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“You are asking me to approve something as radical as that which my mother agreed to sign, Madam Chancellor.”

“I know it is not an easy thing to ask but it has been discussed long and hard in Council and the move is a logical one your Majesty,” replied the Chancellor, “I also have reservations but what we propose is for the good of the realm.”

“Let us hope that those words will be of comfort to the husbands and children of the Kingdom,” said the Queen as she picked up the pen that had been used for such signatures for two hundred years.

Signed by my hand, on the 150th Day of the 354th year of the Concord, Margareta Bernice Von Westrum, Queen of Xentra


Hildegard’s hips kept up an identical rhythm to that of her wife Katherine, the double ended dildo strapped around her thighs buried deeply in the anus of the sex-slave ki. Katherine wore an identical strap-on, the business end of which was buried just as deeply in ki’s cunt as the pair fucked the slave that had once been a young woman called Antonia.

The three, dressed identically in knee high stiletto heeled boots and wrist length leather gloves, were lying on Hildegard and Katherine’s enormous bed, the sheets in disarray. Their bodies glistened with sweat as Katherine and Hildegard fucked the slave from front and back, driving it and themselves to orgasm. Ignoring the slave between them Hildegard found her wife’s purple painted lips and kissed Katherine passionately, their tongues entwining as each felt her orgasm beginning to approach.

The rhythm of the two women became more rapid, more forceful as they fucked ki, the dildoes slamming unmercifully into the slaves body. Despite the brutality of the fucking the slave was also incredibly excited, moans and whimpers of pleasure escaping its lips as the dildoes pounded into it. Ki had already cum several times as it was fucked, the fact that both of its beloved Mistresses were fucking it at the same time exponentially increased the pleasure it felt, the orgasm building inside it now would be the biggest yet.

The slave and its two Mistresses came within seconds of each other, screams of sexual pleasure reverberating off the walls as the release of uncontrolled delight flashed through their bodies. The slave could take no more and collapsed between Katherine and Hildegard, unconscious and spent, Hildegard smiled at her happy but exhausted wife, “Happy New Year darling,” she sighed.

“Happy New Year,” said an equally drained Katherine as the pair settled down to sleep.


The leather covered slave knelt patiently in the entrance hall of the massive manor house, its gloved hands resting lightly on its leather covered thighs, its face turned towards the polished wood floor. The slaves recently washed brunette hair shone, pulled back tightly over its head and fastened in a braided ponytail that hung down its back, it was bound together by small strips of leather.

Excitement coursed through the slave’s body as it heard the click of high heels approaching across the wooden floor. The excitement peeked as a pair of high-heeled purple boots and the hem of a purple, leather, ankle length skirt appeared in view. Without being told the slave leant forward and reverently kissed the boots before returning to the kneeling position. The slave shuddered with pleasure as a gloved hand began to stroke its head.

“You have become an excellent sex-slave ka,” said Hildegard as she stroked her pet’s head, “I’m glad I claimed you before someone else took an interest in you.”

For a brief moment a strangely disturbing memory floated through ka’s mind, for a split second the name Alana suddenly seemed meaningful but just as quickly as it appeared the name faded away. Ka remained silent, eyes still gazing downwards at its Mistress’ boots. No response was required or necessary, if the slave’s Mistress needed it to speak then it would be told.

Hildegard slid the leather mask she held over ka’s head and down over the slaves face then buckled it tightly at the back of ka’s head, the soft black leather moulding to the contours of ka’s face. Hildegard clipped a leash to ka’s collar and gave a gentle tug, without being told the slave climbed sensuously to its feet and stood waiting.

Without comment Hildegard turned and walked from her house, outside one of Hildegard and Katherine’s carriage waited, the door held open by a maid dressed in an ankle length hobble dress made from dark blue latex and matching high heels. Hildegard stopped and looked at the maid who had an unhappy look on her face. The eighteen-year-old girl was new, having only worked for Hildegard and Katherine for a week.

“Don’t worry Maxine, you’ll soon get used to the way things work in my house, and if you don’t there are always other alternatives,” said Hildegard looking pointedly at the leather clad slave following at the end of its leash.

Maxine swallowed nervously, her eyes flicking towards the leather clothed sex-slave then back to Hildegard, “Yes Countess, I’m sure I’ll soon get used to the way things are,” replied the maid in a nervous voice as she curtsied unsteadily.

Hildegard laughed as she looked at Maxine’s horrified expression then stepped into the coach and sat down on the padded seat; ka followed, lying on the floor at its Mistress’ feet, its leather masked face resting on the feet of Hildegard’s stiletto heeled boots. Maxine closed the door and the coach pulled away heading down the long driveway and then onto the road that lead into the centre of the city.

