The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 13: Nudism Unlocked

Becky Davis

I slouched into the house after a long day at my college. Tonya had ignored me all day. I thought she enjoyed what I did to her yesterday. Did this ever happen to Mom when she seduced a woman she was friends with? Did she have women who freaked out and then wanted to pretend that nothing had happened?

That she hadn’t made them cum with her licking mouth?

I had enjoyed the seducing her. It was exciting. Tonya was my best friend, and she was so pretty. A petite girl with platinum-blonde hair, her waist so slender, her face delicate and dainty. Her pussy had tasted so good. It was fun. I wanted to do naughty things with her.

I slung my bookbag off my shoulder and collapsed on the couch in the living room. My gray schoolgirl skirt flared up and then fell down on my thighs, exposing my knees. I took a deep breath, my breasts rising and falling in my blouse, my gray tie draped over them, moving at the bottom of my vision.

“What’s wrong?” Sam asked. My little sister stood before me. Though a tomboy, she liked wearing skirts. She wore an identical outfit as me, though she’d removed her tie and vest on the walk home. The top few buttons of her blouse were open, letting me see a hint of her red bra covering her small tits.

I shrugged.

“Come on, Becky,” Sam said. There was something genuine in her expression. To my surprise she sank down before me, her hands resting on my knees. “What’s wrong? I bet you’ll feel better about it.”

“Just... things,” I said. Sam normally wasn’t this sort of person. She normally ignored me. But this weekend we shared our passion for our father. We made love to him and each other. I stared into her green eyes. Her short, red hair swayed about her face as she stroked my knees.

“Girl problems?” she asked. “You and Tonya, right?”

I blinked as shock knifed through the gray murk that hugged me and made everything feel so heavy and dense.

Sam grinned at me. “Well, it couldn’t be boy problems when you have Dad.” Her hands pressed up my skirt, caressing my skin. My toes flexed in my shoes as heat rushed up me. “So... you made a move on Tonya?”

I nodded, my heart quickening as she pressed my skirt higher and higher up my thighs, her hands pushing them apart. The heat rushed up my flesh from the caressing touch of her fingers. I whimpered. My head shook from side to side as my back arched.

The heat reached my pussy, igniting a hot fire. Molten passion flowed. I groaned as her hands pressed my skirt up to reveal the cream-hued, satin panties, a little bow on the front. My sister’s digits ran over my panties, not touching my pussy but caressing my pubic mound. She traced up to my bow right below the waistband.

“Did you wear this for her?” she asked, brushing the bow. “Or for Daddy?”

I shrugged. “I just grabbed them at random. But...” I bit my lip. “I... I...”

“I’ll make you feel better,” Sam said her green eyes bright. “I’m sorry things didn’t go well with Tonya, but you got me and Dad and Mom.”

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my panties. She tugged. I shuddered. Despite that murky fog hugging me, she shone brightly. My little sister was a sun burning through the murk. My rump lifted off the couch, letting her work down my panties.

As the satin worked lower, the cloth forced my knees back together. The cool cloth caressed me. I whimpered as she tugged my panties farther and farther down. She passed my knees and dragged them down my calves. My sister kissed my knees as she pulled the panties over my shoes.

She held them up and rubbed them into her cheek. She breathed in. “Mmm, you smell good, Becky.”

“Sam,” I groaned, suddenly embarrassed by what she was doing. My cheeks burned.

She giggled and then dropped my panties on the floor and thrust my thighs back open, exposing my red-furred muff. My little sister licked her lips as she leaned her head between my thighs. I groaned as her short hair brushed my inner flesh. Heat rushed through me from the silky caress as her head came lower and lower.

Then her lips nuzzled into my trimmed bush. My auburn hairs caressed her cheeks. Her tongue flicked out, brushing my pussy. She ran up it my folds, brushing my clit. Pleasure shot through me. I groaned as my head leaned back.

My little sister wrapped her hands around my thighs as she licked again, a hungry flick of her tongue against my labia. Sam growled as she pressed her lips tighter against my cunt. She teased me, her tongue darting through my petals, stimulating them.

“Sam!” I gasped, my eyes wide. I stared into her green depths, seeing that sisterly passion in them. “I... I...”

“Just enjoy,” she said. “Just relax. Let me love you!”

I nodded my head, needing to be loved. I wished Dad was here, but he was picking up Mom at the airport. My sister licked again. Her tongue caressed between my folds, teasing me. Her nose brushed my clit as she plunged her tongue into my pussy’s depths.

