The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cal gets the MP3 player and has the women record some additional phrases.

“My body and mind are Cal’s to control.”

“I cannot resist Cal’s control.”

“I allow Cal’s touch.”

“I cannot resist Cal’s touch.”

Cal sits the women on the living room floor facing each other as close together as possible. He gives Cheryl more of the drugs because he expects more resistance from her now. Each right hand goes on the other woman’s throat and each left hand on her clit.

“When you hear your own voice, repeat the phrase along with it. Each time you hear it, the phrase becomes more true. When you hear the other women speak, punish any hesitation or resistance by choking her. Otherwise, reward her by stroking her clit.”

Cal starts the MP3 player and watches the women begin conditioning each other again. The original phrases pass by without hesitation. Both women hesitate some over the first two new phrases. As expected, Cheryl stutters the last two phrases and doesn’t finish saying them. Each time, she is mercilessly choked by Beth. Part of Cal wants to stop this but he knows that he has to continue. Cheryl does only a little better the second time through. By the fourth time, she manages to finish saying the phrases but is still obviously struggling with them. An hour passes before her voice smoothes out and her hesitation starts to fade. It takes another hour for the hesitation to be gone completely. Cal finally stops them in the fourth hour. Both women are exhausted, hungry and thirsty. He feeds them protein shakes and gives them some final instructions to follow in the morning before putting them to bed, still nude.

Dying to Live

Chaper 3

Cheryl wakes the next morning feeling tired, sore and hungry. Her first shock is her lack of clothing. She normally sleeps in an oversize T-shirt and underwear. She sits up in bed, clutching the sheet to her chest. Her next shock is on the bedside table. Cal printed out some of the photos he took of her and left them beside her bed. She stares at each picture for a long time. Feelings war with each other in her as she looks through the collection. She feels relief that such pictures exist because it means that she is not eternally trapped, that Cal can do what she wants. She feels horror that such pictures exist because it means that there are choices of hers that belong to someone else now.

Finally, the smell of breakfast attracts her attention away from the pictures and her hunger drives her out of bed. She takes a quick shower and then throws on a black lace bra, matching thong, a very short skirt, a low cut blouse and heels before heading into the kitchen for breakfast. She and Beth arrive in the kitchen at exactly the same time. Cheryl doesn’t notice that Beth is wearing just a green teddy that leaves her nipples visible through the thin, lacy fabric. She does notice that Cal is wearing a robe.

Cal has cooked omelets, a favorite of both women. Cheryl inhales deeply. “Wow, those smell good.”

Cal smiles. “I am glad to hear it. Sit down both of you. The omelets have just finished cooking.”

Everyone eats quietly for the next few minutes. Cheryl finishes only moments ahead of Beth. Both of them sit quietly, waiting for something they can’t define. Cal eats more leisurely and finishes a few minutes later. He looks at both women, who are watching him expectantly.

“Maid Cheryl, clean up the breakfast dishes.”

A click in her mind like a heavy switch being thrown removes Cheryl’s awareness of everything except her orders. It isn’t really Cheryl that obeys, just a subset of her that is totally focused on her Lord’s wishes. Maid Cheryl feels a rush of pleasure as she collects the plates from the table. Nothing beyond her lord’s command matters. She efficiently deals with the breakfast dishes and returns to kneel beside Cal’s chair.

“I am finished My Lord. How else may I serve you?”

“End Maid Cheryl.”

Cheryl stands up, moves around the table and sits back down in her chair. She blinks and then looks at the table. She is a bit surprised to see all of the plates suddenly gone. However, as designed, questions about what happened just slide off of her mind. She looks over at Cal and sees a satisfied smile on his face.

“Ladies, it is time.”

Both smile and nod. Cheryl struts into the living room, followed by Cal, who enjoys what the short skirt and heels do for her legs. Beth slips out of her chair onto the floor and crawls cheerfully after them. Cal sits on the sofa and Cheryl moves over to the CD player. She hits Play and turns around to face Cal. She sees Beth kneeling between his legs with her hands busy opening his robe. A song begins to play. Cheryl has never heard it before but the beat captivates her. She begins to dance, flowing with the music.

Beth’s mouth engulfs Cal’s erection at the same time Cheryl begins unbuttoning her blouse.

Beth’s head bobs up and down to the beat as Cheryl sensuously slips out of her blouse.

