The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dumber Switch, Part 4

by Moe Wallace

Chapter 1—Consequences

Walter should have been scared. Terrified, in fact. Instead, he watched his neighbors unpacking their SUV from their trip with detached curiosity. The fact that his naked, stacked and now 18-year-old-looking wife was on her knees sucking him off might have contributed to it.

Donna assured him many more times before she left (and over the next few days when she REALLY began to show) that she’d never tell anyone who the real father was. She was going to blame it on some random frat guy she was too drunk to remember. At least it might also explain the swelling of her breasts.

It was just then that the doorbell rang and Walter, annoyed at having been lifted out of his cock-fueled reverie, instructed Katie to wait upstairs and ready herself for his return. He cinched on a robe and went to see who it was.

At first he thought it was some sort of deranged lunatic, by the way the man fidgeted on his front step. Then he saw the man carried a laptop case and some file folders and thought perhaps he was selling something. He opened the door with every intention of telling him to get lost and the man barged in, knocking Walter back with the door.

“What the hell are you doing?” It came out a bit muffled, since he was busy rubbing his nose (which had taken the brunt of the door’s force).

The man looked around the room anxiously and then finally to him. It was almost an afterthought. He wore a thick pair of glasses, dirty slacks and an unbuttoned polo shirt. “Oh, umm... are you..,” he stammered and looked in his file folder, “Mister Bla...”

“Blackowitz,” Walter finished, seriously considering making a run for his phone to call the cops. “What do you want?”

The man adjusted his glasses and licked his lips nervously. “I...I’m so sorry to barge in like this. You see, my brother-in-law.... seems to have stolen a.... device. Something I was working on. It’s... not stable. He told me you might have it.”

Walter wasn’t keen on the idea of letting go of his new toys. “I don’t know what you mean.”

The man fidgeted and adjusted his glasses again. He set down the laptop bag and pulled out a small computer, not much larger than a netbook, and turned it on. “It looks like this.”

The picture on screen quite accurately showed the first device Walter had received. (The second was currently in the pocket of his robe.) He looked at it for a moment, then said grudgingly, “Oh yeah. That thing. No idea what it was for. Here, I’ll let you have it back.”

The man looked visibly relieved, as though someone had just released a very tight belt from his insides. He put away the netbook and followed Walter into the kitchen. The first device sat on the table.

“Sorry about the confusion, Mister...?”

The man stammered, “Vergis. Stanley Vergis.” He seemed to be ignoring Walter, instead inspecting the device carefully, then seemingly satisfied he shoved it in his bag.

“It’s a good thing I was able to catch this before more serious incidents could occur.”

Walter felt his serene sense of safety fading. “What sort of... incidents?”

Stanley ignored the question and hustled his way back to the front door. Before Walter could stop him and ask again, the screen door slammed closed behind him.

Chapter 2—Stanley

Stanley’s pulse started to slow down for the first time in weeks. Ever since he found out his idiot brother-in-law had stolen the prototype he’d been practically in a fugue. He’d never meant to show it to Lenny in the first place; the big oaf had just barged in one day while he was tuning it on his wife.

You can’t exactly explain away the sight of a man’s sister standing buck naked in a home laboratory with her breasts swelling up like party balloons. He’d made Lenny swear to secrecy, in exchange for a little “test run” using Lenny’s girlfriend. This wasn’t event an official project from the office; he’d just been playing around with a new device driver they’d developed.

Thank goodness he’d only swiped the prototype. The Mark II Transmutational Inverse Tachyon Splicer (TITS for short, the marketing team at work would have blown a gasket) was much more powerful...and dangerous.

He’d only recently realized that the effects caused by the prototype had a tendency to....amplify, for lack of a better term, after a certain amount of time. He had a wife at home confined to her bed due to the beach ball sized tits she was now sporting. He’d managed to at least roll her onto her stomach so the weight on her chest wouldn’t suffocate her. It made doggy-style easy enough, and considering her constantly aroused state he had to satiate her regularly or she’d start screaming with desire. The neighbors had started to complain.

The Mark II was better, but the new fuel cell he’d tried using on it (in a misguided effort to save batteries) gave it a hundred times the range he intended. On top of that, a bug in the software would tell you it was focused on one subject, but you’d really be changing a city block. Subjects who’d already been altered once seemed to be unaffected, though. Thank goodness for that. Half his block was pregnant now from an ill-timed button push.

“At least he only took the prototype.” Stanley sighed in relief, intent on going back to his laboratory and figuring out a way to reverse the device’s effects, permanently. His wife was probably already attracting neighborhood cats with her mewling. Or neighborhood boys.