Hildegard pulled her long leather skirt clear of the floor of the coach and extended her booted feet, “Clean,” she ordered. Without comment or hesitation the slave began to lick the purple leather boots of its Mistress, for a moment Hildegard watched as the slave called ka orally worshipped her boots then she turned to watch the world passing by the windows of the coach.

Soon traffic on the road increased; carts and coaches vied for space with heavily laden wagons and horses. The crest on the sides of the black lacquered coach and the calls of the coachman identifying who rode in it ensured that the traffic parted in front of Hildegard’s coach. From behind darkly tinted windows Hildegard watched the city pass, the richness of the surrounding buildings increasing the closer the coach got to its destination.

Eventually they arrived, the coach passing through gates guarded by soldiers in the uniform of the Royal Guard; grim faced, battle hardened men and women whose eyes seemed to bore into all who came near, assessing the threat they presented. No such assessment was made of Hildegard ap Osterman, the Countess was well known at the Queen’s palace and being the Queens closest friend certainly helped her freedom of entry.

The coach crossed the courtyard and stopped in front of a pair of large studded wooden doors. A female officer stepped forward and opened the door of Hildegard’s carriage. Hildegard took the officers hand and stepped down to the courtyard, ka following at the end of its leash.

“Thank you lieutenant, and where may I find Her Majesty?” she asked the officer.

“The Queen is in her private rooms, Countess,” replied the lieutenant, “I understand Her Majesty is expecting you.”

“Thank you lieutenant,” said Hildegard, “You may return to your duties.”

The female lieutenant stepped back and saluted as Hildegard walked through the open right hand door and into the palace. Hildegard knew the way to the Queens apartments like the back of her leather gloved hand and within minutes she was knocking on a plain wooden door flanked on either side by hard, grizzled soldiers in the uniforms of sergeants.

“Enter,” said a voice in a clipped and upper class voice.

Hildegard opened the door and walked into the room beyond, crossing the floor she stopped and lowering her head, curtsied, “Your Majesty,” she said defferentially as the slave behind her lowered itself rapidly to its knees and touched its forehead to the floor.

“If I had a crown for every time I’ve told you not to do that when we’re alone, well I’d be even richer than I am now, stop it immediately Hildegard,” said Bernadette von Westrum, Queen of Xentra.

Hildegard was grinning as she lifted her head and stood up straight, “Don’t worry. I’ll get bored with teasing you one of these days I promise,” she said as both women burst into laughter.

Bernadette kissed Hildegard on the cheek and took her by the arm, “Happy New Year,” said the Queen, “Come sit with me and tell me all the latest gossip, how is Katherine?” together they walked to a sofa and sat down, ka followed, crawling on its hands and knees after its Mistress.

The two women had known each other for forty years, Hildegard having been brought to the royal palace by her mother to be the princess’ playmate. A friendship had soon formed that had strengthened through the years making Hildegard into the Queen’s oldest and most faithful friend and confident. Hildegard was the one person Bernadette trusted completely, knowing that her greatest friend would never betray her.

As tall and fashionably slim as her great friend but with slightly fuller breasts, the Queen had high cheekbones and a pert nose above a full lipped generous mouth. Her eyes were dove grey while auburn hair, interwoven with diamonds and pearls on platinum strings, hung loosely over her shoulders.

The Queen called for wine to be brought and a bowl of water for Hildegard’s slave, as was accepted practice when a slave was taken to someone’s house Hildegard had asked the Queens permission before removing the leather mask that covered ka’s face and allowing her pet to drink.

For an hour the two gossiped, Hildegard passing on the minutiae of the social life of the noble families of Xentra, gossip that no-one but Hildegard would willingly pass on to the Queen. Bernadette laughed and occasionally gasped at the scandals, the divorces, the affairs that were usually hidden from her by the functionaries and members of the court. Gradually the discussion began to take a more serious turn. Hildegard was Bernadette’s sounding board within the upper crust of society, not exactly a spy but the one who kept Bernadette informed on the feelings of the nobility, especially their feelings towards the royal household and the Queen herself.

“So Hildegard, spit it out, what are they saying about me?” said the Queen as she poured another glass of wine.

Hildegard paused as she looked at her best friend, “How long is it since Edward died?” she asked.

“You know as well as I do Hildegard, it’s twenty-seven years since I lost Edward,” she replied quietly, “The same day that Marianna was born.”

Hildegard nodded slowly and sadly, “Yes I do know, as I also know that since that day you have never taken a lover or considered remarrying.”

“So?” asked Bernadette as she raised an eyebrow.

