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Todd sighed as he ran towards her. He could not see her face, but he knew her. She wore a red two piece swimsuit that barely contained her breasts. They swayed as she ran on the water’s edge; the surf lapping at her dancing feet.

Then they were together. Somewhere else. A bed. Also familiar. He was atop of her, she mewed her pleasure as he entered her.

Todd woke suddenly. He thought immediately about the woman in her dreams. Though he never saw her face he knew it was Beth. “No!” he said, shaking his head.

“What the fuck?” Beth cried out. Todd leapt from his bed and raced to his sister’s room. He switched on the light.

“What the fuck did you just do to me?” she gasped in shock and horror.

“What?” Todd cried

“You filthy… “ she said as she looked under the sheets. She looked up at Todd, surprised. She still had her night clothes on.

“What the fuck just happened?” she cried

He went to the bed.

“Stay away!” she said, defensively.

“You felt it too?”

“What?” Beth asked, not wanting to accept it

“The dream…”

“No way!” she gasped.

“You did!” Todd said, trying again to close the gap to his sister. She did not protest this time. She was confused. He was confused too.

He sat on the edge of the bed.

She noticed the bulge in his jockey-shorts.

‘How is this possible?” she asked.

“You had the same dream….” he said…

“No… I didn’t just share the same dream” she said, “We HAD the same dream…”


“We were in each other’s dream… “ she began, “No, that’s not right… There was a single dream, and we were both inhabiting it together…”

“This is fucking weird…”

“What’s weird about it is what we did…”

“You mean… you had sex with me…” he said

“We had sex together…” she corrected him pedantically.

“And… you enjoyed it…”

“I have to admit…” she said, “BUT it was JUST A DREAM” she said.

“Or was it…?”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw a film the other day on the web… about Astral Travelling…”

She looked at him quizzically…

“It’s where…” he began

“I know what it is goofball!” she snapped, “I just didn’t think it was possible…”

“We… we were in some other state of reality….”

“But where we were… that was real…” she said

“I think so…”

“Look this is all so weird…” Beth said. “I think you should go now… and taken that somewhere else…” she said pointing to his boner.

“I guess I better…” he said

“And don’t go dreaming of me again!” she said

“I don’t know if I could help it…”

“Well don’t!” she insisted as he sprung to his feet.

Todd went into the bathroom to wank, his cock was rock hard still.

Beth could hear him in there…

“Hey…!” she called out, before relenting. She found herself touching herself through her panties. She was wet. Even though it had seemed intense, the fact she’d ‘dreamed’ of her brother fucking her was disturbing.. but then she closed her eyes and thought of how good it had felt… and it wasn’t ‘real’…. was it?

Todd finished and wiped toilet paper on himself. Some of it stuck to his cock and he had to shower quickly. He went to bed and closed his eyes, but he wasn’t able to sleep.

In the morning Beth got him breakfast. She made sandwiches for both of them. She looked at the calendar stuck on the fridge with the days marked off. Four more days before their folks returned.

They didn’t speak on the drive to college.

“Hi, Todd!” Fiona said as she got out of her car near theirs in the student car-park

“Hi…” he said, nervously. Fiona giggled, but then she saw the stern look Beth gave her and she went off her own way

“What did you do?” Todd asked

“She’s a bitch…” Beth said, “You know she’s only after you because you do her assignments…”


“Well… what do you get out of it?”


“See!” she said. She sighed. “For a twin you’re nothing but a dumbass!”


“Come on…” she said.

They went off to class, together. For twins that maintained that they weren’t that close they had picked all the same classes together!

The lecture-hall was large. Professor Timson walked out into the auditorium and looked at all the bored young faces. He sighed. Only a month ago they were all eager at the start of term… but Psychology—its difficulty… had bled the youthful exuberance out of them… those that had lasted this long. Already 10% of those that had enrolled had quit.

“Hi, Beth” Chloe waved.


“Oh, hi Todd…” she added when she saw him. Chloe wanted so much to get in Beth’s pants. But having her brother in tow all the time had meant she’d not even proposed a sleep-over, or a date.

“Hi” Todd said to her. She just nodded.

He flopped down next to his sister, with Chloe on the other side. She wished she could slide a finger up Beth’s thigh. It made her twinge just thinking about it.

The Professor began to talk. And Todd was fast asleep within seconds.