She fluttered her tongue through me. Pleasure churned through me. I whimpered, my tits swelling in my blouse. I felt so hot now. The molten heat swelled through my body, a rising tide of passion that rippled through my flesh.

My fingers attacked the tie that was apart of my college’s uniform. The cloth whisked as I undid the Windsor knot. I dropped my tie to the side before I unfastened my blouse, popping buttons through eyelets, exposing more and more of my body, my tits held in my bra.

“A violet bra?” Sam asked, lifting her face from my pussy, my cream glistening on her pink lips. “Wow, you really just threw on anything. No match.”

I shrugged. “I’m not used to people seeing what I’m wearing beneath.”

“You’re a woman now,” she said. “You’re Daddy’s lover. Like me. People are going to see your naughty bits. It’s a cute bra. I love the lace, but...” She picked up my cream panties. “Coordinate!”

I burst out in a giggle. “This is from the tomboy.”

“Tomboys can dress nice while getting dirty,” she said. She licked her lips, gathering my cream. Then she buried her face back into my pussy.

I gasped as her tongue buried back into my snatch. She fluttered through my depths, stirring me up. I groaned, pulling off my blouse. I set that beside me. I leaned forward to give myself room so I could unhook my bra. I bared my breasts, exposing my large, pillowy mounds. My fat, pink nipples thrust hard.

As I leaned back into the couch, I pinched my nipples. I groaned as my sister’s tongue buried deep into me. She fluttered it around in me. Her lips brushed my hot labia. Her tongue fucked over and over into my depths. My cunt clenched down on her tongue, my fingers twisting my nubs.

I panted, my back arching and—

The front door opened.

I gasped as Sam kept swirling her tongue through my pussy as our brother, James, entered the house with his two Anime girls. My cheeks burned crimson as my hands covered my nipples. I let out an embarrassed whimper as James glanced at me, our little sister’s tongue fluttering deep in my pussy.

Then his eyes slipped passed me as he headed to the stairs. Orihime—the busty, orange-haired girl he created—grinned at me, her blue eyes twinkling. The petite Ruri, her purple-blue hair in pigtails, blushed as bright as my cheeks felt.

Orihime winked at me. “Have fun.”

“Oh, Lord,” I groaned, my hands pressing tight into my nipples.

“Don’t gawk,” Ruri muttered, dragging Orihime towards the stairs after our brother.

I wanted to melt into a puddle. I wanted to groan out in passion. My little sister kept feasting on me, sending pleasure rippling through my embarrassed flesh. I groaned, my nipples throbbing against the palms of my hand.

My head shook from side to side as the heat burned through me. Her tongue stirred me, the pleasure swallowing the shameful shock. My brother saw my tits. Saw Sam going down on, my pussy. I groaned, my head shaking and...

“Sam!” I gasped as she sucked on my clit.

Her green eyes had such a mischievous glow as she nibbled on my bud. I groaned, my fingers digging into my tits. I massaged my nipples with my palms, pressing my fat nubs into my areolas and sending tingles down to my pussy. My thighs pressed on my sister’s face while her fingers dug into my flesh.

Her right hand slid down my inner thighs, massaging me as she sucked and nursed on my bud. She loved my little nub, her lips nibbling on the sensitive bud. The rubbery caress sent incestuous heat rippling through me. The ache swelled in the depths of my pussy.

A building orgasm.

“Oh, Sam!” I gasped as she jammed a pair of fingers into my pussy.

Her slender digits wiggled into my depths as she suckled. My clit throbbed in her mouth while my pussy squeezed down around her digits. My back arched. My fingers pinched my nipples as she stirred up my pussy.

She plunged her digits over and over into my snatch. It was such a wicked treat. It was an amazing thing to experience. My head shook from side to side. I tweaked my nipples, rolling my fat nubs between my thumb and forefinger as she plundered my snatch.

My little sister loved me.

Incestuous passion swelled in me as my little sister feasted on me. The naughty, eighteen-year-old devoured me with passion. She fluttered her tongue through my cunt. She teased me. She drove me wild. My head shook from side to side. I whimpered. I groaned. My thighs clenched about her face while my pussy squeezed around her digits.

The heat built and built in me.

“Oh, Sam, yes!” I moaned. “Oooh, you’re being such a good sister. I... I... I love this!”

Sam’s tongue swirled around my clit. Then she sucked hard. I gasped. My cunt clamped down hard on her plunging fingers. The silky friction increased. My pussy walls drank in the sensations, converting it into bliss. It crashed into my swelling orgasm, a bubbling pool of incestuous magma.