Again Hildegard paused, although they were the closest possible friends, Bernadette was still Queen of Xentra, “Mutterings have been going on for several years, but recently they have increased until now they are being discussed openly.”

“Tell me what these years of mutterings are about Hildegard,” said Bernadette.

Hildegard looked at her best friend, “The nobles, and most of the rest of the population, think it would be best for you and for the realm if you were to marry again.”

“I see, is that all?”

“No, the feeling is that you should not just remarry but that you should follow the practice of the majority, that you should take a bride to your bed that you should marry a woman.”

There was silence for a moment, “And what else Hildegard, I can tell from your face there is more?”

“There is discontent that although your grandmother signed the edict that introduced slavery and helped create the Xentra we now live in the royal family has never owned slaves and has resisted all attempts to persuade them to own them. They resent that the edict has meant so many have been enslaved but yet your family has constantly refused to own slaves such as these,” said Hildegard as she laid a hand on ka’s head, “This encourages those that oppose the edict and helps ferment dissent.”

For several minutes there was silence as Bernadette thought about what Hildegard had just said, “You know very well that I have no sexual interest in women,” said Bernadette eventually, her face hard.

“Fifteen years ago I’d have said the same thing and now look at me, I’m married to a woman thirty years younger than me, I own female sex-slaves and am actively considering acquiring more and I have discovered a love of more fetishes than I can name. Things change, back then I’d have given the same answer as you but then everything changed and now I’m what you see, a lesbian, and what’s more I’m happier and more content with a much, much better sex life than I ever had when I slept with men.”

Bernadette frowned deeply as she looked at Hildegard, “So your advice would be for me to do what the people want, to follow your path and become the first openly lesbian Queen our realm has ever had?”

“Yes,” answered Hildegard simply, “Dress the part and become the part, the people will approve,” Bernadette was not one of the majority of wealthy women who were seen wearing latex, leather and erotically fetish based clothing on a daily basis.

“And how do you think my daughter, your goddaughter, Marianna would react to her mother suddenly becoming a lover of women?”

“I think she would react with relief, Marianne has been in a relationship with one of your ladies-in-waiting for the last two years; they have even bought a female sex-slave which the lady-in-waiting keeps at her home. She has been talking to me about how worried she is that you would discover her secret, so as you can see I’ve broken a confidence I promised to keep to help you make an informed decision.”

Hildegard took the Queen’s hands in her own, “Bernadette, I love you like a sister, you are my oldest and dearest friend but I have sworn never to withhold the truth from my Queen. What I have told you is the truth but only you can make the decision.”

There was silence in the room, “I need to think about this, please leave me now,” said the Queen in a quiet voice.

Releasing Bernadette’s hands, Hildegard refitted the leather mask to ka’s face stood and put on her hat and gloves and took hold of her slave’s leash. Stepping away from the sofa Hildegard turned towards where the Queen sat silently looking at her lap.

Hildegard curtsied deeply, “I am at your service your Majesty,” she said as she straightened up, this time there was no joking admonition as Hildegard left the Queens apartment.

26th Day of the 430th Year of the Concord

“Well Hildegard, be honest, how awful do I look?” asked the Queen as she stood in the middle of her private apartment.

Almost four weeks had passed before a message bearing the royal seal had been delivered to Hildegard and Katherine’s house, the Queen wanted to see Hildegard and she was to bring her slaves with her.

Hildegard had arrived at the royal palace with ka and ki and immediately made her way to the Queens private rooms. Entering the Queens apartments Hildegard had stopped, her mouth at first open in surprise then changing to a smile.

“Come on Hildegard, tell me the awful truth,” said Bernadette nervously.

Hildegard looked at Bernadette from the floor upwards; instead of the low heeled sensible shoes she normally wore Bernadette’s feet and lower legs were now encased in gleaming knee high patent leather boots with five-inch stiletto heels. Above the boots Bernadette wore black stockings clearly evident in the v-shaped slit in the front of the strapless floor length gown with the built in corset that showed her cleavage to perfection. Long gloves covered Bernadette’s hands and arms, ending just below the Queens shoulders but it was the material that had surprised and delighted Hildegard; other than the boots, all of Bernadette’s clothes were made from highly polished, tight black latex.

“You look absolutely fabulous,” said Bernadette as she stepped forward and took her friends latex covered hands in her own leather gloved ones, “Of course I think you’d look better in leather but that’s just my fetishes showing through.”

Bernadette led Hildegard to the same sofa they’d sat on during Hildegard’s last visit, “Since you look every bit the dominant I take it you’ve made a decision,” said Hildegard as she looked at her friend.

