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The look of distaste on the Queen’s face was obvious to all those in the room as she finished reading what had been placed in front of her, “Does this tinkering with our society never end?” she asked.

The Chancellor paused before she spoke, “It is merely a logical progression your Majesty, the free population of Xentra is now sixty-seven percent female, to form a matriarchy where only a woman can inherit the throne and only a woman can hold high office or be in charge of any part of the government is entirely logical.”

“Yes, but is it the right thing to do?” asked the Queen as she stared at the Chancellor.

“It is your Majesty,” said the Chancellor with conviction in her voice, “It is entirely the right thing to do,” she said as the other members of the Council nodded their agreement. “Women hold the power in your realm Your Majesty, you and the Queens before you have brought stability, wealth and international power.

The Queen looked around the room then with a sigh she picked up the pen and dipped it in the ink well that sat next to the edict before her without further comment she signed her name

Signed by my hand, on the 217th Day of the 397th year of the Concord, Evelyn von Westrum, Queen of Xentra
170th Day of the 430th Year of the Concord


The three expensively dressed women sat at a table outside the same coffee shop that Antonia had spent her last hour as a free woman before her enslavement. The three women sipped coffee and chatted as they watched the world pass before them. In any other city or realm on the continent the dark colours of the leather and latex clothing they wore would have at best seemed at the least sombre and slightly outlandish and at the worst disturbingly erotic and totally scandalous. Yet in the port city and wider realm of Xentra the three were unremarkable.

The coffee shop was on a wide pedestrian boulevard called Entros that ran through the wealthy Breston district of the city. It was lined with expensive boutiques and shops and the boulevard was used by the wealthy of the city not only to shop but to promenade and meet. The pleasant afternoon had brought out a stream of people strolling past the place where the three women sat; groups, couples and individual women and men. The expensive shops were also busy with people drifting in and out, their purchases in ornate packages. To a casual observer it would have seemed that these three were merely friends relaxing in the late afternoon sun but with time it could be seen that it was young and attractive women who really caught the their attention.

“Well this has been a waste of time,” said Bernadette as she looked through the heavy veil that disguised her face at the people passing before her.

“I wouldn’t say that. How many times have you been able to leave the palace without ten soldiers accompanying you?” replied Hildegard as she watched two women in their thirties pass, “Let’s give it another hour, if you don’t see what you’re after then I’ll be more than happy to go back to the palace with you.”

“What do you think Katherine, should I sit here as your wife suggests or should I go home?”

Katherine looked nervously from Hildegard to the Queen, “I... I...,” she stammered, “I’m not sure,” although Hildegard had known the Queen for many years Katherine, in contrast, was still in awe of the ruler of Xentra.

Hildegard laughed as she patted her wife’s leather gloved hand, “That’s one of the things I love about you darling, despite being such a dedicated pervert you can still be remarkably shy.”

Under her thick makeup Katherine ap Osterman blushed slightly. Coming from a small lower-middle class family she had been unprepared for the whirlwind courtship, engagement and wedding that had transformed her into a Countess. At first she had been deeply shocked that her family had agreed to allow the Countess to court her she had always thought a son of one of the families that her mother and father knew would be her husband. Instead it was a woman, the incredibly wealthy, fifty year old, Countess Hildegard ap Osterman, an influential member of the Queen’s court, that Katherine was soon engaged too; six months later the two women were married. Despite this, and with the steady changes in Xentran society, Katherine’s reaction to being told that Hildegard intended to court her was one that was repeated in several Xentran homes each day.

Katherine had at first been incredulous when her father told her the news, “Father, you’re joking,” she had said in disbelief.

“No my dear I’m not,” her father had replied, “This is a great honour for our family and not a decision I would take lightly.”

“But father I...”

“No Katherine, no arguments, the Countess has asked my permission to court you and I have said yes. Do you not see how much of an honour you are being paid Katherine? The Countess is a powerful member of the Queen’s court she could have her choice of any woman she wished but she has chosen you.”

“But father I’m not attracted to women in any way. I was hoping that perhaps Stefan and I would become engaged, and besides she’s so much older than I am, please father don’t do this.”