Chapter 3—Checking the Mail, Making Deliveries

Walter had spent so much of his time over the last month inside his house (and subsequently inside his wife) that he’d completely forgotten day-to-day tasks like checking the mail. Now he found himself looking in the mirror at the jeans and T-shirt he was wearing and realized it was the most clothing he’d worn in a long time.

He kept the device (the TITS Mark II, but of course he didn’t know that) tucked safely in one pocket and set out to the end of the block to check the mail. As he walked, he saw the usual Tuesday-night rituals going on. People were bringing out their trash cans for pickup the next morning and some were going about general cleaning tasks like sweeping the driveways.

It was an exceptionally normal night in suburbia, and that just made him more ready to get back to his exceptionally normal house and exceptionally abnormal wife. Somewhere in the back of his mind he felt a little worm of uncertainty and confusion wiggling around, but ignored it.

He grabbed the huge pile of mail (most of it junk) and absentmindedly sorted through it as he walked back to his house six doors down. By about the third door something snapped into place, and he dropped the pile to the sidewalk. He looked around at his neighbors, more closely this time. With the exception of the elderly couple across from his house, every adult female in sight was sporting a bump. Some looked as far along as Donna had been the last time he saw her.

They also all had the same perfect golden tan and swollen breasts. He was willing to bet they were every one of them hairless “as a porn star’s cooch,” as Donna had so eloquently put it. He hurriedly scooped up the discarded mail and returned to his house at a dead run.

As he opened the door and saw his wife staring up at him from her knees, a placid look of subservience on her face, his calm shattered completely. He might be able to explain away the changes in his wife with plastic surgery or hormone treatments, and the neighbor’s daughter seemed strangely giddy to have a baby with no official father, but changing an ENTIRE BLOCK? Someone would notice that. Suddenly his little toy seemed more likely to get him arrested (and possibly probed) than just a harmless vice.

His mood was compounded when he heard a tentative knock on the door. It was Donna, so he didn’t bother telling Katie to dress or leave. The young woman’s eyes were puffy like she’d been crying. His personal sense of panic was pushed back and replaced with concern for Donna.

She walked in and dropped to the couch. Or, she tried to and ended up bracing herself to lower slowly onto it when her protruding belly got in the way. “They threw me out!”

It took Walter a moment to respond. “Your parents?”

“Yeah.” She sniffed and rubbed her eyes with one hand, the other one subconsciously rubbing her stomach and (from Walter’s point of view) it looked as though she was working her way down further. He wondered if she realized she was doing it.

“I just... I know I said I wouldn’t ask anything from you, but I didn’t know where else to go. You know?”

Walter sat down on the couch next to her and put an arm over her shoulder. She leaned into him and sobbed. This was not really what he had in mind when the stupid device ended up in his mail. He was beginning to wonder if it was all a big mistake.

“We can’t use the device anymore, Donna.”

She didn’t look up. “Why not?”

“It’s been changing the whole neighborhood.”

That got her attention. She wiped her eyes again and looked up. “No shit?” He couldn’t help but notice a small amount of excitement on her face. He nodded.

She leaned back and thought about that for a moment. “How, exactly?” He explained the sights from his trip to the mailbox. As the said it he noticed the young woman’s mood lightening noticeably. By the end of the story she was actually smiling through her tear-puffed eyes.

“So,” Walter finished, “that’s why we can’t use it anymore. Someone is going to notice these weird things happening here.”

“Like who? The Weird Shit Police?” She was up and walking around now. He wanted to say something about a woman in her condition and getting worked up, but decided against it. She was positively brimming with excitement.

“What do you suggest then?”

He didn’t get to hear her ideas, because she immediately doubled over. Minutes later, they were on their way to the hospital.

Chapter 4—Intermission

Debbie Kleindast would never have expected herself to be where she was now, had you asked her about her plans for the month. Were you to ask her now, she’d not likely respond with anything coherent, as it would be quite difficult for her to speak with a mouth full of her husband’s cock.

It started a few weeks back. It had been a relatively pleasant, normal evening for her family. The teenage daughters had come home from school and immediately cloistered themselves in their respective rooms. Her husband had trudged in an hour later, briefcase in tow. She herself had returned from her job selling real-estate a little earlier that afternoon.

She was sitting at the dinner table going over some new listings, numbers and features whirling through her head, when she felt a strange pinching sensation in her chest. That’s the last time I have drive-through Chinese for lunch, she thought, figuring it was heartburn.

She felt a little warm and reached to loosen a button on her blouse. Her hand hit nothing but air. Debbie was far from buxom, but she knew about where her chest ended, and that wasn’t it. She looked down and saw herself as flat as her first day of fourth grade.

Before she had time to react, her chest tingled and swelled like it was being inflated, perhaps from her vagina, which had a not altogether unpleasant tingle to it all of a sudden. She couldn’t help but let out a startled (but sultry) “Mmmmmmmm...” as her blouse became unusually tight, then threatened to burst.

