The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Emilia’s Exorcism

Part 4

She just couldn’t seem to stop masturbating. Emilia spent the rest of the weekend inside with the vibrator practically glued to her clit. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d felt this horny. It was like seeing Katya’s experiences had broken some kind of mental dam inside of her head, one she didn’t even know she had. The sensations, the feelings... it got so bad, she even had to go to the bathroom at work and get herself off quietly in one of the stalls.

Enough, though. She had a job to do. Well, okay, two jobs—her real one, and getting the scans she’d promised Evening. The witch had provided her an exact list of what she wanted, straight down to the page number. She waited until she had an excuse to go down to Special Collections, then simply strolled in. Technically, only the senior librarians were supposed to be able to unlock the really rare books... but they were usually too busy to be bothered, which meant someone had inevitably showed Emilia where all the keys were at one point. There was even a scanner right there in the main room, since professors requested digital copies all the time.

She’d never actually been inside the Miskatonic room before. It was shoved off into the far back corner of the building, behind a heavy steel door that reminded Emilia of pictures she’d seen of military bases and nuclear launch silos. Even once past that, the books were locked behind cage-like metal grilles on their shelves, not glass like in the rest of the collections. All in all, it felt more like a prison cell to Emilia than anything. She shivered and got to work.

* * *

“K, here’s the breakdown,” she wrote to the witch on her phone after she got home from work. “Derleth’s Commentary on the Calaeno Fragments didn’t have a pg 666. So I pulled 660-664 for you instead.”


Perfect, dearie.


I’m sure I’ll find what I need in there somewhere.

“Otherwise, got pretty much everything else. The Liber Ivonis In Its Historical Context, check. Vulgar Latin In The Necronomicon: A Study. All the Pnakotic Papers stuff.” She hesistated. “... I wasn’t able to find De Vermis Mysteriis, though. I’m sorry. I looked everywhere in the collection.”


That’s quite all right, dear.


That would’ve been more of a bonus, anyway.


Have you sent the files?

“Yup.” She flipped to the phone’s web browser, then back. “Last tif just finished uploading.”




Excellent work, dearie.


Sending you the spell now.

The phone dinged. A notification flashed, indicated that it’d received a new file.


And with that, our bargain is concluded.


Pleasure doing business, dear.


Enjoy! ;)

She didn’t see that part until later, since she’d immediately switched to tearing through the new file. The ritual looked broadly similar to the one she’d done before—shorter and more streamlined. If she got in the tub now, she could—

No, Emilia told herself. She forced herself to put down the phone. No. I need to get a grip here. I need to stop acting like a horny teenager who just got her first vibrator. You’ve got this thing now, that’s great. But I can be smart about this. I can be sensible.

* * *

The next morning, she immediately called in sick to work the moment she woke up. Barely an hour later, she was fully painted and in the tub, performing the new version of the spell to the candle. ”Timulasu mi, volupta min ordonu, thyia min gvidu,” she repeated. “Timulasu mi, volupta min ordonu, thyia...

* * *

Katya wandered into Heathcliff’s. Since it was still daylight out, she’d compromised on her usual outfit, zipping up her leather jacket and putting on a pair of thrift store short-shorts over the bikini bottom. Trick was to draw just enough attention from everyone else, but not enough to get the cops on her case...

She was surprised to see this place open so early. Would’ve thought it’d be a waste any time before sunset. Sure enough, the main room was practically deserted. Still, at least there was an actual stripper on duty this time, lazily twirling around the pole to a downtempo beat in the background.

She went over to the bar and ordered a shot. One of the maybe two other customers in the place—a middle-aged black man, shaved bald with a salt-and-pepper beard—glanced over at her. “Oh, hey. You’re the one from the other night, aren’t you? The Glitch Mob girl.”

“Glad I made an impression.” She pulled a five out her jacket pocket and slid it over to the bartender. “Hey, you seen Eddie around today? The guy I was with then?”

“Thought he said he was leaving town,” the man replied. “Why? You with him?”

She snorted. “Fuck no. I just wound up with a free night here. Thought I’d see if he was up for a little more fun, that’s all.”