“No Katherine, forget Stefan and forget men, you will be courted by the Countess Hildegard ap Osterman. If you are not attracted to women now then I am sure by the time the Countess takes you as her wife you will be,” and with that the discussion was over.

The next day Katherine had been dressed in her finest for her first meeting with the woman her father hoped would be Katherine’s future wife, Countess Hildegard ap Osterman. The Countess had swept into the main reception room of Katherine’s home as if she owned it, the hem of her green leather gown sweeping the floor and the spiked heels of her boots clicking on the wood. Tall, even without the high stiletto heels she wore, the Countess was fashionably thin with a face that many thought of as cruel. Her blond hair was expensively coiffed and topped by a wide brimmed hat with a fine net veil that reached down to her chin; her leather-gloved left hand gripped the elaborate silver handle of a thin ebony walking stick.

The Countess had smiled as Katherine curtsied as her father had instructed her to do, “Please my dear Katherine, no such formality between you and I,” said the Countess as she stepped forward and took Katherine’s hand; still smiling the Countess had raised Katherine’s hand to her lips and kissed it.

“And I have to say that you are even more beautiful close to,” said the Countess as she continued to hold Katherine’s hand Katherine had blushed deeply. “But now, with your father’s permission of course,” said the Countess as she looked at Katherine’s father who had responded with an eager nod, “I think it would be wonderful if we went shopping together. Your clothes are lovely my dear but perhaps a change of style would be appropriate for the places I intend to take you.”

By the time Katherine returned from the days shopping with Hildegard it was with boxes and bags that contained an entirely new wardrobe of leather clothes and underwear as well as a dozen pairs of boots and shoes with heels of at least five inches. She also returned wearing clothes entirely different from those she had left in. Katherine’s mother and father had hardly recognised the young women in blue leather who tottered unsteadily into the house in boots with six-inch heels in the same coloured leather as her strapless floor length gown with a built in corset. That corset had reduced her waist from its natural 26-inches down to 22-inches. Matching blue leather gloves had covered Katherine’s arms as high as her shoulders while a small round hat with a fine lace veil that reached to her chin sat on her now expensively done hair.

Katherine’s natural look was now buried beneath thick layers of foundation and powder with dark red blusher on her cheeks, blood red lipstick, black eyeliner and chestnut eye shadow. Silently and miserably Katherine went straight to her room but her new clothing and accessories followed, carried by three of the Countess’s servants. From that day on Katherine’s physical transformation had begun, her clothing went from normal to extreme as each day the Countess would arrive and whisk Katherine to one expensive clothes salon after another followed by shoe shops, cosmetic shops and hair stylists.

By the time Katherine walked down the aisle in her white leather wedding dress and white thigh boots with seven-inch heels she bore little resemblance to the young woman the Countess had first met six-months earlier. But the physical transformation was just the beginning, from the very first day they had met the older and much worldlier Hildegard had set about corrupting her young and innocent wife to be, introducing Katherine to the perversions and fetishes that Hildegard herself enjoyed. Now, one and a half years after their first encounter, Katherine was constantly dressed in leather and her feet were shod in at least six-inch heels. Even when she slept a leather corset reduced her waist to twenty-two inches. Hildegard’s aim was to reduce Katherine’s waist to twenty inches, while her once fresh-faced complexion was constantly buried under thick layers of makeup. The sexually inexperienced Katherine had vanished and been replaced by a young woman whose knowledge of perversion and love of sex would put most whores to shame.

Although still a work in progress, Hildegard was delighted with the transformation Katherine had undergone and was still undergoing, from naive and virginal twenty year old to almost being a younger and just as perverted version of herself. As for Katherine something had happened that she never expected; Katherine had fully embraced the perverted lifestyle of her much older wife and to her surprise she fallen deeply in love with Hildegard. In the process she had discovered that she thoroughly enjoyed the perversions she shared with her wife and yearned to engage in more.

Despite what she had become, Katherine still found herself uncertain and nervous around the Queen and other royalty that Hildegard and she regularly mixed with. The easy friendship and casual manner that existed between her wife and the Queen was one that often caught her out. The Queens insistence that Katherine call her Bernadette when they were in private was something which she found particularly uncomfortable and was only slowly getting used to.