Seeing where this was going (and her logical mind having not yet caught up with reality) she started quickly unbuttoning her top. She had worn a camisole today, so it wasn’t like she was going to flash anyone.

Her breasts swelled more and more, and she felt and urgent need that could NOT be satisfied at the dinner table. She bolted for the downstairs bathroom and locked herself in. Her sensible slacks and comfortable panties where practically torn down to her ankles as she shoved a hand into her dripping slit.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror above the sink and gasped. The crow’s feet she’d fretted over just this morning were gone, and her few gray hairs were fading back to her natural dark brown as she watched. Her face slimmed and chin tightened. She looked down and saw that her legs were toning up and regaining her girlish tan.

Her pussy lips tightened around her fingers, not just the usual post-coital clench but an honest-to-god “I’m nearly a virgin again” cinch job. She could drive George wild with her new pussy. The idea of sliding her husband’s cock into her suddenly had an amazing appeal, and she found herself shedding the blouse and camisole and bolting out into the living room.

George had just settled down and loosened his tie when an attractive, naked woman burst out of the bathroom behind him. He called out in surprise and then confusion when he realized she looked astonishingly similar to his wife.

“Hey Georgie Porgie, slam that puddin in my pie!” She vaulted over the couch and tore his suit pants off. He was so confused she had to work him up to the task, but as soon as she set to work, her enlarged chest bouncing with every spirited rub, he was more than willing.

Debbie lowered herself onto him hungrily and he was amazed at how tight she was all of a sudden. Her hair (now completely dark brown) flew all over as she bucked on top of him like a wild animal. They hadn’t had sex like this since... well, he figured since they were in their twenties.

Debbie’s mind was racing. Her thoughts were focused completely on how much of George she could shove inside her, repeatedly, and how hard. She clamped down on his cock with muscles she’d forgot she had and felt a familiar growing warmth spread through her.

When she came the first time she arched her back so far George was sure she’d snap her spine, but instead she simply grabbed her ankles and brought her feet almost up to her shoulders. He never remembered her being so flexible.

Hearing the commotion, their two daughters (18 and 19) came downstairs and their jaws dropped. The next thing to drop were their clothes, as they were hit by the same changes their mother had just gone through.

Lisa and Camille (Cammy to her friends) were so incredibly turned on (and incredibly confused at being turned on) that they grabbed one another, tongues and fingers probing wherever they would fit. They writhed on the floor, mostly unaware of their expanding busts or increased flexibility. They kissed and fingered and rubbed for the better part of the next hour to the sounds of their mother riding their father like a bronco.

George nearly passed out after he came inside his wriggling, sweaty wife. She fell back onto the couch, also exhausted. “Good lord, Debbie. What got into you?”

Debbie could barely speak between gasping breaths. Her swollen chest rose and fell seductively, and George found himself wondering if he could muster another go. “I...don’t know... Georgie.. I just... needed to be fucked.”

The real estate market in their neighborhood took a decided downward turn in the weeks to come, as Debbie found more and more excuses not to come into the office. The morning she woke up to find herself completely hairless, she kept her husband from going in as well. Even as she rode him and felt him empty inside her she kept bucking her bald pussy against him. The swelling of her belly didn’t concern her until after her second orgasm, and by that time she was passed out.

Chapter 5—Aaaaaaand We’re Back

Walter waited impatiently for Donna to get wheeled back into the room. Her labor had gone off without a hitch, and the doctor in charge said he was amazed at her physical recovery afterward. They had a darling baby boy. She named him Lawrence, after her father (despite her current feelings toward him).

Katie had come along, mostly because Walter hadn’t had time to think about what commands to give her while he was away. “Clean the house” worked usually, but sometimes she took it a little too literally and took a sponge to the red brick outside. (Thank goodness he’d caught her before she made it to the front yard, bare as she was.)

The vapid one sat in a visitor’s chair mostly silently. She had been complaining about itching a lot since they left the house, but he just assumed it was her skin not being used to clothes anymore. Finally, in wheeled the new mommy and little Lawrence. Donna did indeed look remarkably well for having just given birth. She smiled at him on the way in.

“Hey there, Mister B. Meet Lawrence!” When the nurses left them alone, she added, “He has your eyes.”

Walter held his accidental son and confirmed that, yes, he did have Walter’s eyes and yes, he was damned cute. To Donna he said, “Might as well call me Walter now, Donna. We’ve had a child together.”

“Nah, just doesn’t sound right,” she winked. She took the baby back. “So, we never finished our chat about your gadget.”

“We can’t keep using it. It’s dangerous.”

“What if I knew someone who could amp it down a bit?”

