The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cheryl sits up on the edge of the sofa and looks at Cal. “I want you to do it. I want you to rip out what Mas…he did to me.”

“But I don’t want to be responsible for destroying your mind.”

“You are not the destructive one, he is or was. Don’t you get it? I refuse to be this person any more. I refuse. I would rather mindlessly serve you than continue this living hell.”

They stare at each other for a few moments until Beth finally speaks. “Cal, do what she wants. It is cruel to leave her like she is and you promised to see this through.”

Cheryl nods. “Yes, fix me or break me, but one way or another, damn it, change me! You end this, one way or another, or I will.”

Both women stare at Cal until his resistance crumbles. “OK, but I need time to think and make a new plan.”

Cheryl reaches out and almost touches his forearm. Her tremble shows how much she craves the touch that Beth has every day. “Please put me out now. I can’t stand waiting. You have permission; DO whatever it is you need to. You aren’t evil enough to make me any worse off. And thanks. I just wish I had known you as long as I have known Beth.”

Cheryl’s comment gives Cal an idea. His mind jumps to full speed and runs through plans and possibilities. “I have an idea. We are going to attack the conditioning before it happened.”

Dying to Live

Chapter 4

Both women look puzzled but don’t have time to ask what he means.

“Trance time Cheryl. Trance time Beth.” Both women melt into the full relaxation of a deep trance.

Cal stares at them a moment while debating whether or not to continue. With Cheryl and Beth’s pleas ringing in his ears, he begins. “Cheryl, Beth, I am going to return some memories to you now. These are very old memories. We used to play a game that we all enjoyed but then we had to make it go away for your own good. However, now you need to remember again for your own good. I have to bring those memories back so we can help Cheryl.”

“We just saw how I reminded Cheryl of things in her past that she had forgotten. Both of you have forgotten memories that can be brought back when I remind you. These renewed memories are as real as any of your other memories. In fact, the renewed memories are more powerful and will crowd out any other, contradictory memories. I am going to tell you about past events that you have forgotten. As I tell you, you will start to remember them. When I finish, you will remember things happening just as I explained.” He gets up and paces around, thinking about the next stage of his plan.

“The first event I am going to remind you of happened ten years ago when you both were 13 years old and I was 14. I am going to tell you about the first time I hypnotized you. You had both talked to someone who had been to a hypnotist’s show. That made you both curious to experience it for yourselves. Since I was a friend that you trusted, you asked me to try to hypnotize you both. I did and then I did things like make your hands stuck together and make your arms too rigid to bend. I also set up the commands ‘trance time Beth’ and ‘trance time Cheryl’ to put you back into hypnosis easily. It was a game that none of us thought would work, but it did and we had fun. You both enjoyed it and were pleased that I didn’t take advantage of anything, so you let me hypnotize you again later. I have hypnotized you multiple times since then.” Cal pauses. “Now you both remember this just as I described and you know that it really happened that way.”

Cal paces some more while he creates the next new memory for them.

“Now I am going to remind you of an event that happened when you were 14. We were all at the swimming pool in my back yard and you both decided to give me a treat by sunbathing topless. I used your trance triggers to hypnotize you while you were still topless. I had you touch and caress your own breasts to give me a show. In exchange, I magnified the pleasure you felt from caressing your breasts. You liked this enough that you agreed to let me hypnotize you into stripping from the waist up whenever I wanted. You trusted me not to abuse this and I never did.” Cal looks back and forth at both women soaking up these newly created memories. “Now, just like you did for all of those years, strip from the waist up and touch your breasts for me.”

Both women become more animated. They pull off their shirts and bras before beginning to caress and pinch their breasts and nipples provocatively. Cal enjoys the view for a few moments as he composes the next new memory.