Reaching out with her left hand, Katherine stroked the head of the slave that knelt patiently and obediently on a cushion next to her; Katherine’s preference for older women also extended to slaves, the slave Katherine was stroking was an extremely attractive forty year old. Katherine was not the only one with a slave kneeling next to her. Hildegard also had a female sex slave kneeling beside her chair although the slave was twenty years old as suited Hildegard’s taste for young women.

Katherine and Hildegard were not alone in having slaves with them, kneeling on the right side of Bernadette was a slave dressed in a skin tight latex suit, elbow length leather gloves and laced knee high boots with seven-inch heels and a one-inch platform; the latex masked slave was young as well. This slave was an eighteen year-old teenager, one of two slaves that Bernadette now owned; the other was nineteen. Five days earlier two of the three slaves had been free women but now they were the property of Bernadette, Hildegard and Katherine with no memory of who they had once been.

Bernadette looked down at her new slave; sitting on the cushion beside her chair. The slave’s latex masked face was turned submissively towards its Mistress’s booted feet. Bernadette still found it difficult to believe the changes she had undergone. Yet, Hildegard had been right, from the very first night Bernadette had borrowed Hildegard’s slave ki she had realised she would never need a man again. Bernadette had had lovers since the death of her husband but none had made her feel the way Hildegard’s sex slave had done. Much to her surprise Bernadette adored sex with women, especially young women and the eighteen and nineteen year old slaves she now owned were exactly what Bernadette wanted.

Tentatively, still unused to doing it in public, Bernadette reached out and began to stroke the blond hair of the slave next to her, a shiver of extreme pleasure ran through the slaves body at the touch of its Mistress as Bernadette’s latex gloved hand stroked its hair. A small smile of satisfaction formed on Bernadette’s face, happy that she’d chosen correctly five days earlier; Bernadette remembered it clearly.

Bernadette had been sat in a comfortable chair looking at four terrified women standing in a line just in front of her. To Bernadette’s left Hildegard and Katherine sat in equally comfortable chairs in one of the large reception rooms of their manor house. Behind each of the standing women was a Regulator and standing in front of them, a sheaf of documents held in the hand of one, were two Magisters.

The Senior Magister bowed respectfully to Bernadette, “Majesty,” she said then turned to Hildegard, “Countess, the investigations into the estate and finances of the businesses and holdings of the Trelleborg family have been completed. It is the decision of the Office of the Magisters that the debt owed to the estate of Countess Hildegard ap Osterman and her wife Countess Katherine ap Osterman by the Trelleborg family is 95,132 Crowns.”

The oldest of the four women gasped in disbelief, “No,” she said, “That’s not possible.”

“Silence,” said the Senior Magister in a hard voice, “It has also been confirmed that Maxine Jacobson is guilty of the theft of items to the value of 2,467 Crowns from the house of Countess Hildegard ap Osterman and her wife Countess Katherine ap Osterman. Therefore the Office of the Magister’s, in accordance with the 10th Edict of the year 327, turns the decision on the disposition of Clair Jacobson, Justine Trelleborg, Claudia Trelleborg and Charlotte Trelleborg over to Countess Hildegard ap Osterman and her wife, Countess Katherine ap Osterman.”

Hildegard nodded her understanding; she had after all done this before, “Countess Hildegard ap Osterman do you and your wife Countess Katherine ap Osterman enforce your claim upon the remainder of the estate of the family Trelleborg and Maxine Hendrickson as specified in the schedule of the edict”

“We do,” replied Hildegard ap Osterman with a hard, unforgiving stare.

There was a look of hatred on Maxine Jacobson’s face as she stared at Hildegard, in contrast there were expressions of undisguised fear and disbelief from Justine Trelleborg and her daughters, “Please, there has to be a mistake, my husband can sort all of this out if you just let me contact him,” pleaded Justine, “Please your Majesty, there must be some mistake.”

“There is no mistake,” said the Magister. “Your family owes 95.132 crowns, in addition you no longer have a husband. Godfrey Trelleborg was enslaved this morning and sold on by the Countess ap Osterman, the slave is currently being processed in a feminization vat. You and your daughters are the only unsold parts of the Trelleborg estate.”