“Sam!” I moaned, my head tossing. “Yes!”

My orgasm burst inside of me.

Incestuous flames raged inside of me. Blissful heat surged through me. My cunt convulsed around her fingers. She sucked hard on my clit. The fires burned through my body, racing down all my nerve endings. My fingers pinched my nipples hard.

Then the passion reached my mind. Stars burst across my vision as the rapture blazed across my brain. The ecstasy consumed my thoughts. I could only cry out in wordless passion. My head tossed from side to side as she feasted on me. She teased me.

My little sister gave me such rapture.

I stared down at her as I shuddered. I whimpered. My breasts heaved as my pussy convulsed around her fingers. She fluttered her tongue around my pussy lips, gathering up my juices. I whimpered as my orgasmic flames peaked in me.

Then I collapsed back onto the couch, panting. “That was...” My eyes fluttered. “Oh, Sam, thank you.”

She rose from between my thighs, her lips smeared in my cream. More dripped down her chin. Her head drifted to mine. “Just looking out for my big sis.”

“Big sis...” I repeated, savoring it before her lips met mine. There was a closeness we’d never had in our life until now.

I groaned, tasting my spicy cream adorning her mouth. I kissed her, my tongue meeting hers. Her head cocked to the side, our lips working together. My breasts jiggled as I trembled. I wrapped my arms around her neck, holding her tight to me.

She broke the kiss, her forehead pressed against mine. “Mmm, now let’s get your ready to greet Mom and Daddy.”

“Huh?” I blinked. Then my eyes widened. “Oh, right.”

A wave of excitement swept through me, too powerful for the murk to come back. For now.

* * *

James Davis

“He’s a Rei fan, huh?” I muttered to myself as I sat down at my drawing table.

“Rei is so boring,” Orihime said as she sat down on my bed. “Like an even more bland version of Ruri.”

“Ruri was never that emotionless,” I muttered.

Rei was a character from a popular giant robot Anime. She was my friend’s waifu, a term Anime fans used to describe a girl they liked. It was how a Japanese person would pronounce wife. Orihime and Ruri were my favorite waifu, girls I had crushes on.

Girls I had brought to life with my godlike power.

Now I wanted to do the same for Seth. He was another nerd like me. A guy that the girls ignored. This way, he would get his own girl of his dream, too. He would have Rei to love him. I googled some images of her on my computer, glancing at the screen for reference to fix her in my mind. Slender with short, light-blue hair and red eyes. I found one in the plug suit she wore when piloting her mecha.

I went to work sketching her.

I drew Rei standing in a vulnerable pose, her right arm folded across her stomach to grip her left wrist. My pencil sketched about her while I imagined her loving Seth, being his waifu, wanting to be with him and cherish him. I leaned over, the world fading away as I sketched her form in the skin-tight suit, molding it to her petite form.

I focused on her coming to life as I drew faster. I felt possessed by my god-like power. It flowed out of me. I sketched out her hair. I added details to her suit. I gave a glossy look to her eyes, something hopeful and frightened, with the vulnerability hidden in her near robotic soul.

I drew the final line and leaned back, willing her to come to life the way I bought Ruri and Orihime into this world. I gripped the edge of my desk, staring at her, imagining her short, light-blue hair swaying about her face, her red eyes blinking. I wanted to see her birthed from the paper. To step out of it.

Nothing happened.

She wasn’t coming to life.

I leaned back in my chair. “Why didn’t it work?”

Orihime hugged my chair from behind. Her breasts pressed against the back of my head, soft and lush. Her hands rubbed down the front of my shirt, brushing my gray tie, part of my college’s uniform. Frustration welled through me as she rested her chin on my head.

“She should have come to life,” I growled, staring at the sketch.

“It’s very good,” Orihime said. “She looks sad. Like she’s missing something.”

“Seth,” I muttered. I know I had this power. I brought this beautiful girl hugging me to life.

Ruri’s delicate finger stroked the edge of the page. She stood beside me, leaning over, the gray tie dangling down the front of her blouse swayed back and forth. Her fingers drifted over to a Coptic marker, a great brand of inking pens. She picked it up. “It’s not done. It’s just a sketch.”

I took the Coptic marker she handed me. It tingled. I felt... power. Like I’d imbued my essence into this marker. She was right. It was more than just a pencil sketch. It needed something permanent. Something that I couldn’t erase.

I grinned as I began inking.

* * *

Steve Davies

“Edit... reality?” my wife asked, blinking. “What does that mean?”

