The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dumber Switch, Part 2 “Upgrades”

by Moe Wallace

Chapter 1—You’ve Got Mail

It had been several weeks since Walter discovered the handy little gadget that had changed his married life forever. Now, most days his newly-moronic bimbo of a wife would wait for him on her knees as he came in the door, nude and oiled to a lustrous shine from platinum-blonde head to dainty toes, and give him an afternoon blowjob.

She had quit her job once he convinced her that housework and exercise were her true calling, and she went after both with as much gusto as in their lovemaking sessions. Okay, it wasn’t exactly fair to call what they were doing now lovemaking. They fucked. A lot.

Walter had also informed her that clothing was bad for her health and should not be worn at all when at home (she had a robe in case someone came to the door). He spent most of his evenings now watching her bounce and jiggle around the house taking care of his every need.

Having read plenty of erotic fiction in his time he knew it was best to take precautions, so he had told his easily-convinced wife that sex with anyone other than him (and women he deemed “safe”) was deadly. Other men’s cum was poisonous. Katie had wrinkled her cute little nose at that. “Katie doesn’t like poison. Katie likes Daddy’s cock juice.” She had then proceeded to demonstrate how much.

It hadn’t been all fun and games, though. The reality of his wife’s diminished mental capacity had taken somewhat of a toll on his patience. He had settled on a slightly higher INT rating for her when he wasn’t home after an unscrupulous door-to-door salesman had convinced her to take out a $500 volcano insurance policy, cash up-front, paperwork to come later.

He was also beginning to re-think his love of baby oil. Katie spent several hours a week just cleaning up her own smudge marks from the counter tops, banisters, sheets, back door, kitchen sink, bathroom mirror, several walls and... well, you get the idea.

During one of their many impromptu fucking sessions the doorbell rang. Annoyed, he told Katie to stay where she was (a somewhat difficult task, balanced as she was on the edge of the stainless-steel kitchen sink with both feet in the air) and threw on a robe to answer the door.

A nondescript man from a courier service asked if he’d sign for a package, and Walter was left with a small brown box. Remembering what happened last time he received a simple brown box he immediately went to the dining room table to open it up (allowing Katie to dismount and join him).

Inside was a small square device about the size of a portable music player. As soon as he touched the shiny black screen it lit up. The interface was color, and touch-sensitive. He immediately recognized the loading screen. “Target Acquired. Upgrade for new options?”

Apparently this was a new version of the device he had received before. His hands shook a bit in anticipation as he touched “OK.” A three-dimensional representation of his wife came on the screen. It was nude (naturally), and had a number of options on either side, as well as small black dots on various parts of her body.

Curious, he put two fingers on his wife’s breasts and did a pinching motion. “AAAAaaaaaaaaghhh....” Katie groaned, not unhappily, by his side. He saw she was now no more than a modest A cup. That simply wouldn’t do. He did the same motion, but in reverse, opening his fingers and watched his wife’s breasts balloon back to a healthy EE.

The same options he saw before were arrayed on either side of her, but there were some interesting additions. He clicked “AR” and was given a slider. It was set to 36. Interestingly, it wouldn’t slide up, just down. He slid it to the left until the number said 21.

Katie giggled, and he noticed some changes. They were subtle at first, but he saw the lines around her face fade away and her eyes brighten. Her already athletic figure (helped along by her religious exercise regimen) became even tighter. Her buttocks defied gravity and her skin all around her body regained a bit of its spring.

He clicked on her midsection and a box came up with a slider for “flexibility.” He slid it to the maximum and Katie reacted immediately.

“Oooh.. Daddy, I feel good!” She jumped up and down happily, breasts jiggling to the point of obscenity. She raised her hands above her head and bent backward, her slick, hairless pussy lips poking out as she touched the floor with her hands.

“Katie, just how flexible are you?” He asked, half to himself as to her.

“I don’t know. Let’s see!” She brought her head up between her feet and her breasts slapped against the floor. Walter was sold. He told her to get up and come over as he sat down on the couch in the living room.

“Stand in the middle of the room, Katie. I want to see you really well.”

