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The Drug Lord

Chapter One — Libby

Libby had graduated from Harvard Law school with Honours. She had used this exemplary achievement to land herself a position at one of the best law firms in the city. In a few short years, she had risen to an associate position and there was no stopping her. She dominated the court room, wowed her superiors and, to this day, hadn’t lost a case. Aside from her sterling career and bright prospects, Libby was an unsung beauty. The young Latina woman had a body that most women would die for. Hourglass waist, long legs, a round gorgeous face and exceptionally large breasts that seemed to defy gravity.

It was a Tuesday morning in Downtown Manhatten, Libby was striding toward her office building ready for another day at the grind. She absolutely loved what she did, especially when new cases came up. Today was the first time she was meeting her new client for case sexual harassment case. Libby felt even more passionate about these sorts of cases as she was a prominent feminist. She arrived at her office on the 23rd floor to find her assistant waiting for her.

‘Good morning Miss Cortez,’

‘Morning Grace,’ Replied Libby ‘How are you?’

‘I’m good thankyou,’ replied Grace

Grace was a shy dirty blonde girl with a lot of organisational prowess but lacked a lot of confidence. Libby felt for her and always tried to be patient and kind with her where possible. They began to walk toward Libby’s office, grace following in toe with a small Ipad.

‘You have a 1 o’clock meeting with Mr Jameson, your 3 O’clock meeting is cancelled and your client, Rosa Sigalas, has arrived a bit early, she’s waiting for you in your office,’ said Grace all while looking down at the Ipad.

It couldn’t be helped, but Libby hated it when clients showed up early, she liked the first half hour of the day to catch up on emails and settle into the day.

‘Thankyou Grace, that’ll be all,’ Smiled Libby as she strode toward her office door.

Sat in the chair opposite her desk was an utterly gorgeous red haired woman who had a striking resemblance to Jessica Rabbit. She wore a suit similar to Libby’s with a short skirt and white blouse with her hair flowed down her back like a silk river.

‘Rosa Sigalas?’ asked Libby extending her hand out to the woman.

‘That’s right,’ she smiled as she got up to shake Libby’s hand ‘You must be the famous Libby Cortez I’ve heard so much about.’

‘I am,’ Libby beamed as she walked round to her desk chair.

‘Now, fill me in on the details of your case Ms. Sigalas, I understand you’re filing a harassment claim?’

The two women chatted for almost an hour about Rosa’s case against a man who was involved in drugs who had stalked her, harassed her and assaulted her. Although the case seemed serious Libby couldn’t get over just how charming Rosa was, it was hypnotising how beautiful her face was. Libby was straight, but even she felt warm attraction to her.

‘Well thankyou Ms. Sigalas—‘

‘Please,’ interrupted Ms. Sigalas with a warm smile, ‘call me Rosa’

A warm smile crept upon Libby’s face as she looked into Rosa’s bright Blue eyes.

‘Rosa,’ Libby said again, ‘I think we have a pretty solid case against your harasser, once I build the case and compile the evidence against him, we will be able to go to court in about a month.’

‘wonderful!’ Beamed Rosa, ‘This is why I came to the best lawyer in the city, I heard of your reputation and then I saw your picture and knew I just had to have you,’ she said with a wink

Libby blushed a little when she did this and smiled.

‘What was wrong with her!?’ she thought, ‘she’d never behaved like this with another woman, let alone a client. Could she genuinely be attracted to this woman?

‘it was so nice to meet you Ms.—‘ Libby corrected herself, ‘Rosa,’

She extended her hand to shake her client’s ‘it was so nice meeting you too!’ she replied, gently taking Libby’s hand, sensually.

She turned a left the office, Libby casually checking out her backside as she walked.

One month came and went and Libby was true to her words and her deadline as she was on her way to the Court of Justice ready to represent her client. She had a lot of ammunition to throw and a lot of evidence to testify.

‘Nice to see you again Miss Cortez,’ said Rosa as she extended her hand. The few times that Libby had spent with her over the last month had been some of the strangest of her career, not because of the case, but because with each meeting she felt more and more attracted to Rosa, almost to a point where she could feel a mild tingling sensation between her legs.

‘Nice to see you too,’ smiled Libby as she gently took hold of her clients slender hand.

‘are you ready?’ asked Libby

Rosa took a deep breath and replied, ‘Let’s do this,’

The two women strode as equals into the courtroom and took their places sat on the front bench.

The court proceedings were seemingly standard, verse after verse of legal jargon, he said/ she said etc. but when Libby got up to deliver her case, Rosa was blown away.

She had never seen someone command such respect and intensity before, the stories she had heard about the buxome beauty were certainly true, she ruled the courtroom.

‘We the Jury find the Defendant….’ A couple of hours had passed by at this point and Libby had cleaned up the courtroom with ease, this case was only going one way.

