The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dumber Switch, Part 5

by Moe Wallace

Family life was interesting for Walter, to say the least. Donna was a doting mother to little Lawrence, keeping him fed and entertained during the day while Walter was at work. Katie too had shown an impressive motherly instinct despite her mental failings in other areas. Neither Walter nor Donna trusted her alone with him, but she was surprisingly good with the rocking and playing routine.

Donna’s friend pulled through, showing great enthusiasm to play with the TITS Mark II (a name he discovered when he dumped the firmware in an attempt to figure out what caused the over-broadcasting). What required some serious negotiation was his continued silence about it after the fact.

He had successfully dialed down the range to within 20 feet, but not before demanding his fee. It involved doing a field test on his math tutor. Needless to say she would not be available for any tutoring ever again, instead devoting herself full-time to oral exams.

Donna’s parents eventually warmed to their grandson, though admittedly they didn’t understand her living arrangement with Walter and his wife, who they didn’t remember being quite so much younger than him.

The increase in baby strollers around the neighborhood didn’t strike most people as particularly odd, and Walter eventually calmed down about it. It was a relatively uneventful afternoon when they met Cleo, the door-to-door saleswoman.

Walter had come to the door in his robe, as usual. Donna had ushered the always-oblivious Katie upstairs and went to check on Lawrence. The young woman at the door was fetching, if plain. She wore glasses and held a clipboard.

“Hello, sir. My name is Cleo and I’m with ABC Alarm services. May I ask who you have your service with currently?”

Walter groaned inwardly. “I’m not interested, really.” He began to close the door on her, but Cleo pressed on. “We have some really amazing deals today. I just spoke with..” she paused for a moment to consult her script, “Robert and May next door and they said you might be interested in what I have to offer.”

The old “try next door” pass-the-buck routine. Great. He decided to just speak plainly with her this time. “Look, Cleo. I’m sure you’re a nice girl and all, but I’m really not interested. Frankly I’m amazed an attractive young woman like you has to stoop to accosting random strangers to make a living. Surely you’d rather be doing something else.”

“Oh, you damned well bet I would.” Walter froze, and so did Cleo. She seemed shocked at her own words.

“What might you rather be doing for a living, Cleo?”

“Stripping, probably. My cousin did it for a while and there’s good money. Plus the idea of shaking my titties for a bunch of horny guys kind of turns me on. Oh!” Her hand flew up to her mouth and she turned beet red.

Walter caught a quiet snicker from the stairwell. “Could you wait here just a minute, Cleo?”

The shell-shocked sales girl nodded, seemingly afraid to open her mouth again. Walter walked over to the foot of the stairs (which thankfully faced away from the front door) to find a nude Donna sitting there. She smiled drunkenly at him, one hand on the TITS Mark II, the other buried deep within her swollen lips.

He gingerly took the device and saw (unsurprisingly) a picture of Cleo on screen. “Truth Serum” was checked in the mental attributes section. He had to chuckle. “You really enjoy this thing, don’t you, Donna?”

The young woman nodded, eager with need. Her free hand reached up and at first he thought she was going to jerk him off, but it passed his groin to take the device back from him. “Go talk to her some more, Mister B. It’s fun.”

Smiling to himself, he left the stroking Donna to her game and went back to the front door. The scene had brought him to full attention beneath his robe, but he paid no mind. Cleo noticed when he returned but quickly looked away, her blush turning a deep near-purple.

“Cleo, does my erection bother you?”

“N-no, sir.”

“How does it make you feel, honestly.”

“Embarrassed.. and.. horny.” The last word was nearly a whisper.

“Come inside for a minute, Cleo, would you?”


The girl stepped inside. He noted with amusement that her nipples were visible through her company polo shirt she wore. “Now Cleo, come to the living room.”

She walked to the couch and sat down on one end. He took the opposite one. “Cleo, stripping isn’t a career really. It’s a means to an end. What do you want to do with the money you get from stripping?”

“I’d really like to work with animals.”

“Are you in school?”

“Yes sir. I’m a junior at State. Majoring in animal science.”

“So you want to become a vetrinarian?”

For the first time since they’d started talking, he saw a real spark in her eyes. “Oh yes. It’s my dream to be able to fix up kids’ puppies and kitties.”

Walter shifted on the couch and his robe fell open, exposing the full length of him. Cleo looked down, blushed, looked away, and snuck a second peek from the corner of her eye.

“Cleo, does my hard-on look good to you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you wet, Cleo?”

“Yes.” She had started to squirm ever so slightly. He wasn’t sure if she realized it.

“I’d like to see you strip for me, Cleo. If you put on a good show, maybe you can ride me. Does that sound good?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

“Good. Strip for me.”

Cleo looked unsure. She bit her bottom lip, then slowly got up and stood in the middle of the room. “Umm.. there’s no music.”

“I can fix that.” Walter took his stereo remote and turned it on to a local hip-hop station. “There.”

Cleo closed her eyes and started to move with the beat. Her movements were jerky at first, unsure. As the song went on, he noticed her body loosen, begin to roll and flow. Her hands massaged her ass, her stomach, her breasts. Her hips swayed and dipped in rhythm.