I swallowed, suddenly feeling all the crowds of people around us. The smooth voice of the announcer warned that the white zone was for loading and unloading only echoed around us. People bustled, grabbing their luggage off the baggage claim, embracing their loved ones who had returned from their travels.

Evaline’s husband, Malcolm Gilbert, was embracing the Korean woman. He had no idea his wife spent the weekend cheating on him with two other women. I flushed. That used to be me before I edited my wife to be more... inclusive. Though Evaline hugged her husband, her head was focused on my wife.

Had my edits destroyed another marriage?

“Steve, what does editing reality mean?” Linda asked, drawing my attention back to her.

“It means...” I swallowed. How to explain it. “I know this sounds crazy. I know that, but... I can change how the world is.”

“Through... charity work?” she said. “Did you donate money to a new charity?”

“No, no,” I said. I pulled out my phone. “I have an app on here. It lets me change reality. People. The circumstances of history.”

“An... app.” Her forehead furrowed. “Is this a joke?”

“No, no,” I said, gripping my phone. “I can change things. An angel appeared before me. I have the power to modify reality and...” I trailed off. “God, I sound like a madman, don’t I?”

My wife gave a slow nod.

“I can prove it,” I said, my heart hammering. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe it was an utter mistake to tell my wife about these powers.

“Can you?” she asked, a look of concern. “Did our daughters... break you? I know you’re a lucky man and all, but...”

I looked around. “If you could do any sex act, what would it be?”

She frowned. “You want to know my kinkiest fantasy or something? Is that what this is about? You just want to do something naughty?”

“Sure,” I lied.

“Well...” Her cheeks spotted. She paused to wave goodbye to her friend and lover. She went back to staring at me. “You really want to know?”

“How bad can it be?” I asked.

“I guess not that bad.” She leaned in. “I’ve always wanted to have sex in public. Like... really in public.”

“Like, say, right here at the baggage claim.”

Cheeks burning, she nodded. “Just... having sex while people bustle around me and...” Her eyes widened. “We can’t do that. Not here.”

“It’s all just... a fantasy,” I said. “A game. So, who around us would you want to have sex with here? A woman that you and I could share?”

“Any woman?” she asked, skeptical. “What, you think she’ll just be eager to have sex with us? That she’s some sort of unicorn who likes boffing strangers in public?”

“It’s a game,” I said, trying to sound casual.

“Okay...” She looked around at the people passing. There was a gorgeous, Black woman sauntering by in a maroon, sleeveless sweater. Her tits jiggled as she strutted by. Then her eyes flicked to a dusky-skinned woman striding past in tight jeans.

There was a blonde bending over to snag her luggage, her skirt hugging her rump. A brunette covered her mouth as she yawned, her big tits swelling the front of her blouse. A black-haired beauty sauntered towards us, a suitcase rolling behind her. I spotted a pair of Hispanic beauties giggling as they stared at the same phone. So many choices.

“Her,” my wife said, glancing at the black-haired beauty in the silk blouse and heels. She came closer, her large tits jiggling in her blouse.

“She’s hot,” I said.

My wife let out a purring moan. “I would love to eat out her pussy in the middle of the airport while you fuck me from behind. That would be hot.”

I unlocked my phone, saying, “Then let’s make it happen.”

“What?” my wife gasped as my thumb hovered over the editing app.

“Just watch her as I change her,” I told her. “You’ll see.”

My wife frowned as she focused on the other woman. Her brow furrowed. Then she shook her head, her red hair swayed about her shoulders. “You’re starting to—”

I tapped the button, freezing reality.

Anael appeared beside the black-haired woman, the naked, petite angel grinning at me. “So, you decided to be naughty after all?” she said. “Not saving those edits for the mayor and city council?”

“I’m proving to my wife I can do this,” I said. “That’s all. I should have just put it in her mind I have this power and have her accept it. Didn’t think.”

“Are you thinking now?” asked Anael. “I mean, you’re hard. Sure you just don’t want to use your power for your own pleasure?”

My cheeks burned. “It’s to prove to my wife. I’ll have enough charges to do my plan.”

Anael arched a delicate eyebrow at me, her purple eyes twinkling. “Well, what are you going to do to this lovely beauty?”

I took a moment to think. How to set this up. I had to edit this woman so she wanted to have sex in public. That she would be open to having sex with strangers. But there was something else I needed to do. Something that I wasn’t sure I could do.

But I had to, or my wife would think I was crazy.