Beth pushes her mouth farther and farther down Cal’s shaft as Cheryl unhooks her bra and lets it slide down her arms to the floor.

Beth begins to swirl her tongue around as Cheryl unzips her skirt and wiggles it from her hips down to the floor.

Beth picks up speed as Cheryl teasingly removes her thong bit by bit. Cheryl discards it and, wearing only her heels, blows a kiss. Cal fires into Beth’s eager mouth as she swallows over and over. Cheryl strikes a sexy pose while Beth sits back on her knees and looks up at Cal. Both women stop moving, like a movie on pause, obviously waiting for something.

Cal reaches down and caresses Beth’s nipples through her Teddy. She still doesn’t move, but her nipples begin to respond to his touch. Cal is very satisfied with the morning on several levels. His instructions from last night have played out perfectly. Cal knows that Cheryl has never stripped for anyone. She couldn’t perform that well even with a gun to her head. Beth has also acted beyond her normal bounds. She wouldn’t wear a see-through Teddy to breakfast with Cheryl and wouldn’t crawl after Cal. Beth has given Cal blow jobs in the past, but only as foreplay. He has never cum in her mouth and he knows that she finds the idea disgusting. Cal enjoys looking back and forth from Beth to Cheryl for a moment longer.

“We are finished.”

The instructions from last night end and each woman is fully herself again with no active controls for the first time since Cal hypnotized them yesterday morning.

Both women suddenly look shocked and horrified. Cheryl tries to cover herself with her hands and sprints to her bedroom, almost tripping over her high heel shoes. Beth rushes through the master bedroom to the bathroom to furiously gargle and spit over and over. Cal slips into their bedroom to quickly get dressed while Beth is still in the bathroom. He makes it back to the living room without seeing her. He turns off the music, folds up Cheryl’s clothes and sits in the arm chair facing the sofa. He grabs a magazine and He begins to wait for the women to show themselves. He suspects it may take a while and he hopes that at least one of them will have calmed down.

Forty-five minutes later, Beth appears. She has taken her second shower of the morning, dried her hair and brushed her teeth three times. She is wearing Cal’s sweat shirt and sweat pants, which are quite baggy on her. She sits on the sofa and stares at her hands in her lap for several minutes. She feels betrayed and misused. Finally, she looks up at Cal with tears in her eyes. “Tell me why you did that.”

“First, tell me how you felt while you were doing it.”

“I….I was happy to be serving you. I was glad that I was pleasing you.”

“Did you enjoy what you were doing while you were doing it?”

“I guess I did.” She pauses and then frowns. “I still want to know why.”

“You said you wanted me to make you happy with what needed to happen. You said to take out my unmet desires with her on you. I just did what you asked me to do, but I didn’t take your memory of it.”

Beth sits looking stunned while she processes this. “Oh, but I wasn’t really me during that, was I?”

“Correct, you were in a controlled state. Still, I think that it was an important start.”

Beth looks back down at her hands. “I guess I understand. I don’t like it, but I understand.”

“The point is that you will like it.”

“It’s too weird. I know that is what I wanted, but now that it is starting to be real, I am scared. I don’t think I want to do this anymore.”

“It is too late to turn back now. At this point, I can force you to finish the process whether you want to or not.”

“Really?” she asks skeptically.


“I really don’t think that you have that much control.”

Cal sighs. “Trance time Beth.”

Beth’s eyes glaze over and then fall shut as her posture relaxes. She falls limply against the back of the sofa.

“Beth, the next time I snap my fingers, you will develop an urge to have anal sex with me. This compulsion, and your arousal, will quickly grow stronger until you can’t resist. The urge will last until I let you lower yourself down on me or until I say ‘no thanks’. Now, wake up when I count to three. One, two, three.”

Beth opens her eyes and sits back up. Cal snaps his fingers.

“Why did you snap your fingers? Oohhh. You did something to me just now, didn’t you? I want….no, I can’t want that! I’ve never wanted that before.” She starts to fidget on the sofa. “Oh God, Cal I need you to….in my….please. I can’t believe that I am this turned on.” She stands up and moves towards him with a flushed face.

“Say what you want.”

“I….please don’t make me say it”. Cal just stares at her. “Alright, please fuck my ass!” She starts to attack his belt.

“No thanks.”

Beth yanks her hands away from his belt like she was burned.

“Oh, God. OK, I believe you now. I really do. Could you not do that again? Please.”