Her lips were now painted dark red and outlined in black, her cheeks highlighted in matching blusher, black eye-shadow and mascara completed her makeup while Bernadette’s once loose hair was now held in a tight curl at the back of her head.

“Yes, I thought about what you said and I also talked to Marianna. By the way, she was the one who told me which shop owners and clothes makers to approach to achieve this look. We both ended up crying but in the end it made my decision easy,” Bernadette looked squarely at Hildegard, “I will take a wife, I will own slaves and I will become Xentra’s first fetish Queen, with your help of course Hildegard,” she said quietly, “For the sake of the realm.”

Hildegard’s smile got wider, “You will be perfect, you have always had the power and now you have the look to go with that power, the people will love you for what you have become for them,” she said as she gripped Bernadette’s latex covered hands.

“I hope so,” replied the Queen.

“Now tell me Bernadette, why latex, I imagined that if you made the decision you have then you would choose to wear leather.”

Bernadette grinned, “You can blame your goddaughter, once I’d made my decision I turned to her for help and she said having seen me in both she thought I looked better in latex. To be honest I’ve discovered I rather like the way it feels and smells, I have the feeling I’m going to get used to looking like this but leather also makes up a part of my new wardrobe so don’t worry you’ll see me in your favourite material as well, I think I might even grow to like both materials. However there are other reasons I’ve asked you to visit me tonight. I’ve seen many beautiful women in my life but I’ve never looked at them the way I need to from now on, as a potential lover, as a potential wife. I’ve never looked at women the way you do, I mean, why did you choose Katherine?”

Hildegard shrugged, “I chose Katherine because she was a young, beautiful woman who embodied all the features I desired in a woman; her face, her figure, the colour of her hair, they all added up to the ideal package. Of course I had to make changes to make her perfect, Katherine had never worn leather or extreme high heels or corsets, her definition of makeup were light pastel shades and of course the big thing, Katherine was totally heterosexual and without a perverted thought in her mind. But I knew from the first time I saw her that I would marry her,” Hildegard shrugged, “I never believed in love at first sight but I knew immediately that Katherine was the one I wanted and I set out to make sure it happened. I can’t tell you what sort of woman to choose but I can tell you that when you see her you’ll know and I’ll do my best to help you find the right one.”

“Fair enough, now my other problem, I’ve never had sex with a woman, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to please a woman or tell her what to do to please me,” said Bernadette as her face turned pink below her thick makeup, “Which is why I asked you to bring your slaves with you.”

“Oh I see,” said Hildegard with a grin, “You’d like to borrow one or both of my pets to fuck.”

“Language Hildegard,” said Bernadette, “But yes you’re right, I would like to borrow one of your pets for my first taste of sex with a woman, my first time... fucking a woman, that’s if you don’t mind of course.”

“Of course I don’t mind in fact it would be an honour, and believe me you won’t regret it, they are both fantastic sex-slaves, which one would you like to borrow?”

Bernadette looked at the two leather-clad slaves kneeling next to Hildegard, “I don’t know, if you’d remove their masks and get them to stand up then I could choose one.”

“Of course,” said Hildegard as she unbuckled the leather masks that covered the slaves faces, “Stand,” she commanded.

Moving sensuously and slowly the two slaves rose to their booted feet and stood silently waiting; Bernadette looked from one to the other as Hildegard held onto their leashes, “Other than age they look very similar,” said Bernadette.

“Before they were enslaved they were mother and daughter but now they are just two leather dressed sex-slaves, ka is 37 and ki is 19, either one of them will make you feel like you’ve never felt before,” said Hildegard with confidence.

Bernadette nervously licked her heavily painted lips as she looked from one slave to the other, finally she made a decision, “I’ll take the younger one and return it to you tomorrow, is that acceptable?”

“Of course it is, you may of course keep it for as long as you wish,” said Hildegard as she passed ki’s leash to Bernadette, “Ki, you will obey Queen Bernadette as if she was me, you will address her as Mistress and follow every command she gives you as if it came from me or my wife. Do you understand ki?”

“Yes Mistress,” replied the sex-slave.

“Enjoy yourself,” said Hildegard with a lascivious smile as she looked at Bernadette.

Bernadette looked at the leash she now held and then her eyes roamed over the leather covered body of the young sex-slave. Hildegard smiled then tugging on ka’s leash she led her other sex-slave from the room; as she closed the door to the Queen’s apartment she saw Bernadette tentatively stroke ki’s cheek.

The Countess smiled as she walked away with ka following her, it had all gone as she had hoped but now it was time to see how it would progress. Hildegard had plans to make or as she liked to put it, ‘people to do and things to see.’