Katie hopped into the middle of the room (executing a cartwheel to cover the last few feet) and stood, hands behind her back in a very little girl “look at me” pose. She blew him a kiss.

He looked down at the device, and just for fun slid it further to the left. It stopped at 18 and said, “Unable to perform operation.” Oh well. He wasn’t a perv. He moved on to some of the other options.

He tapped the dot over his wife’s pussy and a dialog popped up. “Remove all body hair? Y/N” He clicked yes and sat back to watch. Starting on her arms and working is way down to her feet every wispy blonde follicle on his wife’s body seemed to retreat back into her, leaving her skin perfectly smooth. Well, he thought, guess she’ll save time shaving from now on.

The dot on his wife’s forehead started blinking, so he tapped it. “New mental options available. List?” He tapped yes and a checklist appeared. He scrolled by “Lesbian tendencies” and “Daddy complex” down to “Expert fellatio.” That was a resounding check. Same for “foot fetish” and “bi curious.” He hit apply and saw his wife shudder, her hands kneading her breasts as she looked at him with animal lust.

“Come over here, Katie. I think those cute little toes of yours need attention.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She sauntered over to him and sat down on the couch, bringing her feet up to his lap. He massaged them gently at first, and she writhed like he was fingering her pussy. When he took one toe into his mouth she moaned out loud and mumbled deliciously obscene things that she wanted him to do to her. It was going to be a long night.

Chapter 2—Howdy Neighbor

A few days later Walter was out in his back yard enjoying Katie as she oiled up and sunned herself (nude of course). He had been fiddling with the new device for a while and had discovered a few curious features. One was a slider for fertility, the other for gestation.

“Some people, I swear,” he muttered to himself. He continued fine-tuning this setting or that when the screen went blank. He had a slight moment of panic, thinking it had died on him and his wife would soon return to her natural state, but instead a new message came up: “Previous target’s settings have been saved and suspended. New signal in range. Acquire?”

He looked around, wondering what kind of a range the thing had. Then he heard a deck chair unfolding in the yard next door. Curious, he walked over and peeked through a loose fence board into his neighbor’s yard.

Donna, his neighbors’ daughter, had apparently returned from college for the summer. She was preparing herself to lay out. Walter pulled over a patio chair and stuck his head over the fence.

“Hey there, Donna.”

She was a bit startled at first, but smiled warmly when she recognized him. “Oh, hey Mister B. How’s your summer going?” Donna always called him Mister B. He’d known her most of her life. It was easier than saying Blackowitz, so he couldn’t blame her. She had been an awkward teen but blossomed greatly in her early twenties. He noted the fact as he subconsciously took in her skimpy two-piece bathing suit. She had a runner’s figure. Slim, and not overly ample, but still pretty.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. Back for the break?”

She continued laying out her supplies on the chaise. Towel, suntan lotion, flip-flops, a six-pack of the kind of lemonade you have to be 21 to buy. She was apparently planning on a fun afternoon.

“Yeah, I’m staying here for a little while, then maybe going on a road trip with some of my girlfriends. Fun, fun.”

“Well, don’t be a stranger! You always did get along well with Katie. She’s in fine form this summer.”

Donna’s eyes brightened. “Yeah, absolutely. See you later, Mister B.”

Walter climbed down and was torn. On the one hand, this was his neighbor’s daughter. She was a nice kid. Katie had pretty well had it coming to her. He put the device in his pocket without choosing yes or no on the prompt.

“Who were you talking to, Daddy?” Katie had flopped over onto her back, pillowy breasts shining in the sun. He grabbed a generous dollop of oil and began kneading her breasts as she rubbed him to attention through his shorts.

“Oh, just Donna. Nice girl.”

“Oooh, is she safe?”

Walter knew what she meant. “I’m not sure yet, babe. Now turn over and let’s lube up that fine ass of yours.” She squealed with delight.

The next day Donna dropped by in the afternoon. Walter had made Katie wear her robe in a relatively modest manner and instructed her to call him Walter as long as Donna was there. She was sitting on the couch when Donna entered, carrying a large casserole dish. “Hey Mister B. I whipped something up and thought I’d bring it over. It’s my ho— shit, Miss B.!”