I found the woman on the screen. The area was displayed in wireframe, all the objects little meshes, the people soft-blue dots. Her menu flashed up. Showing that. Her name was Veronica Haidt. Her naked form appeared on my phone, posed to be modified. She had large breasts topped by brownish-pink nipples. A trimmed bush hid her pussy from sight. She was leggy. She had a gorgeous pair of thighs and calves.

Especially in heels.

“She’ll have to be an exhibitionist,” I said, navigating through the menus to reach the Sexuality Sub-Menu located beneath the Spiritual Menu.


I studied it. I opened up her Desires Sub-Menu.


I glanced through them. She was fairly vanilla. She liked hot guys, especially with tattoos. She had a fondness for sucking cock and drinking cum, but she wasn’t much for showing off. I added exhibitionism to her, making it something that made her hot. But I needed more than exhibitionism.


“What are you up to?” asked Anael. She was hugging my wife now, groping Linda’s large tits through her blouse.

“Something you’d approve,” I said, adding to Veronica a desire to go naked everywhere, a sexual thrill she got when going naked. I paused then added:

I backed out of the Desires Sub-Menu and went to her Taboo Sub-Menu. I scanned through it. I found that she had strong taboos about getting naked in public. I deleted those along with her taboo against sex with strangers. She wouldn’t feel any guilt about these activities.

Now how to get people to accept this? I backed out of the Taboo Sub-Menu and studied the


I frowned at the Social Sub-Menu. Could I do something with that? I tapped it.


I looked at the options and paused at Relationships. It was how she saw people and how they saw her. I opened it up, seeing all the people in her life. Her friends were closest, followed by her father, there was an ex-boyfriend she was still close with and more than a few ex-boyfriends she hated.

I added:

“Ooh, that’s kinky,” said Anael. She was leaning over my shoulder now. “You’re getting it.”

“So that will work?” I asked.

Anael nodded her head. “I think so. You’re affecting her relationship with every person. It’s genius.”

I smiled at her. Then I added:

Then another idea popped into my head. I wanted Linda to notice these changes:

Anael giggled. “Yes! You are mastering this. Ooh, I am so glad the Most High chose me to be your guide!”

“Thanks,” I said. I took a moment, thinking about it. She would go naked around everywhere and... Weather. While Western Washington didn’t get that cold in the winter, rarely dropping into the teens even overnight, she’d still freeze. “I have to change her body, don’t I. Adapt her to the cold and exposure.”

“Yep,” Anael said. “You don’t want to kill her.”

I opened the Physical Menu.


First stop, Skin Sub-Menu.


I frowned at it, seeing the options. Then... feeling inspired, I added a category. Environmental Protection.


Anael shuddered beside me, gripping me as I then set things up, making her skin able to keep her body temperature when it got cold but would still let her sweat and cool off when it got hot. I gave her immunity from UV damage to her skin from cancer and that her skin wouldn’t burn, but could self-heal from that. She could walk through the Sahara desert in summer or Antarctica in winter without suffering from exposure.

“Wow,” Anael said. “This is incredible. You’re really thinking out of the box. You’re free from causality. You’re are giving her so many interesting mutations to her body.”

“Yep,” I said then maneuvered to her Torso Sub-Menu.


I opened up her Breasts Sub-Menu, grinning.


I edited her to make sure she would always have perky tits, not needing a bra. They would never sag but would look beautiful forever. Then I decided to change the rest of her to age well, keeping her fat content under control. I backtracked to her desires and added one to keep healthy and fit.

Next, I spent the next twenty minutes of paused time making sure that my changes didn’t do anything weird to her. I scrolled through the Health Sub-menu for any new abnormalities. I tweaked a few things there and removed her chance of developing ovarian cancer in twenty years. I was positive that would work. She would be willing to have sex with complete strangers even if...

“Shit,” I muttered, diving through menus. “I didn’t check her sexuality.”

“Mmm, yes, she seems pretty straight,” said Anael. “Don’t want her freaking out that she’s having sex with women when she doesn’t like that. Not if you want your wife eating her cunt in the middle of the airport.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, my dick so hard. This was incredible. We were really going to do that.

I reached the Sexuality Sub-Menu and hit Orientation. It displayed a sliding bar with bisexuality in the middle. She was almost as straight as Becky used to be before I modified my daughter. I brought Veronica Haidt right to the middle.

On a whim, I went to her Mental Menu.


I opened the Memory Sub-Menu, located in the Knowledge section and studied it.