Justine’s mouth was wide with shock as she listened to the Magister. Ignoring the woman expression the Magister held out a sheaf of documents, “Please sign next to your names,” in silence the Countess took the documents and signed them before passing them to Katherine, the young Countess signed and then passed the papers back to the Magister.

“Magister, we have decided to keep some of the property,” said Katherine, “However the two youngest slaves will become the property of Queen Bernadette, a gift from my wife and myself,” said Katherine pointing at Maxine, “And that property has already been sold to the brothel of Madam Estella Benedict as a slave-whore

“Very well, the documentation will reflect this,” said the Magister as Justine screamed a horrified no, ”Silence,” shouted the Magister as a Regulator laid his hand on Justine’s shoulder, gripping it tightly, “I see you have brought garb for the property,” said the Magister looking at four leather bags that Hildegard had placed next to each of the soon-to-be slaves, Hildegard gave a small nod of agreement.

The Magister returned the nod then turned her attention back to the four women, “The property, will remove the clothing that it is wearing and put on the items in the bags beside it. If any of the property refuses to obey then the Regulator will punish, strip and dress it,” said the Magister looking pointedly at Justine and then her daughters, “If the property has difficulty donning its new attire then the Regulator’s will assist.” Maxine said nothing as with a last look of hatred at Hildegard she began to undo the buttons of her blouse. For a moment Justine opened her mouth to say something but the look on the Magister’s face and another squeeze of her shoulder from the Regulator silenced her.

Justine, Claudia and Charlotte were sobbing uncontrollably; Claudia and Charlotte looked desperately at their mother obviously hoping she would say something that would end the nightmare that was unfolding. Instead she looked at her daughters with tears streaming down her face, “I’m so sorry, so very sorry,” she sobbed, “There’s nothing I can do,” she sobbed as with violently shaking hands, Justine began to undo her clothes. The sisters looked with disbelief at their mother, then realisation struck that neither they nor their mother had any choice but to obey the Magister’s instructions. Weeping uncontrollably and with hands shaking as badly as their mothers, the two sisters began to remove their clothing.

Justine’s change was much quicker than that of Maxine, Claudia and Charlotte, she was in her new owners home and could be dressed as minimally as the two Countesses desired. Within minutes her everyday clothing had been removed and put into the leather bag, in its place Justine now wore nothing except tightly laced, black leather ankle boots with six-inch stiletto heels and snugly fitting black leather gloves that reached almost to her shoulders. Justine held her gloved arms across her breasts and over her pubes as she continued to weep, her eyes turned to the floor while Maxine stared defiantly at Hildegard as she dressed. Claudia and Charlotte were battling with what they’d been given to put on, unused to wearing anything like the style of clothing that they would be dressed in for the rest of their lives.

Bernadette had watched as the two teenage sisters struggled to put their new clothing on, licking her lips as her pussy began to moisten. Bernadette had jumped as Hildegard spoke, “I would like that one collared and enslaved while we wait for the other property to finish dressing itself,” said Hildegard as she looked at the three almost naked women before her.

“Certainly Countess,” replied the senior of the two Magisters.

Justine’s head flew up and she looked in horror at Hildegard, “Please don’t,” she begged as the Magisters moved to stand behind her. There was no response from Hildegard who grinned nastily at the terrified woman as the Magister placed a two-inch wide band of leather with a ring at the front around Justine’s necks and held the ends together at the back of the her neck.

The Magister spoke quietly, a spell that none but the magic-using Magister’s knew or could control, as she did the ends of the strip of leather around Justine’s neck flowed together forming a permanent, unbroken ring of leather. The Magister continued to chant her spell and the ring of leather began to shrink becoming a tight but supple fit around Justine’s neck, she was now permanently collared.

The Magister took hold of Justine’s head and again chanted as Justine shuddered, her eyes rolled up into her head showing only white then her eyes closed as she shuddered once again and her mouth fell slackly open. The Magister continued to chant her spell as Justine’s posture changed, her shoulders moved back as she pushed out her breasts and her leather gloved arms moved to her sides. Justine’s body shuddered for a third time then she opened her eyes and from where she sat Bernadette could see that instead of fear there was a look of adoration on the face of the slave that had been Justine as it looked at Katherine.