“Sure, but we will pick back up today. Also, you are going to call in sick tomorrow.”

“But….I guess I don’t have a choice, do I?”


They hear the door to Cheryl’s bedroom open and she hesitantly appears. She has on a loose sweater and her “fat” jeans along with fuzzy slippers. She sits down on the sofa near Beth.

Cheryl hesitates a moment and then speaks, “Um….that was….I don’t have words to describe what that was. I have a hard time believing what Beth did, much less what I did. And the pictures from yesterday. Both times I felt like me, but like someone else was driving. This means that the plan is working, right? Can you change me the way I want?”

“I think I can, but the problem is making sure that you are still you and not a puppet. During yesterday’s photo session and this morning’s strip tease you weren’t completely yourself.” Cal pauses. “What do you remember about the dirty breakfast dishes?”

Cheryl frowns slightly. “They just vanished.” Then she smiles. “It is nothing to worry about.”

“By the way, Beth is calling in sick tomorrow.”

“What about you?”

“I did some trading around so my schedule is empty tomorrow.”

They fall silent for a few moments and then Beth asks, “Well, what happens next?”

“We start again. Trance time Cheryl. Trance time Beth.”

Both women relax back into the sofa as their eyes close. Cal gives them each more of the drugs he used yesterday.

“Beth, open your eyes.”

“Yes my Lord.” Her eyes open, staring at nothing.

“Beth, go into our bedroom, remove your clothes and lie down on the bed.”

Yes my Lord.” Beth walks gracefully to the bedroom. She efficiently removes her clothes and lies down on her back on the bed.

Cal turns to Cheryl. “Cheryl, open your eyes, remove your clothes and stretch out on the sofa.”

“Yes my Lord.” Cheryl stands, drops her clothes piece by piece onto the floor and then lies back down on the sofa.

“Start caressing your breasts.”

“Yes my Lord.” Cheryl reaches a hand to each breast and begins gently stroking and kneading them.

“Say ‘I welcome Cal’s touch’.”

“I welcome Cal’s touch.”

“Repeat that phrase over and over. Each time you repeat it, it becomes more true. The more true it becomes the more aroused you will become. When you orgasm, the phrase will be completely true.”

Cal expects the enhanced arousal from the drugs to make her orgasm easily from breast stimulation alone.

Cheryl begins repeating “I welcome Cal’s touch,” hesitantly but with gradually increasing confidence.

Cal walks into the bedroom and over the Beth on the bed.

“Beth, start caressing your breasts.”

“Yes my Lord.”

“Say ‘Sex between Cal and Cheryl is wonderful’.”

“Sex between Cal and Cheryl is wonderful.”

“Repeat that phrase over and over. Each time you repeat it, it becomes more true. The more true it becomes the more aroused you will become. When you orgasm, the phrase will be completely true.”

Beth begins repeating, “Sex between Cal and Cheryl is wonderful,” as her nipples harden and her skin begins to flush.

Cal runs his hands lightly over her belly, hips and inner thighs, both for his own enjoyment and to provide some extra stimulation for Beth. It takes her about ten minutes to orgasm.

“Continue caressing your breasts but now start repeating ‘I want Cheryl and Cal to have sex’. It will become more and more true until you orgasm.”

Beth begins repeating her new phrase. Cal goes back into the living room to check on Cheryl. She is still repeating “I welcome Cal’s touch.” He watches for a few minutes, but it is hard to tell if her arousal is building or not.

Cal retrieves a vibrator and turns it on. “Cheryl, take one hand and start sliding this vibrator in and out of you. Continue to repeat ‘I welcome Cal’s touch’ and feel it become more true as you build to an orgasm.” Once she starts using the vibrator, Cheryl’s arousal visibly builds to an orgasm over the next several minutes. Cal tells her to start repeating “I desire Cal’s touch” as she begins building to another orgasm and then goes to check on Beth.

She has finished her second orgasm. Cal starts her repeating “I enjoy having sex with Cheryl and Cal.” He starts caressing her body again while she builds up to her third orgasm. He lets her rest while he goes back to check on Cheryl in the living room.

She is close to her second orgasm. Cal watches her for the few minutes it takes for her to climax while repeating “I desire Cal’s touch”. He has her set the vibrator aside and then lets her rest.