“Huh.” He raised his eyebrows. “You know... there are other ways to have fun.”

“Yeah?” She cocked her head and looked the man over. Not bad. Little rough around the edges, kind of a dad bod thing going on. Nothing she couldn’t live with. “What’s your name?”


“Okay, Kenneth...” The bartender passed over her shot. She slammed it down and wiped her mouth off on her sleeve. “What’d ya got in mind?”

* * *

And that was how she wound up in the private room, getting a free lap dance from a petite emo/punk chick with short boyish purple hair and a butterfly tattoo on her stomach. The so-called “VIP area” was roughly as pathetic as she’d come to expect from the place, consisting mainly of two beaten-up couches and a venerable lava lamp. Still, it worked well enough; she sat on one couch while Kenneth sat a short distance away on the other, watching the two women and getting visibly more and more excited.

The stripper—she went by the stage name of Bubbles—definitely didn’t mind playing things close. She stuck her sizeable pierced tits in Katya’s face as she rubbed her black g-string back and forth along her lower body. Ooh. Shit. That felt good.

Katya grinned and ran her fingers down the stripper’s lower back. Bubbles responded by leaning in for a kiss while she put her hands on Katya’s breasts, massaging and kneading them beneath the bikini top. Ohhh, yeah. Never one to pass up a chance, Katya stuck her tongue into the other girl’s mouth. She reached up and undid her own top’s front clasp, letting it fall to the side, granting the dancer unfettered access to her chest...

Bubbles broke the kiss with a giggle and moved down to Katya’s tits. As the stripper licked and sucked at her nipples, Katya glanced over at Kenneth on the other couch. The middle-aged black man had pulled his cock out and was jerking himself off with some urgency as he stared at the two women intertwined before him. Oh ho. His dick looked a little weird, had kind of an odd bend... but it was a nice size, definitely bigger than Eddie’s...

Katya gave Bubbles’ ass an affectionate slap and gently pushed her to the side. As the stripper rolled off of her, she slid down onto her hands and knees and crawled across the floor towards Kenneth, her breasts dangling out the front of her jacket, her eyes fixed on his cock.

Kenneth froze. “Woah, hold on there,” he said. “Hindley’s got rules here. No touching the girls, no fucking in the VIP room...”

“Well.” She gave him a coy smirk. “Guess it’s a good thing I don’t work here, huh?” She lightly kissed the head of his cock, ran her tongue up and down the full length, just to get used to the taste... then wrapped her lips around it. After all, she had been hoping to practice her gag reflex again. She bobbed her head up and down as far as she could manage, going deeper and deeper with each motion. She swore she could feel the tip hitting the back of her throat...

But that wasn’t all she wanted to practice. Before he had the chance to cum, she got up onto the couch next to Kenneth and lay back, spreading her legs towards him. “Got protection?”

“Huh?” Kenneth said, clearly dazed. “Oh. Oh, yeah!” He stood up and pulled out his wallet, hurriedly searching through its contents.

Katya pulled off her shorts and her bikini bottom. (She’d have to try going commando in these pants at some point, see how comfortable it was. Maybe save herself some time that way...) Shit, almost felt like her pussy could start leaking onto the sofa cushions at any second. She was so fucking wet—so fucking ready for this...

“Um.” She glanced over to see the purple-haired stripper standing next to her. Bubbles adjusted her g-string. “Could I?...”

Katya raised an eyebrow. “What happened to the rules?”

“That’s just to keep the guys off us.” The dancer shrugged. “Owner says we can do whatever we want with women, long as we’re both into it. I’m Nellie, by the way.”

“Katya.” The slut smiled. “C’mon. Get over here.”

She slid further down the couch. She could hear Kenneth putting on a condom as Nellie straddled her face. She pulled the dancer’s g-string aside and experimentally ran her tongue around the edge of the other woman’s pussy lips, then dove in, probing around the clit. She heard Nellie let out a soft moan. Guess that meant she was doing something right...

Then she felt Kenneth enter her. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck yeah. She grabbed Nellie’s hips and started to eat her out in a frenzy, her own cunt trembling around the brand new cock now inside of it. She could already tell this was gonna be an afternoon to remember...