“Keep touching you breasts but listen to me carefully. I am going to remind you of a past event that happened when you were 15. This also took place at the pool in my back yard. You were sun bathing topless again and decided to let me touch your breasts. Beth went first. She sat up and placed both of my hands on her breasts while encouraging me to have fun. After a few minutes of enjoyment for both of us, Cheryl moved my hands to her breasts. She and I both enjoyed this for a few more minutes and then I moved one hand back to Beth’s chest and we all enjoyed me touching both of you at the same time. Then I surprised you by using your trance triggers to hypnotize you both. I magnified the pleasure you felt so that you both orgasmed from just my hands on your breasts. You decided that I could hypnotize you and have full access from the waist up whenever I wanted as long as it continued to feel that good to you. You trusted me even more and I never abused this power or did more than you were already willing to do un-hypnotized.” Cal enjoys watching four firm nipples being tugged and pinched. “Now, feel your pleasure build up to an orgasm, just like it did the first time and so many times after.”

Both women begin to flush and pant as they begin to touch their breasts with more enthusiasm. The both build over a few minutes and orgasm within seconds of each other.

“Now stop touching your breasts. I am going to tell you about something else that happened when you were 15. You let me program you to obey me even when you were not hypnotized. Anytime I say ‘do me a favor’ you would obey what comes next. You trusted me enough to experiment with feeling out of control. We all had fun with this game and I never had you do anything you were completely unwilling to do. Now that we are bringing back the game, let’s play it again. Do me a favor by removing your pants and then sitting back down.”

Beth and Cheryl stand and the make a show of wiggling out of their pants before sitting back down. Cal enjoys looking at their legs as he composes the next false memory to implant.

“The next event I am going to remind you of took place when you were 16. You were curious about giving blow jobs and decided to try it out. You discussed it and decided that Beth would go first by offering me a blow job. Of course I agreed, what 17 year old male wouldn’t? Before she could start, however, I used Beth’s trance trigger to hypnotize her. I made sure that she would enjoy giving the blow job, including swallowing. I also instructed her to massage her clit while giving the blow job and to orgasm when I did. Then I woke her and she gave me a blow job that we both enjoyed very much. The next day was Cheryl’s turn to offer me a blow job. I used her trance trigger and gave her the same commands. Since then, any time either of you gives me a blow job, you orgasm at the same time I do. Now Beth, come over here and give me a blow job like you have done so many times before.”

Beth slinks over to Cal and kneels between his legs. She efficiently removes his pants and boxers. He is already fully erect. She glances up at him before sliding her mouth down onto his erection. She slips her right hand inside her panties. She slowly slides her mouth up and down while her left hand holds the base of his shaft. She pauses to swirl her tongue around the tip before going back to sliding up and down. She starts to swirl her tongue in a spiral as her head bobs up and down. She gradually picks up speed as she increases the suction. Her left hand moves to caress his balls with her right can continues to work on her clit. She goes faster while taking him as deeply as she can with each downward thrust. Cal reaches down to play with her breasts. This encourages her to suck harder and Cal soon lets loose into her mouth. She swallows eagerly just before her own orgasm crashes through her. She continues to suck Cal dry as she rides the spasms of pleasure. Finally, they are both spent and she releases him with a slight “pop”. She helps him re-dress and then returns to her seat.

Cal smiles. “Cheryl will have to wait until later to give me a blow job,” he looks directly at her, “but I know that she is looking forward to it.” She nods slightly.

“Now I am going to remind you of something else that happened when you were 16. You both enjoyed the game of feeling temporarily out of control when you obeyed me and decided to take it a step farther. You let my hypnotize you to obey the ‘do me a favor’ command even when you didn’t want to. Obviously, to test this I had to make you do some things that you normally wouldn’t do. However, I never did anything damaging or reputation ruining and I never used it for more sexual access than you had already given me. Now let’s play our game some more. Do me a favor by going to the front window and standing right up next to the curtains.”

Both women get up and go to the full length front window that faces the street. Cal follows, enjoying the way their rear ends, clad only in panties, move as they walk. “Do me a favor by standing still and smiling while I open the curtains.” Cal pulls open the curtains and both women look like happy manikins in the window. The sunlight shines in the window, making them easily visible from the street. No one is on the sidewalk, but a car does drive by, and slows down. After another moment, Cal closes the curtain. “Go sit back down where you were.”

After everyone is seated back in their places, Cal begins the next memory implantation.

