blissfully unconscious. Mely and June piloted the jet, June acting as co-pilot, as Mely was giving her lessons in preparation for June to become qualified on it. The two handled the jet well; nothing happened on that flight that woke me up.

In fact, I was still sleeping as the jet landed. We pulled into some private airport, and somehow the girls managed to get me transferred into a limo that was waiting for us.

I finally woke up, and found that I was staring up into Aimee’s smiling face; my head was on her lap,

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Aimee said. “Mary was worried that you might have lapsed back into a coma.”

I looked around to find Mary to see if I had really scared her, but Aimee had just been joking.

“You’re one heavy sack of shit,” Debbie said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Thinking that was a cue for me to get off of Aimee’s lap, I started to move up.

“Oh, don’t let my boss scare you,” warned Aimee.

I sat up anyway, pausing to give Aimee a thank you kiss for providing me with such a nice pillow. Of course, this was Mary’s cue to get into line for her kiss. Debbie just looked at me, petulantly.

“Hmmm,” I said, savoring Mary’s kiss. I looked at Debbie, whose kiss was conspicuous by its absence, and then shrugged.

“Debbie,” I asked her softly. “Is anything wrong?”

“Not really. Except I wanted to show off my father’s plane, but you managed to do your Lazarus thing the second you found a seat.”

I could tell that Debbie wasn’t really angry, just disappointed.

“I’m sorry, Debbie, but I’m not Superman. Even if I was, I’d have to swear that you three are living Kryptonite bars!”

“Oh, you silly ogre. I’m not mad at you!” Debbie moved over to where I was and gave me my long awaited kiss. Yummy.

I looked from Debbie to Aimee to Mary. Three lovely beauties, and none of them the slightest bit jealous of the others. As Mary had said to me back in the mall, life was grand.

“Are you heading to your little grass shack, Debbie?” I asked, unfamiliar with our surroundings.

“Ask Aimee, she’s the tour guide,” Debbie said.

Aimee blushed a bit. “I was telling the girls some of the history of the islands while June was driving.”

“Oh, anything interesting?” I asked.

“Well, I’d rather not bore them by repeating myself...”

Aimee paused while Debbie and Mary both protested that she wouldn’t bore them, but Aimee wouldn’t hear it.

I changed the subject. “How long since we left the states?” I asked.

Debbie and Mary both winced at my question. I was confused by their reaction until Aimee softly said, “Hawaii is a state also, Jim. The fiftieth state. It’s not nice to refer to the rest of the country as the ‘states’ since it sounds like we’re being excluded.”

Apparently, either one or both of my lovelies had already made this mistake.

“No offense intended, Aimee,” I said.

“Understood,” she answered with a bit of a twinkle in her eye, indicating that she wasn’t insulted, but had just wanted to warn me in the event that I’d talk to other islanders. “To answer your question, it has been about five hours since you fell asleep on the mainland,” Aimee said, emphasizing the preferred term for the continental United States.

I nodded, filing that little bit of information away.

“We’re approaching Makena right now,” Aimee informed us.

Our attention went to the outside of the car, where we saw lavish tropical plants and flowers, with dark blue ocean in the background. I felt like I was on a tropical paradise, and... well, of course, I was!

It took another five minutes of so to reach Debbie’s “shack.” As usual with Debbie, the term was quite an understatement.