The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Will you do it?”

Cal sighs, “I am convinced that you are willing to surrender a large amount of control. I think that is enough to try but I am still skeptical that it will work out the way you are expecting.”

“I am only expecting something better than what I have now. I know you can do that much.”

“OK, I will try. If we are going to keep you, then you need to move in here. We will turn the study into your bedroom. Go ahead and cancel the lease on your apartment, you will be staying here one way or another. We will help you get moved in and everything.” Cal pauses and looks at both women. “I have some preparation to do before we can start. Don’t bring the subject up again. I will let you know when I am ready to start.”

Both women nod their heads.

Dying to Live

Chapter 2

Almost a week passes as Cal thinks long and hard about goals and approaches. By Friday night Cheryl is moved in. Even with details left to attend to, Cal tells Cheryl and Beth that they should start in the morning to take advantage of the weekend.

Saturday morning finds Cheryl and Beth in the living room. They are both wearing a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt with bare feet. Their outfits match better than their smiles. Cheryl’s is a nervous determination while Beth’s is a hint of anxiety mixed something else. Cal emerges from the kitchen, after grabbing some juice, to find them waiting on the sofa.

With carefully suppressed nervousness, Cal begins despite his own misgivings. “Beth, have a seat in the chair. Cheryl, take these two pills and then lie down on the sofa.”

Cheryl swallows the pills without comment and gets comfortable on the sofa.

Beth’s curiosity gets the best of her, “what were those?”

Cal looks over at Beth. “One is a hypnotic that will reduce her mental resistance and the other has, shall we say, a positive effect on arousal.” He turns back to Cheryl. “Are you ready?”

Cheryl is fighting a tight ball of nervousness in her chest. Her mouth is almost too dry to speak. She looks at Beth. “Remember Beth, you gave your word. Either I’m free or I’m happy with my new life. You gave your word.” Cheryl says with much more fortitude than she shows.

“I know.” Beth whispers.

Cheryl turns her head to Cal. “Make me happy with whatever life you give me.”

Beth nods. “Yes, do whatever you need to make this work.”

Cal gets out the pendant he used the first time he hypnotized Cheryl and Beth. He holds it out over Cheryl. “Now, watch the gem as it moves in the light. Take a deep breath in and then let out tension as you release the breath.” Cal continues and in 10 minutes Cheryl is in a light trance. “Start counting down from 100 in your head. With each number, you will sink deeper and deeper into hypnosis. While you are doing this, ignore what is going on in the room. When you are finished, open your eyes but remain deeply entranced and ready for my next commands. Begin now.”

He looks over that Beth and is not surprised to see her eyes closed and her head slumped down on her chest. “Beth, did you let yourself be hypnotized on purpose?”


“Remember last time I gave you a way to go back into hypnosis quickly. What happens when I say ‘trance time Beth’?”

“I fall back into hypnosis.”

“Correct. I want you to wake you up now. Wake up.”

Beth reanimates and opens her eyes. “Why did you do that? Why did you wake me up? I remember being hypnotized this time and you didn’t do anything with me.”

“Why did you let yourself be hypnotized?”

“So you can make me happy with all this.”

“Last time you said that you didn’t want to remember what I did with Cheryl. Has that changed?”


“What do you want me to do now?”

“Make me happy about you and Cheryl having sex.”


“I have been thinking about all of this.” She gestures towards Cheryl entranced on the sofa. “You have to know that you control her before you can change her. You will have to test your control by making her do things that she wouldn’t normally do. The biggest thing she can’t do, the reason we are doing all of this, is accept a man’s touch. You will have to touch her a lot before this is all finished. I know all of this intellectually, but emotionally it hurts. Make me not just accept but be happy with the situation. She is my friend and I gave my word. I know this has to happen. I know you have to do this, but it is harder than I thought it would be.”

Cal pauses as possibilities and fantasies unfold in his mind. “What you are asking would require a lot of control, much like what I am doing with Cheryl.”

“I know. I also want you to use me for sex any time you want or need. Overcoming Cheryl’s resistance will be frustrating and I don’t want you taking it out on her. Make me available to you 24/7.”

“That would essentially make you my sex slave.”

“I trust you.”


“Cal,” Beth cuts in with a look of something Cal can’t define. “Stop arguing and just do it.”

Cal smiles. “It sounds like you are ordering me to turn you into my slave.”

Beth smiles too. “I guess I am. So, get started.”

“Trance time Beth.”

Beth’s eyes fall closed and her head droops back onto her chest as her body relaxes. Cal coaxes both women into a deep trance. Once he is satisfied, he begins the next phase.

“Open your eyes but remain deeply entranced.” Both women have glassy eyes that stare off into space. “Stand up at parade rest.” They rise dreamily to their feet.