Cal decides that it is his turn to have some fun. He goes back into the bedroom to get another blow job from Beth. He moves her around until her shoulders are on the edge of the bed and her head is hanging back off of the bed. After removing his pants and underwear, he slides his erection into her mouth. She obediently begins sucking while he plays with her more than a handful D-cup breasts. Knowing that she will swallow again drives his arousal upward as does the fact that she will never know this happened. Beth’s drug enhanced arousal also builds quickly. When Cal is about to cum, he reaches down and rubs her clit. This triggers Beth’s fourth orgasm of the morning just as she feels and tastes Cal cum inside her mouth. Her entranced brain forms a deep level association between Cal cumming in her mouth and powerful orgasmic pleasure. From now on, she will be happy to have him cum in her mouth.

Cal rearranges Beth more comfortably on the bed and leaves her repeating all three phrases quietly to herself. He returns to the living room to test Cheryl’s reactions to his touch.

“Cheryl open your eyes, bend your knees and spread your thighs apart.”

“Yes my Lord.”

“Do you welcome my touch?”

“Yes my Lord.”

“Do you desire my touch?”

“Yes my Lord.”

“I am going to touch you now and I order you to enjoy it.”

“Yes my Lord.”

Cal starts rubbing around her belly button. He makes small circles that gradually get larger. Each slow circle gets closer and closer to her clit. When his hand glides over her clit, she shudders and grimaces. Cal wonders if she is sore from all of the stimulation yesterday. He decides to move up to her breasts. He leans down and breaths on each nipple. His tongue darts out and gives a few licks on the right nipple. Then he starts to swirl his tongue around her nipple as it begins to harden. Once it is nice and firm, he begins sucking. After enjoying this for a while, he turns his attention to her left nipple and repeats the process of licking and sucking. A glance down below shows that Cheryl is very wet, both from past orgasms and from the current stimulation. Cal reaches down and, avoiding her clit, slips one finger inside of her.

Her body jerks and then a moment later her mouth opens. Even in a deep trance, she screams in pain. She continues to jerk and make sounds indicating pain, her body always a step ahead of her mouth. Cal pulls his hand back as fast as he can and almost trips over the coffee table is his haste to move back away from Cheryl.

“Cheryl, calm down. What is that matter? What hurt you?”

Cheryl relaxes on the sofa again but Cal can see a tear in the corner of her eye. “Master says only he can touch this slave. Slave is punished when any other man touches. The shocks hurt so much, my Lord.” She begins to cry silently.

Cal almost loses his breakfast as the truth about Cheryl’s past abuse becomes clear. He has to sit down on the coffee table suddenly as horror and sadness for Cheryl mix with anger and hatred towards the one who did this to her. Then his mind clicks over into crisis mode again and he can temporarily push the emotions back.

“Cheryl, I want you to remember all of the orders Master gave you. You don’t have to remember the punishments unless you want to, but you have to remember the orders. I am sorry, but you have to remember them for me to help you and you very much want me to help you don’t you?”

“Yes my Lord.”

“Go to the bathroom and clean up. Then get dressed and sit back down on the sofa.”

“Yes my Lord.” She heads towards the hall bathroom.

Cal hurries into the master bedroom and tells Beth to clean up and get dressed. Once they are both back on the sofa, Cal awakens them.

“Beth please just bear with me for a minute. We have a problem, a very large problem. We, all of us, have to deal with it now. Cheryl’s past, the nameless bastard’s abuse, was worse than we even suspected.”

“Cheryl, try not to panic. I know the memories will hurt, but I, we, need you to tell me what orders did Master give you?”

“What?” Then her eyes go huge. “Oh my God, NO!” She scrambles back to the corner of the sofa and hugs her knees to her chest defensively. Her eyes are looking at something beyond the room. “Master no. Slave will be good.” Her body jerks as though shocked. “Please no more punishment. Slave swears to be good forever.” Cheryl jerks again and screams. Then she hides her face behind her knees and starts sobbing.

Beth reaches for her but Cal grabs her wrist, “Don’t touch her! In fact, get off of the sofa and go sit in the arm chair.”

“But she….”

“Don’t touch her at all! Leave her alone right now.”

Beth pulls her hand back and Cal lets go. She grudgingly moves to the arm chair. “What is going on? Why can’t I touch her right now?”

“The bastard that abused her trained her to be his slave. He didn’t want anyone else to be able to touch her. He punished her with what sounds like electric shocks. Cheryl has apparently repressed most of these memories. My attempts to get her to accept my touch brought all of this to the surface again. I think that anybody touching her right now would feel like a painful electric shock.”