“I am now going to remind you of something that happened when Cheryl turned 17. She decided to have sex for the first time on her birthday. She chose me because she wanted someone that she trusted to treat her well. She also wanted me to hypnotize her to feel no pain, just pleasure. Not surprisingly, I agreed and hypnotized her just as she asked. Well, I did add that she should call me ‘Master’ while in a trance or while obeying a command. We both enjoyed the sex immensely and began doing it on a fairly regular basis as ‘just friends’. I would like to demonstrate that now, but I am still recovering from Beth’s excellent blow job, so Cheryl will have to wait a bit. She should go back to her usual way of calling me Master, however.”

Cal is getting more and more nervous as his plan gets closer to its climax. He tries to keep the nervousness out of his voice.

“Now we come to later that same year. My family moved shortly before Cheryl’s abuse started. We decided that it wasn’t safe to have the obedience triggers left in your minds. Accidents happen and we all needed to get on with our lives. I hypnotized you to forget our game and all of the hypnosis that went with it. I didn’t see you again until 4 years ago.”

Cal scoots over on the coffee table until he is right in front of Cheryl with their knees almost touching.

“Now Cheryl, think back to right before the abuse started. Did you obey me while in a trance?”

“Yes Master.”

“Did you obey me when you were not in a trance?”

“Yes Master.”

“Did you have a choice about obeying me? Could you refuse to obey me?”

“No master, that was part of the game. I liked how it felt, having no choice and how strong it made everything feel.”

“Someone who must obey her Master is a slave. Cheryl, you are my slave and you have been since you turned 17. I am your Master and have been since you turned 17. This is absolutely true and you remember it clearly now.”

Cal waits for Cheryl to process this. She frowns slightly for a moment but then her face relaxes again.

“Who is allowed to touch slave Cheryl?”

“Only Master.”

“Who is your Master, slave Cheryl?”

She doesn’t answer right away and the frown comes back.

“Slave, tell me who your Master is,” Cal says firmly.

“Y…you are my Master.”

Cal pumps his fist in the air. “Correct, I am your Master. Now you can remember that again. That means there is no punishment when I touch you, no punishment at all. Beth also obeys me. She also cannot refuse to obey me. That means that she is also my slave. Master says it is OK for slave to touch a slave. That means that there is no punishment when you touch Beth or when Beth touches you and it feels just as good as it does when I touch you. Now, place my hands on your breasts.”

Cheryl reaches out and takes Cal’s hands. She pulls them to her breasts and lets her hands relax back down to her sides. Cal enjoys the feel of kneading her breasts and then plays with her nipples. They react strongly to his touch and Cheryl starts to flush and pant. He stops before she orgasms, however.

“Cheryl, I am going to touch you on the shoulder. When I do, you will ignore what is going on in the room until I touch your shoulder again.”

“Yes Master.”

Cal touches her shoulder.

“Cheryl, stand up.” She doesn’t move. Cal turns to Beth. “On the count of three, wake up. One, two, three.”

Beth sits up in the arm chair and her eyes come to life. She blinks and looks puzzled.

“Beth, when was the first time I hypnotized you?”

“Ummm….that’s weird. I remember you hypnotizing me when I was 13 but something about that doesn’t seem right. It is almost like a movie I watched. Is that right? Is that really the first time you hypnotized me?”

“Yes and no. You and Cheryl remember me doing that and it is very important that Cheryl believe that memory. However, I created that memory in your minds. So, it is sort of like a movie you watched. I inserted myself into your lives before Cheryl’s abuse happened to help get around the conditioning she received. You need to act like those memories of me from before 4 years ago really happened. It is the only way I have come up with to help Cheryl. I am telling you this so that we can both work to quell any doubts that she has. Let me know right away if something like that is happening so I can re-hypnotize her and fix it.”

“That sounds weird, but OK, if it will help Cheryl. How does that help Cheryl?”

“The only one allowed to touch her is ‘Master’. I have made myself her Master by taking the control of her gradually before any of the abuse and conditioning happened. If I am her ‘Master’ from the games we played that I made you two remember, then I can touch her and she can desire me. She has to believe the memories of me taking control of her gradually during our teenage years and then suppressing the game when I moved away for this to work.”

“OK, I will play along.”