Fiona was in a locker room near the softball stadium. She was in her cotton patties and nothing else. Todd suddenly appeared behind her.

“Fuck!” she gasped, and covered her boobs up, “What the hell? You frightened me… What are you doing here?”

“She me your boobs…” he said

“I will not!” she said as she dropped her hands.

“Hey… what the fuck… get out of here!” she spat.

“Let me feel them…” he said

“Nooo..” she cried, but stuck her chest out. He felt them. The weight of the large black breasts felt good. They were both heavy and soft. Like bags of water.

“Hey!” she said….

“Take off your panties!”

“You’re crazy…” she said, but found herself taking them off. “What the fuck…!?!?” she spat.

“Turn around”

“No!” she said as she spun around 360°.

‘What the fuck?” she spat, as the moment she turned around he was naked.

“Suck my dick…”

“No..” she protested again, but dropped to her knees even as she did. “No… what… what’s happening”

“Shut up and suck” he said.

“Nnn-nnn” she cried, unable to speak. She opened her large lips and drew them over his cock.

“You want to swallow my sperm” he said

“Mmm-mmm” she purred as she took him all in.

She sucked and slurped and then in an instant her mouth was filled with warm jizz.

She swallowed and found that she was fingering herself as she did so.

She closed her eyes and came.

When she opened them Todd was not there.

She almost fell over. She began to cry. And then, grabbing her phone called the campus police.

At the end of the hour-long lecture Professor Timson noticed a commotion at the auditorium door. Suddenly two staff members and two police entered, accompanied by an obviously distressed young buxom black woman.

“That’s the pervert!’ she cried, pointing at Todd who was just rising from his seat with his sister as others were filing out of the room.

“Arrest that man!” the female staffer said

The two police headed up the stairs to the back rows where Todd and Beth and Chloe stopped, dumbfounded.

Todd looked about to see if there was some other person the cops were heading for…

He was suddenly grabbed by the officers and rough-handled back down to the front of the lecture-room.

“What the fuck…?” he began

“Stop resisting!” one cop said

“What… what’s going on here?” Professor Timson demanded

The male staffer said “That student is accused of rape”

“Rape!” Professor Timson said, appalled by such an allegation. Others looked at Todd with disdain

“Tell me…, “ the Professor said, “When did this happen…?”

“Halt an hour ago” the female staffer said

“Why… that’s preposterous!” he said, “This student hasn’t left my lecture in all that time…”

“I tell you I haven’t done anything” Todd cried as he reached the front of the room. He looked at Fiona who turned away from him in disgust.

“Please, gentlemen” the Professor chimed in “There’s been some kind of mistake…”

“Mistake?” one of the cops gasped, his qualified immunity looking like it was heading out the door.

“This student has not left the room in an hour!”

“Are you sure?” one cop asked

“Yes… are you sure…?” the female staffer said

Professor Timson was adamant. Aside from the alarmed fire exists at the back of the lecture theatre there was no way out except by the front… and he would have seen someone walking out in the middle of his lecture.

One of the cops turned to Fiona…”Are you sure, Miss?”

“What do you mean?”

“I think we should release him…” the male staffer said… he could see a law suit arising. The female staffer was more inclined to just believe Fiona.

On the weight of the Professor’s testimony, Beth’s statement that her brother never left her side, and the instructions form the male staffer, the cops released Todd from cuffs.

They had his details… if they needed to contact him again.

Chloe suspected Todd of ‘something’… but she wouldn’t say what. She just loathed him being around every time she wanted to lick pussy.

“What do you think that was all about?” Beth asked in the car on the way home…

“I…” Todd began

Beth looked at him, wondering why he was hesitating.

“Did you fuck her?” Beth asked bluntly… “Tell me the truth…”

“I… I dreamed that I did…”

“What do you mean?”

“When we were in the lecture I dreamed that I went to her and could control her, and … I made her suck me off…”

“What?” Beth said

“She’s so hot…”

“That’s not the point…” Beth said, “She’s a skank, actually” she said, realising that was the point.

“But…” Beth said, “Do you think you had the same kind of ‘dream’ we had last night?”

Todd thought about this


“Yeah, I suppose so…”

“Fuck!” Beth said

“I just…”

“Fuck!” Beth exclaimed again. “This is so fucking trippy….”

