The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dumber Switch: Part 3 “Growing Developments”

by Moe Wallace

Chapter 1: Growing Closer

Donna made true on her promise to return. She showed up at Walter’s house just about every night for the following month. Some nights she’d ask to be changed, others she’d ask to watch while Walter changed Katie. Those nights were particularly conflicting to Walter, since almost every change he made to Katie left her insatiably horny, and he was still a little uneasy getting release around his neighbor’s daughter.

“Hey Mister B.!” Donna had said exuberantly as she trotted into the living room and sat down next to Katie. Walter had, at least, become comfortable enough around her to let Katie remain in her now “natural” state of undress. Donna smiled at him as she absentmindedly tweaked Katie’s nipples. He heard his wife moan in response.

“Sooo... what do you want to do to her tonight?” She asked with a mischievous grin. He couldn’t help but notice she’d completely stopped wearing bras these days. Her much larger breasts were eternally on high-beams through her tight-fitting shirts. Walter shook the thought out of his head.

“Umm, I don’t know. We’ve been through all the most interesting changes already. Any ideas?”

Donna thought for a moment. “Let’s work on me then. I want you to remove all my body hair. I’m tired of shaving.”

Walter sat on the couch and began running through the proper menus on the device. He saw Donna get up out of the corner of his eye and begin stripping. Her top went first. She was working on her jeans when he asked, “Whoa. What are you doing?”

Donna smiled. “It’s no fun if I can’t see it happening. I’m sure you’d agree.”

Walter took a breath, told himself he was being silly (after all, he’d seen her nude form on the device plenty of times lately) and said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

Donna looked him in the eyes as she undid the button and then the zipper on her jeans, then turned around so he could see her ass as she slipped them down her legs and off her bare feet. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and he could immediately see she had pretty much given up trying to trim down there. She had a healthy amount of hair. Some guys are into that, he thought. It looked very... French.

She tossed her jeans into the corner and turned to face him. “Okay. Ready. Make me smooth as a porn star’s cooch, Mister B.”

Walter pressed the OK button and Donna closed her eyes. “Ooooh.. it tingles.” He watched as first all the hair on her arms disappeared, then worked its way down to her midsection. Her smooth, tanned lips peeked out as her vagina cleared up, like fog burning away. The smoothness continued down to what was left on her legs and feet. She was left positively shining.

“That felt awesome.” Donna said, her voice breathy. She sat down and crossed her legs. With her new bare state, he could see every inch of her like that, inside and out. She tossed her hair back with one hand and winked.

Katie had watched the whole scene with one hand inside herself and the other kneading Walther’s crotch. Now she unabashedly tugged at his shorts until she’d disrobed him and taken him into her mouth. She sucked loudly, with wet slurping sounds. Walter closed his eyes and didn’t think about the smooth, naked young lady in front of him. He was too busy enjoying the smooth, naked lady sucking him off.

He barely registered a “Yeah, whatever,” when his wife asked him (between diving swallows of his hard-on) if Donna was safe. He didn’t notice when Donna took the device, pressed a few menu options and shuddered deeply. He didn’t notice when she slunk over to where Katie was laying across the couch with her head in his lap.

He noticed when a second set of hands took his cock and two probing tongues started licking up and down the shaft. His eyes shot open and he looked down to see Katie smiling and sharing a lick or two in a tradeoff with Donna, also smiling and looking straight at him as she stroked and licked him.

Walter didn’t know what to do, overcome by the sensation, and decided to do nothing. The feeling of two warm hands and two warm mouths fellating him was enough to keep his mind occupied. He caught a little bit of a whisper between the two women and felt himself being lowered onto the floor and onto his back.

The rest of his clothes were removed (really only his shirt had remained) and he was encased in the warmth of his wife’s thighs as she knelt on all fours above his head. He began to lick and prod her smooth depths vigorously, all but forgetting about Donna until his cock felt the familiar all-encompassing warmth of a well-lubed vagina engulfing him from head to hilt.