“Hand me your shirt and bra.” Cheryl hesitates slightly but they both comply. Cal is presented with two lovely women, nude from the waist up and waiting for his next command. He takes some pictures with his digital camera but gets no reaction. He knows that neither would allow photos if awake. He is surprised by Cheryl’s erratic reactions. She undresses and poses topless, yet freaks when touched as though it were a reflex.

“Remove your pants.” Again he is surprised at Cheryl’s compliant response. Once they have obeyed, Cal pauses a moment to study and compare them.

Cheryl is 5′ 1″ with black hair that touches her shoulders. Her skin is naturally tan and the corners of her hazel eyes suggest some oriental ancestry. Her C cup breasts seem larger on her slim frame. Her petite size and wide eyed look make her more cute than beautiful.

Beth is 5′ 5″. Her D cup breasts and wider hips give her a more “curvy” figure than Cheryl. Beth has long, dark red hair that falls half way down her back. She has bright blue eyes and a light scattering of freckles on her pale skin.

Cal takes some more photos, again with no apparent resistance. Then he brings them both into the master bedroom and has them lie down side by side on the queen size bed.

“Put your hands on your breasts and begin touching them the way that feels best.” Cal enjoys the view as their nipples begin to react. “Slide one hand down inside your panties and begin to touch yourself there.” He watches them obey. “Repeat the phrase ‘I obey Cal while in this state’.”

They are not quite in unison but do repeat, “I obey Cal while in this state.”

“Keep repeating that phrase. As you repeat it, it will become more and more true. The more true it is the more your arousal will build. When it is absolutely true that you will obey me without hesitation, you will climax. After the climax relax your arms down to your sides while remaining in a trance.”

Cal watches both women gradually build to a climax. As their arousal builds, the urgent desire for an orgasm becomes a need that crushes any resistance. Cheryl orgasms first due to the drugs. Once Beth has also climaxed and relaxed, Cal starts again.

“Repeat the phrase ‘I will obey any commands Cal gives in this state even while awake’.”

“I will obey any commands Cal gives in this state even while awake.”

“Begin touching yourself again and repeat the new phrase. The more true it is the more your arousal will build. When you will obey absolutely any command even later while awake, you will climax and then relax your hands to your sides.”

It takes slightly less time for Cheryl and then Beth to orgasm.

“Repeat the phrase ‘I obey Cal without thought or hesitation’.”

“I obey Cal without thought or hesitation.”

“Now bring yourself to orgasm as this phrase become completely true.”

This time takes a bit longer and both orgasm at about the same time. Cal feeds them both some of the drugs he gave Cheryl earlier. Then he lets them relax and deepens their trances. While the drugs are starting to kick in, Cal retrieves a MP3 player.

“Cheryl, I want you to say ‘I will return to this state when Cal says Trance Time Cheryl’.”

Cheryl repeats the phrase and Cal records her voice on the MP3 player.

“Beth, I want you to say ‘I will return to this state when Cal says Trance Time Beth’.”

She repeats the phrase and Cal records her voice.

“Cheryl, I want you to say ‘I obey Cal in this state’.”

She does as Cal records her voice again on the MP3 player. He then records Beth repeating the same phrase. Next he records each woman repeating, “I do what Cal commands me to do in this state”.

He works them through a series of phrases, recording each woman’s voice repeating it back to him.

“I must obey, it is the only way.”

“I obey Cal without hesitation.”

“I enjoy obeying Cal.”

“I will obey any commands given in this state even after I awaken.”

“I will remain in this state until Cal awakens me.”

“I never remember being in this state.”

Cal has Beth and Cheryl kneel facing each other on the bed, very close together. He places one ear bud from the MP3 player into Cheryl’s ear and the other in Beth’s ear. He places Beth’s right hand on Cheryl’s throat and Beth’s left hand on Cheryl’s clit. He then places Cheryl’s hands on Beth’s throat and clit.

“When you hear your own voice say a phrase, repeat it at the same time. Each time you repeat it, it will become more true. When you hear your friend’s voice repeating a phrase, punish any hesitation or resistance by choking her throat. Otherwise, reward her with a stroke on her clit.”

Cal starts the MP3 player in a loop and watches Beth and Cheryl condition each other to obey him. He winces the first time Cheryl punishes Beth by choking her. In the beginning, there is some hesitation and stuttering from both women. This is quickly quashed, however. By the tenth cycle through all of the phrases, the hesitation is fading. By the first hour, it is gone completely. By the second hour, all thought of resistance is gone. By the third hour, the reinforcing pleasure has pushed them through repeated orgasms which burn the phrases deeper and deeper into their minds. When their bodies are quivering with exhaustion, Cal finally allows Cheryl and Beth to stop. After they re-dress, he lets them lie down and rest for a while. Then he re-doses the drugs.