Without being ordered the new slave had sunk to its knees in front of its Mistresses. Pulling up her floor length blue satin gown Katherine had extended her booted left foot. Again no order had been given as the new slave crawled forward and without being told lovingly kissed its Mistress’s boot.

“You are called ku,” said Katherine as she clipped a leash to the collar of the slave that had been Justine. There was no reply from the slave as it continued to lick the blue leather boot, it had not been given permission to speak. With a tug on its leash the new sex-slave crawled beside its Mistress’s chair and knelt in silence, its eyes turned submissively towards its Mistress’s booted feet.

The scene she was witnessing had had an unexpected effect on Bernadette; she had become incredibly sexually excited. Beneath the shimmering latex and leather she wore Bernadette’s nipple had become rock hard and her pussy ran with juices. Bernadette’s face, buried beneath a thick layer of cosmetics, was flushed with excitement and her body had goose pimples covering it, her excitement had grown by the minute as she had watched the transformation of the two teenage sisters, her soon to be new sex-slaves. But Bernadette was also confused; where these feelings, these desires, these needs come had from she simply had no idea.

Finally Maxine, Claudia and Charlotte finished putting on their slave garb; Maxine wore a leather suit that included boots and gloves and fitted her like a second skin. Masked by the Regulator that stood behind her, Maxine’s eyes, the only part of her face now visible, were filled with hate as she looked at Hildegard and Katherine. Like the skin tight suit she wore the mask that covered Maxine’s face was made from scarlet leather.

Both Katherine and Hildegard had smiled nastily at their former maid, “Enslave that and take it to its new owner,” said Katherine as she pointed a leather gloved finger at the soon-to-be slave that had been Maxine. Minutes later the nameless red leather dressed slave-whore that had been Maxine, its mind stripped clean of memories and personality, was following a Regulator from the room at the end of a leash, the six-inch heels of the suit it wore clicking on the wood floor.

Bernadette had not bothered watching Maxine’s transformation into a slave, instead her attention had been focused entirely on the teenage sisters. The Claudia and Charlotte that stood trembling before her looked nothing like the way they had half an hour earlier, the sisters were now dressed from the neck down in a taut, form fitting, highly shined, black latex suits that hugged every curve of the teenagers bodies to perfection. Patent leather thigh boots with seven-inch stiletto heels and a one-inch platform covered their feet and legs and black latex gloves, just as tight as the suits they wore, covered the sisters hands and reached to their elbows.

Even the masks that now covered the terrified sister’s faces were made from form fitting black latex with the Queens royal crest embossed where the latex covered the teenager’s foreheads. Hildegard was looking at her friend with a broad smile, “I take it you like the material I chose for your new possessions to wear, Bernadette?”

“Oh yes,” said Bernadette, her voice thick with lust as she looked at the two latex-clad sisters, “A perfect choice, they look superb.”

The senior Magister had coughed lightly, “Shall we continue, your Majesty?” she asked deferentially.

“Of course,” replied Bernadette in a husky, lust filled voice.

The Regulators that were holding onto the two young women, helping them to stand in the outrageously high heels of the boots they wore, took a firmer grip as the two-inch wide leather collars were placed around Claudia and Charlotte’s necks. Through the eyeholes of the latex masks the sisters eyes were wide and terrified as they felt the black leather tightening around their throats, both were breathing rapidly through the holes over their nostrils, the black latex of the suits stretching and glistening across their breasts as their chests rapidly expanded and contracted.

The collars were sealed and tightened and the Magister’s took hold Claudia and Charlotte’s heads and began to chant. Finally what stood before Bernadette, balancing easily and confidently in their stiletto heeled boots their bodies exhibited in the fetish latex-wear they wore, were an eighteen and nineteen year old sex slave. Leashes were clipped to rings on the front of the new slaves collars as they looked at Bernadette with devotion, adoration and love. The Magisters passed the end of the leashes to Bernadette then bowed deeply, and with the Regulators following them, turned and left.