There were thousands and thousands of them, of course. Some were a normal color, others faded, while another third were bold. I frowned, realizing the faded menus would be erased entirely. Her life would shift in such different ways with these changes. The bold menus were new ones. Often sexual encounters that she enjoyed.

“I think we got everything,” I said, going over it in my head. Nudity. People accepting her changes. Linda immune. No harm from exposure.

“I think so,” Anael said, quivering beside me. “Ooh, I am so wet. Do it!”

I hit the Compile button.


Two options appeared:




I tapped YES.

Reality rippled from me, a washing tide that swept over everyone, modifying the circumstances of the world. Veronica Haidt’s background changed. The things that influenced her affected her in new ways, shifting how she perceived the world which, along with the mutations that according to some of her memories were studied by a number of scientists, she became a new person.

It was fascinating how it worked. How we all are just products of our environment. How people treated us, what they taught us. It all mixed with our innate personalities. Sometimes it made us better people, sometimes it broke us. Sometimes it shaped us into weird directions that we never would have taken if someone had been kind instead of harsh, praising instead of criticizing. We impacted each other in so many ways that we weren’t even aware of.

A chain of causality stretching all the way back to the beginning.

And now I could edit it and adjust the past to create my present.

Veronica Haidt shifted. She appeared naked, her clothing melting away. Her luggage was a different color, a bright, flashy pink instead of the subdued black. Her heels were higher, her breasts bouncing free. She had sculpted her black pubic hair on her pudenda into a lightning bolt zapping at her shaved pussy. Her nipples had gold rings pierced through them. Her makeup was vibrant, her black hair falling in lush waves. She had a naughty smile as she walked.

A creamy gleam shone on her inner thighs.

I closed the app.

“—worry me...” My wife’s words trailed off. She gasped, jumping at me and grabbing my right arm. She let out a squeak, drawing the naked woman’s attention. No one else really stared at her or thought it was weird, though a few guys ogled her, loving the sight of her nudity. “She... she...”

My wife shot me a look, her green eyes wild. Her fingernails bit through the sleeves of my shirt into my flesh. Her entire body shook. She swallowed, trembling. A whimper burst from her as she watched the naked woman sauntering to us, big tits bouncing and swaying.

“I told you,” I said. “I can edit reality with my phone. I made it so she always goes naked.” I grinned at my wife. “And that she likes to have sex with strangers in public. Further, people won’t think that’s weird. Not with her. If Veronica is having sex, people will just go about their business.”

“That’s impossible,” my wife groaned.

“Then how did she get naked?” I asked.

“She... she...” My wife shook her head. “This is... I...”

“Hey, Veronica,” I called out.

The naked woman stopped and turned her head. She gave me that quizzical look that said, “Do I know you?” while trying to be polite and pretend she did. “Hey...” she said. “How’s it going, um...?”

“It’s Steve,” I said. “And this is my wife, Linda. She wants to eat your pussy right now. Up for it?”

“Always!” Veronica said, letting go of her suitcase. “Mmm, how about I sit on that bench there and you just eat me out, Linda. I am so wet. I love walking around naked. It’s so naughty.”

My wife’s eyes bulged as Veronica sauntered to the seat, her naked rump swaying at us. Then she sank down. Smoky eyes fixed on us as the black-haired woman spread her thighs, her pussy lips parting. People moved around her like nothing strange was happening. Though a few guys glanced at her, it was the same way they would look at any beautiful woman.

In passing.

“Go on,” I said, placing my hand on my wife’s lower back and giving her a nudge. “Go eat her out while I fuck you from behind.”

“This is a dream,” my wife moaned, staggering forward.

“If it is, I’ve been dreaming since Friday,” I said as I followed Linda.

My wife had a great ass. She was actually in a little fitter shape in this modified version of reality. I guess the stress of hiding her bisexual desires from me, and pretending that she hated lesbians, had added a few pounds on her. Now her ass looked tight, hugged in a pencil skirt with a hemline a little higher than my wife normally wore.

Well, this was Linda 2.0. I was still getting to know her, browsing her changed memories. She was mostly the same woman, enough that I couldn’t feel a difference. Save she had a brightness about her that I hadn’t realized had dimmed the last twenty years.

My wife sank to her knees before Veronica.

“Mmm, you got a pretty mouth,” she said. “But you don’t have to be shy. My pussy is delicious. You’ll love eating it.”

“Yes, you will, Linda,” I said, wishing I had made Veronica’s pussy taste even better. I could have found out my wife’s favorite flavor of cunt and made sure Veronica tasted like it.