Donna nearly dropped the dish when she saw Katie sitting on the couch, twirling a stray lock of hair around her finger. “Hi Donna,” she said with a giggle. Donna’s mouth was stuck wide open. “ look great!”

“Thank you! I feel pretty.” Katie got up and gave Donna a bear hug, squeezing her braless tits into the younger woman. Donna’s eyes bugged out a bit in surprise but she smiled. Katie returned to the couch, amused by the ceiling fan.

“You can just drop that in the kitchen anywhere, Donna.” Walter pointed her to the next room. She knew her way around their house, having been friendly with Katie as a teenager. How she had tolerated his wife in her original form he would never know.

He idly took in his wife’s enhanced form on the couch when Donna’s voice came from the kitchen, “What’s this, Mister B.? Did you guys get a new garage door opener? My dad’s been looking for..ooooooooooooohhhhhh....”

Walter’s breathing stopped. He’d left the previous controller on the kitchen table and he’d been so busy playing with the new one he’d forgotten all about it. He sprinted into the kitchen and saw Donna on the floor, controller in hand and a look of bliss on her face.

He snatched the controller and looked at the setting. Thankfully it had just been on LBI. He turned it down a couple of notches and looked at the young woman. “Donna, are you okay?”

“Oh, god, Mister B. Better than okay. What is that thing? Some kind of remote vibrator? I was on fire.”

“I’m sorry, Donna. I didn’t mean for you to find that. It’s for me and Katie. It’s a...” he had to think quickly. “Marital aid.”

Donna stood, steadying her shaky knees on the table. She was breathing heavily. “I... don’t imagine... you... have much trouble... with your marriage, then.” He might have been imagining it but he could swear her voice was a little huskier.

“No, I guess not. Listen, Donna. I’d really appreciate if you wouldn’t tell anyone about this.”

She looked flushed, but seemed to be recovering. “Oh, no worries, Mister B. I might want to borrow it though.”

Walter tensed at the thought. “NO! I mean.... it’s kind of experimental. I’m not sure it’s safe.”

Having recovered from her episode, Donna cracked a sly smile at him. “Is that what perked up Mrs. B.?”

No use lying about it now, He thought. “Yeah, it is.”


Donna headed back into the living room and sat down next to Katie. Walter walked back in, still holding the controller. He set it down on the coffee table. Donna was admiring his wife up close. Katie wasn’t bothered.

“Mrs. B., are your boobs bigger?”

Katie smiled brightly and dropped her robe off her shoulders, letting herself spill out completely. “Yeah. Wanna touch ‘em?”

Donna laughed and blushed a bit, but took Katie up on her offer. She took one breast in either hand. “These are amazing. I’ve always been so little up top. No wonder Julie Brenner gets all the guys.”

Walter sat down, trying very hard to hide the erection this scene was giving him. This wasn’t right, he knew it on some level, but the level just below his belt thought otherwise.

“Say, Mister B.,” Donna said, that sly smile coming back as she kneaded Katie’s breasts. Katie was practically writhing now and her robe had fallen off completely, “any chance that gadget of yours could give me some more up top?”

Walter almost yelped and came right there. He’d always thought of Donna as a sort of surrogate daughter figure. Here she was asking for a boob job from him.

“I, uh. Are you sure?”

Donna stood, stretching her arms to the ceiling and closing her eyes. “Oh yes! I’ve always fantasized what it would be like with two huge knockers, instead of these,” she hefted her small breasts in both hands, “apple blossoms.”

Walter’s rational mind was screaming NO! NO! while the rest of him was on fire with excitement. A willing participant for his little gadgets? Think of the possibilities.

“Ah, um... all right. But just a little bit at first. I don’t want you to rip out of that top.”

“Sure thing!” she had already reached under her shirt and pulled off her bra, in that magical way girls learn when they have to change in mixed company.

His hands were shaking a little as he selected BRS and turned the dial from 2 to 4. Donna rubbed her chest and moaned, “Ooooooh, Mister B.! That feels great.” She now sported a healthy pair of C cups. Her top had pulled up a bit, exposing her tight belly. She dropped her hands to her sides and they jiggled enticingly.