“What do you mean?”

“I know a guy from college that was handy with electronics. He owes me some favors, and if he won’t let me cash in,” she hefted her even more swollen tits, which were beginning to produce milk, “I have methods of persuasion.”

“Well, okay, but only if we can ramp it down.”

She grinned impishly, “What’s the matter, Mister B.? Don’t like the idea of being a god?”

He sighed. Just then Katie began giggling uncontrollably. He looked over and saw his wife swelling like a water balloon from her chest and ass. “Heeheee... it tickles, Daddy.” The blouse and pants he had tossed at her when they left strained, and eventually gave way, bursting at the seams and leaving his wife looking like a Playboy version of She-Hulk. She stretched, showing the room pretty much everything there was, and said, “Much better. Heehee. I’m extra bouncy.” She demonstrated the fact quite vigorously.

Walter looked at Donna, who was just as confused as he. “You’ve got the gadget, not me. You didn’t just do that?” Walter shook his head, and in an instant of clarity found a hospital gown for Katie to wear lest she attract any unwanted attention.

A nurse came in with a bassinet for Lawrence, who was apparently quite tuckered out after being born and all. Donna set him down and waited for the nurse to leave. She got up, flicked the lock on the door to the room and shed her hospital gown.

Walter noticed her abs had completely healed. You’d never guess she’d just popped out a kid half an hour ago. She ran her hands from her inner thigh up to her abs, then cupped her breasts and finally ended the show with one finger in her mouth. “I was hot.”

You still are... said the back of Walter’s mind. His other head took notice as well. She came toward him.

“Can’t we just play around a little while we’re here? I promise nothing really strange. And I can change back before we leave. No harm no foul.”

Walter swallowed, watching the mother of his child walk past him to his wife and remove the gown. She rubbed and licked Katie’s new mounds. Katie purred and reciprocated.

What the hell? “Wh-what did you have in mind?”

“Look in the mental options. Tell me if anything jumps out at you.”

He pulled out the TITS Mark II (surely there’s a better name for it) and found the checklist. “Daddy Issues” was already checked. Not surprising. He scrolled through until one caught his eye.

“How about ‘Little Bitch’?”

Donna’s eye lit up. “Oooooo, Mister B.! Kinky. Do it.”

He checked the box and watched. Donna smiled and went to all fours. She opened her mouth and a small YIP! came out. It gave her pause. She’d only meant to say “Thanks.” Suddenly she found herself unable to stand on two legs. Her balance just gave out.

Walter watched Donna as she loped around the room on her hands and knees, trying to speak and letting out whines and small barks. When she turned away from him and he saw her bare pussy, he had to admit it was erotic. He’d never been into submission before, but he might develop a taste for it. He called Katie over and had her sit next to him on the bed. He motioned downward and she took the hint, removing his pants and boxers and taking him in her mouth.

“What do you think, Katie? Should we take this little puppy home with us?” Katie nodded energetically.

* * *

Elsewhere in the maternity ward things weren’t quite so orderly. Every female, be they patient, nurse or doctor, found themselves crawling on all fours and speaking fluent canine. To their further dismay, many of them realized they were going into heat and began to shed articles of clothing as they went. Waist down went first, but as some of the less morally-centered men in the wards began to get the hint, the rest came with it. There simply weren’t enough broom closets for the orgy that followed.

Dr. Nadine Schuster was about to make her second set of rounds when she felt suddenly very light-headed. She knelt and put down her clipboard to regain her composure and found she could no longer stand. More disturbing, she found herself searching for a man, any man, to tell her what to do next. Dave, the cocky male head nurse walked in at just the wrong time.

Nadine found herself crawling over to him, slipping the bottoms of her scrubs off her ass, panties and all, until only her lab coat covered her from the waist down. Her sneakers and socks were discarded. When she reached Dave she rubbed her face against his hand and sat on her haunches. The linoleum floor was very cold on her bare ass and feet.

Dave looked down at the half-naked doctor, a confused look on his face. She whined and panted at him. Her mind was a blur of thoughts, “Why the HELL am I doing this? I’m not a subby! I don’t even LIKE this guy? Why can’t I talk? And WHY am I WET???!!?”

Dave looked around, and seeing most of the other staff pairing off he figured, When in Rome... He led Nadine to the nearest empty room and shut the door. “Go sit, girl.”

Despite her brain screaming the opposite, her body happily loped over to the small couch for visitors and hopped up, curling herself up on it, her bare ass pointed at Dave. He took the hint. She saw him slipping out of his scrubs as he came toward her. She found herself presenting her dripping pussy to him and whining.

“I knew you could be a bitch, Dr. Schuster. I just didn’t know how much.” He mounted her and even her logical brain had to admit, he knew what he was doing.