Linda still moved dazedly. She had a stiffness about her as she leaned her head forward. I stood over her, watching her nose twitch. She breathed in deeply. Smelling Veronica’s hot cunt seemed to relax my wife. Linda’s tongue flicked over her lips.

Then she leaned forward and nuzzled into that shaved snatch. Veronica groaned. Her back arched as my wife feasted. My dick throbbed in my pants while the airport bustled around us. A cop passed by, his gaze sweeping over us.

He nodded to me.

I nodded back.

To him, this was okay. Editing relationships were amazing. My dick swelled harder and harder as I watched my wife feast on Veronica’s cunt. The naked woman shuddered. Her fingers dug into her tits, massaging them.

“Oh, I need this after my flight,” Veronica panted. “Oh, yes, get that tongue in there. Mmm, your wife knows what she’s doing.”

“She loves pussy,” I said, rubbing at my cock.

“I do!” Linda moaned. “Oh, this has to be a dream! We’re in the airport. People are all around us.”

“Just like you wanted,” I said as I sank down behind her. I hiked up her skirt and discovered she was wearing a skimpy pair of panties, lacy and light-gray. It hugged her rump but was cut to show off a lot of her butt-cheeks. I’d never seen my wife wear underwear like this.

The new Linda was fascinating.

I drew down her panties, grinning at the sight of her trimmed bush, the brassy-brown hairs gleaming with her familiar, spicy musk. I loved it. I gripped her rump as I leaned down. It was this pussy I loved. This was all the same.

I took a lick at my wife’s cunt in the middle of the airport. She moaned, wiggling her hips, smearing her silky pubic hair from side to side. My tongue fluttered through her folds, caressing her while my fingers dug into her rump. I gripped her tight while she wiggled and moaned.

“Mmm, I missed you, Linda,” I panted and licked again.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Ooh, I love your stubble. That’s something a woman doesn’t have. Mmm, lick me. I’m going to cum fast! This is so hot!”

“Isn’t it?” Veronica asked. “Ooh, get that tongue in me. Oh, your wife loves my cunt!”

“Uh-huh,” I panted.

I massaged my wife’s ass while feasting on her cunt. I plunged my tongue into her again and again. I loved swirling my tongue around in her depths while she wiggled back into me. The sounds of the crowds around us faded away as I enjoyed her juices trickling down my chin, her spicy musk filling my nose.

She moaned louder and louder into Veronica’s pussy. My wife feasted with hunger while I licked and lapped and teased her. I caressed up and down her, loving the way she wiggled from side to side. I was driving her wild.

I loved it.

I sucked on her clit next. I nibbled on her little bud, my nose nuzzling into her pussy folds. Her creamy spice filled my nose with every inhalation. That aroma set my blood on fire. My dick throbbed in my pants.

“Steve!” my wife moaned. “Yes! Get that tongue in me. Oh, yes, just lick right there and... Ooh, that’s good!”

I jammed my tongue into her pussy like she wanted. I swirled it around, teasing her. Her snatch squeezed around me. Then her hips wiggled from side to side, rubbing her clit into my chin. She squealed in delight.

Hot juices flooded out of her.

My wife wasn’t joking about cumming fast. Her juices gushed out of her, that spicy flood inundating my mouth. I gulped it down as her passion rose above the sounds of the airport, the clatter of luggage, people talking, announcements ringing. I licked and lapped at her folds.

“Ooh, your wife popped off like a firecracker!” moaned Veronica. “Oh, wow, she’s moaning into my cunt! I love it!”

“Just fuck me!” moaned Linda. “Fuck me while I eat her pussy! Fuck me in the middle of the airport, honey!”

“Yes,” I growled, lifting my face.

Cream dripped off my chin. It ran down my throat. I panted, my heart racing. My hands grabbed her hips. I squeezed them tight. I gripped them and pressed the tip of my cock against her cunt. I rubbed up and down on her, caressing her, making her shiver and quiver.

I thrust into my wife’s depths.

Linda’s pussy engulfed my cock in her snug warmth. I groaned as my balls smacked into her cunt. Pleasure rippled through me as I sank deeper and deeper into her. She felt incredible wrapped about me. This wondrous heat that bathed my cock, soaking me in her delicious passion.

“Steve!” she squealed into Veronica’s pussy.

“Ooh, yes, fuck your wife!” hissed Veronica, her tits heaving as she squirmed, her nipple rings flashing in the light. “Oh, damn, she’s really got her tongue plunging into me.”