“You know what this means?” Beth said as they pulled into the drive-way


“You really did fuck her…”

“What?” Todd gasped, “I never left the hall…”

“Yeah, but you astral planed to her and made her do those things…”

“I did?”



“For real…” Beth said as she got out of the car. She slammed her fist against the rood “Fuck!” she said


“That means you really did fuck me last night”


“You and I… on some other level, but we physically did it…”

“I have to confess… I’m a virgin” Todd said

“Not anymore you ain’t” she gasped as they went inside

“Fuck… you lost your cherry to your sister…” she added. “This is so weird!”

An uneventful dinner, and they wound up watching tv….

“Soooo…” Beth finally said, “You really got that bitch then?”

“I don’t want to talk about it…” Todd said

“She deserved it… stringing you along like a fish on a hook…”

“Leave it” Todd said and stormed up to his room.

Beth closed her eyes and concentrated….

Todd found himself in a room. The room was shimmering in and out of eyesight. Beth was there. Only she had solid form

“What’s happening?” Todd asked

“We’re dreaming” Beth said.

“What?” Todd gasped

“It’s happening again…”

Suddenly the room took shape.

They looked and saw Chloe in her bed.

“What are we doing here?” Todd said

“I want you to fuck her…” Beth said


“I want you to fuck her…” Beth said more deliberately. “She’s been trying to get into my pants since first term..”


“You’ve not noticed?”


“Look, she’s a lesbian… I’m not… she just needs you to fuck her and she’ll find out what she’s been missing…”

“I… I’m not sure…”

Suddenly Chloe sputtered awake. She switched on the bedside light

“Beth..!?!?” she gasped half-asleep… “Todd!” she said angrily

“Hi” Todd smiled weakly

“What are you doing here?” Chloe gasped.

“Take off your top…” Beth said Chloe.

“What…? Noooo!” Chloe said as she reached under the sheets and took hold of her top. She pulled it up her

“What are you doing?” Todd spat…

“Well I’m not going to fuck her…” Beth said

“What’s happening?” Chloe cried as she peeled her top off

“My little brother…”

“By a minute!” Todd interjected

“Is going to fuck you..”

“No I’m not…”

“Yes, you are!” Beth said

“What?” Chloe gasped, “I’m not going to fuck him… I’m a lesbian”

“Chloe?” Beth said


“Take off all your clothes…”

“No wait!” Todd gasped

Chloe was confused

Beth snarled at him “Take them all off” she insisted to Chloe

“No, that’s crazy” Chloe said as she reached under and lifted her bum up and pulled her pyjama bottoms off.

“She’s pretty hot” Todd said

Beth smiled, she could see her brother’s harness bulge

“Pleassseeee…” Chloe cried, “What’s happening?”

“You want to fuck my brother…”

“I… I want to fuck your brother…”

“Come to me” Todd added

“Yes” Chloe said, getting out of bed.

“Chloe?” called her father Tom

“Yes dad?” she said

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes, dad”

“I’m coming in…”

“No daddy!” she cried

Tom opened the door to see his naked daughter hiding her self modestly with her hands

“Er… sorry, pumpkin…” he said sheepishly after quickly glancing around.

As soon as the door closed Beth and Todd appeared in the room.

“Where did you go?” Chloe cried as she leaped into Todd’s arms.

“You missed me?”

“I want to fuck you…” she said. In her mind she cried, why was she saying this… but she couldn’t say otherwise.

Todd kissed her back

“Are you just going to watch?” he asked, looking at his sister

She shrugged but her body shimmied out of the room.

“You love me…?”

“No… I hate you…”

“But you want to fuck me…?”

“Yes…” Chloe said, “I can’t help it, I want you so bad…”




“Yes, I love you” she smiled

She lead him over to the bed.

“Have you done this before?” he asked. She shook her head.

“Well you’re in luck, I’m an amateur too” Todd said

Chloe lay back on the bed. Todd got on onto of her. He pulled his pants down and she helped him kick them off the bed. As he lay on her she giggled.

“I love you..” she whimpered, coaxing him into her.

She bucked in pain.

“Are you alright?” he asked

“Hmm-mmm” she nodded, “It hurst a little”


“It’s supposed to hurt less, when you’re in love”

He pushed in deeper and she opened for the first time.

She was wet. She brought her hips up to meet his thrust.