‘GUILTY,’ said the middle aged woman on the Jury.

Rosa let out a huge sigh of relief, she looked up at Libby who gave her a wink and went to talk to the judge. She watched the man who had been sentenced to 5 years in prison for assault charges and indecent harassment with glee. She had removed one key player in the game, she looked over at Libby, it was time to introduce another.

It was about 5 O’clock by the time the two women left the courthouse.

‘I need to take you out to dinner to thankyou for everything you’ve done for me!’ said Rosa

Libby was quite looking forward to going home and taking a bath but couldn’t really turn down her clients on offers like this, t’d seem impolite and unprofessional, plus, she found it very difficult to say no to Rosa as it was.

‘hmmmm,’ contemplated Libby

‘I will not take no for an answer,’ insisted Rosa

‘ok, lets do it!’ replied libby with a smile.

‘Great,! Rosa beamed back and the two of them went off to the find the best restaurant in Manhattan.

It may have been the wine, it may have been the fatigue, but Libby felt surprisingly woosy after the meal to the point she felt physically drunk. She had vague memories of leaving the restaurant, hailing a cab with Rosa, and… and, kissing!? Everything faded away into blackness as the inebriation hit her very very hard.

Libby became aware of a strong headache.

‘Oh God!’ she thought ‘why did I drink so much!?’

It didn’t feel quite as bad as previous hangovers she’d had but she still wasn’t ready to open her eyes just yet. She tried to roll over but suddenly felt that she couldn’t, her hands appeared to be restrained. Her eyes flew open and was stunned by what she saw, she was in some sort of warehouse with wooden crates lining the walls. there was what looked like a large elevator door opposite her and another small door to the left of it.

She herself was strapped into some sort of ‘chair’ for lack of a better word. The sort of chair you would see at a dentist. She was at a 45 degree angle, Her limbs were tied down at her wrists and ankles, her legs were spread apart and she was completely naked. She looked at her right arm to find what looked like an IV drip, rehydrating her.

‘What the Fuck!?’ she exclaimed in her own head.

‘aah nice to see you’re finally awake!’ came a voice to Libby’s right. Rosa was standing by a control panel wearing a red satin dress. If Libby thought she looked beautiful before, that was nothing by comparison to the stunning red head standing before her.

‘Rosa!?’ exclaimed Libby, ‘What the fuck is going on!? Why am I naked!? Where am i!?’

Rosa just smirked, ‘for such an accomplished lawyer you certainly are panicky today aren’t you!’

Libby just stared at her with her mouth agape. Rosa began to walk slowly toward her holding a small bottle of…. Something.

‘I saw you, you know, in a magazine, having just won a huge case.’ She stopped between Libby’s legs, looking down at her exposed crotch.

‘I knew I had to have you,’ she continued, ‘not just for your beauty, but because you will prove yourself useful to me.’

She squeezed whatever was in the bottle into her hand and rubbed her hands together

‘you already managed to dispose of my biggest rival in the drug trafficking business,’

Libby just listened, stunned by what she was saying.

‘what do you want with me!?’ she demanded

‘you going to be my personal slave and lawyer,’ smiled Rosa maliciously ‘you’re going to completely get rid of all of my competition in the court room, you will live here with me, and you’ll be naked for the vast majority of your time, well, except for these lovely items,’ she gestured over to a set of pink stilettos heels and what looked like a pink bondage collar with the word, ‘slut’ written on it in glittery writing.

‘oh yeah!?’ exclaimed Libby, ‘how exactly will you convince me to do all of that!?’

‘this little machine you’re in you silly girl,’ replied Rosa playfully as she bent down in front of Libby’s Vagina.

‘I am going to rewire your brain to associate obeying my every command with orgasmic pleasure,’

she said this part while applying what felt like lube to Libby’s Vagina, she gasped as the cold gel invaded her womanhood.

‘the thought of following my orders will make you wet and horny, actually following them will nearly make you orgasm every time I give you a command.’

Rosa stood up and smiled, she grabbed the collar and moved to place around Libby’s neck.

‘and the best thing about it,’ she said, ‘you are going to love it! You’re going to quit your job, leave your apartment, your friends and family and be my naked, mindless sex slave.’

Libby felt physically sick now, she didn’t believe for a second that this machine would actually be able to hypnotise her but she didn’t like the idea of some maniac trying to fuck with her brain.

Rosa pinched one of Libby’s exposed nipples as she reached for something behind her head. She heard something clicking as Rosa pulled something down from above, onto her head and obscuring her vision into blackness. Libby heard the ‘click-clacking’ of Rosa’s heels move away from her and then the sound of buttons being pushed.

She heard a whirring sound from below her and gasped as something phallical entered her vagina.