Bernadette had felt shocked at her own lust filled feelings and at the thought that she now owned two human beings; they were her property, her slaves, the thought of it excited her incredibly. Bernadette felt no remorse, had no scruples or conscience about what had just happened to the mother and her two daughters, the law had been followed and they were now property.

“Have you thought of names for your new pets?” asked Hildegard.

“Not really,” replied Bernadette, “But I suppose I should call them something,” she had thought for a moment, “You are called cla,” she said pointing at the slave that had been Claudia, “And you are cho,” she said pointing at the eighteen year old slave that had been Charlotte.

Hildegard had realised Bernadette could wait no longer, juices were running from her latex covered cunt and her entire body felt turned on. She stood up and tugged on the leashes she held, the two latex covered sex laves climbed to their feet.

“I’m sorry but I need to take my... my slaves home,” the Queen said, “I need to… to…” her voice trailed away.

Hildegard had given a knowing grin, “You need to have their faces between your thighs sucking your pussy for the first time,” said Hildegard as she and Katherine also stood up, “It’s an hours carriage ride to the palace why don’t you allow me to show you to a bedroom upstairs, spend the night, enjoy your new property much sooner than if you returned to the palace.”

Bernadette had looked at her closest friend then at the two slaves, for a moment she considered what to do but then the feeling between her legs had taken over, “Oh yes Hildegard that would be perfect.”

Now, five days since she’d been enslaved, the latex clothed and masked cho knelt obediently beside Bernadette as she stroked the young slave’s hair. Bernadette loved owning the two enslaved sisters and wanted to show them off but it was Hildegard who advised her that taking one out at a time was the usual manner of things. So for her secretive afternoon outing she had chosen to bring the younger of the two with her. Bernadette smiled as she continued to stroke cho’s hair her attention on the young sex-slave rather than the boulevard before her.

Katherine was getting a little bored and was playing a game in her mind, imagining how some of the women, or to be exact the more mature women, who passed before her would look collared and enslaved as her property. Then something caught her eye, walking past the shops on the far side of the boulevard were a couple, a man and woman. For a few moments Katherine watched the pair then she leaned to her left and reaching out squeezed Hildegard’s hand.

“Darling,” she said quietly, a faint smile on her heavily made-up face, “Look over to Carew’s; on the other side of the boulevard, I think we may have something of interest to... to Bernadette.”

Hildegard immediately looked in the direction Katherine had said, at once she spotted the couple, Hildegard also smiled as she gently squeezed her wife’s leather gloved hand, “Oh well done my love, I think you’re right.”

“Bernadette,” said Hildegard to the Queen, “Have a look across the boulevard, there’s a man and woman walking arm in arm, I think you might find the sight interesting.”

Bernadette quickly looked up, her hand still lying on her slave’s head as she gazed across to the other side of the boulevard. Within seconds she was staring straight at the man and woman as they stopped to stare in a shop window, “Oh my,” she said in a quiet voice.

The man was dressed in the uniform of a subaltern from one of the cavalry regiments that helped ensure Xentra’s borders were not breached but it was the women with him that had caught Katherine, Hildegard and finally Bernadette’s attention. The woman appeared to be in her early twenties or perhaps a little younger, her features were fine with full lips below a small straight and fine nose.

From where she sat Bernadette couldn’t tell the colour of her eyes but her dark brown hair was simply done and was topped with a small, pale blue hat that matched the colour of her floor length skirt, long sleeved bodice and felt gloves. She wore an inexpensive dress and gloves that looked out of place here amongst the expensive fashions of other women around her on this most fashionable of boulevards.

The woman was slim with full breasts and was almost as tall as the man she accompanied even though the pale blue shoes she wore had virtually no heels. The woman’s attention was focused on the man with her as they slowly strolled, arm in arm, along the broad boulevard.

Hildegard was smiling at Bernadette, “I think we’ve found what you’ve been looking for,” she said.

“Perhaps,” replied Bernadette as from behind the heavy veil she continued to stare at the young woman, “Unfortunately she appears to be already spoken for,” said Bernadette as the sun glinted off the gold wedding ring the young woman wore over the glove on the little finger of her right hand.