Looking down, she laughed, “I’ve never NOT been able to see my feet before! Haha. This rocks. I want bigger though. Just a little.”

Walter swallowed nervously and figured what the hell? He turned the knob from 4 to 6. Donna’s top receded even more and began to look exceptionally tight around the sides. He could see her nipples prominently now. She was at least a strong DD or E. Her eyes went wide and she shook with pleasure. She sat down on the couch between him and Katie, who was busy getting herself off while watching Donna.

“Donna, how do you feel?”

She stretched her legs out and looked at him, beaming. “FanTASTIC, Mister B. Thank you so much!”

Walter tried, and failed, to not stare at her newly augmented chest. It was any college boy’s (or man’s) wet dream. Donna noticed him looking and winked. “Don’t worry, Mister B. I don’t mind. I’d stare too. These are tits. Not boobs, not breasts. TITS!” She punctuated the word by slapping the underside of them, causing a serious jiggle... and serious doubts that her top would hold up much longer.

“W-won’t your parents notice something odd?”

Donna laughed. “They’re in for Cancun for two weeks, and they haven’t seen me since the Fall semester anyway. I’ll just say I hit a growth spurt.”

She sighed contentedly and looked over at Katie. “Sheez, Mrs. B. Horny much?”

Katie moaned incoherently as she fingered herself. Walter heard wet sounds as she rubbed and slapped and squelched her way to an orgasm. Donna watched, fascinated. “Did that thing do this to her?”

Walter put down the original gadget and pulled the new one out of his pocket. “Well, actually, this one did more of it.”

Donna looked over and her eyes went wide. “Cool! Does it do more?”

“Yes. Quite a bit, actually.” He couldn’t help but smile at the young woman’s enthusiasm.

“Can I see it?” Walter hesitated, but then realized it was still set to control Katie. He handed it to Donna.

She was immediately immersed in the touch interface. Being much more comfortable with touch-screen phones she had no issues navigating it and soon had taken in all the main screens and some of the more hidden features. “This... is... freaking awesome.”

She handed it back to Walter and stood. “Do me now.”

He blinked, not sure what he’d just heard. “W-what?”

“Change me. Something. Anything. This is fun.”

“Oh, okay. Umm. You’ve seen what it can do. What do you want?”

“Uh, make me Japanese!”

“I don’t know where that is.” He dug around the menus. Donna had already changed the device over to her. He saw a nude representation of her on the screen and almost looked away, then realized how silly that sounded.

“It’s on the top right corner. Second tab.” Donna was biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

“Oh, okay.” He pulled up a menu and saw a list of ethnicities. “Caucasian” was checked. He tapped “Asian (Japan)” and looked up.

Donna squealed with delight as she became slightly shorter. Her hair, starting at the root, went black in a dark wave and the tilt of her eyes became more pronounced, slimmer. She ran to the hall bathroom to look in the mirror. “Hahaha! That’s so cool! Okay.” She ran back into the living room, bouncing all the way and looking like something out of an anime. “Now change me back, but give me a serious tan. Like, Brazilian dark.”

He checked Caucasian again and turned the skin tone slider up to 10. Donna shuddered and her skin darkened to a dark, dark brown. She looked like she would be at home in South America, except for her Anglo-Saxon features.

She looked at her arms and wrinkled her nose. “Umm. A little too much, Mister B.”

Walter dialed it back to 6. She now had a healthy golden brown. “Much better. Guess I don’t have to lay out anymore.”

Katie had slunk her way to his side of the couch and begun unbuttoning his pants. His erection was painful at this point, so he completely ignored the side of him that said it was inappropriate to receive head in the company of the neighbor’s daughter.

Donna noticed what she was doing and giggled. “Umm, Mister B., looks like someone wants some attention. I should get going now. I’ll DEFINITELY be back, though.”

She jiggled up to him and gave him a hug, while still standing, which meant his head ended up buried deep in those new “TITS” of hers. “Thanks soooo much, Mister B.” As she stood, Katie successfully whipped the whole length of him out of his pants.

“Oooh, Mister B.! Looks like Katie’s a lucky girl.” She winked and turned to leave. “See you later!”