The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Drug Lord

Prologue — Base of Operations

The rusty warehouse in Redhook, Brooklyn had once been a vital shipping facility back in the 70s. now it stood derelict and, supposedly, unused. It was owned by some rich scientist who had used her influence to make it a listed building which meant that it couldn’t be torn down. The distant sound of traffic could be heard in the distance with the scurrying of rats moving around the facility. The only other sound in vicinity was the ‘click-clacking of high heeled shoes. They came from a woman wearing pink high heeled shoes and a trench coat. Most women wouldn’t be seen dead walking around this part of town alone as it was not thought of as a ‘nice’ area of Brooklyn. This woman however, strode upright and with purpose.

She snuck through the hole in the fence and walked across to the warehouse, opened the giant sliding door and closed it behind her. Inside she immediately took off her trench coat to reveal a tight, flawless, naked body beneath. She wore nothing except from her pink heels, a pink collar around her next with the word ‘Bitch’ on it and a small firearm strapped to her upper thigh.

She put the coat into a small rusty locker and continued to stride proudly, her shoulders pulled back to accentuate her bouncing breasts and a wide, blank smile on her face. She continued to march in the dark through the maze of old storage crates and rubble, only becoming visible in the small patches of moonlight shining through the dilapidated roof. There was a small industrial elevator at one end of the warehouse that the naked woman was making her way toward, she slid open the iron door and closed it. She selected her floor and the elevator slid below and out of sight.

She stood at attention in the elevator. The light showing just what a perfect body she had. Lovely round breasts that she thrust out proudly, a hairless pussy and an athletic figure. Her wide smile showing that she would rather be nowhere else other than here, right now. If someone were to look closer they would see all of the tell tale sign of arousal on any woman. Her nipples stood on end in the colder air and her crotch was soaking wet as well as her upper thighs.

The elevator finally arrived and the woman stepped out into a well lit warehouse with crates and boxes stacked high to the ceiling. At the other end of the hall there was a green metallic door with a small window. Her smile grew slightly wider as she thought of the person who was on the other side of it and she had to fight hard not to massage her clit.

She strode towards the door, her breasts subtly bouncing as she did so. She reached the door and gave a sharp knock on the door.

‘Enter,’ came the female voice within and the naked woman eagerly entered.

‘Aah Bitch!’ said the woman sat at the large ornate desk in the centre of the room. Bitch, or Penny as was her real name, felt a warm tingle across her body at the sound of her voice and strode forward, got down on her knees and presented her breasts to the woman in the chair as if it were a kind of salute.

The room she was in was well lit with a wooden floor and book cases covering the walls, several metal filing cabinets could be seen in one corner. There were also three other Naked women in the room who had similar attire to Penny. There was an exceptionally busty Latina who was stood at attention behind the desk, smiling stupidly into the middle distance with a collar that said ‘Slut’. To Penny’s right there was a sexy blonde who was kneeling down, also smiling stupidly. Her collar said ‘Princess’ on it. Behind Penny on a brown leather sofa, the third woman was busy masturbating and gasping quietly, Her collar said ‘Kitten’ presumably because she was visibly younger than the others.

‘Were you able to dispose of my competition Bitch?’ asked the woman, referring to the name on Penny’s collar.

‘Yes Mistress!’ replied Penny still clutching her breasts, ‘they are no more,’

The Mistress gave a wide smile and stood up. She walked over to her slave and put her finger in front of Penny’s mouth which she sucked hungrily. The mistress then grabbed her chin and guided her face upwards so she could see her pretty face. She loved the look of blank devotion in her eyes as she gazed up at her.

‘It would seem all that time on the police force has made you useful my slave!’

‘Yes Mistress,’ replied Penny

‘And you have no desire to go back to them and tell them what you’ve been up to in your absence?’

‘No Mistress! I am your property, I have no desire to wear clothes or to think, I only crave obedience to you!’ came the eager reply from the slave.

‘Good answer,’ smirked the mistress

She turned to the slave on her knees and gave her a command.

‘Princess, go you the ‘toy chest’ and fetch a strap on, put it on once you have found one you like,’

‘Yes mistress!’ replied the slave who’s actual name was Leila who immediate got to her feet and strode over to the toy chest and bent over. Penny could see her exposed and soaking Vagina as she did so and felt a wave of fresh arousal flood over her.

She watched with glee as Leila inserted one end of the double ended strap on into her own vagina and tie it around her waist tightly. She then strode back over to the desk, and waited at attention with the purple phallus protruding in front of her.

‘Now then Bitch, because you have done so well, Princess is going to fuck you,’ said the mistress with a smile.

‘would you like to be dominated by her or would you like to be dominant?’ she asked, knowing the answer she would give

‘I want to be dominated Mistress!’ she replied eagerly still clutching her breasts. All of her slaves had this kind of conditioning, they all wanted to be dominated and obedient in every setting unless commanded otherwise.

‘Now Princess,’ she said stroking the side of Leila’s face, ‘you are going to treat Bitch, like your bitch, make her squeal,’

‘Yes Mistress!’ replied Leila eagerly.

The mistress attached a leash to Penny’s collar and gave the other end to Leila.

‘Come on bitch,’ she said giving a small tug on the leash.

‘Yes Princess, I will obey,’ Replied Penny

Both slaves made their way to the door to retire to the ‘special room’ within the warehouse to revel in obedient pleasure.

Rosa looked around at her other two slaves, Nada & Libby and smiled at the sight of them. She couldn’t help but reminisce on how they had come to join her services.