“I’ll also have to hypnotize her regularly to make sure these memories stay strong. Why don’t you go get dressed? I will be bringing Cheryl into our bedroom soon.”

Beth leans over to kiss Cal. “That sounds like a good idea. You have fun with her and I will stay out of the way, this time. And thanks for the attitude adjustment. I really am happy for both of you.” Beth scoops up her clothes and heads into the kitchen for a snack.

Cal reaches over and touches Cheryl’s shoulder. “Cheryl, can you hear me?”

“Yes Master.”

“We started this weekend trying to find a way to fix your problem with touching people. We discovered the old conditioning. Since I already was and still am your Master, the conditioning is no problem now that we understand it. You no longer have a problem with me or Beth touching you. You will awaken on the count of three. One, two, three.”

Cheryl re-animates and sits up. She blinks and looks around, finally looking down at her body, clad only in panties. She looks up at Cal. “Well, it seems you have gotten me to remove most of my clothes once again. Why did you ever have to move and take this game away from me Cal?” She smiles seductively. “What do you have in mind now?”

Cal stands, takes Cheryl’s hand and pulls her to her feet. “How about we start with a kiss?” Cheryl smiles as Cal leans down to kiss her. He starts gently since Cheryl hasn’t done this for years. The kiss gradually intensifies as Cal’s tongue invades his mouth. After a few moments of this, Cheryl’s tongue starts to explore his mouth. Cal shifts a hand to her breast and gently squeezes her nipple. Pleasure rushes from her nipple out to the rest of her body and Cheryl moans into his mouth as her knees start to give out. Cal scoops her petite form into his arms and carries her into the master bedroom.

Cal sets Cheryl gently down on the bed and then removes his clothes. He climbs onto the bed and between her legs. He leans down and starts to suck on her breasts. Cheryl gasps and arches her back, “Oh God! That always feels so good.”

Cal goes back and forth between her breasts, sucking and fondling until Cheryl moans loudly through an orgasm. While she is still recovering he pulls off her panties and positions himself to enter her. Once her eyes roll back down enough to look at Cal he asks, “Are you ready?”

“Oh yes, very ready.”

Cal slowly slides his erection into her; enjoying the warm, moist tightness. She moans and grips the sheets as he bottoms out. He starts to slowly slide back out until just his tip remains inside. Cheryl wraps her legs around his hips and tries to pull him back inside. Cal slides back in, a bit faster this time. She grunts from the sensation of fullness as he pushes in to the hilt. He sets up a steady rhythm, pumping in and out of Cheryl’s moaning and thrashing body. Cal continues for several minutes, pushing Cheryl through another orgasm. Soon after that, Cal feels himself approaching his climax. He reaches down and pinches her nipples as he thrusts as deeply as he can. Cheryl’s mind explodes in pleasure as Cal fires deep inside her.

Cheryl falls asleep almost as soon as her orgasm finishes. Cal pulls out and drops down beside her. He pulls her in close so her head is resting on his chest with his arms wrapped around her. Then he falls asleep too.

Cal wakes after a refreshing nap to find Beth with a tray of food. She is wearing the see-through teddy again. He wakes Cheryl.

Beth smiles, “Hey you two, I thought you might be hungry.”

Cheryl nods, “I’m starved, but first I want a hug, a real hug.” She hops out of bed, takes the tray from Beth and sets it aside. Cheryl grabs Beth in a tight hug and runs her hands up and down Beth’s back, wanting to touch her as much as possible. After several long moments, Cheryl pulls her head back slightly to look into Beth’s eyes. After staring at each other for a moment, they gradually bring their faces closer together until their lips touch lightly. Cheryl pulls back slightly, breaking the contact, and stares for a moment longer. Then she hungrily kisses Beth. Cal is treated to the sight of the women passionately kissing. Finally, they pause a moment.

Cal chuckles. “Are you going to eat this food or each other?”

Cheryl looks at Cal. “I really am starved, so let’s eat now.” Then she looks back at Beth. “I’ll save you for dessert.” She hops back onto the bed.

Beth picks up the tray. Then she climbs carefully onto the bed and sets the tray down in the middle of the three lovers.