She toyed with her belt, unbuckled it as she dipped and rocked, then with one quick move slipped it out of its loops and dropped it. Her shirt pulled free of her jeans. She opened her eyes now, and Walter saw none of the unsure little girl he’d seen before. This was a woman. Her eyes were intent, alive.

She slowly brought the bottom of her shirt up and over her tits. He saw why her nipples had shown; she wasn’t wearing a bra. “You don’t wear bras to work, Cleo?”

She shook her head, short bob hair bouncing. “I don’t really have enough to worry about it.” She kept dancing, losing her shoes and socks next. Now she turned around and bent at the waist wearing only her jeans, tits moving toward her head as she leaned down and looked at him through her legs.

“I think we can fix that.” He laughed a little to himself.

Cleo was just about to say, “What do you mean?” when she stood up straight and felt her tits flop down. She wasn’t used to having to balance weight on her chest. “What’s happening?”

She continued dancing, her B cups expanding to a C, then a D, then a DD. She moaned. Walter felt himself becoming painfully hard. “How do you feel, Cleo?”

“Oh, I feel GREAT! Having real titties to bounce around will really make the men tip me.”

She turned to face him and began unbuttoning the front of her jeans. By this time, Donna had emerged from her hiding place. She brought Katie. They both watched the show with rapt attention.

Walter looked to Cleo as she noticed the other two women, both still wearing less than she in her rapidly disappearing jeans. “Cleo, this is my wife Katie and my...” he stumbled for a minute.

Donna picked it up, “I’m his other wife, Donna. Hello, Cleo.” Katie broke her attention from Cleo’s gyrating hips long enough to say, “You’re bouncy! Heehee.”

Walter motioned for Katie to come over and pay attention to his cock. “You don’t mind if Katie takes care of me for a minute, do you Cleo. Your show has me kind of worked up.”

Cleo continued her dance, slipping her jeans down her thighs, then calves, then steeping out of them, leaving only a lacy thong. “Oh no, it turns me on to have a show too.”

Donna watched both shows intently. She snatched the TITS from Walter and tapped it a few times.

“So Cleo, that isn’t your real name, is it?”

“No, my real name is Jessica. I give a different name every neighborhood for fun.” Cleo had begun to crawl sexily on the floor, hands slipping under her thong seductively.

Donna continued rubbing herself and tapped the TITS again. “And what was it you wanted to be when you graduate?”

“A vetr- a ve—,” she looked confused, but kept writhing on the floor, laying down on her back with her feet in the air and her ass facing the group. She lifted her ass slightly and slipped the thong up and off.

“What’s that, Jessica?”

“A.... vegetarian?” She looked even more confused. “That works with doggies and kitties? Heehee.” She looked at them giddily from between her spread legs. “That sounds like titties.”

Walter nudged Katie up off the floor and positioned her facing away from him. She slid onto his cock with no effort, completely drenched in her own lubrication, and began to buck on him feverishly.

Donna didn’t pay any attention to him. “Do you like girls, Jessica?”

“Call me Jessy! And no. I like cock!”

“Mmmhmm.” Donna tapped the TITS again, “Do you like girls, Jessy?”

“Oh yeeesssss...” Jessy crawled over to Donna and sat on her knees in front of her. Donna moved forward so the girl could lick her pussy. She took to it like a starving woman to a buffet.

Walter watched Donna over his wife’s head, one hand in her hair as she rammed into him again and again. Donna rolled her head back, then over to him and winked. “Ready for something really neat, Mister B.?”

Walther nodded, not sure what she had in mind. Donna tapped the TITS again and laid back to revel in Jessy’s intimate attentions.

Walter felt himself ready to come, and he tapped Katie on the back of her head. She slipped off of him with a plop and engulfed his cock just in time to catch his warm load. She would continue to suck him off until he was completely clean. Meanwhile he noticed something odd about Cleo, er... Jessy.

The girl’s body was getting darker. Her skin started to shimmer slightly in the light. At first he thought Donna had just changed her skin tone, but then he noticed her ears lengthening. They thinned out at the tips, and looked slightly pointed.

Her skin wasn’t darkening at all. It was growing light-yellow striped fur from head to toe. Her feet lengthened and became more narrow and her toenails disappeared, becoming large furred paws.

He saw a small nub growing at the base of her spine that continued to grow and lengthen until it was almost two feet long and as furry as the rest of her. He noticed that her DD breasts remained hairless, and upon closer inspection, so was the area around her pussy. A low rumble like marbles rolling came from somewhere, and Walter realized she’d started to purr.

Donna looked down at the catwoman lapping at her loins like a bowl of cream and nearly purred herself. She was gorgeous. “Jessy, how about instead of working on kitties, you can BE a kitty.”

When Jessy looked up, Walter gasped. Her eyes were slit vertically, and small whiskers had begun to poke out on either side of her mouth. “Ohh....mmrrrrrrrrr... That would be grrrrrrrreat...”

“What setting was that?” Walter was still in a bit of shock from the extreme transformation in front of him.

Donna smiled, “Sex Kitten.”