“I bet she does!” I grunted, thrusting into my wife’s pussy. I fucked her hard, driving her face into Veronica’s snatch. “Linda, honey, make her cum!”

My wife groaned a hungry, “Yes!” while her pussy clenched down around my thrusting dick.

The friction swelled as I plunged away at her hot cunt. I groaned, slamming into her, my dick burying again and again into her juicy depths. She whimpered as I plowed hard into her, my crotch smacking into her rump, making her ass jiggle.

My balls swayed. They drank in the heat flowing down my cock from her pussy. The silky grip of her cunt bathed my cock, teasing me. My head swayed as I pumped over and over, thrusting deep and hard into her snatch.

My hands gripped my wife’s large tits through her blouse, kneading them as I fucked her. Our slap of flesh on flesh echoed over the clanking of the baggage carousel. I shook my head, watching the people striding past, hardly giving us a glance.

One guy gave me a thumbs up.

I shuddered, this was so surreal. I made this happen with my power. My head throbbed with that realization. I could do so much good with my abilities. I would do so much good. Linda would help me.

I rammed harder into my wife, groaning, “Linda, I love you!”

“Yes!” she squealed into Veronica’s pussy. “I love you, too!”

“So sweet!” the naked woman panted, her tits heaving. “Oh, yes, yes, so sweet and... Linda! You wicked thing! Yes!”

Veronica’s face scrunched up in the unmistakable bliss of rapture. Her body bucked in orgasmic delight. Her tits slapped together, golden nipple rings flashing in the light. My wife’s snatch squeezed around my dick while she moaned in delight.

“Lick up all her juices, honey!” I moaned, knowing my wife was in heaven right now. Her pussy grew hotter around my dick. Her hips wiggled, stirring that silky sheath around my dick. “Feast on her!”

“Cum in her!” Veronica moaned. “Cum in your wife! Ooh, she needs to feel that!”

“I do!” my wife moaned. Her head snapped up from Veronica’s pussy, brassy locks dancing. “Oh, honey, I do!”

My wife’s pussy convulsed around my thrusting dick. I gave her another orgasm. I grunted, plowing into her. I loved the feel of her snatch writhing around my dick. She teased me, giving me such bliss. I grunted, groaned, slamming to the hilt in her.

My balls tightened.

“Linda!” I grunted.

My cum fired.

I pumped my jizz into my wife’s writhing pussy. Pleasure slammed through me. I cried out, stars dancing around my head as I watched the passing people. None of them cared I was pumping my cum into my wife’s cunt because we were fucking Veronica.

“Oh, yes, that’s it!” panted Veronica, her eyes fluttering. “Mmm, that was what I needed.”

“Me, too!” my wife squealed. “Oh, Steve, yes, I missed your cum pumping into me. I missed it so much.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, squeezing her tits.

Every spurt of cum fired bliss into my mind. It sparked explosions in me that had me trembling. I loved it. My eyes fluttered. My wife’s snatch sucked out the last drops of my cum. I panted as I leaned over her, my heart racing.

“I’m glad your back,” I moaned.

She whimpered. Then she threw a wild look at me and groaned, “You really edited reality! You changed things!”

My body buzzing from my orgasm slamming through me, I grinned at her.

* * *

Sam Davies

Becky and I headed downstairs in our nighties to greet mom and dead. I loved wearing nighties. They were so girly and feminine. Mine was pink and felt gossamer as it clung to my slender body, caressing my nipples.

I couldn’t wait for my parents to get home. We were going to have such a wild orgy tonight. Mom, Becky, and me all pleasing Daddy. It would be incredible.

I gripped my busty sister’s hand. She wore a longer nightgown that hung off her large tits, her nipples poking hard against the light-blue fabric. She shuddered with me. They would be home soon. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs.

“Oh, gosh, I want them home right now,” I said facing the front door.

“Yeah,” Becky said.

Footsteps creaked down the stairs. I threw a look and frowned at the sight of slender legs clad in a skin-tight, vinyl outfit. A girl appeared, slender and petite. Her hair was a lighter blue than Ruri’s, not as purplish. It was cut short, framing her delicate face, her eyes red. Her suit fit her body tight with strange little plugs around it.

“Did James make another Anime girl?” I said to Becky.

Becky shrugged.

The Anime girl strolled by us like we weren’t even there. She opened our front door and left. I shrugged. Well, my brother had his secret ability to bring his drawings to life. It was no big deal. Not compared to loving Daddy with my mother and older sister.

I stared at the closed door, quivering in anticipation, clutching Becky’s hand.

To be continued...