He has them each kneel. He ties Cheryl’s hands behind her back with some soft rope. He also ties her ankles together and then ties wrists to ankles. Finally, he runs a loop from her wrists around her throat and back down. He pulls this tight enough to almost cut off her breathing. He ties Beth the same way.

“You cannot resist me in this state. You will try to move, to struggle. Once you are convinced that you cannot move without my permission, that you cannot resist me, you will stop struggling and say that you can only move to obey me in this state.”

Both women try to move around. This starts to cut off their breathing. Panicked struggling ensues. After several minutes of thrashing around with her breathing repeatedly cut off, Beth stops struggling and says, “I can only move to obey you in this state.”

Two minutes later, Cheryl stops struggling and repeats the same phrase.

Cal unties both women. “Now I am going to give you some orders to obey after you awaken from this state. Right after I awaken you, you will calmly remove all of your clothes and go stand side by side in the living room at parade rest. Remaining calm and unconcerned, you will pose however I wish while I take photos until I tell you that I am finished. Then you will return to this controlled state. Do you understand and will you obey?”

Both answer, “Yes.”

“Call me my Lord while in this state.”

“Yes my Lord,” together in sync.

“I will count to three and you will awaken. One, two, three.”

Cheryl’s awareness returns and she looks around the room to get her bearings. She sees herself and Beth kneeling on the bed in Cal and Beth’s bedroom. Cal is standing at the end of the bed looking at them curiously. Just as she registers all of this, she finds herself getting off of the bed while pulling off her T-shirt. By the time she gets over being shocked and tries to analyze what is happening, her bra is off and her hands are at the waistband of her sweat pants. She realizes that she doesn’t feel forced to do what she is doing. It feels like she decided to do it on her own, but she can’t remember making that decision. She starts to feel a twinge of panic as she steps out of her sweat pants and panties. The feeling of panic is, however, tempered by a feeling of certainty that she is doing the right thing. She tries to sort this out in her mind as she follows Beth, who is also nude, out of the bedroom. Cheryl finds herself standing at parade rest next to Beth in the living room. She feels like she could move, but has decided not to. She still doesn’t know when that decision was made, however.

A moment later, Cal arrives in the living room with his camera. Seeing the camera increases the spark of panic in Cheryl’s eyes, but her body remains still and her face remains expressionless. When C al starts taking pictures, a cold sense of dread creeps down her spine but she still can’t decide to do anything but stand still.

When Cal puts the camera down and mutters, “good” Cheryl hopes he is finished. Then he speaks, “put your hands on your hips, bend one knee a little and smile.” Suddenly Cheryl can move, but only to pose as directed. Her face smiles but her eyes look detached, almost blank. Cheryl still can’t shake the certainty that this pose is what she decided to do even has her panic over posing for nude pictures grows.

Cal nods. “Good. Now use your hands to hold your breasts out to the camera and pucker up like you want a kiss.” Cheryl has barely registered what he said when she realizes that she is already in the new pose. Her panic grows enough to produce a cold sweat, but her body doesn’t move while Cal takes his pictures.

Cal puts the camera down. “OK Beth and Cheryl, I am finished.” Cheryl feels a black curtain descend over her awareness as her eyes flutter shut.

Cal looks at Beth and Cheryl standing relaxed with their eyes closed. He is pleased with his first test of their obedience. He knows that neither woman would voluntarily pose for nude pictures.

Cal gets the MP3 player and has the women record some additional phrases.

“My body and mind are Cal’s to control.”

“I cannot resist Cal’s control.”

“I allow Cal’s touch.”

“I cannot resist Cal’s touch.”

Cal sits the women on the living room floor facing each other as close together as possible. He gives Cheryl more of the drugs because he expects more resistance from her now. Each right hand goes on the other woman’s throat and each left hand on her clit.

“When you hear your own voice, repeat the phrase along with it. Each time you hear it, the phrase becomes more true. When you hear the other women speak, punish any hesitation or resistance by choking her. Otherwise, reward her by stroking her clit.”

Cal starts the MP3 player and watches the women begin conditioning each other again. The original phrases pass by without hesitation. Both women hesitate some over the first two new phrases. As expected, Cheryl stutters the last two phrases and doesn’t finish saying them. Each time, she is mercilessly choked by Beth. Part of Cal wants to stop this but he knows that he has to continue. Cheryl does only a little better the second time through. By the fourth time, she manages to finish saying the phrases but is still obviously struggling with them. An hour passes before her voice smoothes out and her hesitation starts to fade. It takes another hour for the hesitation to be gone completely. Cal finally stops them in the fourth hour. Both women are exhausted, hungry and thirsty. He feeds them protein shakes and gives them some final instructions to follow in the morning before putting them to bed, still nude.