‘See you in an hour slut!’ laughed Rosa as the phallus began to vibrate intensely inside Libby. She wouldn’t be able to take an hour of this vibrator as it pulsated hard, until, whatever was covering her eyes, burst into life with the most beautiful spiralling purple lights. They danced before her eyes removing all anxiety and stress, sending Libby into a deeply relaxed state. At first she was sat there trying to fight the relaxation, frantically becoming aware that this machine may well be able to manipulate her thoughts.

Her fight slowly began to fade away as her mind became blissful and empty. The little voice in her head telling her to resist seemed to have been replaced by another little voice. Whispering to her beneath the visor.

‘it’s good to obey, good girls obey, obedience brings pleasure, you want to please your mistress, you are her slave, good girls obey their mistress, it makes you really horny to obey, you must show off your body for you mistress, you must do whatever she commands.’

This mantra went around in Libby’s head, over and over again, she could feel herself climaxing at the thought of total obedience, she craved it, she wanted to be a good girl. She was barely aware of her moans of pleasure as she orgasmed hard. She felt warmth spread thought her body with more intensity than she had ever felt before. She was so focused on her pleasure she didn’t notice the voice become louder, more insistent.

Rosa watched Libby moan and gasp with pleasure and arousal, knowing full well what was going on in her head, watching as the programming took over her brilliant mind. Rosa was becoming very wet at the sight of her new pet succumbing to her programming, she couldn’t wait to play with her new toy. She sat down in a chair and began to slowly rub her clit, licking her lips and smiling at Libby.

An hour or so had passed and Libby’s mind was now almost completely taken over. Rosa was waiting for the part of the program that would command Libby to scream out for her Mistress.

‘not long now,’ she thought.

Low and behold, a couple of minutes passed as Libby reached a climax and screamed out,


This was the moment, Rosa pressed a button that shut down the machine. The dildo withdrew from her exhausted vagina and the warehouse went quiet apart from the panting of her new slave.

‘can you hear me slut? Asked Rosa

‘I can hear you Mistress,’ replied Libby with a bubbly eager voice. A wide smile appearing on her face.

Rosa strode forward and removed the helmet from her slave. She noted to look of awe and wonder that Libby gave her, as if she would do anything to please her. She released her from her restraints and told her to stand at attention for an inspection.

Libby complied without question and got to her feet and stood waiting in all her naked beauty. She pulled her shoulders back, pushed her chest out and arched her lower back in order to show off her enormous breasts for her owner.

Rosa admired her and felt so horny she could barely contain herself. She commanded Libby to put on the set of pink heels to accompany her collar.

‘Yes Mistress,’ replied Libby who quickly put them on and returned to her position of attention.

‘Now then slut, I have some questions for you,’ said Rosa

‘Who are you and what is your purpose?’

‘I am your pet Mistress, you own me, I am your property and obedient slave, My purpose is to obey you and to please you, nothing brings me greater pleasure than pleasing my Mistress!’ came the reply from Libby’s mouth.

‘what is your name?’ Rosa asked

‘I am Slut Mistress!’ Replied Libby

Rosa smiled at her stupid smiling bimbo slave and wanted to degrade the once proud lawyer even more. She attached a leash to the ring on Libby’s collar and said,

‘I have ginormous boobies, say it!’ she commanded

‘I have ginormous boobies Mistress!’ replied Libby obediently

‘Grab them!’ commanded Rosa

Libby immediately moved her hands up and clutched her breasts.

Rosa pulled on her leash, commanding Libby not to move her hands as she walked. She led libby while walking backwards toward the table in the corner, Libby still clutching her breasts. She let he leash go and removed her red dress to reveal a flawless, hairless body.

‘get on your knees and taste your mistress!’

‘Yes Mistress!’ replied Libby eagerly who dropped to her knees, Still holding her breasts, and began to eat out her Mistress hungrily.

After a while, Rosa pushed Libby’s head away from her dripping crotch and told her to stand.

‘come on slave, I want to play with my new toy,’

‘Yes Mistress!’ replied Libby eagerly ‘Nothing will please me more than to serve you!’

With that, Rosa tugged on the leash and Libby obediently followed, her breasts swaying in bouncing with every step she took, ready to degrade herself for her beloved Mistress.

Monday morning came about, this was the first time Libby had worn clothes all weekend. She marched into her managers office and put her letter of resignation on his desk. Without a further word, she marched out of his office, collected her personal belongings and left her once beloved workplace without a second glance. She had a busy day today, Mistress Rosa’s movers were coming to collect her things so she could move into her new room at Mistress’s hideout. She couldn’t wait to be close to her, she couldn’t wait to rip her clothes of and be naked for her Mistress. Her career had always been her passion and her drive, but not anymore. Nothing was more important than her Mistress, and she would gladly serve her owner forever.