“That’s sick!” Beth snarls. “I always knew that there had to be more than she could remember. What do we do now?”

“First, I have to find out exactly what this son of a bitch did to her. Then I can make a plan.”

“Is there anything I can do for her right now?”

“Does she sleep with something like a stuffed animal?”

“Yes, a stuffed penguin that she has had forever. She keeps it hidden under her bed.”

“Get it and give it to her, but don’t touch her.”

Beth hurries to Cheryl’s bedroom and soon returns with a battered looking plush penguin about the size of a teddy bear. She holds the penguin against Cheryl’s knees. “Here Cheryl, take Harold.” Cheryl grabs the penguin without looking up and squeezes it between her thighs and chest.

“The penguin’s name is Harold?” Cal asks incredulously.

“Yes, but don’t ask me why. I have no idea.”

It takes Cheryl about 15 minutes to calm down enough to talk. “I hate him so much. I don’t want to call him master, but I can’t call him anything else.”

Cal nods. “We know who you are talking about without you calling him that. I still need to know what orders he gave you.”

“I remember so much more now, but probably still not everything. Why did you make me remember this?” Cheryl asks as more tears flow. “Remembering the orders makes me relive the punishments again. That is I why I had forgotten.”

“I was trying to make you accept my touch. Apparently some of his orders included him being the only man allowed to touch you. My control allowed me to touch you some, but when I tried to touch you sexually, the old controls came to the surface. I ordered you to remember all of the orders he gave you so that you could tell me. I’m sorry it hit you like this. With as much trouble as you have with people touching you, I knew something had happened, but I swear, I suspected nothing like this.”

“At least now I know more about what is going on. Now I know what I am afraid of.” Cheryl pauses to think a moment. “You are right; he gave me orders and punished me with electric shocks for disobeying. He also drugged me with something that made me sleepy and sometimes hallucinate. He ordered me to obey him and punished me if I didn’t do so to his satisfaction. He made it so that only he could touch me. Some of the time he said he was the only person allowed to touch me and sometimes he said he was the only man allowed to touch me. I think that explains why I do better with being touched by women, but still not well. He was also inconsistent with what kind of touch. Usually he meant any touch but some of the time he was specifically talking about sexual touching. He tried to make me desire only him. That worked only part way. Punishment can quell desire for other people but it can’t create desire for him. I hate him too much to desire him despite his efforts. That must be why I have never been able to have a relationship. As soon as I start to be interested in someone, my subconscious starts pushing me away to avoid the punishment.” She pauses again. “That is the main stuff. He was always ‘Master’ and I was always ‘slave’, never used names. I was supposed to be naked all of the time. I think that is all of the long term commands he gave. The rest is day to day ‘do this now’ sort of stuff.”

Cal waits a moment to see if Cheryl has anything more to say before speaking again. “Thanks for telling us all of that. It must have been hard.” Cheryl nods and smiles gratefully. Cal continues, “My original plan was to establish a high level of control and then order you to accept and then even enjoy my touch. Now I know that will trigger your old conditioning. I am afraid that pitting the two against each other will damage your mind. I think I could break your old conditioning and force you to obey me, but I don’t want you to end up as some mindless thing.”

Cheryl sits up on the edge of the sofa and looks at Cal. “I want you to do it. I want you to rip out what Mas…he did to me.”

“But I don’t want to be responsible for destroying your mind.”

“You are not the destructive one, he is or was. Don’t you get it? I refuse to be this person any more. I refuse. I would rather mindlessly serve you than continue this living hell.”

They stare at each other for a few moments until Beth finally speaks. “Cal, do what she wants. It is cruel to leave her like she is and you promised to see this through.”

Cheryl nods. “Yes, fix me or break me, but one way or another, damn it, change me! You end this, one way or another, or I will.”

Both women stare at Cal until his resistance crumbles. “OK, but I need time to think and make a new plan.”

Cheryl reaches out and almost touches his forearm. Her tremble shows how much she craves the touch that Beth has every day. “Please put me out now. I can’t stand waiting. You have permission; DO whatever it is you need to. You aren’t evil enough to make me any worse off. And thanks. I just wish I had known you as long as I have known Beth.”

Cheryl’s comment gives Cal an idea. His mind jumps to full speed and runs through myriad plans and possibilities. “I have an idea. We are going to attack the conditioning before it happened.”