Hildegard shrugged, “So what, I can guarantee that if she stays in the city long enough someone will either seduce her or enslave her, and there won’t be a thing her husband can do about it, why shouldn’t it be you?”

“I’m not sure,” said Bernadette cautiously.

“I am,” said Hildegard as she passed ku’s leash to her wife and stood up.

Without hesitation, her six-inch heels and the ebony walking stick she held in her leather gloved hand clicking on the stones of the boulevard, Hildegard strode across to the couple, a broad smile on her face as she approached them.

“Edgar,” she said as she approached, “It’s me, your great-aunt Hildegard”

The man and woman turned in surprise, “I’m sorry,” said the officer “I’m afraid you’re mistaken.”

“Surely not,” said Hildegard smiling at the pair, “You are Edgar Constantine aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry Madam, I’m afraid you’ve mistaken me for someone else, my name is Richard Schwarzwald and this is my wife Magdalena,” replied the officer.

“Oh my,” said Hildegard in feigned surprise and dismay, “I am so sorry, you look just like my sisters grandson Edgar, please would you join us so I can buy you a coffee as an apology?”

The young officer smiled reassuringly, “Please, there is no need,” he said as his wife looked across the boulevard at the table where Bernadette and Katherine sat with the three sex-slaves, a nervous expression on her face.

“No I insist,” said Hildegard as she stepped between the young couple and took hold of their elbows and began to escort them across the wide thoroughfare.

Hildegard stopped in front of the table where Bernadette and Katherine sat, “I was wrong, it wasn’t who I thought, so may I introduce to you Second Lieutenant Richard Schwarzwald and his wife Magdalena. Richard and Magdalena may I introduce my wife the Countess Katherine ap Osterman and my closest friend Bernadette, I am the Countess Hildegard ap Osterman,” said Hildegard as she retook her seat and ordered extra chairs to be brought.

From where she sat Bernadette could see the look of surprise on Magdalena’s face as she looked at the three leather and latex clothed women and their masked slaves. Richard came to attention and then bowed, “Countess, Countess, Madam,” he said respectfully as his wife gave a small awkward curtsy.

“Please join us,” said Hildegard as coffee and hot chocolate was brought and placed on the table. As if by chance Richard ended up sitting between Hildegard and Katherine while Magdalena was seated between Hildegard and Bernadette. It was immediately obvious to Bernadette that the naive and unworldly Magdalena was not only in awe of Hildegard and Katherine she was also shocked and nervous about the way the three looked as well as the presence of the three slaves. Although she tried to hide it Magdalena’s eyes constantly drifted to look at the leather and latex clothing that Bernadette, Hildegard and Katherine wore and the three slaves that knelt obediently and submissively beside them.

As for Bernadette, the heavy veil and large hat allowed her to study Magdalena. Close up the young woman was even more attractive than Bernadette had thought when she’d first seen her. Magdalena’s skin was lightly tanned and appeared flawless; her eyes were green and sat below un-plucked eyebrows in a face devoid of makeup or cosmetics of any kind. Bernadette guessed that her figure was natural, without the benefit of a corset or enhancement of any kind. Despite this Bernadette knew she had found the woman she was looking for. Quietly she listened to Hildegard as with practised ease the Countess gained all the information she and Bernadette needed.

Magdalena was 20 and had been married to Richard for two months; her family home was in one of the small outlying towns about half way between the capital city and the border of Xentra. This was her first time in the city and her inexperienced and sheltered life had left her unprepared for the sights, sounds and lifestyles she was experiencing in the capital.

Hildegard and Katherine were the first women she had met that were married and it was taking a bit of getting used to. The young couple were staying in a small inexpensive tavern while Richard awaited orders to join a detachment that would return him to the small town they came from.

By the time the couple were ready to take their leave Bernadette had garnered enough information from Hildegard’s questions and her own observations of the beautiful young bride to know her search was ended. Now came the difficult part.

Bernadette watched Magdalena walk away arm in arm with her husband, “Well, was I right Bernadette, is she the one?”

“Yes,” replied Bernadette, her eyes never leaving Magdalena as the young bride walked away, once more arm in arm with her husband, “She is definitely the one.”