He paused his work on Katie for a moment to see Donna’s young, fit backside riding him reverse cowgirl, her feet arched as she thrust herself up and down with increasing speed and abandon. Her right hand held the device, and she hit a button. He felt her shiver as her pussy walls contracted around him, and watched as her hair darkened to a chestnut brown and lengthened until it reached her ass, tickling his abs as she thrust up and down on his shaft.

He wanted to watch her fit form ride him all night, but Katie whined and pushed herself back onto his face. He grabbed her considerable ass and dove in to her, making her mewl with delight. Just as he found and exploited her engorged clit, he felt himself reaching the end. Caught between two lovely women, both riding him like no tomorrow, he knew it wouldn’t be long.

Both Donna and Katie seemed to pick up the pace as though on cue, Donna grinding her pubic bone into him, Katie squeezing his face between her thighs while she mauled her own dangling tits.

Walter’s hips bucked as he released hot and warm into Donna’s waiting womb, and she screamed as her own orgasm peaked. Katie too had a spasm above him as the three of them swam in the waves of pleasure. Walter sighed as his wife’s thighs released and found himself falling asleep.

Chapter 2: More Special Deliveries

When he woke up, he noticed two things. One, he was still naked. Two, so were the two ladies busy walking from the kitchen to the living room and back again, bringing in parts of a marvelous breakfast.

He was confused at first, wondering who the leggy brunette was that so perfectly complemented his blonde bombshell wife. Then it hit him in a flash. He’d fucked Donna! Something else hit him as well, but it wasn’t quite so sudden. He realized he didn’t care. Not anymore. She was a grown woman, after all, and a damn fine looking one at that. He found himself admiring her figure as she brought in trays with waffles and cups of juice. She noticed his admiring glances and winked, that same precocious smile on her face.

The next shock came when Donna straightened up and turned to go back into the kitchen. She had a very pronounced bulge in her formerly flat tummy. His breathing stopped. “Donna, umm..” He just gestured to her midsection when she came back in. She laughed, and put his hand on her navel.

“Cool, huh? That little gadget of yours beats the hell out of fertility pills.”

“How long have I been out?”

Donna giggled, “Not that long, silly. I just adjusted a few things. Sped them up.”

He suddenly remembered the options he’d discovered the day he first said hello to Donna in the back yard. “I...didn’t agree to this.”

“Oh of course not. I don’t expect anything from you. I’ve wanted a baby since I was a teenager. Turns out the answer was waiting next door all along.” She patted his cock, which was asserting itself whether he wanted it to or not. It grew noticeably from her touch.

“Oh, Mister B. Does my swelling little belly get you excited?” She began stroking him, keeping his hand against her taught bump. By now Katie had joined in, taking Donna’s breasts in her hands and tracing the line of her neck with her tongue. Donna purred and rubbed between her legs with her free hand.

“Mmmmmm, I know you’ve already knocked me up, Mister B., but damned if I don’t want you to keep going. Fuck twins into me if you have to. I need something in here.” She lifted one manicured foot (and hairless leg) over him and engulfed his cock with her bare mound in a front-facing straddle.

He watched her lips engulf him again and again, her breasts bouncing enticingly. Katie was behind her, grinding herself on his thigh and kissing up and down Donna’s back. Donna brought her long hair to the front and it fell on either side of her tits and framed her bulging belly as she bounced and ground into him, nails raking down his chest.

She punctuated each downward thrust with words, “Fuck! Me! Mister! B! Fuck! My! Preggo! Cunt!”

He didn’t last long. Soon he felt himself filling Donna’s very fertile womb with his warm seed, so much so that it began to seep back out. She screamed in pleasure and collapsed on him, pillowy breasts on his face and long, chestnut hair tickling his ears.

Breakfast sat on the coffee table untouched. Shame, they’d made some damned fine waffles.