“Oh….yessss” she sighed as he began to fuck her.

“You like it…?”

“It’s nice…” she said

“Nice?” he laughed

He felt her hook her legs around behind him.

“Pumpkin?” Tom said, opening the door. “What the fuck?” he began

Beth appeared before him out of nowhere “Go back to bed” she said to him.

He gazed into her eyes. He blinked then turned around and went back to bed.

“Forget you saw this…” she said after him.

“Fuck!” Todd gasped,

“Honey” Chloe cooed, she only wanted him back inside her…

She drew him down to her.

Todd forgot about his sister standing there, as she closed the door and turned around to watch.

“Fuck me…” Chloe purred, drawing him onto her.

She hooked her legs back around him again, “Fuck me” she gasped in his ear, “Fuck me…fuck… ooooooo” and she came.

He came inside her.

She clawed his back.

Beth found herself masturbating as she watched them, then she got onto the bed. Chloe looked angry at her. She turned around with Todd until she was onto of him “He’s mine!” she spat at Beth.

“Fuck, you’re a little cock-whore, now!” Beth laughed

“You’re not getting him… I LOVE HIM” she growled, ready to fight.

“Chloe?” Beth purred. Chloe shut her eyes, “You’re not making me forget that I love him..” she said, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Chloe?” Beth purred again.

To make doubly sure Chloe turned away.

“Chloe, don’t be silly…” Beth said, annoyed.

“I love him…” Chloe said, “You’re not taking that away from me…”

“Chloe… I wouldn’t make you forget that you love him…”

“You wouldn’t?”

“No, silly…”

Chloe turned around, “I just want you to fuck me too…”

“Oh…” Chloe gasped

“Oh?” Todd said as he watched his sister peel her top off.

Todd watched Chloe and Beth make love… they did it for far longer than he had done it.

When they were done Beth and Todd reappeared in their home

“You know you could have just commanded her to stop bugging you…” Todd said

“You know…” Beth said wistfully. “I didn’t even think of that!”

Todd smiled.

“You’re going out again?” Beth said, sensing Todd was about to shimmer away


“Where to?”

“I’ve got to see Fiona…”

“That whore…?”

“Don’t start…” Todd said, “I’m going to make her forget about the ‘rape’ allegation…”

“You can’t, she’s already made it…”

“Well, okay, Miss Smarty”

“You need to tell her to drop the… no, better still… make her tell everyone how she just made it all up, because she was jealous…”

“That’ll work…” Todd said. He waved. She ignored that. And then, he disappeared—to go to Fiona’s place.

Fiona was in fact in hospital, waiting to provide medical samples to be used against Todd. Todd was surprised to find himself there… it seemed he only had to think of her, and no matter where she was, he’d appear there. He thought it was kind of ‘neat’.

Fiona looked up from the chair. With her was a Latina woman, a case worker. “What..!??!” she gasped

“Todd!” Fiona cried, “It’s him… the rapist…”

The Latina woman reached in her bag, finding the can of spray

“Sit down” he said to her, his eyes boring into her brain.

She sat down. “Close your eyes and you will not see or hear anything for the next half hour…”

“Conchita?” Fiona gasped as she watched her case worker meekly assume her position on the chair.


“Stay away from me… you creep”

“Take off that paper gown.”

“No..” she said as she tore it from her body… “What the fuck?” she gasped.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass…”

“No… I… I… I want you to fuck me in the ass… no wait!” she said

“And you’re going to tell everyone you made up the allegations against me…”

“I will…” she nodded

“Now turn around and show me your fat ass…”

Fiona turned around and bent forward.

He spat on his hand and rubbed it over her star. And then, into her

“Ow!” she gasped

And that was just from a finger. His cock was bigger and hurt more

But she could not stop wanting him to fuck her in her butt-hole

She was warm and wet inside…

* * *

Beth appeared in the bathroom. She watched her brother wash himself in the shower. “Skanky ass” he said as he saw her standing there. He was washing his cock. After being in Fiona’s asshole it needed washing.

“Is this real?” Beth had to ask herself as she found herself under the water with him

“I’m not sure anymore” he said as he entered her.

Beth was no longer sure… but it felt good….

Across town visiting Professor Helen Morse was reading through the data her brother had collected.

“They seem to be coming along nicely” Helen said

“Yes they are!” Professor Timson smiled

The End